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Two words for the fandom: Chill Out! Robert Pattinson is a celebrity!

*Rob, excuse us for today while I talk to the rest of the fandom*

Yup, I'm totes sad

Dear Fans of Rob and LTR-ers,

Its a not a big secret that on the weekends UC and I try to take some time away from both the blogs, Rob and Twilight. We spend the week (and by default our lives) immersed in the Twidom but we check in often to make sure the blogs haven’t blown up or to see if Rob has written us a letter professing his undying love and affection. He has not (yet). This weekend while checking in, it seemed as though Twitter and the Twidom had exploded over the release of some pictures of Rob coming and going at Marcus Fosters show at the Hotel Cafe. Some people were yelling about Tweets from the show giving away his location, some people called it an invasion of privacy, some people were pissed they weren’t there, some people were mad at the paparazzi and some people just didn’t know what was going on. So on the heels of another wild weekend in the fandom I feel like we have one thing to say:

Everyone needs to chill the ef out!

Now take a big breath in… now let it out… whew, feels good, doesn’t it?! Now put down the tweetdeck and the text messages for a second… let’s get a few things on the table…

  • We’re ALL Rob fans. Plain and simple.
  • None of us know him or his wishes or his feelings (except maybe you Stephanie Ritz, if you’re reading this: HI!!)
  • Rob is a grown ass man, who is fully capable of taking care of himself.
  • The paparazzi have been outside at every show BEFORE they start. So no one’s tweets are tipping anyone off, if by an act of God, Rob does show up to a show

Ok, now that we’ve gotten THAT out of the way… Let’s tackle a few more things…

Hi, I'm a paparazzi picture!

Rob is an A-list celebrity now with a number one movie at the box office. He has a supposed, hotly debated, highly under documented relationship with his costar. Everything surrounding him and Twilight equals big bucks and big viewers. Because of all this and until no one cares about him anymore He WILL be followed, scrutinized, thought about, talked about, gossiped about, lied about, photographed, loved, loathed, and everything in between. There is nothing we can do about it. Unless you can not only get this fandom but the rest of our celeb obsessed society to stop caring, stop buying magazines, stop visiting gossip sites and generally stop being engrossed in celebrity culture and entertainment than it will not happen. This isn’t to sound harsh or that I don’t care, I do! I care a lot, obviously, I talk about this guy daily! But I’m a realist and just want us all to understand that it’s going to be alright in the end and that some pictures are not cause for a national emergency. This stuff happens all day, every day in Los Angeles (no, it doesn’t make it right).

See what I have to say about the paparazzi and celeb culture after the cut

Yup, also a (totally awesome!) paparazzi picture

Backing up… by all accounts of people who were actually AT the Hotel Cafe within a few feet of Rob, he was there having a great time, smiling, laughing, hanging out with Bobby (in the crowd and not behind a curtain) and drinking beer. He hung around for a while after and then left with the boys laughing and joking while getting into the car to take them back to their hotel. He did not appear “sad” to anyone there or outside. However pictures were viewed out of context and threw the fandom into a frenzy calling him sad among other things. I find it really interesting that we girls like to project what we think about a certain topic or person onto them regardless of whether we know them or their feelings. Now let’s get a few other things straight before I get anyone freaking out on me…

  • Yes, the paparazzi can be very lame
  • I’m sure it’s annoying to have them follow you, shove cameras in your face, flash bright lights in your eyes
  • No, I don’t think it’s alright for them to scale walls, go through trash, say mean things, look in people’s windows, etc

You guessed it... paparazzi picture

But (get your rocks ready) they’re also doing a job that satisfies our celeb obsessed culture’s appetite to see their favorite stars in every day life. There’s a reason US magazine has a section called “they’re just like us!” and why these magazines and sites even exist in the first place, BECAUSE WE WANT TO KNOW!! BECAUSE WE CARE!! I myself enjoy a good copy of People magazine or US Weekly on the plane or by the pool. I’m not ashamed to say that at all. And if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like those magazines or care about celebrities (why are you here?) or what they do, or wear or listen to then good for you! You’re one less person that feeds the machine. But most people are not.

Bottom line: he was in a public place and he is a popular public figure and therefore it WILL happen so let’s all sing “We Are The Rob” together instead of freaking out. And know it will happen again.

Baby you’ll be famous chase you down until you love me, Papa-paparazzi,

PS come back tomorrow for a return to good times!

Agree, disagree? Does anyone feel like we need some Lady Gaga up in here? Hate it? Love it? What are your thoughts? Do you think this is stoppable? Do you read rag mags (people, us weekly, l&s, etc)?

Our internet game is ridiculous: The Forum, LTT, Twitter


  1. Amen.
    I mean, I get that it would suck immensely.
    And sometimes paps defa go too far.
    But he is so effing hot right now (in all possible ways) and it’s bound to happen.
    He’s doing well for quite a shy boy, I’m quite outgoing and if that was me I would probably freeze out and have a panic attack so kudos to the boy.
    As long as the paps aren’t causing him major physical harm then there’s not really a lot anyone can do.


  2. Isn´t there a grey area with paparazzis to? some take pictures, say thankyou and leave. others scream insults to make the star react, follow them on private property and act like this is their right. AND it is a grey area for me as a fan to, because often I feel dirty looking at the paparazzi pictures but I still love some of them, like hand holding robsten in paris.
    sooo yeah… team switzerland?

    • yes a definite gray area, but with the good smiley stuff comes the bad/annoying stuff too. we cant have it one way sadly…

    • AHEM….that was WRIST holding 🙂

  3. I saw this pictures late on Friday night, I was hoping you would post them….

    BTW If anyone one was wondering what the definition of hobolicious meant::

    Hobolicious- please refer to the first pic in this post and notice the sexy man wearing a coat with a torn cuff

    • I want to hug him in that first pic. Even if he smells.

      • Make that a ‘special hug’

        • That goes without saying.

    • hobolicious=that huge rip in his sleeve! wtf?!

  4. I’m mad, so mad I wasn’t there. I want to see Rob in person having a good time in a club!

    I don’t think it was a big deal what happened at the Hotel Cafe and your thoughts about celebrity obsessed media are mine as well. And I buy and read celebrity magazines not only when I travel. They are the best thing to do /=read/ during TV commercials.

    And my first thought seeing Rob cornered by paparazzi leaning on the wall was: he was too drunk to walk and had to rest.
    Yes, that’s kind of person I am. I don’t think Rob is a poor baby, I think he had fun and he was drunk. Months of reading LTR and LTT made me even snarkier and more humorous than I used to be. Hate me now.

    • i hate you now jellybeanrainbow… and i think we all know that doesnt mean hate 😉 ❤ you!

      • I hate you more and I mean I love you more!

    • lmao @ he was drunk and needed to rest! 😀 hahaha. but very likely.

  5. Firstly, cough splutter, all you need to do is take a look at my *secret stash* hidden under the table skirt of my bedside table and all will be revealed 🙂

    Secondly, in all honesty, I bet Rob and his boys had a good laugh about this. The world always seems like a better place when out on the razz with your good friends and I bet they were all pissing themselves with laughter afterwards.


    • I think you’re right, Bobby joked about “being chased” at his show in Portland…not so sure he would be joking about it if it was really that terrible…just sayin’

      • i bet that WAS really terrible for Bobby, actually… he was probably being chased by someone as old as his grandmother, asking to see him naked….

        • HEY! I’m not as old as his grandmother!

          Err.. I mean.. Bobby who?

          • Don’t laugh but I see Bobby (by the way I always type booby) tomorrow afternoon in someone’s house! And I could be his frikking grandmother….sigh.


          • ohhhh! you’re going with bellanemisis!?

    • cazza – pass the good stuff… i need a fix. and by good stuff i mean the mags

  6. that Lady Gaga song reminds me of LTR EVRYTIME I hear it I think of all of us here!!!

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  7. I think the point that these pictures are taken OUT OF CONTEXT is a big one. One pic of Rob trying to hide his face looks really bad, but sandwiched between two of him laughing and generally not caring you realise he probably got pissed for a second and then got over it because he’s used to it and he accepts it’s part of his life.

    Having said that, I don’t really want to see pics of him looking pissy, unless he’s about to rip my clothes off and have angry wall sex with me, and I definitely don’t want any scary pap-car-chasing situations either.

    • +1 on the Angry wall sex

    • thumbs up!!! waaaayy up!

    • I saw the pap video from that night and the boys seemed fine until they got out of the car at the hotel and went to go to the door and couldn’t find their key. The paps were cornering them and Rob, Marcus & Bobby really had nowhere to go. Finally a hotel worker came out and said the paps were on private property and they needed to leave.

      • And that’s EXACTLY the difference. I think that’s why people were upset–because it wasn’t the normal “he leaves a place, get a few photos, leave him alone.” It was hounding. It made me uncomfortable seeing it. And no, I’ve never bought one of those magazines, nor do I go on pap sites. I only see this stuff, for free, if it’s posted on fan sites.

  8. This is a problem for me! I hate to admit it but I DO like to see fresh pictures of Rob in his daily life….makes him more real…..and I realise that many people would be horrified at that but sorry…I’m selfish! I could never get enough of Rob LOL. HOWEVER what I don’t like to see is the way the PAPS behave towards him in their pursuit of these pictures. I have watched some of the PAPs videos and they are truly sickening in the way they hurl foul abuse and remarks at him…obviously aimed to get a negative, newsworthy reaction from the poor man. I have watched video PAP footage from last year and he seemed to have a fairly civil, even friendly relationship with them…so what’s gone wrong…why have they turned on him? Or is this normal? I sometimes feel if he gave in, held his head up and just went about his business they’d lose interest. I don’t know…..he shouldn’t have to live his life hiding his face as though he’s ashamed to be seen because that’s WRONG and he’s far too lovely to be hiding his face.
    What is scary and really needs to be addressed is the danger that the PAPS put him and everyone else around him in when they ruthlessly persue him in his car. So …no Moon…no rocks coming your way from me!

  9. AMEN. That is all.

    • I concur. Amen, Moon. Fabulous rant.

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  11. Moon, I love you. This is why I come to LTR instead of that other lame site where people said I should die after I told them to get over it.

    Lame ass site, I hope you and your millions of hand (WTF?) pictures are never recognized. Deleting the hilarious and leaving the “you should die & go to HELL” comments was fucking stupid.

    Stop trying to mother him, people! He IS a grown man.

    I read magazines. I read Perez. I read TMZ. I am probably going to hell but I’m sure I’m in good company.

    Now, get off your fucking high horses and let’s sing the Gaga. She joins us all with her awesome.

    This is for the Rob (Gaga mashup):

    I want your love and
    All your lovers’ revenge
    You and me could write a bad romance
    Baby there’s no other superstar
    You know that I’ll be your

    Thank you & goodnight.

    • Dude. You rawk.

    • So many Rob sites just suck. They put him on this ridiculous pedestal and are ready to attack anyone who doesn’t agree .

      Don’t even think about shutting down LTR/LTT, Moon and UC.

      • WHO …is shutting down WHAT??!! huh huh huh….I don’t…understand…you can’t…b.b.b.b.but….


        • breathe, Bella. Nothing’s getting shut down. For some reason the other day I was thinking about what I would do if there were no LTR/LTT. What would be my outlet for my Rob addiction? Don’t panic.

          • oh, whew. That was close.


          • Haha, you guys are hilarious… I’m so glad you channeled Bella’s anguish..

          • I think you mean, “What? Wha-I…I…I…No! Bu- Noooo…I…I…But the-No LT….R….Then I….Waaaaaaaaaah!!!!!”

            Heehee…Sorry. I couldn’t resist channeling my inner stuttering Bella. 😀

        • *snort*

    • PREACH. Except about Perez. That guy rubs me the wrong way (sidenote: any rubbing which is not performed by Rob is, by default, the wrong way).

      *giggles* Am I the only one who hasn’t seen these pics? Is it totally inappropriate for me to read this post and then go looking for them?

      I’m all for celebs having privacy. Thing is, they know how to get it. The times they are photographed in public, they have decided to sacrifice some of that privacy in exchange for whatever experience they are there for. Except for maybe when crossing a darkened runway, but I am the LAST person to hate on Wristgate paps.

      I’m not going to yell about the concert pics. I do not feel a motherly protection vibe for our boy. The things I want to do with him are not even normal for an Oedipal complex.

      • If there is one gossip monger that I would love to punch in the face, it would be Perez. Definitely Perez. I think he is a Douche whose biggest goal in life is to be famous for being a tool, and unfairly rips people apart based on his own personal opinion. (Then again, I probably do the same thing, just not on a public level, nor has it ever been a goal of mine to publicly destroy someone’s reputation…)

        WOOH! I need to step down from my soapbox because I am getting HEATED. And not in the good “Rob makes me feel all tingly and warm” kind of heated. And ps…I don’t want to mother Rob. I just want to bang him.

        • For the record, I hate Perez too.

          Still read it. I’m a masochist.

          • I cant stop reading perez. he is a tool, he doesnt even write for anymore, and there are much better celeb blogs i frequent. i wish i knew how to quit you perez.

          • like

      • Perez is a great douche! I hate his site, he only wants to be famous without having ANY talent plus he’s very ugly, inside AND OUTSIDE!

        • Word, robgirl. Word.

    • Go on, Fangbanger!! Stupid a-holes. Just stay here where it’s safe, and people have a sense of humor and understand sarcasm. We may be crazy, we may be sassy, but as much b.s. as we fling, we aren’t delusional. Just awesome. 🙂 And if you’re going to hell because of peeking at the gossip sites, then I guess I’ll see you there in all of my glorious sassy-ness and sarcasm. 🙂 We’ll have fun gossiping about peeps.

    • hahahaha when you said “hand” pictures I immediately thought of something else…very perverted…but then I realized “OH” and yes I agree LAME!!!
      I will never presume to know what Rob thinks or Wants so until I hear it from his lovely lovely mouth, I will continue to enjoy the pics.
      PS See you in hell!!! I’ll be sure to bring a People or US magazine to pass our time 🙂

      • LMAO!

        I ❤ you Vix. I'll join you in hell with my USmag. I can't resist it. Guess I'm part of the problem. Shame. On. Me. 😉

        • LOL Don’t feel bad. I think Rob would like it…he said so himself!!!

          [audio src="" /]

      • I think I’ll be headed there first. Considering I was at the Marcus Foster show & stood 8 feet in front of the man himself. Fuck, Ash & I even went out and talked to the paps. Yeah they are crazy and kinda sleazy, but they have a market to fill. *cough cough* we may have also been on the phone with a pap as he was following the boys in their getaway car and may have found out where He was staying *cough cough*

        I’ll reserve us a good table in hell.

    • Well said. See you in hell. Save a space in a corner table, will ya?

      And gosh, even though he IS a grown man, grown men need mothering now and then, too. And I mean that in an Oedipal sort of way….

      • Corner table?? LOL I think we may need our own zipcode in hell!! LMAO~~

    • HALE is the new heaven.

    • telling other people they need to “die” because their opinion is different is just lame. we allow all comments on here regardless of stance (pending they arent attacking someone else)

      and HUGE thumbs up for bringing in “Oedipal complex!!!!!” hahaha

  12. I agree with every word of todays post.

    I agree that the paps are wankers but they’re not going away any day soon. Rob comes across as intelligent bloke so he’ll deal with it in his own way, and thank God he has good friends to hang out with. (Who aren’t afraid to tell the paparazzi to eff off if they overstep the mark. “Go Marcus!”) I’m sure he doesn’t need several million hysterical females to add to all the drama.

  13. PREACH, MOON! 🙂

    As annoying as it must be, it’s also part of the j-o-b. Yes the paparazzi are annoying and at times inexcusably rude little bastards (and THAT is NOT a-o-k) HOWEVER-However, I’m sure whenever Rob is feeling a little sadface, he just goes home, jumps into his glorious pile of moolah and flannel, sips on a Heiny, and runs his fingers through a certain someone’s glorious mullet, and suddenly the big bad world doesn’t seem so bad anymore. And Rob, if that doesn’t help, I will ALWAYS have a spot for you where you can nuzzle my bosom until you feel better. 😉

    • BEST EVER:

      “I’m sure whenever Rob is feeling a little sadface, he just goes home, jumps into his glorious pile of moolah and flannel, sips on a Heiny, and runs his fingers through a certain someone’s glorious mullet, and suddenly the big bad world doesn’t seem so bad anymore.”

      • Piles of moolah and plaid!
        The day Robert Pattinson stops wearing plaid will be the day millions of little plaid jokes die.
        “I do believe in plaid, I do, I do!”

        • And I too, will die a little on the inside.

  14. great post, moon!

    • Great avatar, Buttons!

  15. Ok, ok, I’ll admit I was one of the people grossed out by this weekend’s photos. Yeah, I know Rob is going to get papped, and yeah, I may or may not have a few (dozen) pap photos saved on my computer. But I reserve the right to be grossed out when Rob has a hat pulled down over his face as far as it will go and his head bowed down and the paps take low-angle shots to try to get his face. That’s just gross.

    • Word! The pic where the pap was holding the HUGE camera from the bottom to get a pic of the hidden face…was GROSS too! Surely that’s a pic I really don’t want to see!

      • That’s the kind of pic where I would see myself accidently hitting that guy while I would just try to walk. OOps, sorry! Yes that would be stupid and make things so much worse, but it would make me feel better.

        But I’m still hoping no one will have the great idea of a “Let Rob alone” video cause that would be so second hand embarassement. Thinking of it, that would make a hilarious post.

        • OMGOMGOMG!!!!! Someone HAS to make a “Leave Rob Alone!” video!!!!! Just not me. Because I think I would physically die from first-hand embarrassment. I will give ideas though…. Who ever makes the video MUST be wearing a “Team Edward” tee, clutching their Edwardo pillow, and doing the ugly cry while screeching, “Leave Rob Aloooooone!!” Oh. And the person that in the video preferably needs to be a dude. A unicorn if you will. I think it will be way more effective.

          • I think that “thinkingofRob” is actually doing someone, just wait 2 days! We are too late! 🙂

        • Me too!

          Oops. I tripped. I didn’t mean to kick you in the face! No, really.

          • Me repeatedly hitting you over the head with your camera was an ACCIDENT. *promise* 😉

        • I said..”wait 2 days”…it’s already on youtube! 10 long minutes!
          Wow! With very saaaaddd music!

          • Nu-uh! Crap. My work blocks Youtube. I can’t wait to see it!! Is it glorious? Embarrassingly glorious?? Will I laugh until I pee almost pee myself?? What is it titled as so I know what to search for? 🙂

          • It’s called “Fans fight back against the paps part1” Oh my Part1!
            I saw 5 minutes, very sad, they put some “ribbon” on the “wall pic” like the ones for a dangerous construction area…lol…and I saw a lot of teens, some dogs and babies, some guys(!), many Edwards (on the wall, even the Edward doll…lol) and many many bad manicured hands….all in all a very saaaaadd thing!

            Perhaps we could make a video against the video????lol

          • OMG…Part 1!??!?!?! Are they trying to be serious or just stupid/funny? Because if they are trying to be serious, then it’s up to me and you, Robgirl, to make an EPIC “Leave Rob Aloooooone” video. I know you live half way across the world, but we’ll have to figure something out. 😉

          • Sharpie..I afraid, they have serious intentions, so we could make some video like “Rob loves this, either WE do”, you know something, with guitars,ciggies,beer,fun and boops…ahhemmm…not right sure about the boobs…lol!

          • How about this….Picture this: We shall both be decked out in “Team Edward” tees (note to self: must stop at Hot Topic to purchase “Team Edward” tee), while sobbing “Leave Edward-Errr-Rob Alooooone!!” I can fake cry like nobodies biz-naz. If the tears don’t free flow, we can spritz each other in the face with a water bottle. And then-AND THEN (this is where it gets good *promise*) there will be a money shot of some Heineken, and we stop our sobbing and guzzle back a brewski. Okay. My plan sounds shiteous, but I think it could also be amazing. And if it is awful, we will at least have beers and new Edwardo tees to make it all better.

    • Well said Jodie.

    • I agree. Those are the paps that I categorize into the “rude little bastards” category. There is no excuse. I give Rob props though. If that were me and I had someone shoving a camera all up in my space, I would probably kick them in the face, and not say “sorry”. I don’t think I would be able to keep me cool….

      • Rob has impeccable manners :-). I admire him for that.

        And like you said those paps are scum of the earth…oh wait, I forgot what u said. Gotta read again.

    • Those were the X17 paps… they’re the scum of the paps, they do the dirtiest things, like chasing down cars and camping out in trees.

    • amen no one wants an up angle shot. no one looks flattering in those! 😉

  16. The pic looks like he is fliiping them off but upon further inspection is giving them the zero. Which is just as cool. The LB hat pic is cool too

    • Farmer George Clooney!

      Don’t downthumb the Robbygee!

    • what’s the zero? Is it like the L for loser?

    • the LB is for LaPush Baby. So I always love it when he wears it…

  17. “we are the Rob, we are the fandom…”

    I saw a couple of pictures saturday morning and they put me in a sad mood. Yeah, I saw the ones when he’s against a wall and *not in the way i want to see him against a wall*… anyway, I think every single celebrity deserves his/her privacy, no matter how much we the fans want them.
    I prefer photo shoots pics or candids that doesn’t look like an invasion.
    Maybe im being hypocritical cause yes, there’s a lot of great pap pictures out there and I like them, but I dont like the ones were he looks like he’s running for his life… (cause he’s not exactly a great runner)

    (holgind hands):
    “Rob’s a force we’re fighting, sometimes we get hormonal
    but we keep on lovin’ his face cause “that’s normal”

    • big thumb up for
      …”cause he’s not exactly a great runner”….
      Big understatement!lol

  18. I agree with your points. My opinion on this topic is that people should stop acting like freaked out mothers who just found out someone is dealing drugs at their daughters school. Like, Duh. Rob is not our baby, he’s a grown up (f*ckhawt) man and a celebrity. He’s in Hollywood and he knows this will happen when he goes out in public. And we all clicked on the link to those new pictures anyway, witnessing the return of the beard *swoon*. Way to burn an effin’ calorie.

    Do I wish for Rob that the paps would leave him alone? Sure thing. I also wish for world peace, a cure for every illness, no more poverty and for lots of lots of designer shoes and bags under my christmas tree. Ain’t gonna happen people.

    • I suscribe to all that : Rob, no poverty, peace AND designers shoes.

      • I would correct you
        …Rob ALONE…and all the rest…lol

    • Alice,
      Oops, sorry. I accidently hit the thumbs down.

      p.s. I do think world peace is possible. Call me crazy…

    • send santa blanik to my tree once he’s done leaving shoes under yours!! and i want those bags. DO IT!

  19. Agree and disagree

    Agree on the fact that everyone is ridiculously overreacting on the poor Rob thing.
    He is a grown-up and can deal with his life, which by the way I think is easier than for most of the people on the planet. I’m laughing every time I see the “poor Rob needs to rest” cause I imagine a motherly 12yo who lives in a bubble. I’m sure he needs to rest, as a lot of other people who are working 12-14 h a day having to deal with crisis situation and running down the hallways of a big company, for a lot less money. What I’m trying to say is that he’s not a child, “a poor thing’, and I think he understands and enjoys his life.

    Disagree on the paparazzi thing. If you look from the outside, of course fame sells and of course a lot of stars are happy to be in the trash press when they’re not that famous.

    But if I were a hounded celebrity (I hear you laughing) I know I would end up hitting those people which would make things worse and bring them more money. And if I were there with him, I think I wouldn’t have been so cool with the paps. Not because I would develop a protective instinct for Rob (why are little dreamy girls so protective of him, I mean he’s OK) but because I would get so pissed off.

    But the Robaholic in me was stalking tweets to see if he’s there and what was he doing. And what I want right now is to bump into Rob in a drunken friendly environment and have a pint or two (or five). And the stalker in me is dying to know Moon if you were there and would like to share details about tipsy Rob having fun with his friends. Anyone else who was lucky and “happened” to be there?

    • ME!!!! ..especially for comforting the poor baby…
      with some nice kisses! Smooch!

      • Yes, I’m sure you were there all night long the whole time you were sleeping and daydreaming (would have love it to be TRUE) but you know the poor baby thing is pretty confusing. If I would have a no-limit humour I would ask you “is it because you want to spank him” but I won’t, no.

        • NO agree AT all!
          You actually HAVE a no-limit humour!
          Spanking ? NO! Shaving? YES!

          • I’ll go with NO spanking (cause it’s ridiculous) and NO shaving (cause it’s HAWWWT).

        • I see you two are at it again. 🙂 My two LTR European friends! 🙂

          • Southernbelle, you know…sex sells! I love you ! ❤

          • Robgirl yeah I’m aware of that! Luv u back!

  20. First I felt really sad looking at the PHOTO where he leaned against the wall hiding his face…then after seeing the video I saw him laughing and having fun…after all he was in great company and protection with his guys….(and I heard a lot of F*ck offs too…lol)

    …and after all , YOU are right with the comment today (nice pics!:-)), b/c I SAW the pics and I SAW the video…so I was REALLY interested myself…..SHAME ???
    Don’t know at least we are here for that….

    I think he is used to it right now and is able to handle…otherwise he had left LA by the time now!

    Go RobBeard!No babybeard anymore from what I learned from the pics….lol

  21. I’ll admit to right-click-saving papp pictures in the past, but the ones that came out from Friday night seemed to be going too far. Yes, there was one or two pictures of him smiling, but the majority were of him looking stressed as hell with his hat pulled down over his face. The biggest red flag to me was how stressed Bobby & Marcus seemed in the video (yes, I watched the video, so sue me…I wanted to know what really happened since people were so up in arms).

    Do I think Rob is sad/depressed/suicidal over the presence of papps in his life? No.

    Do I think the photogs go too far? Yes.

    Do I contribute to the problem? Yes, but I do try to take measures to reduce my impact (kind of like global warming, trying to reduce my carbon imprint). I no longer have a subscription to US Weekly. I don’t buy the gossip rags. I do read entertainment news via EW and I do purchase any fashion mag that has a photo spread of HHH (ie, Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar).

    Do I think Rob is a grown man that can handle himself? Of course. But I’m glad he’s got friends that are willing to help as well.

    I guess to me, there’s a big difference in a papp picture like the black t-shirt pic above where he’s smiling and looking at the camera and the ones from Friday night. I don’t know. I confuse myself on this issue.

    • I agree with you completely, your comment about the Friday night photos were on the dot. I think sometimes the paps are going too far (remember what happened to Princess Diana). These guys all they care about is how much money they’re gonna make with those photos. They seem to have no regard for personal space. I didn’t even watch the video btw.

      I also don’t buy gossip mags, I barely even buy any magazines that he’s on, except recently I bought Vanity Fair. I try and not contribute to this madness as well.

      Haha and I also don’t think Rob is suicidal!

      Anyway, in response to the OP, we all feel differently about these things and I hope we can all co-exist peacefully! Yes, I know I can be a drama queen when it comes to such things 🙂 I know I overeact sometimes but that’s me. I accept the fact some people love seeing those paps pics, okay that’s fine. I hope people will accept the fact, there’s people like me on the opposite end of the spectrum.

      • Hi hon, total agree, some people say the paps couldn’t sell those pics while he’s hiding the face, not true, the gossip magazine are waiting for that crap to reinforce some drug/alcohol/whatever problem!
        I never (and with never I mean the last 6 bought gossiptrashmagazines!:-)

        • There is a reason why he wears the same clothes over and over again. Because he’s clever, he knows the paps can’t sell those pics because it will look like it’s all from the same day. Well he also wears the same clothes because he doesn’t do laundry! HAHA. Remember in VF how he said he had boxes of laundry shipped to his hotel? He said he hasn’t done it since July 09! LMAO!

          I don’t know why but I just totally expected him to do just that!

          • But about the brown jacket… I’d never seen it before…so it was a NEW TORN jacket…fabulous..Rob!/great “trick”

          • Maybe he just borrowed Bobby’s or Marcus’ jacket so we all think he’s been shopping lately.

            I also don’t buy gossip magazines (except for holydays) cause I simply don’t care if Jennifer Anniston had an ice cream after her 10 days cabbage diet.

          • OMG did she? running as fast as I can to make a photo of mine with know just to show my solidarity!

          • Minuit passe – We all know those guys borrow each others clothes 😉 Maybe more Rob than them. LOL.


      • Totally agree, Southernbelle.

        • @KML -*waves* hi there girlfriend!

  22. I like the pic where he’s falling into the car laughing. Looks like he had a good time. I’m glad that with all the craziness he can still do that.

    I don’t like the fact that the papz feel they have total access to Rob. I also generally prefer the pics done professionally – VF anyone?! Also, most of what is written is total garbage – just an educated guess!

    Still it is nice to know that post NM press junket, he’s still out there, alive and having fun.

    Love you Rob xx

  23. Moon you do have a point there about the celebrity culture, but you are not entirely right about the pics, yes the ones when he was living the club are not that bad, but there is a video out there from the parking in his hotel, the video is very disturbing and the paps did cross the private property line which Rob told them, his friends were trying to protect him.
    I agree with the fact that if you go to a public place then you should expect paparazzi, but I don’t think it’s ok to have them chase through your building carpark to the elevator and shove a camera in your face while you are waiting for that elevator.
    Here is that video for those who are interested

    I’m sorry I didn’t mean to disagree with anything you say here, I love your blog and laugh with you girls every time.

    • All I could think of during that video was HOW HOT IS BOBBY LONG?!! Dayum. And Marcus’ stock goes way up in my estimations for the “fuck off.”

      If anything I think this video shows that it wasn’t as much of a stressful situation as fangirls think – yes, the paps were definitely intrusive, and, yes, Rob was annoyed, but he’s not exactly crying out for all fandom to save him. His mates have got his back. And what a fine back (and fine mates) he has.

      • Marcus is awesome. The end.

      • Oh YES, Rob’s fine ass. The end.

        • Yes…I completely agree w/ u darlin. 🙂 Actually everything about him is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!

      • Bobby is my dream man…meaning I seriously dream about him almost every night. The end.

      • Word! Bobby Long is hot. But all I could see was Rob.

    • It is insane the 52 thousand people have viewed that video since Friday..that just floors me! Rob seems fine – I am laughing now about all the tweets I saw with people who had their panties in a ruffle over this.

    • Watching that video made me have 2 thoughts:

      1. Really? Stephanie has nothing better to do than taxi her client around after clubs? WTF?

      2. Where’s Dean/Steve? He would have kicked some pap ass.

    • i dont think it’s ok for them to follow him/into hotels/private property etc but i understand it will happen and will happen another 100 times. i think thats the difference. thinking it’s ok and understanding it will happen is what im getting at.

  24. A – Freakin – Men.

    I’m still baffled by the “Thinking of Rob” campaign. If all those people took their concerns and put it into something greater… Like Suicide Prevention, Marriage Equality, AIDS Awareness, or anything like that… It might actually help.

    And you know… If they’re against the paparazzi shots, the people who made those banners may want to, you know, not USE them to try and make a point. Juuuust saying.

    • They’re just furthering the problem by advertising with paparazzi shots. Set an example and use the photos you want everyone else to use.

      Well… set an example and do something good for the people who need it… but that’s a whole different comment 😉

    • I”f all those people took their concerns and put it into something greater… Like Suicide Prevention, Marriage Equality, AIDS Awareness, or anything like that… It might actually help”.

      Excellent point!

  25. Dear Moon,

    I love to the moon and back 🙂 (I am lame like that)


    • That was supposed to be “I love you to the moon and back” I’m lame and can’t write properly :))

      • it’s okay. You’re from Turkey. We understand


        • LMFAO.

        • How dare you! Racist! :)) *understanding everything from the arse*

          • Are you saying you’re a proctologist or that you have your head up your ass? I’m confused. (and about as lame at the joke making as you are)

    • Godze- you must be a mother of young kids who reads “Guess how much I love you” by Sam McBratney. We also use this phrase “to the moon and back” frequently in our household.
      And yes Moon- it still TOTALLY applies to you…in fact, I think Sam was thinking of you as it was being written.

      • I’m so far from being a mom 🙂 My only child is the blog I run. I lead a sad life 😛

        • trust me, running a blog site sounds much more fun than arguing with a 6 year old about eating carrots and how you cant wear shorts to school when its 27 degrees outside! Not to mention running a blog site about the beautiful bastard called rob. i dont think it’d be possible to get overloaded with him : )
          so do you even know the book I’m talking about then, or was that phrase just a coincidence?

        • BTW Godze-your site and this site are the only 2 MUSTS in my day that I truly look forward too. When I went out of state over thanksgiving to be with my family, it about killed me that I couldnt spend at least 2 hours perusing these blogs. I had to try and get “sneak peeks” in when my husband and family weren’t around. My husband found me glued to Robsessed and we had a “long discussion” about “what’s normal”. Anyhow, thanks to you guys who put so much time into giving us addicts our daily “fix”.

          • Awww, thank you! Sorry for the late reply! I did’t know you replied to me :))


      • Gozde..I love your blog!<3
        There is such a great Rob pic today!

        • Thank you so much :)) XOXO Gozde

    • all my love to the gozde and back!!!!! yea lame jokes!!!

  26. It’s on days like these that I miss TammyO. I’m sure she would have had some words of wisdom to share.

    • I’m sure TammyO is dying to comment. 🙂

      • should I unblock her IP addy today? Just for shits & giggles?*

        *ps I hate that phrase. And I think I’ve said it twice in the past week. Ew

        • UC, yeah you should unblock her today so we can have a little fun here!

          Haha, since you hate that phrase, ok I won’t say it….since you’ve already said it twice! 😛

        • *I want to hate that phrase, and yet find it hilarious and appropriate more and more often……

          not normal

        • Yes, unleash the dragon!

        • yeah!!! just for today!!! please pretty please!

        • Just use “for shiggles” — then you’ll just sound street.

          Cause that’s better.

      • She cannot, she’s busy to make not less than 500 photos with her hidden face..OMG I am soooo mean… (running to the corner)

        • I think the flu has made you meaner! Rawr!!!!

  27. It’s true that we won’t change celebrity culture, and hence the presence of the paps anytime soon… but I think it’s a good thing that every once in a while people stop to think about this and proclaim publicly that it’s shouldn’t be so. Sure, it’s like saying ‘if we all tried a little harder to love our neighbour, we could achieve world peace’. Sure, it’s totally idealistic and inachievable. And yes, I myself am a realist most of the time, and I realize this is how the world works, and that I contribute to it working this way. But it doesn’t hurt to be a little idealistic from time to time. After all, paps killed Lady Di… imagine this happening to HHH for a second. Forget religious extremism and climate change – THAT would be the cause of WW3.

    • …there is always the Lady Di reference….
      her car-driver was totally drunken…just saying!

      • omg thumb down for the truth?
        I didn’t say that the paps weren’t guilty too!

    • Don’t worry, an idealist is a cynic in the making someone once said. There is hope for you. :p

  28. girlll!! you said it A-freaking-MEN!!!

  29. I guess I fit in “some people just didn’t know what was going on“. I just saw the video linked here in the comments. I can’t believe all this happened and I didn’t even notice! This bring me to this: Am I a good fan or a bad one? I’m confuzzled!

  30. I have to agree with you, Moon. Fan outrage isn’t going to stop the paps. Yes, they’re slime and I wonder how they sleep at night, but they make a living being rude assholes.

    I don’t think Rob ever goes out in public not expecting there to be paps. He goes out knowing they’ll be there. And, though the pics look kind of pathetic, with Rob covering his face with his hat and leaning into a wall with his face covered, he actually knows what he’s doing. Pics of his hat-covered face aren’t all that exciting, are they? And if that’s all the paps are gonna get, maybe they’ll back off a little. Or at least go away pissed.

    Most of the pap pics are just Rob going about his every day life. So he’s smart enough to keep his actual private life away from the paps. And he doesn’t lose his temper. Those are the shots that sell magazines. So, I think he’s doing a pretty good job of managing the paps.

    While it would be nice for Rob to be able to walk around without anyone bothering him, it’s completely unrealistic now and I think he accepts this.

  31. I must live under a rock. Where the heck are these pics you are talking about?

    I do believe that the paps take things way too far and there should be stricter laws, in order to prevent tragedies, like Lady Di. But at the same time, if the celebs hate it SO much get the heck out of Dodge, i.e. LA and move somewhere Pap-less or less-Pap populated. Chicago is a GREAT city! Not too Pap-populated???

    Rob does seem to handle it all well and doesn’t take it too seriously.

  32. lady gaga FTW =)

    no, seriously, you are totally right. some people are just crazy. unfortunately that is fame. as much as the fans want to protect/respect rob, the paparazzi will continue to do their job.

  33. I thought you said “We’re ALL Rob fans. PLAID and simple.”

    And I died.

    Then I thought what I thought all along. I bet getting papped the minute he left Hotel Cafe sucked bad. Then when it was over he had a laugh with his boys and probably made some inappropriate joke about some boobs he saw on his way out. Then I bet getting papped as he walked into his hotel sucked even WORSE. But then I bet he got drunk with his mates and/or had a lady friend visit (let’s not discuss who) OR went to bed drunk and/or choked the chicken before he passed out. All in all- moments of suckage in his evening 7-10 minutes. But the fact that HE as a HUGE celebrity could hang out at a bar, with some friends, virtually not bothered? I’d say WELL WORTH 7-10 minutes of paparazzi hell.

    If his celebrity keeps growing, there will be a day when he can no longer do that. So I think he’s fine & happy right now. PLAID and simple

    • “Plaid and simple” and “Sparkle out. *Vampire hand*” – two excellent phrases now etched into my vocab thanks to LTT/LTR.

    • Yummmmmm Drunk Rob!

    • I am now the proud owner of a mental image I cannot shake: Rob choking the chicken. Thanks for the early XMas pressy UC. How very thoughtful of you. 😛

  34. moon, i thank you for posting one of my favorite rob pics- DRUNK AIR GUITAR ROB!!

    Next I’d like him to do some drunk AIR DRY HUMPING with me : ) Who am I kidding, leave out the “air”…….and now that i think about it, leave out the “dry” as well 🙂

    • one of my favorites too!! hahahaha youre killing me with the dry humping

  35. Agreed. It second-hand embarrasses me how emotional Rob fans get about this stuff. Overreact much? I start to wonder if they’re all just hoping Rob stumbles upon their typed outrage and falls in love with their fierce “protection” of him. Seriously? Please stop over-analyzing everything and taking it all in extremes. Rob can take care of himself.
    Sorry–had to vent. Makes we really wonder why I am at all involved in all this fangirl stuff. Guess Rob is really that hot. Damn it.

  36. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by BrookeLockart: Dear Twi-Fandom, please do some yoga breathing for me and then read this: from @letter2twilight HUGS! Brookie…

  37. exactly! ITA with all of this. I didn’t (nor will I ever) see the pap pictures from that night. It comes with the gig and I’m sure he knows and understands this. I’m not taking my picture with my hands over my head, and I’m not RTing how zomg it’s so fkn unfair for him lol look at my avvie in his support.
    That said, I intensely dislike the paparazzi and hate invasion of privacy.

  38. I would like to AMEN this.
    I think the paparazzi are scum yes, yet at the same time I have to admit I drool happily because of them. I feel like a hypocrite half the time when it comes to the paps, but I love seeing the photos. After a certain amount of time goes by I start to miss Rob (yes, I know that sounds psycho, I accept it!) and when a new photo comes out I start to get all happy!
    I hate that he’s invaded, I hate that the paps get all up on his face and crowd him in (this weekend’s occurance was insane) and I really think there should be a distance law….but I like seeing the photos. There. I said it. I think it sucks for Rob, but I also know he knows it comes with the job. There needs to be more of a law for the paps, etc, they yell out rude things, but Rob, I believe, lets it go in one ear and out the other and does his best by igoring it. After seeing the video from Saturday night of him laughing his ass off in the backseat of the car I said to myself “see, he’s fine.” Yes, it sucks. Yes, I know he wishes they would go away, but Rob’s fine. He’ll be fine.

  39. Funny how one second people are complaining that there are NO pictures of Rob, and the next they’re complaining that there are too many pictures of Rob.

    He probably got drunk and forgot about the whole thing minutes later. He’s a big boy and can handle himself. So long as the paps aren’t putting him in danger, no reason to pay any attention to them.

    • funny how people want it both ways… kinda like the bsb

    • Exactly. He was alll hobo-ed out in those pics> On top of that, I bet he’d had a few beers and was gargled. He knew he would be looking rough so covered his face. Or else, if he had shown his face, he knew the photos would have been tagged like “Rob – Twilight Saga drives him to drink – Intervention by pals at concert”. Seriously.

  40. Wow, this could be as divisive as a Robsten post! Obviously you can always claim the Lady Di defense and you win. That is like saying that Hitler would have been a pap, therefore they are evil.

    I would say, though, as a person with a HUGE personal space need, having cameras shoved in my face would be personal nightmare like no other,so Rob, honey, I feel for you. If you need to come over here for shelter and a sandwich, I’m here for you.


    • I love you for the fact that you offer him a sammich. Thank you for making me truly LOL on this dreary day. (It’s dreary for real life reasons, not rob related at all.)

      • HUGS for REAL LIFE and not lameness

      • I do make amazing sandwiches, I could Fed Ex one to you to cheer you up!!

  41. Wow! Just wow. It never ceases to amaze me how insane people can get. I awoke yesterday to the insanity that was pics of people covering their faces and starting movements for Rob. I said “FTW???” Did this person actually have a sit down with Rob and did he actually say “hey, do me a favor, make a video of people covering their faces and tell the world that is what I want”. Yeah. Didn’t think so. I think it is a little presumptuous of us to decide what Rob wants. Then I had to go on twitter and “debate” this with people who openly admit in their bios to “wanting to know it All” about Rob. Uh hello. If you use any part of Robert Pattinson/Spunk Ransom in your name you are pretty much out of the Rob closet. I get it. I love him too!! The only reason I don’t use it is bc all the good names are already taken..bitches! Anyhoo, I did manage to end the debate on a friendly note and without any death threats. Phew! So, again. Let’s all breath. Focus on that Rob collage on your desktop, that Edward Cullen Cutout in the corner, the Robward pillow on my…i mean your bed and Don’t Forget to Breathe!!!

    • I didn’t know there was already a “Save the Rob campaign”.
      The fandom should first refrain from creepy screaming and mobbing cause that just might be one of the reasons he doesn’t go out much and it makes it really difficult for us, apparently “normal” people, to get to see him anywhere (so we can be undercover drooling creeps).

      • hahahaha of course! If you’re gonna be creepy you have to keep the drooling on the DL. I for one have become a master…mistress?? of keeping my crazy on the inside. I can squee (loudly) on the inside and no one has to be the wiser.

        • I heard that people (probably women) were wearing “Rob” masks in the UK just to irk the papparazzi.

          • LOL…wow that just reminded me of the movie V for Vendetta! The scene where everyone wore the same mask.

            I’m having a hard time typing today! I cut my finger really bad and was bleeding at Forever 21 this morning.

    • you mean that pillow you stole from your DD vickyb?

      oh and kmountianlion if you are in the UK i need you to send me one of these rob masks so i can wear it around la.

      • I’m not in UK, but can def imagine you wearing a “Rob” mask around la. *laugh*

        I’m not gonna wear one, but def want one.

  42. I have varying thoughts on this. I try my damnest to avoid pap pictures in general. I understand that it’s a part of his ‘job’ but with telephoto lenses and the digi cams that exist no pap should be up in his face THAT MUCH. I take issue with how pushy and aggressive they are. They yell nasty things to provoke them, they corner them…and while stardom is a ‘part’ of his ‘job’ HARASSMENT is not. If that was anyone else and some creeptastic ass cornered them in a hallway/elevator/alley/taxi they could go to JAIL for assault/stalking, etc. It would even be legal to mace them and protect yourself. Yet, celebs get the ‘it’s your JOB, suck it UP, you’re RICH’ line. Have we become that much of a callous, money hungry, media driven nation? That we can say that and BELIEVE it? That celebrities aren’t human, they’re just walking, breathing exhibits for our pleasure?

    I also fully believe that he was having a good time, drinking with Bobby and chilling out…that still doesn’t mean he wants his picture taken and have hoards of ex cons following him around with SLRs. I don’t think it makes it ‘right’ whether or not he takes it in stride or takes it well. I don’t care if Jesus Christ Himself was at the Hotel Cafe and you wanted to be blessed. No means NO and you can say NO with body language.

    Now, ALL that said…I think the fandom campaign is RIDICULOUS. Like I said yesterday, a cutesy blog post won’t change or implement laws that AREN’T THERE. Stop writing shit on your hands, taking Iphone pics and blogging about it. If you REALLY want to make a difference and ‘care’ about Rob that much LOBBY YOUR STATE to protect him. And other countless celebs who are harassed everyday, ALONG WITH THEIR CHILDREN. Which in my opinion, is worse than what they did to him this weekend.
    GossipCop picked up that blog this weekend and I’m thinking to myself: What the HELL? If the fandom can reach a site like that then why can’t they make REAL change instead of something that winds up archived at the end of the month.

    • ❤ you hard!

    • PinkFluff~
      I ❤ you! Thanks for saying what I couldn't articulate…

    • Fluffer for the WIN!!!

    • Pinkfluff you are awesome! 😉

  43. The only time I feel bad for Rob is when I think about him sleeping in bed at night unsatisfied by me. Tragic.

    • It’s a cruel cruel world indeed.

    • I agree. Whew. That’s a horrible dream.

    • BEST COMMENT EVER (today, in the last 5 minites) hahahaha ruling it katie

  44. I have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on.

    Literally, Rob went to a Marcus show and a picture was taken? Old news. But totally agree with you Moon.

    Besides, isn’t this (and girls) the reason he started acting in the first place? To be recognized globally for his work?

    • I am lost as well. All I know is that I had a dream with Vanity Fair Rob in it last night. That’s all I care about this morning.

    • He got into this because he didn’t want to read or do homework … and get to see lots of boobs. Fact.

      • omg allryans, you’ve got a thumb down too….for the truth! What’s going on here today? There’s somebody who thinks that Rob doesn’t look at boobs!?

        • His mom.

          • Aw, you beat me to that answer. It’s the truth.

    • Great question, SassySmart! Why DID he get into this “work?”

      Guess I’m really naive. I didn’t think he pursued acting so he could be photographed everywhere he goes… or for girls.

  45. First off, I did NOT read all the comments, but I WAS at Hotel cafe the other night. Contrary to what was written in the original post, Rob and Bobby were NOT just chillin’ and watching the show out and about in the crowd. They WERE behind the curtain the whole time. HAD they been in the crowd, they WOULD HAVE been swarmed! Lots of “crazies” show up to his buddies’ shows, and, while a tamer crowd than past ones, this was no exception.

    • So they had fun behind the curtain?…even better!

      Just kidding :-), thank you and I am really jealous!
      Wish I could be there! RL sucks!

      • Like Ash said, they were standing near the back by the sound control booth, near the Performers Room (that’s what it said on the door) and the ladies restroom.

        We were standing near the front of the stage to the right, next to the curtained off area. The only people going in and out of that tiny space were the performers and their managers/helper people. Seriously, it’s tiny, a whole person would not have fit with all of the instruments stashed back there.

        We started towards the back at Marcus’s last song, I had to close out my tab at the bar. And there he was, in all of his scruff-a-liscious glory, rocking the ugly LB hat and a members only jacket.

        Instead of freaking out, we calmly stood about 10 feet in front of him to listen to the last song. He may have been forced to stare at the back of our heads to see Marcus.

        • You girls are so lucky. Darn I wish I live in LA or wherever it is you gals live. I haven’t even seen Rob in person once! 😦 Now I’m sad.

          That’s so cool too that you kept your composure! 🙂

    • Actually…no they weren’t behind the black curtain. I was standing at the black curtain on the right side of the stage…my friend and I (right before the last song) started to head back towards the bar when we saw ( AND I MEAN SAW) Rob laughing with Bobby…drinking his beer in the small hallway next to the private door.

      I know that I saw him due to the fact that his image was BURNED into my retinas. I’m a changed girl.

      • I love that! His image is BURNED into my retinas too and I haven’t seen him yet! ❤
        Thanks for giving some Robglimpse!

        • Ugh. You have no idea…even with all the scruff he was absolutely striking. His face was so familiar that it was like seeing an old friend…

          He’s “sort of beautiful” even when he’s scruffy. It’s amazing.

          ❤ Ash

          • OMG you’re so lucky! You breathed the same air as HHH! Did you say anything to him? Hi maybe? Sigh.

          • Southernbelle and kmountainlion need a roadtrip to LA. Robgirl & Singlestand, you in?

          • Always in for a roadtrip…or a flight. Meet you there? We have to time it with Rob/Brit Pack being in town. Funny thing is, hubs and I almost moved to San Diego this year. Now we end up in podunk Missouri. FML!

          • KML -yeah roadtrip!!! Woot!

            SingleStrand are u all moved? I got lots of relatives in CA mostly in LA, I we can probably slum with them for a while :-P.

          • Oh girl not moved yet. We have packers here Thursday, sign closing docs Friday, and move on Saturday. I’m already having LTT/LTR withdrawals in anticipation of those three days…
            I’m down for slummin’ with whoever as long as it’s in sunny LA! Maybe next June? I hear there’s a pretty big movie coming out then 😉

    • Also…I THOUGHT about brushing by him (to be close to his holyness) to use the restroom he was standing next to in the small hallway…but didn’t want to “freak” him out. After Marcus’s last song he walked back into the private room with Bobby and Marcus. He was so scruffy…very cute.

      I am by no means a “crazy” fan.

      • LOL…on the crazy fan. 🙂 Maybe you should have pretended to spill your drink on him. Then he would have had to take his shirt off! Now how’s that for a show? 🙂 Oooohlala.

        • Hahaha..SB what are you saying? I cannot believe, NAUGHTY!

          • OMG my husband just read my comment above!!!! Grrrrr. Stay away from this blog. I’m gonna deal with him right now. He was like “spill the drink on who?”

            Naughty? Me? No I’m a good girl, that’s why Santa’s gonna give me a good present this year (ahem Robert). Yohoo!

        • Shoot…I should have, you’re right. Why didn’t I think of that??? 🙂

          • Haha see next time u are gonna be around him, let me know, I have tons of ideas how to get his attention! LOL!

        • SB, you rule.
          And to give more choices for the spilling script, there’s also the “Oops I spilled my glass on your pants. And I feel so bad about it that insist on helping you clean it”
          *hangs head in shame*

          • I thought about that too. Heheheh. Then Ashley could have tried to pat his pants dry :-). LOL.

            I emailed u, did u get it?

  46. “Rob is a grown ass man, who is fully capable of taking care of himself.”

    Yes, Moon! This statement explains all the reasons I come to this blog!

    *I would not mind “taking care” of him once in awhile though! ifyouknowwhatiamsayingandithinkyoudo!

    • takingcareofhim NOT with pb&j and a bodyguard. AMEN!

  47. It isn’t to say that I don’t agree wtih you. Some of my fave pics are also paparazzi pics.. After the show- outside he was laughing (probably at that asshole who kept calling him Bro) I am sure he knew they were out there before he left- The upsetting part is in the Hotel garage.. it was disgusting- and sad. He was hiding against the wall! I think at that point the paps should have backed off. There is a line between decency and obsenity.. they crossed it. I also think that the fans are probably more upset over this than Rob. His friends and he may have got a good laugh once safely inside- Who knows? But I can’t stop thinking about it and was very sad… My ire gets up when I see stuff like that. But just like in NY it will pass and everyone will move on. Still, I think we all just want Rob safe and happy…

  48. AMEN!

  49. first, wanna thank u 4 your insight, most reasonable , but it is not okay for papz to chased anyone just because they happens to be famous actors ( just you know, does anyone choose to be famous? except those fame-hoes? excuse my language)
    yes, we won’t know exactly how they (Rob) feels or want – unless that guy lived next door to me happens to be Rob – but, hey it calls emphatetic, no normal people would like being hunt down like animals, and scrutinized on everything they did, just others can justified, “hey, celebs are humans after all, like us too!”
    don’t get me wrong, i love ur site, always stop by and LMAO with ur post, but a girl’s gotta say what a girl thinks, right?
    i love movies, i like to read bout celebs, but not much into tabs, yeah some occasional People, when the news aren’t really retarded.
    like u all do, i also love me some healthy RPattz fix on the web daily, but not those pics where he looks absolutely miserable, i choose the hot Vanity Fair outtakes, which is legal btw 🙂


    • again not saying it’s OK, just saying it’s going to happen! you are very right about them being all up in his grill, who wants that?

  50. I’ve tried very hard to avoid the pap photos and videos. I don’t read the pap mags (US Weekly, People,…) and I don’t watch the gossip t.v. So, in my own little way I feel that I’m helping Rob.
    While I understand and am sure that Rob also understands they’re a party of his life now, it still sickens me to see the lengths they’ll go to just for a picture. He deserves to enjoy a night out with friends without worrying about leeches with cameras hounding his every move. For the most part he handles himself very well and it hasn’t made him a complete shut in, yet. Moon is right, he’s a grown man (thank God, otherwise I’d be on Chris Hansen’s short list for all the naughty things I think about doing to him) he can take care of himself and be all accounts he’s doing just that. Still I think he’d be happy to know that those of us here at LTR would gladly step in and run interference between him and the paps.

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