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Remember Me – What exactly IS Robert Pattinson’s new movie about?

Dear Rob-

Recently we were sent the script to your latest flick, Remember Me, that you’re filming currently in NYC. And as much as we’re both into saving ourselves (Purity Conference 97! Represent!) for the big day by waiting and not reading any spoilers, we’d be lying if we didn’t say it wasn’t killing us. It’s like knowing where the Christmas presents are in July yet doing nothing about it. The suspense has been killing UC especially and like any good friend grappling with a crippling addiction she’s trying to drag me in with her. I’ve tried and tried to resist by knowing that in the end I’ll appreciate having waited but it’s not easy dude. And you’re not helping either, Rob! The new pictures and videos keep coming out every day. And of course being a struggling Rob-a-holic I look at every one like a fiend trying to get her next high. But with each new set picture I can’t help but wonder: WHAT THE CRAP IS THIS MOVIE ABOUT?!

So from the beginning of shooting to the most current pictures here are my elevator pitches for what I think Remember Me is about…

Remember Me: A buddy comedy about two friends who live together in a New York City apt building with their friends: Chandler, Joey, Monica and Rachel.Β  The roommates decide to quit smoking and instead trade one addiction for another as they become addicted to caffeine after they open a coffee shop called “Central Perk.” Their friend Phoebe hosts open mic nights at their coffee shop to raise money for their stint in rehab. Hilarity ensues.

Remember Me: The gut-wrenching tale of a man stricken with involuntary bulimia that strikes at the most inopportune times. This is his story of searching for a cure for this unknown and sometimes embarrassing disease through medical treatments, herbal remedies, witch doctors, and the ultimate cure: Greek Diner Coffee.

Take the cut to see Rob as Tyle the matchmaker, Tyler the Zombie and Tyler the gang banger among others

(cue the Beatles “Hard Days Night”) Remember Me: The story of a teen idol coming to grips with his advancing years and diminishing fame. In poignant vignettes he looks back and remembers the height of his career: the adoring fans, the bodyguards, the unlimited sex, drugs and rock n roll before it all came crashing down.

Remember Me: The heartbreaking tale of a teen runaway forced to live on the cruel streets of New York City and sell his body to the night (cue Sting: Roxanne). Until he strikes up a unlikely friendship with Javier, his pimp with a heart of gold. Javier encourages Tyler to enroll in City College while continuing to turn tricks at night to pay for tuition. What will happen after Tyler earns his associates degree in air conditioning maintenance? Will he leave behind the mean streets and Javier for the bright lights and big opportunities of Hoboken, New Jersey?

Remember Me 2: Electric Boogaloo. In this modern day remake mash up of “Singing in the Rain” and “Breakin’ 2” Tyler and friends stage a dance-off to save their local community center from area developers who want to turn it into a parking lot for the neighboring Tar-Mart. Will a torrential downpour rain out their dance off? Will rivaling team “Tar-Mart dancers” squelch their chances of winning with a professionally choreographed number by Patrick Swayze? Will Tyler’s hand heal before the big day or will he be sidelined for fighting with the Tar-World graveyard shift checker?

Remember Me: A coming-of-age drama about Tyler, a college freshman at NYU brutally affected by scabies. He meets Ally Craig, the sassy know-it-all captain of the NYU dabate team and is instantly drawn to her. But will he be able to overcome his self doubt and skin disease in this ultimate quest for self acceptance and true love?

Remember Me: Suave, debonair but ultimately wounded Tyler Roth, a recently laid off Ad Exec decides to chase his real passion in life: ladies! Tyler opens New York City’s first dating service aimed at matching up: jerks, jocks, assholes, alcoholics and workaholics. Off to a fantastic start “Jerk My Heart” proves to be just the distraction Tyler needs from life. By matching up other aholes, Tyler isn’t forced to examine his own commitment and intimacy issues. That is, until he meets Ally, a girl who was recommended to him by her workaholic best friend. Will they work out their issues and learn to love again or are they doomed to forever be: jerks, jocks, assholes, and alcoholics?

Remember Me: A quirky Indie Dram-edy about Tyler a young man who lives in the middle of New York City with his grandma Ruth in a trailer. The audience will laugh and cry as we slowly learn that Tyler is a specially abled young man who was abandoned by his yuppie parents and sent to live with Grandma Ruth in a rent controlled trailer in the middle of Greenwich Village which is annexed by a city housing code loophole. Grandma Ruth helps Tyler as he learns to cope with living in a society not designed for specially abled people or recreational vehicles.

Remember Me: Roomates Tyler and Ally have been friends since Freshman year at NYU. Freshly dumped, Tyler convinces Ally go to Fire Island with him for the weekend so she can clear her head. After years of repressing her feelings for Tyler, Ally confesses her love for him over martinis at the White Party at island hotspot: The Tool Shack. Unbeknownst to her though Tyler has invited George their building super to join them for the weekend where they will finally confess their true feelings and tell Ally of their 3 year forbidden relationship. Will Tyler have the courage to follow through with their plan and tell Ally? Will Ally accept them so that Tyler and George can be together and love each other without shame?

Celebs On The Set Of 'Remember Me'31826PCN_kisses
Remember Me: Blind since birth Tyler Roth has never had to deal with the harsh realities of the real world such as dressing himself, and conversing with the opposite sex. Until he meets Ally, a stripper with a conscious and a fetish for blind men. Ally takes Tyler under her wing and teaches him the complexities of daily dressing and how to please a real woman.

Remember Me: Tired of long hours, low wages and faulty bullet proof vests, New York City Cop Tyler Roth organizes a Union in the name of his fallen partner Ally who died in freak coffee shop shoot out. Amidst heavy pressure from the City Counsel to disband, Tyler leads the Union in a moving peaceful protest through Time Square in remembrance of Ally and all other police officers who went before her. A moving tale that will surely be the Norma Ray of the 21st century.

Remember Me: Ally moves to New York City with dreams of making it big in this Coyote Ugly remake. Though nothing ever worth it comes easy. So down on her luck and short on money Ally gets a job working at Coyote Ugly where she meets a man named Tyler Roth who unbeknownst to her is also the owner of Coyote Ugly and a stake holder in BigStarRecords. Will he forgive her for throwing a drink in his face and will she finally learn to let a man love her?

Remember Me: Out of his grave in Central Park, Tyler Roth is a 78 year old Zombie who’s come back to life to find his true love, Ally. He reunites with his best friend in this true love conquers all story, to trace the path back to Ally while eating a few faces off in the meantime.

Remember Me: Tyler Roth grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Raised by an adoptive family Tyler joins his brothers Jorge and Larmar as a member of the toughest gang on the streets of New York City. When Turf Wars break out between Tyler’s gang and the rivaling 59th Street Snatchers, will this unlikely gang member make it through the resulting carnage and live to gang bang another day?

So what’s it gonna be Rob? Blind, asshole, Union organizer, gang banger, gay best friend, specially abled zombie? Or what?

Can’t wait to see,

Pictures from: Sociallite Life, GossipGirls/Center, Robsessed, Lainey Gossip, and any others I missed.

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  1. Bright lights and big opportunities of Hoboken – lol!

    I kinda like the dating service one. Probably because I love his smug smile in that pic.

    • new jersey IS big times!

  2. Your teories itΒ΄s just hilarious! I just love it!
    Keepping “blind” about the true of “Remember Me”, never was so much fun.
    Love you girls.
    Brazilian Girl

    • we’ll keep it up as long as we can hold out!

  3. I know the ending to it, which brings meaning to the title, but I won’t say cause nobody likes spoilers. Guess you could say I won’t reveal where the presents are LOL

    • but I wanna know what I’m getting for Christmas!!!

      we have our guesses too….

      • Just read the d*m*script already and enjoy the art of it. By following everything Rob there is no way you are going to keep it a secret from yourself.
        READ IT!
        It is good.

        • I’ve been trying to lure Moon in on Twitter. Just like everyone else lured me in. Cause I want someone else pure to go down with me…cause that’s how I roll.

          • I recommend reading it and I’m
            glad I did because of one major occurance
            that I’m prepared for.
            It’s a beautiful script, Rob’s going
            to be a great Tyler!
            And it’s fun to see
            the blocking/set photos because I recognize
            what’s going on.

          • pros- youre a stumbling block!

          • Yes, yes I am. And this is what makes my career choice so ironic. Love me thru it?

          • Pros3 are you in the ministry? if so thats wicked ironic… We will totes love you through your secret sin…. we will have an altar call at the next Wanna Tampa Vampa meeting… I will go up to the front with you if you are too embarassed to go alone okay?

          • @Tiff Ding, ding, ding! If you’ll go up to the front with me, then I’ll go. And bring the kleenex, cause the Twi/Rob runs deep.

            You’re a good friend. πŸ˜‰

          • @Tiff Ding, ding, ding! If you’ll go up to the front with me, then I’ll go. And bring the kleenex, cause the Twi/Rob love runs deep.
            (That’s what she said…) YOU SEE! Save me from myself!

      • You really should read it… you know… like when you go where the gifts are hidding, and open a little corner of the wrapping paper in the gift… and then you grab some tape and tape it again… you should… itΒ΄s a relly good script and Rob is perfect as Tyler… well would be perfect even like a asshole, Union organizer, gang banger, gay best friend, specially abled zombie…

        All I can say is I was really surprise about the story…

        • WHERE is everyone getting this script!? I’m so out of it!

          • I have if you want it… send me an e-mail

          • I want it too please…. : )

          • I e-mailed… thanks

        • Thanks again LTR for enabling an obsession i didn’t even know i had until reading your website! i must know as much as possible about remember me as soon as possible. you gals are the greatest!

        • I want it too please…. : ) How do I get my e-mail to you? Are we allowed to post it here?

  4. Now I have to clean my coffee off the monitor πŸ™‚ I like the rent-controlled trailer in Greenwich Village.

    • moon is brilliant

      • You said it.
        can’t stop giggling. πŸ˜€

        • awwww ladies youre SO nice! thank you!

  5. Your will power amazes me. I can’t believe you have not read that script. I would have read it and then tried to get my husband to act it out with me. And then I would be served with divorce papers.

    Love all your theories! I hope the real story line can measure up. Tough act(s) to follow!

  6. Bwahahahahaha! This is AWESOMETOWN!

    Love you girls! =)

    • awesometown- LOVE IT

    • is awesometown next to hoboken?

      • hi girls are one of you called amy

  7. =O) LMAO =O)

    Summit should hire you to write movies!!!
    My favorite was the Coyote Ugly sequel/remake. Any chance that we would see Tyler dancing on the bar?



    • i accept this job!

  8. I love the theories, especially blind Tyler and Stripper Ally. Ever thought of writing fan fiction Moon?

    • hahahahahaha.. YES MOON- write fan fic!

      • could you imagine? id laugh the whole time

  9. Hahahaha They kept getting better and better. I don’t think I can pick a favorite, although the trailer in Greenwich village is a stroke of genius.

  10. Are you really going to be able to resist reading it?? I ‘ve tried to find the script but couldn’t get it. I can’t help myself-when I see it mentioned I kind of read it with one eye closed but I have a pretty good idea what happens. Also I saw some of the spoilers on the forum. I guess I’ve never been big on delayed gratification.

    • I have the script if you want it.
      Email me:
      I’m an enabler! LOL!

      • She Is!!!! xoxo

      • STOP THE MADNESS! No purity rings for you!

      • naughty naughty jena!! πŸ˜‰

      • I ❀ enablers!

        • I’m the president of Enabler Society!

  11. What Remember Me isn’t about zombies?? Really?? Damn…. I was really looking forward to ZombieRob (wait and he plays music right? or am I confusing him with someone else?) eating the brains of little Emilie…

    • ZombieRob as opposed to Rob Zombie. I wonder if that’s some sort of copyright/trademark infringment??? Must go look that up in the dusty ole IP books.

      • AHAHA good call! i totes forgot about rob zombie!

  12. You’re so cool!!!! I love all your theories but my favorite is the zombie one! πŸ™‚

  13. Possible new movie scripts for Rob to do:

    “sent to live with Grandma Ruth in a rent controlled trailer in the middle of Greenwich Village ”

    “Blind since birth Tyler Roth has never had to deal with the harsh realities of the real world such as dressing himself, and conversing with the opposite sex”

    “When Turf Wars break out between Tyler’s gang and the rivaling 59th Street Snatchers”


    Until this post I though RM script was great and everyone should read it, now I know Moon wrote it beter and funnier

    • who knew it would be a comedy?

  14. I have read the script.. or at least a version of it… and while all your description are WIN!… you’re way off!

    “dating service”…
    “Blind since birth”… stripper… with a fetish for blind men”…
    “Air conditioning Maintenance”…
    “gut-wrenching tale… involuntary bulimia”

    Can I come be your intern flunky and learn how to do this for a living?… is it possible to earn money and have this much fun? INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW!

    I’m 48… but i wanna be like you when i grow up!

    TODAYS POST= 100% WIN!

    • awwww! That’s so nice! I wanna be like Moon when I grow up too!

    • that far off huh??

      and dear god i hope it’s possible to make money and have this much fun!

  15. That’s very Creative Gilrs .. I LOVED the Blind one though ..It was ..well I totally didn’t see it coming …LOL

    • the ray bans have a whole new meaning!

  16. I like Union Organizer or … maybe Grandma Ruth?
    The real one: …boy mets girl… I have to became a vampire to find the perfect woman(this last Rob dixit at the Oscars).
    Any way, I laugh a lot with your blog. Is really ingenius.

    From a galician girl.

    • galician girl? i just googled that. looks like you are: “an autonomous community located in northwestern Spain” πŸ™‚ Am I right!? So glad you found us! All the way from your autonomous community in northwestern Spain!!!!!

      • Ok!!!!!!!
        IΒ΄m galician 1rst and spanish after.
        Yes, i was mad about Rob!
        And finally, iΒ΄m so sorry about my poor English.


    • hola! if you’re from spain otherwise nevermind!! glad you’re here!

      • Thank you so much!
        Yes, iΒ΄m from spain but first from Galicia.

  17. Can we make Ally blind and Tyler the stripper? Cause I can just imagine the scenes of her making herself familiar with him…hands memorizing his abs, shoulders, jaw, lips, hands, the V…

    am I the only one that can see this?

    Just his body and only shots of her hands…that way I can imagine it as my own.

    • memorizing his abs, shoulders, jaw, lips, hands, the V…

      You’ve been reading the Fanfic again haven’t you?

      • LMAO. I think she is reading them. Heck even I am. Once you start you can’t stop.

      • Nope, no fan-fic. Not recently anyway…that is just my very own dirty mind.

        I’m wired hot.

        • Perhaps you need to begin writing fanfic, cause I was lost there momentarily. Draw from your dark gift? πŸ˜‰

          • HA!!! I’ll think about it. Not sure how I would start it.

        • I’m wired hot – lmao! almost had laughing under control until I read that!!!

          • I’m thinking collaboration girls…Dear God it would be good.

            I can rock angst, but you two would have to handle the lemons, cause there are some words I just cannot type.

          • I love when you prude out on us…..

          • I used to say, ‘Prude and Proud!’ But, srsly, who can type that kinda ‘bow chicha bow wow’ without snickering? Srsly?!

          • I can’t type it, but I can sure read it!! Though, I’m a bit of a prude myself, I had to cover my eyes a couple of times in The Sub/Dom to compose myself……lol.

          • Yup, read it!

    • While I can def “see” your plotline logic… not sure I’m ready to see RL RobTy give it up around a pole! Maybe the the crisis moment in the story “comes” when Ally finds out that when Tyler was on the swim team back in Forks, WA… speedo padding really was a “hot button” issue!

      • LMAO!!!!

    • think the opposite way tyler “learning” your body a la lionel richies “hello” music video. SCORE! literally.

  18. Ya…, the blind Tyler w/ corresponding photos, created coffee aerosol. It’s everywhere. This has happened before on this blog, dang you girls, dang you.

    Purity Conf. ’89 represent! πŸ˜‰

    • ’97 chastity conference represent!

    • 97 moon? wow you pledged early I didnt pledge my purity until at least 2000 and Im a year older than you… than again I didn’t even know anything about sex until I was 19… embarassing I know… but hey dude thats what happens when you lived a sheltered life with parents who don’t talk about it… Once my friends started to get married they finally told me… how pathetic is that… innocent and nieve… just the kind of girl creepy eddie likes…

      • I called you moon … you are UC. not to be confused with Moon you two are one flesh in my eyes…

        • *snort* πŸ™‚

  19. Tell me, why do I read your posts at work? I swear one day I’m going to blow an eardrum out by suppressing my laughter. For sure, my coworkers think I’m nuts (true) or that I’m looking at non-work related stuff (also true).
    LTR – good. Reading LTR at work – good, but bad.

    • i agree. sometimes i don’t read moon’s posts until i get to work in the AM & i get weird looks… REALLY weird.
      last night i read this at home. which was good. cuz seriously.. almost peed my pants. not kidding

      • DEPENDS!

  20. I’m so glad you said that about Coyote Ugly. I had the same thought when I saw those photos. And if they aren’t Coyote Ugly refugees, then they are the ‘American Hotties’ from Love Actually.

    • Everyone (and by everyone I mean all of us here at LTR) will lose it in the theater if they actually end up at NYC’s Coyote Ugly.

      Oh!!! Please let that happen!!

      • I have not read the script either, but from what I understand it isn’t too cheery.

        I can just see it now.. the whole theater all sad, lips quivering… A bruised and defeated Rob bursts into Coyote Ugly to save a young woman from an abusive boss/boyfriend/uncle… and there is an uproar of laughter from the ladies of LTR.

        I think we should petition Summit for an excusive LTR screening of the movie.

    • OMG! yes ! that’s who they are!!

    • DITTO!!

  21. I read this as soon as it posted at 8, but it’s taken me that long to recover from laughing at “Remember Me 2: Electric Boogaloo.”

    Like you, I’m completely baffled by the images coming off of the “Remember Me” set, and every arrest/carnival/cowgirl throws me for a new loop.

    “. . . involuntary bulimia that strikes at the most inopportune times.” = *falls out laughing again*

  22. Aahhahahhahaa.
    “Blind since birth…” Almost made me laugh out loud in the office. But I held it in.
    “Out of his grave in Central Park, Tyler Roth is a 78 year old Zombie…” Definitely made me laugh out loud in the office. Could not hold it in.

  23. You must have gotten awesome grades in your creative writing classes. I don’t even know how you have the time to come up with this stuff, but it sure is FUN-NAY!

    I love the pic that went with the “jerks, assholes, etc.” one. But the Grandma-trailer one really got me laughing.

    • hahaha i did enjoy english class but i dont think i ever took a creative writing class. maybe i should!

  24. Electric Boogaloo! Hahahahaha. Oh can you please…pretty please with sugar on top…photoshop a jheri curl on that picture of Rob in the mesh shirt?

    • i second that request, Moon

    • HAHAAH for christmas!

      (or a slow news day)

  25. HA HA HA!! Involuntary bulimia! Scabies! Bright lights of Hoboken! This is absolutely fantastic. I actually had to minimize it a couple of times so I could catch my breath, I was laughing so hard.

  26. Moon, keep holding on. I am right here with you. I love the whole post. Since I can’t quote the whole thing here in the comment, I will just say…best speculation about movie plots ever.

    • hahaha it IS speculation thursday!

    • I haven’t either.. and seriously trying not to! “It’s like knowing where the Christmas presents are in July yet doing nothing about it.” so agree!! *sigh*

  27. Seriously, where can I get a copy of that script. ‘m not a delay-the-pleasure kind of girl.

  28. Javier the pimp and his heart of gold. LMFAO! Great!
    I, too, thought of Coyote Ugly when I saw those pics.
    WAIT! Maybe it IS a remake of Coyote Ugly!Maybe he’ll ask for WATER and they’ll spray him down with the bar water!
    (I may or may not have the Coyote Ugly soundtrack and have seen the movie 15 times. Don’t hate…appreciate.)

    • “Loving you, That isn’t really something I should do ya-hey
      I shouldn’t wanna spend my time with you ya
      Well I should try to be strong
      But baby you’re the right kind of wrong
      Ya, baby you’re the right kind of wrong”

      • oh girl this was a favorite in the girls dorm at college

  29. OMG, Moon, you are hilarious! My favorites are the ZombieRob one and the GrandmaTrailerRob one. You really should write movie plots.

  30. I.Can.Not.Stop.Laughing!!!!!!!!!!

    I nearly peed my pants at the Zombie one, LMAO! LMAO! LMAO! Also loved the trailer with Grandma Ruth and the blind guy at the beach! ROTFLMAO!

    This is right up there with the Dear Claire letter!

    Epic win! Brilliance! Hilarious! I ❀ ur face like you wouldn't believe!

  31. I am in tears!!!!! I bow before you! This is without a doubt my favourite post! They just kept getting better as I read and scrolled. It’s a toss up between bulemia and rent controlled trailor. Well done.

    • its one of mine too! YEA!

  32. Seeing as I didn’t consider delayed gratification at all and read it [I mean it is not Twilight] I can say that these are all HILARIOUS ploys.

    On the other hand, since reading it I have become even MORE obsessed with this movie and seeing each set of pictures each day is confirming how close the final project will be to the script I read.

    And finally since I am not into peer pressure, if anyone who has read some version of the script but doesn’t want to torture UC even more… Feel free to msg me on Twitter or YouTube [name KatOfDiamonds].

    And UC, should you read it…DO NOT feel guilty and I expect an email IMMEDIATELY! =]

    xoxo KatOfDiamonds

    • i know.. still really thinking about it.. shh don’t tell Moon

      • Read it, read it, read it, read it….

      • The rest of my day is planned the second that script hits my inbox, UC! You should read it too!

        • NOOOOO! I CHANGED MY MY MIND, UC! DON’T READ IT! I just finished reading the whole thing and I wish I would have waited. I would so much rather have experienced this in the theater in Feb. It was really really awesome, but now I have no surprises on Christmas morning. So good, though. Rob will be so sexy in this role. I’m not saying anymore bc I’m one of those people who gives too much away. JUST DON’T READ IT!

      • leelo, leelo, leelo… read it, read it, read it…

      • you guys are BBBBAAADD!! ahahah

      come on… it feels good… all the cool kids are going it…
      I feel like NM eddie trying to get into slutty bella’s pants…
      Peer Pressure..GIVE IN!!!!

      I read it twice when I first got it… I loved it so much I finished cried and started again…
      thats what she said.

      • I just finished it 5 mins. ago and I’m crying too. It really was so good!

  33. You both should write sitcoms and then hire me as your PA and hire Rob as the lead actor! K? K!

    • YES now how do we make this happen?!

      • Well, a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend mine knows Bill,
        who cleans toilets at NBC Studios, who knows Sally who
        works in the gift shop, who boinks Steve who works for
        security for Conan who knows the makeup artist who is married
        to the one of the writers of the Tonight show. I say we present
        the pitch to them and I think we’ll all have a go!

  34. LOL “blind since birth” LOL – I almost lost my shiz in the office!
    NB: dAbate?!

  35. …..Wait….wait….and then hire me as Rob’s personal trainer! πŸ˜‰

    • And then hire me as his personal masseuse after his long, hard (that’s what she said) days of shooting.

    • Can I be his personal bather? You know like Eddie Murphy had in Coming to America.

      Cause he is the Prince!!!!

      • Okay, now I have that song stuck in my head…

        “She’s your Queeeeeeeeen, Queen to beeeeeee.”
        (sung in falsetto natch)

        Oh, and FYI @Holly and @SS…shouldn’t a PERSONAL TRAINER be handling those duties????
        Meow, hiss, hiss! πŸ˜‰

        • Simply put….no.

          • Ordering your bumper sticker now. πŸ˜‰

  36. FYI – Probably my most fav post now! Breakin out the Electric Bogaloo reference = Priceless.
    I totally enjoy not reading the script so that we can devise our own speculations of the randomness! You f*cking rule!

    PS I vote for zombies, cause they’re just cool

    • Totally agree with @Janetrigs– probs my fave post so far. I can usually control the laughing while reading this at work but not today my friend, not today. I might have had to tell a injured kid to “hold on a sec” cause he came in while I was reading this and I couldn’t stop laughing.

      PS– you should totally send these ideas to Lifetime….cause they would eat this shizz up. These would so be movies that they would make and show over and over again on Superbowl weekend or some shit.

      ❀ you guys! πŸ™‚

      • i laugh like that on dlisted and anytime i can do that for someone else ive done my job!

  37. in the words of perez,

    • LOVE that word!

  38. God, I love your posts; they never fail to make me laugh! I cannot believe after getting your mitts on a copy, you haven’t read it yet! If it were me, I would have laminated the thing by now! haha ;p I’m dying to read a copy, have been searching on the net for the past hour; I’m beginning to show telltale signs of ‘computer rage’ – clammy hands, scowling at anyone who attempts to even come near the comp, having a nervous/shaky disposition when typing in different things into google to get the ‘best’ result. Oh dear. πŸ™‚

    • email us πŸ™‚

      • i want in on this whole reading of the script thing. i know its wrong, but hell i can’t help myself.

        and it will make my work day go by so much faster.

        hook a girl up.

  39. It’s 10am and I haven’t done anything at work yet, LOL!

  40. Hells yeah! Keep your script purity!

    Moon- You are going to die when it turns out you guessed right all alone. I mean, how CAN you go wrong with a movie about a specially-abled zombie?!?

  41. I am NOT worthy…This post totally Rocks it..and yes – I Have not read the script – and have been wondering? uh? WTF?

    *Blind since birth* and so much more.

  42. “Javier, his pimp with a heart of gold” LMAO
    reading the “blind Tyler” plot made think of Val Kilmer in At First Sight lol

    Love this post! I haven’t read the script for RM but seriously right now the curiosity is killing me.

  43. Very funny post! I don’t know which storyline for remember me I like best. You are a genius!

  44. Read it, come to the dark side.
    Actually, very glad I did read it because of the aforementioned thing that happens.

  45. Okay, the part about Rob’s character being blind, I was choking on my frosted flakes. Too effing funny! And is it me, or do you think the sets wardrobe is actually Rob’s RL closet? Justsayin.

    And question…How does someone like myself get their paws on the script? Cause I HATE surprises. Seriously. Because I was the kid who DID know where the Christmas presents were stashed, and you can gaur-an-tee I scoped that sh*t out before Christmas. So, if someone can help nosey little me out, that would be superb. : )

    • You and I, sharpie, are singin the same tune. Found EVERY Christmas present I ever got. If I couldn’t find the, I would open them very carefully, peek, and re-wrap them.

      HATE surprises. My husband thinks it’s hysterical to say, “I have a surprise for you. And then not tell me what it is for weeks.” Jerk.

      I so need that script.

      • HAHA!! My god, it’s like you are talking about me!! πŸ™‚ My husband will pull the same stunt, but then I drive him insane by saying, “Give me a hint”, until I guess what it is. It pisses him off, but I always figure it out what it is. Because I’m a super sleuth…or just a pain in the ass. πŸ™‚

  46. Is it weird that I heard Don LaFontaine’s voice in my head as I read all of the Synopsis’?

    • YESS!! exactly how it’s meant to be read! if we had the money i’d have him read all of these and record it!

  47. OK, that was a LOT of funny in one place. This post was EPIC! It just kept going!!! My fave:
    “Tyler Roth has never had to deal with the harsh realities of the real world such as dressing himself,”

    As soon as I saw those pics, I was like what is UP with that sweatshirt? I think my son wore the same one….WHEN HE WAS 4!!!


    Thanks for the laughs, YET AGAIN!! Love you funny peeps.

  48. The one that cracked me up the most was the disabled Rob living in rent controlled trailer with Grandma! His expression is hilarious in that shot! See, even when that picture should totally turn me OFF of Rob, it doesn’t. ..what is wrong with me? But as tantalizing as reading the script is, I like the sweet torture of the suspense…

    • This was by far the best idea! i loved it! wonderful!

  49. cupcakes! it makes for strong funny bones

  50. You two are much stronger than I am… I read this shiz a while ago… I will always try to convince people to read spoilers because I want to beable to talk about it with peeps!
    my friend (who just found out she is preggers) her and her husband want to be “Surprised” I told her that I can’t even wait to see the results of American Idol I always check out what happened on the east coast airing before it airs on the west coast… (granted it is their 4th kid, yes 4th, not one of their kids were planned and they are in the middle of adopting a child … opps they are totes on their way to being jim bob and michelle dugger).
    anyways back to RM….
    I WISH Tyler was blind in this movie… it would explain his disgusting wardrobe…
    Is it wrong that dirty bloody Rob is the most sexy Rob to me? I just wanna roll around naked with him… let him rough me up too!!!

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