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Saw you in New Moon, Robert Pattinson… who was that guy you play?

*total spoilers!! If you haven’t seen New Moon yet and want to remain a virgin, skip today! Oh and trust me, you’ll LOVE IT!*

Seriously Bella, you shouldn't be with me. I look at least 45 in this get up from the Men's Warehouse

Dear Rob,

I JUST saw you in New Moon and I gotta say it: when Edward left I didn’t miss you at all. Not one second. Your character was meant to be absent and he was, rightfully so. It also helped that Taylor Lautner played the pants off Jacob Black  (pun SO intended) leaving me whispering (not so quietly) “DO IT! DO IT!” when he leans in TWICE to kiss Bella and even though she cock blocks him BOTH times I sat there WANTING it to work out for him, wanting Bella to love him, and to CHOOSE HIM not that dumb guy Edward, who left her in the middle of the forest because he was too much of a pansy to own up to his weaknesses and admit that even thought she was a total danger magnet it was worth it to be with her no matter the cost. But he couldn’t and so he left and Jacob Black stepped in and made me and probably every other Team Edward gal rethink her team allegiance.

What's a girl to do? Hot werewolf? Hot vampire? Lucky bitch!

I also gotta throw it out there and say I think just maybe Taylor and Kristen’s chemistry as Jacob and Bella is was better and more believable than you two as Edward and Bella. Kristen and Taylor are believable as friends with a serious undercurrent of tension, there wasn’t one second where I was cringing or questioning their relationship. I just wanted her to end up with him because he was so wonderful.

BUUTTT when Edward finally did show up again in I was glad, you were back and it was time to set up the love triangle to end all love triangles and to crush my sanity with the proposal at the end! Just when I’m beginning to think I’m not THAT big of a fan of you, you remind me I’m crazy and throw me back into my crazy obsession all over again.

Shall we do this again in June 2010?

PS Seriously, the tweed? The wingtips? The collared shirt? You looked like an old man not a high school senior. Ugh. Styling/Wardrobe FAIL!
PPS Oh and throwing in the Remember Me trailer was so genius, you sneaky jerk.

It’s after 4 in the morning and I need to marinate on this some more… but tell me what did YOU think. Did you turn in your Team Edward card for membership to Team Jacob (I hear they’re sponsored by The Gap!), Did you totes forget about Edward? Seriously, what was with the suit?

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  1. Ooooh am I first woohoo

    • Ok I wanted to be the first to reply hehehe ANYWHO I been waiting for sooooo long for you lot watch the damn movie so I can go OMG!!!!

      I loved it all, and I didnt miss edward at all (I did win a cardboard cut out of edward so I still love him!)

      I thought it was a bit fast paced, however I was probably VERY tired (hence why I am seeing again tomorrow night).

      I loved what they did with Harry, I loved what they did with Bella and the motorbike ride with the stranger, and I loved mike even! I dislike how bella looked with alice’s sight into the future (But hey its only a minor detail)..

      Chris put in everything that should of been in there plus extra bits that just soooo fit (like harry’s heart attack and victoria in the water). He did an awesome job!!!

      So now I can go to bed… Its 11pm Friday night and I been hanging to see what you THOUGHT… Now I can sleep well!!! With my edward in my bed… I mean standing next to my bed!!!

      Glad you loved it! Glad I loved it! YAY BRING ON JUNE……

    • Holy jesus jizz! I loved it!I didn’t miss Edward at all! I knew he would be back and Taylor(who got gasps and grunts from all the ladies in the audience when he appeared shirtless) was sooo amazing. He was just as I envisioned him to be as Jacob.

      Ok, can we just talk about how they did the blank pages, the ones with nothing but the month names written on them? It was genius, it had exactly the desired effect and I couldn’t believe they found a way to pull it off and it still have the same impact.

      I’d like to take the time now to thank the shit out of the makeup folks who took the vamps from near drag queen status with what I can ony assume was a shizload of concealer? in the first movie to reach that hawt paleness to being pleasantly opaque. Looked so much better! The eyes, the skin, it was all working for me!

      Can’t wait to see Eclipse in June!

  2. Didn’t miss Ed, at all!
    Totally heartbroken when he left but Tay sooooo made up for it.
    I get it now.
    But I was still happy to see his face in the end.


    • Love ya girl but I would have to disagree….Tay-Tay is not good enough to tempt me away form Rob….what made him more annoying to me was all the screaming girls…Gwad….Though I do have to admit he did a GREAT job as Jacob Black.

      As for Mullsten…she is a total disappointment, again. When Edward left her for the first time, she did NOT show enough angst, she didn’t even shed a tear….I only criend because I remember crying during this part of the book. I remember feeling as if my heart died. Her blinking and stuttering get real old, real fast.

      Dear Rob,
      ………you are amazing last night. I had the best night with you…..I even had the best dream of you this morning….btw cuddeling with you on my couch was awsome and your hair is sooooo soft (yes ladies, that was my dream–shwing!)…I loved feeling it in my hands….ummmmmm….

      • I have to disagree. I don’t think that extraordinary level of pain necessarily brings tears. She completely brought Bella to life for me in a way I didn’t expect, and she CARRIED the entire movie on her shoulders, even though the press tour seems to insist it was Taylor’s job to carry the movie. It was because of her that I felt myself suspending disbelief, and I think she really earned her praises in this movie. I thought it was an impossible task, and she nailed it for me better than I thought anyone could do it.

  3. I am not going to read todays post, but I just had to express my total excitement over the fact that I will FINALLY be seeing New Moon tonight!!!!!!! I haven’t been this excited since I was a kid on Christmas Day. Except this time, instead of being excited about Santa, I am now excited about seeing a Hott Brit that sparkles. RAWR!!!! 🙂 And not to toot my own birthday horn, but *toot toot*…Today I am turning 29 for the very first time, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by seeing my Robwards painted on abs on the big screen! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Happy birthday to you……!
      Tanti auguri a te……!
      Herzlichen Glückwunsch an dich….!

      Have a nice day and celebrate your ROB!

      • RObgirl…where are you from?

        • Hey, I’m from Germany/Düsseldorf , but lived for a long time in Italy/Rome….and you? ❤

          • I’m in Atlanta Georgia (USA)…I was curious from your birthday wishes.

            We like learning new words in other languages….like Natasha taught us Sparklepeen in her language.

      • Thank you Robgirl! 🙂 Did NM come out in Germany yet?

        • NO!
          on 26th…
          I have to wait…
          but today I just got great

          • 🙂 At least it’s soon!! I’m sure it will be worth the wait!

      • Robgirl, I wanted to tell you I’m gonna avoid reading LTT and LTR for now until I see New Moon, so you and I will just have to keep up with email. 🙂


    • Penblwydd Hapus is the Welsh for Happy Birthday! Have a good one – no have a GREAT one if you’re seeing New Moon!!

      • Thank you so much Julie! 🙂

      • Hey Julie – I lived in Wales for a couple of years – miss hearing the Welsh accent.

    • Haha! Love it! In March I’ll be 29 for the SECOND time! I’ll hafta remember that! Happy Birthday and best New Moon wishes! What an AWESOME birthday event!

      • Thank you so much StotheP!! 🙂 And yes…I have a feeling I will be celebrating “29” for many more years to come!! 😉

      • I’ve been 39 for some years now!

    • “for the very first time”

      HAHAA! happy bday!

      • Thank you Moon! And I’m going to milk the whole 29 thing for as long as I can pull it off. 😉

  4. “Marry me?” See you in 2010 for sure Edward 🙂

    I gotta say I did sit through the middle saying “Is Edward back yet?”, whilst writing my Christmas cards. Even my pro Jacob chum sitting beside me was getting a tad bored with the pup!

    However, Taylor and Kristen did a surprisingly good job but I yearned for my tweed wearing boy to be back. Yes, I did miss peacoat Eddie but onwards and upwards to leg hitching in 2010 🙂


    • “Marry me” ….ooh….
      this has to be the new sound of my Blackberry alarm…swoon…

    • I missed the peacoat a little, too. It should be in the Smithsonian-it’s a cultural icon. And the bouffant, although Rob’s hair looked good in NM.

    • There was a collective “NO!!!!!!” in my theater when the movie ended there. I was most definitely one of them.

      So I loved the fuck outta this movie.

      Dear DILF: Thank you. I love you. That’s all.

      Oh, and the Remember Me trailer…..I nearly died and broke the hand of my partner in twi-crime. And the squeals that left my mouth were drowned out by the screams of the whole theater. So I didn’t feel at all losery about it!

    • the peacoat DOES need to be in the Smithsonian!

  5. Edward’s entrance to “Monsters” almost melted my panties right off. I thought Rob’s performance (that’s what she said) was awesome, but Taylor really did bring it. I seriously considered the switch. I was almost on Team Jacob until the phone call. I love that I felt that way. I’m amazed that the movie could sway me when the book could not. Must’ve been all the “abbage for my cabbage” or the way that Jake caught that wrench. Buuuuut…I just can’t turn in my Edward card. When Bella and Edward were reunited, it just felt right. Even though they had to sqeeze in all that “why I left you” dialogue, Rob still made it work.

    Can’t wait to see it again tonight. Real Life is waiting for me for the next 14 hours. Ugh…real life.

    • Hahaha, love the fact that from now on you will go to the cinema every day??? You are soooooo good!<3

    • Dude, I’ve already made plans to see it again tonight and Sunday with friends. That only leaves tomorrow and I know I will end up seeing it at least twice then. Me and my kid will probably do one of those deals where you go in to an early show and sneak from theater to theater all day 🙂

  6. I will see NM only on 26th, but I don’t care about being spoiled….
    I mean I read the book, so what surprise could there be in….lol

    About the frickin “Remember Me ” trailer….

    When I saw it yesterday…. I forgot ALL the Edward action….
    Rob looks so beautiful and REAL…lol…SO much better……another level of Robsession ❤

    ….I just can't wait….(Robword!)

    • Thats why I am happy I got tickets for the pre-premiere in Munich!!! I am going to see it on 22nd… just 2 more days to go!

    • It WAS wonderful to see Rob where he’s not playing Edward or some weird character. I’m so excited for Remember Me! I think the Robsession will kick into OVER-overdrive when he plays a human, normal, potentially ATTAINABLE character!

  7. Movie was Spectacular! I can’t stop thinking about it and need to go see it again very soon. I loved how they showed Edwards side a little. His face when he said goodbye…..ugh! Total heartfail. And then when he smashed his phone and thought Bella was dead…. sigh. I Loved it. Loved Taylor, he made me feel so sad for Jake when a the tears came to his eyes when Bella ws leaving with Alice. Loved the wolves and the added scene of them fighting Victoria. The only scene I didn’t care for was the motorcyle ride in the beginning. Didn’t seem necessary- not how it happened in the book. Other than that, Chris Weitz stuck incredibly close to the book and I love him for it. I really want to see it again- damn my job for making me work today!

  8. ONE Question now. ARE U still team edward or have convert to team jacob now ???

    Moon, i think u should start letter to taylor now instead of this one 🙂

    • I would be all over Letters to Taylor like white on rice on a paper plate in a snow storm if that happened!

      • im really serious to say this.
        MOON u have to start letter to taylor now cos i know u have convert now 🙂
        just finish LTR now and move on to taylor. i know no body will complaint about it. ROb Who ???? it’s so last year…

        • I was sooooo close to do a thumb down like NEVER before….lol

          • but letters to taylor will also be LTT??! just a point.

        • OHHH, that wasn’t me ..I swear..:-)

          Rob??? Was that you?
          I mean….undercover? ahem……

        • maybe you should go to a taylor website

  9. ooooh, I so agree! I almost handed in my Team Edward card for Jacob! Taylor was really amazing, he totally surpassed my expectations (which, admittedly, weren’t very high given his level of Disney-ness) but boy, did he rock it! The pictures of him shirtless do not do justice to the hottness that is his bod.

    But Rob had me back at the torture scene… tortured Rob is one sexy Rob.

    And I wanna see Remember Me. sigh. Robmelt!

    • Ow yeah, one more thing: Edward was indeed the one wardrobe fail in this movie. He went from the wardrobe of a teenager -wearing that male-bracelet thing with the crest (I’m sure there’s a name for that), ugh- to the wardrobe of a middle-aged man. What the eff? Too. Much. Tweed. Luckily Rob could mostly still pull off the Edward hawtness. That’s a compliment to his acting skills.

      I wonder if they put him in such serious clothes to symbolize that he’s way too serious about protecting Bella, like, red-tape administrative serious about it, instead of serious in the right way. Okay, that probably doesn’t make too much sense.

      Maybe the wardrobe department thought ‘Hey, he’s British, and probably a little homesick, let’s put him in tweed so he feels more at home!’ I wonder if the catering department followed and suddenly started making shepherd’s pie and black pudding. And then obviously the rest of the cast was like wtf? Except for Michael Sheen and Jamie Campbell Bower, of course.

      Can’t wait for the extras on the dvd to confirm/discard my theories!

      Hmm, I think I need a break to calm down.

  10. I seriously think I have post-new moon depression! I left the theater with such a huge heart filled with love and anticipation for Eclipse. Chris Wietz directed his ass off in this movie. The images, the scenes, everything felt like I was watching the movie that played in my head as I read the book.

    Granted there were some things that were left out and some things that were thrown in, but my god, I felt like the pressure had been lifted from me when the proposal hit. All the anticipation and all the anxiety I felt over the past months have finally come to a head and I will say I was NOT disappointed at all.

    Lautner did play the pants off Jacob. He was everything I imagined his character to be. Sweet, innocent with that smart-ass appeal to him that I fell in love with in New Moon. Edward was sorely missed during it and I still felt the same kind of pain Bella felt when he left (I cried from the moment he asked to take a walk in the woods to the point of her and Charlie out by the truck in the morning before school).

    Hats way off to you Mr. Wietz. I have never been more pleased at a movie that I was last night and I will NEVER read New Moon the same again. You have totally given me new images to put in play when I read it and I will no longer feel guilt and pain reading it anymore.

  11. I like the movie alot


    Sorry, I had to get that out.

    I felt like Edward was going to sell me real estate, insurance or a freaking volvo? I still dont understand why hes not driving the SILVER car? Please explain?
    His clothes were much more serious than a “normal” High School senior. Normal :::Snort::

    Jorts pack was Niceeeeeeeeeeee in the “demin hot pants” and seeing Jake all (almost) Nekkid and wet from the rain made me think about other things. Mainly Chris Hansen, and How long until February???

    So,In February that would be the proper time to ask Taylor to sign the team Jacob panties I am wearing? I can just slip them off real quick. ( WTF?! you hear about this chick- seriously)

    There was a small pep talk from the movie theater manager reminding us to turn off our phones and not to scream everytime Rob…er….. Edward or Jake appeared on the screen. So the Twi hards were good where I live.

    Kstew didnt blink and studder as much as she did in Twilight, though if you played the drinking game you still would have gotten wasted. If you play it during twilight you’ll end up getting your stomach pumped. Consider yourself warned.

    Remember me Trailer. I need to add a count down clock for when that movie comes out. Seems like a nice story and I cant wait to see the Rob as Tyler. Le Sigh

    • this was stephenie meyer’s response regarding the volvo:

      This wasn’t my call. Picky as I am about cars, if I’d been rounding up the vehicles for Twilight, they all would have been the exact makes and models I’d written about (especially that ’53 Chevy!). I don’t know what all is involved with choosing the cars—I know they have to be able to get their hands on several identical vehicles—but I can say that I like this Volvo—the XC90—better than the first one—the C30. In regards to the color, it’s actually a dark silver, not black. And I enjoy the black rims quite a bit.

  12. OMG, it was so worth the worth getting home at 3:00am. From Bella’s dream scene in the beginning to Edward’s poposal at the end, I was spellbound. Taylor totally owned what was in the middle. I thought Chris Weitz was masterful. Can’t wait to see it again today. I believe this movie will cost me some serious cash…$10/day x 30 e 40 days…..ugh!

  13. I wish they could go back and remake Twilight, after seeing how amazing New Moon is. Other than the fact that the theater was a big pajama party full of teens screaming, throwing popcorn and taking pictures of themselves (?) I had the most awesome time last night!! And really I didn’t give a crap about the teens, I was there to see New Moon!

    Rob’s acting was sooo much better than in Twilight-I almost cried at the breakup scene, his face had so much pain in it.He looked absolutely mouthwatering (thanks Laurent), his makeup was great, just..perfect. Except his wardrobe-hello, why did Edward go from being a manscaped , pea coat-wearing high school kid to being a middle-aged man in tweed?? That coat with the velvet collar-ugh.Was it from Edward’s human life?

    Taylor was amazing. I’m still Team Edward all the way but Jacob broke my heart a little, especially when he begged Bella not to go to Italy and she said good-bye. Strangely all the teens screamed for Taylor when he took his shirt off, but Edward-crickets.Except me-I screamed in my mind. But I totally believed the chemistry between Bella and Jacob.

    The wolves were incredible, especially the fight scenes.Everything in this movie was so well-done (with the exception of Jasper’s wig)- I really didn’t miss Edward, there weren’t any dull moments, I had a big dumb grin on my face when Edward proposed-now I’m counting the days til Eclipse.

    Oh and the Remember Me trailer-I actually did squee when it came on. I couldn’t help it.

    • ps-when Edward came out of the clock tower his pants were cut off by the bottom of the screen, so it looked like he was nekkid. Very nice. Thanks, projector operator.

    • I squeed out loud a little at the Remember Me trailer too…. I was the only one :\

    • Squeeing is Normal for a midnight showing! I wish there was more of that in my theater. Everyone seemed to be asleep. I was giggling or saying some comment to my friend withing the first ten minutes and the girl next to me said, “uh, could you be a little more quiet?” Then she continued to give me creepy stares anytime I giggled (which may have been rather often. I LOVED the movie, but I wasn’t afraid to express my happiness).

  14. Charlie and Carlyle did great jobs but Alice, Rosalee, and Esme left a lot to be desired. Did anyone think Victoria’s locks looked a little too red? The Volturi were like some kind of creepy freak show. Chris stuck close to the book and yes, Jacob stole the show! Taylor will probably have the best long-term career of all of them…

    • Victioria’s hair was a strange shade of red. I also didn’t like Nikki’s Rosalie hair and makeup.

      • Rosalie looked completely bizarre to me and I actually shouted out Poodle Wig when I first saw Jasper. Hopefully by Breaking Dawn, they’ll get out this hair/make-up/wardrobe thing figured out.

        • That wig was a disaster! Jasper didn’t look as constipated during this movie and actually provided some humor, but the wig was a huge FAIL.

          • The minute that wig came on the movie theatre couldn’t help but giggle. I just sat there like “wtf?”! Hahaa.
            But daaayuuum Jackson’s accent!

    • I liked the red. It matched the book in my minds eye. described as flame red. It Twilight she was strawberry blond. ::Fail::

      The one liners were nice.

      I guess the wolfs out of the bag.
      Sure, When you let the dog out.

      More Jort pack!!!

      Still Team Robward

  15. The wardrobe was FAIL for nearly everyone! jasper, carlisle and rosalies hair looked TERRIBLE to. I loved edward/rob! when he comes out of the volvo the first time? swoooon… taylor/jacob doesn´t do it for me at all, he looks like the little hercules kid.

  16. The Twilight Saga Gods are smiling on me. I saw the movie in a theater that appeared to be full of grown folks. I was totally concerned about the squealing teenage girl factor but everyone was quiet and only gasped at the appropriate times (when Taycob peeled that shirt off) and I was able to watch the movie, hear the dialogue and drink my diet coke from my giant plastic-ish Edward cup in peace and bliss.
    I’m a one trick pony…I only have love for Edward/Rob but damn if Taylor didn’t have me repeating over and over in my head “you have children older than him…you have children older than him”
    So worth the exhaustion this morning!
    oh…and other than the sleep screaming, I didn’t find one thing to make fun of KStew about. I’m almost disappointed that she did such a fantastic job.

    • It’s funny we had grown ups too! It was a pleasant surprise and yes, we had the odd squeals which made it fun but for the most part, it was deadly silent! More so than any other film I have seen 🙂


  17. On thing that was funny/sort of made me cringe: when Alice shows Aro her vision of Edward and Bella prancing through the forest, after Bella’s been turned. There was a lot of laughter here-it was pretty cheesy, and again the wardrobe choices seemed strange. I expected them to start making daisy chains or burst into song.

    • the outfits for this scene were absolutely dreadful. I can’t believe rob even agreed to be screened in that awful sleeveless cardigan.

      And post vamp Kristen is supposed to be tres chic in a skintight sexy blue cocktail dress, not a vintage underskirt from Laura Ashley circa 1972.

      • If the soundtrack had been playing “The Hills are Alive” from The Sound of Music, it would have been appropriate for this awful scene where Alice imagines post Vamp Kristen out hunting with Rob.

        Our mostly adult audience at the midnight show last night fell about laughing at this scene more than at any other.

  18. Holy Fuckin’ Deity Above – that was SSSWWEEETTT!

    Very little 2nd hand embarrassment last evening. I “almost” wished I had on my Twi-Attire, kind of like a souvenir from a cool concert. I would wear it proudly today.

    I too almost threw my Edward card in the g-bage last night. Taylor’s performance definitely swayed my allegiance. I felt like Taylor provided a less jerky and immature version of Jacob. Even though I liked Jacob in the book, my allegiance was never questioned, but last night it was. I did cheer when Edward sparkled in Italy, but felt more emotion when Bella told Jacob that it will always be Edward. Did anyone else see a tear in wolfy-Jacob’s eye?

    Gotta say – wasn’t as impressed with the portrayal of “The End.” I had the hankie all ready to go, but didn’t need it. Edward did a great job and so did Bella, but something was missing. Maybe it was the lack of tension building up to that moment.

    All nege’s aside, I must say that Chris W. did an awesome job combining Harry’s heartattack, cliff-diving and Victoria. But I agree with a previous commenter, I wanted the breakfast scene with Charlie and Alice. Just to remind them what a stupid fuckin’ lion Edward was. . .

    Anyone else have a REALLY calm theater crowd??? I was somewhat disappointed – I needed some LTT/LTR’s ladies and/or Unicorns. We watched Twilight first and I expected to hear some “Buttcrack Santa” shout-outs, but nothing. Plus, no Jort jokes either. I even brought pocket Bella and Edward, but never felt comfy enough to pull them out of my purse. I was afraid that the slurpy-sucking 8th grader next to me would make fun of me and then try to steal them.

    I hope everyone enjoyed as much as I did. Must go corral my naked two-year old. He soo has the upper-hand today. He is giving me the stink-eye, as in, “I am so going to make you regret going to bed at 4 a.m.” I am tired as fuck, but I would do it all over again and guess I will in June ’10.

    • Yep. I think half the crowd was asleep. They barely cheered when Jake pulled his shirt off!

    • The theater manager where I went went around to each room and did trivia. When she was in mine, one of the questions she asked was “what does Jacob ruin when he phases?” I definitely yelled “HIS JORTS!” before anyone else could say anything. She had to go on to the next question because I ruined it for everyone. I’d never been prouder of myself.

  19. WTF?? I got screwed major! There was no remember me trailer with the movie I watched. I got. ‘when in Rome’… WTF…now that that rants over. I loved the movie. There were a few ehh moments for me but other than that it was good. I agree, Taylor played the pants off Jacob black.
    I agree with everything moon said really!

  20. There were lots of Rob issues in New Moon.

    The wardrobe: I mean, WTF?

    The makeup: when he was in class, he was sooooo different looking that there was no way he could have just blended in. All of the vampire’s eyes in general were way too bizarre to not have been noticed by the humans as being all kinds of wrong.

    After he gets pushed out of the light in Italy, you can clearly see that only his face had the white makeup, and not the rest of his body.

    His acting: It was stilted. Especially in the second half. I don’t think Chris did a good job with him at all.

    His chest reveal: Did anyone think his chest looked better in all the leaked promos than it did in the film? Or was it the blinding comparison made from watching Taylor’s abs the whole film that made Rob’s such a letdown???

    Edward vs. Jacob – Bella relationship: Jacob got way more intimate relationship-building moments that Edward ever gets in either movie. That was always a failure of Twilight – that we didn’t really see Edward and Bella fall in love. BUT Bella sees Edward as superior, so its logical she would have a different type of relationship with him. Infatuation over the comfortable ease she has with Jacob.

    • Totally agree with everything you say.

    • Did anyone notice that half naked Edward had some uneven nipple thing going on?

      • OMG the uneven nipple! That was all I could focus on! I was like, WTF? It didn’t look like that in any of the promo pics, and we were sitting there trying to figure out what could cause it to look like that…

  21. LOVED the movie. It was EXCELLENT! Am still totes in love with Rob who was totally perfect as Edward, I melted at the chest! Though Taylor did a great job as Jake. DILF stuck really close to the book, and Melissa upped her game too.

    The crowd at our cinema was good apart from during the break up scene. When Edward said, “We’re leaving”, and Bella replied, “I’m coming.” Someone let out a huge snort of laughter, and when Edward said, “I don’t want you to come.” The whole audience sniggered. So it wasn’t quite as dramatic as it should have been.

    So looking forward to seeing it again (and again, and again!!)

    The wait was worth it and I’m such happy bunny now.

    Sharin the Rob love xxxx

    • Ugh – I’m so glad my audience didn’t catch on to the “coming” inuendo. Eeesh..

      • Oh, so it wasn’t only my cinema! And here I was thinking that it was just my suburb who were a bunch of perverts 😛 It only happened in the midnight screening though, and I think we were all a little highly strung cz it started 25min late, AND we had to sit through a ‘Paranormal Activity’ trailer – SO NOT APPROPRIATE FOR THE TIME AND AUDIENCE!

    haven’t seen it yet ladies, so I’m not reading today. Just wanted to say mornin’ to everyone, have a great day, and thanks, Moon, for the spoiler alert right at the very very top. If not for that I may have just died (I mean, it’s not like I don’t know what happens, but, well, you know) xoxox to all of yas 😀

  23. [Slurpy-sucking 8th grader] – Amen to that! Judging from numbers of them present last night I’d venture to say “N1M1” flu with hit every middle school in America today!

  24. [Slurpy-sucking 8th grader] – Amen to that! Judging from numbers of them present last night I’d venture to say “N1M1” flu will hit every middle school in America today!

  25. Loved it. Loved Edward. Wardrobe not great, agree, but I was taking him way seriously in that tweed, for sure.

    Sigh. There is just nothing much better than Rob on the big screen…..sigh. Going again on Sunday, of course.

    • his little neck freckles are more visable on the big screen…that make me a happy girl.

      • There’s just so much to love about that.

  26. Hate on me if you like…but the best part for me was seeing the “Remember Me” trailer. What a pleasant surprise!

    I think people (and by that I mean other than devout Rob fans and Twi-hards in general) will be surprised to find out that Pattinson IS an actor. Plus, he looks amazing, even with the crap beat out of him.

    I mean no disrepect as I love Edward as much as anyone else, but c’mon…it really isn’t much of a stretch, is it?

    Remember Me will be his first true test (given that only a handful have seen his previous work) of his merit as an actor…and I personally cannot wait. With Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper adding some street cred…well, 2010 should be an interesting year for him.

    BTW…the “sparkle” which was supposed to be so improved…still sucked bigtime. Diamonds? I don’t think so…not even cheapass Swaworski crystals. My window prism throws more brilliance…hopefully this is the last time we’ll have to see this cheesy effect.

    • We didn’t have a Remember Me trailer either. Ours was Avatar and the other was Gerard Butler’s Law Abiding Citizen (which looks awesome BTW). Maybe I’ll get to see the RM trailer at another showing of NM. Finger’s crossed. Lots of luvverly HHH 🙂

      • I saw the trailer online before last night. I would hook you up with a link, but I am technologically challenged. I am just lucky to know how to leave comments. Well worth watching BTW;oP

  27. reading the comments, here’s one thing i learned: almost everyone’s gonna watch the movie again. ya, and me too! producers must be really really happy.

  28. HEY!!! We didn’t have a Remember Me trailer! SO not cool. We had one for The Lovely Bones (which looks a lot creepier than the book). And one for Letters to Juliet (which looks really good).

    • But back to the subject at hand – I almost did turn in my Team Edward card. Taylor was rocking it! And I agree that Kristen and Taylor’s chemistry was better. WAY more palpable.

  29. As my bf and i depart from the theatre, he says “i like that Jacob guy” to which i gawk at him and hit him (I’m team edward) and he replies “what?! he was BUILT!”

    What the eff.. I. Am. Scared.
    You liked him cause he was beefy? Did I accidently turn you gay by making you watch “Twilight 2” (as my roomie like to call it) when my intention was to turn you unicorn?
    *le sigh*

    Oh, I am still Team Edward.. but my bf is, yes, officially Team Jacob.. should makes our fights a little more interesting.. 🙂

    • I think your bf is totally normal. Guys admire the ab-age too, but in a “Wow, I wonder how much he benches, way?” If I let my hubby watch the movie, he would totally be Team Jacob. It’s a testosterone thing. . .

  30. Rob,

    Why can’t you be hotter as Edward? There were not enough smirks and crooked smiles in this for me. Not.Enough. I know Edward is all tortured and morose, but please, we need to see why anyone would be in love with Edward in the first place. Besides how ride-able your thighs look in those tight effing jeans. Sooooo … please to be making the smirkage and the hotness prevalent in Eclipse or I will cuttabitch.

    Love, Me

  31. Loved seeing Remember Me trailer before the movie started.

    Loved the movie. It was definately worth the wait. I’m Team Edward all the way, but definately took a hard look at Jacob.

    This lady and her boyfriend (early 20’s) were sitting next to me in the theatre last night and when Jacob took his shirt off to wipe the blood off Bella’s head….the boyfriend yells out “Damn…..yep, I’d do him”. It was hysterial, but the boy is ripped.

    Looking forward to 6/6/10

  32. …Now I am a bit confused…about a lot of kinda “hidden” criticism..
    – wardrobe, make up…..not his liability…
    – chest…NO girls NO..I would love his chest even with moops…serious!
    – ok, he is not much there…so that’s the story..
    – less chemistry between Bella and Edward? I cannot believe it..THEY ARE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER….lol
    – Rob less hotter than Edward?…I mean, are you kidding me? Rob is so much hotter than anyone, I know that…

    that’s why I’m here in my insane addiction !!!

    So plz…ladies…tell me something I can dream about tonite…after I dreamt of Rob-Tyler……..teeeheee

    • Hey, I’m right with you. I’ve been hearing so many people saying they are switching to Team Jacob, it makes me die a little inside. Even our own precious Moon and UC are turning on us!

      I haven’t seen the movie yet but I can’t imagine anyone turning me from Edward. I’m sure Taylor is sweet and all, but come on, he’s 17. That kind of grosses me out.

      I think I may encourage everyone to go back and re-read Twilight so you can all remember why you fell in love with Edward!

      And then go back and read Breaking Dawn so you can be reminded that your wonderful Jacob fell in love with a newborn 🙂

      • I considered changing teams, but am now happily Team Edward (unless Jacob is shirtless) 😛 Even if I do feel like a pervert for crushing on a 17 year old (hey, he’s legal here in Australia haha)

        And I re-read Twilight last night/this morning and am falling in love with Edward all over again. The movies have not done the sweetness in their relationship justice…

        YAY so excited, I’m going to see it for the 3rd time tomorrow with one of my recent converted friends 😀

  33. Nope. Nuh-uh. Not even for a second. Even though I wanted to smack Edward for leaving Bella, I never for one second wavered toward the treaty line.

    I give all due credit to Taylor for an amazing performance as Jacob – I think he knocked it out of the park. Thing is, me saying he was perfect as Jacob means that he evoked the same feelings in the movie as I have for the character in the book: stinkin’ pup. Get your own girl.

    Yes, there were major wardrobe fails (Carlisle was a victim, too!). However, Rob’s performance, Rob’s inclusion/exclusion as Edward throughout the movie, Rob’s “V,” . . . all were major wins for me. I wasn’t falling out of love with Rob before watching New Moon, but the butterflies had somewhat ceased. Now, they are back and stronger than ever.

    New Moon + Remember Me = FTMFW

    • Yay! You’re one of the few people today that are saying they are still staying strong with Edward. You make me feel better about seeing the movie tomorrow!

      • I am a strong Team Edward person also. I will say that Taylor’s Jacob was more likeable than in the book. But, I have to admit that all the times that they almost kissed and Bella shot him down…I squeeeed out loud. I think my neighbors could tell what team I was on. LOL

    • ME too!
      I mean, Taylor is a nice sporty tanned BOY…but Robert is THE HOT MAN, and with HOT MAN I mean….frickin f*cking f*cking sexy hot as HELL! BASTA! lol

      • …and I mean “Twilight Saga” is NOT Shakespeare…I guess he made the already best out of this story…perhaps I am able to judge a little bit…I told you I am a teacher…a literature teacher…so…after reading the books I was nicely surprised, how many deep thoughts he put into it…sincerely I had not seen all this deepness in the writing…
        I felt in love with the story after seeing HIM….and now…

        plz throw some tomatos on me….I will make a nice Spaghetti sauce of it….hahaha

    • Rob’s V

      The things I could do……

      • AMEN!

    • @StotheP-agree with EVERYTHING you said. Team Edward all the way. But I didn’t miss E much when Bella was with Jacob-their relationship was captured so well on the screen that you almost began to understand Bella’s predictament: Edward is gone and she misses him so much, but Jacob is a temporary remedy to her hurt and she begins to wonder and think it’s not that bad maybe I could do this. And right when she (and me) began to acccept Edwards absence, he comes right back into her life and at that moment, she is reminded of what Edward is to her and immediately realizes it’s Edward only. Kinda long and wordy here but I guess just trying to say the movie really captures Bella and you can empathize with her a bit and her “Edwards gone, he is not coming back-so I guess the next best thing will do.”

  34. well, of course i cried when edward left bella, but since it was pretty fast paced (which i liked) i cant say i missed edward because of the dilusions and how quickly they got to italy. but i do think that kristen and taylor have just as much if not more chemistry than her and rob, and i get hot watching her kissing/about to kiss either one of those boys lol. even tho im a total nonsten, im a total EB girl. but taylors hot too so yeah go ahead, p-13 porrrn whatwhat! lol. and i loved the ending and how everyone in the audience squeed like fangirls haha it was great. had a couple minor flaws but im not picky and i loved it. way better than twilight.

    • make that, PG-13… not p-13… still high off new moon fumes..

    • I did notice some major chemistry. I wonder if it’s because Jacob doesn’t have to look SO pained and “in-control” when kissing Bella. I can’t wait for the tent scene in Eclipse. Jacob and Bella will rock that;oP

      • oh yeah. these teen angsty romances are so hot lol

  35. I’m so jealous of all of you… I get to see new moon on 22nd and even thats the pre-premiere. The premiere is on 26th…
    BTW Did you get my letter UC or Moon??

  36. Thanks Moon for the spoiler alert! I’m just dropping by to say hello girls! I haven’t seen it yet because I’m so lame! 😦 I can’t wait. I’m also so excited to see Remember Me, I like to see Rob acting different than Edward for a change~ Don’t get me wrong, I love Edward’s character, just wanted to see something different.

    Have a happy Friday y’all!


    • Hello, I knew that you would not appreciate to be spoiled…lol
      And…it’s better, so you can make your own opinion…
      I am kinda immune to it, so since yesterday I only want to see Rob-Tyler-

      much hotter I think…and southernbelle, speaking of Rob’s performances….
      I am kinda shallow…I mean he could play a bit EVERYONE, main thing…

      I can see some/much skin…OMG, that’s sound so desperate…lol

      • Ok see I’m back again to read your post. 🙂 Yeah do you think it’s weird that I find the fight scene in Remember Me very hot? :-). I’m seeing Rob in a totally different light! Haha!

        About seeing more skin, well I think you’re gonna see more skin in RM! There’s sex scenes, at the very least you’ll see his back and abs (the V)! I’m sure it’s gonna be good! Gosh I wish I can go with you to see it, we’re gonna be so giddy at the theater!

        Btw I like the name Tyler. Even better cause that’s Rob’s name in the movie!

        • Nooooooo, the fighting scene is HOT…aggressive and pissed off Rob is the best…hahaha don’t know exactly why….I think b/c he is always so darlin and lovely to everyone….it’s kinda
          “Wow…he is able to be like that too…hmmm damn sexy!”
          Weird discussion… but angry Rob works a lot ! 🙂

          I wish we could see it together! That would be FUN, I am so sure about it…and…
          we could send our men to the “men kindergarden”= “Media World” or sthg like that!lol

          I am pretty sure there will be an occasion…lol

  37. All I can say about my expericence last night…I mean this morning…. was it was worth sitting in the theater for 4 hrs. The theater my daughter and I went to let everyone sit in their seats starting at 8:25. I thought no one will be there that early…but I was wrong. When the previews finally came on everyone screamed, especially since the first one was Rembmer Me. Oh ROB looks amazing and I cannot wait for that movie to come out. New Moon was everything I expected and more. I was a little worried that I would let down, like I was with Twilight but Chris W. did an amazing job. I loved all the one liners, especially Mike’s in the Theater when Jacob tried to help go to the hospital!! LOL I cried in the breakup scene, felt Bella’s pain as she sat in the chair for months, and was giddy when she finds Edward in Italy. The Volturi fight scenes were awsome, and Dakota was great as Jane. I so cannot wait for Eclipse. I hope that David Slade does justice to that one too. I am planning to go see again soon!!!!!

  38. I loved the movie! The scene where the camera starts turning and we see Charlie picking up leaves in the garden on the tunes of Lykke Li is just AMAZING!
    And we got to see Harry Clearwater! I didn’t realize it was him until he died. *sad face*.

    What I didn’t like:
    Edward-Bella scenes were always so filled with dramatic stares and close-ups of the essential minerals on Robwards powdery face. I missed their romance, their happy conversations in her bedroom and him teasing her. When seeing the movie you almost think ‘good riddance!’ when he leaves.
    I don’t blame Chris for this. I think he wanted to make the movie all about Jacob. And with that he more than succeeded.

    PS I’m starting a team Aro. Accepting memberships.

  39. Little snippet about Eclipse:

  40. And — for those of you who haven’t seen the RM trailer —> *squeeee

    • I actually saw this trailer about 20 times, every time I am kinda shocked again….that’s not normal….all that sexy stuff + “Ghaaaandi” is killing me!

  41. I went to go see New Moon this afternoon and everytime Edward appeared in tweed I kept whispering
    “Bella this is tweed, I’m serious!”
    She kinda of hates me now…

  42. bella, lucky bitch indeed 🙂
    and jacob?! the boy has CHANGED!
    edward, please be back for real in 2010.

  43. And for those of you feeling the Jacob-love — shameless self-promotion of my NM -Jacob POV vid: (still team edward BUT thought Taylor did a SUPERB job)

  44. Since you are all feeling the Jacob-love today (a little bit myself as well — even though I am Team Edward), here is a vid I made of Jacob’s POV:

  45. OK, be warned, I am working on 2 hrs sleep. Today was supposed to be a vaca day for me, but ended up having to work.

    My theater was rocking and loud and FUN! But no RM clip! I feel cheated!!

    Overall, LOVED the movie, sooooo much better than Twilight! Not sure about Robwards make-up & cloths but I can get over that. I thought everyone’s acting was much improved. I have to admit I was feeling some puppy love as well. Still not even close to my Edward love, but did make me notice.

    I need to see it again! The ending, then ending, the ending. I liked it, but they threw me, so need to see it again.

  46. For serious, I was almost on Team Jacob, I was sooooo close! I really liked the movie but when it was over, I’m like that’s it? Ahhhhh, June can’t come soon enough! I agree with Edward’s wardrobe, total fail!

  47. I forgot to add this, told you my brain is not working…

    I thought the movie had many funny parts, a very nice suprise. But there were some parts where I could not tell if they were supposed to be funny or not. The Alice vision of E&B running as vamps wearing those horrid cloths? That was supposed to be funny, right? Cause everyone in my theater laughed. I honestly did not know what to think of that scene.

    My huby went with me and divorced me at least 50 times through the re-showing of Twi and the premier of NM. He was so embarassed by me & I thought I was decently in control. I don’t want to think of all the favors I “owe” him now!

    • My theater totally lost their shit over the frolick in the woods as well. I may have been the very first one to bust a gut.

  48. I need to see NM again. Edward’s makeup bugged me. Wanted to see more kissing. Wish I’d listened to the soundtrack before movie but was trying to have a least one surprise. That was a mistake.

    Bella looked great. Visually, movie was gorgeous.

    Didn’t like the wolves at all. So cheesy. Taylor was amazing as were Rob & Kristen

    Audience laughed almost the entire way through the movie. Rough crowd in Boulder, CO.

    Loved relationship between Bella and Charlie, even detected one facial expression from Bella that looked exactly like Charlie…maybe it was just my imagination at 2:00 am.

    I’m so glad I can share this with all of you.

  49. Have not seen it yet! 😉
    Glad the fan girls got to SQUEE all over the place though.

    sounds like you all had a blast!

  50. I always was and always will be “Team Edward” so I was having an internal battle all day wondering if it would even be worth all the teenage fangirl screaming to go see it at midnight last night. Of course, it was.

    There were lots of funny parts which surprised me. I also found myself laughing uncontrollably at Mike Newton, which is odd because all the FF I read tends to vilify him and make me dislike him when I watch Twilight.

    I vomited in my mouth a little when Jacob tried to kiss Bella. Do. Not. Want. But he played the part very well. That still doesn’t mean I have to like him though 😛

    Rob was friggin’ beautiful as always, even in the old man clothes. I will be going to see it again (and again) for sure.

    • Agreed abut the almost-dog-kiss.

      I was surprised however, being a die-hard Team Edward gal, that I didn’t really miss him either during ‘the absence’. And that I credit to the masterful Chris W. “The absence’ was filled with action and humour enough to distract me. But oh, how sweet it was when our man returned. Mmmmm.

      Will savour my second viewing tomorrow.

      Just want to add… told you it was good! :p

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