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Robert Pattinson mobbed in NYC by Twilight fans

Dear Rob-

This just in: some of your fans are crazy psycho lunatics.

What started out a nice Monday with some new pics of you from the set of Remember Me quickly turned into a free-for-all when some fans made a run for it to tackle you after the director yelled “cut.”

Never underestimate the strength of a 15 yr old girl… seriously trust me I still have scars (emotional and physical) from NSYNC concerts circa 1998-2001… those bitches don’t mess around, it was like living through a teenybopper Vietnam. Going to their concert was like preparing for battle: steel toe stilettos and elbows! I learned to maneuver away from the freaks with the best of them hun, let me teach you the proper technique for the next time this arises, cause you know it will.

Witness THE CRAZY:

Of COURSE they have Twilight bags… you can use these for leverage or as a trusty noose to choke a bitch if she gets outta line

See your “bodyguard” has the “pinch a bitch” technique down, if someone’s getting a little too hands-y you just grab on and pinch till your break her forearm like a chicken bone or until a vein pops in her FIVEhead (too big for a forehead)… this is also a good time to sneak in an unintentional boob graze. Though girls like this don’t even deserve it… save that for when you accidentally (of course) bump into an LTR girl in a smokey bar and can’t figure out a non awkward opener.

If you’re feeling sorta nice and you allow a girl a picture, wait till right when she clicks the shutter and then sucker punch her in the gut, she won’t be expecting that!

And for future notice here’s a picture of the perpetrating sluts to hand out to any and all bodyguards, alert the homeland security dept and add to the ‘do not let within a 50 mile radius of you’ list. They appear harmless enough, right? But under their “Forever 21 meets Deliah’s” exterior lies the heart of a ruthless fangirl, or a deranged idiot… only the psychiatric tests they will receieve at Rikers Island after being arresting will tell us the truth. But in the meantime prepare yourself with these simple “step off bitch” techniques I’ve listed for you. Oh and girl in on the left I think I can see your vayjayjay on that outfit.

Hang in there Rob! And use your elbows!

See the rest of the malay over at Lainey Gossip

PS A big smooch to Ted C, you’ll always be our Buttcrack Santa!

Follow the cut if you’re a glutton for the crazy and wanna see VIDEO of the incident and my letter to those girls… it’s not pretty

Dear stupid girls with big FIVEheads-

Seriously girls? I never thought I’d say this but at least the paparazzi seemed a bit more respectful of his personal space than you guys. WOW. And the crying and begging? What in the WORLD did you think would happen by doing that besides creating utter and complete chaos? Would Rob stop and profess his undying love and affection? Would he ask to autograph your Twilight bags because OBVIOUSLY you are the biggest fans EVER!? Heck maybe you thought he would see what flawless beauties you are and ask you to be his leading ladies IN the movie! Well none of that happened and all you ended up doing was making yourselves along with every other fan out there look like crazy assholes. Thanks

I hope all your friends and frenemies find you on Facebook and post these pictures and videos and make merciless fun of you, just because.


PS never get on the bad side of a true Twilight/Rob fan because they make awesome stuff like this:

Found this over at the lovely Forum where it popped off today with all the action… the lovely itsjustme posted this beauty!


Thanks Robrocks via Newmoonmovie


  1. amen moon. a-f*cking-men.

    god i hope rob realizes that not all his fans are touchy-feely psycho stalkers who have horrible fashion sense. ugh.

    • right like the rest of you Twit-Fans are any better! PLEASE you are all pathetic undersexed over the age women who have no clue as to what a good story is. Meyers is a HACK!! she ripped off the story from Harris in the Souther Vampire Mysteries. You people are all pathetic losers

      • i feel so hurt. i really have been undersexed. and when i tuned 26 last week i just really felt ‘over the age’
        also. have you ever read the southern vampire mysteries? cuz they’re not the same… at all…..HEART YOU

      • So if you hate Twilight so much why are you reading this blog? Come on… admit it… you have this blog as one of your favs!

      • Somebody sounds….dare I say……JEALOUS! And I don’t recall this blog being all about Twilight. For you information, it is about Rob. Whether he be playing Edward, Art or Tyler Roth, it is about him, not Twilight. TYVM!

      • Ohhhh. Thank you so much. I Heart You even more than UC, cause now I have someone to talk Sookie with?

        Who’s your favorite character from the series? Who do you think Sookie with end up with when it’s all said and done? Have you read the full series? What did you think of the last book?

        PS I am the most BAD ASS over-aged woman whose undersexed out there, and I can drink like a man. But I am a cewebrity! SO HACK THAT!

        PPS See, I didn’t say F*ckery once!

      • Man your comment is gonna make me all sad face the rest of the day. I am totally undersexed. And I am over the age…of legal consent, of drinking legally, of getting that awesome discount on my car insurance cuz I’m old, and of wondering why people feel the need to be so hateful? Yep, I’m def over the age.

      • Wow, what does it say about you when you are commenting on a blog about twilight? What were you searching to find your way here? Yes, I maybe undersexed, but certainly not ‘over the age’. Last I checked, 29 wasn’t considered old. Hmm, I bet you are the mom of one of these fin, outstanding ladies. Bet you are so proud. Who wouldn’t be?

        • WOW I don’t log on for ONE day and I find myself looking at all this chaos(The Rob attack and this hater posting shit)!!!…

          1st- thanks to these crazy skanks Rob fans look like crazy, unstable, people…which we are all not!!! Well maybe just a little but in a good way…and its people like this that I truly don’t like…that was plain torture to watch…poor Rob was being attacked and NO HUMAN BEING DESERVES THAT!!!! I am beyond words and I’m irate…I feel my blood boiling right now and if I were there trust me…the ‘ghetto Mexican’ would be coming out of me and hell I’d be doing some Rob bodyguard duty myself…and it is not beneath me to cut a bitch to prove a point!! Well maybe not cut unless it was TRULY necessary…wouldn’t want to go to jail for nothing…but still I would be shoving and doing the ‘people’s elbow’ on some of these hoes…

          2nd-I have debated whether or not to respond to you J.Aultman because giving you a response would give you the attention you are seeking…but alas I find myself not being able to keep my mouth shut…so let’s get some things straight before you go insulting people on a blog make sure you have your spell check on…I’m sure ‘Souther’ is not a word…and please do use your punctuation correctly…as an English major and a teacher it irks me when people try to insult others and only show how ignorant they are through their spelling or use of language content…in this case being you. Another thing please get you sites/blogs straight…there is another site called Letters to Twilight which I am sure you’ve heard of where you can direct your hatred to…this is a ROBERT PATTISON site/blog and therefore it’s ALL things Rob not just Twilight…of course if you did some research you would know that Rob doesn’t only play Edward Cullen but has an array of great characters he has played and has an amazing career ahead of him(hence why this attack was so uncalled for and why I am livid right now)!! Now we all know you are entitled to your opinion so as far as the overage and undersexed comment…I’m a 27 year old succesful career woman who certainly has no problem getting sex and can teach you a thing or two…trust your sex life would be better because of me…so let me know if I can help you in that department because being a frigid bitch won’t get you booty ;)! Anyways thank you for drinking your hater-ade this morning…its people like you that fuel me to do better and be better…one day I hope you are able to accept your ignorance and come to terms with it…and I think I’ll stop here because the ‘ghetto Mexican girl’ in me is starting to stir up again!! ❤ ya 😀

      • “Over the age” and undersexed?

        Hmm….well that’s new, I guess. Never been called that before. Should I be offended?


      • Dear Mr/Ms J.Aultman,

        Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to impart your wisdom to us. For clarification purposes, exactly what is “the age” I am over, just in case I need to amend my personal paperwork? (I’m actually honestly curious about this, is there a formal distinction..or is it just one of those “older than me” things?)

        You are definitely entitled to your opinion on the books, movies, and actors. I am more than willing to discuss the merits of books we both enjoy, preferably without name-calling and with a better grasp of basic punctuation.

        In the meantime, while I respect your opinion, I believe you might be lost. Fansites are generally intended for people who enjoy the subject matter. Perhaps you might fine a more enjoyable afternoon here:

        Thank you,

      • wow, thank you J.Aultman, you sure saw right through me! You truly are the most perceptive girl/woman/old man I’ve even read. I will change my life now, I will start noticing what a good story is and I’ll stop reagind blogs like this one.

        ….Wait a minute, what were YOU doing here then?? Busted! We know you love Rob and you’re just pissed cuz you’re one of the girls in the picture, huh? Or worse, you WANT to be one of those girls!!! haha Naughty!!

        Don’t worry, the first step is accepting it!

        • Totally picturing Rob saying Naughty in the Twilight commentary when I read this. LOL

          • Haha me to.

          • LOL That was the idea!! awww us LTR are so connected! btw, Heather, do u have twitter?

          • yes I do. I am secamimom on twitter.

          • Aaaah!! Me too! “Naughty naughty”

          • @heather, I just added you! I’m DanySpike 😉

          • Just accepted you Dany! Love adding new Twitter friends!

          • “Feel like it’s dirty, feel like it’s wrong.” Ha, ha, love me some Robbie interviews! Dude, seriously, I’m totally old (36) and oversexed, and loving it!! (J.Aultman, sounds like you need to get yourself some though. Good luck with that!)

      • I take great offense to this…I’ll have you know that I am waaayyyy oversexed, the Hubs does me right (that’s what she said!).

        BTW, I love Sookie, she rocks! Regardless, this site is about Rob, not Twilight. If you really want to get into it I know this site called Letters to Twilight, maybe you’ve heard of it? 😉

      • Undersexed? Is that like a transvestite? You’ll have to forgive me because I’m over the age and don’t understand your bullshit babbling. My 28 year old mind gets confused sometimes. It comes with the territory…along with Alzheimer’s. Wait, what was I talking about? Nevermind I figured it out. I’m UNDER THE INFLUENCE not over the age. Geez! My bad!

      • Sometimes I think to myself “Wow, am I a pathetic loser?” Then I remember, no, I’m not a pathetic loser. Because I don’t randomly post hate on people’s blogs. So I don’t fit the definition AT ALL.

        • hahaha

        • heehee 🙂 (UC you took the words right out of my mouth)

      • I too would like to know what “the age” is that I’m over. Touche though on the undersexed part you nailed that one, although it’s not because I’m aparently “over the age”. For being so anti Twilight you sure went out of your way to locate this blog and post some gibberish about Stephanie Meyer’s “hack” writing skills. I can’t speak for anyone else but I hadn’t even heard of this website until after I read and became a fan of the books (no offense girls).

        I’m going with the consenus that you are most likely one of those douche bag fangirls who threw themselves at Rob yesterday making all of the rest of us cringe in uncomfortable embarassment. Either that or you yourself are some “undersexed” “over the age” HACK with nothing better to do.

        *end scene*

      • And you just happen to run into a Robert Pattinson blog? I mean if you are reading this and leaving a comment it’s because you were looking for something… related to Rob or twilight maybe?
        come on…

        And exactly what is the perfect age to be a nice admirer of someone? and to know a good story? what? we need to quote all the books we have read? because some of us happens to have degrees in literature or art.


      • wow, i think this is the first time ive read a negative comment here…..

        • we’ve had 3. and we save them all. we love them a lot

      • undersexed, probably. OVERAGED? NO!

        but thanks for playing

        • I’m overaged and oversexed.

          Take THAT, haters. Yes, thanks for playing, but you definitely did not pass Go!, nor collect $200.

          Cause I collected the $200. I earned every penny of it. With my overaged, oversexed self.

      • Let’s see:
        Over the age of having to live with my mom? check
        Over the age of having to ask daddy to borrow the car? check
        Over the age of having to turn in algebra homework? check
        Over the age of having to troll blogs, make insulting comments, and then wait for the replies to roll in to make myself feel better about myself? CHECK

        p.s. I have heard of the Southern Vampire novels, but not these Souther novels you speak of. Do tell me where I can find those.

        Oh and to answer your question, yes, we are better. We have brains, dignity, and boundaries…I think.

        • WIN WIN WIN!!!!!!!!

          ❤ you

          • No, I ❤ you, Moon! You're my hero! You, too, UC!

            Thanks, BTW!

      • Wow – someone ate a shit sandwich for breakfast didn’t s/he?

        I am over the age, I guess – but hardly undersexed. Married to the love of my life for 14 years and have 4 beautiful children. I have a very full life that just happened to become even fuller when I read these books and made cyber-friends with a group of extremely talented, witty, intelligent women (and a few unicorns) who not only happen to adore all things Rob, but who are able to laugh at themselves and at the world around them, and the crazy people who share our interests. All Twi fans are not the crazy types that will throw themselves at ACTORS who play PARTS in the movie. Those of us here on LTR fully understand the difference between a character and a real person. The fact that there are those out there who don’t understand the difference is frankly what some of the funniest posts here on LTR have been about. We ladies here have not only a sense of humor, but a full grasp on who we are and why we like what we like. My sex life has gotten only better since discovering Edward Cullen….My hubby has no complaints.
        My guess is that you are a 17 year old girl who thinks that she knows it all and has no clue that she won’t ever know it all…. And you still think 30 is old….Oh, how I remember the (stupid, self indulgent) times…

        And, I do think you are lost – not because you are on a Rob blog – although that is one reason – but because we here at LTR know how to take a joke, be funny, be intelligent and be honest. All of those things you clearly are not.
        Have a good day and try not to be too jealous of those of us here who have it figured out….

        • That’s it. Dump your husband and marry me, chinamother, I loved your post!

          • Ok – I can be your fake lesbian here on LTR… 🙂

          • YAY!!!! *happy dance*

      • Ok to the little girl/boy who says we are all undersexed and over the age. Yes I am 29 yrs old. And yes the books were more geared towards teen girls. But in no way am I undersexed for one. And 2 I do not believe at any age are you to old to read a book. Oh also before you right something on a public blog be sure you are not soundong like a twit yourself before clicking to post it. In the context of what you were saying it would have been better to say we were pathetic unsatisfied over AGED women. Not undersexed over THE age women. Really at least make yourself sound half educated before posting something.

        Oh and admitt it Rob shirtless in Italy is so your wallpaper on your comp. And when you stopped writing your uneducated illinformed opinion of those of us over 15 you sat and stared at your screen then watched Twilight for the thousandth time. Just hoping that when you were done trying to get some sort of attention from anyone cause you can not get it from real boys you could sit and imagine you are Bella and that Edward really is yours. So please just stop being jealous of those of us that have lives and ral Boyfriends/ husbands and everything that you do not have yet dream about having. It really just makes all your adolecent insecurities shine through. Tomorrow I want you to wake up and look in the mirror and say I may not be Bella Edward may not be mine but I am still beautiful and will find love someday. Have a great day.

      • Bitch Please – Just because we have a respect for human beings YOU call us PATHETIC look in the mirror ! I am so not undersexed or overaged, happy 25 year old married HOT mother of 2, maybe you’re the undersexed overaged! But all us on here simply think people like you are the PAthetic ones ! Call us what you want because we’re stronger then that, my question for you , what the hell is you’re I AM QUEEN OF SHEBA ASS DOING ON THIS BLOG IF YOU DONT GIVE A DAMN ! So why don’t you just go sit your ass back on your couch, and watch your life go by ! And if calling all of us on here Pathetic is what makes you feel better about yourself & your life I guess your gonna do what you have to so that you don’t CRY yourself to sleep at night ! WE ROCK YOU SUCK, GO GET SCREWED! That’s if someone will even touch you!

      • NOOOOOOOOO you didn’t! You did not just compare me to these CAS. Undersexed? My husband would beg to differ, he seems to be very very satisfied, ifyaknowwhatimeanandithinkyoudo. I would also like to know exactly what age is it that I am over. Should I consider checking myself into a nursing home at the ripe old age of 31?

      • Hey! I´m TOTALLY a twit fan…I twit all the time! How did you know?…I looooooove twitter!!

      • Psssshh, I’m so damn oversexed that I’m paranoid. If my husband knocked me up again I’m gonna be pissed! I have main floor tickets for Kings of Leon and I better not be 3 months preggo, fighting my way towards the stage.

        But you got me on the over aged… I am a whopping 33 years old, old enough to know not to call the billionaire Meyers a hack, although she’s certainly not my favorite author… I’m just here for Rob (like the title says). And all the lovely ladies who make me smile, without fail, day after day.

        You should try it…. smiling I mean. Get over yourself.

        • “Psssshh, I’m so damn oversexed that I’m paranoid. If my husband knocked me up again I’m gonna be pissed! I have main floor tickets for Kings of Leon and I better not be 3 months preggo, fighting my way towards the stage.”

          ok, I srsly shouldn’t drink anything while reading these blogs.

        • Passionate Misguided Dear Heart,

          You are absolutely correct. I AM thirty-eight years old (does this qualify as over aged???? I’m going to go with yes……iiiiiiiiiiiffff, you’re eleven.)

          Am I undersexed? Uh, no. *giggles, blushes*

          Do I love Twilight? God Yes.

          Is S. Meyer a hack? I don’t know. But I do know this…there isn’t a new idea out there. Anywhere. Including SVM.

          Am I, indeed, a pathetic loser?…I had to dig, deep and ponder this one. YES! I SUCK at guitar hero, BAD…not even gonna lie, it’s embarrassing.

          Given the unlikely opportunity, would Rob pick me over you (ahem, OR your friends)? Yup!

          • “I AM thirty-eight years old (does this qualify as over aged???? I’m going to go with yes……iiiiiiiiiiiffff, you’re eleven.)”

            LMAO! Great punch line!

          • cannot tell you how much I heart you!

          • ❤ back at ya Homies.

          • Snorted my drink again. Dang it Proselyte, easy with the wittiness woman!!!

          • I heart you for this.

      • *waves frantically* Hi Pot!!! I want you to meet my friend Kettle.

        • LUVS!^^^^^^^^

      • UC & Moon, do you think J.Aultman could write a guest Letter to Rob? Cuz I think it would be totes made of awesome.

        • yes! if her email address wasn’t fake i might be able to email her (although i’m quite the stalker & i found her real email address.. and her account.. hmmm)

          • Yes, please! Let’s make her a special guest! If within 5 lines she managed to call us “undersexed over the age women” and “twit-fan”, I can only imagine what she/he would do with a WHOLE post to herself!

            Do it for us! lol

          • No you didn’t! You MUST post what she bought on Smart girls guide to boys, maybe? Or perhaps an SAT prep book? Come on now – SHARE!

          • Wait -I found her too….But refrained from e mailing her real e mail address. And I totally don’t get why she was here….Although one of her ‘Friends’ on Amazon has a pic of Rob and Kstew that says “Happy Family”.
            Sadly, the woman lists an anniversary date which makes me think she is not as young as I thought – which is frankly, only a sadder commentary on her….

          • Oh my. And it seems that this person has written some fanfic as well. I have got to find that.

          • Why, oh why, would you post a nasty little bit of hate under the same username you use in RL?

            J.Aultman – I have your real email address straight from and low and behold we know its you cause you reviewed books by Charlaine Harris, author of the Southern Vamp series.

            Unlike you, however, we LTR gals and unicorns would never do something so low as to send you hate email. It’s called respecting other people opinions. Do you get the difference now?

          • Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!

            You mean to tell me this person is a, wait, wait….wait, I can’t say it…

            *whispers*..a hypocrite??? Cause that would be so unexpected.

            How refreshing.

          • Dude! She really does have some issues with the Twilight Series from her reviews doesn’t she? Kinda sorry and obsessive if you ask me and she does seem to take herself very seriously. How sa. It must suck to be her. *sigh*

            oh well… I’m over it! *grins*

      • Whoa! Thank You dear J.Aultman, you see I have been looking appropriate terms to describe the four fine specimens of women in that pic that you see up there and “undersexed over the age women” fits so perfectly! thank you, seriously from the bottom of my twit-fan (don’t have a clue what that is) heart!

        • I don’t know what it means, but I loved “undersexed over the age women” as much as “twit-fan”! I’m guessing it has to do with twitter…

          I had no idea 24 years old was being over the age…but with the twitter thing, she’s right, I do use twitter a lot!

          • if she it’s talking about twitter then count me in as a twit-fan. I do love twitter.
            You know I’m thinking that from now on my best insult is going to be “undersexed over the age women”

          • well, then by all means add me! I’m DanySpike

          • will do:)

      • Let’s see. We are ALL pathetic yet you — come onto this happy little blog and refer to everyone as “pathetic” (takes one to know one), undersexed (what does this mean exactly b/c I got some last night… when did you last get off on something other than arrogance and rudeness?

        I read Twilight series and Sookie series. Having two books with vampires, werewolve and telepaths makes not a hack. It’s called “supernatural” — now Twilight series doesn’t have fairies, unless you consider Alice a fairy, though she’s regarded as a pixie so ….

        I know some pathetic losers and usually tend to just not bother with them. Given that you went through all this trouble to write on a happy blog with happy women who are kind and friendly toward each other I can only discern that you, my “friend” are a Hack – you stole your personality from the Wicked Witch of the West.

      • I can’t resist getting in on the cattiness.

        So Miss Aultman, did you accidentally come across this site while you were googling for “fivehead” to see if you were normal? Or maybe you were trying to figure out how to make a “noose” to end it all after Bobby Joe called you “fivehead” yet again and stole your lunch money. Or perhaps you were looking for “Forever 21 stilettos” to go with your prom dress.

        Regardless of how you got here, you apparently don’t know us very well. Cause we are all VERY normal, educated, OVERsexed women (and a few men) who don’t have a 1 in the 10 spot of our age. And the reason we’re all here is because we’re NOT like the other pathetic loser “twit” fans you have us mistaken for. And we’ve bonded over that fact. Read the other posts and you’ll see the sarcasm in our devotion. We don’t take ourselves very seriously. We know where the line is and we don’t cross it.

        So go back to your myspace friends and cry about how you were kicked out of the awesome-est blog on the interweb..

        • Never resist your cattiness.

          • Ever.

      • You hit the nail right on the head, Baby. I am sadly, terribly undersexed. Next time you maul/tackle/molest Rob would you mind slipping him my phone number?

        Thanks! Kiss kiss!

      • BORING

      • Hmm. J.Aultman (AKA “Dangergirrl”), on Amazon it says your personal quote is, “Life liberty and the persute of all who piss me off”. Is this the right J.Aultman? (BTW it’s pursuit, but I do have brain damage so maybe I’m missing something.)

        What did anyone on LTR do to piss you off? I think you came to the wrong place and opened a can of whoop ass on yourself sweetie. You sound terribly upset. We’re listening….

        Why the hate “I am the one can see me”? Maybe you need to read one of my favorite quotes – “Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a battle. ” ~ John Watson What battles are you fighting?

        Why so judgy of those you do NOT KNOW? What are you getting out of this hater attitude? It doesn’t suit you. I’m sure you’re a nice person!

        You called ME (as one of the “all”) not only pathetic, but added that I am a pathetic loser. You speak like you know me! I’m touched! I feel your love. Can you feel mine? Seriously! I think you need it.

        No, I’m not pathetic my love. I am an amazing, accomplished, intelligent, educated woman and healer. But thanks for reaffirming why I am a healer – there are people like you that need my positive mojo. I’m here for you!

        You see, 18 months ago I survived a head-on, hit & run car accident that left me with a mild traumatic brain injury. My life as a Webmaster (w/the coveted window office looking towards the Rockies), single mom, & night student stopped. I was unable to walk or talk for over 6 months and had to start my life over at 39 (over the age – you betcha – I just turned 40 in March and I’m happy to be alive! Obsessed with a younger man? Ya caught me…yes I am. Men do it all the time so why not us women taking on a role reversal. I’m also proud to be called a MILF thanks! Undersexed? Yes I am! Although, I’d rather wait for the right one. Thank you for your concern, but I’m good!).

        I am a Twit(ter) fan too! I think you should read my tweets – they’re mainly positive quotes, stuff about the healing profession, healing trauma through massage therapy or surviving a re-wired brain post injury.

        I’m not sure what traumatic events brought about your vehement post, but hey we all have a bad day and need safe people on which to vent.

        Sending you positive energy to heal the hurts that caused you to “pursute” us LTF’s. Big hug!

        • Holy crap typo! Correction….I meant “…LTR’s. Big Hug!” Sigh…I too am only human (with too much to say).

        • Well put, incredible story!

          I’m with you, life is too short to go around spreading the negative….I’m a fan of positive mojo, too. Must be why I find myself back on this site 20 times a day.


          • Thanks! I’ll send you some positive mojo too! Life101 class does tend to throw us some curve balls, huh? Makes you appreciate everything with a new perspective and zeal for life. I’m all about spreading the love now. =)

      • oooh first ever hate post. love it!

      • wait, what?!? undersexed?!? damnit. have you been talking to my fiance?! that man is such a blabber mouth

      • Like your any better your on here reading the story and responding to it!! You should not throw stones when your standing in a glass house!!!

      • WHOA!!! not cool. Listen douche bag, if you hate it, don’t read it. I have no idea how age or frequency of sex has anything to do with whether or not you enjoyed a series of books. Here’s a thought, maybe try acting liek an adult before you disperage other people’s age. I am 26, not old, I;m in no way undersexed, been married for 8 years and I getz mine (woot woot). I happen to have read all 9 books of the southern vamp series as well as other works by Charlaine Harris, they are not alike at all. You are just a sad jerk off.

    • We hear that!! All these crazy bitches are making it harder on the ones that really just want to meet him and respect him as a person not a piece of meat!!! He is going to go running if everyone keeps it up!! Leave the man be!!! Otherwise the sweet Rob that we all love may start to truly hate his fans!!! Give him some peace how many pictures does one person really need of this man!! Can he get some privacy! PLEASE STOP FUCKING IT UP FOR HIM & US!!

  2. Moon you were tooo nice! And I want to propose that we don’t post the video or the pics of those PSS (Psycho Stalker Skanks) anywhere on LTR/LTT or The Forum! We need to f*cking erase them… rinse our brains with bleach and relagate them to internet oblivion!!!!!

    Rob will live on… but they will be forgotten like yesterday’s trash!

    *off soapbox now*

    Loved the pic from itsjustme!

    • yea i couldnt legally say what i really wanted to say about them…

      wah wah waaaaah

  3. Haha I posted on my blog about this madness too. I really did. It’s ridiculous. They ruined ANY encounter and of us sane fans may have with him. He’s always goingto be terrified now, and have it in the back of his mind that we’re either going to kill him, or kill him and stuff him and sit him in our bedrooms. So, those crazy freaks have tainted all fans by doin’ that. We should call the lynch mob and go get their assses!

    • i think we will all have to feign ignorance if we ever saw him in real life. you cant say youre a fan at this point.

      • No kidding. I’d completely try to ignore him at this point, just out of respect. Then I’d probably pee myself as soon as he was out of eyesight. And my husband would point and laugh.

  4. Now don’t fight girls I have one for each of you.
    *Slap* *Slap* *Slap* and *Slap*.

    • lmao! I don’t condone violence, but do think these girls could use a round or two with the nun from my elementary school days. You didn’t mess around with Sister Mary Theresa!

  5. I’m really trying to just pretend like these crazy chicas really didn’t go all fangirl crazy on HHH. If I really think too much about it I am seriously gonna have to fly up to NYC and giving them some schooling. I’m gonna go all Alabama Crazy on their ass. If you’ve lived or live in Bama you know what kind craziness is going on there (esp in LA). 😉

    I need to go back into my Robble and not think about these crazies ever again. There’s plenty of room in there and all are welcome. 🙂

    • Move over, I’m coming in!

    • Girl I’m with you, we shall fly out of B’ham and unleash the Bama Crazy together…and I know there’s a few more LTR girls from Bama in here!

      I’ll bring the tire iron, and my extra Lee Press On’s.

      • tire iron and lee press ons! seriously i love you all

  6. The thing about delusion is that you don’t know you’re a psycho bitch when you are one. Proof of this is these four miscreatens smiling because they physically assaulted a man to the point I fear no amount of alcohol on earth will help him recover from — though knowing our Rob, he’ll keep on trying.

    Stupid bitches. I’d like to assault them and wipe those ugly ass smiles from their skank faces.

    • a good bitch slap is defs in order

    • Smiling and taking pictures! Blows me away…

  7. i´m seriously disturbed right now. i cannot understand in the slightest how people can be this crazy, disrespectful and -did i mention- crazy
    … ugh. those are some really nasty beotches.

  8. I just watched that video and I seriously feeling like crying – can you imagine if a large part of you life was getting screamed at and chased and attacked? How awful. He had how many security guys around him? Not enough I guess.

    Of course, this does make me question my plan of set stalking in 2 weeks (when my kids start day camp for the summer). I wonder if it’s like the blood lust for vampires – in the moment, you just can’t do anything but act on instinct. And maybe every Robsessed fan has the same instinct – to lit’rally jump him.

    • That is one Rob video I cannot even look at. Ok, this one and “the tuck”.

    • lol – “like blood lust”

      I’m pretty positive that I would be immobilized, with my mouth hanging open with just a touch of drool sliding out of the corner of my mouth the minute that he should happen to glance in the general vacinity of where I am standing. Or some other 2nd hand embarassment that I would never be able to admit to LTR!

      I’ll keep the begging and ravaging for my dreams.

    • i think stars like this have to remember theyre doing it because they LIKE them and not hate them which is a weird reaction but they flip out cause they love him so much.

      i never thought about that… you’re just in the moment and lose control. it’s defs possible but i think… well i HOPE that all the ladies here could keep it under control long enough to not flip out. use your bella shield!!

      ps i want fulls reports from the set!


    • You are SO right!

  10. Thaaaaaaank you for calling these bitches out! I knew I could go here this morning and have some sweet relief to start my day. Although, in the picutre of Rob “talking” about the PSS he looks like he could cry. Just breaks my lil’ heart.

    Part of me hopes they follow LTR, so they can get some perspective. But then another part of me prays they do not. They are so humiliating, I don’t even want to be viewing the same website. Plus, LTR is too good for that level of FOR REAL CRAZY.

    • no probs… i think we’re all not THAT crazy… maybe in our minds sure but not in real life

  11. I can’t even bring myself to watch the video. The pics alone make me want to vomit. And this pic: makes me want to cut a bitch. Look at the hold she’s got on his arm.

    I wish we could invite Rob into the Robble fo’ realz. He would be safe here. We could all be trusted to maintain a respectful distance, I think.

    Dear Rob,

    I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. Please, stay safe.


    • If I were going to get all grabby with him and have my picture documenting my inappropriate behavior posted all over the internet for all the world to see….I would have gotten a manicure.

      • HAHAHAH a manicure!

  12. WTF is SUMMIT doing??!! They are making so much money off of him, and they can’t step up security any better than this? He needs lots more bodyguards and they need tazers. this is disgusting and absurd!

    • I have been wondering the same thing myself!

  13. “pinch a bitch” ROTFLMAO!

    My fave: “Of COURSE they have Twilight bags… you can use these for leverage or as a trusty noose to choke a bitch if she gets outta line.”

    Moon, I ❤ you! May the Rock of Love rejects stay the f*ck away!

    I'm still amazed at how he handled that.

    • laughed the whole time… it must just seem so absurd to him. i hope he gets a good laugh and remembers they LOVE him though are totally crazy

  14. I am…speechless. I honestly don’t know what to say. I too lived through “teenybopper Vietnam”, and I am yet to comprehend that level of craziness. I remember my first BSB concert (yeah, them) January 1998. I had front row to a general admission show which was oversold to a bunch of raging hormones with legs. The cold weather outside didn’t reach us indoors, and it was as hot as a mid-afternoon in July. Many girls fainted. To my luck (note the sarcasm) because I would have rather been drinking with the crowd at the back, I had front row. Nice as I am, I decided to bend down so security could get a girl who had passed out in the middle rows out more easily. Bad move. Everyone behind me used that opportunity to move forward like a herd of animals and I was stumped on, kicked and left gasping for breath on the floor of that venue. Point is, never understimate the strength of a delusional 15 year old on a mission.

    Fast forward to a decade and some later, and those girls are a prime example, and apparently it’s gotten worse. How can they proudly pose them with the biggest of smiles on their faces after pretty much mugging someone. Does that made them feel good about themselves? Are they gonna go back to their High School and tell the story of how they met Robert Pattinson, which of course, by the time it reaches homeroom tomorrow morning, it would be twisted into something their overactive hormonal imaginations created, like Rob stopped, gave them all hugs and kisses, posed for pictures and took them to the nearest Starbucks for a Frozen Frappuccino because he needed to cool down from the hotness that is them. Boys of NYC beware, they attend a school near you, or even worse, yours. If that’s the case and one of one of them has signed your yearbook with hearts, I suggest you change classes next year.

    • i feel like we are comrades. those girls are INSANE! ive seen a full out hair pulling, slapping fight at a concert!

      good times!


  15. I love this quote by Nienor at the forum:

    “And the crazy ass stalkers? OMG, they make me see red. Poor Robbie. He probably went to his hotel last night, put on his security blankie (black hoodie), curled up in the fetal position and sucked his thumb.”

    This made me giggle, but I so hear ya, LOL!

    • snuggie!

  16. First, Moon, you are 100% correct.

    They are…BAT. SH!T. CRAZY!!!

    Second, if any LTR girls were there I would be scared. They (Summit) need to hire US to be his bodyguards…we would cut a bitch if she got too close. Oh yeah…that’s how we roll. Don’t get in our boys face. Don’t touch him. Don’t breath his air. Your crazy ass is not worthy.

    Third, Fivehead in the blue shirt…does she have a hair piece on in their ‘group’ photo? Cause it looks like it and in the one where she is getting pinched it’s like she had to take it off and put it in her Twilight bag so that it doesn’t get messed up. She was going to battle and fake hair ain’t cheap.

    Fourth, who knew Chelsea Clinton was such a Rob/Twi fan??

    I hope they read this blog cause they need to be schooled…or stay in school and say no to drugs.

    • LMAO! At Chelsea Clinton!

      I’m with you. I’d cut a bitch. Totes had to down an entire bottle of Pinot last night to erase the disgust I felt after yesterday – didn’t work btw.

      Dear Rob,
      I’m sorry this is happening to you. We will protect you.

      ‘Be safe’
      Love, J-9

    • HAHAHA chelsea clinton!!

      and yes it was surmised yesterday the blue shirt girl had a hair piece and she was actually chucky.

  17. as much as it truely ISN’T funny, I can’t help laughing – I ❤ you Moon for your defensive tips! I just hope he is current on his shots.

    srsly scary shite…not only this, but paps opening taxi doors to take pics when he is alone. Makes me physically ill to know how much I enjoy new pics of him when I see the crap that he has to deal with.

  18. oh Moon, I would hate to step on your toe at a concert…This post had me in tears. I would love to see Rob sucker punch one of these freaks. Probably not good PR but it might make some of these crazy bitches think twice. Probably not, though.

    • I doubt it’ll made them think twice. They’d probably treasure the bruise.

    • theyd be like “ohhh kinky, he’s into S & M!”

      help us

  19. Did these Skank Tramps not look in the mirror before throwing themselves at HHH!!!!! Obviously not….. A few word of advice for said skanks:
    1. Throw out the Twilight bags (so that you do not bring further shame on the rest of the fans)

    2. Buy yourselves some decent clothes so that if you meet a celebrity in the future you will be suitably attired (if not hot, as none of you will ever be hot!)

    3. Quit the screaming, crying and physical abuse of said celebrity. It’s not big, its not clever, and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • FN Skanks! How could they possibly think that he would love to have them screaming and trying to pose with him as if he was some inanimate prize they’d won. As if he were something devoid of human feeling or undeserving of respect!

  20. eeee.gads.

  21. LMAO “pinch a bitch” LOL!

    I’m still amazed at how well he handled this. I just hope this kind of shizz doesn’t keep happening because it’s stuff like this that make celebrities decide to never come out. Plus it scares the shit out of me to think at what might ensue at the New Moon premiere, which I’ll be at. Gives me the willies!

    • we need to bring our riot gear. ltr/ltt themed riot gear of course.

      • We can carry our riot gear in out Twilight totes like the skanks. (not)

  22. Dear Lowbred, Delusional, Skank A** B*tches,

    I would like to take a moment of your obviously precious time to extend you a word of thanks…yes, of thanks.

    Thank you so much for (in what was clearly your infinite, countrified wisdom) trying to decapitate and molest Robert Pattinson. This was a well thought out plan.

    As a result, Rob’s level of paranoia will reach such intensity, that he may never leave his hotel room again. He may stop acting completely, and eat himself into a hot-pocket induced coma.

    You have NO idea have fortunate you are that no LTT/LTR chick was in the vicinity. Because my humble words do not do justice to the level of ho smack down that would ensue.

    So now continue on into obscurity, enjoying your fifteen minutes of fame for being known as the most deficient, vile and cerebrally bankrupt young women of a generation.

    Good call.

    Love Proselyte

    P.S. Going to pray for you now.

    • ‘ho smack down’


    • Love it! So true!

    • “fifteen minutes of SHAME”

    • Such an awesome break down!

    • *kisses*

  23. The video almost made me cry. . . You can see how stressed out he is by the fact that he has both hands in his hair constantly. I wonder exactly how long it took them to get him out of that trailer after that. I hope he took a sanitizing shower, who knows what kind of gross cooties those skanks passed on. Ew.

    For Gods sake Summit, beef up security and close the set. I know a lot of us can be respectful and enjoy from a distance – but it just isn’t worth risking this kind of violence. Will someone please get this boy some ruthless representation who will actually take care of him. I am not convinced that Nick has a freakin clue. . . between the mall fiascos and this.

  24. The whole incident was hilarious. I felt bad for him, but at the same time, could not stop laughing!

    I have to be honest, the thought of playing hooky with my girlfriends in NYC (some are NYU alums) had crossed my mind. But thank God I didn’t even try to do it. While right now I say I would NEVER be like them, I can’t assure my dignity if I did ever see him in person.

    Then I’d end up on LTR…..

    • dude do it by all means but dont cross the line! this is crossing the line. i dont see a problem with being a cool person and wanting to see some action but running, attavking, crying, begging is NOT cool.

  25. I felt so bad for Rob when I watched that vid. He looked so uncomfortable and almost panicky, and who wouldn’t be? What do you do when skanks start attacking you?
    I agree with you, what did they think would come out of crying and shrieking for Rob? And then posing for a picture like they just accomplished something? They are the skankiest skanks who ever skanked.

    • ‘They are the skankiest skanks who ever skanked.’

      their skank in Skanksville.

      • They are the Maywhore and ASSemblymen of Skanksville.

        • Hahaha…omg!

      • skanky mcskankersons

        • Hahahahahaha, YES!

          I totally say that all the time…

          Sassy McSasserpants

          Whory McWhorson

          etc, etc, etc…

          • Skankette Von Skankinast (eh…I got nothin.)

  26. I was just watching the video of these shenanigans and I was amazed at how calm Rob remained during the whole thing. He didn’t look angry or upset. Sadly, he looked like he was used to it. But good for him for not yelling at the skanks to back the f up. I don’t think I could have stayed so calm in the same circumstances.

    • No doubt! I would have started having those shanks eat my fist the first time they touched me. I could never be famous, I’d be arrested for assault the first time someone crossed into my “bubble”. I feel bad for him. This is just insane.

  27. The video actually made me tear up. To live ur life not only being photographed constantly but now having to worry about being attacked.

    But srsly Summit needs to step up the security because no one should get that close to him on a set. I know it is NYC and your filming on a small street downtown but they need barricades!!! I guess they thought this is not Twilight, crazy people won’t come from all over to see filming. Listen up Summit the crazy will come to see Rob anywhere and NYC is crazy central.

    P.S. Crazy girls that attacked Rob u are on my list of people to kick in the shin if I ever see you walking down the NYC street

    • What gets me – is he smiles – Like “I can’t believe this is effing happening to me right now – this is crazy – if I don’t laugh I might scream” These girls didn’t even treat him like a person – yet he did nothing disrespectful towards them and gave them that respect.

      These girls parents must be proud – Crying begging scary stalkers

  28. where the hell is handsy hanson (his Body guard while in France that literally carried him everywhere) when you need him?
    This incident really concerns me. I’m considering giving up my robsession forever so there will be one less girl in the world he has to deal with
    What happened yesterday was completely out of control I have this fear that some way some how Rob is going to die young.
    I’m starting a keep rob alive compaign it’s sort of like the anti terroist task force
    You should have blocked out those girls faces so they don’t get anymore attention than they already have just cover there faces with a large dog identifying each of them
    (l-r mop top 9 head , incognito danny devito, almost normal lookin….oh wait stupid biotch,and at last teenie bopper tranny.
    Teen girl squad!!!!!

    • dog is supposed to say “dot” but I sort of like the idea of a dog over their faces instead thank you iPhone prodictive text for the idea.

    • You know, for realz…I’m concerned for him. Who can possibly live up to these expectations, thrive in this environment, have any kind of peace.

      If Rob’s life ended up in ANY kind of tragedy, like so many others before him, I would be devastated.

      There is a unique, absurdity to the level of pandemonium that has surrounded him so quickly. Pretty sure it is the ‘Edward’ factor. But no one handles this kinda thing well when they’re young. You sort of unconsciously begin to self destruct slowly. Here’s to hoping he can cope with the crazy. I think it will all die down eventually, and he will find a balance.

      • UGH!!!! And I just heard there are also hecklers calling out crap from the street during filming. K, I may cry now. No one should have to shoulder this nonsense. Not even a ‘celebrity’ (God I hate that word with a passion), wrong is wrong ppl.

    • tiffany- this is amazing: “l-r mop top 9 head , incognito danny devito, almost normal lookin….oh wait stupid biotch,and at last teenie bopper tranny.”

      HAHAHAA incognito danny devito! rhyming rules

  29. I can’t watch the video. I can barely look at the pictures. I know Robbie is a big boy and he can handle himself, but this was beyond the pale. I mean, seriously, how delusional and psychotic can you be to act the way these girls acted?

    The mama bear in me wants to do some very bad things to those girls right now… 😦

  30. I’ve sent repeated requests to TMZ to bring multuple videocameras down there to the set to scare off the fan girls with deranged TMZ babbly quezstions. I’ve also put in a call to the NYC Twi-Moms to organize a Rob Shield.

    If all else fails, Too_Far_Gone and I have the Sydney plan to come in and scare some skanks away. We can be some scary bitches (with Syd, literally, she’s a female dog who’s FIERCE).

    • a twi mom shield! HAHAHA

  31. Moon You Are My Life Now.

    Best Post Ever. I’m so exhausted feeling sad for him, finally I can laugh about it now.
    Thanks Girl 🙂

    Oh, and another technique suggestion.
    Strangle them Rob!!!
    Yeah , Like that baby

    • never leave me… even if it’s “whats best for me”

  32. FIVEheads?!? I am soooo going to use that line in the future. It fits so perfectly!! Those girls better watch out. They have angered the Rob fanbase in ways they did not know possible. I’d be afraid, very afraid, if I were them.

  33. @Moon…Ha! I used to say, ‘five finger foreheaded!’

    Is this an AZ term? 🙂

    • I thought it was a Tyra Banks term…..

      I’m worried I may have one, now.


      (runs to the bathroom to check in the mirror)

      • I dunno? I had a girlfriend that used to say it years ago, about herself.

        Ya, I checked once too. 🙂

      • You just made me check and in the process President of the company just walked in. Almost as bad as the day he walked in an I was doing the Tree Pose.

        • oops. 🙂

        • lol!!

          I have experienced before that reading ltr at the office is not always a good idear!!

          😉 guess thats why we keep on doing it!

    • hmmm maybe i remember it from way back in the day. thank god i have a definite FOUR head.

  34. Dear Rob,

    I know you may be feeling a little stressed out from these nutjobs attacking you. How about you come over and sit on my couch, I will wrap you up in my handmade quilt and pat your back and say “There, there, dear.” And feed you sandwiches. And cake. And whiskey.

    With love and kind affection,
    La Push

    (something about those icky girls has brought out some kind of maternal protection instinct in me, apparently)

    • It brought out something a tad less maternal in my reaction. Just a tad.

      *narrows eyes at said skanks*

      • Oh don’t worry, I’ll hold them down for you.

        • Friends help friends teach fangirls manner (beat the tar out of skanks)

          • How about we get the skanks phone numbers (SOMEONE is gonna give up some info about the skanks real soon I just know it) and we prank ’em while we have our little robcat slumber party? Face-masks, popcorn, and pranking the crack-hos.. Anyone in?

            Forget calling them and asking if their refrigerators are running, we need to do our best Scream impressions. Bwahahaha!

          • I am all in!

            I can’t wait for this sleepover at Pro3’s house. (Especially when she explains it to Mr Pro…)

          • Oh I’m in!

            Face masks, popcorn, grilled fangirl, cupcakes, prank calling, Rob worship, doing our nails, laughing about being undersexed (seriously…*snort*.)

          • ,,,grilled fangirl, lol. I think a nice hearty Zinfandel is in order, too.

            ..and yes, I will for sure want to giggle and play truth or dare, and hopefully learn some tips for getting more of the sex….

  35. Oh my God! what were they thinking? Come on!!!

    I can not watch the video without cringing! It’s like… no… No… NO!

    Girls like these should be banned for every public place. Like a plague. Like any kind of influenza… public enemies of the world!

    I’m speechless…
    Big No No.

  36. Amen, Moon!

    I hope these girls are enjoying their 8 minutes of fame. (I refuse to give them their full 15 for this). I hope that at some point they learn how appalling their behavior was. It’s not easy to get over entitlement issues, girls, but it will make you a better person.

  37. WOWWW the poor guy!!

    so.. as i was talkin to my friend who met him yesterday (and no it wasnt in teh crazy mobsession.. she followed him into a school building she had access to :P) i gave her an idea of what to give him if she runs into him again, and i think you guys would all agree 😀

    grab an empty clear waterbottle, and filll it w/ Heinekene, label the bottle BEER, and hand it to him and say here, enjoy some refreshing gingerale. i think this is a sure way of getting his devotion to you as you UNDERSTAND when you need beer, you NEED beer.. haha regardless of the liquor laws 😛

    we did this in gr 11, but w/ vodka.(yeah, i was kinda of a rebel child.. haha) took a dasani waterbottle, filled it w/ vodka, wrote vodka on it, and took it to our chemistry exam. we were shakin it around and everything.. best mark ever on any exam 😀

  38. Ok, first off, these big burly guys are doing no good. Summit needs to hire the LTR girls for security because we would be way more effective at keeping bitches at bay. Tasers all around!

    Secondly, what’s up with vajayjay girl? She has a pair of jeans slung over her bag. Did she make a first stop in Rob’s trailer and steal his pants? Is she a nevernude?

    • nevernude – I just snarfed soda all over my keyboard! I adore anyone who adored Arrested Development!

      • Yay! I adore anyone who uses any variation on the word snarffle! It’s one of my favorites!

  39. You know, they just totally screwed me!! Those weird ass chicks!

    Have some respect for the guy. He’s just a guy!! He’s NOT EDWARD. Heck…no one is.

    Seriously, I knew this chick from American Idol that I went to high school with. She was a slut in school and she was being a slut in all the shots of her on American Idol. It’s rather funny and I was embarrassed to say I knew her.

  40. Oh Jesus Christ! Those bitches pissed me off so much! Poor sweet Rob would never hurt anyone and those bitches took advantage of him. I’d like to fucking knock a few on their asses. I should be on Rob’s security team. I could handle them.

    P.S. I too was a survivor of an *Nsync concert. I’ve got mad fangirl defensive skillz.

    P.P.S. That dude pinching the girl is fucking hilarious!

  41. Moon, I ❤ you. I still cannot believe that they were able to get this close to hin. I mean where is the damn pedestool?

  42. Earth is invaded by ugly-psycho-sluts! Run for your lives!

    I realize that I didn’t know the real meaning of embarrassmentuntil I saw this ~attack~.

    Body guards = LAME! Do what you’re paid for! Geez!

    Dear Rob,
    You must have been in Tibet learning the art of to live a life full of contentment after HP & GOF… I.don’t.get! You’re that polite?!? Next time, punch them! You’re allowed to punch people when people do this to you, Rob, and your security staff is just LAME!
    I know how to do this job. I was born and living in a big CRUH-AZY city of South America and have to do protect my life and gorgeous body only to take the train to downtown. EVERYDAY!! I have skills on this!
    Call me!

  43. Oh gosh, I’m ready to cry. I feel so bad for this poor man. I don’t want him to get the idea that all Twilight fans are this crazy in the head. =[ *sigh* I wanna go beat the heck outta those teenagers. D<

  44. Two more things…do these girls not have any home training? I mean what ever happened to the saying “if you act like a lady you’ll be treated like a lady”?? Maybe that was just my family?? Anybody?

    Also…Summit needs to hire Chuck Norris. IJS

    • Sadly, I knew girls like this. Being a lady is not high on their agenda. Nor is consulting their brain (???? going out on a limb here…) before acting out.

      • I would have to agree that ladies-they-are-not…

        Check skirt length of person on far left in last proud posing pic.

        Positively gynecological!

        Not, ahem, ladylike at all.

        -gad I have gone all motherly on this thread.

        • (actually, my mother would have said ‘I think she forgot her skirt’)

          • My mother wouldn’t let me out of the house like that and if she found out I had gone out like that she would have made me go pick my switch and then she would send me to military school.

            Actually my mother wouldn’t do that but my grandmother would. You didn’t cross her.

    • Chuck Norris? Perfect!!!!

      Did you know, “When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks for Chuck Norris”? True story. I read it on, so it has to be true.

      These girls are worse than the Boogeyman.

      • Chuck Norris could be on the other side of the world…hear Rob’s cry for help and could get there in time to kick all those girls in the back of the head.

        Chuck is my hero.

  45. It really makes Fatal Attraction look not quite as fatal now…

    …boiled bunny, anyone?

    • Future ‘Alex Forrest’ Association of America.

  46. Where is Popeye when you really need him? Summit better hurry and fly his ass over to NYC STAT!

    The Cannes bodyguards lit’rally picked up Rob and moved him into a car when the crazies got too close, but these bodyguards just pinch a bitch? I said it yesterday on the forum and I’ll say it again on LTR – NYC bodyguards need to invest in some fucking tasers!

    • I know. Someone needs to get him out there STAT!!!

      SOS! Popeye!
      Rob needs you. Please hurry.

      Love The Dopps!

  47. gross gross gross..i wanna smack them upside the head and see if they smile after that..ick.

  48. I have never been more proud of the way I handled myself when I met Rob than I was yesterday. I am sure he was very grateful in the moment that I wasn’t some crazy fangirl B**ch. I just hope that he remember that all of his fans aren’t like this.

  49. I would KILL to interview those girls (no seriously, i’ll kill them afterwards) but I mean it… how can we find them? you KNOW those bitches posted their pics on Facebook… we must find them- i will pretend I’m so proud so I can interview them, then I will make them feel awful about their lives. and their faces. and their stupid ass hats

    • Wow, if we ever end up in Prison together I’m totally in your gang. I got my shank ready and I will follow you into the fight!

      You’re kinda scary right now.

    • ….and make a video and ridicule them and post it everywhere so they can never ever show their skanky fiveheads faces in public….

      • and somebody send Rob a fruitbasket.

        • I ❤ you so bad!!!

          • xo 🙂

    • I am so with you! These girls need a WAKE UP call! Has anyone noticed the one with her veejayjay hanging out – what she is wearing?!?! Her outfit screams “Crazy Stalker Bitch” She is wearing a shirt Rob has been pictured in, sunglasses like Rob, and the Cullen Crest Braclet – Please this girl alone should have been escorted by police far far away the minute she got there. I mean Rob – should be afraid.

      Personal space should ALWAYS be respected – they treated him like he was a piece of meat! Like act all “we are hot – Rob would so want us” Really what makes them think it is ok to jump on someone?!?!

      Please find these hoes for making KStew comment about “Crazy Twilight Fans” true

    • Can I be your bitch? I’m very loyal. I only ask for your protection. Always.

    • Um…do not think I haven’t been searching the net all day. For these skanks. Cause I wanna interview them.

      You know me and interviews…

    • Holy hell, I want you on MY team. HAHAH

      Although can’t say it would be worth the time to find/mess with them – as it is they are due for a beatdown as soon as anyone recognizes them. LMAO. Karma will handle all, my loves.

  50. umm, yeah, this aint even 2nd hand embarrasment, this is 2nd hand-back-slappin’-time
    dear robs bodyguards – dont pinch the arms, go for the jugular – skin is more sensitive, oh, and it hurts more too:)
    seriously, where do these nasty all-teeth-n-foreheads come from? beware, the realrobfans are not forgiving. you will be ruined

    • I’m not sure but I think it’s New Jersey. At least Chelsea Handler would say that is where they are from.

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