Posted by: Bekah | December 28, 2009

Rob Pattinson: Keeping it real’ in 2009

Dear Rob,

Man. What a year you’ve had. I think you’ve filmed at 3 movies, been in at least 7 different countries, released 3 movies, bought 2 new shirts, stole a pair of pants off a set, kissed at least two different girls, drank 758 bottles of Heineken, ate 323 boxes of hot pockets and lied about Kristen & your relationship at least 2700 times. Are you exhausted? I thought I’d do something unique that no one is doing and make a top 10 list of your 2009 photographs/photoshoots, but then I got bored and figured everyone would be doing that. So then I decided to just pick the top Rob moments of 2009. That was NOT an easy task. In fact, I couldn’t do it. First of all I went back through all our old letters to you (yes, all of them) and got distracted remembering the good old days when Moon wrote fan fic and it only used to take me 10 minutes to write a letter. Then I realized that picking the top 10 moments on my own was impossible.

I was perusing the comments on a letter to you the other day and noticed robgirl86’s comment filling someone in on your life in the past 30 days. She wrote:

-he was out with the Britpack
-he drank some beer
-he did a new Pap-film
-others fighted for his rights
-there was/is a HUGE “We-fight-for-Rob-campaign”
-he drank some more beer
-he got maybe swine flu
-he will marry Kate Perry
-he has not shaved
-he is back in London

I decided that was IT! I am going to recap 2009 for you to reminisce, and at the end hopefully we can come up with your top 10 moments of this past year! In no particular order (but kinda chronological)……

Your best friend of 2009?

-you partied with a young boy for New Years 2009

-you disappeared for awhile in London and we got so bored that we started playing with a lame plastic version of you

-you did some stuff in London that we can’t remember so it was obviously not important and while you was gone we began the amazing Rob-porn for women

you showed up to the Oscars, possibly without any underwear on, and waved to a fan/your mom/a special needs fan/me while harps played

-for about 3 hours on a particular boring day we tried to figure out if you were commando in a trailer for little ashes

-you went to Vancouver and turned into a dad

you pose for GQ. The world ends. Then you make a sad face for GQ. We’re depressed for days while making lists thinking of things to help you cheer up

-the twilight commentary is released providing us with plenty of Robisms to last the rest of the year. We promise to ‘break it down” and never do, disappointing millions of people across the globe about 25 people.

-you’ve made it! You have a fake persona on twitter (fakerpattz). he makes us laugh with his perfect portrayal of you as well as the fact that by choosing the name “Fakerpatz” which clearly means Fake R Pattz he confuses the rest of the faker community into becoming Faker-something. (fakernick, fakerstephanie, fakerparis, fakerpattypattz) which makes us laugh. hard

-you introduce us to The Tuck

do I post the picture of The Tuck? Do I ? Do I? Find out after the jump!

zygote rob is revealed. and we try to forget

-we realize that you want to be blown behind a dumpster by as many of your fans as possible all your fans in their fantasies


Clicky for real good times

-we started to ponder what it would be like if you weren’t famous. What if you had a gangsta Myspace page and lived with your parents?

-you treated us to major word vomit #1 and turned a kiss on the cheek with a rich man’s daughter into someting “more”

-you take off your shirt and all is right in the world. or your make-up artist just deserves a really big pay raise. we’re still not sure.

-we don’t have to wait too long for major word vomit #2: something is coming out of your pants

-we’re still glad you’re famous because you don’t look the greatest in the uniform for Bahama Breeze

-the freakiest fanmade video of all time was released. and we have no words

-Biel decides to channel her video making skills into the hottest vids of you ever

To be continued…..


Rob’s 2009 was a LONG one. I posted basically the first half of the year. Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow. But for now… let’s vote! Pick your top 10 moments based on what I choose today. And OBVVIOUSLYYY I probably forgot some. So comment with your top moments (from January-June!) so I can hit myself on the head and say, “Um Duh.”

Our internet game is ridiculous: The Forum, LTT, Twitter


  1. Wow Rob, we’ve had a full year!

    My fav is still the DVD commentary: Let’s be simple!


    • I can’t wait for New Moon to come to DVD for the sole purpose of listening to another one of his commentaries.

      • And the birthday in-front-of-truck-kiss moan. Don’t forget that.

    • LETS BE SIMPLE about this guys! BEST BEST!

  2. Part of me wants to say the shirtless Italy pics. Another part wants to say the MTV word vomit because he was just so cute.

    But the part of me that wins out (I’ll let you guess which part) says the Oscars. Only Rob would have the balls to go commando. He was really putting it out there for us (or perhaps he ran out of clean underwear?)

    • Haha! “The balls to go commando’- excellent quote. But it might be the clean underwear thing!

    • is it just me or was that “The balls to go commando” comment a bit ambiguous…

      • 🙂

    • Thank you. Just added to my list of questions to ask Rob if given the chance: “Did you go commando to the Oscars?”

  3. Today I will keep a HUGE smile on my face…….
    gaaaaahhhhhh I am soooo NOT COOL!:-)

    I vote for “shirtless Rob” because I’m pretty simple…lol
    BUT another IMPORTANT Rob information is actually coming to my mind….

    he has…
    “one leg shorter than the other” (working ONLY with the action that went along with this!)

    • Hey Robgirl! Aren’t you happy that you were willing enough to sum the last 30 days up for me? HAHAHAHA

    • … whenever someone quotes that “one leg shorter than the other” comment I think of that picture of him standing in the middle of the street, legs all strechted and dislocated in such a cute way only he can do… hmmmmm good times…

    • Yeah Robgirl you’re officially cool now! Woot!

  4. Hilarious as always, ladies. Thanks for the revisit of fond memories! He’s had quite a year with so many memorable things to discuss. For some reason, the Dadcase commentary always make me LOL. And the ‘something coming out of my pants’ moment is still as pure Rob as when it aired.
    Thanks again and can’t wait for part 2.

  5. I’m going with the commentary. Being beautiful just wasn’t enough…he had to go and be funny, self-deprecating, intuitive, thoughtful, polite, geeky, dorky, and accent-y, too. The commentary was my undoing.

    • I’ve never heard the commentary.. *slaps self* I deserved that.

      • Its a must! Extremely funny and charming.

    • Yeah I guess thats when I started to really really like him not because of the whole looks thing but because I realized he had a personality that was just sooooooooo damn cute!!!

    • Couldn’t agree more. The commentary pushed me over the edge from just a mild mannered fan to a full on Robsessed zealot. To hear him compare himself to a Ren & Stimpy episode or a the victim of a bad face lift is PRICELESS!!! Every word makes me love him more.

    • Jen-E~
      I ❤ you for adding "accent-y" to my vocab!

      • sorry hon for failed mail

        • no worries, Robgirl…
          Wow! You look exactly like Kate Moss.

          • I know I know..I get that all the time

  6. What a fabulous Monday morning this is! I had never seen the Dumpster Diving picture and OMG I think I wet myself a little. The scruff, the phone, the coat.. even the full pocket, oh man, total sex!


  7. When did we find out he reads fanfic?

    That was a pretty good moment too. Because you know he’s reading the “M” rated stuff.

    You have to give him credit for admitting he reads it.

    • Finding out he read fanfic was definitely a turn-on. I’m not sure it should be though… haha

      • A lot of things he does should should make us question our Robsession, but they don’t.
        -admitting to urinating in cups and leaving them in the hotel room
        -dressing like a dirty hobo
        -looking like he hasn’t showered in a month
        -word vomit at mtv awards
        -general awkwardness during interviews
        -the tuck

  8. There was Rob in Cannes, in front of 600 jpurnalists posing and being as cute as possible and later getting drunk and owning the red carpet again in a tux and then there was a letter about Rob loving boats, because he really likes boats, he does 😉

    • I was gonna mention that too.
      I love those pictures so much.

  9. “I was perusing the comments on a letter to you the other day and noticed robgirl86’s comment filling someone in on your life in the past 30 days. She wrote:”
    That ‘someone’ was me but anyway…. hahahhahahahha

    I am really thankful you summed the year up. It is great to know what happened during this whole crazy year!!

  10. Imma have to go with word vomit good jokes and all real robisms.

    And even if clean ironed Rob is not my favourite, I was also happy to see Cannes Rob and “meet” Clive Handjob. Stephanie washed him, but it didn’t cockblock the robisms: “That’s why I came here, to get a job”. Well Rob, we could figure out that New Moon was no Cannes material.

    The dadcase is pretty metrosexually-joey-friends’y-like.

    Could someone tell me what’s it all about with his last New Year’s Eve? I need some inspiration for the party.

    • And let’s not forget the bulge who made its first public appearance at the Oscars. He must have been really excited (to go to the Oscars, that is).

      • NEVER will disappoint me!

      • Minuit~
        Can you post “the bulge” photo. I’m a newbie here and don’t have that

        • I sent it to you.

          • Got it! Thanks…

          • oh I want it tooooooooooo

          • Misty, scroll down til you get to the commando shot fr the Oscars.

            Sorry Rob, I feel like a perv but they asked for it.


          • omg SB….what’s THAT???
            I can see…… I will NOT say!!!

    • Minuit~
      “Joey-friends’y-like?” Yes, so true. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Minuit!!!! How are you?

      I was not digging the dadcase…he really did remind me of my dad. Couldn’t he use a manpurse or something? LOL

      • I am… drunk. These holydays are exhausting. I have another party to attend, you know people you don’t get to see much, then you have to make up for the last year.

        Fortunatelly there’s SB around, cause “cultivated” in Robatics as I am, I don’t have any Rob porn, except for the pictures my official German dealer (can’t say the name, it’s top secret) sends me every day.
        Everytime I want to do a good joke, I threaten my bf to buy him a bag like the one Joey has.

        Oh and to answer the posts above I don’t have the time to find, Robgirl is the Robciclopedia reference, she has a Phd in Robanatomy and any other Rob science.

        • Minuit, lol what have you been drinking? Speaking of my robporn, yeah I need to be more discreet about this now.

          LOL ok I guess Robgirl’s a professor now from the University of Robert Pattinson. What am I then? LOL. And you, you’ve got to be the an associate professor there too.

          Ok I guess if you need info on the Twilight movie, you can ask me, I’ve pretty much memorized the dialogue(sad eh?).

        • LMAO!
          Cheers honey!
          A`la votre!

  11. Definitely the shirt coming off because I remember on that day that I did nothing productive apart from take a *you tube vacation*. It was quickly followed with the sudden realization that I chose the wrong career path at Uni, I should have studied either *air brushing* or *how to hold’s someones ass when being attacked from the front by some rabies infected actress* 🙂

    The following commentary accompaying the shirt coming off also was an EPIC WIN!:

    UC: Uh. His pants look HUGE.. Why don’t they have him in some tight ass Diesel jeans? and do you think they helped out the 6 pack a bit w/ make-up? i do…

    EastFriend: there’s def some ab shading going on. but ya know–they do it with boobs all the time. and by “they,” I clearly mean ME…as I do it with mine all the time. In summer. a little bronzer, some light shimmer powder…gotta put these babes in the best light possible, ya know???


    • BA in ass holding

      • BA in Ass Holding with Honours 🙂

  12. Cannes. Because it was then he realized his fame was not just an American thang…plus he looked cute as hell in the polo shirt with wind whipping his hair around.

    • He really did look absolutely handsome in the Cannes pictures. Sigh. I remember when I first saw that black striped polo shirt that I thought to myself, I really need to get one just like that for DH.

      And he was so great during the auction! Haha! He totally looks gorgeous in a tux and/or suit.

      • oh don’t remind me of Cannes, I had friends who were there for work with passes for a lot of things, and I didn’t go. Don’t ask me why, i guess i’m just stupid. I didn’t even really know who he was back then.

        • Why, why oh why didn’t you go? Minuit!!!!! You’ve got like one chance after another of seeing him that slipped away :-(.

  13. I couldn’t vote because all of those moments are win. And because it’s early and I haven’t had any coffee yet. I have a confession though… One of my many New Year’s resolutions (aka: an-intended-to-be-good-but-is-really-bullshit-idea) is to obsess less. Now, I know what you’re thinking… Don’t be crazy! That’s not Normal, but I’m going to try. And then I think if I obsess less Rob will reeeeaaaally want me and we’ll live happily ever after in our Hot Pocket, Heiniken, hobo bliss.

    • Honey I’ve tried to obsess less about him, I’ve been trying since March of this year. It’s not working. I’m way too addicted. 🙂 I don’t need help.

      • I agree, SB. YOu do not need help!

  14. Word vomit Rob. It amazes me how such a beautiful man can cause so much cringe-worthy material. And it even amazes me more how women (present company included) still swoon and think it’s kind of adorable. What the eff?

    • Kendall, his word-vomit is just another endearing thing that helps to make him his “Adorkable” self!!

  15. Umm…

    I just watched most of that video.

    This is surely some sort of brain washing activity.

    Can you point me to the koolaid?

    And what is our cult name? Please let me know.

    • Already drank the koolaid and wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • Take me to your leader. The one with the creepy shifting eyes.

    • i think it’s the music too… something about that smile and the music woah.

    • He put a spell on all of us.

  16. ok I thought about it a lot and I have to go with the Videos Biel makes… They are the best ever and they sum up what Rob is…

    • They sure are. I love the first one with the “Miles Away” song.

    • Did you see the one w/ Sex on Fire that plays for 10 minutes???? Ten minutes of hotness of Rob to tune of Sex on Fire!!! What’s not to like! 😉

      Now everytime I hear that song I immediately think of Rob and no one else.

      • I think that one killed me… I sat in front of my computer at midnight straight and watched that video… completely focused on Robs hotness and the most appropriate song….
        And yeah I fell in love with Biels videos because of her first… I mean I loved the song and her videos are just awesome… not just a bunch of pictures but they flow into each other so good….
        So lots of words that can be summed up in a simple sentence:
        Biel I love your videos…!!!

  17. Oh. My. God.
    Just when I thought my life couldn’t get any better, you go and play the ding-dang “Rob Eye-Effs the Crowd” video, again. (Making this the 98732344.46th time I’ve watched it)
    Reminding me why I obsess, again. And leaving me in dire need of a lower-half wardrobe change, again.
    *le sigh*
    I’m going to crawl behind the nearest dumpster and die now…happily.

    • lower-half wardrobe change….hahaha. awesome 🙂

  18. Another epic Rob-moment 2009

    Rob’s waiting behind M. Fox for his acceptance speech….

    …”HOLDING” the surfboard!

    • I think Megan wanted him so bad.

      • Duh! That bitch…


      • NO chance…to commercial….lol

      • Yeah get in line Megan Fox!

  19. mmmmm that oscar scene woke me right up 🙂
    cannes were some hot photos.. not to mention the new harper bazaar! (tho kristen looked like a death eater), he looked scrumptious!

    ❤ what a year rob.. cheers to 2010!

    • “death eater” hahahaa wtf?

      • hahha harry potter term 😛

  20. I think my vote for the best part of Rob’s 2009 has to be LTR….hands down….nuff said.


    Obird 🙂

    • awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    • suck up!

      (keep it coming:) )

  21. “kissed at least two different girls”

    One of them was me. Trust!

    • I am sooooooooooo jealous of you Jena!!! 😉

  22. Wow, really hard to decide.
    I think I have to go w/ the commentary because that was my introduction to Rob (other than Cedric) and the start of my Robsession.
    I actually rented Twilight on netflix 3 times in a row! They probably thought I was crazy. First time I watched it I thought it was pretty good, but was also absorbed in house cleaning ’cause some grubby kid in my sons daycare had headlice and while my kid was clean I still got paranoid and scrubbed my house head to toe with teatree water 😛
    Then I read all the books, so I had to watch it again.
    Then a friend at work asked me if I had watched the commentary. I said no. She said “Do it. Do it now!”.
    So it went back on my netfix 🙂
    I loved the commentary so much, and I was actually a little disappointed that he didn’t do the commentary for How to Be. He was probably too busy for a low budget movie commentary now that he’s such a big, sexy, movie star.

    • I may or may not have watched the commentary more often than the actual movie…

  23. Great post! I love, love love Oscars Rob. He is so tantalizing. Omg, I think I will die if he ever looked at me that way. What a lucky fan/woman! He really looked like he wanted to engage her. Swoon.

    • YES…and all THAT…
      without underwear….

      • I think he might got so confident because he had no underwear on…. just guessing… but he never did this again and I think he never went comando again did he ?

        • As far as I know(and I’m no paparazzi) he never did it again. He got some freebie undies from the set of Eclipse and Remember Me after that! ;-). I take it back, they weren’t freebies, he stole them!

          Oh Rob, you are so lovable.

          • HAHAHAHA
            See my assumption was right. Rob is only confident and dazzles people on purpose when he has no undies on!!!
            So lets steal ALL of Robs undies!! Who’s in this with me girls??
            Anyone?! ::oops::

  24. Robscars still kills me, it is what made me love my other top 3 things, RobQ and Commentary. When I saw the Robscars, I was happy and giddy with dreams of hotness….and then I found HotAlex and more….just making the year more complete.

    • PS However, DrunkROb in total is still and always be my fav.

      • Janetrigs I agree with you on that DrunkRob part… He is sooooooooo freakin cute when he’s drunk… I mean normally you get someone drunk if you want to get him laid… But I would get Rob drunk to witness the DrunkRobCuteness (and I am not going to lie: get some afterwards… ifyouknowwhatimsayingandimsureyoudo…)

  25. I voted for the GQ spread, because that was the moment for me, when Rob went from “the guy who played Edward” to “OMG, that guy is beautiful”.
    I know that other people have mentioned this already, but I remember
    searching for pics of him in Cannes. Those photos were such a “breathe of fresh air” from the pap pics we were seeing from the Vancouver set of NM. I loved seeing him smile.
    I don’t think anyone has mentioned the drunk photo of him and that blonde while he was in Cannes. Remember she spread some rumors that they left together??

    • I just watched the Biel video, and just WOW…

      I think that would definitely be my favorite, and I’ve been watching alot of Rob videos lately.

  26. Favourite so far has to be the Biel vid! I just lost a pair of brand new panties watching that! A girl needs a bit more warning before such a hot vid!

    • I agree with you on that a 100%!!! They are the best videos around the globe hands down!!!
      And yes lots of girls have lost a pair (or maybe even more) panties watching her videos… But guess what: That’s normal!

      • I’ve just given up on wearing panties (except for THAT time of the month, of course) because I just got tired of doing so much damn laundry!! So-ooooo,is that normal?????

  27. PMSL!!!! He has certainly been entertaining, hasn’t he? My favorite part…your letters. You guys have a way of making anything hilarious and I love reading them. Can’t wait for part 2!!!

  28. I was feeling real good until you mention “the tuck”!

    Hands down best year of my life! I discovered LTR this year! This may be really sad or really normal, not sure which!

    • Yeah mentioning “The Tuck” wasn’t really necessary since I am really trying to forget that…. But OK I’ll just go with it!

  29. Today’s post made me realize that I’m gonna have to go back to day-one of LTR and read everything. I’ve missed so much. I don’t know how I made it without you guys. I was so alone in my AR (after Rob) life searching aimlessly through so much crap for anything I could get my hands on.

    Top Rob quotes:

    “it’s a side dish which you don’t necessarily have to eat.” – refers to all the screaming sessions he has to endure.

    “I f*cked Joe Jonas” – GQ interview

    Top Rob video:
    slo-mo photo of Rob’s abs and happy trail *flutters eyelashes, bites lip and sighs*

    Top Rob photo:
    ALL OF THEM… including “the tuck” which brought me to LTR. For me, “the tuck” proves that Rob means business when it comes to acting.

    • thumb up
      for ALL you’ve said

    • I really really love your idea!!! We should make a top 10 Rob-quotes 2009!! (even though I am 100% certain I wouldn’t be able to make just 10…. just sayin’)

      • Go on, Bleriana. You start first. Give us your fav Rob quote.

        • There are so many… but I would have to go with:
          “Don’t trust a guy who plucks his eyebrows…” I think that was the one that made me fall for him…
          Or when a girl asked him at Kimmel if his shirtmissbuttoning was a fashion statement or just because he was in a hurry and he replies “Is it a bad thing?” HAHAHAHAH
          same interview different girl; she asked him if he seriously feels like biting people that ask him if he is a real vampire. and he just goes like “Yeah! I mean I done it a couple of times….”
          And I could just go on and on an on….

          • Yes, loved his sincerity about the shirtmissbuttoning.

            So many more… thanks for adding yours, Bleriana.

    • Hey that is all kinds of loveliness you got there. ;-*

      “I need you to bite me.”

      • SB,
        “Do you even know what you are saying?”

        • When asked what his favorite date would be:

          “To be honest, A date would be perfect.” *laughs*

          Can you make your sexy face?

          “That’s not a question, that’s a request. I thought I was already doing it?”

          • omg! I sooooooooooooooooooo loved that one!!! I think its kinda stuck in my head… “I thought I was already doing that!”
            and imagine Rob saying “That’s not a question, that’s a request.” ind a different situation…
            ok The Tudors is seriously perving me to death (can you even say that?)

          • And who can forget his remark of “I’m just a big, hard tool”…..

  30. My favorite is showing how ballsy he was by putting his weird nipple out there for all to see in New Moon. I can’t even focus on the real/fake abs when that funky nipple is staring at me. It’s going to eat me!

  31. You mentioned taking action figure edward different places … I took mine into new york city yesterday, and he was VERY excited when we went into Planet Hollywood! And here’s what he found:

    • Awesome!!!!

  32. Uhm… Drunk Rob kinda looks like my cousin. I must erase this from my memory! Sorry, kid.

  33. I tried to post this earlier but it said it’s awaiting moderation. Maybe because of the word “nipple”
    Figure I’d try again to see if I’m truly offensive.

    My favorite is showing how ballsy he was by putting his weird nipple out there for all to see in New Moon. I can’t even focus on the real/fake abs when that funky nipple is staring at me. It’s going to eat me!

  34. I guess I have to go with Cannes Rob. It was the media coverage of him there that got my attention enough to finally rent Twilight. I don’t need to tell any of you fellow psychos the rest…

  35. Oh, I voted for RobPorn. I just made my first video of RobPorn pics set to music on Christmas Eve (sorry Baby Jesus!) so thank you to everyone that supplied pics!

    • Keisha,
      I think baby Jesus is totes down with robporn, but love that you apologized anyway!

    • :Baby Jesus likes this:

  36. “- you take off your shirt and all is right in the world”

    That was THE BEST day in my cyber life. I was supposed to go to Tuscany at that time but then I decided not to, so I spent four blissful and sleepless days and nights behind my computer downloading shirtless photos all the time. And if I remember it correctly, it wasn’t just all right in the world, it was also:
    -the world stopped
    -Twitter was down
    -internet wasn’t working properly

    ahhh…. the power of shirtless pale guy

    • JellyBean~
      Really? He said this:
      “- you take off your shirt and all is right in the world”

      Can I have a link? Thanks for your post?

      • -you take off your shirt and all is right in the world. or your make-up artist just deserves a really big pay raise. we’re still not sure.

        haha, UC said this, in this very post

        And I’m from Europe, almost neighbour 😉

    • JellyBean, where are you from cause we might be almost neighbours?

  37. um? Did I forget Cannes Rob? I think my fancard is revoked… we must not have blogged much about it. Actually I think I have a post drafted about how sweaty I thought he looked. I should post that.. for good times….

    My bad- will add that to the conversation tomorrow!

  38. What about maybe-he-did, maybe-he-didn’t, sleep with Nikki Reed last spring some time?

  39. […] Getting down with the kids in 2009 If you missed Part 1 of “Rob’s top 10 moments of 2009,” make sure you read it […]

  40. *stares at vid like so O.o *

    I feel completely normal after that. Completely.

  41. […] Rob Pattinson: Keeping it real’ in 2009 Dear Rob, Man. What a year you’ve had. I think you’ve filmed at 3 movies, been in at least 7 different […] […]

  42. my dearest UC and Moon, I have run out of words, not only because you’ve included my stuff on your Rob’s top 2009 Moments (wich is utterly unexpected for me, sincerely) but because it has been my hubbie the one who told me about this post!!

    My jaw dropped to the ground when he just tell me that he read it 2 days ago!! and sorry, because I must confess that he also told me that one of “my” votes comes from him… I had no idea he even knows about my fave blogs, and I’m personaly more than pleased with his vote (rofl!!) but the whole thing is a little bit embarrassing and I want you to know for your consideration in the final compilation…

    Anyway, I don’t mind the result, I’m feeling beyond fortunate, lucky, blissful, happy only for being here. Thank YOU is not enough to express my huge gratitude for your wonderful support throughout this year. I love you gals, I love your blog and your immensely funny & witty community!!!

    All the best in the coming new year!!

  43. […] this week we voted on Rob’s top moments of 2009 in two posts. Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here. Counting back from 10, here are the Top 10 Rob Pattinson moments of 2009 voted […]

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