Letters to Twilight

Obviously you’re a Robert Pattinson fanatic, so we think it’s safe to assume you also love Twilight and all things related to it!

Check out Letters to Twilight to see what the latest news is on Kellan Lutz or Mike Newton. Or maybe you’re dying to write a letter to Stephenie Meyer to convince her that you will absolutely die if she doesn’t finish Midnight Sun. 

Did you think you were alone in your utter obsession with Twilight? You’re not. We promise.

Twilight Cast


  1. We actually started a pettition for Stephenie to finish Midnight Sun!
    We have pages full of signatures and we wish that on May 13th Robert Pattinson will come to our town and wish my friend a happy birthday she’ll be so happy! That will make her day and the best birthday ever because Robert came to her Birthday.
    O and if he does come please tell him to dress like Edward Cullen she loves him. Adios.
    Does anyone know his number? ( Robert)

    • @fans of edward well, let’s HOPE that your petition causes steph to finish MS! i’d sign that!

      and I agree- that would be the BEST bday present ever!

    • hey

    • Oh where can we sign the petition?! Stephenie Meyer is such a great writer. I love the Twilight saga. I have started reading The Host, which is also really good!

      Ahh I wish I could meet Robert in personal too, but I guess that is really hard :P.

    • Beth: You have to finish Midnight sun. I have read it on the enternet. AND YOU HAVE TO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Sarah: hello i have already read the first chapter and am dyeing to read the rest. I have also started writing a book that you influensed me to write.

      Love Beth and Sarah

      • you are not supposed to read it on the internet thats why steph wont publish it so dont go and ask other ppls to read it! i actually CARE about her and she doesnt want to publish it now bcoz of ppls like YOU

        • Stephanie out Midnight Sun draft on her website because of the leaks. Yes I want her to finish it too but still she put it in the public domain duh!

        • actually she said she wants people to read it, but was disappointed that someone went behind her back and leaked, thats why you can read it on her official website. you MORON.
          P.S MIA you don’t care about her you just have an unhealthy obsession with figments of her imagination.

      • OMG! same here. It’s a twilight book, all about a girl who is forced to leave the cullens and go to the Voltaire where they then train her, she ends up being sent back home with not a memory in her head about her days there. She came back as if she had just went to the store. But when she earns her final power and becomes the strongest vamp, the Voltaire comes back to take her where they then have a war with Lauren as there strongest. Lauren also becomes the most powerful vamp in the world cause she has mastered all powers. when that happens you get every power a vamp could have. Lauren was Edwards Best friend, when she left for six months he then met Bella. Where when Lauren came home, She got mad and all of her rage caused the power up. ( my story is pretty different cause vamps have more than one power. but most don’t try to earn more than one.) My story in each chapter, it is Lauren’s side or Edward’s. If you would like to get the story, just e-mail me. ( if u want my e-mail go to any of my websites, go to this one….www.girlslovecandy.webs.com

    • I ope tat it works out and she will finis it. I also hope that Robert signs the petition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • i read in a interview Stephenie has done, in it, she says she will will finish it one day, but only when the millions have “forgot about it” and she ” hasn’t heard about it for “about 2 years”. i personally would love to read it finish book i have read the first few chapters on her website). But i dont see how it will happen if everyone is still talking about it.

  2. Who’s your favorite vampire?


    • Dracula

    • it is Alice!

  3. well all i have to do is send her the petition and maybe she’ll consider it i also wrote a letter to try to convince her

  4. my friend is lucky to have her bday the same day rob has his ( i think) .
    what is steph’s adress if anyone knows cause i need to send her the pettition

  5. and by the way and knows how to contact Robert Pattinson?? do they need people to play roles in new moon?

    • we’ll new moon is done, but i have is e-mail

  6. I really want Stephenie Meyer to finish Midnight Sun. I love Twilight and I really want to read MS. You should try and send that petition to Stephenie Meyer. It would help A LOT!!!

  7. OMG!!!! everytime i read twilight i can see everything in my head & i would soooooo luv 2 meet every twilight charachter but most of all robert pattinson hes sooooo my fav person ever hes adorable and sooooo vey talented hes like perfect and any girl who even gets to be with him for a minute is the luckiest person on earth!!!!

  8. and oh year i rlly wish stephenie meyer would finish midnight sun i’m already dieing to see the movie and i cant wait to be able to have another awesome twilight book to read!!!!!!

    • hey there! Im a super HUGE rob pattinson fan, and i sure hope stephanie finishes MS!! Do you have any contact details for rob and do you maybe know if he’s thinkin’ ’bout coming to south africa? Lots of love to rob mwa

      • sorry Kim! We don’t have any rob contact details or know anything about him except that he’s smokin’ hot! hugs

        • well if you get any cont with him do you think you cold get his # and give it yo some of the twilight fans

          • i think that ur ugly stupid and dumb

  9. yo if u agree w/ my comments e-mail me at (katie_wise_14@yahoo.com

  10. hey guys doesn’t anyone know her mailing adress?
    Yah that sounds stalkerish but its a good kind (for twilight fans).
    the only thing i have to contact her is myspace but i dont want to send her a mess. saying”hey steph please finish MS i even made a petition for you to finish” that would just block me from beeing her friend

  11. Where is the petition at? There might be an email address or contact info for her agent or whatever on her website. It’d have to go through someone first anyway probably because she probably gets tons of emails… but yeah, something like that would probably get forwarded or at least mentioned if enough people signed it.

    My birthday is May 13th too :). I almost died when I heard that. I’m exactly one year older than he is…

  12. belo

  13. omg i love ever boy in twilight..lol i cant wait to meet them emmet carlise jacob jaspher and of corse edward!!!! i love himm caint wait tilll new moon comes out!!!!!

  14. Hiiii
    ameii o


  15. Heyy u guyys:) I am a HUGE Rob fan:) Who isn’t but anyway… I would just like to say that the petition idea is awsome and that having to meet Rob is the best birthday present ever. I hope to meet him oneday too but again who doesn’t… I just can’t wait for the rest of the Twilight Saga to come out:)

  16. Edward Cullen is soo cute and sweet
    i wish i knew who he was like i could talk to him and stuff bella should be soo lucky that she gets a guy like him in the books even though he isnt real.. i still love him i keep thinkin maybe he will respond to all of his fans by goin and meeting us at our houses or something.!
    I love Edward(Robert)<3

    • @lils it would be amazing to have the ‘real’ edward cullen at our house, huh?

  17. i really love rob but who in here does’nt he is really good looking but of course you know that i really like his personality and sense of humor thats what i like most about him he is so much more than just a pretty face and so talented to i hope to meet him one day as does all of you i hope i am not to old for him haha. jusr 6 years older oh well i can dream.

  18. Dear,Rob I love the movie TWILIGHT and MOSTLY because YOU played in it. I have a lunch box,jacket,shirt,posters,and a pin that sais TEAM EDWARD. If i was the derecter of TWILIGHT I would have toled you to make BELLA a VAMPIER…!…!…!…!…!

    • Dear,brittany your RIGHT I LOVE Rob too…!…!…!…!…!

  19. Omg. I just viewed the LTT site, and fell out of my chair laughing! The “lost scripts” or whatever – genius. Just….genius. I’ll never look at Twilight the same again….

    (the waterfall was my favorite. “You’re amazing”, “No, you’re amazing”….ROFLMAO)

  20. robert pattinson, the greatest actor in romance movies of all time!!!!! and so handsome and gorgeous guy that lives on the face of the earth. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Changed your link on my site- awesome news that you’re moving to your own domain! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  22. I Think Stephenie Meyer Should Finsh Midnight Sun! The Partial Draft On Her Website Is Not Enough!!! 🙂

  23. I love Midnight Sun, and i think Stephenie Meyer should finish it 🙂

  24. I love Rob in The bad mother’s hansbook:D he is soooo cute :D<3

  25. So ladies, I love reading your site and the blogs…. quite entertaining! Well, last night while hanging out with a bottle of wine a thought occurred to me. Remember the “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton” movie? (Josh Duhamel was my future husband joke at work, until I saw Twilight) I think Rob should have to do a real live contest like that. Although, contest rules would have to have multiple winners so we could all get our fix!! Great idea, don’t you think? Ha! That’s what a few glasses of wine and some GQ pics of Rob do to you.


  27. Does any one know how i can contact Stephenie Meyer im going to start a twiligth fan club at my school and were all going to write her letter and ask her to keep writing Midnigth Sun!!!

    please help if you can would truely appreciate it

  28. there is so much material to work with for a fifth book, i need to sent stephenie meyer a letter does anyone have her email address, or anyway i can send a letter to her

  29. i so wish midnight sun to be finished …. love to see edward’s view in everything not just bella’s … don’t you think …lol… supporting stephanie meyer .. and begging on my hands and knees to finish midnight sun… PLEASE

  30. Omg!! i a huge fan of the Twilight books is really amazing for i started by watching the movie then i had a friends tell me about the book and that when i really started t be more interested in the books.I really hope she finishes and publish midnight sun because these books are great!! Great job with the casting Robert P. is so hot that just puts everyting so perfectly for this series.

  31. @kc sunshine That is an awesome idea. Imagine what a bottle of wine and actually havn Rob there would get you doin. hehe

  32. Omfg… i love twilight and robert pattinson

    seriously no joke i fell in love with dis guy, hes the ONE , hes got the whole package. I need to see him personaly. People this is important. I need help to see him. It would be a dream come true if i met him. I need any upcoming updates or anything from him.
    my email katherine_ramos1@yahoo.com

  33. i love you robert

  34. im gonna meet Robert! seriously! he is coming to my friends b-day party in may cause she is friends with his cousin. he has already agreed to cum! i cant wait!

    • ciara please take lots of pictures and let us know what Rob is like! can’t believe he is cumming to your friends bday party!

  35. well anyone is lucky enough to date ROBERT… he is a hot guy! well hope he stays single… no offensive… but hes an idiot cause he proposed to Kristen which is stupid……. he should find someone new deffinately NOT HER!

  36. not really a response to you but to see if i get one fron you…going to the derby? are you single? surely theres a hot hollywood celeb with a nice a-s and chi chi’s…..if not you might get lucky in Kentucky… you got my email address and pix….write me a note and/or sing one too! lol lots of love glenda lots of fun here in town…..

  37. hi edward ,i love twilight i read all the books!i think you and bella make a great couple! i know you guys say your just friends but i would love love love if you would date!!!!!!!!!!

    your biggest fan,kaela age 10

  38. I think that Edward is SO HOT

    • I wish Edward can come to my school

  39. i read all the twilight books and it was amazing!!! Rob 4 hottest man alive 🙂 hehe. . I love rob!!!

  40. i read all the twilight books and it was amazing!!! Rob 4 hottest man alive 🙂 hehe. . I love rob!!! Kim from south africa, age 15

  41. Dear plebs,
    you’re all rather silly. Hes rather silly.
    the books rather silly, oh, and guess what, the films rather silly.
    Hope they all die in the second film.
    Your BFFFL’s
    Steph && Becca.

    • hmmm ur silly too

    • …What are you guys on? *peers* If they weren’t vamps and therefor already dead, I’d be insulted.

      • lol

  42. Rob you so fantastic!!!
    I love you!!!
    You the best!!!!
    love you

  43. The first time i saw robert i thought he was a hottie I would like to date him!!!!!!!!!!

  44. i have read all the books, watched twilight once, didn’t know who robert pattinson was until i found his song on my friends myspace page, am i really out of touch?

    • yes 🙂

      • hahahaha i figured as much! damn !

  45. i also read all the twilight books and the 12 chapters of midnight sun… i’m addicted!!! ( 7 times!!!)
    but, i have a problem… why Robert said…hate hi’s live???
    13 may is his birthday … 23 !!! Wonderful!!!

    C’est magnifique!!!


    Mariana from Romania


  46. I’m a really big Twilight fan. I’ve read all the books. New Moon took me 3 days, Eclipse took me 3 days, and Breaking Dawn took me 4 days only because i had to work. Stephanie u ROCK!!!!!! Would love to meet u someday. Oh! don’t know if this question has ever been asked but, does Rob like older women. Would loves to here him sing in person.

  47. dear twilight creaters and cast,
    i’m you’re biggest fan an i could beat any one else how says otherwise. just to make my self herd. ha ha ha ha ha ha.
    i love twilight its the best film ever and after a day at school i lounge around and whatch twilight its my 67th time of whatching twilight since it came out i now the words of-by-heart. It’s not that i just love edward its the hole film and the plot the way it’s so grabbing and its like twilight is my own brand of herion. i’v got robert pattison’s cd and i lissten and i know i’m only 13 but i love classical music and i think the way rob says his lyrics in the songs is so over powering and special. thank you for reading my letter and i’m of to whatch twilight agenand read the books for the 38th time. i have all the books and have read them 38 times and i kep a record of this so i dont forget. pluss my friends at school all call my twilight adicts witch i am thets face it i just cant get anuff i love the plots and how they describe the charecters really well its actchally amazing and i dont think i’ve read so much in my life, but i like to start with twilight and new moon, eclipes and breaking dawn. eclipes is my favourate because of the battle between life and death, edward and jacob over bella, but the last book made my cry because of the battle over renesmee and how she’s not aloude to holde her when she wakes up it’s sad but it ends up all happy forever and ever.

    toddles hannah…x

  48. Hey, tell rob….
    TAKE A DOG DAMN SHOWER u stink.. not in the actor way the stinky way

    ROBERT IS SO CUTE 😛 😛 😛 😀

  49. he is too cute to even be real and he should be in more movies

  50. I read stories like hell……i have a huge collection of books….never did any author’s story make me cry like that of twilight…keep up the good job stephanie…pls complete midnight sun and all the following series…..we love u……we lov ur books…we lov ur charecters………u r the best…if u don’t complete the books we r going to go insane…..pls……………………………

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