Posted by: themoonisdown | November 11, 2009

And we now begin the countdown to the break up of Robsten

Cause it was inevitable! There was really nothong else we could do than hit it with a good ol “One picture, Two takes.”


I wanna hold your wriiiisssttt... I wanna hold you wrist!

Take one – Moon

Dear Nonstens,

Please remain calm, break the “in case of emergency” glass case holding the brown paper sack provided with your LTR/LTT membership and breathe deeply! Those heart palpitations and that feeling of light-headedness should start to dissipate as you view this picture.

We’ve also called in the suicide prevention teamed used in the Justin Timberlake/Britney Spears outing of 2001 to help us learn to cope with our emotions. Trust me they’re good!

Loves a good forgone conclusion,


Take two – UC


The gates of HALE have frozen over...

Dear TammyO*,

I want to take some time today to formally apologize to you on behalf of the entire LTT/LTR family. You were right all this time. Rob & Kristen have been making love to Luther Vandross in front of the dying embers of a fire while reading each other passages from the Song of Solomon all this time. You were completely justified in calling some of our readers

foul smelling mouthed c@nt[s]

And you’re right. We COULD all stand to lose 5-10 lbs. I mean, I had a McDonald’s breakfast sammy this morning to celebrate our 5,000th follower on Twitter PLUS I had Chipotle for dinner. What would Rob think? What would Kristen think? I’ve been living my life thinking I could get Rob someday. But Rob would never go for someone like me- someone who eats high calories meals from fast food restaurant chains and doesn’t remember if Song of Solomon comes after Ecclesiastes or before the book of Isaiah. You were just trying to help. All that time and then we banned you- you were just trying to show us the way. The way of Robsten. Robsten is the way, the truth and life… THE LIFE. Robsten is the Life. I have seen the light. Hallelujah. Amen

Forgive us,

Discuss “it” (whatever “it” is to you!) over on The Forum
Laugh with UC over on LTT

*Don’t know who the HALE TammyO is? Ohhh you missed a good time. She popped up at the end of the summer and unleashed her hateful comments on the Letters community. So she forced us to ban her. Which is hilarious. Cuz who could get banned from LTR? TammyO can! Here is one of my favorite comments of hers:

now kindly go to the gates of hale..your daddy lucifer is waiting to let you in you evil f@ck

We’re also prettttty sure she has a real lesbian crush on Kristen.


  1. Whether you are a Robsten, a Nonsten or an “I-don’t-give-a-crapsten”, I think we should all remember the words of our wise leaders (UC and Moon, that is).

    If he’s not pounding me, he’s pounding spam!

    • spam with a mullet-ick.

      • I’ve seen Stewie holding hands/arms with Wolfboy as well as others.. so this is all Nonestene to me.. btw. loved Fancelli’s hand holding image with Kellen he sent out. UC/Moon shoulda posted that one too. ha!

        @toooldforthis.. UGH!!! Why! oh why!!.. the reference to spam!!
        This is to, to much. OI!!
        I have this awful image now of greasy porky crap in a can.
        I need a dose of a Cullen smile to wipe that nasty image from my mind!!

        (anyone have a chocolate cupcake they can share with me?)


        • Hey, it’s not me it was UC and Moon that came up with that phrase! Don’t shoot the messenger πŸ™‚

    • Toooldforthis I’ve said it before I’ll say it again we were separated at birth……
      Totally what I said to my son after reading the first part of this post {yes my 20 year old is my main Robsession enabler}….the real meat is this way Rob on LTR…….Rob’s young he’ll learn…..<3 this post

      • He needs an older woman (*coughmecough*) to show him the ways of the world. You and I, Rubytuesday, we know what’s best for him πŸ™‚

        • Hey, can I join in with this “teaching Rob the ways of the world” thing? I’d like to offer him my services of “things that older women will do to/for you that them young-ens cannot/will not do for you.” LOL

          • We COUGARS ROCK!!! ❀ ❀ ❀

          • Like make you dinner and do your laundry for you.

          • absolutelyvlc:- We are LTR COUGARS dinner and laundry don’t come into it……it’s dumpsters and silk scarves all the way for us…and THAT’S NORMAL!!!!!

          • Oh Rubytues you’re so right. But that’s the great thing about being a coog – first he falls in love with you for doing his laundry and cooking him a meal that doesn’t come in a box and requires more than pressing a few buttons to heat up, and then he falls in lust with you for pressing his buttons and heating him up. Ah, being a coog is GREAT!!!

  2. So will you be reinstating TammyO and making her a forum mod?

    • I suggested they let her guest-post. They didn’t seem to like that idea…

      • TammyO should start her own blog-Letters to Letters to Rob. She could rip us all a new one every day without any fear of being banned.

        • I love that! LTLTR – that is simply brilliant!

        • @ Dazzledtodeath;
          re: letting Tammy O rip us a new one every day??!!

          I KNEW you were a masochist!

          • a sick masochistic lion!

          • I must be to make myself crazy with all this crap..damn you Rob this would be so much easier if you were gay.

    • yes

      • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I think you know why.

  3. omg, I was going to post these pics for your this morning, I saw them last night on Pop Sugar…I can’t believe it either….as for “Robsten” like I stated before I don’t give a crapsten or Mullsten or a whatever-sten…btw it’s Robsty (Rob + Misty) remember I started that movement last summer…lol

    p.s. Rob if you are dating mullsten, can you please stop appearing in my dreams almost every night, your giving me “whiplash” he-he.

    Now to address the IMPORTANT shite:

    TammyO: now kindly go to the gates of hale..your daddy lucifer is waiting to let you in you evil f@ck

    UC: We’re also prettttty sure she has a real lesbian crush on Kristen.

    Misty: no I’m pretty sure she is MULLSTEN!!!

    • OMG thats a new one we’ve never explored!! kristen IS tammyo?! tammyo IS kristen!

      come out come out whereever you are!!!!!!

      • and she’s just putting on the bad grammer/spelling/syntax to throw us off! I think you’re on to smth there!! Aw, sweet, Kristen reads your bloggies πŸ˜€

  4. “We’re also prettttty sure she has a real lesbian crush on Kristen”


  5. To me – The tarmac looks snow covered. So in true Edward fashion — I am going with the belief that he’s helping her across the icy surface to catch the plane – because I believe that she is as clumsy as the character she plays.

    Thats my “reality” and Im living it. *fingers in ears Nah-nah-na-na-na-na I cant hear you*

    • mwahahaahahahahahahahahahaha !! πŸ™‚ You are HILAR

    • I like your reality. Can I borrow it?

    • I am willing to share my Reality with anyone. But just know that if HHH does appear in it………I may cut a bitch. Justsayin. LOL

      16 thumbs up! Wow. Im feeling the love

  6. I had to get up extra early for work this morning but it actually turned out I got up *kinda* early because I spent 15 minutes looking at these pictures and watching Twitter meltdown.

    I couldn’t care less, but I do think must somewhere deep down be pro Robsten because I like Kristen and I think that if Rob was off with some other girl really publicly that would bother me. This doesn’t bother me. That is my logic.

    TammyO sounds amazing – getting banned for LTT/LTR is quite a feat!

  7. Britney and Justin wore matching semi-formal denim outfits at the height of their relationship. That would never happen here.

    • But it would be AWESOME if it did.

      I would give my sons college tuition to see that happen!*

      *not really.

    • Don’t jeans and plaid shirt count?

      • Exactly. They have been matching a few times. HAHAHAHAHA

    • Semi-formal matching denim…. Even when I was 14 I knew that shite was crazy-town.

      However, I beg to differ. Rob and K-Stew have been dressing alike for months now… (they and every asshole walking around Brooklyn)… subliminal messaging to the “truth-knowing, prophetic, just showing us the light” Robsteners.

      Oh TammyO….and the summer of 09…good times good times.

      Someone hold me,

      Zees (Nonsten) ’84

      • your wordpress monster is the best!

        • Potato Crab?

          You should see my Snowflake of Want…

      • Zees,

        As a fellow ‘Nonsten’… I give you..



    • they already wear matching flannel!!!

      and thank you for reminding me of the matching denim outfits! those were good days!

      • They do dress alike now, but considering every hipster wannabe downtown wears flannel, tight jeans, and raybans, I say it doesn’t count πŸ™‚

        • It’s kind of scary, but Rob and Kstew may have just been ahead of the curve. I see plaid ALL the time on my campus (but, then again, I live in the northwest. Maybe they picked it up in Vancouver).

  8. Yah.
    I didn’t believe it before.
    Well, I sorta did but ya know, denial and stuff . . .
    And I gotta admit: the look frigging adorable!


  9. meh… everyone goes slummin every once in a if you’ll excuse me I gotta go apply bleach to my retinas, eat a few dozen Werther’s and forget these past 5 minutes ever happened.. what?!? im allowed to hold onto my delusions..

    • it also helps that I refer to her as KDude and the little linebacker that could.. wait, does this make me sound bitter? yeah, thats about right.. haha

    • HAHAHA kdude and the lil linebacker who could! HAHAHA killing me

      ps pass the werthers!

  10. I’m a nonsten- I’d like our bbb to be happy! Its amazing how much energy people have invested in this relationship.

    BTW- the interviews with Rob have been great! He’s still that adorkable/incredibly hot (yes, VF, I’m talking to you boy we wanted to see again! There he is… yea!

    • I didn’t say that quite right. I’d like our bbb to be happy in any case.

  11. I think I’ve gone from being a nonsten to an ‘I don’t give a crapsten.’ I can’t get over the smile on his face (who could resist ‘beaming Rob’s face) he’s so happy to be heading back to London. Welcome home Rob!

    • someone hates Rob’s happiness.. thus the thumbs down

      • Is TammyO lurking with the ol’ thumbs down thing?

      • Anyone not wanting a happy Rob, is obviously on the wrong board!!

    • the thumbs down is tammyo’s only recourse now!

      actually we’d let her comment if she wasnt making direct slams to readers!

      • Aww.. but we can take it.. Today of all days. All this “energy” has to go somewhere. I’m up for it.

      • Noooo, don’t cave and let her back in!

        We can take the odd thumbs down (although someone really is going for it today), but TammyO just aint welcome.

        This is only place we’re safe to share our Robsession, without resorting to *stops*… was going to say TwilightMoms, but won’t.

  12. I don’t know what to think of it. What would people say if it was Cristan Serratos holding like that at Rob?

    A smiling Rob makes me always happy.
    I was mad at myself to mis the twitterdrama about those pics, LOL

    • Whoa. What a great question. I feel pretty confident that, if the pictures had shown PETA’s newest assbassador clutching Robert like that, there would be about .2 seconds during which the Interwebz would take a collective gasp. Followed by a fursplosion of reaction the likes of which have never been seen. I’m talking, Kanyegate x Octomom x all those furtive, frantic searches the unicorns did for naked Ashley Greene pics.

      Truly, the ‘net could maybe almost have imploded. Leaving a super-massive black hole.

      • Hey i missed you today. admit…you actually start preparing the wedding party in Texas, right?….lol

        • I’m home today, honoring the vets by sleeping until I’mnottellingyouwhen.

          My wee fangirl heart is SCREAMING at me to do a search for Robsten fic, using the phrases “as they walked across the runway,” “clutching his arm like he had clutched her mullet the night before,” and “mile-high.”

          However, I’m kind of turned off by the insanity that is Twitter right now and knowing that somewhere TammyO and her minions are riding the high of vindication. Not to mention, I really do feel badly for them for being caught. No privacy is not cool.

          So, I’m spending my morning contemplating the awesomeness that is Pellan. THERE’S a sex tape we can all get behind that’swhatshesaid.

          • Of sleeping…you had done well! I Love Pellan! I love Peter! Lucky Kelly!
            By the way, plz send me some benzine for my Robsten-fire, over here it is soooo expensive, more expensive than a good wine! lol

          • “clutching his arm like he had clutched her mullet the night before,” – StotheP I think you should use your day off to write this story in full. I’ll expect it in my inbox tomorrow morning.

      • I may or may not have looked for those photos….or at the very least asked to see them when the DH went looking. maybe.

        • ‘Sokay. We can print them out and put them in our fake lesbian porn cardboard box, next to the three-ring binders under our beds.

          • I may or may not already have a copy in a three ring binder that I may or may not already have under my bed. maybe.

  13. Oh, look how cute they are, like a real life hobo version of eddie + bells. (all sarcasm aside, I kind of squeed. Hard. When I saw these pics.)

    • Squeeing with you (shhh…don’t tell).

  14. I’m still not convinced.
    I think they call that denial?

    But I have to admit that they look so cute together here..

    • They are so cute and Rob is smiling, but: she’s holding hands and he’s holding a baseball cap!!!

  15. You all need to be more considerate!

    I mean seriously that suicide prevention group should be sent directly over to console poor TomStu. Then, they need to hit up Rob’s mom. She’s all, “Shit, he really is dating mullet. Will my grandbabies have mullets?”

    • Not that I think they will be together long enough for kids, but you know where a mother’s mind goes.

    • I think TomStu might storn the stage tonight at the London event and declare his undying love…

    • sending the team to london to tomstu’s house ASAP

  16. I actually had to ignore twitter last night because of this craziness.

    *runs back to hide behind whoever else doesn’t give a flying fuck*

    Is that Daddy Lucifer? I hear he’s hot.

    • seriously, stay away for like 3 days. it’s nuts!

  17. Robsten lives! Good, maybe this means Eclipse (and the leg hitch) will be extra hot.

    • Not necessarily- didn’t you see Eyes Wide Shut? Boooooring!!

      • yes, but that’s because tom cruise probably hadn’t had sex with nicole kidman in nine years.

        • HAHAHAHAHA poor nicole kidman

          • you mean poor tom cruise πŸ˜€

  18. This is a disturbing development but all is not lost.

    Mulletgate isn’t over yet. Friends can hold hands. Until I see an actual liplock (or worse) I’m holding on to my Nonsten membership card.

    And if that does happen then I guess I’ll be counting the days, as Moon suggested.

    ps-Rob if it is true(ugggh) throw us a bone and leak a sex tape. It’s the least you can do.

    • Agreed – Until La Perla clad, French maids Bunny and Noreen get their proof, I will not be convinced.
      A sex tape I can most certainly get on board with though.

      • They film all day. Can you give the poor boy a break. LMAO

        • Yeah they might film all day but it’s the night-time moves we all want to see…..ifyouknowwhatI’msayingandIthinkyoudo!!!

          • The shower moves….. the table top moves….. the floor moves….. up against the wall moves….. on the counter moves…… in the tub moves…… on the balcony moves……. from behind moves……on top of the car moves….(TATTWARD) automatic and manual.

            * Huh? What? Where am I? *Dazzled*


          • A true test of whether or not Rob’s doomed to suffer the Brad Pitt Curse is to get him to reinact the scene in Thelma & Louise that Tasha’s comment gets me thinking about. GAWD THAT SCENE!!!! I’m getting hot just thinking about it.

            Oh, and I’m first in line to try out for Geena Davis’ role

    • Yep, that just might make it all worth while….Rob will there be close ups? ifyouknowwhatI’msayingandIthinkyoudo!!!!!

  19. I miss TammyO. The way she defended Kristen when we weren’t attacking her. The way she got confused about sex toys. The way she was afraid to type “hell” but not the most vulgar four-letter words in existence. ::sheds a tear::

    • Agreed

      “foul smelling mouthed c@nt”

      Her words were like poetry.

    • You are making TammyO’s heart melt right now :-).

    • Times were so much simpler then.

    • I heard that her “you’re all fat and ugly” has already been picked up by the Yale debate team.

      • as a Yalie, I demand you recant that last point. Yale INVENTED the “you are all fat and ugly” comeback. Also the “I know you are but what am I” and the “I’m rubber you are glue” arguments.

        • “I’m polymerized tree sap and you’re an inorganic adhesive, so whatever verbal projectile you launch in my direction is reflected off of me, returns to its original trajectory and adheres to you.” –Sheldon (BBT)

          • For the WIN!

          • YES! Best comeback EVER! I love Shelly!

          • Zees, can I marry you? BAZINGA!

          • Perhaps I have misrepresented myself. When I watch BBT, I enjoy it, but up until this past week, it was on at the same time as Greek, my guilty pleasure.

            And Cappie trumps all.

            I still will accept any and all marriage proposals…

          • OH YIPPEEEE. I”M SO HAPPY. We’ll live happily-ever-after and have little potato-crab babies that look like SHELLdon (hahaha, get it? get it? do ya? do ya?) and Crabbie ( I’m on a roll today….I’!!!)

    • oh HALE tammyO, where are you?!

      • I’m so sad that I missed the summer of TammyO. Guess I climbed on board this train too late. Boo.

        P’raps on a slow day we could have a “best of TammyO” post wherein everyone shares their favorite stories? I’d say I’d love to see her back just for a day, but since I’m 85% Robsten, I’d be too afraid she’d try to hitch her star to mine. Ain’t happening. My Robsten love is conditional and free of the taint of insanity.

        • No! I don’t believe you…you are 99% Robsten….so I am! And the 1% left is ALL for YOU!

          • Aw. How I treasure your companionship here in Robstenland.

            I am SO 1% Robgirl86. More, even – just call me RobtotheGirl86.

          • YOU made ME a lucky german girl today! On 14th in Munich I will hold high a flag with YOUR Avator! I SWEAR!

  20. Mind in protection mode:

    “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
    Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
    Brown paper packages tied up with strings
    These are a few of my favorite things…”

    • You’re brilliant πŸ™‚

  21. I wanted to tear clothing and gnash teeth… But then I saw his face and could not resist being happy for him. Personally, I think it’s going to end badly (bet she’s already been the meal, lucky beotch!).

    • ‘bet she’s already been the meal’

      I dont’ even know what to say, this is so funny.

      • Dude, I am honored… Your posts crack me up, never mind your name. Everytime I read it I picture the (spoiler alert) fight between Jake and Ed in the latest trailer.

  22. Rob is about to film a sexfest movie in few weeks and he tends to “method act”. So, Kristen needs an action plan.

    • What’s the film? I bet it gets sold out quicker than New Moon…..and how do you get a job as an ‘extra’? I’ll be the leading lady’s stand-in you know if she’s ‘sick’ {no I wasn’t the last one to handle her coffee!!!} or has an accident {Oh was that my foot you just tripped over?} or something…….

      • It’s already sold out.

        If you land a roll, can you get me a job as a “fluffer”?

  23. I am so happy for Rob. He has not been shy about his affections for Kristen. I am glad to see him so happy… Oh, and Kristen too, I guess.

  24. I do expect to see matching plaid, however.

    • Seriously… These were all replies to other posts, but this mobile version SUCKS! Ugh… As if Rob boinking the Mullet wasn’t bad enough.

  25. I loved this piece on dlisted last night to the above pics and I quote:

    “Look at your window right now. If the streets are littered with heads covered with Urban Decay make-up and Manic Panic, it’s because Twitards are exploding over this picture of RPattz and Kristen Stewart touching hands in Paris. The stock for cookie dough will touch the heavens tomorrow, because the Twitards that didn’t lose their heads will drown their sorrows in all of Aniston’s favorites.

    Anyway, here’s the those two fancy homeless people at the airport and also leaving their hotel in Paris tonight. Obviously, them touching jack-off hands means that they are secretly married and she’s pregnant with their sparkly vampire spawn who is slowly eating her insides. I swear I didn’t read the books. Don’t you dare accuse me of that!”


    • Sorry I just had to come back for more. LOL at this on Random Acts of Rob today:

      In other news there has been a surge in music downloads at iTunes since last night. Top downloads include:

      I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne
      Keep on Loving You – REO SpeedwagonLove Hurts – Nazareth
      Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis
      big girls dont cry-fergie
      Hard Habit To Break- Chicago
      It Must Have Been Love-Roxette
      Here I Go Again- White Snake
      Picture to Burn – Taylor Swift
      UnBreak My Heart – Toni Braxton
      The Day the World Stood Still – Charley Pride
      Fall To Pieces – Avril Lavigne
      Don’t Speak – No Doubt
      You Give Love a Bad Name – Bon Jovi.
      How Can You Mend A Broken Heart – Al Green
      I Touch Myself – the Divinyls. *wink*


  26. Ok, I honestly don’t care whether or not they are together…here is my problem.

    Rob is Angelina Jolie.

    Fuckhawt Homewrecker.

    • I ❀ you sassysmart!!!!

    • Word…lol.

    • I second this πŸ™‚

    • Apparently Rob and Angelina are the two celebs most fantasized about during sex. Someone tweeted the link, but there’s no way in HALE I am going to sift through all the handholding tweets to find it.

  27. I’m typically a Don’t give a Crapsten. I promise. My philosophy is if he ain’t rockin me, I don’t care who he’s rockin. The boy has got to get some somehere, may as well be HER. And as bad as I hate to admit it, after the recent interviews with HER, I started hating HER a little less. With all of her vague answers to the burning question, I was starting to come to grips with the fact that she is entitled to her privacy and her right to bang the boy if he wants to bang her. I’m not necessarily cheering them on, but I was pretty much trying to keep an indifferent attitude about who they are banging…cause I didn’t really know for sure and I didn’t want to spend too much time focusing on someone elses grown up time. But it’s easy to have an indifferent attitude when I don’t have to look straight down the barrel of it!!
    Now I’m all like….GOD!!! MAKE IT GO AWAY!!! Because now we have PROOF!
    PROOF THAT…..she is holding onto his wrist/upper arm while he carries a hat in his hand????
    She may as well be blowing him on the tarmac.
    Yes…please God, Make it Go Away because really? Who Gives a Crapsten.
    That is all.

    • she may as well be blowing him on the tarmac! Truth sister!!

  28. Calm down my sweets. If you haven’t heard, KStew is preparing for a role where she is playing a blind woman. Rob is simply acting as her Guide-Fuck…I mean Guide Person. Stewy is straight up method acting. So, take a deep breath and relax.

    On that note, I would like to switch things up and offer a letter to Kristen:

    Dear Kristen,

    Hey Kristen!! First off, I meh-beh (meh-beh) have a bit of a ‘bian crush on you. Don’t be alarmed though, cause I totally want to bang your boyfriend. So consider this letter my formal letter of a “heads up”. Even though you have killer stems and wear fuckhawt shoes, you can guarantee that I will bang your Robward in a nanosecond. If I ever see him, it’s on. It’s on like Donkey Kong. Behind a dumpster. There might be a little beej action. Now, after I’m done with him, he can go right back to you (it’s completely his choice…) so no need to get your panties in a twist.
    On that note, keep on keepin on with your badass self.

    Much Love,
    Sharpie πŸ˜€

    • You are my teen heart throb, Sharpie.

      • I try Sparklecakes. I so try. πŸ™‚ *Tiger Beat 4 Eva*

    • That letter might as well have been signed

      “Much Love,
      Sharpie and Dude, I Fursploded”

      B/c those are my sentiments exactly. I love the Stew. I say it on here all the time that the chick is a badass. She’s gorgeous, she’s got style, and she’s not plastic…..buuuuut…..if ever given the chance, I would sex her boyfriend in all kinds of naughty ways. And then I would send him straight to your doorstep, Sharpie….or to the Dumpster down on the corner.

      • I probably should’ve signed it “Much Love-All the chicks of LTR” (cause we all wanna do Rob, and would have no shame in tappin that ass-even if it does “belong” to the Stew) And honestly, as long as he’s tappin’ someone’s ass that isn’t mine, it might as well be hers. Now if it were some plastic, screechy fakey-fake, well then THAT would be a whole ‘nother story. πŸ˜‰

        • True dat. The second he starts dating a playmate or famewhore of any kind is the day I stop being a fan.

          • PREACH!

    • Today YOU are my leading lady! Hilarious!

      • Awww Robgirl86- if I had a hat, I would tip it to you. πŸ™‚

    • GUIDE fuck!! HAHAHAA omg

      • Every now and then I can dig out a nugget of hilarity. πŸ™‚

  29. You know, I’m a idontgiveacrapsten so whatever makes Rob happy, that makes me happy. However, I don’t know why for a second, I thought my heart sank to my stomach when I saw this pic last night. But then like PP said, I saw the smile on his face so that made me happy to see he’s happy! Am I making sense here?

    For a while now, I’ve felt they were seeing each other anyway, I guess this is just proof. Yes they’re not holding hands per se but these pictures are very intimate. So anyway, whatever makes Rob’s boat float, fine with me. Sigh.

    Tough realization but c’est la vie (for me at least).

    • I said it yesterday, Kristen has learnt to dealn with the cameras from Rob over the summer…and the HB pics…to intimate…now I know why! Damn!

    • I love how all the I-don’t-give-a-crapstens always attach that “but…” Myself included.

      • Hahah, I know right? πŸ™‚

  30. I’ve never much cared one way or the other, but look at his smile, girls. If he’s happy, I’m happy for him.

    Is it just me? Does anyone else sorta feel sorry for her ex-boyfriend? Dude got humiliated a little in a very public way.

    Also, does this mean that Kristen will finally stop overly flirting with Taylor now? Because that wasn’t throwing anyone off and it made her look like an ass.

    • Yes I felt the same way about Michael Angarano. I felt that she was the Jennifer Aniston in the relationship. He seems like a decent guy you know? 😦 That’s just my 2 cents.

      • Hi hon, No I don’t feel sorry for him…I bet, HE broke up with her…don’t know why but my inner Tommy A told me…. but plz…can I come to your place, so we could make a little cry together?…<3

        • Robgirl86, sure honey come on over! LOL. Are you thinking of wallowing? If so we need lots of ice cream and chips.

          • Oh YES… we will get fat and fatter…lol…the other fact that makes my heart cry…look at her PERFECT legs…I am so jealous! lol

          • Robgirl86, she does have nice legs. :-(. Oh well. Well maybe this will motivate us to exercise more?

            Why not get those skinny jeans? I wear those all the time, c’mon live a little. I just bought another skinny jeans today. Get boots too to go with it. Have fun!

          • OK, I just “lived” a little, I got skinny jeans too + 450 US Dollar f*cking Fiorentini&Baker boots…lol, it wiped my tears away, but now hubby has tears in his eyes….all for ROB! YEAH!

    • I do feel sorry for him. If it’s true not only did she leave him, she left him for someone who’s more famous, drop-dead gorgeous and much taller. Ouch.

      However this is all speculation on my part as I remain firmly Nonsten.

      • Yeah poor Oregano ….he’s definitely the male Jennifer Anniston….and whose heard of him since? Certainly not here in Europe….unless I’m sooo immersed in my Robubble than nothing else penetrates {hehe I said penetrates}…..I do know a little about Peter and Jackson…..

  31. I still don’t care about them dating or not. But I must admit they look darn cute together. I went a little “Ohhhhhhh” when I saw that picture. And then took another bite from my turkey sandwhich.
    I have to admit, if he had to be dating someone at this moment, I wish it’s Kstew. That girl is growing on me like facial hair on Lourdes.

    • “That girl is growing on me like facial hair on Lourdes.”


      • OJ here.
        Alice, you might not be an addikt, but I am – TO YOU!!!!

        I want a turkey sammy.

    • Facial Hair: Something you wish you could shave out of your life until you realize, eh, too much effort.

    • β€œThat girl is growing on me like facial hair on Lourdes.” You are awesome. That’s all.

    • Oh my God – I think I love you for that statement.

    • Just had to hit reply….laughing SOOOO hard at the facial hair on Lourdes thing. 100 Megan-Fox-toe-thumbs up…

  32. I actually saw the pics a few minutes ago, today was a hard-working day…so first thoughts

    1. Proof? perhaps…
    2. Really? YES proof, they def. look like a couple!
    3. Rob in love…honestly he was the one who had more difficulties to hide…..I saw that upcoming for a while (tears in my eyes….lol)
    4. Rob is happy= I am happy seeing him happy
    5. I like Kristen!
    6. Why now? Perhaps after one entire year of not going home to London he was just…

    Totally happy !

    • Loving your thoughts :-). Sorry I haven’t replied yet but I did send u another email yesterday and I even spoke in German here last night! Haha!

      • Another little line for YOU…Southernbelle ist süß!(sweet= suesss) will write you tomorrow!

  33. I’m an IDon’tGiveanEffSten but here’s my take.

    Stewie, just barely 19, is in Europe and very much taking advantage of the alcohol that she is able to legally drink over there. Sure, she thinks can drink DrunkRob under the table, but she forgot to load up on Hot Pockets first. What an amateur. She’s got the wrist grip going so she doesn’t stumble awkwardly across the tarmac, or so she can quickly yank him to a stop and hurl and hopes he can block her from the cameras..

    As for the smile on BB’s face…I think he farted and thinks it’s funny.

    • I like this one!!!

    • Rob totes seems the kind that would laugh at a fart. Maybe Mullstew farted. Either way, it would explain why there’s no one behind them in subsequent pic. I’m going with the fart-spiracy theory!

    • LOVE IT!!!!
      And yeah as an English coughGirlcough Rob WOLUD totally laugh at farts!!!!!! It’s a real English thing……

      • sorry about the spelling was laughing so much I didn’t check….

  34. I’m sitting in my kids’ dentist office weeping. Weeping I tell you!

  35. I don’t care if they’re together, honestly… But that’s not going to change the fact that I’m going to play devil’s advocate right now:

    I walk around holding the arms of guy friends pretty frequently. In fact, I spent most of this past weekend snuggled up in various guys’ arms while walking from bar to bar just to keep warm. Nothing is happening with any of those guys, but it looked a whole lot like this situation.

    But… whatever. They look happy (for a change) and that’s the important thing.

    • I know what you mean…but it’s just difficult to imagine this kind of relation with a man like Rob, I would def. not be successful maintaining a “good friendship”

    • I have been known to hold on to my guy friends’ arms as well, but really only when I’m drinking and need help walking. Maybe this is what’s going on – Kristin hit the juice before traveling. Regardless if it’s Robsten or Nonsten…KStew has proven (to at least me) she is not a dumb girl. I would reach out and touch Rob any chance I got too. Yep, I’m creepy like that.

    • PREACH heeeyyybrother. i would say the same thing but be crucified then tarred and feathered for even mentioning doing this with guys friends. which i have but will remain mum since this is obviously a sign if them knocking the boots. πŸ˜‰

      • If snuggling was enough to cause all this nonsense, just imagine what people are saying about me. I must be the WORST kind of whore. And to think that one of them even gave me a kiss on the cheek. And then he performed for me and a few friends later (sing, you pervs – he’s a musician!), so we must be secretly married!

    • Hey, Heyyyybrother, sounds like your charity, “get sex life back on track” has some volunteers to work with! Here’s hoping one of them is Pattzhot and interrupts your barcrawl to pull you behind a dumpster and ask you to just “try one thing.”

      • HAHAHA I feel like I should be embarrassed that people remember I even said that in the first place… I should think before I speak.

        • Never! THAT’S NORMAL!

          Never think. Le sigh.

          *rolls eyes at self*

  36. Well, today I learnt something….

    My husband has to share me with Rob for a good year now….so now I have to share Rob with Kristen…life can be so cruel….I actually was not prepared well….I think….hahaha!

    SCHEIße! Hope you don’t understand…german swearword!

    • Awww, don’t worry Robgirl86. It will okay :-).

      And yes I agree, life can be so cruel (and unfair).

  37. Damn! You know you are fawkhawt when your holding hands can spawn a soundtrack. How did this happen?

  38. Man I love a good bible reference. And in 2 letters no less.

    If Moonie Pie (whom I still hate) gets any haters for the awesomness of this post, I have two words for them: BRING IT!

    • hates mutual πŸ™‚

      • Thank you, thank you, thank you! You know why.

  39. Dear Rob,
    Whatever make you happy is fine by me.

  40. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by LetterstoTwilight, Dear You. Dear You said: RT @letter2twilight Dear TammyO, we're sorry: […]

  41. Personally I think they look cute together! If they are together I’m happy for them because they seem happy! I mean look at that smile of his!! *sigh* She is looking all shy & nervous, it’s just so cute.

    As long as they don’t ruin the movies I say go for it! You only live once people. Enjoy it while you can!! πŸ™‚

  42. Well shit. I’m not happy. At all. My heart is broken.

    Am I really the only one that feels like this?
    Why why why why does it have to be HER?
    I won’t even try to hide my animosity towards her so thumb me down or whatever. I don’t care anymore.

    • I gave you a thumbs up for being so honest. Buck up! Nothing’s set in stone.

    • You’re not alone, Gizmo. I think she does absolutely nothing for Rob’s appeal, but don’t mind me I’m just old, fat and clinging onto the hope that if I say Rodward three times into my bathroom mirror with the lights off he’ll materialize and have his way with me.

      • Do you do that a lot?

        • Frequently…and then I purify myself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.

          • You have to spin three times on one foot and then three times on the other for it to work. That’s what you’ve been doing wrong!!

            (oh, and drinking a fifth of Belvedere doesn’t hurt either….in fact, the more you drink, the more he “appears” and has his way with you)

    • Thank you guys!

    • Gizmo, don’t worry hon’, their young, she’s already dumped one ‘long term relationship’ for her leading man {Ok ‘that’s normal’ since we all would for Rob}, who knows what the future will hold there’s only one more book to film……give it 18 months and then cry if it’s still going on and remember in the words of the ‘they who know all’ “if he’s not pounding me, he’s pounding spam”…….

      • Yeah, I guess you’re right. But there are 3 more men left on my list and if she gets any of them, I’m going Rambo on her ass.

  43. I love Peter. A lot!!

    …and TammyO really did scare me. A lot!!

    • ‘I love Peter. A lot.’

      That’s what she said.

  44. I think my favorite part of the hand holding craziness last night was pfac’s tweet about it! I’m sure most of you saw the pic he sent around of him holding Kellan’s hand and his attempt to trend #Pellan. That was probably the best part of the whole thing. Though it did make me wonder, while the hale are PFac & Kellan holding hands?

    Janetrigs – Here’s some more bible for you. When I saw PFac’s tweet, I thought of Peter’s three time denial of Christ. As far as I know, this is PFac’s second official denial of the Robsten. Will he need to do a third “I know [them] not” before the miracle of Robsten is accepted?

    Still, I’m sad. As Robgirl86 said, just because my husband has to share me with Rob does not mean that I want to share Rob with Kristen!

    ps- Rob, anytime you want me to hold your wrist (or any other part of you), I’m available.

    • A big Thumb up! I would hold EVERYTHING too!
      I love love PFach, great humour that guy…and he looks GOOD with Kellan…teeeheee

      Guess some illusions got broken today…but what would Rob say to us? Perhaps something like “Ladies you All have a life…good lifes…as I read your comments, but………………
      and HERE my idea of a comforting Robword is ending!
      Tears on my keyboard….Peeeter!

    • HUGE thumbs up for peters denial of christ! hahaha

      • Are those, Megan Fox thumbs or just regular?

  45. I miss TammyO. All her cute damning people to hell while saying things that made Jesus cry.

    The picture was cute. Kristen looks good, and happy. It almost erases the fact that she’s looked dirty, grungy and pissy for the last six months. Which brings me to my number 1 reason I didn’t want to believe Robsten is real: I’ve lost a little bit of respect for Rob. Why do I even bother to shower, when that’s obviously not the kind of girl he goes for?

    I guess my day’s plan now goes like this: off to the salon for a black mullet, then to the head shop, then a fond farewell to all my personal grooming products. The things I do to be Rob’s ideal girl…

    • Um, what’s a head shop?

      I am a dirty dirty ho0r.

      • I know you are, baby.

        And a head shop is a place where I would pick up a water pipe for my perfectly legal exotic tobacco blends. *ahem*

        • Well, that’s a disappointment.

          I thought I had a place to send hubby when he’s in the mood and I’m too busy watching Rob interview vids.

          • Whahahaha. They would be working overtime these days.

    • i threw out my comb, razor, soap and mirror last night.

  46. I do hope rob does a tom style declaration tonite in London, by now dick and Clare having given their seal! Just picked ip my tickets and Lordy lord… Some people are mentalists. I don’t know if I have the strength for this.

    • Love your name.

      If there is a Tom style declaration….eff!!!

      Seriously, someone hold me.

    • Your name is just to awesome not to comment on. Love it!

      • Thanks love…wndering if juliep made o
        g rob just showed up outside everyone going nuts!!!!

        • Please please come back and give us details. Thinking good thoughts for you to survive The Crazy.

  47. I came to this site to ease my broken heart because I just knew that the gals that comment on LTR, LTT and RAOR would have some hilarious insight and comments to make. You did not disappoint. How smart and clever you all are! Pat yourselves on the back and take a bow. If you all were gathered in one room, I’d buy a ticket! I think I’m starting to understand fakelesbo love.

    That smile on his face says it all. I remember when hubby used to be that way around me. Sigh.

  48. HI! I’m commenting! YAY me! LOL

    Anwyay, hand holding, Meh. I’m a whogivesashit-sten remember? and I am married and hold hands with my male friends sometimes.That sounds weird, and I think TammyO would find a creative way to call me a slut (think something with the word Fuck in it…probably) but I know what I mean. I don’t just go around holding hands with anyone.

    Anyway, I even dreamt about this last night, so I’ll fill you in on my dream. I was in their plane. I told them it would so sweet to come out as a couple in Paris. Rob said, you are brilliant marry me. Kristin got pissed and grabbed his hand. But he mouthed over her shoulder on the way out of the plane “I love you”…
    Okay, so it wasn’t a dream, more like wishful thinking.

    • SLUT you’re going to HALE.

      ps i ❀ seeing your face on here and you known i agree with what you said! πŸ™‚

  49. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by letter2twilight: Dear TammyO, we’re sorry:

  50. I’m not going to lie. Bumming, bumming hard.

    • You have come to right place. We console each other here πŸ™‚

    • Haha yup. I put on “Let Me Sign” and allowed myself a 2 minute mope!

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