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Too much Rob? Is that possible? YES!

Woah not all at once now!

Woah not all at once now!

Dear Rob,

Don’t take this the wrong way but could you go away for a little while? Take a hot vacay for 2 weeks with me on a deserted island with no link to the outside world? Or maybe go back to London for a couple weeks with me and hole up in your parents house and play with Patty? Is this asking too much? I feel like you might totally be ready to make this little plan happen.

This is meant in the best possible way but some of us are getting a little tired of you. Ok not tired but maybe a little overwhelmed or overstimulated whatever you want to call it. You’re everywhere. You’re on every magazine trashy or otherwise, you’re on every entertainment news show, you’re on every website and we pretty much know your every move thanks to Twitter and email and text. We have reached the Robert Pattinson OVER SATURATION point. And we love you, we really do but sometimes too much really is just that: too much. For you AND us.

Where's Robldo?

Where's Robldo?

I think it all began around the MTV Movie Awards that was the point where it went into over drive and then you showed up to film Remember Me in New York City and it became a three ring circus. Fans going nuts, crazies attacking you, stories about being hit by a cab, rumors about red eye flights, you being whisked around by huge burly men, when you yourself are not a small guy. It’s like clockwork now, I can wake up and know that within a few minutes I will be able to find pictures of you and exactly what scene your filming and the exact location in New York City. Now that was great for the first few days but now I feel like I’ve seen the whole movie and filming hasn’t even wrapped.

Say cheese!

Say cheese!

Remember just a few months ago when it could be days and weeks and sometimes (late dec-oscars) months between pictures of you? It was the perfect beginning to a relationship: everything’s new and special and different. You count the hours until you can see him next, wondering what he’s going to wear, what you’ll do, where you’ll go. And now it’s the middle part of the relationship: you’re a little too comfortable, you see him everyday, you know his every move and it’s getting stale. This is the make or break moment. Like any good relationship you need to keep the mystery alive… you need to make me wonder where you went for a few days, make me remember that I need you in my life. Don’t make me think you’re TOO accessible to me. You KNOW what Cosmo says about that and it’s true for our little relationship here and true for show business: Leave them wanting more!

This is NOT a bromance, it's a necessity

This is NOT a bromance, it's a necessity

I watched that old episode of Ellen yesterday just because I was kind of yearning for the good ol days, back when I was a Twi-virgin and still learning stuff about you and the series. I told UC it was nice to watch the episode even though it was old because I got to hear your voice and it was still new the Twilight phenomenon and you seemed a little different. It’s great to see nice pictures but there’s nothing that beats your voice and your personality.

I’ve talked to numerous folks, commenters, bloggers, fans alike who want a little of the old magic back. And we know you’re just doing your job and a lot of this is just a byproduct of the society we live in: everything’s instantaneous. But for your sake and for ours, why don’t you take a couple weeks off and we’ll take some time off of OD-ing on you too and we’ll remember why we first “fell in love.” We’ll rekindle that romance and get even more excited when it’s time for Eclipse filming and what I’m really waiting for: the New Moon press junket.

Take us back to the good ol days

Take us back to the good ol days

So what do you say? Wanna hit up Bali with me? Or what about Fiji?

What say you? Is it possible to have to much Rob? Have you felt the over saturation in the past few weeks? Or can you never get enough?

Don’t miss UC talking about being a Twi-virgin at Letters to Twilight
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And after the cut watch Rob on Ellen followed by a Q&A where he talks about Patty. TRUST it’s amazing. Cause I love dogs. And Rob.

And take the Rob Poll!

(thanks to @brookelockart for the vid link!)


  1. Sounds good to me. I’m for the London option. Bring him back to Europe. Closer to me. Almost within the same time zone. Can’t wait. Send him over. I promise I won’t take too many pics of him when we go out. 🙂

    • I agree 🙂

      Patty needs you Rob!

      Please come from Sat 25 July to Sat 15 August, kthanxbai

    • haha… someone gave you a thumbs down.. i guess they don’t want him in europe!

    • I agree! I’m going to London at the beginning of August. Even being in the same city will be a thrill…knowing there is a chance to run into him…and totally ignore him of course (which would take every ounce of willpower I have)!

      • Well, I’m in Germany. And London is a tiny bit closer than the US. So I’m still voting for London.

        • hahahah thumbs down on him going back to london/europe! you people kill me!

          • Well. Rob will be back in my city (Vancouver) in about 4 weeks. He has said that working on the Twilight series is a little more relaxed now for him. He KNOWS this character, right? Still…I agree that he totally needs some down-time. He needs to relax. I have never seen such stress on his face before. I think it has a lot to do with the character he is playing right now. Can you imagine what the Dali shoot pictures must have looked like? OMG that would just be crazy and painful to watch. Hopefully, he will enjoy being back in Vancouver with all his friends. Unfortunately, the paparazzi will come in from all over the world to harass him. Vancouver is a pretty laid back town and we will give him his space and treat him with respect. We can’t control the rest of the world! Over-saturation is right! Take it easy Rob. It will all calm down soon. Love you, Theresa.

  2. Ok so I think its too much on both ends…both for Rob and for us…we are at the ‘middle’ part of the relationship as you so lovely put it and it is beginning to be a bit too much…but have you seen the recent pics of him…he looks sad, tired, almost robotic…like he poses cuz he HAS to not cuz he WANTS to…not like good ol’ days when he was so new to everything and was cheery and happy to pose with fans…now he’s just scared for his life almost and most rightfully so after all the crazies in New York attacking and shiz…the paps and the fame are wearing him out and I’m afraid that if he keeps being pushed around like that…there might not be Rob around for later and we would have pushed him into obscurity…so I totally agree with you Moon a break right now would be GREAT for both parties involved!

  3. I couldn’t agree more with your comment about the pics being nice (albeit overkill lately) but it’s the interviews, pap vids, recordings from last night (what?! hehe) that I love. I just like his voice and hearing what random thing he’s going to say next. I say let the nine million pics of him walking to his trailer die down but give us MORE interviews!! (New Moon press junket anyone?)

    • YESSS i can not wait for the New Moon interviews!!

      • The press for NM will be great and it will be interesting to see how many different ways he can answer the same question 🙂

        But – not gonna lie, I cannot wait 🙂

        • I hope people keep asking Kstew what its like to kiss a vampire hahahaaa
          maybe add: what its like to kiss a shirtless vampire!!
          ohhhh New Moon interviews are definately going to be amazing!

          • she will DIE! hahahaha kiss a shirtless vampire. the other question theyll answer a million times: “so is there any truth to these rumors about you and rob togetjher?”

            and then she’ll freak out.

  4. I’ve got to agree, RomeRon and CannesRob were such happy Rob’s, I miss the happy Rob.

    Although if you really want to hide come down and visit us in Oz Rob, after all since you have been co-starring with Emilie it must follow that you are due to meet the parents-in-law to be, yes?

  5. I don’t really get sick of hearing about Rob or seeing pics of him but it definitely is wearing him down. He looks like a hunted animal most of the time now, never looks up and actually scowls when he sees he’s being photographed. The video of him leaving the restaurant and being hounded made me so sad-he sounds so angry and bitter, and who could blame him? But that’s not the Rob I fell for, who never had anything but a smile. A big part of his allure (pre-NY) was that it seemed like there was a chance if you ran into him,he might actually stop to chat and take a picture. He didn’t seem resentful of the attention. He didn’t have bodyguards all around him. I miss that Rob.
    Do you think there’s chance he’ll come back?
    I think a break is just what he needs. Who doesn’t his schedule anyway? It seems like he’s booked for the next five years.

    • Yep, I agree. Especially the bit about looking like a hunted animal. I cringed watching that vid too (leaving the restaurant).
      I was re-watching another clip with Rob & Hayley Williams(?) from Paramore and he talks about how he’s always felt a little bit paranoid, thinking people are watching him and this was BEFORE Twilight was released! It’s is a GREAT clip to watch, btw – some of the ‘old magic’ Moon is talking about – when he says “Garden Burger?!…Yuck!” (so adorable)

      Oh, wise all-knowing Moon – you have hit the nail on the head with this one – we neeeeeed old Rob back…….I don’t wanna break up….not yet…….:-\

      • all knowing moon! hahaha and yes no break ups, just time to reevaulate and adjust!

      • I certainly can’t understand why anyone would be WATCHING HIM even before Twilight. LOL

        He’s ALWAYS been beautiful and people like to look at beautiful people.
        He’s not paranoid, he just has to deal with it.

        That’s why I think he can tune things out, he just goes on about his business trying not to notice….but, people surely, have ALWAYS noticed “his looks” whether he gets it or not……
        But it would be nerve wracking…..I agree.

    • I meant who DOES his schedule, not who doesn’t:).

    • All that happened to Rob in NYC is NOT HIS FAULT and I feel like it’s not fair to Rob that he be expected to be this always smiling and joking angel of a man who answers our every fantasy and looks great doing it. It’s TOO MUCH PRESSURE on him.

      I think the saddest thing is that Remember Me’s location for shooting was just WAY WAY TO EXPOSED and for someone just riding in on a TWILIGHT hurricane and very little time between that and Remember’s like being in a carnival where you are the little ducky that has to keep going around and around until someone wins the cupey doll. It’s like WHO can profit the most off of Rob. It’s SAD. Even Nick his agent, I kind of felt he didn’t protect his client the night of the “you need a new VOCATION” incident. He shouldn’t have asked ROB AGAIN to take EVEN MORE PICTURES and make him look bad in front of his friends. THEY GOT THE PICS and that should have been IT. It kind of made Nick look like he was pulling strings on Rob to make him be the show dog. AND THAT PISSES ME OFF SO MUCH. Rob has been WAY WAY WAY nice to EVERYONE and now that the whole world is saturated with rob NOW you guys want a break from him? Like he’s worn thin? Like he’s a toy to be thrown away when we are tired of playing with him?

      WELL I SAY NO TO THAT. Rob is a human being who’s been busting his ass and he’s not a toy to get tired of. He’s going through HELL and along with enjoying the fruits of his success, we have to be there when the shit hits the fan so to speak. SUPPORT.

      I know you all love him and the post was really just a joke…but still, people have exploited him TO THE MAX and I feel like he so needs a break.
      DID HE KNOW WHAT HE WAS GETTING INTO WHEN HE GOT INTO THIS BIZ? Of course he did. But I think shooting REMEMBER ME on the streets of NYC after Twilight was a BAD DECISION. He was too exposed. Now that he’s protected from the insanity, saying it’s TOO MUCH and wanting the old Rob back? WELL It’s NOT POSSIBLE. He is still Rob. Still sweet, loving, charming and talented and humorous. But if he’s gonna survive this insanity that KEEPS BUILDING, he has to protect himself some and that does NOT make him a diva, stuck up, or cutoff. It makes him HUMAN and overloaded with too much pressure.

      WE LOVE YOU ROB. Hang on baby…..Remember Me will be over SOON.
      Comic Con will be another insane time….but I think once he’s back with the “gang” on a closed set in Canada again, he’ll enjoy himself again.
      But yeah……things have changed and he’s GOT to go with the flow and if that means, pulling a little back, then that’s what it means.

      I have a question for you all…….What have you heard of RYAN GOSLING of late? Have you noticed how little press he gets now? He was the IT MAN last year or the year before…. I think he decided ON HIS OWN to pull his own plug and go LOW for a while. He jumped off the merry go round and is trying to chill a while. He always wanted to be a character actor anyway and NOT a romantic lead. I wonder if after the Twilight series is over, will Rob want to go the way of Gosling and just pull SO FAR BACK……he fades quite a bit away…BY CHOICE, not by media.
      think about it.
      Ryan is in Los Angeles and as a hobby “DJ’s” at small hip clubs in LA. He has a strange band with his best friend that is REALLY ‘out there’ eccentric and he is doing whatever the fuck he wants to do. HE DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT.

      Rob has to be willing to think the same way……It’s HIS LIFE and is he gonna jump through hoops FOREVER? Or is he gonna go the way of Ryan and decide his OWN FATE even if it means he’s no longer the IT boy….
      Something to think about.
      I’m scared for Rob right now. I REALLY hope he doesn’t have a melt down.
      I couldn’t do it….

      • PS…..Ryan Gosling ALSO did a movie in NYC with Michelle from “brokeback mountain” fame and the mother of Heath ledger’s daughter. WERE “THEY” hounded by the media? NOPE. Ryan has succeeded in getting the papz off his ass. He looked mean in every picture, SAID HIMSELF that he thought if he looked UNINTERESTING that the press would leave him alone. And they moved on to the next IT man.

        I think that’s what ROB will do and is already starting to do……don’t give the press what they want. FRESH MATERIAL for gossip, and new clothing LOOKS, or facial expressions or COME BACKS. He has only slipped ONCE. But he was drinking at the time and had had enough.
        AFTER TWILIGHT….I think you will se Rob REEVALUATE what he wants and things will either go forward, stagnate, or pull back. IT CANNOT CONTINUE THE WAY IT IS NOW…..

      • I don’t think anyone thinks it’s Rob’s fault, nor does anyone expect him to be smiling all the time. It’s simply sad and kind of depressing that “fame” and everything that goes with it has changed him in this way.

    • Good post:

      I don’t think theirs’ any turning back for Robbie. He took the Summit $$$hizesizzle and its probably to the tune in excess of 30 Million; For the 5 films (4 Twilight & Remember me) he’s doing for them (just a benchmark guess based on other salaries).

      So, all this crap that’s going on… does come with the territory. He was just not prepped for it all.

      Summit had to build him up as star cuz he was a virtual unknown and now that they have, the whole things turned into a monster with Robbie in the middle of it all.

      My conspiracy theory is: I bet Summit’s P.R is loving all this stuff and continues to stir the pot to keep interest in Robbie and hence all their movies he’s doing for them.

      I do agree with you all, he has become oversaturated, and eventually this could all back fire on his “career” such as it is.

      What I found interesting in that little film of him yesterday coming out of the resturant was the way his (agent) was addressing him ” let them take a picture” then ” look up at the camera”… and Rob was resentful (but resigned) about that. Marcus was pissed off as well. TomStu was trying to be unobtrusive and out of the pic because of the whole “Bromance” stuff that follows him and

      But, yeah, its all about being a celeb. in this day and age.Is the $$ worth it?

      What do you think Moon? Ladies?

    • i miss that rob sooooo much that i actually get all teary eyed when i think about it.
      pathetic, i know, but yes, that was waaay before ny. it kills me too because i am a new yorker my whole life (in cougar years please) and the way he’s been treated here has totally pissed me off. i may have to relocate to barnes in protest.
      seriously, i wish to god that he gets some time for himself. he sure looks like he needs it.

  6. I really do hope he’s got a chunk of time off before filming starts on “Eclipse”. He could use a little R & R and I could use a break from the daily dose of new pics.

    Seriously, I need to get some laundry done, Rob. Go away for a while. I’ll pine for you while you’re gone and love you even more when you come back.

    • That’s true-some time without Rob would allow me to make make the house inhabitable again.

    • yes absence makes the heart grow fonder and makes houses cleaner and gets work done!

  7. I think in the safety for him….. and us like you say Moon, he needs to take a break…. I don’t want him to get burn. I mean, i love him too and of course i want to see him, but i like the saturation the media have with Rob.

  8. Dear Rob,

    You need some time off badly. Go to London , Paris, Bali.. I don’t care.
    Pull that december action on us .
    I want to fall in love with you all over again, like when I was a twi virgin.

    ( was ) Love,

  9. I can never get enough Rob…but I agree with you. He needs a break, he needs to go away for a while and forget about all the craziness,or otherwise he will start hating anything that has to do with his job, and he is so good at it. I too, miss the way he used to be. He said he would hate it if all this fame changed him, but unfortunately it has. He hates it!

    One thing I noticed in the last vid…his accent is fading, or is it just me? It sounds more American now than British. I mean, in the beggining there were times you could barely tell what he was saying and now he improved his pronounciation but he sounds more American. did anyone else notice this?

    • No it’s not just you. I’ve noticed it a while back that he sounds more American now than British and I’m sad about that! Because I really love his British acccent. I guess because he’s been here for a while that we are rubbing off on him. I lived in Europe years ago and hung out a lot w. this Irish girl and her accent started rubbing on me.

      I’ve noticed even the words he uses are more American, he’s picked up a lot. I watched a little bit of the “Haunted Airman” the other day and there you could really hear his British accent.

      • i think 2 days at home with mum and it’ll come RIGHT back!

    • You’re totally right. I watch old vids of him and notice the accent is so much stronger. It’s been diluted lately. He needs a dose of London! Send him home for some R&R with Mumzy!

  10. You know, I love Rob. I really do. But there are only so many photos of him standing there in a purple/grey/white t-shirt making the same face. I admit that although I love Goz and Dani I usually scroll quickly through Robsessed looking for something ‘different’.

    I hope the sets of his upcoming movies will be quieter for him. The more crazy that surrounds him (paparazzi and fans alike) the less good directors and studios are going to want to work with him. They’ll think of him as being too much of a hassle and then we’ll really be in trouble. Or worse, we’ll be sick of him and will be thinking ‘when will that guy go away already?’

    • believe me.. Gozde is ready to post something different.. there i just NOTHING out there!

      • I agree!

      • I’m sorta new to the Robsession and only came into it shortly before Remember Me exploded everywhere. What did y’all do before then? There weren’t 9000 photos of him coming out every day when he was working on New Moon were there?

        And I’m certainly not blaming the lovely ladies of Robsessed, since they are made of awesome, just pointing out that there are only so many photos of the exact same thing I can handle. =)

        • WOAH! that is like a virgin around these parts! go back a few months in our archives especially when he disappeared around the holidays and see how we pined after him.

          we pretty much died and cried and whined and moaned in his absence

          • Hee! Whenever you link back to old posts I always click and read them, but I haven’t gone back to the very beginning. My very first day of reading LTR was this post:

            I guess that’s while he was still working on New Moon, but still it wasn’t all that long ago. How could I not be hooked on this site after that??

    • I know. I’m trying not to look at pics b/c it’s just the same old, same old. I love him, I do. But we need different stuff. Or just go away for a while and come back fresh! I’m feeling oversaturated w/RM pics. :-/

  11. I too am feeling a little over-Robbed. I saw Bruno last night and am also feeling a little over-cocked. I’ll take the over-Robbed alternative any day.

    • yes, Rob over Bruno any day..although it was pretty hysterical.

    • ROFL @ ‘over- cocked’!
      Blasphemous. 😉

  12. i am so torn between my love for everything Rob and his happiness. I know all the media coverage is wearing him down and I dont like to see sad Rob. So even though it pains me, I hope after filming and before Eclipse starts he can disappear for a week or two maybe even longer…

  13. I really hope he doesn’t go crazy from this attention, especially because he seems like the kind of guy that gets intimidated by it (which is one of the reasons he’s so cute).

    I love his interview on Ellen! But one of my favorite interview clips has to be when he tells Kristen that her cat will die. It just has me cracking up all the time.

  14. If I thought Rob were enjoying the attention, I’d be way into it. I’d download every picture in HQ and examine them in minute detail, and I’d have been in NYC for the past four weekends. But he’s not into it, so neither am I. Don’t get me wrong, when LTR posts a picture, I’ll drool for a few, but I’m not seeking that stuff out.

    Our relationship is starting to feel mechanical and rehearsed, Rob. Let’s practice abstinence for a while, and then have a scorching hot reunion in a month or two.

    • make up sex is the best, right?!

  15. I have to say I agree with you 100%. I’m sick of going to buy groceries and seeing his face plastered on every magazine cover. I’m (almost) sick of visiting my favorite twibloggy sites because I know I’ll see his overpublicized mug there, too. But I don’t mind him when he’s in character — it’s the pap pics I could do without!

    • ana!!! yes time for a lil rpattz break in the craziness. we’ll keep talking about him we just want to WANT him a little more!

  16. My Robsession just started in March when I saw Twilight on DVD but even I feel he’s overexposed. I feel sorry for how he’s being hounded by paps and honestly every picture lately of him just looks like he’s terribly exhausted of life. It’s not the same anymore and I feel for him and I just want him to have a normal life, even if it means I won’t have to see much of him anymore. All this BS has got to be getting into him, he’s so young you know and he’s under tremendous pressure all the time. I want him to have a nice long break, go back to England and be with his friends and family, maybe go back to playing piano and guitar(I doubt he has much time for that now).

    My poor precious Rob, you need some time alone, away from it all. I’ll miss you but I’ll be so happy to see you when you return!

    • and it’s not any of his fault other than being famous thats the sad part! he’s not out there lohan-ing it up and courting that kind of attention! i just wanna hug him and give him a 2 week vacay!

      • I know Moon, and it all happened so fast for him ya know? He’s like an overnight sensation. I wonder if all the hoopla is gonna end when the last movie is filmed.

        I want to give him a hug too!

  17. i feel so bad for him bc its not like hes fault that we get a message on our blackberries every time he takes a shit or blows his nose… its the paparazzi. they follow him and bc were too ROBSESSED to not look we end up with all this info about him that maybe we wish we didnt know.

    one of the thing rob said he liked in a girl was that she was mysterious, well right now rob is as mysterious as a piece of white bread. (not even whole wheat – where you have to guess what the dark spots are!)

    fall off the radar for a week or two, rob and trust me people will be RAVENOUS.

  18. I want to see more Voluntarily Public Rob. Not Paparazzi Hounded Rob. I’m feeling sleezy, like a peeping Tom looking at all these pap pics. I, like others have mentioned, am so looking forward to the New Moon press tours. Rob is just so much better when he’s speaking (bumbling? running at the mouth?) than when he’s being chased by the paps and crazies. I’ve been a little sadclown for him lately.

  19. Sad to say that I think we could all use some space to “remember” what it was like in the good old early days of our collective obsession with all things “Rob”.

    It is my most sincere wish that when he finishes all of his committments in the US:
    RM, EC, BD, UC…. that he will high-tail it back to England and stay under the pap radar for quite a while… say a year? You’ll of course receive all sorts of scripts for consideration… but you’ll take your time to pick out only the best, right?

    Save your money Rob… and go buy yourself a beautiful piece of English real estate with some gorgeous English garden walls… and if you can find a lovely “rose” to keep you company… so be it.

    Living well is the best revenge.

    • I wonder if the pappz will be jaust as bad over here. I kinda want him to come back to find out.

      Lord knows I hope they are more laid back, but pics of Rob = ££££££, so maybe the London pappz will be even worse.

      Don’t think it helps that the London evening paper printed the pic of the family home in Nov 2005, are they even allowed to do that legally??

      • That makes me sad. And mad. 😦

  20. I agree, he has become oversaturated in this society. I do feel bad for the guy for having every fricking moment of his life documented. However, I do get the feeling that even though he doesn’t want the attention he recieves, he’s also paradoxically grateful he does get it because it means he has more movie offers coming through, allowing him to continue doing what he enjoys doing the most out of all of this – acting. Its a bit of a catch 22. Hes like the new cool kid on the block, and everyone wants to hang out with him. But, I’m pretty sure that another new kid will come along and attention will die down after he’s completed all the Twilight movies. I just hope that this experience won’t change his personality in the long term because I should imagine it does funny things to you – ie Britney. But, I have faith in him because he’s level headed, ie, he still hangs out with his old friends and is intelligent enough to know that its important to keep two feet on the ground in and industry that can manipulate or change you.

  21. Dear Rob,

    They say if you love something to let it go and if it comes back to you it will be yours forever. So I am letting you go. (not LTR though)

    I feel that this relationship is real. You are the man of all dreams. You feel it too don’t you? So I am letting you go to find whatever it is you are looking for…and I’ll be here when you get back.

    But don’t go for too long…cause I’ll start dating your friends (TomStud).

    Hugs and Kisses!

    ps…I did vote for more TomStud.

    • hahaha tomstud!!

      • RE : TOMSTU
        I agree lets pick on the boy instead.

        Moon; I sent you guys via ( the letter to ) more tomstu stuff I found you’re to love it

        See him here playing Celebrity chicken:

        Also a nudie skin clip of TomStud here. Its a (shakespear) type of film called a Crying Shame. (cute little tushy).

        Sassysmart check it out! lol its pretty good.

        • I LOVE Tom playing Celebrity Chicken! “Check it out, BBC4!” He is just adorable =)

  22. I’m loving the daily stuff, LOL! I can’t get enough. Does that make me Robfish? Selfish for Rob, my new term, LOL!

    I do, however, think Summit needs to close the set. Yesterday the paparazzi ruined a shot. The security guard and director ripped them a new one and the day of filming was spent because of those effers. Fan mobs are growing by the day by his trailer. Why oh why do filming locations get out online? WTF? I just don’t know how Rob can concentrate as an actor with them across the street like that. I know he’s the hot meat right now that everyone around the world wants, but geez, let him work!

    I will say though that I’m so excited for New Moon junkets! It’s gonna rock! And me being the recording ho, collector of all interviews, that I am, is gonna love it! 🙂

    • not at all jena! it’s good to hear you like it, difference makes the world go round!

      ps i totally looked at about a billion pictures writing this WHILE listening to him sing so obviously im not TOO tired of him! 😉

  23. I have a confession: I did not look @ a single pic of Rob yesterday on set. And it’s 9:34 am and I haven’t looked yet today. Did he look hot?

    Moon- right on. Amen. Hallelujah.

    Also great job coming up with the saddest pics of him ever. And also ones that I laughed at “Where’s Robldo” love you

    • Me, too. I’m taking a break. 🙂

    • I am only seeing the ones that the girls post over in Rob’s Flat.

      That is how I restrict myself on the overload.

      He’s like drinking…you have to pace yourself or else you’ll end up in The Betty.

    • Where do you see the set pictures? I only see them when I see random ones on Twilight blogs. I haven’t been following day by day.

    • This is so weird. This was my exact thought yesterday. I totally ignored Rob all day for the last two days… I even stayed away from you guys yesterday (sorry)I fear if I don’t distance myself The flame will burn out. I’ve gotta keep it alive!
      or do i?

    • hahahah i totes looks for these sadrob pics on purpose! Hhahahaa

      i take my rob in smaller doses now… sorta… like once a day.

      im also thinking of letting remember me die a quiet death and then remembering it (HA ha) in feburary when the movie comes out!

    • You should totes look. He was wearing red! THUD!

  24. I like the London-alternative. Thats just a two-hour flight from me, and nobody would ask questions to why I would suddenly want to take a weekend in London. Londons OK. Send him home!!

    And I think Rob would benefit from some weeks back home, where he belongs. He looks tired, poor guy.

  25. I’m trying not to look at the pictures from the set, it’s too much. I feel like I’m violating his privacy in a way, even though he’s at work. Not to mention they are all the same. I’m saving myself for the movie!

  26. Maybe I am not as optimistic as you do but I sadly don’t think he’ll be able to take a real break even if he wanted: sum*mit and others who can make money now that everybody is crazy about him will make sure to exploit that as long as they can.
    And even if he can take a break, unless he goes and hides in a bunker he will be hunted for pics anyway.
    As long as people buy those tabloids and download his pics that won’t stop…
    I am really sorry for him because I don’t think he can control much and i really hope people will realize they should not suck the narrow bone from him before it’s too late…
    Sigh! I like genuine Rob.

  27. I agree.

    See my comment at 9.46 in response to giddyagain.

    London pappz are a nightmare.

    It would HAVE to be a bunker!

    North Barnes is NOT safe 😦

  28. *sigh* this post makes me sad. It does feel like that point in a relationship where ‘we need some space’. It makes me tre sad, as I thought NYC would be a good way for him to get lost in the crows – but sadly it’s been the total opposite. A break will be good – I don’t want to see Rob till NM press junkets…

    *already getting the shakes*

    • *crows = crowd.

  29. EXACTLY what I’ve been thinking. This poor guy needs a break! He’s got hoes all up in his face, and whenever he looks behind him, there’s 20 paparazzi and 100 fan girls.

    I miss the old “dirty” rob. And seriously, if you notice in interviews and everything lately, he doesn’t smile or laugh, or sip some coke. COME BACK TO US OLD ROB!! WE MISS YOU! ❤

    • I miss dirty hobo Rob, too. I can’t wait until he has time to be all unshaven, buying secondhand clothes, and even wearing his fugly beanies again. It’s cute when he looks like a bum.

  30. let’s be honest once RM is done and he drops off the radar for a few weeks, we’ll suffer badly from the sudden withdrawal. I give us 4 days to a week till we totally pine to see him again.

    but yes.. the last 3 weeks have been insane. and I’m sorry for him. especially as he is trying to work… it must be so hard to focus with all those people staring and taking pics.

    but yeah I’m selfish… what I truly want is more bromance… just him and TomStu walking htrough NY = epic win … need more…

    • exactly all we need is a few ROB-LESS days and we’ll be crying begging for more. thats the beauty of it. i hope stephanie ritz and nick frenkel are listening!

  31. That’s some damn good advice… I hope he listens. My uterus could use a break.

  32. I agree with Giddy….Living well IS the best revenge. Well said.

    Here’s the deal….he could always back off at some point in all of this…I honestly believe he wants to ride the wave. Is he enjoying the crap the goes along with it, nope. At this point however, he realizes it’s part of the game. He’s young, he has options and I really believe he recognizes how random all of this is. He’s a smart guy. And srsly, you KNOW he is more sick of hearing about, reading about, seeing himself, than ALL of us combined. It is possible to compartmentalize, to have an outlet. This is how you stay sane.

    In my own line of work, I live in a fishbowl. Nothing on the scale of what Rob has to deal with, obviously…but you are scrutinized relentlessly.
    I don’t find my happiness in other ppls heads ya know. And I’ve become VERY skilled at being thick skinned. Am I bit more jaded now, yup. Am I still the same person inside, yup. But far more guarded. I have a few well chosen outlets, and I use them! Wow, look who got all philosophical this morning.

    Ride the wave Robsy, live well, let loose big when you can, and add more of that dry wit pretty please. 😉

    • Good point about “riding the wave” Proselyte 🙂

      Did he not say that he felt he did not capitalise on all the HP/GoF hoopla and felt he had missed an opportunity? Or did I dream that?

      Perhaps he feels he has been given another (lucky) break as an actor, and he wants to grab every chance while he can.

      • @Summer …Dunno if he said it, but if he did, it only confirms my theory. Rob is lucky, and he knows it. x

      • You’re absolutely right, summergirl. He did say that.

        Along with P3’s comment, that makes me feel better about what he’s going through now.

    • as in matters down & dirty, here too i agree with proselyte3 in her take on Rob’s state of mind–summer also has it right: he did indeed say that he wasted his opportunities after HP–what’s more he added on several occasions that after the success of Twilight he was on more of a level playing field in garnering roles & that he could tell the powers that be to kiss his ass–if i understand things right Summit have given him this film (RM) on a silver platter–he was involved in rewriting dialogue, he recommended Emilie deRaven (don’t know if he had anything to do with Brosnan, Olin, Cooper, etc. or who selected the director)–if i have it right, this is not a happy film so there would be little reason for him as an actor to be smiling up a storm–on a personal level i love seeing as many fotos of him as possible–he has a thousand faces & a most intriguing manner with buttons–i’m also sure that the man has a fairly good idea exactly what it is that he’s doing & he sure as hell knows how to go about it–if i were to wish him anything it would be for Summit to spare him an interview tour for NM: put him in major interviews (leno, letterman, etc.)–he is now a superstar, damn it– & let his fellow cast members carry the piano this time around–

      • Word….and word Expat!

        • I agree about the interviews – this time around – maybe Taylor will be in the limelight – since he has such a larger role in this movie.

        • im 100% sure he’s not flipping out, he’s having a relatively good time, and understands this is part of the job. and he SHOULD ride the wave, he NEEDS to ride the wave. im saying WE need a break and im sure he could use a little vacay and then get back to riding me… i mean this wave! 😉

          • LOL!

            No breaks!

      • I was wondering that too, if all the sad faces have to do with being/staying in character than anything else. I hope so. I’ll be glad when it’s over either way.

      • I also concur with your thoughts. Not having heard his comments about missing the boat after hp-GOF… I can see where he would see TL as a second chance- not going to blow this- experience! My overall take on RP is that he is or can be a genuinely intelligent and articulate young man. No doubt he knows he must pimp himself out to a certain degree… pay his dues?… in these early days in order to gain more personal power down the road.

        I commented on another blog that “Hollywood” is just another euphamism for Human Traffiking… and to that end, I hope he doesn’t become totally enmeshed in “the life”… but rather keeps himself and his mind clear of all the BS.

        I still want to see him back home… go to one of the world famous acting academies in England… do shakespeare…. get on a good BBC series… relax and enjoy his new-found fame in the comfort of his home turf?

      • AMEN SISTER. Rob gave at the office last time around. Let Taylor’s sweet ass get all the work out in interviews this time.

        Yup, put rob on the major shows…..that would hit us ALL and YouTube and we’d have some REAL ROB to go to in the lean Rob times…..

        But I do think it’s time Rob starts saying “KISS MY ASS” to some people in a NICE, but STRONG WAY so they will respect him more…. but not go diva on us.

        We just have to remember, he can’t be a kid forever….he’s got to have a thick enough skin to get through this shit, while retaining his own character and sanity. I think he’ll just become more introverted, but stay the same with his CLOSE FRIENDS and family and on set with coworkers.
        He’s a good guy….but I don’t want him to let them step all over him the way Nick did the other night coming out of the restaurant and the papz wanting ANOTHER picture and Nick asking for EVEN MORE from Rob. HE DID IT ALREADY…..jeesh. That really bothered me. I think Nick bothered me as much a the papz did.

      • @expat:

        “a most intriguing way with buttons”


        Very very funny!!!!! 🙂

    • Great post. Rob IS smart….
      You sound even smarter. I wish I had your focus, thick skin, but understanding.
      I think people are just gonna miss the goofy, hobo Rob with no worries except paranoia. LOL

      One thing’s for sure I have to realize…..he can’t GET OFF the wave until all the Twilight stuff ends.

      After that, he’s got CHOICES.

  33. I totally agree. I’ve stopped looking at my “usual” websites because I’m tired of seeing him being violated. I love him as an actor (and a bedroom fantasy) but how much is too much.

  34. thanks Moon! I thought I was going to get jumped out of LTR for going a few days without seeing Rob pics and being totally ok with it!

    *ducks and covers just in case – you ladies can be FIERCE!

  35. London paps may be notoriously fierce when it comes to getting the first snap at a celeb. But, I don’t think Rob is actually as well known or as popular over in the UK as he is in USA. The same applies to Twilight books. Sure, we do sometimes have tabloid stuff of him in our magazines, but generally he doesn’t cover all of them everyday like he seems to over there. I’d say its less saturated over here because theres less hype about him. I remember reading somewhere where he said UK fans are a bit more ‘cool’ and reserved when it comes to dealing with celebs, ie don’t tend to wring his neck with their arms. Of course, there are probably a minority who would actually do that. But, generally its perhaps a bit more calmer. So, I think if he did decide to come back, he’d be able to relax more than he would in USA where everyone recognises him. I hope this is the case anyway, because he looks worn out. It will be interesting to see the difference in how he deals with interviews in NM press junkets compared to the old stuff he did for Twilight press. I think that will be a big indication as to whether the old nervous, awkward Rob is still in there somewhere!

    • I agree that there does not seem to be the same interest in Rob in the UK, but the London pappz are scary!

      There is only one way to find out if you can get some peace for 2 weeks over here Rob!

      And Patty misses you! (Broken record much?)

      • haha I would gladly welcome him back to London, its about time he was back home, I’m sure his mother would actually like to see her son for the first time in agggggges. I reckon she keeps up with what hes doing by scanning the net for update pics as well, shes almost as bad as us! :p

        I’m SO not planning a trip to London that just so ‘happens’ to coincide with his return…neither will I be be hanging out in some dark, tucked away pub!

  36. While, like someone said, I don’t really get TIRED of seeing pictures of Rob… I start to feel as if they all look the same. (Except for the black and white ones of him in a suit… I mean, Sweet. Jesus. That is all.)

    I foresee much of the same in terms of pictures through the rest of filming for Remember Me, but I think our lust/love will be renewed when the Vanity Fair comes out!

    • WHOOHIOOO preach too far gone! 😉 vanity fair will be amazing!

  37. I completely agree! It’s like the part in a relationship where you just want a little “me time”, so you can be super excited to see them again after a little breather. But, on a serious note, this kid needs a break. I saw the clip of him leaving a restaurant where he was talking to the paparazzi and my first thought was, they are going to completely turn him into a Bitter Betty. He looks exhausted, seems miserable, and he defo needs a break. As much as I want to hump him behind a dumpster, I think Rob needs a little “Rob time” of his own before he snaps.

  38. Um…hiiiiiiiiiii….this was BRILLIANT. And so true.

    I know we’re all normal, but what saddens me are these fangirls (some of whom are over the age of 21) who Twitter/blog obsessively about Rob. I mean, do they not have a life outside of this fandom? This particular actor?

    Dude. Go watch True Blood. Lust over my boyfriend, Eric. Read a non-vampire novel. Listen to NPR. Go for a walk. Get a Blizzard at DQ. Buy some new lipgloss at Sephora. Peruse the dollar aisle at Target. Go to Barnes and Noble and WALK PAST the teeny bopper magazines. Be like T.I. and “live your life.” Rob will be here when you get back.

    (I sound like such a mom. Of course.)

    • Hey I like the “buy some lipgloss at Sephora” …LOL. I was actually going there today! LOL

    • Dude…for realz. I like where your head is at. But I’ve told you this before.

    • Um, you mean MY boyfriend Eric!

      That man is FINE, for realz

    • i blog about him everyday but have a very real outside life! and i do need some new lipgloss.

      i cant stand bill compton and his kenny g but i love true blood!

      and like rhianna and ti I LIVE MY LIFEE EEEHHHH eeehh eeehhh

    • Those DQ blizzards will be the death of me!

      I have been reading all things Sookie Stackhouse…

      and I thought Eric was MY BF!!!! *sniff*


  39. Agreed! We used to see him drunk, in a tux, wearing a lousy lobster hat, being half naked in Italy…mmm loving the good old days!

    But when we start obsessing over him accidentaly showing some flesh underneath his shirt and drinking coke…well I’d probably still dig it…but it’s becoming even more embarrassing to confess it! *sigh*

    Sorry Rob, but our relationship just went from ‘in the closet’ to ‘in the secret room behind the locked closet’. But hey, at least we won’t be disturbed in there *evil grin* …

  40. Ahmen- I’m so glad someone else feels the same way I do. I’ve felt so guitly these past few weeks, like it was my fault he’s been hounded like an animal.
    In an effort to do my part to put the sparkle back in those beautiful eyes. I vow to stop watching gossip shows, looking at the mag/rags( I never buy but I do look) and LTR will be my only daily Robstop. ( No way am I giving you guys up). Summitt and his management need to wake up and start taking better care of their meal ticket.

    • dont feel guilty! i still look at all that stuff i mostly just want him to go on a vacation and leave NYC so we can see something new or for him to go away for a few days!

  41. I want to know every single detail of his day, I want to see every picture from the set and I want to know exactly where he is any given moment…. FOR ME.

    I want him to have time for himself and inner piece and be able to walk the streets unnoticed….FOR HIM.

    But I know this crazyness has to stop soon or our boy might quit acting altogether and move to above mention English country estate and leave us with no news for years. That’s my biggest fear.
    We know if he stops tomorrow, he is set financially for life. I think he is the person who could do it, cut the hollywood-style-celebrity-life and go away.

    • yes, and I think eventually, he will *sniff, sniff*.

      • That’s sad isn’t it? 😦

    • I agree…at the rate everything is going, it almost seems inevitable. *sadness*.

    • “I want to know every single detail of his day, I want to see every picture from the set and I want to know exactly where he is any given moment…. FOR ME.

      I want him to have time for himself and inner piece and be able to walk the streets unnoticed….FOR HIM.”

      perfectly said! i still love all this stuff i love rob, i love pics i just want a break for a few days.

  42. It makes my day to see new pics, but I wish they would leave him alone. If we really wanted it to stop, we could start a boycott on the Roberazzi (if someone else hasn’t already, I’m coining that phrase – I never come up with stuff like that, high five, somebody…). I just don’t know if I’m ready for a break, yet. I know he’s ready, though *sniffles*.

  43. He needs to go back to London. He must feel like some animal in a zoo all day with those damn paps and crazy fans.

    I voted for more TomStu, where is the option for more RobStu or Sambert? we need more bromance.

  44. Is it possible to have to much Rob? I don’t know what to answer to this one, b/c I want more of Rob. But not this much, KWIM? I want to know about good stuff happening to him, about his new projects and all… I don’t need to know about every.move.he makes. in a sidewalk. I want better than this. That’s what I’m trying to say…

    Have you felt the over saturation in the past few weeks? YES, and that’s exactly why I stopped to do my usual Rob-stalk. And I am doing fine! Hoping to be refreshed for “Eclipse” stuff.

    • yes get refreshed cause it’s gonna hit soon! im excited!!

  45. dude… for real. I stopped checking my usual 5 sites a day because I just can’t take it anymore I still check you guys though because of posts like this. I love him… but the 24 hour tabs on the dude is ruining everything. I had to unfollow a couple rob news twitters. I really don’t care if Rob took the four steps necessary to get from his trailer to emilies to run through a scene. Give it a break people!
    I will say that, the day in Italy when all those pics came raining in of shirtless Rob was one of the best days in Rob reporting history.
    If he wants to walk around naked again I would most def be interested that he is now “standing on the set with a coke”
    Go away Rob. Make me miss you while you’re gone. Play a crappy night club somewhere in NY and let someone take crappy video on it from their cell phone…

    • Topless Rob in Italy was a great day 🙂

      How many times did people ask what were those dots?

      Is that really KStew or her stand in?

      Who is the dude behind rob?

      WHY was the dude behind Rob?

      Were the abs real?

      Were the abs fake?

      Isn’t Rob totally gorgeous?

      🙂 Happy days 🙂

  46. Absence does make the heart grow fonder…Thanks, Moon, for reminding us, you are always so spot on in your thoughts…we must be psychic twins…
    The good thing is that if he goes to Oz or NZ for Captives, which I think is where Hugh Jackman said they would be filming…well, I don’t think the paps will be such an issue, nor will screaming fangirls. When LOTR was filming, only the true die-hards showed up.

    • OHHHH it will film in oz or nz?! thatll be SOO awesome for you all!

      and let’s tune up our psychic abilities so we’re on the same wave when he’s down with you!

  47. I may be in oversaturation mode, too. I’m eagerly awaiting New Moon press time because while pictures are good, interviews and videos and clips are much, MUCH better! Ellen reminded me of that yesterday. Plus, you gals had to get pretty damn creative during those long days without Rob.

    • yes! im fine with having to be crazy creative!!! it’s almost better that way we’re forced to be out of box in our posts!

  48. I’ve found myself visually dissecting each grainy picture available of Richard (on the Ellen show, at Rob’s birthday, you know…) in hopes of finding a husband that looks like him. SO THAT OUR KIDS CAN LOOK LIKE ROB.

    I would love my son more if he looked like Rob. No question.

  49. I love that just when I am thinking about something, you guys write about what I had in mind myself.

    I feel bad for him because he’s becoming so overexposed. Plus, you barely see him smile anymore. Did you guys catch the video coming out the restaurant? Where he told the pap to find another vocation and that he wasn’t very talented? He seemed drunkedly pissed. And then Nick had to intervene, and…

    See, I’ve already seen too much of him…

    Still love him though, but, still too much.

  50. i agree w/ you guys here, that he’s too over exposed now. that “innocence” is gone. wasnt himself that said that he’s always appologizing for what he’s said in interviews.. now the questions are always so redundant the same ol’ that im sure he’s just tired of it himself.
    im surprised that he hasnt had some sort of freak out on a red carpet and done something spontaneous bc HE feels like it.. not bc its gonna be for publicity or something.
    i miss the rob where the questions asked, “whats your dream date” his response was [*w/ hunnieb*]… i mean, “A date would be great”

    ❤ still love him, but need to take a breather and when i do see him, then i can tackle, i mean pounce….. i mean admire him for what he was in the first place that made me fall.

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