Posted by: Bekah | December 29, 2009

Rob: Getting down with the kids in 2009

If you missed Part 1 of “Rob’s top 10 moments of 2009,” make sure you read it first!

Dear Rob,

Did I forget to mention Cannes when recapping your 2009 yesterday? Really? REALLY!? I’m so sorry. How could I forget your “I’m trying to be a cool dad” polo-shirt and the morning you read the newspaper to Stephanie Ritz and how I fell in love with the French paparazzi as they called out “Robear, Robear” to you? I’m sorry. You’ll see that added on the poll today as we vote for the “top 10 moments of 2009 for Robert Pattinson.” Plus here’s a video recapping your time at Cannes that I’m pretty sure will make you forgive me:

Here’s a quick refresher on what you were up to in the latter part of 2009:

-you had a summer to remember in NYC and we have thousands upon thousands of pictures to remember it by, as well. we tried to figure out what Remember Me was about, and you discovered that while wearing the trucker hat from the hotel gift bag doesn’t hide you from the paps, it does give you a ‘hat hair’ look you enjoy- plus you save money on hair gel.

-your fame grows to a level unprecedented (and by “unprecedented” I mean to a level that can be expected for a famous person since, well, you’re famous.) and girls run after you, paps chase you down the street because you refuse to change your outfit and, therefore, are the most recognizable man, next to the naked cowboy, in NYC.

-a new holiday is minted when a “Rob overload” is declared on July 17th.

-the philosophy of the pattinson pants lady, who was discovered and fallen for many months before, was discussed, at length, in our first, full-feature interview with the brilliant (fake) lady herself.

Rob in Marcus' shirt

They'll never know

-you decide to throw us a fast one and wear a new shirt to the teen choice awards. little do you know, we know so much about you we should be institutionalized and we know it’s the shirt your friend Marcus sweated in at a show the night before. We consider for a split second that maybe that makes us want to have sex with you less, but then we remember GQ-Rob and forget that split second.

-you learn how to text

-you take a cab ride with your friends Kristen and Marcus and then forget about it 2 seconds after closing the cab door while we never will forget and robsten fans all over the globe still remember intimate details of the day they heard about the “Robsten Cab ride” and begin all conversations with the question, “WHERE WERE YOU WHEN IT HAPPENED!?”

-we consider, yet again, what if weren’t famous but were, instead, a wedding crasher?

Read the rest, after the jump!

We are the Rob-you inspire a song of epic proportions that joins the hands of the Robstens, Nonstens and “I don’t give a crapstens” as lyrics better than the ones Michael Jackson penned are sung in every household across the world: We are the Rob.

-we remember how much we miss rob porn and bring it back to the basics

-OK magazine hacks into Moon’s computer and reads the personalized fanfic she was writing for ME about ME and ROB and changes MY name to KRISTENs and decides to sell it as the story of you and Kristen’s “Palatial Pad

-martha’s vineyard (or the hamptons or the entire area in the USA north of New York City) will never be the same after you licked lobster off your buttery fingers in its presence. and vanity fair does it again.

-you’re photographed on a motorcycle, in front of a palace-like building, and acting like the lover in a Harlequin romance novel with some girl for Harper’s Bazaar.

-you “out” your relationship with the girl through a wrist holding picture

– just as quickly as you out yourself, you closest your ‘are they, aren’t they’ relationship somehow again. who knows why. an interview where you lie? an interview where you’re confused. an interview where you mistook the interviewer’s question of a ‘love affair with Kristen’ as a ‘love affair with hot pockets’ and you answered that it was only a passing fancy?

Rob at Ellen Show 2009

You're looking at me here, clearly

-you fall in love with uc & moon in the riff raff room at the ellen show

-a guy who looks strikingly like you, but is most likely your grandpa in the 40s, was in some new movie, barely.

-moon gets all controversial with the fandom as campaigns are started speaking out against the very same media that made you the star you are in the first place.

No wonder you’re growing a beard! With all that action in 2009, you’re clearly too tired to shave! Maybe something on the ‘highlights from 2010″ list will be “Rob hires new girl to shave his beard and they fall madly in love. Her name is UnintendedChoice and just last year she was writing a list just like this.”

Here’s to an even better 2010!


You know how this works! We’re going to vote for your top 10 moments of Rob’s in the latter part of 2009. First here are the results from yesterdays poll. We’ll compile all the results to come up with the final list!

10: Word Vomit #1: Inappropriate things to younger girls
9: Action Figure Edward
8: Biel’s fan vids
7: Word Vomit #2: Coming out of your pants
6: Dumpster Diving
5: RobPorn
4: Shirtless
3: Twilight commentary
2: Oscars
1: GQ

Our internet game is ridiculous: The Forum, LTT, Twitter


  1. Wow UC! I don’t remember seeing that picture from the Ellen show. Clearly Ellen is pointing you out to Rob.
    Did you hook up after the show?

    After seeing this picture I am convinced. Robsten is so 2009.

    2010 will be the year of Robtended!! 🙂

    • yes. we made love. in front of a fire. on a bearskin rug. kristen read a pretentious book until we were done

      • Wait. You hooked up with Rob or Ellen after the show? I’m so confused! 😉

  2. The “Rob learns to text” letter is one of my all time favorites! Classic moment in LTR history.

    • i agree! I totally forgot about it and died when I re-read it. I clearly drank a special sauce when i wrote that letter.

      or moon did.. i forget who wrote it..

    • 100% me too! I was just going to comment to say that but now I don’t have to!! 😉

  3. Was it not “WRIST” holding – not hand holding in 09.

    The GQ spread was niccceee. Cant wait to see what they did in LA for RM shoot for vanity fair(?)

    Robear…..Le sigh

    • Yes, let’s clear that up-WRIST holding.

    • A girl after my own heart. Rob and Kristen will have to strip down and do it in front of the Chateau Marmont before I’ll believe it. Nonsten Forever!

    • oh no. what was i thinking? i’ve eaten too many holiday cookies. first i forget cannes? then i call it HAND holding? i will fix. just for you

      • Thank you.

        I dont think my little heart could stand any hand holding….I may succumb with the vapors. **fans self**

        nonsten 4-ever

        *waves hi to Tiff*

  4. UC, thanks for listing the Rob highlights.
    But as great as the recap is, you forgot to mention my hidden affair with him.
    And I would also add to the list:
    – you, Moon and all the gals here who make me laugh every day
    – Rob’s choreographic pirouettes during the European tour (2 in 3 days) when he stumbled
    and had to use Edward’s magic skills not to fall down.

    • Bonjour Mrs.Perry!

      • noooooooooooooo, never
        I’m the cool lover, so logically I can’t be K P.

        • ok…so bonjour Tom!

          • how did u know? amazing. Marcus, why are yo hiding behind a model’s avi? Do you want to say smth about your (sexual) identity and don’t know how?

          • LOL Tom!

        • You made me think of this song:

          Dream lover come rescue me, take me up, take me down, take me anywhere you want me baby now. I need you so desperately, won’t you please come around, cause I want share forever with you baby….

          Can you tell I’m a Mariah Carey fan?

    • my bad!

  5. WOW…2009…Rob gave it ALL!

    Cannes……..doing sexy eyes
    Remember Me set………doing sexy walks
    TCA……..NOT doing sexy Megan
    Comic Con……saying sexy things (I heard “pussy”)
    Vancouver….hiding the sexy under the black sweater
    MTV awards………promoting sexy…hicks…
    Europe……….holding a …ahemm…sexy cap
    New Moon Premiere…..spinning around the WHOLE sexy “machine” aka …ass
    New Moon….breathing sexy for 3 minutes (arghh)

    the parties, the interviews, the shoots, the shirts,the other pics……so many Robmoments..

    I cannot decide….. I am looking for 2010…<3

    Wait…..I guess…
    I'm very glad that you finally fighted successfully against…………

    the DANDRUFFS !!!

    • “Can I touch it? The hair?” “Sure, I’ve just gotten rid of my dandruff”
      I ❤ u Robgirl!

      • ❤ back and..
        …I'm so "studying" your Avatar!

    • I agree with you Robgirl86. Doing sexy eyes, sexy walks, saying sexy things… apparently Rob’s not capable of doing anything that we don’t think is sexy. All he has to do is breathe and it’s sexy!

      Fought sucessfully against danduff! You are hilarious girl!

      Love it!

    • Ok I got a question where exactly did you hear him say pussy?? Or did I misunderstand smth… ?!

      • comic con 09
        question to Rob if he would like to do some open-mics again..he said smth. like..” I don’t know…I guess…I’m like a pussy…(too afraid to do that)” lol

        • aaaaaaaaaaaaa… now I remember… I guess I expected him to say it in a different context?? But I soooo remember that moment…
          And no Rob you are definitly not a pussy…. (at least I hope so)…

          • LOL, you were expecting him to say it in a diff context! 🙂

    • His “sexy eyes” should be patented. His eye fucking skills are ah-mazing and you know he knows it.

      And I giggled like a school girl when he said “pussy”. Squee!

      • You know Katie actually I have the assumption that he TOTALLY knows what he’s doing… And damn he’s doing it well!!!
        I’m almost a 100 % sure he does it on purpose you know the whole “sexy-eyes” look… that just can’t be smth he just does… And if it should be smth natural than damn… God created him just to tease us!!!

        • Truth!

    • Rob is sex all over. 😉 Oozing with hot sex right? Eye-effin and all that. He’s so good in what he does.

  6. Paris…talking sex(y), making love to me while speaking French (actually it was a journalist, a guy, but apparently he inspired him).
    I’d pay good money to the gal who has that part of the “Petit journal people” from november this year.

    • ew, that was a reply for robgirl

      • Paris Paris….uffa
        What’s about the “Schnitzel” ???
        that was really sexy…


        • yeah, but if you know what i’m talking about, you’ll die. I did when I saw it. not many people have seen it I guess, and now it’s gone.

        • THAT one was really sexy…. Rob sayin “Schnitzel” soooooooo doable…
          And he said it the day I got to see him live!!! hmmmmmm…. Me regrets not waiting in front of his car until he came out… HAHAHAHA

    • Wow I missed out on that one. 😦

  7. Here’s to bigger & better Rob moments in 2010-more plaid, more Robporn, more stuff in Rob’s pants, and please God, maybe an end to the Robsten madness.

    • or simply an end to robsten
      No, I don’t give a crapsten.
      He just needs to be more open-minded about other girls, let’s just say some who hand out here.

      • girlS = plural !!!…good girl!
        The line is LONG….

        • not that long to justify for my constant lack of attention and mistakes
          meant “hanG out here”, but you got it
          maybe it’s also by mistake that I wrote girlSSSSS 🙂
          No, if he’s to be open-minded, i’ll be as well.

  8. I don’t know who this Biel person is, but they’re mighty fine in my books!!

    If Rob hires you to do his beard (um, that’s not what she meant, but that’s what she said) can you put in a good word for me. Being Rob’s personal masseure/reflexologist would be my ultimate career move!! I’d even do Kristen’s feet (and that IS what she meant, and that IS what she said)

    • yes. i believe there are enough body parts that we can get an LTR gal on each one of them:)

      love the ‘that’s what she said but also what she did not say” love it!

    • She is the cat’s pajamas! There is a video on You Tubs where she added my beloved DrunkROb and she dedicated part of that video to me. I am a cewebrity after all. hahahahahaha

    • @absolutelyvlc, I am that Biel person, lol!! when it comes to Robert, I’m not even sure about what I said (plus English is not my strongest skill…. not sure whether I need it for doing whatever he wants on his beard/any other part of his body)

      @uc, thank you so much for posting my crazy vid, you made my day and my Xmas!!! I just vote for RMRob’s days in NYC, but I’m with @minuit passé, LTR must be added to this list!!

      @Janetrigs, dear, you totally deserves the addition of your beloved DrunkRob… and I enjoyed the thing so much!! (btw, you’ll find a little more of your DrunkRob on my last vid, just fyi…)

  9. I’ve got to say that one of the highlights was watching Rob drive (and I use that term loosely) during the filming of Eclipse. The photos were some of the funniest going and the icing on the cake, was KS knitting alongside him in the passenger seat trying not to pee her pants from laughing.

    Rob, if you ever need any help with your parallel parking, I’m the gal to call 🙂


    • You’re right, that was too funny!

    • Seeing those photos and hearing and reading about Rob’s driving made me realize that is probably one of the only moments I would NOT want to be hanging around with that boy. He drives like a three year-old drives a big wheel. Only worse. Cars are for “doing it” in the backseat, Rob! You should not eb driving!

    • Haha…True word
      I remember a green Porsche
      seen only for ONE day!

      The Porsche company is still searching for their car!

    • I’m an excellent driver. I’d be happy to teach Rob how to drive a Porsche; hard and fast like a beautiful machine like that is meant to be driven (p.s. my RL name is Porsche :-))

      • like your first name or your surname??

      • I am excellent in cars backseat activities. I would be more than happy to teach him some things as well.

        • ok.. Am I the only one that thinks that actually *he* would be the one that could teach us a thing or the other… ?? (or probably I just read too many fanfic…)

          • We all have this vision of him of being a sex God but who knows, maybe in reality we could all teach him something. 🙂 Especially the older women.

  10. Does someone feel like we forgot the fact that he drove a Porsche and than in an interview later said that Men who drive this kind of cars have smth to hide/make up for???

    • the “little dork”!
      That was another goodie!

      • we should continue the ‘Best Rob quotes 2009’ today shouldn’t we?

        • “I’ve got such effeminate hands. I could never be strong.”

          • I love his hands… Theres nothing wrong with them…

          • Me too. In every new picture, I go straight to the hands to see what his fingers are doing. True story. The things those fingers could do to me…hmm.

          • His fingers are exquisite.

        • the Rob-sex-toys-line…coming without batteries!

          • That one was hilarious!!

        • on a radio show last year
          ” Older women should feel guilty, it makes it even better”
          the journalist: “I don’t want u” Rob: “I want you”. We’ll never hear him say that in public. Maybe just personally…. in a dark night, behind the dumpster…

          R Seacrest “I read Twilight”
          Rob “And you started dreaming about Edward?”

          “That was my mother giving birth. hahahaha I’m sorry that was horrible” He was so happy he got over the robsten question that everything was permitted. I’m assuming Clare had a word or two with him afterwards.

          • Would you mind telling me from what video you got this quotes because I honestly can’t remember ??… even though I probably should…

          • I don’t know the show for the first quote but tupelohoney seems to know what she’s speaking about.

            Second, as the name indicats it, Ryan Seacrest -radio show.

            Last, don’t know the name, one of the latest TV American shows in november, a morning show with a guy. Worth watching.

            Basically, I didn’t give u any information. But I’m kinda speaking from “Childhood Memories”. I don’t save ay rob related stuff, so….

        • Bleriana,

          HEre’s another fav Rob quote of 2009. I’m sure you’ve all heard it before, but it’s so Rob and I thought worth repeating.

          “I had a stalker while filming a movie in Spain last year. She stood outside of my apartment every day for weeks – all day every day. I was so bored and lonely that I went out and had dinner with her. I just complained about everything in my life and she never came back. People get bored of me in, like, two minutes.”

          • Yeah I was honestly wondering why that girl never came back.. she’s probably biting herself in the ass now that she didn’t….
            Even though I find it hard to believe she didn’t come back because she didn’t like him but maybe she was just on vacation and had to return home again?

          • Actually I think this was from 2008 but when he was on the Elvis Duran show one of the female interviewers said she’d received email from women saying”I feel so dirty… I’m 35 and I just want to do him..” to which Rob replied ” that just makes it better, feel dirty about it… feel dirty.. feel like it’s wrong…”

            That’s got to be my favorite.

          • Yeah that was definitly one of my favourite quotes too…
            And girls… is it wrong having categories for Rob quotes cause honestly I have… (sexy,funny,adorable) I have to admit: it was kinda hard (thats what she said) to just make 3 but it helps keeping record…
            Somewhere in my bookmarks I have funny quotes of Rob in videos.. I’ll search for it and probably post it later…

          • I wonder what the heck Rob talked about!?!

          • the whole year? that’s called Vanity Fair infatuation. I think we should start a fond for research, so there would be a cure for that one day.

  11. So many great moments! It is hard to choose! So many great moments by Rob and so many great moments for you two. I’m very partial to the Palatial Palace ‘fanfic’ that you two dreamed up- absolutely hilarious! And the millions of RM pics- beautiful!

  12. I don’t remember thinking even for a split second that the borrowed “plaid shirt of death” made me consider not wanting to have sex with Rob. Seriously, is there much he could do that would deter me from that goal? Probably not.

    I loved the green Porsche. He looked so out of place driving that thing.

    • I thought the Porsche pictures were Photoshopped for the longest time, and then I saw a video and my mind was officially blown.

      • I guess I never found a man in a porsche more doable than in that moment… Cause honestly I am not into Porsche at all (I am a total Audi-girl) but I kinda changed my mind in that moment…

  13. I’d like to add:
    -the blurry Bigfoot-quality pictures of Rob probably not kissing Kristen at the Kings of Leon show
    -the saga of the repaired Stoli shirt–I wouldn’t have thought I’d get so many hours of laughing from a bad sewing job

    • WOW! I totally forgot about that!! Thanks for mentioning tiffanized!

    • oh dang! the “are they aren’t they kissing” pics! and the stole shirt! DUH!

    • …and the resurrected crotch-sewed-HP-time pants….as my granny use to say..
      At one time it was better!

  14. The “trying to figure out what Remember Me is about” post has to be one of my all time fave posts of ’09! I cried from laughing so hard at work that I had to dismiss myself to laugh it out in the bathroom!

    Good times!

  15. “acting like the lover in a Harlequin romance novel with some girl for Harper’s Bazaar.” LMAO

    Those were my least favorite pics of him, probably because She was in them. His pants were so tight, though. Melting….

    I remember being so thrilled for you and Moon, when you mentioned that Rob looked around at everyone in the “riff-raff” room at Ellen, trying to make eye contact with everyone. That is about all that I could handle, anyway.

    All of this “looking back” is so nice…

    The highlight for me during the New Moon premiere, was Rob walking the Red Carpet. He was so great with the fans. I saw a video where he turned from the press, to look back at all of the fans, threw a great big smile, walked right over, started signing autographs, shaking hands, and let fans take pictures. He was just amazing and gracious. He looked so f*cking hot in his suit. I just love him…

    Can only imagine what the premiere of Remember Me is going to be like. What is he going to wear?

  16. UC these are all so great, I don’t know which one to choose. For polling purposes, I chose Cannes Rob :-).

    I’m still reeling from the Vanity Fair pictures. Those are the best! I didn’t get the GQ mag though….darn it. Hubby was with me that time. I was so embarrassed so I just quickly glanced on the pics and put the magazine back on the rack :-(. Nowadays I’m much bolder I would have gotten it on the spot, who cares who’s looking or asking questions.

    I love how you said “licked lobster off your buttery fingers.” Yummy.

    • wow…you are a really GOURMET!

      • robgirl unfortunately I am severely allergic to all kinds of shellfish so in reality I can’t share a lobster meal with Rob:-(.

        • Don’t worry, SB. When the time comes, shellfish will be the furthest thing from your mind, but at the very least you can still hold Rob’s lobster.

          • lmao….dirrrtyyy that one!

          • Oh mountainlion, you are getting kinkier everyday!!!! Am I rubbing off on you? LOL.

            I do love the idea of holding his *cough* lobster.

          • girls, please calm down. For my mental sanity. As much as I find it funny, i really couldn’t joke about it. This is tweed serious, for objective olfactive or just material reasons. Hope youhve sweet dreams though.

          • Mademoiselle Minuit I think it’s for mis ojos!

  17. Memories. Corners of my mind. Misty. Musty. Rob’s shirt. Rob’s chest. Full circle.

  18. I really liked the Rob moment where he is out and about and of course, drunk, telling the paps they should get a new vocation. I love that moment – it gives me both drunk Rob and sassy, fight-starting Rob all rolled up in one.

    • Kendall,
      Thanks for that reminder. Love that Rob used the word “vocation.”

      • @mountainlion – proof that he is an old man…what 23-yr old you know uses that word?!

        • He’s British, he’s so special that man!

  19. See Rob tell everyone tell to “shut up” at about .38…

    I ❤ this moment…

    • ah! LOVE that one!

    • he tells them to shut up and they go even more crazy!!! HAHAHAHAHA

  20. Ok so has anyone seen the pictures of Rob in London?
    And Biel did it again! Another sexy video that made me lick my screen!

    • Thanks….G.R.E.A.T. video
      biel is the best!

      of the pics…
      Rob looks like Barry Gibb…from the Bee Gees…lol

      is it wrong that I wanna have the bag of the sis?

      • No it’s not wrong at all.. I just realized she has almost the same boots I have.. Crazy coincidence huh?!

        • squeeee….me too me too

          • HAHAHA… Now that says a lot… We love the same man, we have the same boots, we like the same bag…
            Omg Robgirl we are Seelenverwandt!!!

          • absolutely …Zwillinge…(twins)

  21. “-your fame grows to a level unprecedented (and by “unprecedented” I mean to a level that can be expected for a famous person since, well, you’re famous.)”

    Um, yeah, this is why I love you! Keeping it real.

  22. I am not quite sure if this are the real one’s I had bookmarked before (all my bookmarks are lost) but I guess they are…
    and this one is from before all the twilight stuff started

    Imagine watching those videos and eating Ben & Jerry’s. It’s the best!! I am so happy they are available in Germany finally!!!

  23. Rob holding microphone (or anything else) = win!

    • Severe pun intended right? 😉

    • The main focus in your sentence is ANYTHING ELSE… right?

      • I like it when he holds a cig or coke, too, so yes…anything else.

        • ok mountainlion… according to southernbelle you “get kinkier everyday” and now you come up with ‘I like it when he holds a cig or coke..’ ??
          I am disappointed… hahahhahahahah
          Or maybe my poor innocent mind has been so spoiled I can’t think of smth innocent anymore…

          • HAHA Agreed! KML was getting racier and racier. What happened today?! 😉

          • We were exchancing our favourite Rob-quotes and well we kinda got them out of the context a bit (well I did…) and yeah we ended up like this…

          • I’m sorry to disappoint. I can’t say everything that comes to my mind…

        • KML has been spending way too much with me these days….I’m such bad influence and I’m supposed to be a southernbelle! LOL

          However, I have to say I’ve learned some things from KML too!

        • Absolutely anything.

  24. Remember Me set and a fresh batch of great photos EVERY single day. It was heaven!

    And my personal favourite: seeing you across the street (and 3000 screaming fans as well) at New Moon premiere in L.A.

  25. Ok something really strange happened right now.. I was googling smth that has absolutely NOTHING to do with Rob (Salsadress) and guess what shows up on page 3? This:

  26. LMAO with the “you didn’t change your clothes making you the most recognizable man in NYC”. You ladies rock. I really hope he reads this…even he couldn’t resist laughing!

  27. AHHH Rob, for Xmas you were supposed to go out and get shitty. I need my DrunkROb fix! FINE, I wil go look at HotAlex in the shower.

    • I’m going to do the opposite… after watching all the Biel videos once again and all those funny Rob videos I will have to go and take a COLD shower to cool down… lmao…

      • Ditto on the cold shower.

  28. ok chicas… it’s time to get some sleep for me now.. I hope you have lots of fun… and behave while I’m gone!!!

    Lots of love and hugs,

  29. […] this week we voted on Rob’s top moments of 2009 in two posts. Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here. Counting back from 10, here are the Top 10 Rob Pattinson moments of 2009 voted on by […]

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