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Bella Bejeweled – Kanye “Imma’s” inspired by Rob and Twilight

Twilight DVD – Walmart Release Party Prize Pack

Twi-alentine’s Day Contest!


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  9. Good vampires have gold
    Bad vampires have red
    I’ll love Rob forever
    Because we’re meant to wed!

  10. Good vampires have gold
    Bad vampires have red
    Your so freaking fine
    I wanna take you to bed!

  11. my eyes start to leak,
    your smile start to glow,
    our love begin with your smile
    our life is about us,
    the next thing we know
    we are flying :),
    becous our love is
    made of our blood ! 😀

    twilight is my thing,
    twilight is so fine
    it’s getting so hard
    that Robert is even mine :’D

    hehe not very good writing poem, an not that good in english and i didnt know were i shoud write this so i just wrote it here :), hope you’ll like it 🙂

  12. Roberts hot
    Kristens cute
    Vampires rock and
    Werevolves too!

    its not very good
    but u kno its true

    • Everyone knos that vampires r hotter than werewolves. DAA!!!!

  13. Rob my love,
    If I could have one wish,
    I would wish to wake up everyday
    to the sound of your breath on my neck,
    the warmth of you lips on my cheek,
    the touch of your fingers on my skin,
    and the feel of your heart beating with mine…
    Knowing that I could never find that feeling
    with anyone other than you.

    dis is for you my
    omg i love him –


    God no ;(

  15. hi. Um i hope you read this. most girls love you and think that you are hot but what i love most about you are your manneres. i am 14 and i am dying to no if you are that gentle and polite in real life. i wrote a song about you that goes a little bit like this.

    i wish that whenever you looked at me you would see the real me, standing their.

    i wish that stars would fall onto you, like a rainbow would do because your like a pot of gold.

    if only every body could grab a piece of gold and hold it tightly in the hands.

    but you are only the deveil in demand.

    you are the one that saves the lifes we live for, the one that i would love to explore.

    you no that you are a living angel, its just that every one looks at you from a different angle.

    felt like i have seen you before, just like an open door, openiong its arms to me.

    but baby can’t you see, your a vampire your a lover but i can see that all over, you are the one for me oh baby can’t you see. you are the angel inside of me oh yea,

    the angel inside of me, oh

    • your so domb

      • if u think rob pattz is domb…. you dont know what hot is, even if it slapped u in the face… dude…. r-pattz isnt dumb 🙂 im a hardcore fan 🙂

  16. Ever since I have heard of you in harry potter I looked at your picture and I think you are so HOT. if you read this then that would mean the world to me and if you could in your spare time if you could write me back then that would be my dream come true. I LOVE YOU ROBERT PATTINSON and MY SISTER SYD SAID SHE LOVES YOU TOO

    • ROB IS HOT OF CORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. If every light in this whole world died, everyone would know where you lived, cause the lightning of a good friends smile, can light for over a 1000 mile. Love you Rob, your the one and only for me. Rt and Rp for ever , right ?

  18. Twilight is pretty cool but It needed a little more special effects.I still like it.

  19. yea rob is pretty attractive but hes a human as well twihards need to back off!!! btw i love twilight my heart belongs to jasper

  20. hey Robert Pattinson
    my name is Samantha Diogo and if you are doing my date with Robert Pattinson contest i would like to do that and i would like to be on a date with you for that please let me know or get someone to let me know thanks.
    from: one of your big fans Samantha Diogo

  21. Rob,
    I’d blame this all on the books and Edward Cullen if you didn’t play the role as well as you did. So well that I am actually under the impression you are just like that in real life. Well, minus the whole biting thing. Well, that kind of biting anyway. Wow. That turned dirty for me real quick! Moving on — So yeah, I totally dig you. Not like obsessed, outta my mind, you’re gonna see me waving at you every time you come out of where ever obsessed but I think you’re neat.

    I feel it’s inevitable that we be friends. Which is kind of out of reality but I still like to humor myself with the idea of it.

    So I guess the only honest thing I can say to you is I think you have done wonderful for yourself. I honestly believe that you are the only reason the Twilight series is worth watching. I’m not saying that because you’re sexy and all — but because it’s true. Not to bash on anyone in the movie(s) but you’re the only one who isn’t making a blubbering idiot out of yourself and you absolutely nailed the role. You’ve done GREAT with it and I was seriously impressed with how my affection for Edward Cullen could be carried over to you. That’s when you should know you’ve done a good job.

    So keep doing what you’re doing. I’ll keep watching you do it. And envy anyone who can know you personally. Until it’s me — Keep safe and take care of yourself. REALLY.

    -Nicki Blevins

  22. Hi I’m Mridula from India. i read in Stephenie Meyer website that fans can meet her

    can you tell this contest is not for Indian Fans??



    PS: Stephenie Meyer are you writing any more series to twilight.

    you add few more characters to this series..

    as fans like us need more from you madam.

    Give a new found interest for jacob black.

  23. I Love Robs movie. I Would like Rob to have a pet Dragon

  24. well rob i think that you are a great actor and dont let people tell you eny differen as i now how is lizzy still sing and vilet the same how is your mum and and dad doing

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