Fan Letters

Letters to Rob

Have you ever awoken in the middle of the night with a strong desire to tell Robert Pattinson about your dream? Or maybe you were caught doodling his name all over your Biology test and got a 2 week detention (and think it was so worth it).  Perhaps you haven’t been able to work since you first saw him in the movie about the vampires (or the one with the wizards) and you’re on the brink of being fired.

If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. You are in dire need of an outlet for your obsession (although we prefer to call it acute fondness) and we are here to provide it for you.

Look around and see how others cope with their feelings for Rob and maybe consider what you would write in your very own letter.  This community is here so that you don’t feel so alone in your acute fondness of all things Pattinson.

We only have one rule and that’s that we will never ever call Robert “Bob.”  That’s our commitment to you.

Get out your pens! (or stretch out your fingers) and put those feelings down on paper, er, computer screen! We can’t wait to hear from you…

Submit your letters to (oh yeah, we also have an outlet for your other Twilight obsessions at

Now get to writing!

*LTR policy is to respond to everyone within 48 hours. However, sometimes we go against policy and take 2-3 weeks to respond. We find that since we made the policy, we can and do break it quite often. We try to respond to everyone, unless you’re really crazy. Then we just FWD your e-mail to The Quad and laugh our lil’ heads off. Not really.**

**Actually really


  1. […] Fan Letters Posted by: unintendedchoice | January 6, 2009 […]

    • Mississippi GAWDDAMN.

      I just viewed this letter, and didn’t get past the first line. That blue shirt pic completely derailed any noble intentions – that sultry look always turns me upside down and inside out.

      I think Patti needs a little cougar action. You know, for research purposes.

      • I’m all over THAT … Damn you Rob and your sexy shirts, sexy scruffiness, and all your sexy … sexiness!

        As a cougar (it makes me sad to say that), I am quite willing to take one for the team. As you said, for research purposes.

  2. you talk about him like he was your favourite doll for God’s sake! Poor Rob, he’s a human, remeber? Let him live. I’m kind of fun myself but sometimes it’s better to let things and people we like go their own way, for their sake. As a token of our gratitude we feel, don’t you think?
    Best wishes to every fun of Rob or Twilight..

    • NO!!!!!!!! ARE YOU CRAZY????? They need the fans to energize them if WE let them, go then they let themselves go. DUH I mean who cares if your over obssesive or not, it keeps them on the right track knowing they have all these people who love and care about them. Rob is amazing and if his fans love him he should know!

    • you are so right

    • omg!!! u my friend are so right!:) hehehe!

  3. What? He’s not my doll to dress up!? 😦

  4. […] Fan Letters Posted by: unintendedchoice | January 6, 2009 […]

  5. Oh goodness.. it’s like you know me! 🙂 I would like to write Rob a letter, I actually have one started.. however, I do not know if it will ever be finished because i’ve changed it tons of times and i can never get it quite right! I mean, you cant win someone over in a letter, right?! especially if your a crazed fan!? ha!! but, if i ever do finish it, i will email you the letter! this site is great.. i absolutely love reading it because.. well.. its like its me writing! good to know i’m not the only obsesser.. but then again.. kind of depressing because im that much further away from having my chance! Haha! Lots of love! xo

    • can’t wait to read the letter- and you’re right- we’re all in competition aren’t we? but yet we’re such great friends!

    • I know how you feel .

  6. ah i know.. its amazing. thank god i found this site thought, because honestly, i’m pretty sure i was going to get a mouthful from my boyfriend, plus others, if i mentioned rob or twilight again!

  7. r pattz rulz!@!

  8. So this is the place where I can admit, for the first time, that John Lee Hooker’s “Solid Sender” has been on my sex playlist for years, and when having actual–ahem–relations–with my husband whom I deeply love, I now feel as if it’s a big ol’ threesome while that song is playing? ‘Cause I think we all know how Rob feels about that tune. And I think we all know that the words “Rob” and “menage a trois” transcend the spectacular.

    Seriously, I just said this. On your blog. I did. Please do not fear me.

    • @Leigh Anne OMG. you win. best comment ever. I have no words.. I feel as though I can die in peace after reading this… i have no fear but only respect for your-ahem-confession to which SO MANY can relate… i wait in anticipation for your next comment. 🙂

    • I just bought John Lee Hooker’s album Travelin’ on iTunes because of this comment. Seriously.



      • you DID!? I will tell Leigh Anne immediately.. she will be so happy:)

        • Yes…I seriously did. I was like “Solid Sender? Hmm…(listened to the 30 sec preview)…oh, sookie sookie!!” Buy Now. Done. lol!!!


    • Hi Leigh Anne, I know this post is from January but I wanted to tell you that I think “Solid Sender” is sex set to music and I will be forever grateful to one Rob Pattz for making me download it and fall in love. The only way I could love this song more is
      if Rob sang it to me…..but I digress, so I am new to this site but find if I don’t reach out to others of my “kind” (Rob obsessed) my children, sister, nieces, etc. will refuse to speak with me at all.

      I love his playlst but can’t relate to some of his book choices. He’s either a smarty pants or he’s playing us! Call me intrigued.

  9. Will you marry me?

    I feel as if I’ve finally found home.

    Did I say menage a trois? I meant “menage a quad,” because clearly you will have to join in with us.

    Your 2 sites are giving me the warm fuzzies tonight. I can practically hear THE books calling to me now…”Come read us…again…for the 8th time apiece…we miss you!”

    Of course the voice of THE books is Rob’s. But I didn’t need to tell you that.

  10. @leigh anne- i got a text alerting me to your commen and i texted UC and i was like OMG best comment go read NOW!

    so glad you’ve jumped in the commenting fray at our little place here

    ps those books are like syrens from the bookshelf luring you into reading them OVER and OVER.

    can i join the menage a 5??

  11. You guys are amazing! Thank you for entertaining me during my work day and the wee hours of the morning. It’s so amazing to know I’m not the only married woman that enjoys staring at another mans beautiful face all day… (among other things). I’m also incredibly obsessed with everything Twilight. I even managed to get a few of my family members to go with me to Forks last weekend… and I live in NJ. It was amazing, and rainy… imagine that!
    Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks again for being so entertaining and providing me with all kinds of fantastic ROBness.

  12. @justgotwicked- we’re planning a forks trip and we need ideas!! do you have any suggestions?

    whats the must hits and must stay away from?

    oh and welcome!!!

  13. OK, I’d love to visit Forks. But currently I’m thinking Canada or Italy would be even more fun. You know…just to hang out…and run into NM cast members randomly. Who’d we then invite to hang out with us, thereby opening doors for Rob & Moon’s eventual coupling. There would have to be much beer drinking and cigarette smoking involved. I’m totally up for that challenge.

  14. Ok well if you go you definitely need to make a day or two day trip out of it. I unfortunately didn’t have enough time to see everything. I really wanted to make it to La Push but it was too dark.
    When you go, the Chamber of Commerce has a nifty little map of the town with all of the spots to hit. Also, Bella’s truck is outside of the Chamber of Commerce.There is a bed and breakfast set up to be the Cullen house. They have a ghetto dry erase board bye the door that Esme writes on everyday with a list of Cullen current events. There is also another residential house set up to resemble the Swan’s home. Its one of the only two story houses in the city. At the hospital (which is super tiny) they have a sign for Carlisle’s car. You can also drive by the high school and the police station.
    There are a couple of stores that sell Twilight gear… most of its pretty cheesy and way over priced.
    Honestly, every single store in the town has either a Twilight poster or some thing about the movie on their sign or in their window.
    We stopped and had dinner at Pacific Pizza. I ate the Twilight special that consisted of Bellasagna, EdBread, and a Swan salad.

    There really isn’t much to the place but the surrounding area is absolutely amazing. I kept waiting to see a werewolf or vampire come out of the forest. The roads are winding mountain roads with fog all around. There are huge green trees and awesome teal water all around. I read in a local Seattle magazine that in the summer, Forks gets 180 visitors a day!! It kind of makes me happy I went in January. The only downside was the fact that its dark so early.
    Anywho… hope that helps a little. I emailed the pics.
    p.s. I was searching everywhere for the shiny silver volvo

    • I Was surfing youtube and Rob and taylor were on the Tyra show and the car was given away to some girl who won a pie, bat competition thingy lol. THE ACTUAL CAR THAT HE SAT IN!. Lucky…

  15. @JustGotWicked…. I AM TOTALLY JEALOUS! ugh.. but it sounds like you had fun. .and i am loving your dinner menu! 🙂 cant wait to see the pics!

    @themoonisdown – whens this road trip to forks?! lol but i agree with cant remember who, i really wanna go to canada!! (theres no way i could make it to italy!)

  16. So basically, we need to plan road trips to:

    1) Forks…because it is, after all, hallowed ground.
    2) London…to find the object of our obsession, er, affections.
    3) Vancouver and Italy…to stalk, er, sightsee and casually check out possible movie shoot locations.

    Did I miss anything?

  17. @sass… i think you got it covered. im totally down with the road trips! lets do this! 🙂

  18. Random Thought Of The Day:
    Dear Rob….Boxers? Briefs? BoxerBriefs? or….COMMANDO??!!?? 😉
    H’s & K’s

  19. Hi There!

    Firstly – I looooooove the site, its so good to know that other people are as obsessed as me!

    Secondly – is it really wrong that im placing an order for a silver Volvo C30 just because a certain person (who isnt real…..) drives one? (Robs Audi was outta my reach im afraid!)

    And i REALLY want to visit Forks – my finace isnt best pleased. He thinks there are better places to visit in the USA – WHAT????????

    Lots of Love! xx

    • @Mrs P. 2 (we have another Mrs. P so I’m adding the ‘2’ so i don’t get confused!) i LOVE that you’re placing an order for a volvo! YOu MUST MUST get the edward doll and take a pic of him in it!!!!

      And theMoonisDown and I have a 2009 goal of making the ‘mecca’ to Forks!!!


  20. @Mrs. P 2… You can let your fiance know that there is some really cool stuff to see in the Northwest. You can always go to Seattle as the “vacation” and just make a day trip out of visiting Forks. That’s what I did. Fortunately, my mom lives in Seattle so that made it all a little easier. Good luck convincing him though because Forks in incredible. It makes reading the series (for the 6th time) that much more believable.

  21. Do you know how awesome it is to know I am not alone! I was really starting to question my maturity. By the way I am working on my letter but my daydreaming is making it harder than it should be. I finally feel at home.LOL

  22. Hi guys. I’m from New Zealand and am super jealous you can even consider going to forks.
    I have been in stitches reading the comments you guys have made. I too felt very weird as I am a married Mum of three and havn’t stopped thinking about Edward Cullen since i read the first book! Is there any help for me?

    • @jenny melton- we exist b/c we couldn’t stop thinking/talkingabout/dreaming about/fantasizing about edward/robert/art from how to be/cedric/ etc. etc. etc.
      so welcome… :):) we’re glad you found us. we’ll be your friends!

  23. jenny! WELCOME!! all the way from NZ! so glad you commented, now join the fray!

    to answer your question: thats what we’re here for, we’re in this together! 😀

  24. I so glad I am not the only one!
    I am on a misson to save and get over to Forks in the next three years. I figure they will be making the third or fourth movie by then and I will get to stalk, (I mean see Rob/Edward).
    NZ has to wait till end of April for the dvd of Twilight. WTF is up with that. I don’t think they understand my NEED for it. Where I live there is no cinema so I have to travel out of town to get my fix, (I mean watch the movie).

    • @jenny melton can you order the DVD through the states or something online? or is shipping WAY too much? i don’t know how that works. I’m SO SORRY you’ll have to wait to get your “fix” 😦

  25. I love you all! Every single last one of you! I promise I do!
    Now that that’s out of the way… 🙂

    Is it completely sad and wrong that I almost wrecked my car today when I saw a SILVER VOLVO JUST LIKE EDWARD’S?!
    I mean, there I was, driving down the road – in the RAIN on a SUNLESS day in Florida no less! – and a silver Volvo C30 drove by me!
    I had to catch it.
    I had to take a picture to text to my best friends.
    I PRAYED for that next light to turn red so that I could see what kind of person would TORTURE ME in such a way.
    Well – that light turned red, and GUESS WHAT!

    It wasn’t Edward… and it wasn’t Rob either 😦
    I did get the pictures though.

    ALSO! [this is turning into an essay of sorts] I’m going a cruise to Alaska in June! When I first found out, my first question was “Do we leave out of Seattle!?” and my second demand – I mean request – was “We have to stay an extra day in Seattle and drive to Forks!” So… needless to say, I’ll be making a day trip out to Forks in the beginning of June! I mean, what’s a mere 3 and a half hour drive through winding mountain and foggy roads when you’re making a pilgrimage?
    And special thank you to JustGotWicked for the tips and pointers! Very much appreciated!

    • @JBell we ❤ essays! SEND us the silver volvo pics! we gotta see that! ( and of COURSE.. we’re so jealous about your Forks trip- so you must send us those pics too!!!

  26. @JBell I can imagine how your heart would have skipped a beat. I’m sure if it were Edward in that Volvo, he to would have heard your abnormal heart rythm.
    Again I am unbelievably jealous of anyone who can casually say they are off to Forks. I mean off to bloody Forks!!!! How cool is that!
    I want to come live in the USA!
    Can hear my uncontrollable sobs from little ole NZ ? (cry, cry, sniff, sniff)

  27. @JBell- No problem. You will love it! You absolutely have to bring a camera. And make sure your first stop is to the Chamber of Commerce. They have a nifty little guide there that tells you how to get to all of the places. It’s so weird to hope for rain on your vacation huh?

  28. @JBell- I almost forgot… It’s easiest to take a ferry over. After the ferry it was around 3 and a half hours. Try to leave really early so that you have plenty of daylight!

  29. I had the most beautiful dream… Rob, Edward (robward) asked me for my number. I gave it to him and then he says “how can I be sure this really is your number?” I was like shocked and stunned!! He made me wait while he programmed it into his phone and text me a message!!!
    I am in the best mood today!!!!

  30. it’s cause he loves you jenny, he simply couldnt let you get by him without getting your REAL number. thats TRUE love 😀

    now if you start getting actual real texts from robward i will have to steal your phone. fyi.

  31. I love this blog! You guys really made my day reading this!!! I am so glad to know that I am NOT the only married woman who is into Rob. I read news on him every day that I can. He is amazing as a person. I love the idea of him playing Edward in the movies, but as I have gotten to see more and more of him and read about him, see interviews, etc. He is amazing. I am planning a month long stay in Volterra, Italy if there are any takers to go with me. I’d glady accept some company!!

  32. This blog is awesome…I just came across it and i love it! I love the wit and endless giggles that enuse when I read it. Thanks for the Rob fix and hilarity!

  33. This blog is the shiznit! I get Google alerts and that’s how I stumbled upon it. You girls are hilarious!

    And it’s does my heart good to know, UC, that I’m not the only married woman who would love to get her groove on w/ His Hotness. *sigh*

    BTW, nice work trying to get tight with his mum. Gotta try all available angles, I say…

  34. i’m gona start to say that im sorry for my english i am from iceland so im not very good in englsih :/,
    but i am a huuge fan of robert :D, i love twilight ! i just so glad that i found this website my friends are always just come down adda ! :’d hehe, i just wish that o cud meet rob in person someday haha :D, but this website is really cool ! 🙂 hope that i didnt make a fool of my self of riding this hehe :’D? bye :)(L)

  35. hi :D, i comment’id so stupid the last time so i just sad to my self i’ll just make another comment :’D, but i live in icelande so it is very hard for me to go to the us, but i will go someday to forks ! me and my friends ehhe :D, but you guys are sooo cool :D, i love this website i read the comments all the time :D, but see yaa ;D bye, btw, sry for my english not very good :S

    • @adda ICELAND? wow! our first icelandic fan!! welcome and THANKS for writing!

      • Hi everyone
        My name is Elena and I am addicted !
        Oooh that was easy!
        You really bright my day ladies

        I really think you are all so bright and special. If I was him and I had to choose, it would have been really hard.
        I wish our legends were true. I am from Romania , Transilvania.

        There is somthing I want to share with you.

        Edward’s letter to Bella

        Do you know how much I missed you; unrelentingly
        fantasizing about you all day; and unsurpassable hours
        even past the lonely winds of midnight ?

        Do you know how much I cared for you; incorrigibly
        following you like a shadow; ensuring that even the
        tiniest of enemy stayed boundless kilometers; away
        from your heavenly stride ?

        Do you know how much I envied those flirtatiously
        invidious people talking to you; clobbered myself to
        almost a ghastly extinction; each time even when the
        winds blowing away from you; tried to entice you ?

        Do you know how much I wept for you; those instants
        when you were enshrouded by thunderbolts of
        inexplicable pain; when devastating fever capsized
        each ingredient of your crimson blood ?

        Do you know how much I revered you; considering you
        the sole saint of my life; the sole philosophy that I
        uttered every time I had a chance; to be born once
        again ?

        Do you know how much I wanted you every moment;
        insatiably craving for your tantalizing caress; to
        erupt like a fireball of untamed compassion; well
        beyond the realms of blue sky ?

        Do you know how much I liked you; irrefutably shirking
        every opulently pleasurable in this world; just to
        savor a single moment by your marvelously benign side?

        Do you know how much I praised you; tirelessly
        erupting into a fountain of adoration for your
        enamoring countenance; each time I heard your name
        being called outside ?

        Do you know how much I was attracted towards you ;
        drifting like an untamed volcano in every direction
        you swished; massacring my very entity from this
        planet; even at the most inconspicuous of your command ?

        And Do you know how much I am obsessively mad about you;
        making you the only princess; taking complete control
        over my mind; body and wandering soul ?

  36. haha thank you :D, it is a little bit cold her in iceland hehe 🙂 anyway thanks 😀

  37. enjoy this site…always looking for Rob he back from London? i’ve been ashamed that @ 46 yo, i’ve been hooked on the novels, movie & especially pattinson. my 18 yo is in college & thinks mom has lost it. she intro’d me to meyer’s novels. pattinson is really talented. love his eyes & smile. it’s a long way from nc to canada, but must find a way this yr.! p.s. the twilight perfume doesn’t smell too great…freesia & lavendar.

  38. @Katieg.. I have seen photo’s of Rob in London. They were from last night I think. He was at some fashion thing. He looked smok’n hot!!!
    His hair has started to grow back now. I didn’t mind it shorter. Although he looks bloody good either way!

  39. Did you see the new photo’s of Rob? He is out on the town with some mates in London. Looks like he is not too happy that his picture is been taken. There is a couple of chicks with him too! He is also with the presenter of UK’s MTV apparently. He looks so lost. Poor baby. He needs some Jenny cuddles!!!

  40. wow ive just read all that 😀
    i love rob (:

  41. Ok by reading these sites i don’t think i am your typical fan.. (i use the word ‘fan’ lightly as it does come from the word fanatic which i don’t think im quite that) Although i did enjoy watching you and all of the cast of twilight in such a beautiful love story, I just wanted to show my appreciation for your music. I have only heard little of it but you don’t need a whole album to realise where your true passion lies. I love movies and music and you just happen to be great at both so obviously you got my attention.. (in a completely non stalker way) 😛 I have how ever watched some interviews you have had and found you to be refreshingly down to earth and just a guy out doing what he loves. So congrats to you! So Mr Pattinson… I will not be asking you to bite me nor my children (haha that cracks me up) nor will i be leaving notes in your car (also funny) but i will be hopefully lucky one day enough to see you sing live! Keep doing what your doing and congrats for your sucess so far!

  42. does rob know about this website :)? just asking hehe 😀

  43. Rob needs to do something so we can read about it! I have been all over the net the last couple of days and hav’nt found anything new! arghhh!!!!

  44. i agree with you jenny melton

  45. hey, i heard this morning something about robert :), but i dont thing this is silly i think :S, but that is what i heard i’m not saying that this is true :S but there was this woman that some ppl call “stolker” maby she is but i dont know but anyway she was allways coming to his house and stuff and than she knock’d r something :), yea, she knock’s and he came to the door and he ask’d her out dont know if it was a date or anything , than he was ask’ed and he just said i was bored :’D ahha, but maby you guys know this :), just wanit to say this or let you know if you dont know this 😀 and hope that you anderstand me :’D bye ;D

  46. @Adda Yes I have heard that story. Lucky stalker! He said that he bored her so much that she didn’t bother him again. She musn’t have been a true stalker!!
    I can safely say that if Rob took me out on a date I would listen to everything he said. Probably tape the conversations so I could play them back to myself later on. ( Just to disect bits and to really get their true meaning, and to hear his hot hot voice). And I DEFINATELY would go back for seconds!!!!

  47. haah me to :), me and my gril-friend are planing a trip to his house :’D ( like a joke ), haha we love him so much !, but i really dont know where he live , i just know that he lives in L.A and england i think :), i wud tape the date to :’d hahah

  48. Okay just like every other girl and woman on planet earth I think Rob is hot! There is no doubt about that…. and how would I react if I met him? I hope with grace and dignity… I have read so many of these blogs and I just can’t wrap my mind around some people behavior. I can’t imagine what it must be like for him. At first I am sure it was nice but after a while, the screaming and the sex offers by God only knows who would have to get to be old! How can you just be yourself and relax with all that going on around you? I say this next part with no intention of saying that I understand how hard it must be for him, or seeking sympathy… My husband is on his second year long deployment in the middle east. It’s nice to know that people care but after the 10 person comes up to you wanting to know how I am doing, how I am holding up… I just want to scream! And say “I am fine, he is fine! We are dealing the best way we know how…. I don’t need your help, if I wanted it, I would have asked for it! Just leave me alone!” I am not saying I am not grateful that people care but just give me some damn space! I have spent more Valentine’s Days and months alone than I have with my husband…. I need to be able to breath and process this on my own… ok, *sigh*! I vented way more than I meant to…

    So having that off my chest let me say, I think Robert is a terrific Actor and I am looking forward to seeing him in New Moon and every other great project that he picks out to do. Good Luck Robert! You have a great future ahead of you.


  49. nothing realy much to say is there only WOW 🙂

    • I agree all I can say is daamn Rob♥

  50. Hey Moon and Undecided,
    It is, your future belly photographer, showing some love. So I am one of “those twilightmoms” and all my fellow moms clued me into this sensation of fanfiction. I got to admit that I am not usually a smut reader but Oh My Robert!! it was fanfreakingtastic. Anyway… my husband is benefitting from my reading this stuff and well my visions of Rob and me are definitely much more vivid now that I am that a smutty chick, lol.

    I have now been inspired to write my first letter to rob…. keep an eye out.

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