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We are the Rob – Peace among Robert Pattinson Fans!


Hands across Rob-merica

Dear LTR-ers, Rob fans, Rob Bloggers and crazies,

Lately with all the Rob news and rumors and nonsense we’ve been feeling a rift among the fandom. Many fans have taken sides to declare their allegiance, their friends, their foes, and what they will and will not stand up for. But we want to bridge the divide between the Nonstens and the Robstens, the TammyO* style commenters, the waring Rob bloggers, and the haters in general. First let’s start with a ritual airing of our grievances so we can better understand each other… I’ve polled the different sides of the argument to get a consensus on why we all feel the way we do…

Robsteners Say:

  • The nonstens need to get a grip if they are upset that Rob is with Kristen and not THEM! If his needs are being met, great – MacyBlair
  • I get tired of Nonstens thinking they know what’s best for Rob, he’s a big boy – Robpattzlove27
  • ROB-fucking-sten all the way. The others are delusional & I’ll fucking tell them to their faces. You bitches are blind – Brooke
  • How can the nonstens deny what’s right in front of them? and be so mean?! – boz1320
  • Nonsters = Dont like em cuz they take every shred logical evidence and DENY cuz they want Rob for themselves – Veravanye
  • I know a real life nonsten and she thinks she has a better chance if Kristen’s out of the picture. that’s real delusion – Sparkletwilight

We seriously (seriously) solve World wide Rob peace after the cut, PLEASE JOIN US!

Nonsteners Say:

  • Thumbs up to us ALL!!

    Thumbs up to us ALL!!

    In my opinion most Robsteners are 14yrs old who can’t see the difference beteewn characters in a book and real life people. The only reason they want Rob and Kristen to be together is because they want Bella and Edward to be together. – Veddersgirl

  • I don’t like Robstens because they over-analyze every photo and it makes all the rest of us fans look bad. – Disconap
  • “Cuz they ARE Bella & Edward for real, their love is for real” (not *my* opinion) – MaliciousMandy
  • Nothing personal against them – just worried for the future of the movies should things go awry. Not that they’re glorious pieces of cinematic brilliance, but that pent up sexual tension could do wonders for Isle Esme. Just sayin’! Also, the belligerent Robsteners kinda scare me – Heyyyybrother
  • They can & DO get along. Both just have to be open minded & not stubborn – JBell

Don’t give a crapsteners Say:

  • YES, I want them to “all just get along” and shut the eff up. Who gives a flying fucksten? I am tired of thinking about it. But a porn tape would be nice – Janetrigs
  • It’s the vehement “one or the others” that become too hard to deal with. All opinions should be supported without shoving either down anyone’s throat.Marta
  • I think they are all morons. LET THERE BE PEACE! *gets out peace pipe* – Kortnii
  • It’s insane how every little detail is nit picked by each side no matter how minute but then Robstens/Nonstens are the ones who freak when the Pappz does something that invades Rob and Kristen’s privacyVickyb
  • Recently converted to Crapsten. Everyone loses their senses of humor over the issue. In real life, it’s nobody’s business. – Freya



Pattinson Pants Lady Says:

  • Yep, it’s me. They’re my jeans. Just made them for fun. Nothing better to do one day. Only been to one Twilight function. Comic Con. Wore them the first time to How to Be screening. Again, just for fun. His biggest fan? (fattest? maybe…biggest? nope) Not his biggest fan. Never stalked him or anything. I do work. Only wore the jeans twice, but I’m TRULY happy that I could give y’all something to make fun of. I’ll go ahead and retire them since they seem to upset everyone so much. *sigh* You should know me though. I’m a nice person. Wouldn’t say anything bad about any of you.

TammyO* the comment hater says:

  • F@CK YOU ALL! Its comments like these that piss me the hale off…well let me tell you something you crazy obsessed fangirl/cougar whatever you are.. you would be so lucky to have the talent/money/fame thats she has..but we all know what you really want is her freaking BF who wouldnt even let you sniff his stinky azz feet after wearing those shitious GD nikes he’s been wearing for years..
  • You need to watch what your saying because what ever you do and say about one person comes back doublefold you tw@t..and I’ll gladly take my punishment for telling your azz kindly go to the gates of hale..your daddy lucifer is waiting to let you in you evil f@ck
  • You’re all ugly!

Rob Bloggers fight over:

  • Are you recognized?

    Are you recognized?

    You didn’t site your source for that news/translation! And I’m mad about it!

  • You scooped my EXCLUSIVE news item/image/video/whatever and called it your own!
  • You stole my idea/my commenters/my sayings
  • We are SUMMIT endorsed, you are not!
  • How can you post paparazzi pictures and live with yourselves?! We are paparazzi FREE!

Whew, you all have a lot to say about this fandom!

So with the inspiration of a one Ms Janetrigs, our lawyer in residence and with the immense help and creativity of Kristin: forum moderator and lyricist extraordinaire,  we’ve come up with a fan anthem to bring us all together. Now gals and lost Unicorns, let’s all hold hands in a circle around a shrine of Rob campfire and sing. Yes, ALL of us:  Robsten, Nonsten, Don’t give a crapsten, Haters, Tammy O, The Pattinson Pants Lady, Bloggers and Rob himself to sing our very own song of peace: We Are The Rob (sung to the tune of We Are The World by Micheal Jackson with USA for Africa, video with music below).

*Now to get the full effect play the video below and sing along with these special lyrics. DO IT!*

We are the Rob

There comes a time when we feel the Twilight call
When the Fandom must come together as one
There are fangirls crying
Oh, and it’s time to lend a hand to Rob
The greatest Vampire of all

We can’t go on fighting day by day
Hoping Robsten and Nonsten will soon make a change
We’re all a part of Steph’s great Twi family
And the truth
You know Rob is all we need

( CHORUS #1 )
We are the Rob, we are the fandom
We are the fans who make a plaid-er day so let’s keep Tweeting
There are pics to post now, we’re saving in our files
There’s a Twicon comin’ to town, so why dont we meet?

We’ll, send’em some beer so they know the fandom cares
And their Tweets will be drunker and free
As Rob has shown us, by getting trashed at night
and so the dumpster is where we shall meet

( CHORUS #2 )
We live for Rob, we want to lick him
We are the ones who quote his words with grace, so shut-up-in-yo-face
Rob’s a force we’re fighting, sometimes we get hormonal
but we keep on lovin’ his face cause “that’s normal”

When your clothes are dirty, and you have nothing clean at all
you can do just like Rob, and on your friends you can call
Well, well, well, when you realize that you can borrow the “Patty Pants”
They’re elastic: we can wear them together as one


So are we ready to declare peace in the Fandom?! What do you think?

Hands across Rob-merica yall!

PS are you musically talented? Are you tone deaf?! We want to hear YOU singing “We are the Rob!” Even if it’s only a line or it’s the whole song we want to hear it, we’ve got special plans ahead! Email us your version of “We Are the Rob!!”

Special Thanks to: All the twitter folks for participating! Janetrigs for inspiration! Kristin for helping with “We Are the Rob” lyrics! XO!

Head over to Letters to Twilight for some super awesome radical Twilight “Post Secrets,” Seriously it’s awesome
Hold hands and sing with your fellow fans in the forum
Wanna be apart of the fun? Are you following us on Twitter?

*TammyO is the craziest, whackiest, meanest commenter we’re ever had at LTR/LTT and we now refer to all crazies in the comments as TammyO style commenters.



  2. ROFL!
    “We Are The Rob”.
    I will now sing that whenever I next hear that song.
    And I’m with niahid:
    Peace, Love & Rob!


    • I think all comments from now on should sign off with Peace, Love, & Rob. It’s only natural with these trying times we’re living in.

      Peace, Love & Rob,

  3. I used to be a nonsten…but now I switched over to I don’t give a fucksten…cuz srsly these people aint gonna pay my bills LOL…or I’m more like TEAM MOONSTEN :D…you know one min i think they are and the next I dont and so on and lets be real here the chances of Rob falling for me…shiiiiit I have a better chance of winning the lotto in which case I would use such money to travel with vickyb following ‘certain’ brit singers that make us swoon! Right vickyb??? 😉

    • team moonsten LIVES

      • I can visit on Team Moonsten, but at heart I’m Team Katesten

  4. Awwh. That was so sweet it brought a tear to my eye! Can we all hand out shoelace bracelets and all be friends again? No? Well, if you change you minds I’ll be down at the gates of Hale waiting for Daddy Lucifer. Ugly Tw@ts.

    • See ya there you evil f@ck.

      • I CAN”T STOP LAUGHING!! I’m on a new team, it’s called “Calm the fuck Downsten”. The crazy shiz happening over the two of them is hilarious. I hate the thought of it but hey, if I could bang him on the regular I totes would so I won’t hold it against her.

        • “Calm the fuck Downsten”

          Love it!

        • HAHA! Can I join that team?

        • I’m with you girls! LMAO

          • you can totes join!! the more the merrier, we’ll have t-shirts and car wash fundraisers!


        • You most definitely took the words directly from my mouth. Calm the fuck Downsten lives! 😀

    • friendship bracelets and daddy lucifer

  5. Loved the lyrics. Did you cpyright that shit befor MTV does? hahahaha
    I can’t sing so I will not embarece myself to send you my audio.

    BTW what’s wrong with Tammy O? Does she have ADHD? Do I need to Call doctor Cullen?

    To Pattinson Pants Lady: ..PLEASE bring back the Pattinson Pants for pattinsonsake !!

  6. OMG Chorus #2 equals funniest ever! Whahahaha

    “We are the ones who quote his words with grace, so shut-up-in-yo-face”

    “They’re elastic: we can wear them together as one”

    I love you all! Even TammyO. This quote made me fall in love with her: “You’re all ugly!”

  7. That song was all kinds of awesome!

    I know I come across as a Nonsten because I make fun of Kristen…and I don’t really care that I do. I make fun of her because A: it’s fun to make fun of people, I enjoy it, and 2: she gave me so much to work with!

    It just irks me that there has to be a battle of wits (whenever Rob and Kristen are involved) between the Robstens and Nonstens. Sadly, the Robstenites (well, the die hard, TammyO kind anyway) come unarmed to the battlefield.

    IF you can’t handle the snark…stay out of the kitchen!


    • I love Rob but I don’t feel a need to defend him against people who don’t. That’s the part I don’t get.Unless you’re not Rob or Kristen’s mother you shouldn’t get so undone that not everyone loves him/her.

      • That should be Unless you ARE, not “are not”.

    • HAHAHHAA “IF you can’t handle the snark…stay out of the kitchen!”

      we on a missioN!

  8. you guys are absolutely, completely (dare i say irrevocably?) hilarious.

    • that’s what stephenie said

      • Stephanie gave you a thumbs down. I guess she never said that.

    • but what about our CHAGRIN?!

      (anyone? anyone? thumbs down?)

  9. I will be spending my next day off arranging “we are the rob” in garage band. I smell a top 40 hit!!

    • YESSSS we need your lovely voice to help us sing we are the rob!

  10. I used to be a nonsten, now I’m an “I-don’t-give-a-crapsten”. I just hope the boy is gettin’ some. He works a lot and needs to relieve some stress.

  11. Don’t I feel special today? And I’ll repeat what I said last night: the pent up sexual tension just make the leg hitch and Isle Esme scenes all the more saucy and realistic since Edward’s been a total boxtease up til BD!

    Prepping for what is guaranteed to be a crazy day in the comments… Bring it on TammyO!

    • I don’t know why, but the use of the word “boxtease” totally cracked me up.
      Love you!

      • Boxtease is my new best word.

      • Boxtease is brillspice.

        • WIN!

    • I had to look up “box tease” in the urban dictionary. I’ve learned a new phrase. LTR is entertaining and educational!

      • It’s on urban dictionary? Sweet. I’ve never heard anyone else use it before… I have a penchant for making up words. Fun for all!

      • I had to look up “jack hammer”.

      • and educational! LMFAO

    • i declared “box tease” to be the newest addition to the ltr/ltt dictionary last night. SO money.

      • Next to “boxtease” on urbandictionary is the following quote:

        “… then he led me into deeper water.”

        • You win!

        • Where is this dictionary? I need it to link to when I use these words in official correspondence!

  12. You’re dumb and so am I. I love are silliness.
    However, I must give a kudos to Kristin for her lyricisim. She has massive talent.

    Thanks for the pimping, so much for being on the DL. But for real, everyone who reads this is kewl to know it’s me anyhow.

    PS Please let there be PEACE TODAY, PLEASE!
    If you feel at all pissy, I ORDER YOU to go take a shower with Alex, NOW–>

    • Peace be with you.

      • And also with you!

        • We lift up our hearts.
          We lift them up to the Rob.

          • It is right to give Him thanks and praise.

            (Former Catholic here. I still love me some Mass.)

          • By ‘hearts’ do you mean ‘boobs’?

          • Hahah! Catholic School girls, holla!

            I did mean “boobs”. Rob knows what I meant. And so did you. 🙂

          • holy shit catholic school girls in da house..

    • I’m sorry do I need to get my rosary?

      • YES, or your “pearl necklace”. Yes, I went there.

        • I love pearls…….

        • I love you!!!!

        • Thumbs up for going there.

          • I ♥ U Janetrigs! LMAO!

    • “YES, I want them to “all just get along” and shut the eff up. Who gives a flying fucksten? I am tired of thinking about it. But a porn tape would be nice – Janetrigs ”

      ❤ you J for keeping it real……..I also would love the porn tape….Hhhhmmmmm what does that say about us?
      Yeah..I know "THAT'S NORMAL"!!!!

    • i thought you were pimping it out!!!!!!!

      • Believe you me, if J had the tape she WOULD share….she lurves us greatly and couldn’t with-hold…..we are one in IWTV..

  13. UC & Moon-
    You have outdone yourselves this time! Uniting the fandom in peace & love-with a song, no less. I think you should host a LTR convention, where we can all get together, stand around in a circle and sing it.

    This is why I love coming here-it truly is a community, for the most part everyone gets along and we can revel in our normalcy ( and lust for Rob).

    Really, think about the convention. Maybe we could burn TammyO in effigy inside the song circle? Kidding.

    • the convention would involve a magnum of champange, a dozen half eaten cupcakes (couldnt wait till i got to the con) and a wrinkle poster of rob i stole out of a bop magazine at borders.

      i love it already!

  14. Thanks for getting PPLs take on it b/c you know Rob and her are REALLY close (he handmade those pants for her himself – right after he sewed the vodka shirt back up).

    And I’m a little confused…was TammyO* trying to be funny? Because her comments were hilar! If she was trying to be a hater, I think she should reconsider. I’m sure she would have a bright future in stand up.

    The Lyrics? Golden!

  15. Deep down we are all the same…Rob fans!!

  16. I will sing along…
    but I want Kim Carnes’ 2 solo lines. Please, and thank you.

    • only if we can sing it in 2 part harmony. like all good indigo girls do

  17. I’m a proud out and out Robsten..but I always clarify and say I’m not a “crazy” Robsten….which means I will not yell at you, swear at you, or call you delusional (ok…I might do the last one) if you don’t agree.

    I love lots of Nonstens and Crapstens alike – World Rob Peace and all that….

    Most Robstens i know are married, and most Nonstens are single and the crapstens fall either way….It seems those of us who already have found our life partner can more easily let go of the fantasy that Rob will ever be ours…Not that I’d turn him away if he showed up at my door – my hubs would have to understand… 🙂

    Now, I have to get back to my home economics class in 8th grade (per @veddersgirl – who is a nonsten that I <3)

    • (Raises hand) Married and won’t let go.

      • Same here

      • So you are married and Nonsten, is that right?

        Just getting my facts straight for my research 🙂

    • I’m also married but won’t let go…of my fantasy that is. LOL.

  18. God, that Brooke is such a major bitch. I’m also positive that she’s a big liar. I also kinda hate her. I mean, who effing says that stuff? She’s rude and obtuse.

    I also wonder if ANYTHING she says is ever not laced with extreme sarcasm…


    PS – Anyone else imagining TammyO’s head exploding right about now? $1 says she already has 4 messages in UC and Moon’s spam filter. HA!

    • It’s not very nice of you to call that girl a bitch. Especially not on “We are the Rob” day. Rob would hate this. Thumbs down for you! NEH


    • I kinda loved what Brooke said re: Robsten. I wish I had enough guts to say it too 🙂

    • I really don’t feel strongly about it. I just love to stir the pot. I do think they are together or banging, but don’t really care if they are or not.

      • you get a thumbs up for composing a pretty littel rhyme 😀

      • LIAR!!! brooke!!! im sicing tammy o on you!

  19. Just a thought: Maybe AmanDUH could make a video for We Are the Rob? We know she’s got the moves and her hubs could play Rob.

    • OMG! WIN!!!

    • She would totally love that! AmanDUH is always in for a challange.

    • FOR THE WIN!! This is the best idea yet….can we all be in the chorus??

    • OMG!!! our original song sung by AMANDUH?! i would DIE. so perfs. and “special” edward!!

    • No No! I actually have fond childhood memories of We are the World and the love a lot of the artists who sing in it! Don’t give AmanDUH any ideas!

    • TOTAL WIN…

  20. YAY for peace, love & Rob! The song was hilarious!

  21. We live for Rob, we want to lick him
    We are the ones who quote his words with grace, so shut-up-in-yo-face

    The above can only be categorized as GLORIOUS!

    Funny thing about this song….I just wrote a spoof of it for a play we did at work not too long ago (its a yearly event…company morale or something)…and I somehow ended up in charge of writing the one for next year…I smell a Twilight theme!!

    As for Robsten, Nonsten, etc….can we add a new category?


    C’mon, it has a nice ring to it!

    • ‘Zeesbert’ reminds me of ‘Seabert’. And cute white seals make me smile anytime. Thank you for that!

  22. This is just too hilar! “We live for Rob, we want to lick him” LMAO!

  23. Well, I hate you all!!!!!

    If Rob isn’t with TomStud then my life isn’t worth living!!!!!! They are true loves!! How can you deny it??? Clearly KStew is just Rob’s beard!!!


    RobStu ♥ 4ever!!!!

    • HAHAHA

      A glimpse into the mind of the rare belligerent TomStuer. I approve!

    • im a robstu-er as well. LONG LIVE THEIR LOVEEE especially when it’s put to clay aiken music

      • Did someone give Moon a thumbs-down for being a Robstu-er, or for the clay aiken music?

        Gay-aiken forever y’all!

    • @sassy..
      yeah.. long live RobStu 4 ever!

  24. Wow, I don’t really know what to say after that post. I saw the tweets flying around last night and it definitely confirmed to me “that there is a whole new world out there” to the one I’m living in.

    I am married and refer to Rob as “my future husband”. My hubbie knows this but as long as he is “getting some” he doesn’t give a shit. Dream away is what he says…….the more often the better 🙂



    • Tell your hubby that my hubby can totally relate! haha!

      • I keep telling him that I am “not the only one out there like this” but he just says hmmmmmmmmmmm now give me some…..

        • My hubs and I BOTH refer to Rob as my boyfriend. ….

          • My hubby calls me Robsty (Rob + Misty)!!! lol

          • im glad you all have some hubs who dont give a shiz and just go along with it. SMART SMART boys!

          • OMG….my hubby also calls him my boyfriend….now it is just down to “your boy”… funny! Here is to ladies with husbands and Rob as boyfriends! Woot Woot!!!

          • My hubby calls Rob many a things. He even likes to call himself Rob at certain moments. Very distracting but at least he embraces my Rob lust.

            I don’t know what to raise my hand to: Robsten/Nonsten/Dont-give-a-crapston…
            So, I choose to leave my hands down and raise my shirt for Rob.
            No –stens, just Rob and all his holy hotness.

          • Hubby calls Rob “my boyfriend” too. LOL

          • My hubby calls Rob my imaginary boyfriend. Or my real love if he is feeling snarky.

            And when I went to see Bobby Long, my hub teased me for days for going to my “imaginary boyfriend’s best friend’s show.” Which is actually a pretty accurate description.

  25. ps…I love Pattinson Pants Lady and I love you all.

    I was just kidding about hating you earlier…I really don’t but I really can’t believe you can deny RobStu…but whatevs!!

  26. Holy hale, you guys are insane.

    Part of me is sad when the crazies come here and start trouble (mainly only when I get “thumbs down”… that breaks my heart) because this is my place of peace and giggles.

    Now I won’t change that song when it comes on the radio because I will have to sing Kristin’s version.

    • i gave you a thumbs down, just for fun- so that you can turn your thumbs down frown up-side down and next time you get a thumbs down just pretend that one was for fun too

      • I gave you thumbs down because I love you.

        • Thumbs down=hugs up

          • Hugs up!

  27. Well, well, well, when you realize that you can borrow the “Patty Pants”
    They’re elastic: we can wear them together as one

    Funniest. Shit. Ever. With the exception of TammyO sending us all to the gates of “hale”. My fourth grade teacher was named Mrs. Hale, and she was one scary bitch, so this always makes me laugh. But, why go all balls to the wall with the eternal damnation and avoid saying “Hell”? Ironic.

    • Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know. I’m ugly and an evil tw@t. Just thought I’d get the jump on the inevitable response. I rather like being an evil tw@t, because I get to say “tw@t” and that is one HALE of a funny word.

      • If we’re all ugly then let’s see how TammyO looks like!

      • Evertime I stand in front of a mirror in my full under-eye bags glory or when I realize after a party that half of my lunch was still on display in between my teeth, I think: “at least I am mullet-less”. And it makes life worth living again.

        • Oh, my dear…I belong to the Undereye Bag Sisterhood (of Traveling Patty Pants). Join us. We have Hot Pocket Thursdays.

          • Can I join you?

          • Bahahah! Heart you long, long time.

          • Sisterhood of Traveling Patty Pants, count me in! I’ll bring Belgian beer. Instant popularity!

      • I gave you a thumbs down for this out of love 🙂 and because you are going to HALE for being evil

    • Roselie is a Hale as well.

    • you’re getting thumbs down… whoooo could thatttttt be from?? tammy!? is that YOU!?

      • I gave you a thumbs down because I can’t actually hug you. 🙂

  28. This post just made my day.. and I though I was going to have a bad day when my day started bright and early at 3:45am with two sick throwing up kids and a husband who is in NYC on a business trip.


    • Hang on in there. It will get even better! you’ll see…

  29. We love the Rob, we want to lick him.

    I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard

  30. OMG…this rules. so. hard. Seriously, I lurv the Pattinson Pants Lady….she is my hero! I think she needs a booth at the next Twi convention to “how-to the Pants genius”.

    I am a total don’t give a Crapsten….who am I to keep peeps from gettin a little somthin’ somthin’!!

    Whoa…TammyO….there are no words.

    The song…..brillz

    • I wish she could have a craft day at Michael’s and teach us of “the art of Bedazzleing Rob” onto pants, purses, shoes, socks, scrunchies, etc…

  31. (First time commenter, yay!)

    That song is brilliant. Ladies you have outdone yourselves again ❤

    • yay!!!! congrats on losing your comment virginity

      • Why would you get a thumbs-down for this comment? Methinks “The Tam” is lurking……………..

        • and she’s so jealous of the whole “losing your virginity” thing that she can’t do anything but give thumbs downs

          • Wicked AWESOME

    • so yeah,… the same here… Have been just a silent observer for weeks — well, not silent really, have laughed out loud too many times 😀


      This is beyond brilliant! Ladies, I *bow* to you :D. You are incredibly amazing and amazingly incredible! Thank you for all the laughs! ❤

    • HIIII quitesimplyepic!! welcome and congrats on losing your virginity… now you’re on your way to being a big ol slut

      • I just “joined the sisterhood” too, and I got a message from WordPress that said “whoa, slow down, you’re posting too much too quickly”……is that for real? I feel so dirty. Hi hoe Hi hoe I’m such a slut you know.

  32. Hilarious!

    “you can borrow the “Patty Pants”
    They’re elastic: we can wear them together as one”

    *bows down to your genius*

    • that’s what caused my tears last night. I am in awe of Moon & Kristin

    • you are welcome

  33. Peace and Love Inc.!
    I wish I could sing it for y’all. But my ‘singing’ skills hummm… let’s just say it stinks.
    Do you know what would be just the cherry on top? (that’s what she said)
    That lady of those creepo videos – crap, what’s her name? – make one of those amazing videos she does sometimes singing this song!
    *sigh* A girl can dream…

    • amanDUH

      i may or may not have emailed Moon & said.. “do you think AmanDUH would make a vid for us!?”

  34. I’ve been saying “don’t give crapsten/fucksten” for so long that I throw the “-sten” on the back of those words when talking to real life people. Like my neigbors. LOL. I”ll be talking and then all of the sudden its “Oh yeah and she does even give a crapsten!”…and then the awkward silence while everyone assumes I am taggin my OWN name to the back of words. FML.

    I love this website and I love ALL of you (ALL OF YOU!! I’M TALKING TO YOU PATTINSON PANTS LADY!) no matter your stance on the pre-marital boning that may or may not be going on!

    Moon, we rocked the song, HARD, now if I could just get it out of my head for like 5 minutes…thats all I’m asking. . . Not happening today I bet. 🙂


    • A round of applause for you and your mad lyrical skillz!

    • “We’re the ones who quote his words with greace so shut-up-in-yo-face!” is fucking brilliant. Kudos and bravo.

    • Kick Ass Brilliance

    • You TOTALLY rocked it today. That song is sheer genius.

      …and your story about tagging your name onto the end of words in front of the neighbors is so funny!!

      Thumbs UP!

    • this is what happens when you listen to we are the world like 200 times in a row. i feel like i know every intonation and phrasing that huey lewis uses.

      we rule with our mad skillz

    • The lyrics were brilliant. I also find myself saying “crapsten” all of the time. Fortunately no one in rl has any clue of its origin. I know I would never make it to the “cool” table with y’all but I’ll try to sit close enough so I can still eavesdrop on the hilariousness. Thanks for the funny.

      • anyoe who gets LTR/LTT humor is at the cool table. With Yorkie and Angela. and Mike when he isn’t showing his balls of…BASKETBALLS…jeez…you sluts! Get your mind out of the gutter 🙂

  35. fab fab fabulous..Keep Singing?
    we’ll soon be singing about RobStu! Sing LOUDER!

    haha Crapsten! Fucksten! Love it!
    and that’s from a Robsten Fan!

  36. that song is absolutely brilliant!!! I can’t stop singing… jajajajjajajaja
    My co workers are starting to look at me like I’m crazy… but that’s normal right???
    “We are the rooooooooooob”

    Don’t make war… make love!

    • it’s a rob-in!!

      it’s the new love-in

  37. Laughing my freakin’ ass off guys….that’s all I’m saying….

    well that and that I am still in the crapsten camp! Let them be….

    Peace out xx

    • When I find myself in times of trouble
      Brother RobP comes to me (that’s what she sang)
      Speaking words of hunkdom
      Let me be.

      I think I’m confused. If I want Rob to be getting some (and happy) *and* want a sex tape what does that make me? A pervsten?

      Peace, Love & Rob!

  38. haahaa this is hilarious and it just make my day a better day at work! haha I’m a Robsten all the way but for Rob I’ll do anything! haha Come on! Let’s stick together for Rob!!!!

  39. We are the Rob
    We want to lick him

    I can’t stop singing this in my head. *snorting in laughter*

    For the record, I’m married and a nonsten. I’m really a crapsten but will always hold on to the fantasy that Rob wants my 32 (it’s my bday today and I’m embracing my 29 years and change self) year old, stretchmarked belly, slight crows feet AND my two kids.

    Bring TammyO.

    I love all who love Rob. Ohm…

    • I meant bring it TammyO. She makes my day. Feel the love.

    • Happy Birthday!!! .. and I will add — May all of your dreams come true! 4real! 😉

    • happy birthday love!!!!!!!

    • Happy Birthday!!!!! ❤

    • Happy Birthday!

    • Happy B-day!!
      I’m also 29 and will turn 30 this 23rd…I’m freaking out here!
      I also Looooove TammyO! ha ha

  40. This is hilarious! haha this just make my day a better day at work!! haha I’m a Robsten all the way but I’ll do anything for Rob! So let’s stick together for him! haha

  41. haha!!!!!!!!!!

    that’s all i could say… lol

  42. LMFAO! Love you ladies! My favorite quote – “Who gives a flying fucksten” -that’s gold right there. I am a ‘Robstener’ or whatever you wanna call it. I don’t understand all the animosity between the Robsten-nonsten-don’t give a crapsten -ers. Love ‘We Are the Rob’ – can’t wait to see what kind of videos come from that. Thanks, as always, for the laugh.

  43. Seriously, I had to change my panties (and not for the good Rob reason) I totally just pissed myself.

    Awwww… tammyo I have a fakelesbian crush on you. You had me at F@CK YOU ALL! From your lips to Lucifer’s ears, chile. How did you get to be so freaking adorable?


  44. BRILL!

    Any blog/song that mentions elastic pants and licking Rob is s/t I can proudly stand behind. And Rob would no doubt get behind this as well (ahem.)

    • he loves a good strechable fabric

  45. I skimmed the comments in hope that TammyO was up and vitriolic already. She must be sleeping in today.

    What can I say? I love her brand of hate. I especially love it when she says “I’m never coming back here again” and yet she comes back AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. Oh, how I giggle.

    If Rob and Kristen come out and say that they’re together, I will embrace the Robsten with open arms. In the meantime, I feel it’s more respectful to let it be their business if they’re friends or more than friends, and not speculate.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. It would be totally cool if they were openly together, but if they don’t want to announce it to the world, then leave them the f*ck alone. I would totally be a Robsten if some of the Robsten people weren’t so damn crazy. And damn, they are crazy.

  46. Tammy O – is this her name? or was it an LTR name bestowed upon her? Can’t help but laugh at her comments. I’m not talking giggle laugh – but piss my pants laugh. Perhaps Tammy has never experienced an ‘O’ that’s why she’s so bitter. damn.

    • Tammy DOES need an “O!” Then she would totally chillax.

      • ROFL!

    • “perhaps tammy has never experienced an ‘O'”

      Brilliant. Total Win!


    Robstens/Nonstens..I am not a ” –Stenist”

    I lurve you all!

  48. I Love the “Thumbs Up” pic..Minus Megan Fox..ugh! The lyrics are sheer genius, can’t wait to sing the song to the video..after work 🙂

  49. Hehehehe!!!!

    As always, you girls are awesome!!

    Already tried singing along with the vid…. will now be humming it for the rest of the day – thanks, lol.

    Bless you for bringing us all together, for reminding us that *Peace, Love, Rob!* is the mantra we should be chanting.

    Be a lover – not a fighter 🙂

  50. God you guys crack me up! This is all sorts of crazy good! Love it!

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