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Interview with a Pattinson Pants Lady!

The original sighting of PPL

The original sighting of PPL

Dear Rob

By now I’m sure you know about the Pattinson Pants lady (Fake Manager Nick tells me so) up until last week she was nothing but a legend to me- A figment of my craziest Twilight/Rob dreams that I hope were true. And then Comic Con happened and I got to see Pattinson Pants Lady in person standing only a few feet away from me. Because I’m a good blogger in desperate need of content and knowing no one would ever forgive me if I didn’t try, I ran down a city block in San Diego in a quest to get a picture and hope to score some sort of on the spot interview with this lovely lady.

But alas fate was not on my side because I am behind in my marathon training (sorry mom and dad!) and because Pattinson Pants Lady can hoof it! We were, however, able to score some amazing pictures of the pants and shirt but the memory of what could have been will live on in my heart forever. I wanted to ask her the why’s and how’s and where did she get the inspiration to wear your face over her crotch and kneecap? It’s because of this I’ve decided to fake interview Pattinson Pants Lady here on LTR for you Rob and because I owe it to the gals here.

Don’t worry Rob, just lock the deadbolt and latch the hotel room door and hid in your closet with that can of PPL repellent I gave you and you’ll be alright. She can’t see you if you read this interview.

Hold on to your pants!

Note: For the uninitiated; PPL has become folklore and legend among our community here at LTR/LTT. This crafty gal has created pants with iron on transfers of Rob’s face along with a tshirt to match and originally wore with them a pair of hand crafted Eclipse Keds. Read more about her here

So since I didn’t get the exclusive THIS TIME, here’s how I think it might have gone…

Moon: Hi Pattinson Pants Lady, it’s so great that you could sit down with me today and discuss the infamous pants. Thanks for being



with us! Do you mind if I call you PattyP?

PattyPantsLady (PPL): *sits down looking cautiously around, wearing Pattinson pants, naturally* Um, I prefer Best Fan Ever. And you’re welcome, I don’t just sit down with anyone, especially if they’re not wearing some sort of Pattinson clothing item *looks me up and down*

Moon: Oh well uh… in that case *looks around* I’ve got MY OWN!! Shhhh don’t tell anyone but I’ve been dying to wear this Pattinson dress I made. It makes me feel like more of a fan. *puts on Pattinson dress with Beardward heads over each boob*

PPL: Hmmm… well I guess that will do, it’s not pants but nice job. I admire your placement of the heads. Maybe try one on each butt cheek next time

Moon: Will do! So since you’re very public in your love of Rob on a scale of  1 to 10 of uber Rob fans where would you rate yourself?

PPL: Scale? I invented the damn scale, so I’d say at least a 75. Duh.

Moon: Truth. So tell us a little bit about the origins of the pants, why did you make them and why do you wear them?

PPL: Well, like I said I am a 75 on the 1 to 10 scale of fandom so you have to EARN that kind of reputation, you don’t just get it for showing up to events in a Hot Topic shirt, or worse yet your normal every day clothing. You gotta think outta the pants box! So I thought what better way to show my Rob love than to plaster his face on my favorite pair of pants. Now everytime I go to the bathroom I can look down unzip my pants and know that Rob’s with me always. Kind of like Edward and Bella, only REAL.

Moon: Hmmm yes that is a good reason to make them. Now tell me a little about the creation of the pants, how did you make them, what are they made of? What McCalls pattern do you use? PPants01?

PPL: McCalls! HA! They wish they could create this kind of magic. They are a one-of-a-kind original made by yours truly our from a pair of faded acid wash, wide leg denim jeans from the Old Navy fall 1994 collection


Here they are folks!

Moon: Oh, I knew those looked familiar. More square yardage available for those Ring of Nibelungs pictures. Classic choice by the way! Comedy on pants making, who knew? So when I saw you in San Diego you were hoofing it in some No Boundaries athletic shoes and not the Eclipse Keds! I gotta say I was a little sad not to see those in person, so where were they?

PPL: Simple story: chasing after Rob for the better part of a year wears down the rubber. I had to resort to shoes with a little more staying power. Couldn’t bottom out on the 5th mile of chasing his limo.

Moon: Wow, you’ve really thought this out haven’t you?

PPL: Honey, after attending 39484952 Twi events, chasing after countless cars and getting arrestd 7 times you know a thing or two about handmade fan clothing and what works and doesn’t. TRUST!

Moon: Patty… uh, I mean BEST FAN EVER do you have a job? What do you do for a living?

PPL: Uh, being Pattinson Pants Lady IS my full time job. It’s pretty time consuming going from screening to screening, Twi Con to Twi Con and watching Rob’s movies on loop in between that. You’d be surprised.

Moon: Yea, I guess so. Where do I get that job? Moving on… Is this the only outfit you own? Is it Rpattz pants ONLY or do you have Keanu Pants or Hanson Pants or what about Vanilla Ice pants from back in the day?

PPL: Moon though Rob is my one and only I have to share that I once wore Milli Vanilli pants!! I KNOW I Know until the scandal that is and then I burned them along with lyrics to “Blame it on the Rain.” I was heart broken that day and vowed never to make pants again. But God works miracles and I saw Goblet of Fire and Ring of Nibelungs and I knew I had to get the iron and the transfers back out. Pattinson Pants were calling me.

365 degrees of Pattinson Pants

365 degrees of Pattinson Pants

Moon: Wow, that was moving Patty *wipes tear* Do you every make custom pants for other people? I would love to commission my very own pair of Pattinson pants from you. But they would be Beardward pants! Made from the two beard pictures of Rob I love.

PPL: Honey, Pattinson Pants can’t be commissioned. They have to be made. With love. From the heart. And I can’t do that for you. Only YOU can make Pattinson Pants for yourself. Look deep in your heart and you will find the strength and know-how.

Moon: I understand Patty, so that means we won’t be able to find your line of Pattinson Pants at fine retailers such as Hot Topic or say, KMart, someday? That’s a big blow for the Twi-merch world Patty. I hope you’ll reconsider. But until then I’ll just pray. Speaking of multiple pairs of pants, do you have back up pairs? What happens at these events do you send them out for dry cleaning at night or just sweat it out in one pair?

PPL: There is only ONE pair of Pattinson Pants. You see, it’s like the pair in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, only one pair was magical enough for all the girls to fit into and it’s the same with my Pattinson Pants. Once size fits all, one size to rule a fandom, one size to fly my freak flag.

Moon: Well, Patty this has certainly been eye opening to say the least but I’d like to open it up now for some questions from your loyal fans at LTR/LTT. We asked them on Twitter to submit their questions to you and we took a sampling of some of the best so if you’re game, let’s read some of these!

@Alison4828: If you had to save 1 thing in a fire would it be your Pattison pants or your cat (I know you have one or maybe 20)?

PPL: I have 30!  Ef the cats! They can walk, the pants cannot! No, actually the cats live inside the pants when I’m not wearing them at home and I opt for my Pattinson thong, so it would be easy to save both the cats and the pants and run outside to greet the fireman. In my thong.

@Freya: Would you be willing to bedazzle them so Edward could really sparkle?

PPL: I looked into bedazzling them but Swarovsky doesn’t make a sparkly enough crystal to match the brilliance that is Edward’s skin. Believe me, I checked.

@Jordan (one of our resident Unicorns): What if you could make out with Rob, but only under the precondition that you make a 30-minute Youtube video describing in exacting detail, just how insane and absurd your Pattinson Pants are and how you’re ashamed of yourself. Would you?

PPL: Wait, you think these are absurd?! Who the crap do you think you are? You just wish someone made some Jordan pants with your face all over them. NEXT QUESTION!

@ReneeChantelle: dear ppants lady are you wearing those cause you know that’s the only way he’s ever coming close to touching your ass?

PPL: Dear Renee, he HAS touched my ass. He just doesn’t know it! Thanks Holiday Inn maid’s key I stole!! MOOHAHAHAHAAH!

Moon: OK! I think that’s the end of our interview time I think I see the police coming for you PPL after that last answer. Thanks for answering our questions and for sitting down with me. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet someday! Good luck in all your pants endevors! MWAH!

Special Thanks to all the folks who submitted questions and the ones who got picked this time! They rocked!

Visit Letters To Twilight to see her take on all the latest Twi News!
Visit the Forum and create your OWN Pattinson Pants!

*Clearly this was a completely faux interview. I only SAW PPL, sadly, I did not get to interview her*


  1. ROFLMAO! I have no breath left for any additional comment..! Please, do more fake interviews, they are so much more fun than the real ones!

    • im glad you liked it! i laughed writing it!

  2. Too funny!

    Couple of questions though.

    1. Was the original sighting of Pattinson Pants lady also in San Diego?

    2. In the picture captioned “PATTINSON PANTS LIVES!” Is that legs and feet sticking out of that red tent? What the hell is that all about?

    Oh Pattinson Pants Lady. I admire you for your bravery, I cringe at the second hand embarrassment, and I rejoice that the pants exist at all!

    • I thought the Red Tent Guy was someone dressed as Snoopy’s dog house.

    • Besides the awsome PPL i was also wondering about the tent with legs….

    • I was so mesmerized by PPL, that I just had to scroll up to see the Red Tent Guy… I’m guessing it’s PPL’s incognito security guard. He jumps out of his “disguise” if someone gets too close to the pants.

    • The red tent guy is a Fandango Ticket mascot. they sponsored the Twilight Experience. I hope to god that she is at Twi Con!

    • i THINk the original sighting was at a how to be screen in FL

      • If she was in Orlando and I missed spotting that..I am ashamed at myself then! To be fair there was alot of strange ppl at that screening..and a drunk lady screaming out rude shit that I wanted to smash in the face cuz the cast was really sweet and accomodating!

    • i heard the original sighting was chicago. but such is a legend of PPL no one knows for sure.

      the red box guy?! ROB?? his only way of walking around SD without getting mobbed.

  3. Did you mention PPL, a McCall’s pattern, and Milli Vanilli all in the same post?

    You did.

    Brilliant! You’re just brilliant.

    p.s. I checked…it’s a Butterick pattern. She can deny it all she wants, but I know the truth. It’s BUTTerick. Ahem.

    • Do you think Butterick would have a Buttcrack Santa pattern then? I’d so rock those out! BCSP in the house!

      • Buttcrack Santa rules…..I could be your elf and hand out the little bottles! I get to see you tomorrow!!! 🙂

    • yup you can blame it on the raaaaaiiinnnn yea yea. and calli gave me the mccalls line. she rules!

  4. PPL: Honey, Pattinson Pants can’t be commissioned. They have to be madel. With love. From the heart. And I can’t do that for you. Only YOU can make Pattinson Pants for yourself. Look deep in your heart and you will find the strength and know-how.


    @ReneeChantelle: dear ppants lady are you wearing those cause you know that’s the only way he’s ever coming close to touching your ass?

    PPL: Dear Renee, he HAS touched my ass. He just doesn’t know it! Thanks Holiday Inn maid’s key I stole!! MOOHAHAHAHAAH!

    WIN 🙂

  5. Watch your back. PattinsonPants Lady doesn’t take kindly to being ridiculed.

    Did you run this by the LTR legal team before posting?

    • of course!

    • i’ll just have to rememebr my running shoes at the next event so i can outrun her if i see her!

      • I’m sure you’ll get another crack at her at Twicom, if you go (for sure she’ll be there)

        good luck with that!

  6. Kudos to PPL for her bravery! I’m not that brave, the most I can do is wear a Twilight shirt, which by the way I don’t have one. I do have the blanket and I’m gonna make a pillow w/ Rob’s face on it(for my DD).

    I love how you mentioned the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants!!! Won’t that be cool! However I don’t think we’ll all fit in PPLs pants…it’s gonna be wayyyyyyyyyy too big on me.

  7. Yeah, PattinsonPantsLady rules my world… I want to be here when I grow up….

  8. I really was hoping that she would approach Nordstrom to try and get her PPL range displayed alongside the New Moon clothing scheduled for October…..just think, by November we could have all been wearing them….with paper bags over our heads of course.



    • OMG perfs idea cazza! this and the team jacob (because edward bites) shirt would rule. an outfit against itself! someone get nordtrom on the line!

  9. HAHAHA hanson pants! i looooooove hanson 🙂

  10. Hahahahahaha!

    That was awesome. I knew Jordan’s question would get picked. He’s TOTES awesome. 🙂 And Freya. She rocks my world. 😉

  11. “Couldn’t bottom out on the 5th mile of chasing his limo.”

    Funniest line ever. Brill. =)

    • those keds are only made for amateur stalking! not REAL stalking

  12. Dear Rob:

    Would you date a woman that has your face/signature/ eyes/movie lines tattooed in any part of her body???

    (Like Macaulay culkin once said: I DONT THINK SO)

    Dear crazy fans:

    Seriously????? Seriously????? Seriously????? what the hell were you thinking????

    Dear Moon:

    you should try to interview one of the tattoo crazy fans!!!!!! I mean… that’s commitment, and love… not obsession and craziness… love… (insert sarcastic laugh here)


    • i ❤ that you know macualy culkins quote! HAHAHAHA

      also interviewing a tattoo person is a GREAT idea!

  13. You mentioned Keanu! 🙂 Win!

    “Now everytime I go to the bathroom I can look down unzip my pants and know that Rob’s with me always.”


    • Love Keanu! I still have my Keanu scrapbook from middle school.

    • just for you!! i thought of you when i wrote it! and my other keanu fan friend! you two should meet!

  14. PPL….I would pay some SERIOUS money to witness the chasing down of his limo!!! I would also LOVE to be a fly on the wall when rpattz gets an eyeful of her in those pants!! 🙂

  15. I love that you got all the pics Moon – and the interview was BRIL! I just got back from vacation slash hellish 1,400 mile family reunion road trip and I missed LTR/LTT so much.

    Anywho, while at King’s Island (a big ass amusement park in Cincinnati) last Thursday I saw a REAL Twilight tattoo! It was exactly like seeing a unicorn and I had no camera b/c we were on a queue for a roller coaster. Mr. Holly saw it too and was as amazed as myself (“They DO exist!”). After passing her in line (you know the zigzag lines, where you pass the same people several times) I decided to ask her about said tattoo. I announced myself (bravely and out loud) as a fellow Twilight fan (something I have never done in public) and wanted a better look at her “awesome” tattoo. She had “Twilight” in a scripty font on her shoulder with a few little stars. Other than the Twilight tat, she seemed very normal. Shocker. THEN…. about an hour later I saw a GUY with an “Edward” tattoo on his neck. This was probably not a Twi tat, but a memorial to a lost brother/father/friend, so I won’t make fun, but where does YOUR mind automatically go when you see “Edward?” It was in script with filigree all around and actually very pretty. I’m sure he gets asked all the time if it’s twi related and now probably regrets this choice of placement. I just had to share b/c when you see these things in RL and not on a computer screen, it takes you by surprise. I knew you all would appreciate it more than the rest of my family did.

    • Did the lady with Twilight tattoo know of LTT?

      • crap! I didn’t ask.

    • great job! asking her about the tat…. and she was normal? hmmm

      • no, I said she SEEMED normal. the fact that she has the twi tattoo says otherwise. thanks for acknowledging that it took a lot of courage *pats self on back* to come out of the closet and say in public that I am a twilight fan. my husband was shocked, but i HAD to get a better look at that tat!

        • Isn’t that weird that some of us feel like we’re coming out of the closet if we admit we are Twilight fans? LOL. What about coming out of the closet for being a Robert fan? LOL…I get more weird looks when I say I’m a fan of Rob. Haha…but who cares? 🙂

          Once I was at Borders and purchasing something Twilight related and this clerk just got so excited and started talking non-stop about Twilight, LOL. My DH was there and he was like, “you two should hang out.” Yeah because at that point he was so sick of me talking about Twilight…but the fact of the matter was I didn’t nearly talk about Twilight as much as I bored his ears about Rob. So this clerk was like, “oh you should hear him sing, you should get the Twilight soundtrack, he sings there!.”

      • Define “Normal??” is anyone these days?

    • I’ve seen my very own Twi-tattoo in person, too. Scary part, we didn’t ask to see it, and it was hidden.

    • thats committment holly!

      and you KNOW that dude was just a big edward fan. he made his GF get a matching “bella” tattoo

  16. After this interview I’d almost be OK with sharing Rob with you, Moon. I mean, I’d lend him to you for at least three nights. That’s how much I love you now.

    • HAHAHAH wow! at least three nights! i feel special!

  17. I hope someone gets to chat to this lady for real at Twi-Con.

    She is a legend 🙂

    • seriously… we’ll pay someone $3 to get an exclusive for us

      • freakin’ heck I’ll throw 3 more bucks on to that… for a grand total of $6.

  18. GAHH!! you are the kewlest. that’s all

  19. I do not have A Hot Topic Twilight Shirt.

    I may or may not have a Forks High School shirt which may or may not be an iron-on transfer.

    I may or may not have a shirt with an iron-on transfer of Rob on it, but it is not a Twilight shirt. It doesn’t say ‘Rob’ or ‘Edward’ or ‘Twilight’ anywhere on it. It does say ‘Hamlet’.
    Wishful thinking.

    • I know, I’M second-hand embarrassed that you know me, too! At least give me one point for attempted subtlety.

      • hahahaha “attempted subtlety” i love it.

        do you wear it out?

  20. You are truly amazing. I can’t believe she is real. Looking at those photos really is like seeing a majestic unicorn romping through a meadow.

  21. I am totally making a dress with Beardward on my boobs! Love the post!

    • I literally want Beardward on my boobs.

      Ladies, just let me know when I go too far.

    • we’ll have matching beardward dresses!

      and katie you are no where near TOO far

  22. Good job on this one.
    It scares me to think of PPL’s underwear.
    I bet she could market the undies and make a ton of money… hmmm.
    x H

  23. brilliant Moon. I knew you would make us proud with your interview of PPL. She seemed nice. Did you say she lives on a diet of Heineken & Hot pockets only?

  24. Now, see Hermes read my mind. I want to know:

    Do the Pattinson thongs come (sorry) with a picture of Rob on the inside of the crotch? If so, can you choose which pic?

    Are they available in different colours?

    Are they made by Fruit of the Loom?

    How much do they cost?

    And the red tent – I thought maybe it was Rob ins some security get-up that Summit spent $2.50 on for his safety at ComicCon.

    And Pattinson Pants Lady – you rock – kudos for having the bravery to wear what makes you happy, never mind all us snarky jealous pumas and cougars.

    Moon – you’ve outdone yourself with this post.

  25. baa haaa this was the funniest post ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is truly having a party (for 20 people) in those pants!!

    i mean seriously who are these people……….and when was the last time they had a psych assesment!!

    “what about Vanilla Ice pants from back in the day?” made me piss my pants literally – hey it was only a little bit! Normal?

    Please do more fake interviews!! WIN! 🙂

  26. Effing hilarious interview, great channelling of the PPL. Must have been quite a challenge to get into the mindset of this crazy ass lady, and I mean that in a (not so) loving way.

    Love the sense of humor you gals have, gives me many, many laughs!

    Thanks for including my question in your LTR, appreciate it! *Greet the fireman in my thong* ROFL my eyes/mind are burning with the image…ok I need to go hurl now.

  27. in addition to being depraved i am also deprived—-have neither PattinsonPants, nor Twilight t-shirt, nor (heaven’s above, hell’s below) a thong—with or without Rob on the inside of the crotch—ladies, i don’t even own a plain black t-shirt—so in your next collection drive think not only of PPL, but also Remember Me—LOL & loved this trip with another unusual mortal—

  28. In the last pic, it appears that by someone’s shadow, there were other pictures being taken of PPL. Did she just have a crowd of people around snapping away? I bet she loves to feel like she has her own papparazzi, just like Rob. Aww!

  29. This ‘interview’=win! I laughed my arse off!
    “They have to be made. With love. From the heart. And I can’t do that for you. Only YOU can make Pattinson Pants for yourself. Look deep in your heart and you will find the strength and know-how.” -Ha Ha Ha!!!
    I also saw the PPL at Comic Con, she was literally like 8 feet away from me while we were waiting in line for Hall H. And I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was like seeing big foot or the loch ness monster! She is real!
    You can see the pic I took here:
    I even mention you guys!

  30. Thanks a lot for the laughs this morning … since I discovered this website, I need it more then my coffee when I wake up … lol ! Very creative person this ppl ! At least, more creative then me …

  31. One more thing…

    Is anyone else wondering why she didn’t iron anything on the back part of her pants? Do you think think she has a good reason for this or did she just run our of transfers? We may never know.

    I always remeber to keep my backside as hot as my front… You want to leave ’em starin’ when you walk away, no?

    My Pattinson Pant are assless. Just sayin’.

    • I think she put the transfers on while wearing them so she could get them juuuuussst right, and she couldn’t get anyone to come that close to her ass to help her put the transfers on the back. Just a guess.

    • re: PPL – no Pattinson pics on her ass…because….
      She didn’t wanna sit on his face? (ahem). …..At least with that end after eating a double bean burrito from Taco Bell.

      ok, ok, so its a naughty comment.. bite me!

      x H

      • She didn’t want to sit on his face? Then she is obviously NOT a true fan.

        oooohhh boy

  32. OMG!! Thank you for this effing brilliant post and just as funny commentaries!!!

    I just got my ass handed to me in a a meeting and ran off to escape to my “happy place.” Thank goodness for happy places and PPl’s!!!!

    After today, I am seriously considering quitting my job and being a full-time PPL. I could sell ad space on my pants for income.

  33. Brilliant post!
    “puts on Pattinson dress with Beardward heads over each boob” Don’t give ideas! lol

  34. LOL OMG Best post ever!! I wish I saw her at Comic Con 😦

  35. “Thanks Holiday Inn maid’s key I stole!! MOOHAHAHAHAAH!”


    Has Rob seen this woman?

    • She’s his cousin.

    • He has a pair of pants with her name and iron on pictures of her on them.

  36. that was just toooo funny!!

    “Honey, after attending 39484952 Twi events, chasing after countless cars and getting arrestd 7 times you know a thing or two about handmade fan clothing and what works and doesn’t. TRUST!”

  37. Bwah! Vanilla Ice! Milli Vanilli! WIN!!!

    p.s. I went to high school with Vanilla Ice. True story.

  38. I would like to see PattyP and Tattoo lady have a duel…

    PattyP could throw down a specially made Pattinson glove and Tattoo lady would have to accept!

  39. Moon you were SO close to being a couple grand richer… too bad you couldn’t catch her and switch pants for a picture. I guess I will have to spend my next three paychecks on supplies for my own pattinson pants. I was freaking out when you tweeted that you found her… my only question is…
    How did SHE out run you? seriously?

  40. Moon, I really ❤ you. Way to make a not so awesome day better. Live long and prosper, PattyP!

  41. The most brilliant about this post is that the pattinson pants lady has got her own abbreviation! Love it!
    I can totally ramble about PPL all day and sound totally fancy!

    Expanding my secret twi-lingo list:

    you can google it
    purple’s cool
    Volterra (rescue: cultural heritage)
    recreational vehicles
    PPL (rescue: anthropologicol terminology)

    Thanks girls!

  42. Moon and UC, you and the posts have been smokin this week, and yes starting with the Robsmoke one.

  43. Son of Pattinson Pants

    • hahahhahaah “Team Edward… duh”

      um… next time have a picture of Edward and not robert pattinson 🙂 hilarious!

  44. I actually had to read this in two parts bc i was laughing so hard I started crying and couldn’t see the words! You are hysterical and this made my day! Go PattyPants 🙂

  45. one of my life goals is now to meet the PPL, by meet i mean get close enough to pose for a picture and have her in the background, and i think it’s going to be one of the hardest to reach!

    so fast, so elusive. like sasquatch with keds.

    and i desperately want to see the PPL and PattyTat go at it.

  46. LOTN???

    • here.

      • for some reason today in my head it sounded like a roll-call, lol.

        • LOL! Like on MMC? lol

          • ROFLMFAO!!! Oh, FN, if you only knew! That was hilarious!

          • I’m glad you enjoyed it!

          • Yes. Yes I did. lol

    • Hi girls! What’s shakin’?

      • Guess that should be ‘present’.

      • Hey! Not much going on…about to read Mr. Horrible (and then get back to CWAIA)

        • Just read it tonight. Did you ever read A Wrinkle in Time? One of my favorite kid books.

          • I did read it, but I can’t remember it! lol

            Also, HL5 updated today!! OMG!!! If you haven’t read it you must read it ASAP!

          • Done! Wasn’t it great??? FINALLY!

          • I know!!!! Great doesn’t even describe it! Yes, FINALLY!!!

    • Here! (Contributing to Lizzie’s role call fantasy)

      • lol–we’re just lining up.

      • So, EP how did Sunday go? Sad panda?

        • Yeah, I got teary. My supervisor made cupcakes for me and they gave me a card and a cross with beads and the church’s logo on it. It was so nice.

          • That is so sweet! I know you’ll be missed.

          • When you’re in London will you be able to touch base with us from time to time? I know the time is quite a bit different but maybe we could keep an eye out during the day for some news.

          • Oh no! You’ll have to join LOTMD (ladies of the mid-day)…. 😦

          • awww, sweet EP.

          • I’ll try to check in from time to time. And I can of course, e-mail.

          • not to mention I will actually either take you to lunch or dinner in October, casue I don’t do maggi 2 minute noodles or baked beans which i am sure will make up a large part of your london diet, just sayin.

          • We will all be wanting to hear about your great adventures both in the classroom as well as all artound the town.

          • Wooo! Lunch or dinner with Lizzie! I’m glad you’ll want to hear about my adventures, because I’m sure everyone else I know will be well over it very quickly.

          • It is your duty to bore the crap out of all friends and family for as long as you think you can get away with it and then push it that little bit further, or else what is the point of going?

          • Exactly, Lizzie, exactly.

          • Hey, I’d watch a slideshow of that!

  47. Sorry was:
    (a) just marching aorund the office singing Mickey Mouse Club; or
    (b) someone waved somehting shiny in front of me and with my attention span was distracted there for a while; or
    (c) looking at photos; or
    (d) reading HL5.

    One is the correct answer, although I warn you you could well be surprised.

    • Oh I really hope it’s A!!!! And that you were singing it as loud as possible!

      I have a feeling that it’s actually all of the above! 😀

    • I guess B

    • Too too funny! I can see it now! “This chick is CRAZY!” And you thought it was everybody else there. M-I-C–K-E-Y M-O-U-S-Eeeeee!

    • while I appreciate you all clearly think i am completely crazy, as if i would sing Mickey Mouse in the office, i refuse to discolse I may have done this on a previous occassion but that may have involved a rather liquid lunch priming me first, alas today completely sober. And yes B was a pretty good guess EP, has happened many times before as has shirtless constructions workers working on the bulding opposite, that tends to distract me fom time to time as well, as well as the naked couple we saw in the hotel opposite at a previous workplace. However today was completely normal, they were photos from the Harry potter bring your kids to work day we had a couple of weeks ago, I brought ny nieces and nephew, so cute all dressed up, was absolutely fantastic morning was so well done the lift well was all done out as Platform 9 3/4 with station masters offic and then there was wizard school etc etc etc. brillantly done i must say.

      • think=know

        And HP bring your kids to work day sounds awesome!

        • it really was, adults and kids alike had a ball

      • oh yes cause like i would have waitied to read HL5, i think NOT, LOVED IT, will have to wait at least 2 weeks for next up date though, sad panda face

        • I know! I’m so glad they got all that out. And the end was so sweet! I also think Charlotte wrote the letter.

          • i KNOW she wrote the letter, cow.

          • I hate her! She’s awful! I hope she feels REALLY bad for what she did! And then no one decides to forgive her!

          • Agree about Charlotte writing it. I’m glad E was able to get himself under control so B can take it a little slower as she develops the friendship again. Now she will have the assurance that below the surface he really truly loves her–and always has–and can focus on rebuilding trust. Bouncing up and down in my seat with total happiness for the two of them!

          • Do you think Bella saved the letter?

          • yep and yep

          • I was wondering that too. I think she did.

      • The HP day sounds like a terrific time! How cool to have it decorated to the nines. One of those days they will always remember.

        • I hope so, i think they will it was pretty cool, i thihnk i had just as much fun as they did!

  48. I actually need to get a new passport and soon, i will be 15 days short, don’t know why they call them 10 year passports they are only ever valid for 9.5yrs, i fly home 6 months and 15 days before it is due to expire which means I have to get a new one, how annoying is that?

    • That’s really lame!

  49. Can I say I am still cranky at Summit for dumping Rachelle, they made allowances for Cam why not for Rachelle? Nothing against Bryce whatsy i know she is also a good actress but I would prfer Rachelle to be allowed to finsih the job.

    • I read an article today that said she didn’t want to give the part up. Apparently the “scheduling conflict” was over 10 days!!

      • I couldn’t get to the article on Yahoo but that is ridiculous! After all she’s given to this studio and the crap she’s put up with for them! They aren’t very reputable if they keep treating their people like this!!! Still pissed about the way thet whored out Rob.

        • ditto to everything you just said E

        • Like the Wal-Mart thing?? WTF??

          • yep walmart in particular, but let’s face it, Summit sure got their moneys worth out of Rob during the whole I met EP Hot Topic tour by Rob and everything else they dragged him too.

          • At least he got to meet EP and stare at her boobies for a little while. Otherwise, it would’ve been a total waste! lol

          • Yup. Yup. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. *shakes fist at Summit*


        • Rachelle is such a classy lady! When something like this happens we really don’t have any power over the situation. Fans aren’t going to boycott. They make all the decisions. It just shows how little respect they are showing to the entire cast, Who’s next up for replacement? Rob?

          • Yeah, they aren’t going to replace the cash cow that is Rob. I still nominate Nikki Reed!

          • I’m OK if they want to save money and take out the Jacob character, just saying, but bring back Rachelle.

    • I noticed Nikki Reed still has a job, just (and still, FN saw this rant earlier) sayin’

      • you Nikki lover you EP!

        • She’s totally my idol.

          • Quit trying to push all your Nikki love on the rest of us! Sheesh!

          • did you see she was supposedly with Paris Hilton’s weird greek ex? C’mon Nikki, seriously what are you thinking? I tell you Rob will never touch you again now no matter how drunk he is.

          • I know, she’s just such an AMAZING actress. And she totally captures the role of Rosalie, I mean all that blonde hair, gorgeous light colored eyes and pale skin, not to mention she’s so tall. Everything that was described in the book.

          • LOL Lizzie!

          • EP, do I send you my application for the Nikki fanclub, casue clearly you are the founding member and pres.

          • Yes, I can accept all fanclub applications, I was thinking we might be low on toilet paper.

          • i’ll send it on the soft stuff then, not that recycled scratchy stuff

          • Of all the girls in all the world of Hollywood, and they couldn’t find ONE that came closer to Rosalie? Yeah, right.

          • Tall, leggy blondes in Hollywood?? No way! It had to be SOOO hard to find someone like that. I suggested to EP the other day that Alexis Arquette may have worked….LOL

            statuesque = manly, no??? 🙂

          • Replace “tall” with “attractive” LOL

          • Well, why not Alexis? Comes closer. lol

  50. Did i mention i feel like a bad Robwhore, I have had the Haunted Airman on DVD for about 3 months now and haven;t watched it, despite the fact Rob is in uniform in this thing, i still haven’t whacked it in the dvd player. Do you think i am losing my Rob mojo?

    • Maybe just not too excited about watching him descend into madness. I do have to say that I really saw his talent when I watched it because anybody who can create that mood and show such quiet strength just by his facial expressions while sitting in a chair is a truly gifted actor in my book.

      • sounds like it is worth me actually cracking open the packaging, don’t know whyt i haven;t watched it i have seen everything else i could with Rob in it, i think i just relaxed when i knew i had it and then just never got around to wtaching it, esp since Rob is in a uniform, I mean c’mon, that is so my thing!

    • Maybe it’s the spiders?? Have you heard about them???

      • The spiders are scary.

      • ahh no, should I have, lol? I may give in and just watch the thing, ahh the sacrifices i make for you Rob.

        • Like having the hots for Rob is such a burden…

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