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Letters to Rob dot com

Dear Rob,

It’s been over a month at our new home at and we love it, but we’re dumbfounded why people still think they can find new letters to you here. You know where to find us. Now let’s help the 5,000 plus people who still stop here daily to find new letters to you!

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UC & Moon

Thanks to Robsessed for the new Rob pic!


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Letters to Rob DOT COM

Creepy Uncle Rob

I'm your uncle. And I am creepy

Dear Creepy Uncle Rob,

Will you tell our readers that if they don’t stop coming HERE to read letters to your hot nephew we will spam their lives with pictures of you? Seriously, we’ll send them Creepy Uncle Rob Cut outs to their workplaces, Creepy Uncle Rob-Singing Birthday cards to their homes, Creepy Uncle Rob pillows, comforters & vibrators. We will do it.

Just tell them if they don’t want this to happen they just need to come to:

where you are rarely seen.


Update your bookmarks:

Update your feed in your blog reader:

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Letter to Rob

Dear Rob,

Why after moving our blogs permanently to on Monday did TONS of people still visit THIS site yesterday!? Oh, maybe not everybody KNOWS!

This is another reminder! We have permanently moved LTR to Don’t be scared- it’s fun over there. It’s new and pretty & all your old friends are there and ready for you to come play!

You can see read LTR In your reader: Just update your RSS Feed to

You can still visit us during the work day: Update your bookmarks to

Did you used to get LTR in your email inbox? Well, don’t worry- you will again SOON. (As soon as I figure out how to do that…) Plus you have one more day to enter our giveaway for a t-shirt from our LTT_LTR store!

Seriously- DO IT NOW!

ps having issues seeing the new site? Try clearing your cache & cookies. If that doesn’t work, restart your computer! That should fix it!


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LTR has moved!!!

Dear Rob and LTR readers-

Time to pack up and say goodbye to this ol blog and head over to our very own, brand spanking new digs at and!! Yes, after months and months of preparation and toiling away (read: breaking down your underwear choices) we finally made the big switch!

So of course that means it’s time to update your bookmarks. And if you’re the nerdy kind and have a reader it’s time to update that to:

We’re in love with our new place so go check it out and  comment to be included in our GIVEAWAY!

ps having issues seeing the new site? Try clearing your cache & cookies. That should do the trick (restart your computer if even that doesn’t work!)

The bush is that way?

Message from Sunday afternoon: You might start to see some weird stuff- the site might go down- I might ruin everything. Fingers crossed that none of that happens, but if it does, just know I’m aware of it:)

Dear Rob,

You gotta give the set crasher girl a hand, she showed up at 5AM (right there she’s got me beat), hid in a BUSH, while wearing a TWILIGHT shirt in Filmore, California on the set of Water for Elephants all in an attempt to see you.

Sadly, the poor girl was apprehended by the po-po and after being searched they found her weapon of choice. What was the weapon? Why, it was a camera. Can you blame her, she probably wanted to get that illusive Robsten picture so she could sell it off and get her first car: a used ’96 Chevy Cavalier. Convertible, of course.

But the po-po cockblocked her by hauling her off the set in the squad car and then took her home to her parents where they tattled on her ass.

No bushes around here

If only we could have been feeding the 16 year old girls some pointers in a hidden ear piece, she’s be hanging out with you and the little guy (aka Matt Roloff) playing scrabble in your trailer and eating mountains of hob-nobs right now instead of being grounded. She could have been the hero in homeroom next week! Oh what could have been…

I’m sure you’ll join me in raising a glass of… Jolt Cola to the unnamed set crashing girl in Filmore, California. SALUD!

Next time choose the wardrobe trailer!

PS After seeing these recent set pictures, I can’t front I would have done it too if I could get my ass outta bed before 5am.

PPS This story is actually about me, I just look 16.

Where you you hide if you set crashed? What pointers would you give the 16 yr old girl for next time? Who want’s to go Robowski?

Source: Hollywood Life, read it, you’ll die laughing.

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Happy Birthday UC – Who’s that girl?

Dear Rob,

Have you ever met a girl that’s just perfect for you?

Loves good music but can also crank out some Bon Jovi at Karaoke when called upon

She appreciates a good (or any, really) cupcake

She loves a good dress
(hahahaha, you love me!)

She has great taste in men… the Gos, that Mother Chucker, Marcus Mumford, Jesse Katsopolis, Mr. Choice (obvi) and well, you of course!

When she stays at your house, she does this while you’re in the shower…

She REALLY loves a good cat, and I will let her have them ALL.

She sends amazing drunk texts, most of which I’ll never be able to decipher but I love getting them because I know she’s having a pretty awesome time

She’s willing to carry an action figure around and sing a movie theme song in the middle of the woods

She’s never met a bathroom mirror (or their Moroccan costumes) she didn’t like!

She’s a GREAT friend! There’s no picture that can explain this. We met and we weren’t friends for years. And then we re-met and became friends. Then we started a blog together and she’s taught me so much about being a friend. About being accountable (like Kellan), about sticking with it, about loss, and about life.

And this is really just the tip of the iceberg, I haven’t even gotten into her friends, her family, her dreams, her drive, her persistence, her love of nerdy blog things (look around) and her heart but I could just go on and on.

So tell me Rob, have you met a girl like this? Cause I have and I have to tell you she’s awesome and you can’t have her (ok I’ll loan her out if she’s good) cause she’s my UC! And it’s her birthday today, so we’re here to celebrate everything that makes UC great and wonderful and divine.


I love you Merv!

Join in the celebration and tell us all the things that are great about UC! Wish her happy birthday in the comments and then head over to LTT for a BIG surprise and a lot of awesome!

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Rob Pattinson: 3 scenarios for your future

Rob- it turns out that saying “Honey, I know it’s our 4 year anniversary but I have to write Rob a letter” doesn’t quite turn on the hubby like one would think. So as I was, uh, occupied last night, I got some other people to pour their hearts out to you for once!

Dear Rob,

EliciaK had a dream. That dream led to a phone call, which in turn led to this letter. Grab a nice tall glass of freshly squeezed juice and enjoy…

First, let’s start with the fantasies facts. It’s no secret that the lovely ladies that frequent this site dream about you. Some of those dreams involve making friends with Sam Bradley, some focus more on throwing things at old women. Poochimama even had a dream where you were hiding out under a podium in a museum and Brooke Shields was her sister (Poochi: “Yeah, That’s Normal. Don’t judge!) Nevertheless, this dream – the one that crept into E’s head and woke her up in a cold sweat – involved you, a FoodSaver, and a 1-800 number.

You see, EliciaK’s subconscious turned you into a pitchman for a food vacuum-sealer. That’s right. You were doing infomercials. When “The Call” was first placed and the dream was retold, we giggled like the *cough-sputter* year-old fangirls we are and agreed that if anyone could sell ketchup popsicles to little old ladies in white gloves, it would be you, Rob. In fact, you wouldn’t even really have to pitch anything (ahem…) to us. Just your holding a product would be enough to make us buy it. In fact, you wouldn’t even have to hold the product, you could just stand near it and we’d whip out our…credit cards and make a purchase.

Unfortunately, that’s not where the conversation ended. Naturally, we started expounding on the idea and began to wonder what’s going to happen to you when your career begins to wane. Obviously, you can’t live with TomStu forever; and Kristin is

bound to kick you out of your palatial pad after Breaking Dawn is over, or after she starts developing a pot belly from all the Hot Pockets – whichever comes first. So we, EliciaK and Poochimama, came up with this list of possibilities for your future. Choose wisely, young one….

Option 1: The Ugly

Starring Robert Pattinson as Leif Garrett

We know you love your music, Rob, really we do. But after years of strumming your guitar in smoky bars in front of the only twelve people on earth who still don’t know who you are, you tire of it. Nothing gives you that thrill anymore. KStew has broken your heart and stolen all your plaid. The pizzeria told you that you can’t hang out by their dumpster anymore, and the Brit Pack has banned you from poker night. Even Nikki Reed won’t return your calls. You’re desperate. You drown your sorrows with German lager (the one preferred by frat boys around the globe) and soon you’re seeing the world through green-tinted Ray Bans. No, this isn’t a metaphor. You have actually lost the lenses to your sunshades in a bar fight and replaced them with the bottoms of Heineken bottles.

Sick of being called “Edrunk” and “HeineCullen” in the tabloids, you take to going to auditions inebriated and shirtless – starting out interviews with the phrase, “See? I really don’t sparkle!” Dick and Claire lose their patience with you, and they call in Vh1 and Dr. Drew to overhaul your sorry, drunk arse.

Flash forward to Celebrity Rehab, wherein you sit in a generic treatment facility, sobbing over being “typecast” and muttering incoherently about “the haircut.” You chain smoke and grow your beard until its long enough to braid.

Option 2: The Bad

Starring Robert Pattinson as Donnie Osmond

Oh! That killer smile! That winning personality! Those teeth! That hair! The muti-generational appeal!  No, we’re not talking about you, Rob…we’re talking about Donnie Osmond.

After your career’s heyday has passed, you move to Utah and have 17.4 kids with a completely unknown, simple, trustworthy woman. (Pick me! Pick me!) You briefly try to revive your career by reinventing yourself as a pop star. When that doesn’t work, you move on to selling record collections on late-night TV, hosting your own talk show, doing musicals on Broadway, hosting game shows… Basically h00ring yourself out in an attempt to keep yourself relevant. The straw that will break this camel’s back, though, will be when you are signed to “Dancing with the Stars, Season 56.”

That’s right, Rob. You – on a dance floor – with a scantily clad twenty-something girl, doing your little cha-cha-cha in a sequin jumpsuit for all the world to see. (Note to readers: You’re all invited over for the premier. We’ll provide the Lean Pockets with Whole Grain Crust. We’ll need the extra fiber by then.)

Option 3: The Good

Starring Robert Pattinson as Johnny Depp

That’s right, we said Johnny Depp. Do we really need to say anymore? Well, we will anyway…

Rob, you have the potential to be the next V.I.E. Very Important Edward. Johnny made us swoon with his Scissorhands version, and you’ve done the same with yours of the blood-sucker sort.

Pale? Check.

Not of this world? Check.

Deadly, but with a heart of gold? Check.

Played by a young actor full of potential who dresses like he’s homeless, is a musician at heart, loves Ray Bans, bad hats, swilling beer, AND has the ability to make ladies’ undergarments spontaneously combust by simply looking at them? Checkity-check-check-check.

Please, Rob, do the right thing. Even though it kills us to not see your face when you’re hiding out – keep doing it, because it’s nice that you’re not a media h00r. Even though we may have to suffer through films like Twilight How to Be and The Haunted Airman – keep doing them, because they do give you credibility. And even though you seemingly can’t procure clothing from anywhere other than second-hand stores and your dad’s closet – keep doing that too, because it gives us hope that someday, you’ll grow up to be a real hobo pirate respected actor, who didn’t sell his soul to a stylist just so he’d blend in with the Mike Newton’s of the world. (No offense, Mike.)

‘Til we meet again, in our dreams (lit’rally)…


EliciaK and Poochimama

PS – No Osmonds were harmed during the writing of this post.

Phew! Wouldn’t want to harm an Osmond!

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Even though Moon & UC hate @janetrigs they LOVE her HATE of diabetes. Please give to Janetrigs, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Fundraising Walk.

Give to JDRF because you hate Janetrigs, but appreciate her HATE of Diabetes  OR
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The JDRF Walk is this Sunday, June 6th and after Saturday, we promise to stop hounding you to give $$ to sick kids.
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Pic made my @Obird

*UPDATED SPECIAL NOTE: If you’re name is NOT UC than click this link for a special note from Moon! DO IT!*

Dear Rob,

It’s time. I’m ready to stir it up again, cause a little commotion, turn some heads. And I’m over Robsten/Kristen speculation, it’s SOOO tired. But the speculation and hub-bub that surrounds many of your fans love for both you and Alexander Skarsgard still befuddles me. It’s even sweeping the nation. Ted C that whacky Robsten lover and purveyor of gossip over at E! recently made this video asking celebs if they were Team Skarsgard or Team Edward (Robert is his name, HELLO!)

Now I understand Alex is a good looking man, no doubt about it. And I REALLY love me some True Blood (back June 13th, FYI! Set your DVR’s) and his character Eric Northman cracks me up buuuutttttt I’m not sure I think he’s hotter than you. I’m seriously sticking my neck out by saying this at all Rob, but I thought we could put it up to a vote… I need this settled for once and for all. Who is hotter Rob or Alex!

Time for a face off!

Round #1
Edward vs Eric

We have Edward in all his tall hair, pale and Volvo glory vs fanged up, long haired, Eric.

Round #2
Formal Wear

Oscars vs Instyle event

We get REAAAAALLL serious after the cut with more Rob vs. Alex FACEOFF!
Read More…

Dreams about Rob- we love having them & sharing them. And I’ve decided to add a new feature to LTR “Dreams about Rob!” Read on!

Dreams about Rob PattinsonDear Letters to Rob,

Last night was the first time I’ve ever dreamed of Rob and I’m surprised it finally happened. As obsessed – err – dedicated to the man as I am, I thought it would’ve happened sooner. No one likes to hear about dreams unless of course I’m writing to a website dedicated to Robert Pattinson and my dream involves him. I remember when UC had her dream about Rob and for some reason, I got jealous. I thought, “I’ll never be the girl that dreams about Rob. Do I not love him as much as I think I do?” Then it happened- Robert was in my dream last night. I was at some kind of social gathering…almost like a church get-together or perhaps a laid-back wedding reception. I walked into the room to find my mother. I saw where she was sitting and then saw who she was sitting behind. Yep. My mother was sitting behind Rob. When I first saw him, he was in costume as Edward. Pasty and too much make-up with perfect hair. SO disappointing (kind of). It felt like he was a boy my mother had been trying to set me up with or something. Almost like we had heard about each other for so long but had never met and now it was a bit awkward. My mother introduced us and how she knew him, I had no clue. I did the whole “MOM! You didn’t tell me you knew him!” And she said something like “Didn’t seem important at the time…” He laughed then I laughed and it was just magical.

I assume at some point, my mother gets up because she is no longer in my dream after that (THANK GOD). We talked about the crazy tabloids. At one point we’re making up fake tabloid stories that he’s in. I make up one where he has a monkey attached to his back that has AIDS. He seems surprised by that and thinks it’s adorably hilarious. He makes fun of me for saying something so idiotic and I giggle and pretty much we were falling in love. He also morphed out of Edward-Rob and into normal hobo-Rob at some point – unkempt hair and smelling like Hot Pockets (that’s an exaggeration since I can’t really smell in my dream). Unlike UC, my dream (fortunately) did not involve the elephant in the room.

Up until this point, Rob had gone undetected. Then some little brat walks up to us and starts screaming that it’s Robert Pattinson!! Manager Nick (so happy Manager Nick is in my dream!) comes and tells us that they have to go before the frenzy starts. They ask me if I could create a distraction. Rob hugs me and says it was so nice meeting me and then tells Nick to get my number. At first, I felt like this was a douche-y move, then he promptly turns to me and explains it’s because he does not have his phone or anything to write with. I accept this explanation (like any girl should). I’m not sure where I was, but now I’m thinking it was backstage at a Justin Bieber concert – since all the people seemed to be 8 year-old screaming girls foaming at the mouth. I stand up and block these girls. My dream goes into slow-motion…literally. I’ve got my arms out like I’m guarding something precious (I was) and all I can see are about 50 girls just running (in slow motion) towards me. I quickly look behind me to see if he made it out just in time to see him exiting. He pauses and smiles at me and then right before I’m going to be trampled by screaming 8-year olds, I wake up.

After dreams like this, I would feel like I need to get my “dedication” under control, but then there are websites like Letters to Rob that make me feel okay. Maybe I’m not alone out there and maybe I’m not crazy. It’s perfectly normal to be obsessed with a man I’ve never really met, right?


Bethany That’s TOTALLY Normal. So normal that I went one step further & had your dream interpreted!!! Check it out after the jump! Read More…

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Robert Pattinson gets a Brazilian Blowout from Tom Cruise

(It’s Memorial Day here in the States so we’re busy celebrating in backyards across America by charring meat on grills and jumping in pool or through sprinklers to show our appreciation for our servicemen and women. Thank you for all you do! Comment moderation may be slower than normal on a weekday but we’ll get to it! And go have a hot dog in our honor!)

This hair is perfect!!! You should never cut it... oh wait...

Dear Rob,

I just heard all weekend about this magical MTV promo clip you did with Tom Cruise and I FINALLY just got to see it. So I turned it on and watched some gross fat guy say the f word about 10 times before I realized the greasy old man WAS Tom Cruise and he just called his kid a fat ass. I couldn’t help but think he was some weird old man version of Frank TJ Mackey from Magnolia. I can imagine you’d learn A LOT from a weekend “Seduce and Destroy” seminar with Frank TJ Mackey.

Once I figured out what was going on  all I could think about was how did you keep a straight face when Tom Cruise said he was going to send someone to give you a “Brazilian blow out?” I wanted to give someone a high five and yell “that’s what she said” as I watched it sitting here in my room. That must have taken like at least 15 takes with your penchant for giggling.

Also do you love the fact that something you said flippantly almost two years ago is still talked about and is now fodder for a MTV Movie Awards Promo? This will teach you to joke about showering in the states in all future interviews. Need I remind you about hot pockets?

soooo disturbing...

It also took me about 3 rewinds to figure out what the crap you said you were going to wash your hair with. Was it: doit, dark, duh-t, dart?? OHHH DIRT!!! That was like your Rob/Edward/Confused hybrid accent coming out.

HUGE high fire for using my favorite Luda song of ALL time “Get Back“, aka the song if you hear coming from my computer/ipod/car/office you probably shouldn’t talk to me. Can you make someone in the fandom put picture of you angry and clips of you  getting in fights in Remember Me and Eclipse to this song?! That would make my day forever!

Double Pound It!

I came… I saw… I hit ’em right there in the jaw… so do we love it? When the crap ARE the MTV Movie Awards this year anyway? Remember when it was such a huge deal last year and now we don’t even know?! WTF?! Are you celebrating Memorial Day?

Thanks Robsessed for the video!

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