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One day in December of 2008, UnintendedChoice (UC) discovered a 1 hour long, homemade video of the Twilight Vanity Fair photoshoot. She ignored it for 5 minutes and then gave in. She watched it while looking over her shoulder every 30 seconds, fearing she’d get caught. She told no one. She was ashamed.

A few days later her shame grew so strong that she confessed it to another Twilight-loving friend, theMoonisDown (Moon). It turns out Moon had also wasted an hour of her life watching the same video. UC felt better. Moon was happy she wasn’t alone. They discussed their feelings. They laughed a lot. The broke it down and decided there had to be at least 1 or 2 others that were so ashamed of their fangirlness that they wanted to exploit it on the internet. Thus, Letters to Rob was born!

We’re two friends on opposite coasts. theMoonisDown lives in the west and UnintendedChoice lives east, but we’re connected by the power of love obsession respect for Robert Thomas Pattinson*

Check out our FAQs (coming soon!) for some important answers to important life questions regarding Letters to Rob (LTR), and don’t forget to check out our Twilight-focused site here at: Letters to Twilight. Think you’re funny/interesting/crazy enough to be featured in a letter on our site? Submit your letter to us via e-mail here or check out our Fan Letter page for more details!

We can’t wait to “meet”

UC & Moon

*did I make up that middle name? or is that right? I’ve never claimed to be the best fan out there…


  1. I love the site……..you guy’s are hysterical (in a good way!) and it’s nice to find someone who is more obssessed than I am at the moment πŸ˜‰

  2. Obsessed? Are we calling it that now… I like to refer to it as enthusiastic fondness ;D

    so glad we found another person with OCD! Obsessive Cullen Disorder!

  3. Haha, I have OCD all right. I also have TOD, (Twilight Obsession Dissorder). My friends made that up just for me =]

  4. Unintendedchoice, I just read your comment on Eonline about Rob pulling out of Parts Per Billion, and might I say, that was one of the funniest things I have read in awhile. Funny and oh so true. This seems like a fun place in which to channel my obscenely, age-inappropriate, unnatural Rob fixation. Thanks!

    • I just went back to read the comment- you’re right- OH SO TRUE! and this IS the place to channel your Rob fixation (but GASP are you saying we’re age-inappropriate!? i can’t be married and utterly obsessed with RPatts!?) :):) WELCOME!

  5. hey Sass! This IS the place, also check out our sister site were we go overboard on ALL things Twilight.


  6. Thanks for the welcome, I will definitely check out the other site!

    And no, I really am not married with 2 youngish kids and I am absolutely not old enough to be a certain someone’s mother, and if anyone tells you otherwise, they are a dirty, rotten liar.

  7. Sass, sent me this link and I feel right at home. Rpattz is definitely young enough to be my child but certainly old enough to be climbing through my window….

    • AMAZINGLY put! I love that… i’d put it up as the quote of the day if we had a quote of the day…..
      You win today’s (fake) “quote of the day about Rpatts” award! Welcome

    • Amen! I love this site and the WOMEN here. I’m fed up with the other preteen sites and their petty jealousies.
      And yes…I, too, am just old enough to be his mom but yet keep my windows open. lol I look forward to his future movies with a higher rating than PG-13.
      I’d love to see him play James Dean…perfect! I also would like to see him in a movie where he can speak with his oh so proper English. Lawdy!

  8. he can climb through my window ANY day πŸ˜€

    YEA fake quote of the day award! we shall now use it going forth!

  9. my cube-mates must think I’m mad – I’m laughing by myself over here. Gasp!
    to thwart any unsatiated cravings for the love of Rob, may I invite you to my forum at amazon.com under discussions, it’s titled “New Moon – the countdown”.
    Helps while away the days and months and eternity before we see him surface into the real world again – sigh!

    • Brit- we’ll DEFINITELY check out your forum! So glad you found us!

  10. So glad to be here – I am the purveyor of accurate tidbits from movieland so if you have an urgent question about the hearthrob who is our personal brand of hero(in), just ask away.
    I looooove your letters and comments. I checked the Brit papers but saw no hint whatsoever of a Pattinson sighting so…if there was a sib performance, they clearly avoided those pesky papz.

  11. I’m so flumoxed…where IS he? I scan the world (sorta like a “jumper”) but no RTP! does anyone have any sightings? I mean, of the flesh and blood kind πŸ˜€

  12. I feel like I am among friends. I look forward to the re-emergence of his Robness… and the growing of the hair… Mmmm… The hair…

    • @Bec you are among friends! haha i love that…. re-emergence AND the hair! I can’t even remember what it looks like short it’s been so long.. 😦

  13. Can I just say, after perusing your site, I’m totally loving it and all the comments from you as the owners and the readers.
    There are people that love Rob as much as me.

  14. i haven’t laughed this much since my niece was upset because her BOYFRIEND wasn’t like some VAMPIRE in a BOOK.

    then i was reborn. converted. and now i am suffering acute fondness, as you call it.

    this site is hysterical. well done!

    • @the captain- haha… your neice sounds great.. bring her on the site! glad you found a place to share in your acute fondness! welcome :0)

  15. well…errr…she dumped that bf. AWKWARD! he was less than edwardish and frankly a bit of a liar. plus he hardly ever sparkled in the sunlight. *yawn*

  16. I have no idea how I found this site – honestly but this is the greatest most ha-freakin-lious thing I have seen/read in a long time. I now have it book marked and intend to check it everyday. Cheers Y’all!

    • @Stacey YAY!!!!!! another convert! we don’t know how you found us either (were you the one who googled “met rob pattinson january london sex?”) but we’re so happy you did!!

  17. I came across this site off another site and I am EXTREMELY happy i did this site is awesome…glad i found other “fond acute” people other than myself…was starting to think i lost my mind…LOL I will definitely be checking in daily!!!

  18. krazykidd! WELCOME! and yes we all have acute fondness here. AKA stalker like obsession ;D

  19. Ok we should clarify that dispite my following question I have faith that it is totally possible for a man to love a women old enough to be his mother ( I know this because I watched Dawsons creek and Mrs Jacobs slept with beautiful beutiful Pacey Whitter) Someone tell me how to get an avator on here? (yup old)cuz not since I fell in love with Joshua Jackson have I felt the need to obsessively visit a site as I do yours! Poor Joshua has been crushed since Edward (opps I mean RPatz) entered my life, and although his therapist says that with time he will heal, I am willing to divide myself between him, my husband & 3 kids plus Rob. So people if Im gonna be here every day I need a cute little pic? Hook me up??

    • @Natasha haha! it IS possible it IS… dawson will never steer you wrong! I think most people are signing up for a gravatar account which gives you a pic to use all across the web http://en.gravatar.com/ πŸ™‚

  20. So I saw PerezHilton posted up new pictures of Rob doing surprise gigs in London…hmmm wish he would serenade me for my wedding…or be my wedding gift πŸ˜‰ Well maybe not my wedding gift…wouldn’t want to give my fiancee a heart attack or something…although i think we have pretty much establish that he’s my ‘freebie’ or maybe i’ve established that in my head who knows these days…a girl could only wish…P.S. whats this whole gravatar business you speak of?

    • @krazykidd gravatar- see the litle weird yellow picture next to your name? well, you can customize it by signing up for a gravatar! that’s how some of the girls have fun rob-related pics!

  21. Ohmigosh! It is so wonderful to find you guys. I belong to a couple of other boards, but none of them allow me to express my obsessive, consuming, over-the-top, infatuation for RTP! It’s like coming up for air! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    • @twigal “it’s like coming up for air” well THAT”S the nicest thing i’ve heard all day (especially b/c my husband just said “i feel like you love rob pattinson more than me” whoops- sorry you feel that way Mr. D….. sometimes i feel like you’re fantasizing about megan fox instead of me- HA.. we’re even) welcome!

  22. cool i will mos def check it out! πŸ™‚ Lemme see if I can get a different pic!

  23. did it work??? can you see my pic?

  24. aww damn…I wonder if it went through?

  25. Sorry I’m using the blog space to check for my gravatar…I just wanna see if its up yet…:)

  26. I think my new pic only works in letters to twilight…cuz thats the only place i see it…o well little green monster for me it is…goodnite everyone ‘parting is such sweet sorrow…’ you know the rest…can’t wait to see what else is new tomorrow! πŸ™‚

  27. I wonder if RPATZ mom has come across this site and what her thoughts would be with the women on here obsessed with her handsome young son!

    • @gossipgirl_xoxo
      hahaha! i really hope mrs. pattinson has not seen the site:) that would be tres embarassing πŸ™‚ welcome by the way- i haven’t seen you on here before! xo

  28. YAY!!! You can finally see my face!!! woo hoo!!! πŸ™‚

  29. Yay. I got a gravatar!!!
    Awesome site!

  30. […] see, I have what we call an acute fondness for Robert Pattinson (not to mention a sorta unhealthy obsession of looking at this picture of […]

  31. Hello.
    I found this site yesterday by a fortuitous click of a link, while i was on my daily Rob safari on the vast land that is the internet, and I feel I must say:
    “THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for creating this totally perfect piece of Rob heaven!!” I’m glad there is a place to discuss my…acute fondness for Rob with friends.

    Thanks much again.
    Definitely placing this place on an imaginary pedestal in my mind. (just under Rob of course!)

    • @BRi YAY for finding us! And you’re welcome! And I’m glad you’re joining the fun!! Love this’ My daily Rob safari on the vast land that is the internet” amazing!

  32. I love this place.

    It makes me feel normal.
    It made me realize that thinking about Robert Pattinson, nonstop, is completely acceptable.

    Can we add to the “Where in the world is the Edward cut out?”. I would love to take him on adventures! He will look great in my car!

  33. i love!LOVE! this site!!!!you guys are the best.now i feel better sharing my acute fondness of all things rob with y’all.

  34. @sass I want to go stalking sightseeing with you guys.

  35. Lol ome I love this site, it’s the perfect cure for my “OCD” and “TOD”! You guys are hilarious! Great outlet for all things rob. =]

  36. I adore Pattinson but its depressing to know that I will never meet him and even in the event that I did meet him..he wouldn’t give me a second look. It sucks! He is so adorable it hurts!

    • @Jenn, i hear ya girl… he is SO adorable! it does hurt!

  37. You people make me feel somewhat sane again. I thought I had completely lost my mind. It all sounds so completely ridiculous when stating the facts: I am 32, mother of 2, married and inappropriately in love with a complete stranger who is 10 years my junior AND a CELEBRITY. Oh the SHAME! I don’t know how this happened. I saw him in HP, big deal, he was a cute boy. But NOW, oh my lord, this man is everything perfect wrapped up in one package. Ugh. I dream of him, secretly google him multiple times daily and when my husband walks in the room, I either quickly slam the macbook shut or feint an extremely interesting game of scrabble. (Also an addiction of mine, but we won’t go into that now.) I was starting to think I needed counseling or something, and now I have found you. This glorious sisterhood that makes me feel sane again. Thank you!

    • @danielle that was beautiful “the glorious sisterhood” welcome xo

  38. I’m so glad I found you! My friends don’t understand my Twilight obsession. I’m beginning to think it’s actually a Rob obsession. Either way, it’s an obsession! I have NEVER googled anyone to death before. My stalkerish behavior is frightening. I’m pushing 30 and never thought I’d look twice at a 22 year old! It’s so wrong but it feels so right. My 12 year old son is obsessed with Kristen Stewart ( I apologize in advance for even mentioning her name), mainly because we have seen the movie multiple times together. I actually bought a teen magazine just for the Rob poster. If anyone asks, it’s my son’s magazine.

    My sister called me yesterday wanting to know if she can borrow all of my Twilight books. GASP!! I don’t want to part with them. I love them, I need them!

    • OMG your so funny!! you just made me laugh so hard! I swear it’s so the same for me lol Im 26, married with a 3 yr old my husband thinks I sound like a teenager , who would have thought this 22 yr old would leave all these women breathless! I swear I feel so guilty , As if I watching porn and got caught lol

  39. Hey does anyone here think that Rob don’t want to be reached by fans

  40. I have never seen the movie is it good I read the novels before the movie ever came out, I don’t want to see it because I’m afraid that Rob won’t be the same Rob that I admire for his beautiful songs, and tarring soul

  41. Okay, I admit it.. I’m Rob obsessed, dam it! I thought I could control this addiction but obviously can’t! I gave up the nicotine addiction 7 months backs but this is much harder! So it’s nice to know I have an outlet and a support group to deal with this! lol πŸ™‚

    So anyhow, Hi from Australia (Queensland) and I’d like to say how happy I am to have found your site.

  42. Hi everyone

    Im from a very far away place called australia…so far away from rob right now. I don’t think he’s ever come here 😦

    I was wondering if I can join in on this awesome site?.. seems like a good place to share my obsession πŸ™‚

    • @melissa of COURSE you can join us! you don’t need permission! comment away! send us your letters! have fun!

  43. I am so excited that I have found this site! I echo much of what has been said – I was afraid I had an unnatural obsession with Rob, kept googling him, trying to find pics, etc. My friend lives in London (we’re originally from Texas) and she was supposed to find him while he was in town, and sadly failed. Hopefully she will succeed next time!

    Thanks for doing this! I love reading the letters…they are awesome! Rob will find us one day…sigh

  44. Hello girlies, how fun is this?! πŸ™‚ glad to see it. So how does this all work? Does Rob actually see this site? just curious. I love it! Hope you dont mind if I join in the fun!

  45. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! This. is. brilliant.

    does anyone else watch youtube interviews with Rob over and over and giggle and shake their head when he tells a joke as if they are included in the conversation?

    Has anyone else ever researched exactly how much money would need to be saved to take a road trip to where new moon is filming to actively pursue (not stalk) Rob. and then stage a chance meeting in a bar/coffee shop/grocery store?

    I feel no need to defend myself to my friends when they think im crazy. Im in my early 20s with a good career and an active social life and I am merely being passionate about a few books that have also touched the lives of so many others. At first i was just channeling that love onto the man who brought Edward Cullen to life. But now, It has turned into a diligent appreciation for Rob and his many amazing qualities.

    kudos to everyone who is embracing their obsession. Theres a lot of be said for people who can against all odds keep their fervent hopes and dreams alive. *hug*

    • @lacey we love that you found us. and you sound just like us- welcome xo

  46. I so love this site- congratulations for making no me no longer question my sanity…

    I propse we all band together, pool our money, charter a plane and take him by force ( only out to dinner of course!)

  47. This might be a stupid question, but do you think Rob might ever read any of our letters?

  48. […] About […]

  49. Do the letters actually go to rob?
    I sent one. ^.^

  50. This site and your other one is just plain hilarious and great. Thanks.

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