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  1. love you grrrls. truly. but what is your definition of ‘gayspice’, exactly? (yeah, i linked here from twitter and your “That’s just gayspice” comment.)

    it kinda makes me sad that you’re using it the way it seems you are. tell me i’m wrong, please.

    and ps: happy birthday, uc!

    • gayspice means “lame”
      as in ‘UC plugging her birthday on twitter all day long is lame” cuz it truly is.

  2. yeah, but…why connect/equate lame with gay? i guess that’s what i’m getting at.

    (btw, please say hi to rob for me. i understand he’s with you on your special day πŸ˜‰ )

    • i never thought about it- it’s a phrase that has been around for as long as i can remember speaking (not lame-spice! that one is new) so I never questioned it. I guess you’d have to do some research and ask for the first person who ever called it that. why did they call happy people/situations “gay” back in the 50s!? who knows! words are words and can mean lots of different things. i love all my gay friends (and the ones here on our blog) and would never call them lame. unless they do something lame like hate twilight. then i’d call them lame πŸ™‚ cuz that’s LAMEEEEEEEEEEE

  3. dude! what is going on with the “forum”?????? keeps telling me “page load error”. I have been lurking for weeks and the Robsten thread is like my crack! HAHA I NEED IT!! HELP!! LOL

  4. Love you girls πŸ™‚ I need to work on my affiliates page. Because I am lamespice.

  5. gayspice is/ means… “a little bit o’ something extra in the pot to make it interesting”, Like cumin. πŸ˜› why limit your choices!

  6. Hiya!

    I emailed you asking about being an special friend and you did reply and say yes, I’ve added you but noticed you’ve not added me yet 😦 could you email me please!

    Thanks πŸ˜€ Vicki

  7. Twilight was so totally cool.It had a lot of meaning .I just wish icould meet you but i can’t because I’m in Trinidad.Anyway you acted great in the movies.

  8. I are in Brasil, Twilight is sucess,
    But, leave no be you because fame!!!
    Here, you is looks very fun!!
    marvel you and his job.
    modest be , is the principal idea!

  9. Hey Robert, ill admit that your pretty hot and yes it would be awesome to have you as a boyfriend. but i wouldnt fight with my family and abbuse the cops to get you attendion do people not realise that this is only and movie and that your completely different in reality. well i would like to get to know you better in person so feel free to email me and learn about you on the out side as mates

  10. you are a good looking guy for your age its just a pitty that you are not older i would fall for you my self

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