Posted by: themoonisdown | October 6, 2009

Paps catch Rob, maybe try a new outfit!

Dear Rob,

I’m just catching up on all the weekend activities and saw you hit the town for a little din-din with Sam Bradley, KStew and your agent Stephanie and some other folks. Not surprisingly you were followed by paparazzi and fans and looky-loo’s and which you seem to always handle relatively well. I get the feeling that you don’t let it bother you or you have learned to hide it really well if they do. But what I did noticed from that paparazzi video of you guys in the elevator (yes, I watched it and no I’m not less of a fan) that it bothers you when it bothers other people. And we ALL know it bothers ol KStew and it’s pretty obvious from that video.

We’ve told you guys to suck it up, act normal, be fun and go about your lives till they get bored with you buying toothpaste and running to the Subway around the corner and eventually leave you somewhat alone. But since you haven’t taken those suggestions yet, may I offer you one more: WEAR A DIFFERENT OUTFIT!!

From my limited dealings with these paparazzi folks they’re not the brightest bulbs in the Christmas tree. They work off what other people say, old pictures of celebs and tips and sometimes don’t even know what celebs are which and ask those around them to identify the celeb. So taking into account this is what you’ve worn in the last month or so you’re making it easy on them!

Same shiz, different day!

Same shiz, different day!

Seriously? You’ve worn the same outfit or a variation of the same outfit countless times when you’ve been out and these are just the ones I could find on fansites. Word to the wise: ditch the leather jacket and that hat and maybe, oh I don’t know COMB YOUR HAIR and put on something that’s been washed. Steal some of Edward’s wardrobe from set, I bet NO ONE would find you while wearing THIS Tweed coat out in public. Or even just in a semi new get up. They’d look you over because they’re too busy looking for the dude in the “Interior Power” hat.

I’m just sayin’! You might try it next time.

Oh and smile, it increases your “face” value! (thanks mom!)

And PS. KStew, seriously with the whining and bitching? You’re a celeb. A semi BIG one now. So put on your big girl panties and DEAL WITH IT.
PPS Rob? Lose the zero and get with a hero.

See video of apologizing bumbling Rob and pissy KStew in the elevator here!

Hopefully there’s some smiles on LTT today
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  1. Maybe he should ditch the gray, black and dark blue clothing. Put on something bright red or orange. Sure he’d be easier to spot in a crowd, but they would never believe it was him!

    Oh and also, one word: JORTS!!

    • I had to give you a thumbs-down. But only because it would give me a big sadface if I ever saw Rob in jorts.

      • I would pay money to see Rob in jorts!

    • id pay money too. and seriously try a diff color!

    • I think Robbie only brings minimal clothes to wear –In anycase, Robbie has a rental house in Vancover. He’s not staying at the hotel with Stewie.

      Noticed in the vid that both managers were at the dinner place (Pinky’s) Stephanie AND Nick!! hmmm. wonders if there is any tension going around that require the presence of BOTH of Robbies agents. bummer. –Crabby Stewie is being herself. Just hope she’s got her shots. The girl looks like she wants to bite someone. Maybe they should let her? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I’m with Moon on her assessment here:
      re: ” And PS. KStew, seriously with the whining and bitching? Youโ€™re a celeb. A semi BIG one now. So put on your big girl panties and DEAL WITH IT.
      PPS Rob? Lose the zero and get with a hero”

      Remember DiCaprio and all the rest of them went through this shizz as well.
      Also, it wouldnt be news if we did not watch the vid. or demand pics of Robbie So we’re all guilty of contributing to papparismo…

      Marketing 101 –
      If we create the demand, there will be someone to fulfill it.

      • thank you hermes for bringing out the dicaprio refrences and the marketing 101 i miss those classes. can we talk about the 4 p’s now?!

        • Product, Positioning, Packaging and Promotion..

  2. Love the PS. totally agree !:)

  3. So not surprised by KStew’s reaction. He could do so much better than her.

    Someone please, do his laundry!!!

    • i volunteer.

      (for both jobs)

      • I am sure that we all would love to “do” both jobs.

        Why are people giving me the thumbs down? What’s up??

  4. Moon, I love you to bits but I couldn’t disagree with you more. If I were in their position I would ‘deal with’ the paps by running them over with my car or beating the hell out of them with their own cameras. Rob and KStew deal with it way more politely than I would, so I’m not minding the sadface.

    I’ve also read that it’s a celebrity trick to wear the same outfit when they are out because then you can’t really tell which night the celeb was out and the paps can’t sell their photos for as much money. I’m not saying Rob is trying to screw the paps by being a hobo, I have a feeling that’s his natural gig, but they’re going to find him no matter what he wears. Might a well make it less profitable for them, right?

    • I’m with you jodes… I mean it’s one thing for them to be followed around outside but when they’re being followed inside their hotel… that would definitley cross the line for me, I’d be beyond pissed if people were filming me in my hotel getting into an elevator.

      I do have a question though, manager Nick was in the cab when they left the restaurant but I didn’t see him at the hotel? Usually they have a security/agent/manager person with them until their safely inside.

      • Oh and I wanted to say, in the words of Joey… video of them inside the hotel is crossing the line, the paps are so far over the line they can’t even see the line, the line is like a dot to them.

        • I agree with you on that… there’s a fine line between celeb photos and invasion to privacy… I love Rob, and I love watching him and read gossip about him, etc. etc. etc. but I can live and keep loving Rob’s work without vids like this… they are there and I do watch them (like the girls said that doesnt make me less of a fan) but if they weren’t there that wouldn’t change how much I like Rob…

          • Manager Nick is there, he’s on his cell,
            he’s standing on the opposite wall across
            from the elevator.

            I love KStew, but I’m actually surprised
            she snarked at that fan the way she did.
            I understand KStew’s frustration though.
            However, that fan probably should have
            picked a different time to go up to them.
            It was rather chaotic at the moment and I
            wouldn’t have gone up to them, let alone
            get in the elevator with them.

    • Yes, JodieO- my point excactly. Thanks for saving me from carpal tunnel by typing it for me ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It’s just so f-in riduculous that they have to go from hotel-to-cab-to-restaurant-to-cab-to-hotel without barely getting to breath fresh air! It’s insanity! If it’s not the pap, it’s the fans.

      Shouldn’t people who happen to make movies as a career be allowed to go for a nice walk? Why is it so important that we have to follow their every move? When did this become the price they are forced to pay?

      I don’t get any of it.

    • Jodie0, Right on!!! I would be so angry at the paps that you’d see my face on the news for papacide.
      I know it’s their job. I know that losing your aninimity is the price you pay for stardom. But, come on!! Rob is being overcharged. He deals with it way better than I would and for that he has my admiration.
      I think that KStew deals with it in her own way. I don’t begrudge her the occasional whine or expletive. I know that it would be one helluva a pain in the ass to have to deal with those bunch of animals on a daily basis. And honestly, I don’t know how they do it.

      So far, Rob doesn’t seem to blame the fans. But I wonder how much longer he can take this kind of abuse ( I believe that’s what the paps are, abusive) and keep his beautiful level head on straight. It would be such a shame to lose someone like him due to the actions of a bunch of jackals.

      • Papacide! I think we should all wear shirts saying “I’d commit papacide for Rob”. Wait, maybe not.. people would think we wanted to kill the Pope..

    • Totally agree with you JodieO (sorry Moon, still love you!). Yes, they should expect this kind of attention from fans. I think Rob and KStew handle the screaming fans really well. If you watch videos from fans that have waited near the set for autographs, both Rob and Kristen are very nice and accomodating to the fans. It’s the paps that should not be hunting them down like this. I would definitely be the celebrity who goes to jail for punching a pap in the face and breaking his camera. These people are vultures. I’m also afraid that Rob will eventually leave the business and the public eye altogether because of the invasion on his life.

    • im not saying this isnt a total invasion of privacy but by hiding out for days on end and then running around when you do go out only makes the problem worse. by being around a lot they drive down the prices of their own photos just because theres a ton of them. the more they go out and are seen the less the mags want those pics because theres a ton of them.

      thats my deal. but i love the discussion!

      • In total agreement with this Moon. 1) If you saturate the market the demand goes way down..simple economics (econdork award for the day) and 2) I would advise them to stop, smile and let people take a couple pics. Stop pretending you are not famous and act professional – then people might respect your space if you are a bit more professional about the fact that you are a celeb..comes with the job..sorry.
        I do hate that these guys have to live like this and it does not give anyone the right to cross the line but I almost feel a little bit like they are making it worse for themselves by acting all dodgey-agro about the idea that people want to take their pictures.

        • “dodgey-agro” my two fave words put togetehr!! i LOVE IT

          maybe they didnt take college level business classes and dont get supply/demand. if that’s the case then i’m mailing them business for dummies

      • Agrees with Moon. this is not the way to deal with them. but maybe they’ll figure it out later, or get some advice.

  5. I’m starting to think he’s got some sort of problem that prohibits him from wearing new clothes. Maybe sensitive skin? He has to have stuff that’s been washed in Dreft a few times, and it’s just not worth it to break in a new button up? Or, like athletes wearing the same filthy socks for the whole season, he has to wear the same outfit for the duration of movie production for superstitious purposes?

    • Hahahaha! Love you for this. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • hahahahaha! Me too.

    • hahaha he’s a highly trained athlete! probably wears the same underwear for the entirety of production.

      ps i used to use dreft on my clothes till they came out with ALL free and clear. HOOLLLAAA sensitive skin!

      • On Sunday, I accidentally used a towel that my mother washed in Tide at her house, and I thought I’d gotten into poison ivy. Good times.

      • Word to the ALL free and clear! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. So I just watched the video and I’m wondering where it was really that Kstew was whining? I just heard her frustrated and say ‘can we just wait…’
    And was that Rob saying “Sorry, guys?” I thought it was the paps? I didn’t hear Rob say anything at all?
    So I’m confused! And as much as I love LTR, I’m going to have to disagree here too. I’d be “Whining” waaaay more than Kstew and if I were Rob, I’d be walking around with a face mask to make sure the paps can’t make any money off of me. To be famous is one thing – dealing with the fans, etc….but to have to deal with the intrusive paps on a daily basis -well that’s ridiculous. If someone were harassing me and hounding me and then making money off of the pictures they took while harassing and hounding me, I’d be doing a lot more than whining.

    Just my .02 cents!

    • I just watched the video again and did see that it was Rob who said “sorry guys”, but I thought he was talking to the girls by the elevator, not the paps.

      But I really think that Kstews frustration is understandable. Yes, it’s her job – but the paps are way outta control in my opinion…

      • Rob says sorry to the fans that are asking for pics/graphs. KStew snaps about it right before getting in the elevator I believe. I can’t watch it again. Once was plenty.

      • yea he’s talking to the girls thats what i thought.

        and yes, theyre very much outta control but like i said earlier they only make it worse. if paps are a fact of life for them, then make it less so by not being so elusive. make “catching rob and kristen” less of a goal for them.

  7. I think if I wanted to be an actor & was smoking hott, I would love all the pap attention (for a bit). Then I would get angry and sulky. Then a manager would tell me to put on a nice face & deal with it or go live alone in Tahiti or something.

    So fame kills. But that is what they wanted, isn’t it?

    If you don’t want the paps to follow you around town, try going to school to be a librarian. I haven’t seen a single pap EVER!

    • I don’t think there are many people out there who get into acting for this kind of fame… well, other than Heidi and Spencer Pratt… and I’m not really sure you can call them ‘actors’. Leonardo DiCaprio is famous, but he can still walk down the street.

      • Jesus! Why did I get 5 thumbs down? Do you all hate librarians?

        Of course they don’t get into acting to become stalked. That would be ridiculous & very Heidi and Spencer (Never watched The Hills, still can’t stand them!) of them.

        I just have this idea if they would act normal & go into town to buy poptarts and shoestrings every once in a while, the paps would eventually move on to the next big thing!

        Absence makes the heart grow fonder & all that cliche crap.

        And I dare say that acting & becoming a celebrity can’t all be sunshines & daisies & watermelons. Every job has its downside. Celebs downsides are just very public. I mean they could both be working at a McDonalds (not that there is anything wrong with that) but it would suck to want to do something else and be stuck somewhere. Just ask my mother.

        • i gave you a thumbs up, i love librarians! and id love to see rob in glasses in the library.

          • My God. You don’t know how quickly I would die if Rob showed up to my (future) library in glasses.

            Sorry my RL lover. You have failed. ; )

          • here’s Rob-wearing-glasses visual, can’t remember where I saw this or why someone would actually photoshop glasses onto Rob, but maybe they were curious to see what Rob the librarian would look like.

          • Whoopsies, forgot the link

          • That pic was hott! Thank you. I will frame that now.

            He can be my library assistant.

            There should be a fanfic about that somewhere!

        • It’s actually my dream to get a photo of Rob wearing my vintage librarian glasses. If I had a choice between Rob in my glasses and a kiss on the mouth from Bobby it would be a hard decision.

        • Have you ever seen this?? Rob goes to the library….. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • UC, Is that you?

        • Now it’s ten thumbs down!!

          Don’t worry tho, Librarians are awesome, and Rob can read, so that defs increases your chances of uber coolness in the Rob book.

          And I agree about the pop tarts and shoelaces.


          The librarian has spoken.

  8. “big girl panties”
    -> this made me think ‘power panties’ immediately.

    • haha, I bet if Kstew had on her power panties that vid of them in the elevator would have been much more on the x-rated side… ifyouknowwhatimsayin ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Maybe she should get some tweed panties.

    • tweed would help then everyone would know she was serious!

  9. Without getting too heavy:

    Princess Diana = paps = death ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


    • As a Brit and a Royalist {ducks for cover} all I have to say is TRUTH!!!

      • I’m with you gal, British and proud. Boy, they chased that woman to an early grave.

    • If those bastards touch a hair on his gorgeous ungroomed head….
      The son’s a b@*%!es are gonna hafta answer to me!!

  10. Rob is incredibly gracious and patient with all the crap he has to put up with–it think it’s a reflection of the kind of person he is. Total class.

    Kstew, on the other hand,seems resentful, whiny and bitchy and she doesn’t get half the attention Rob does. I agree, Moon, get over yourself or find another job.

    Also love your pps.

    • I think it kind of reflects their age difference. I mean, KStew’s still a teenager. It doesn’t absolve her from being resentful or whiny, but she probably hasn’t fully grown out of the angst stage yet.

      I mean, I’m sure it’s difficult dealing with crazy fame, but a little gratitude goes a long way. She has a charmed life in so many other ways. I mean, she’s going home with ROB.

      • @ tUESDAYmignight… agrees.. maturity plays a big role here on how Stewie reacts..(to everything, such drama). sigh..

        Must be hell being pissed off all the time.. Seriously .. I get tired just looking at the girl.. Find some joy in your life Stewie!! .. or all this is NOT worth it!.. it just ain’t worth it. Life is too short to be angry all the time (either that or she really must miss Arangarano.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ha.

        Can’t image what it would be like for Robbie or her other co-stars to have to put up with.. things are difficult as it is.. .. but what she does not realize is that she has the power to change that. She’s been in the business now for what.. 8-9 yrs? she knows the score as they say. she’s not ignorant.
        this whole thing could back fire on her me thinks.

        • She could be really shy. She could be depressed. She could just not have a naturally smiling face. But you’re so right, it certainly seems as if she takes no joy in any of this. And I feel sorry for her because of that, because life IS short… way too short to take it so seriously. I just want to advise her to take some time off and do some soul-searching, or else adulthood is going to be miserable.

          And I’d totally be willing to babysit Rob for her. You know, keep him warm until she gets back.

          • @ Tuesdaymidnight.. haha.. get in line .. we all want to babysit Robbie!!.. I’d be willing to even put a nipple on the Henikein bottle for him if that’s do the trick.. oi veh!
            Nipples and Rob.. (see I found a way to fit in sex in their somewhere).

            PS -that was good advise to Stewie too … (hope she reads it)
            She should do the soul searching thing. maybe go off to university in Oz like she wanted to (she mentioned it in an interview).
            College is a great opportunity to do that kind of thing. And the girl is so dark and angry all the time.. yoikes.. except when she’s in KSWI (kristen stewart wants it mode ) .

    • Is it possible KStew could be grateful for the advantages she has in life and still not appreciate being followed around the clock by screaming paparazzi?

    • I agree with you dazzledtodeath and I agree with the Ps made in this letter.

      We all understand how difficult it must be being in their places but just like Rob said in his last article, he gets to live from doing what he loves which is acting, and the rest as nothing is perfect, comes with a price, so he is not complaining and Rob is even more followed by paps than Kstew and he still manages to be polite as best he can; so Kstew should be able to do the same.

      • TRUTH!

        “I mean, Iโ€™m sure itโ€™s difficult dealing with crazy fame, but a little gratitude goes a long way. She has a charmed life in so many other ways. I mean, sheโ€™s going home with ROB.”

        it’s all in how you deal with it.

    • I adore Rob, he sure is mighty classy. Sigh. Please visit me in my dreams tonight.

  11. Rob, can I have an autograph, Rob can I have an autograph, Rob…….that was a tad annoying, but..I think it kinda comes with the territory. Kstew is annoying, too. She has nothing to bitch about-she gets to be alone with him in mere minutes.

    • and in an elevator/lift of all places ๐Ÿ™‚

      • True that!!

    • preach ashley!!

      and that “rob can i have an autograph PLEASE” guy was SOOO annoying. be cool man!

  12. I take it TammyO will make a surprise appearance this morning?


    P.S. the “P.S.” was the shizz.

    • mjm, i have that same impression… just wait… she will… jijiji

      “Lose the zero and get with a hero.” Best line in a loooooonnngggg time!

      thank you for the morning laugh girls!

      • I think she already got to you, so I gave you a “thumbs-up” to balance her negative “thumbs-down”.

        Man, I feel for Kristen (KINDA) because she is still a young, but if she doesn’t like it, she should have considered an alternate career path… (please don’t hate me for this!)

        • thanks!!!!

        • TOMSTU (le sigh, my little cupcake) ๐Ÿ˜‰
          WOULD NEVER BEHAVE like stewie!! NEVER!
          He’s so polite and well mannered in that upperclass British kinda way..

          TOMSTU hurry up and finish your play PunkRock so that you can join Robbie and the lads, and go back to drinkin and hanging together like the bros you are!!

          Seriously, as soon as Tomstu shows up, Robbie will dump Stewie faster than you can say “Mullett head”.

          Long live the Bromance and the Order of the Plaid!

          • Hermes, I LOVE love LURVE the fact that you manage to get TomStu into all of the Rob conversations! You make me quite happy ๐Ÿ™‚

            Awww, they’d both be these super-polite, British foxes. le sigh is right. Though, I think Kristen would still be invited to chill with them ’cause that’s what polite British foxes do.

      • why is a lot of people giving thumbs down today? delicate issue?

        just live and laugh people! release endorphins!

    • oh god i hope tammy o shows up!! im beginning to think she might be the thumbs downer. but i did also tread into some robsten water so that is always a sensitive area. it’s fine, ill like her tomorrow. sometimes she just rubs me the wrong way

      • TammyO’s always here Moon, lurking and giving us all the big thumbs down..
        (look at it as a badge of honor to get a thumbs down)..

        I love thumbs down..
        ok girlies SOCK IT TO ME!

  13. WTH was Rob apologizing for? He doesn’t owe those paps anything. He’s is so friggin nice.

    I wish Rob would wear something else! Darn, I’d be willing to do his laundry for him or even buy him new clothes, anything but nothing from Goodwill since he seems to own a lot of raggedy clothes already.

    Still love Rob though ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I think he was apologizing to the girls that were waiting for the elevator, as they jumped in before them to escape. I could be totally wrong.

      • I need to watch that video again.

        Did Kristen say shit? I heard someone say it but I wasn’t sure who said it. I feel bad for them in a way, but I wish she would have been nicer, if it was her who said that. I like Kristen a lot, I’m gonna try and give her the benefit of the doubt. And as far as Rob is concerned, well I’m just blind I guess. Maybe they’re still in the process of learning tactics to deal with the paps and fans.

  14. I kinda get that KStew is bitchy & whiny… She has to endure the whole paparazzi circus, and it’s (mostly) not even for her! Let’s face it… she’s jealous of all the positive attention that Rob gets (as opposed to the three billion women that publicly hate her for getting to kiss Robward).

    • HAHAHAHAA if thats true she should be smiling the biggest EF YOU smile in the world she got him in the end (thats what she said) and thats what matters!

  15. I kinda โค Rob's grungy look {though oscar Rob Kills me} and though I think they do have to 'suck it up' a bit more I still wonder about their management? I'm sure Nick {cough cough} could do more to ensure Rob's well being, as for Kstew…I'm trying really really trying……. if she makes our boy happy I'm going with the flow, we all had wild oats to sow and it is LALA land remember……

  16. **dragging my soapbox over to the middle so everyone can hear me**

    AHEM…IS this thing on?

    Oh KStew…give it a rest already. I don’t understand this girl at all. Okay, you have some creepy guys chasing after you with cameras and you can’t even go out to eat with your friends without having to stratagize every step and be accompanied by a full security detail. But guess what, it’s only because you are Rich and Famous. I know how taxing that must be to a 19 year old. My 19 year old who has to bum money off of me for gas to get to and from her classes because her job as a lifeguard ended on Labor Day and she is struggling to find another one. I’m fairly sure you don’t have to pick your dad’s change jar clean to buy a McDouble for lunch so that alone puts you one step up from a ton of kids your age. I’d bet my paycheck any one of them would trade places with you and SMILE AT THE PAPS….all the way to the bank!
    I did a little math. There are 24 hours in a day. This video of you lasted less than 3 minutes. There is a lot of daylight left with no paparazzi in your face.
    Get over yourself. NO ONE IS MAKING YOU DO THIS!!! Go get a job as a lifeguard next summer, bum money off your folks and be a normal kid if this is too much for you or shut the hell up!

    **stepping down from soapbox**

    • Can I get an AMEN!

    • I like you. Amen.

    • ItsLauraHoney: You hit the nail on the head; couldn’t agree more with you and Moon. These two were bothered for a total of ten seconds in one night. I’d even bet that there have been lots of times when they went out, and were not caught by the paps. I used to feel bad for them, but then I realized that they are set for life! If they play their cards wisely, they’ll never have to worry about how to pay the bills, where to buy food, or whether they can afford to send their kids to college (if they so choose). And all for being in movies! Rob certainly seems to handle it much more maturely than KStew, but there is an easy way to stop the madness: get a different job! Or just stop working; they probably have enough money to live off the interest. Especially if you’re just buying hot pockets and carrots. In my opinion, they should be unfailingly grateful for the life they have, but they are so young (especially KStew), they’ll probably never realize how lucky they are. Besides, all this will eventually pass.

      By the way, I don’t think I saw Sam Bradley in any of the pictures from that night. I believe the guy in the brown jacket is one of KStew’s managers. Did anyone else see Sam Bradley?

      • i think that he was reported as Sam, but you’re right- I heard it was K’s manager. Who looks 12

      • I thought it was Sam Bradley at first, too, and I got all sadface because he looked all Americanized in his baggy jeans and chubby cheeks. Then I was told that it wasn’t Sam and I was all happyface again.

      • “Rob certainly seems to handle it much more maturely than KStew” –

        Rob has been an unemployed actor not so long time ago and he probably appreciates success; Kristen’s is a different story, she’s been acting since forever and is probably fed up with everything (even being set up for life)

    • I love you for this.

      Marry me!

      Although I am just a few years older than your daughter.

      Ok. Be my surrogate mother!

    • I have seen many videos of Kristen being very nice to fans, and this is the first one I’ve seen where she seems a bit cross. Cross – not yelling / not violent, just a little cross. I even saw a video where a fan was waiting for her outside their family home in LA, and while she seemed freaked out that the fan knew where she lived, she was still polite.

      I personally wouldn’t judge her simply because of this 1 video. Especially one that was taken after they were chased all the way into their hotel. The paps crossed the line in a big way. Just sayin’.

    • *snaps* *claps* *hands you the microphone for tomorrows letter*

      amazing. loved it. think about the real world next time a camera flashes in your face! i love the BIG stars who just deal with it and openly say they get paid stupid money for this!!! just ridiculous amounts of money.

      try being a lifeguard…. amazing. i may frame this. put it next to my “footprints” poster.

      • Footprints poster! โค you!

      • Jackman is a class act and deals with the papp stuff in a great way.. .. he’s a role model. love me some Hugh J.

      Children are dying of malnutrition and hunger, women/men are dying of cancer, some children are forced into prostitution to make ends meet ( at age younger than Kstew) – young men same age as Rob are living dangerous lives within drug dealer gangs to buy comfort that they may never enjoy etc

      SORRY! oh yes am sorry, am sorry for what people endure to survive, for the children who may not see the dawn of day due to lack of not luck of….

      So there!

      Rob and KStew go to your rooms and chew on some bar of chocolate if you are stressed – you’ll eventually calm down – others don’t have such choices.

      If it makes ye feel any better – I only work for the money in my current job, bet my sorry ass I’d continue doing it if it included harassment by papz – you only have to open up your eyes to what is happening round you to appreciate what you have.

    • Amen..
      @ Itslaurahoney:
      I’m sorry that your daughter has to struggle as much as she does. Programs are getting cut for youth all over. Its totally unfair. Our priority should be with kids like your daughter.

      Two girls, both 19, one who has everything life can imagine.. the world at her feet but resentful and angry — the other trying to make it day by day and get a decent education.

      And who does our society idolize and iconize? The resentful angry one? or the one who quietly struggles day to day to reach her goals without drama or pity.

      Gosh.. I think i’m reaching an ephiphney here.

  17. Is the paparazzi really that bad with them or does it seem that bad b/c we have a heightened awareness to all things Twilight? Just wondering…it seems like the paparazzi treats all stars this way. By no means am I clearing the papps, it’s still not right and quite intrusive, just curious.

    • Rob and Kristin are NOT the biggest stars out there and the paps totally go after all stars- right now Twilight is the hot thing so they def care big time about them, but I’ll stick by what I’ve said before– if they would appear more often & care less, the paps would eventually realize they’re boring and go home!

      • Word, UC.

      • Yeah, they do tend to be on the boring side. But, I think they should have stopped right there in front of the elevator and made out…like hot and heavy PDA for all the world to see. Then they would be left alone – for awhile at least. Isn’t that what everyone is trying to get a pic of? Just give the people what they (or at least me) want.

        • I was joking here (well, sort of), but if I say “hot and heavy PDA with a leg hitch” will I get less thumbs down?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

          I love today…the posts are so controversial. It’s all crazy discussion on LTT/LTR. I have not done one ounce of real work.

      • Totes Word, UC!

        • Hi Moon’s mommy!!

          • LOL – I think we decided that I could be her “fill in Mommy” ๐Ÿ˜‰ Or maybe just big sister ๐Ÿ˜‰ Everyone wants a piece of the Moon Pie…especially after she did that awesome flow chart the other day.

      • WORD x2

    • WORD x3

      and moonmommy we can be related since the moon mom occasionally stops by here. like after i tell her to! hahaa

  18. wooooo Moon is full of sass today! Look at you go.

    I’m starting to think that perhaps Rob has weird phobias. His newshirtaphobia seems to be pretty bad lately…

    • Bahahaha!

      Other Rob phobias:
      -Wearing shoes OTHER than Coverse or his black Nikes
      -Reading non-existential literature
      -Showering (I jest)
      -Wearing his own clothing

      • @ Marz…-
        slipping in TS foryou again..

        Rob gets his existential literature list from TOMSTU!!
        Read an article from early spring.. figured out that TomStu’s reading list, turns out to be the same one as Robbies 3 mos later. i.e. 2666, etc.
        Do you think that Robbie’s that existensial? nah…
        TomStu’s the one with the public school education.

  19. I think the paps should be illegal. No, i really, really do. I don’t understand how that is seen as “ok”. It’s a total invasion of privacy. It’s stalking, really. So it should be illegal, or at LEAST heavily regulated.

    Now, having said that, I applauded – actually APPLAUDED when I read ItsLauraHoney’s comment above. LOL! There needs to be a balance. The paps need to BACK THE EFF OFF, yes, but Kstew needs to realized that with fame and money comes this type of thing. She should be a little more grateful and tolerant than she is.

    But again, she’s 19. Even in 2 or 3 more years, she’ll be an entirely different person. Her brain isn’t even done developing yet.

    • haha.. so true.. the things I did when I was 19….

    • if the paps were illegal that’d certinaly make this site a lot more boring. though i do agree with regulation to some degree. no creepy photog should be jumping over fences and go into peoples yards or follow them in cars for sure.

      loved your line about how her brain isnt done developing yet! HAHAA so true. how we are in the teens to how we are by the late 20s is like a 180.

  20. All paps vid and pics always make me sick.
    I agree with Moon. Rob should try different look, his hobolicious style could be recognized easily.
    Kristen must have PMS or sumthin, poor girl ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Anyways, 44 days to New Moon.

    • thank you! 44 days!! PRIORITIES!!

  21. Oh yes.. and I couldn’t understand a single word on that video to know whether there was actual whining or not.

  22. I actually kind of dig his simplistic style. I mean at least he’s not so into himself that he has to stare in the mirror 400 times a day like some celebrities do.

    Let Robbie P. be.

    However I do agree with a post earlier… someone wash his clothes for him…

    I for one will volunteer ๐Ÿ™‚

    And as for Kstew… she’s 19… she’ll get over it…

  23. He should totally start going out in a suit and tie and a fedora. They would never recognize him.

    I agree the paps are way too intrusive, but I am also curious, if KS smiled at them every time, and gave them a ton of great pics, wouldn’t the market get saturated and the demand go down? I mean, with all the running and ducking and hiding, and making the photos more elusive and rare, doesn’t that drive UP price and demand? Obvs I did not go to business school, so someone please correct my logic if I am wrong…

    Also, it is really hard to sympathize, I agree when you think that she has more money at 19 than I will see in a lifetime. Jealous? No way. But gratitude and charity are nice virtues to have in my book, no matter how old you are.

    • someone (tammyO!?) doesn’t like gratitude & charity…. and gave you a thumbs down

      • um. the thumbs down disappeared…. odd?

        • um. the thumbs down is back

          • oooooooooo, The phantom tumbs-down! That’s the best kind.

            Clearly I deserve it, though, for being a fat ugly but ok-smelling dumb biatch.

    • Well, I’m in business and you are right. That’s why overexposed stars like Jessica Simpson aren’t hounded as much anymore. She’ll always give a big toothy smile so the price drops. Supply and demand, you know.
      But, she still annoys me b/c A. She’s in an elevator with ROB. B. She’s going to his hotel room. C. She’s still bitch faced.
      Sigh. Crossing fingers that she’ll be a better person in a few years. Less whiny. More apologetic. Kudos to Rob for apologizing to those girls at the elevator. He’s so classy. British momma done raised him right.
      On the devil’s advocate side, though, I have 4 kids and two of them are a set of a-fracing-dorable twins. There are times when we are out at Applebee’s or Wally World and people keep coming up to our table, asking for a closer look, asking if they are twins (duh!), asking if they are identical, asking if it runs in my family, asking if there are IVF (oh, no, you didn’t!), asking how I ever do it (more easily when ppl like you are not here!), that I sort of feel for KStew. Sometimes you just want to go out with your fam in no makeup and greasy hair and not be freakin’ bothered. The end.

    • You’re absolutely right – supply and demand. The reason they get hounded so much is because they try to hide. If they were out more, the pictures would hold less interest for people. But it’s difficult for me to argue that they should just throw their lives out to the public just to avoid being harassed. At that point you’re trading privacy for … sanity? Who knows. Catch 22.

      P.S. maybe economics professors should try explaining supply and demand this way – Rob/Kristen/Paps scenario? May just work for some of the more brainless students I had in my classes… ha.

      • That would be a lot better than the stupid lecture I got on coconuts & smoothies.

        • hmmm coconuts and smoothies??.. for econ 101 lecture?

          I took the same course back in the day.. but they called it
          ” guns and butter” WTF!

          That totally turned my mind in a different direction.. .. all I could think of while sitting in class was what would I do with all that butter, like smear it all over my body – – body butter.. my Boyfriends body, my roomates body.. and anyone else who walked in the door. . And the guns.. I’d throw away, cuz you make love not hate..
          .. I was a total horn dog in college

          Coconuts and smoothies.. sounds like ” got lemons make lemonaid” .. much less appealing than guns an butter….

  24. I am thinking he should steal some “Daniel Gale” outfits! Its cold in Canada he needs the thermal underwear sweater!

    Be nice to the paps and they will be nice to you!

    • yes. Bring out the rainbow sweater Rob

      • I would die of happiness if he would do that.

    • #danielgalepwnsme

  25. I must say, i totally disagree here. Kristen doesn’t whine, she cuts off rob when he’s telling ‘sorry, no’ to that girl so that she can get that (damn intruding) autograph. So actually Kristen is cooler than Rob here. (What am i saying?!) Well, what’s right is right. Sometimes we have to take off our Rob-glasses.

    And didn’t Rob actually say in some interview that he tried to wear similar clothes all the time, so he’d get more of a “normal paparazzi hunt” than the crazyness he gets now?

  26. yes, no offense to any teenagers that may be on here, but all of them (teens) are generally a pain in the ass. Let’s just put it out there. And I can say that, bc I was one not all that long ago, and bc I work with them on a daily basis. She’s still a teenager, and she is still a drama queen. But don’t hold it against her – she’s entitled to it. We all have to go through our adolesence. There is no escaping it.

    But by NO MEANS am I saying Moon and UC (etc) shouldn’t continue their ruthless and totes bril rip-fest on her. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • “But by NO MEANS am I saying Moon and UC (etc) shouldnโ€™t continue their ruthless and totes bril rip-fest on her. ”


      ill probably write her something really nice in 2 days. thats the brilliancy of running this place.

  27. The paps suck, but celebs have to deal with it and some do it better than others. Even though I do think it was way over the top to follow them into the hotel…I kind of wish there was a fan there who would have stuck out their foot and tripped them so they would have fallen on their face. I only watched the video once and had to turn the sound off, otherwise my computer screen’s life might have ended.

    Hopefully some day Rob will become so rich he can relax in the afternoon, free of rude interruptions, on the beach of his private island and later in the day take a boat ride over to his neighbor Johnny Depp…

    • can i love in this private island? neighbors like rob and johnny depp sounds like heaven

  28. I have one request…..wear the brown bubble jacket! I miss the brown bubble jacket. I love the brown bubble jacket!

  29. HAHA i love the commentary at the end =)

  30. I have to say right or wrong, the paps just give me one reaction ANGER. Sometimes it is just common courtesy to back off. Yes, this is the life they have chosen but dealing with the paps seems like unjust punishment to me. They are crude, rude, and have no sense of decency. I always joke a lot about how I would get arrested if I met Rob but I know I would probably see him and run in the opposite direction like something was chasing me. No amount of money is going to change the fact that they are human beings and want what we all feel we are entitled to- PRIVACY!

  31. Now on a lighter note.
    I awoke this morning giggling myself into hysterics and a little achy. My BF claimed I was tossing and turning in bed half the morning. I am inclined to believe his account of my actions. I had a vivid dream about the Great One, or at least about a conversation I had about him.

    First, I have to say that no Robert Pattinson was hurt or injured in the making of this dream. Also I am a strong supporter of the Preserve Robert Pattinson Society and will do all I can to keep him safe and healthy for generations to come. Now that the public service announcement is over, let’s get to the good stuff.

    I am sitting at a table in a bar with three of my close friends. Names have been withheld to protect the innocent with the insane friend. We all have drinks. I am sitting stiff in my seat with a black eye, neck brace, my right arm in a sling and cast, and with several bruises on my left arm. One of my girlfriends ask “What happened to you?” I smile proudly and reach into my purse to pull out photos and say “I met Robert Pattinson”. At this point and time no one is surprised. What does that say about me?

    Anyway, as they look on in pity, I show photos of my encounter. Sorry, no actual photos, this is a dream. I’m assuming they were taken by paps.
    I pass them the first photo and say “This is me seeing Robert for the first time”.
    I pass another photo and say “This is me pacing myself for the lunge”.
    The next photo I say “This is me diving over the first security guy as he tries to stop me”.
    Next photo – “This is me sliding between the second security guy’s legs”.
    Next photo – “This is the horrified look Robert gives me just as I reach him in full sprint”.
    Next photo – “This is me stopping and bowing down on my knees and embracing his left leg and holding on for dear life”.
    Next photo – “This is me professing my love for him while a guard has me in a choke hole. Notice that I reached up to get a grip on that taunt hiney before they pulled me away. I’m not proud of that by the way. Ok, actually I had this one blown up in poster size, it’s in my living room”.
    Next photo – “They are leading him away to saftey when I get my second wind”.
    Next photo – “Security detail pile-up, there’s like -one -two- three- four. Four guys piled on top of me. That’s when I heard the crunch, broken forearm”.
    Last photo – “Cops putting me in handcuffs. I look so happy in this photo, despite the broken arm, bruised shin, and dislocated shoulder. Damn good times, good times”.

    We raise our glasses in a toast “To good wounds”. Please do not try this at home or anywhere else for that matter. Have a good day ladies!

    • OMG!! That is HILARIOUS!! Love it! =)

    • Wow, great dream!

      Can I be the Director of the Preserve Rob Pattinson Society? Brilliant…

  32. I have to disagree. Rob says no to fan who wants an autograph and she cuts him off and tells her to wait and basically they will give her one. She probably is frazzled though because she can hear people approaching from behind and it probably makes her nervous. I would be too. Going outside and having cameras shoved in your face would be intimidating. Because she doesn’t ham it up like Paris Hilton people hate her and if she did then she’d be called a media whore. She can do no right.

  33. sKank-stew wouldn’t get a second look from me if she wasn’t standing next to the most beautiful man on the planet! I’m 100% anti-K~stewpid!

    • hahahah oh luvn hold on to your shorts… im surprised you havent been flamed out by now for this!

      its takes us all to make the rob world go round!

  34. Today, I โค Moon. And by <3, I mean I really โค you. Your sass and Brookie's rant on LTT make me smile. Not sure why….maybe cause I agree. Now let's go find someone to sue on Twitter.

    • BRING IT!!!!!

  35. I think what is warranted here is a little dose of the old therapy. The last pic of her in the elevator (complete invasion to follow them into the hotel BTW) clearly shows me that she needs someone to talk with about all this and find some ways to cope that are healthy. Commiserating with Rob will only get her so far. I think they’re both miserable and I feel bad for them but to some degree they are feeding into it themselves.

    Of note, someone posted somewhere that this hotel has an underground garage entrance. Can cabs not go down there? Can they not hire a car service to take them back and forth with a ton of darkened windows and come and go from the garage? No one deserves this but maybe a little planning on part of Nick would help too.

    I totally thought the two times I watched that video that he was apologizing to her (KStew) and she was cutting him off, guess it’s about what I expected given her treatment of him in the past. See now that I was wrong. The fans (autograph hounds?) were just as out of line as the paps IMHO. Is a signature from someone that freaking important?? Nah, it’s just marker on paper.

    • i took it that she was talking to him too! and he was tlaking to her and whoever that other girl was saying sorry for the fiasco… who knows!

  36. Dear Kristen,
    Since this is a letter to you that Moon wrote, I will comment about you.
    OH wait.

    Dear Rob,
    Dress better
    Love me

    *this sarcastic remark brought to you by me because this post has gone from comments on rob’s dress to robsteny politics over one little “ps” to KStew* You’re welcome

    • LOL! Just a little sidetracked

    • Woohoo – a bonus letter within a letter! I like this one. Heartfelt and relate-able. Excellent.

    • I am scared of robsteners. So scared if I was walking down the street and saw one, I would immediately run across the road.

      I can’t understand caring that much about two other people’s love life.

      They can take a beautiful post about Rob’s need to change clothes & turn it into a thumbs downing fiasco.

      It is entertaining though!

      • “I canโ€™t understand caring that much about two other peopleโ€™s love life.”


        it’s so entertaining…. don’t stop crazy people!

        • to clarify. i meant WE are soulmates. not robsten

          that’s just funny!

          • THUMBS DOWN, uc

            THEY ARE SOULMATES!!

          • I was scared for a minute that you meant they were soulmates. I didn’t want to abandon your blog.

            But I am joyous that we are soulmates!

            We need matching sweaters, promise rings, or something…

            ; )

  37. Rob on fame and paps:

    “Everything has become more intense for six months, since ‘Twilight’ was released. It’s hard to handle what’s happening to me. I don’t have the necessary hindsight, even if only to find a way out to this situation. But this celebrity thing, you can’t fight it, it’s useless, you can’t avoid it. When it’s not something you desired during your whole life, or something you don’t aspire to, you’re free not to care about it. I didn’t sign for Disney. There’s not a stipulation which forces me to smile to the paparazzi.”

    It appears won’t be smiling for the paps anytime soon!

    • Oops, it appears ROB won’t be smiling for the paps anytime soon…

  38. He looks like one of those magazine articles that tells you how to pack for a whole holiday abroad with 3 “key pieces”.

    • just what i was thinking! but i am sure he accomplished his look for $10.00 and not the usual alloted $100.00

    • HAHAHA thats awesome! forget the holiday he’s the posterboy for dressing w/ 3 pieces for LIFE!!

  39. I didn’t watch the video that you are referencing from a site – horror is me, wait for it, I saw it on TMZ. Don’t throw stones, I was waiting for “The Simpsons.” Anyway TMZ have a different take, they say they ran into the hotel and they just missed the elevator that was going up, they quote Rob as saying, “I’m sorry” to KStew and her saying to him, “Can we just wait until…” – so I don’t know if that changes things? They don’t think they were talking to fans.

    As for fame and papz – every celeb handles it differently. Some take it with stride because they realize that they are doing what they love to do and this is just one of the drawbacks of living your dream others just want all the normalcy they can get and get upset that they can’t have that life.

    All I care about in the end is for Rob to actually look like he washes his behind and maybe just throw in a different outfit every know and then, but more importantly look like you wash your behind.

  40. I stayed in that very hotel in VanCity this summer and drove into the parking garage a few minutes after 9pm one night. You can’t park down there after 9, probably for security reasons. You can’t even get to the drop off point after 9pm. Fortunately, I didn’t have to drive over parking spikes to get out. I had my car valet’d up above to solve the problem.
    Celebs could probably get special access by request, but wouldn’t the pooppalotzi lurk down there where I was driving around? I could clearly see the drop off point a little ways past a gate. Rob and KStew probably find it easier just to spend 10 awkward seconds with head down on the run. They know their options, and they choose to duck and run.

  41. I find Rob handles the pap shit well – KStew, no so much. Look, if Brad and Angelina can take their kids to McDonalds and the grocery store and be civil, Rob and KStew can too. IMO, Kristen really needs some help on dealing with this. If she would hold her head up and walk on, they would tire of her, but sprinting everwhere just leads to a chase. Oh, and I only ever heard the paps call Rob’s name – not hers, so what IS her beaf???

    • ooh good point. Bradgelina are much more famous!

    • She’s jealous that Rob gets all the attention ๐Ÿ˜›


  42. Ok, new plan. Rob should just keep those clothes on until people leave him alone. Eventually the smell will become too much, right?

    (Sadly, probably not.)

    • The way it works with Rob, he’d probably smell better.

      *melts into puddle*

  43. OMG…big girl panties…you crack me up

  44. That’s BIG GIRL TWEED PANTIES.. to you !


    ouch.. damn itchy tweed panties..

  45. I’m late to the game here but you are speaking my truth here. I hate this whole thing. If these two would start acting normal and smile and wave and grin I completely think everyone would leave them alone.

    Basically it appears they are literally doing everything wrong.


    From the dressing to the non-smiles to the only going out together but with a chaperone, yet refusing to admitting they are together…blah blah blah.

    its so tiresome.

    the problem, and it pains me to say this but they claim they want no attention, YET almost everything they do seems to point even more attention to them.

    Personally, i suspect if kstew went out ALONE and not attached to Rob’s hip all the time then no one would bother her at all. The paps used to pretty much leave her alone and even here…it seems more focused on rob and not her (fine maybe i’m more focused idk).

    Whatever they are doing it isn’t working.

  46. And PS. KStew, seriously with the whining and bitching? Youโ€™re a celeb. A semi BIG one now. So put on your big girl panties and DEAL WITH IT.
    PPS Rob? Lose the zero and get with a hero. <—- THIS!!!


    • AMEN!!

  47. Ok, had to comment one more time to see if my new avatar is working. No more Jaybird, someone apparently already has that name. 2 Jaybirds, you have to be kidding me. Anywhoo, love you girls and we’ll see if this works.

  48. Hi all .. Long time lurker.. I agree with moon.. And a few others.. It was 5 mins out of the day.
    I also think from the vid I watched it over and over. That rob was telling kstew he was sorry if he…(she cut him off) then she says .”can we just wait until these people”….. I can’t make out the rest . Watch his shoulders moving and his head tilts.. He’s adressing her in the corner . The (fan) is just watching then when they get in the elavator he says I’m sorry again but don’t know to who. I think it was drunk rob we saw..

    • hi long time lurker!!! welcome to the fray brandita!! hope youll be around again! and im with you on the video analysis, thats what i thought too.

  49. re: stewie;
    wow.. looked on the other blog and web sites..
    (ie., etc.)

    Looks like Stewie’s getting a pounding over being a little prick. folks are fedup. some are calling for a change in Bella’s.. (a new actress to portray bella.. which may not be a bad thing actually).

    What other actress would you all pick to play Bella? (other than TomStu in a wig and dress).

    • really??!! i gotta find these… send or post a link. i wanna read

      and if it cant be tomstu that i want no one!! give me tomstu or give me death!

  50. Ellen Page.

    • rules.

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