Posted by: themoonisdown | November 18, 2009

We’re the riff raff at the Ellen Show that Robert Pattinson loves!

*try not to hate me too much for this letter*

Super sneaky picture of the riff raff room

Dear Rob,

Now that I’ve seen you in person FIVE times, I can safely say that seeing you yesterday at the Ellen DeGeneres Show was probably my favorite. But why? I thought back on these five special occasions and here’s what I’ve come up with…

01. Comic Con 09 – Sharing you with about 8 gagillion other crazy twihards ain’t really my style and you were way too far away for my liking

02. Hotel Cafe-gate – I’m pretty sure any time I see you with the mullet will be one of my least favorites but it was definitely the closest I’ve ever been to you but also the most weird and most drama filled. NO THANKS!

03. TwiTour, Hollywood & Highland – Bands, goths, gay teen boys with bedazzled shirts, you and the rest of the holy trinity introducing your fellow cast, yea this is pretty high up there!

04. New Moon World Premiere – You were a blur of hair, fine tailoring, blood curdling screams and lost german tourists but you were in a SUIT and that always floats my boat

stairway to heaven

05. Ellen DeGeneres Show 09 – There was just something about you… maybe it was seeing Dick and Clare (looking so fabulous, seriously, Clare shut it down!) and your sisters and people who looked to be some kind of aunts and uncles whom we now refer to as The Duke and Duchess of South Barnes. Or maybe it was the flannel that looked to be semi new that we had never seen you in before. Or maybe it was just Ellen’s jovial nature or the fact she pulled out the Zygote pictures or maybe cause she didn’t ask you about KStew and we didn’t care. Or just maybe it was because at the end of your segment You and Ellen came back to the riff-raff room (aka over flow room backstage) where we were banished and UC, lilcrazycow and I held hands (yup, we did) and gazed upon what I can only call “your glow-y-ness” as you really looked at people in the room, making eye contact (yes, with us!) and appearing really appreciative before you were whisked away to fly off on the never ending New Moon Press tour. But I really think it was probably a little of all the above that made it such a great moment.

Let’s do it again, shall we?

PS I hear people are starting an “I hate Moon” fanclub 😉 Do you want to join Rob, I’ve already applied to be the President, you can be my VP

I’m pretty sure I’ll get mad hate for reminding everyone how many times I’ve seen you, but what can a Moon do? We gotta take these chances when we get them so at least there are a couple semi sane people in the audience to report back! Won’t you still love us? Also don’t forget to set your DVR’s for the Ellen show THIS FRIDAY and just maybe (dear god i hope not) you’ll see us fangirl out like a couple 12 yr olds.

Talk Rob in The Forum
UC writes about something Twilight related while she recovers from seeing Rob two days in a row LTT


  1. I wouldn’t say I hate you, Moon. I would say that if we ever meet in real life, you shouldn’t leave your drinks unattended or fall asleep around me. Just in case.

    Congrats on all the ‘eye contact’. I’ll take my Robsten stance and say if it can’t be me, I’m glad it’s you. And UC. And this Cow person I never heard of before this week.

    • I don’t hate you either, Moon…in fact, if I didn’t live vicariously through you and UC, my life would be pretty damn boring.

      I know it sounds crazy, but you know how people go crazy for Ellen, saying she just makes their day? Well, you and UC make my day…some people read the paper…I HAVE to read LTR…I’m just sayin…

      • Awh – that was really nice & I completely agree! Reading LTT/LTR is one of my favorite daily activities!!! It NEVER fails to make me smile! 😀

        • MOON/ UC;
          Did you tell his Robbiness about the blog you two run?
          Or does he know about it?

          (I think Kstew does if Ms. Nikk-ers knows about it..). and if Sam knows about it as well. hmm. sometimes I wonder about some of the posters..
          (we know your lurking out their .. )

    • Today I NEED to say this:
      ” Tiffanized”, You are a really cool girl, I am always in love with your comments!

      • You get a thumbs up for that. I considered giving you a “sensual thumbs down” but I didn’t want people thinking I’m hatin’.

        • THX a lot, I am proud of your thumbs…up or down…I don’t care…and…well spotted! (My teacher heart was spoken!)<3

    • LOL – I second this ‘Cow person we haven’t heard about until week’ – I thought I was left out of the loop….but apparently not. Isn’t Lilcrazycow someone’s little sister?…

      • Moon’s short cousin.

        • Yes, and I look like a giant next to her, lol

          • we all just had a big laugh. yes she is a freakishly short and i am freakishly tall so we’re an awesome pair. she should ride around on my shoulders!

    • You are…just are

    • Break out the sparklepeen cupcakes for Tiffanized..

  2. “I hear people are starting an “I hate Moon” fanclub Do you want to join Rob, I’ve already applied to be the President, you can be my VP”

    I saw that on twitter and it made me laugh #IhateMoon ; )

    Well, if you are going to be President, Rob VP, can I be the Secretary? I’m very good at providing all types of services (if you know what I’m saying) 🙂


    • i think there’s going to be an election so get your stump speech ready and campaign slogans

  3. Oh god. If there were one show I’d want to see Rob on, it’s Ellen. Cuz I heart her and I would totally go gay for her (and Pink, but that’s beside the point). So I’m jealous…again. I shan’t worry. My time will come to meet him and it will be marvelous when it does…

    Oh, have y’all see this?

    Please go there IMMEDIATELY!

    • Tnx for sharing the joy! Is she one of us btw?

      • even though everyone gets to swear…our Rob is still akward and dork-a-licious!!!
        thanks for the link is was a lot fun to watch!

        • BTW

          VILF = WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          and just wondering if anyone else thought that Mullsten still seemed to be a bit “bitchy” in this interview, like stand-offish, just wondering……..

    • “AB-AGE FOR YOUR CABBAGE!” DILF, l as If I couldn’t love you anymore!

      Now, that’s my kind of interview. Finally!

    • Okaayyyy, now I hate you a bit…lol…
      for making me see Rob talking about f*cking things… I think I am kinda sexually aroused now….hahaha

      finger porn+ F+ck= too much for my brain…..

      and I guess… I LOVE you for that!

    • I kinda had to go to the bathroom when I saw your link, but decided to watch the vid first. Wróng order. Effin hilarious!

    • This was sooo worth it. I am all a-dribble…

    • I love hearing Rob say fuck-it helps make my fantasies more accurate.

      • I wholeheartedly concur.

    • One question “off topic” this show just for saying f*cking words and s*xy things without “beeps”? Culturally spoken it’s strange…here around people are saying that all the time in TV without “beep”, nobody cares…

      • We can’t say these kinds of things without beeps in America. I wish we could…

        • Thank you, I didn’t know that, but now it’s obvious why every american celeb says it ALL the time on TV here, they enjoy the privilege of fools..I guess…I met 50Cent+Eminem a few years ago and they said it about 5 milion times…

          • Speaking of 50Cent – I thought it was totes hillarious that he was at the NM premier in Cali. I don’t know why. It just was.

          • Yeah..he is a nice guy, great body, kinda less great face…but it’s ok!

      • Where are you from Robgirl?

        • I am from f*cking Germany …lol

          • Win!! Fuck and beer…two of my fave things!

          • HAHA! That is *bleeping* awesome! 🙂 I had to bleep it because I’m from the states. Our ears bleed if we hear swear words on t.v.

          • ahhh dann sind wir nachbarn.

          • I moved to Montreal from the U.S. imagine my shock the first time I heard f*ck on the radio, non-bleeped!

    • Saw it, blogged it, loved it. I want her job. And her boobs…

      • hahaha…I can send you the earrings from H&M, I have the same ones…
        I rather want to be a “f*cking” cup of tea today…honestly!

        • You take the cup of tea and I will gladly play the role of a day old flannel shirt and button-fly jeans. . . Yowza.

          • WOW, we could make a nice cooperation..

        • I love that!!!! LOL!

    • Thank you very much! That is by far the best interview, love that girl;o) Watching the wolves makes me waiver a bit, VILF vs. WILF – tough choice???

    • As the wolf pack said, this was one of the best interviews ever 🙂 This interview must have felt like a breath of fresh air compared to all the mundane questions they must get asked. Even Kristen summed it up perfectly “just go and see the fuckin movie!”…



    • Rob definitely needs to hook up with this gal. He claims to be socially awkward, she is certainly not.

    • Hahah, thanks for sharing, that’s awesome!

      Rob is definitely a VILF! Uhmmmm!

      Oh and I love how he had his pinkie sticking out when he was drinking a cup of tea!!!! LOL

      • Sooo british, this man…Rob+handporn=new avatar…<3
        But…I think he is not that used to that "F*ck"discussion, it sounds a bit strange on him..perhaps only my impression…

        • hahah yeah he seemed a little awkward but that’s okay, I still love him!

    • That video was so many kinds of WIN! “Ab-age for your cabbage.” I love the DILF!!

    • I’m shocked that no one has mentioned sweet little Esme saying “cock fuck” (which, incidentally, was immediately added to my vocabulary) or Ashley’s brief little “fuck.”

      • I saw an interview with Elizabeth Reaser where she pretty much outted herself as a partying, no-children-near-me, opposite of wholesome gal so I’m not all that surprised.

        • I want to party with her. We’ll scream cock fuck at people after shots of tequila.

    • COCK FUCK! Esme is my new favorite. I just watched Rob say “Fuck that!” about 20 times. Is it wrong that I am turned on. I’ll answer myself and say “no, that’s normal.” This video…FTW!

    • Maybe for the promotion of Eclipse, Taylor will drop the F-bomb, since he will be a legal adult then. Some one remind me, how many more days?

      • I saw it last night here in OZ. Freakn’ Amazing!

        • No, I meant how long ’till Taylor is legal.

    • That is a f*cking awesome interview! It says Part 1 of 2 — is there a Part 2 somewhere?

    • Awesome + thank you. The first interview everyone looked like they had some fun with (except Taylor who just looked awkward and seemed to think he needed to direct the question back on topic) and at least the questions were different for once.

  4. I would totally hate you Moon…if I wouldn’t be seeing New Moon in …lemme check…10 hours.

    • AHHHHH jealous!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sure, we’re jealous, but we’ll keep on being friends with you until you can spill any deets on the sparklepeen. Thén we’ll start an I hate Moon-fanclub.

    9 hours and 41 minutes.

    • that experience would definitely be NUMBER UNO forevero!

  6. That’s awesome- eye contact! Did you turn into a puddle of goo?
    No hating here, we’re all living vicariously through you!
    I can’t imagine what the last few days have been like for Rob and the rest of the cast. What an experience.

  7. Not hating you at all, in fact I’m thrilled for you ( It’s fantastic a couple of our own girls got to see HHH in the flesh, so to speak!!!) I live vicariously through you and hope you get many more sightings. Go ladies!

  8. Awwwh, I don’t hate you, Moon! In fact, I think I’m going to move to LA and start tagging along with you everywhere. you. go.

    But I might start a rumor you were born with a tail…

    • Hahaha, if only I could …I would give you 5 thumb ups for your good ideas!

    • and horns!

      move out!!!

  9. I am a proud card carrying member of the I Hate Moon fanclub 🙂

    But I ♥ it because at least I can live vicariously through you

  10. I hate you. I do.

    The end.


  11. No Moon…no hate here. Maybe jealous, but I think I can manage. 🙂 Honestly, it’s quite nice to hear that in person he is even more glorious, AND he seems to be an intense, and sincere person (of course this assumption is being made about the fact that even though he is a HUGE star, he still takes the time to acknowledge people and is seemingly humble…I hope I’m not wrong.)
    How close did you end up near him? And Bravo for restraining yourself and not pouncing on him when you had the chance. Next time you see him, please tell him that Sharpie said hi!

    • probably like 5 feet from him. he was near the top of the stairs we were at the bottom. and yes he’s even better in person which is just SOOO wrong

      • *sigh* so not fair.

  12. Does it count if I had 3 occasions of seeing him in an almost intimate environment (no crazies) and deliberately missed it because of paranoya or high self-esteem or just no balls?

    I thought it was written all over my forhead “desperate for Rob” and if I ever show up on you tube/TV, everyone (and HE) will see it, and I don’t think I could handle international media embaressement.

    First I was at meters away from him and never had the balls to look. Fucking cameras!

    Then I knew the restaurant where he was having dinner (completely affordable) and never went there cause my boyfriend made me feel lame for it.

    Then next day I could have invited myself on the news show he has done in Paris but I thought it would look so desperate.

    Moon you have to be my coach cause I’m officially the worst at meeting Rob. I think you all have a chance of meeting him, even if you’re living in the middle of nowhere, before I loose my Robert Pattinson virginity as UC. Since I was so close to him, can we at least consider this as foreplay?

    • Oh my….minuit passe’…

      I am pretty sure that YOU weren’t definitely that woman, which had got naked in front of him for getting his attention….!!!lol
      Best story ever!Do you heard of this?…she asked him(standing in a crowd), how to get his attention, he made a joke about getting naked….and she did it! (reported on Ellen show…i think Moon can confirm..)

      So up to you:
      1. you are classy
      2. you want to remain classy
      3. you never will get his attention….:-(

      I think this counts as a big foreply….but darlin…quite painfully interrupted…
      I am so with you…
      hugs <3<3<3

      • For me getting naked is proportionally correlated to getting very drunk, so you never know. I heard that and I suppose he also stuck around to see if she was really doing it. I guess manager Nick wasn’t in a hurry this time.

        The thing is I’m not classy at all. This weekend I was asked several times to get out of a car by a chauffeur cause my friend wanted to speak to this arty guy who always snobs her when he’s in Paris. So she decided that we would get in another car (his’) by mistake. Except that it was the only car there. So how is that for 2nd hand embarrassment? But we were the only stalkers, so that makes it different.

        • WOW…nice story…and
          I would only get naked in front of him if my name would be
          “Kate Moss”

          • I’m sure you’ll find a way to do it if you had the chance to in other circumstances 🙂

    • Um, yeah I’d say that was foreplay!

      Robgirl and I are gonna bum around London sometime(or in Bupadest), you’re welcome to join us! LMAO!

      • Thanks, that would be soooooo fun!
        Aren’t you living in America?

        • @minuit passe`- yes darlin I live in Louisville, Kentucky! Yee haw!

          • oops I forgot to say but that’s what airplanes are for, I could visit Europe (again)! 🙂 Never been to France, I’ve been to London years ago, among other places. Weird story but some random British guy followed me all over Heathrow asking for my address and phone number! I had to lie and gave a fake name, addy and phone no. Poor guy. I was single then but I just broke out w/ someone and this English guy was so darn pushy! He won’t leave me alone!

            Anyway, I think Rob has more class than that fo sho!

          • You are crazy! Come!
            Hahaha! How come you met the “heaviest”* guy in the airport? *french expression, means very annoyng people who never stop

      • Yes honey, so lovely that idea…
        we three bumping into Rob… classy!!!……….. but I don’t care,

        I think actually being “classy” is kinda overrated!

    • just DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats my advice. be anxious but then just do it. you’ll be on a rob high after… its the best high! hahahaa

      • Thanks for the advice full of wisdom! I can see you’re a Rob experienced girl.
        I’m not anxious about the before,I know I’ll pretend to be cool, it’s the after that scares me. But I want to be high on Rob!!!!!!!!!!!!I want to be high on Rob!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hate you? Are you kidding? I’m just happy I found you to live through! Ok, I am a little envious, but can’t hate you for it!

    Did she scare him? She’s been scaring guests lately and I was hoping she got him!

    I’m already 2nd hand nervous for him for tonight’s appearance on Letterman. Letterman can rip people apart if he doesn’t particularly like them or know who the hell they are.

    Help a newbie to LTR out – what does HHH stand for?

    • I can’t wait for Letterman-you never know what’ll happen. But I don’t think he’ll be mean to Rob-Rob’s too nice and easy going. I hope he’ll ask some out-there questions, though.

    • His Holy Hotness

      My turn: what’s’ with “nuked carrots”?, what is OME and what does ……..mmm, I foget the third one. I’ll reply here if/when I remember it. I’ve been wondering about these three things for a long time, but never found the right place to ask. I have assumptions, but I can’t be certain.

      • Rob made jokes about he likes to microwave everything and included carrots in that, thus nuking carrots. OME = Oh my Edward. First time I said this in front of my local unicorn, he fully stopped the converation and was all “Did you just say OME? This conversation will be over if you do that again.” I politely told him to fuck off. Then we hugged and smelled all good….

        Wait, what?

        • grassy ass.

          • P.S.I just nuked some left-over chicken for lunch. Um, yeah, it’s disgusting….but the leftover carrots on the side are deelish!

            P.P.S. when I remember what the third thing is I’m coming to you!

  14. Nooooooo, I don’t hate you, I hate ME for not being YOU!
    …..or at least the cow-girl in your lovely trio…..

    MY life is sooo sad, def. NO kind of contact with HHH 😦

    ahhh…Moon, is it just ME or your contacts are getting closer each time….let me think…after eye-contact comes body-contact….ohhhhhhhhh

    now I hate you a little bit…..!!!

    but in a lovely way…<3<3<3

    • hahahaa next up is call girl!

  15. Hate is such a strong word, Moon. I’d say I’m more in awe of you than anything. 😉 And holding your bff’s hand as you gaze into the face of Rob is totally normal. I’d do the same thing, too!

    Also, Ellen is a classy lady for not asking about Kristen.

  16. There’s a fine line between love and hate. Right now I’m kind of teetering between the two but mostly I love you guys. At least you give us the deets when you do all these infuriatingly awesome things.

    Thanks for all the vicarious thrills.

  17. Nahhhh, still love you.
    Jealous? God, yes. But, you deserve it, kind of. 😉

  18. What?? That is hilarious!! You know you have made it when the haters come out! I have only met Rob once and it was AMAZING!! Anyone else who gets to meet him I pass a virtual high 5….he should meet some of the non crazies out there! It’s called taking one for the team!! I am counting down the minutes to the NYC press screening….maybe I will get another glimpse of the genius!

    I vote TEAM MOON!! 🙂

    PS…You can’t be the president of the “I hate Moon” fanclub…..that position is already taken by TammyO….sorry.


    • TammyO …hahah right! 🙂

    • darn tammyo always stealing my thunder!

  19. Any of you Jen Lancaster fans? A friend emailed me this – made me laugh.

    • Laughed all the way through! So clever. Loved the Italians. Tks for sharing.

  20. Ahem….measuring words carefully.

    Can I just say that the locking eyes thing is what really does me in. He does that doesn’t he…really looks at you when speaking. (This is a major turn on guys, take note!) *melts* And how far away was he, 5ft? Guh! Glowy? Dude, I’m DONE!

    BTW hearing Rob utter the words, ‘F**k That!’, may have just incinerated what was remaining of my sanity. Now EVERY ff I have EVER read has a soundtrack. Thanks Rob.

    I love you, I hate you, I wish I was you… x

    • Oh, and this…

      B*tches. (I tried, I really did.)

    • Eye Contact with Rob… Is Moon still alive??

      • Yes, but instantaneously impregnated.

        • im expecting in 9 mos

  21. I’m sorry. I have to say this and I feel really bad about it too:

    Lucky bitch.

    Please don’t hate me. At least I didn’t capitalize bitch 🙂

  22. Moon…you rock…big time.

    I can’t even imagine life after “Riff Raff Eye Contact”. So many things would have to happen for me to be in that position. Just getting to Cali would be one of them…

    New flannel, huh? Maybe Claire brought one from home…

  23. So Moon, if you are the President shouldn’t Rob actually be your Intern?

    And yes, you are still one of Those Whores.

    • ill order him around!!!

  24. I want to hate you, Moon, but I can’t hate anyone who makes me laugh.

    The show sounds great! I hope I can wake up enough on Friday morning to catch it. After spending Thursday ngiht with Rob and all… ahem.

    I found this quote from her show on her website (yes, I’m spoiling): “Pat­tin­son revealed to DeGeneres that a woman in a crowd had asked him how she could get his atten­tion, and he jok­ingly sug­gested she could get naked. And she did.”


    • Yahtzee!

  25. Moon – I’m pretty sure Janet is the president of the “I hate Moon” fan club. She’s been saying this for weeks, I thought she was joking, but I know its now the truth. As a club member we get also get buttons. These “I hate Moon” buttons will go perfectly with the “I’m a big deal on twitter” tees that Pinkfluffgirl promised to make me.

    Sigh, you are one lucky bitch.

    • I was just about to say that. I have been spouting my hate of Moon for weeks upon weeks and that was before her 18th spotting of the RP.

      Brookie and I will ROCK our HATE and you will effing love it.
      Hate you long time.

      And for all those out there who feel as though they want to hate on our hate, well 2 words for them –>> BRING IT

      PS I am totally a BIG deal on Twitter, isn’t everyone?

    • you gals ARE a big deal… maybe you need rob the intern

  26. I don’t hate you Moon! I’m happy and somewhat jealous of you that you’ve seen him 5 times! Meanwhile I haven’t even seen him once and I feel I’m so far away from him, no chance of him coming to Louisville. I would be happy even if I breathed the same air he breathed.

    You just happen to be conveniently closer(LA right?). Stuff happens there. I’m really glad for you and I’m thankful you post your funny and sarcastic humor here.

    • Ohhh…little girl in Louisville, YOU actually are breathing the same air….stuff happens also in London, so let’s go there. we will make fools of ourselves…who cares? I am so over with that…..

      ..scheis*e..big german swearword with a frickin star!

      • Robgirl, no we’re not breathing the same air. He’s like a 5 hour plane ride with a layover in Chicago before I can even get to LA! 🙂 We’re not even on the same time zone, I’m on eastern standard time, 3 hours ahead of California.

        Yes I’ll go anywhere, anywhere he is, lets go to Vancity(if they are filming Breaking Dawn there), I have aunts and uncles living there!

        • YES, that’s it, I was making plans to go to US next spring/summer whatever…and to go to Vancouver! Your Family= my family…lol

          I know that you are 3hours+layover from HHH but it’s still american air, so fresh and windy…lol, … I mean…my time zone is like the Martian time zone, so YOU win!

          • 5 hours by plane honey :-).

  27. Like our friend Pros up there, it was the eye contact that did me in. Instead of doing that nervous avoidance thing, he actually LOOKS. I’d lose it.

    I maayyyyy have agreed to join the “we hate Moon” club last night out of a fit of jealous rage, but I mean “hate” in the nicest way possible. Swear it. Don’t worry, this wave of jealous bitchiness will go away soon.

    • im not worried!

      and yes he does the eye contact thing which was probably what made us melt the most. he WORKS it and knows what he’s doing. jerk.

      • bloody hell!!!!

        • double bloody hell!!!!!!!!

  28. OK I had to post a second comment on the “making eye contact” comment :-). Wow, that’s amazing. I would probably faint or float on air if that happened to me…in any case I would be humiliated!

    • No way!
      I had to look for the meaning of “humiliated”…and….
      you should look right back in his beautiful eyes…and
      there will be stars all over there…
      that would be the right feeling….
      today I am sooo romantic…

      I guess..<3

      • Romantic is good my love…I’m a hopeless romantic. Do you know I actually belong to a group called “Hopeless Romantics?” Shhhhh. My hubby doesn’t know! I told you I’m a little crazy and very romantic! I actually bought this book called “1,000 ways to be romantic.” I say it comes in handy, so if you need ideas, just give me a holler!


  29. Best Interview EVER. Upclose. Doggie style.


    Thanks Moon and UC for letting me tag along (like Seth) in your adventures in LA.

    Im all warm and fuzzy now

  30. [can’t make eye contact, so stares at bottle of Germ-x]

    Yeah, I’ll admit it. I hatelovewannabe you. Mixed emotions, but swirling around in there somewhere is just a tiny bit of WTF? I’m sure you understand. You all but said Rob eye-effed you. I never took myself for a jealous bitch, but, hey, people change, right? Strangely enough, I haven’t been flinging slushies of Haterade in KStew’s face for anything we all KNOW is happening in the Hot Pocket Fort, but you? I want to hug you and high-five you and laugh with you but am afraid if I met you I might also lose my shit for a minute and pull your hair. ‘Cause I’ve never fought before, but since these feelings are coming from a place inside me that I haven’t felt since NKOTB, I’m pretty sure I would be less than ninja.

    Ugh. I hate confrontations, though . . . how about we just compromise? How ’bout NEXT time you see him, you do whatever it takes [within the boundaries of avoiding 2nd-hand embarrassment] to touch, talk to, or lick him? I think if we could get past the just-the-tip stage of Rob encounters, maybe I could just bask in the glory of knowing someone awesome I know has Robscored?

    It’s worth a shot.

    Silencing my inner outraged tween,

    • StothePizzle
      you are my inner-outer, …I think, especially on the hair-scene…
      these feelings are coming from the very very inside, that’s the sword HHH had stroken into our hards…

      unknown feelings…I tell you…

      and what about Rob while here around are all these “love-feelings”?
      HE wants to kiss that guy from the Office!

      No more words!


  31. HHH = His Holy Hotness

  32. MOON I LOVE YOU. It’s true. Although I am too farty and old to live in LA and run around doing all the amazing stuff you do to see the Rob, if I were young, hot, hip, and hilarious, like you, I would be doing the exact same thing.

    • I am definitely feeling old too… I am living vicariously through Moon and UC this week, so I just can’t hate them. I can’t deal with screaming girls, so I am waiting until Monday to see the movie. It’s killing me, but I want to hear the movie, as well as, see it.

      The idea of being in the same room with him, so that I could watch him from afar, is about the most that I could handle. Talking to him, never. Making eye contact? OMG I don’t know if I would be standing after that. I think that I would have forgotten how to breathe.

      I have recently read a couple of girls “encounters” with Rob on line, and the common theme seems to be that he more good-looking in person, than on film or in photos (not surprised), and he is very shy. There’s a great story on Random Acts of Rob called behind the Velvet Ropes with Rob, that is really great.

      Love to Moon and UC, because they rule!!

  33. Good for you guys. So glad you got to see him and the dam!

    • Oops. I meant fam

  34. What I said last night bears repeating: You lucky ass whores. And I have to agree with Proselyte – the eye contact just blows this whole shennanigan out of the water. He’s going to start recognizing you now. Peeking out from behind dumpsters and shit.

    I will remain a charter member of I Hate Moon club until Rob decides to REALLY be Elvis and move to Memphis.

    • Ohhhh, I am still learning English…so I learned today

      “lucky ass whores” is that something I could say to my old aunts?

      It sounds like a compliment…lol…in this case today…


      • If they don’t understand English, and you call them that in English, it might be OK. Calling old aunts lucky ass whores in their native language might be a little much. Unless, of course, that’s what they are.

      • Hahah no you don’t say that to your aunts!!!! LMAO!

  35. I love that we get to bask in HHH’s glow through you. There’s literally a snow balls chance in H*ll I’ll ever get the chance to even see him in person so I’m totally O.K. with experiencing Rob through a Goddess such as yourself.

    I hope you keep running into him and eventually get a picture or maybe a few words. That would be the cherry on top of the already awesome Rob sundae.

  36. Oh, I wish I had made the journey with lilcrazycow
    to the land of Robert Patterson to see Moon and Robert. But I know I will hear many stories from Moon and lilcrazycow on our trip to Oklahoma next week. Keep up the fun!!

    • ITS MY MOM!!!!!!!!!

      • Look, your mom brought me back out of lurkdum. Patterson? Dying!

        And Oklahoma rules.

      • Aww! This is beyond cute!

        Hi Momma Moon! I don’t really hate your daughter, well maybe sometimes. Someday I’m going to get some cash and move to Cali. Moon said I could move in and sleep in her bed. So you would be like my Step Momma Moon in Law.

        Seriously Moon, so cute!

        • I am a very lucky Momma Moon to have such a wonderful daughter as Moon. I could be your momma moon also. We always have room for one more at our house.

    • Hi Moon Momma…
      greets from far away…and always

      “Complimenti alla mamma!”

      (Hey…I am NOT me…….holding both hands in front of my face…lol)

    • my mom called me today to tell me that (and I quote) “turn on E! robert patterman… err patten… errr patterson… robert…err.. whats his name again?” This is the woman who when I told her that a big change is going to happen to jacob in breaking dawn asked me… (again I quote) “does Jake turn gay? Im not reading the rest if Jake turns gay!!”

      • haha that sounds like something my mom would do.

        “does Jake turn gay?” <–fantastic

  37. Vanity Fair’s 3rd set of outtakes from the shoot are up.

    #7 and #10. OMG. Died.

  38. Next time you see him, please tell him that you and UC write LTR! I’m sure you’ll get a big hug…and ask him where that damn new Stoli shirt is.

    • I think he is already on the blog….I would give my Robpiccollection for that…that guy is surprisingly cutting-edge…and much more prepared as he likes to admit!
      I mean, I am here…and I am sooo far away from all the lovely action….so kinda logical thing…this Robbaby doesn’t tell it all….lol

  39. I’ll tell you what “a Moon” can do….keep telling us every minute detail of every encounter. I want to know his skin tone, what color socks he’s wearing (I’m sure two different colors)…I literally take it as life-giving water, it enhances my “life-force” if you will and gives me yummy dream fodder.

    And if Breaking Dawn really does film in Portland (I know, fat chance) I will be ON IT. Just sayin.

  40. I can’t begin to tell you how jealous I am right now. I need to go to LA so I can partake in fun activities like this. Small town Missouri isn’t really doing it….

    • Stop in Tulsa and pick me up on your way – we’ll split the gas! I’m not sure I can go on living without at least a blurry blob sighting of RP!

      • Sounds like a plan. I don’t think I can go on much longer.

  41. Ack! Did I miss the part about how you got Ellen tickets on THE day RP would be there??!?! That can’t have been easy – SO FRIGGIN’ COOL!

  42. I just want to see him up close. Like in one of those 360 degree glass enclosures they use on those makeover shows. He would be a museum exhibit or something. That would be the ideal introduction.

    Then if I survive that, he can talk to me and touch me.

  43. Oh and P to the mother flipping S – Moonie Pie is the shit!

    that’s all.

  44. My 11 yr old daughter caught me reading your blog last night and said “Are they the ones that got that picture of Rob & Kristin getting in the cab …WOW, do you know them?” I told her that I didn’t “know them” but read their very hilarious blog (and added) “which you are not allowed to read because it is not appropriate for you!” So, my daughter is very impressed by your Rob sightings (I’m just jealous ).

    • hahaha WOW your daughter knows we took that pic?! shes in the know! and yea this isnt quite kid friendly fair

  45. I’d like to riff Rob’s raff, ifyouknowwhatimean.

    Raff reminds me of rash, and therefore that statement wasn’t as sexy as I originally planned.

    Moon, I’m DVRing that shiz. You best be fangirling like mad, if you know what’s good for ya!

  46. Hate? There is no hate. We are the Rob. We love you. Happy for you and your five Rob sightings!

    And, now why do I feel like that girl in high school who lost homecoming queen and smiles and congratulates the winner only to turn around and say the she is a whore. Oh yeah, jealousy.

    It’s a fine line that I’m walking today.


  47. I am a giant green eyed monster.. *le sigh*

  48. Although I am really glad that you guys are there representing The Normal, all these incidents are causing me to rethink my disdain for LA. Maybe I should move because with my powers of keen observation, this could be happening to me, too.

  49. as of 2 hrs ago: People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2009: Johnny Depp Not Robert Pattinson

    • I mean …J.D. is quite hot but ery short…and if this boring George Clooney guy is on that list…you can put it quickly into the gully!

  50. I definitely don’t hate you – in fact, I want to thank you for representing the “good” fans in a non-psycho way!

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