Posted by: Bekah | December 31, 2009

Rob-olutions for 2010

Dear Rob,

Is it really the end of 2009? I have a suggestion for anyone wanting a year to pass by in the blink of an eye- run a blog about you. This year FLEW BY for me! It wouldn’t be the end of the year without telling you what our Rob-solutions are for 2010. So without further ado, in 2010 we promise to…

Rob Pattinson Remember Me

I printed out LTRs latest post to read before bed...

  1. Have some sort of LTR representation at the Remember Me premiere cuz seriously, there’s going to be one in NYC right? I mean, the movie was shot there. It’d kinda be a kick in the face of NYC if there wasn’t a big screening or something you’d show up to. Plus it would make it SO much easier for me to be there. I’m pretty sure if I try to have THIS conversation with my husband, I won’t be going anywhere. “Hey hunny. I want to go to LA for the weekend to…. visit Moon” “You just saw her. And aren’t you going in June to see some stupid Twilight movie?” “Yes. But…. well, she’s sad. I want to comfort her” “Why is she sad?” “Uhh…something happened and… she…” “Are you lying?” “Um..” “Why do you really want to go to LA?” “Uh, Rob Pattinson has another movie…” “Is this one about vampires?” “No…..” “Will you lust over him more than you already do.” “Um…. probably” “You can’t go.” So with all the executive producer power bestowed on you, can you make a NYC premiere happen?
  2. We vow to become BFF with Stephanie Ritz and while we’re out for a “girls day” Moon will distract her with the newest Blahniks at Barneys while I grab her phone and text you, as Stephenie, and ask you to meet her and her “hot new friends.”
  3. When we watch Remember Me we’ll try to stifle our moans to only 3-4 times. It’s not really fair since Moon has already seen the movie and knows whats coming and can prepare herself, but I figure if I’m generous and allow her 1 moan and take her other 3, I can moan 7 times and it’ll all average out to 3-4 each.
  4. a secret message

    Rob Same outfit

    We can even take bets on how many times he will wear a shirt in a months time

  5. In 2010 we will create a counter to tally every time you duplicate an outfit
  6. Infiltrate the Land of Dreamers pyramid-scheme steet team for Sam, Bobby and Marcus by befriending them and learning their secrets. Then after being voted Vice Presidents, we will usurp the presidency with a hostile takeover. This will give us the freedom to drive the britpack EVERYWHERE they want to go when they’re in our town(s). Boys got the munchies at 4 am but we’re sleeping soundly? Too bad. We’re gonna get our asses up and take them to the 24 hour Sonic. Our jobs as presidents of a pyramid schemey street team depend on it.
  7. Watch every film or TV show that Rob has ever been in enough times so that next time we’re together we can dramatically reenact important scenes for your viewing pleasure. Moon already called Daniel Gale, so I’ll reluctantly be Salvador Dali.  We were so excited about this resolution that we started discussing it yesterday:

    Moon: I can’t wait to see The Tuck
    UC: I can’t wait to do The Tuck
    Moon: oh wait… I can see The Tuck at any time!
    UC: Not mine!

Here’s to the BEST year in Rob-blogging EVER!

Drink a toast of champy for me tonight,

After the jump, find out the results of Rob’s top 10 moments in 2009 PLUS some special eye candy!

Earlier this week we voted on Rob’s top moments of 2009 in two posts. Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here.
Counting back from 10, here are the Top 10 Rob Pattinson moments of 2009 voted on by YOU!

10. Cannes
9.  New Moon
8.  Remember Me in NYC
7.  RobPorn
6.  Wrist-holding picture
5.  Twilight Commentary
4.  Shirtless Edward
3.  Robscars
2.  Vanity Fair
1.  GQ

What do you think!? Did we get it right? Anything out of order?

And thanks to Natalie, our Rob/Ray-ban expert, for her holiday “Best of 2009” Ray-ban Rob video:

Moon & I are in n’ out (that’s what she said. And Big Daddy just groaned) this weekend with holiday travels and such XOXO

Don’t forget to check out our LTT New Years resolutions
Pop some champy with the gals over on The Forum
Celebrate on Twitter!


  1. Happy New Years, Ladies! Let me get in on that LoD thing! I’ll even clean out the back seat of my car for the Manbangs.

    • You’re a braver woman than me. I don’t want to get anywhere near those crazies…uh…I mean perfectly sane lovely women.

      • Moon and UC will protect me.

  2. I will soooo do the champy for you gals… would not believe……………
    Happy in/out Party time to BOTH ❤

    About your plans………..JUST DO IT!!!

    about your little dialogue…

    I've already seen the tuck, let's say MULTIPLE times………
    I would DO the tuck too!
    I'm EASY!

    • Happy New Years Eve To EVERYONE!

      thx Minuit!

  3. Infiltrate the Land of Dreamers and become VPs.
    It sounds like a Mafia organization. Do you have to sleep with anyone to get there? do you get to choose that someone?

    Looking at the poll results I realize I’m a sort of outsider cause most of the results stand for Rob the actor/Rob the body/Rob the image and the posture….I voted for word vomit : ))) aka Rob the guy.


    • WORD!
      and..the real MAFIA is here…lol

      and I’m glad that you said…”Rob the GUY” and
      NOTHING else….and youknowwhatImean..

      Happy Party time
      french crazy!!!

  4. Love the idea of the clothes counter. Since we don’t get a picture of Rob daily, do you just assume he left each outfit on for two wearings when you do the counting? Seems about right…

  5. I ‘m hoping for a NYC Remember Premiere-how can there not be one?? My birthday is in March so it’s going to be my present to myself-how can my husband argue? Is anyone planning a LTR NYC get -together yet? I’m in.

    Happy 2010 everyone!

    • I’m in — live in NW CT!

      • SW CT-less than an hour on the train.Woohoo!

    • My birthday is March 12, same as the Remember Me release date! I’m sure it will be my present to myself. Sadly getting to NYC for the premiere would be impossible for me . . .
      Happy New Year.

    • I am voting for some sort of LTR NYC get together too.. I’m in.. 2010 will be the year of the air plane ride for me..hehe

  6. Lets spilt the difference and have the opening in Dallas Texas, this way everyone is happy. Yep you got it right. New Moon and rockin new years eve you gotta love it. go Eagles.

    • YES!!!!!!!!!

      Bobbygee has the best idea yet. The only place that I have any hopes of actually getting to would be Dallas.

      This is yet another sign that Bobbygee is really Robbygee. He wants to move the premiere closer to me so that I can see him. And touch his hair. And… well, I don’t wanna be too graphic.

  7. Happy new year!!!!
    Feliz año nuevo!!!

  8. Happy New Decade everyone. I’ll be silently toasting a glass (or twelve) in your name since my RL peeps don’t “get it”. I wonder how many thousands of glasses will be silently raised in your honour all over this fine planet. Thanks for the best year evah! Muah 🙂

    • omg do we live in the same world?? every stoli and cran I drink I say a cheers to Rob in my head too!!!

      How could they NOT “get it”?!?
      It’s very simple to understand that Rob is walking sex. It’s so clear to me.

  9. Happy New Year when it comes (that’swhatshesaid)….


  10. “When we watch Remeber Me, we’ll try to stifle our moans to only 3-4”

    When I watch Remember Me, I’ll probably moan and squeal throughout most of the movie… and cry at the end.

    People will be wondering “what the hell got into that girl” Rob…. just Rob….

    • Wish I could say that “lit’rally”.

      • omg that was totes me when I was watching New Moon…moaning OUT LOUD….I made the entire theatre burst out in laughter when “Edward” and “Bella” were doing the kissing scene infront of the truck because I yelled out “Stop cheating on me Rob!” Truth.

        Dear Rob,
        When I go to watch you in Remember Me, I promise not to say “Let me kiss it and make it better” OUT LOUD when you get beat up.
        Love ya always!

        p.s. Happy New Year, Feliz Ano Nuevo, Bon Anno a tutti!!!

        • LAMO!!

  11. In 2010 we will create a counter to tally every time you duplicate an outfit

    bhabhahahahahabahbahahahahha love it!!!!

    • Please, please, please do the outfit counter! It would be absolutely amazing! Happy New Year everyone 🙂

  12. Hi girls, my first visit here in this Happy and Rob-full 2010 New Year (it is 3.40 am, 1st January in NZ!!) and will be dropping by again. great post and lots of fun had by all apparently! keep up the good work and may all your wishes come true!

    If the whole world loves Robert Pattinson
    The way Pattin-angels love Robert Pattinson,
    What a harmonious world it would be!
    Nobody would have time to start a fight
    ‘cos everyone would have been up all night
    Cyber-trawling Rob-gorgeous and Pattin-pretty!

    If the whole world unites in our love for him
    Can our warm regards for each other ever dim?
    What a caring compassionate community we will be!
    We make and exchange different Rob-inspired goodies,
    Generously promoting and sharing the cyber-freebies,
    What a truly free global market economy!

    When the whole world loves Robert Pattinson
    The way I love my Robert Pattinson
    Without any judgments, prejudice or hypocrisy;
    There will be no space for hate or terror
    We would understand and celebrate each other,
    Ah, what a wonderful world this could be!!

    So, let the whole world join in together now,
    No more squabbling about who or what or how –
    Let us do it in immediate and global unison!
    Make a binding trans-world New Year Resolution
    To bring about world peace and cooperation
    Sealed with the kiss by Robert Pattinson!

    see you all in a while, crocodiles!

  13. I am SOOOO in for an NYC gathering.

    I didn’t take those two hour lunch breaks and stand behind 8 foot tall goth men holding handmade Rob posters (ok, luckily it was only one guy…) in 100 degrees while 13 year olds and Twi Moms screamed like idiots around me for the 15 seconds that Rob walked by for nothing. (If you were one of the nice, normal, cool people at the sets, you know I’m not talking about you!)

    The things I did for Rob…before I found LTR and realized That’s Normal.

    Remember Me and Robler owe (and own) me.

  14. Dear UC and Moon,

    since 2009 is coming to an end tonight and I am a bit sentimental and all I just want to thank you two for a wonderful year full of fun, finding new friends and loving Rob even more day by day.
    Thanks for being the great girls you are and showing me that ‘That’s normal!’ and you are not crazy for being a Rob fan.
    So I can’t wait for 2010 to come and bring us a lot more LTR!!

    Lots of love,

  15. NYC for Remember Me? I’m so there!
    All I’ll have to do is:
    Take time off from school
    Get a divorce…er, I mean, Tell my hubby where I’m going
    Get a babysitter
    Make a quick trip to the Goodwill
    Stop by the liquor store
    And I’m there!

    Thanks for all the laughs in 2009, ladies!

    • Get a divorce…. Me too! That’s probably what it’d take for me to be there. Wonder if I should go file for one now? I hear they take a while to complete…

      • omg me toooooooooo where was Rob 6 years ago….you know BEFORE I got married…my hubby does NOT “get it”

        maybe we could get a discount on a divorce lawyer, you know since there is so many of us filing! lol

        • Bulk divorce discount! I’m signing up too!

    • “Get a divorce”

      LOL! Yeah well if I keep this up, that is where I might end. I just wish it wasn’t so complicated. Can’t I have my cake and eat it too? 😉

      • That’s one of my reasons to never get married… (at least not before the age of 40… HAHAHAHAH)

        • I know, I married way too young.

          • Tbh I always wanted to get married at the age of around 25… But I think about it a bit different now…

  16. Feliz Año Nuevo! Happy New Year!

    I love the counter idea! That’s fun!

    About stifling the moans when watching Remember Me, bring a large towel and with it you can muffle your moans ;-). I plan on doing that. If I don’t I might spontaneously combust, gotta moan to express yourself. Then after the movie, go home and take a very cold shower!

    • And that towel will serve double duty when those sex scenes roll around… *poof*

  17. Love the thought of a NYC premiere for Remember Me. But love the thought of a huge LTR contingency showing up there even more!!! Hope it happens.

    Oh, and I loved the RayBans vid. One of my favs is Yankees hat & Ray Bans Rob. My beloved Yankees….right there, gracing the head of the most gorgeous face. It was really quite overwhelming for me. Still is. Wish he’d lose that LB hat.

    Anyway, being a New Yorker, sure hope it happens here.

    Love to you Moon & UC and all you wonderful ladies here at LTR/LTT/Forum. You consistently bring joy & laughter to all of us.

    Hapy New Year everyone.

  18. My Rob-olution for 2010 is the same as 2009.

    Meet Rob. Somewhere that is not a premiere or fan event. Somewhere that there are no screaming people. Somewhere that there is Jack Daniels. That is all.

    • Shleeeigh, funny… seems we have the same Rob-olution!

    • Can I come too? (twss)

    • I want to meet him too. Not in a fangirl kind of way but something subdued….like at Starbucks or Caribou coffee.

      • I don’t know about meeting Rob.. It’s kinda weird cause I can write about it and imagine it perfectly but I am damn sure that if I met him at Starbucks or smth I would chicken out and probably not even look at him… Me=bad fan…

  19. You did NOT just spell out jr. AMWAY. My god….
    Oh you all may be in for the hate today. Incidentally, a JR. AMWAY leader befriended me on the FB and I got to see disturbing pics of Blong at a BBQ and Sam on a bed in a hotel with like 5 chicks, don’t ask…was Bizzzzarrreeee.
    I am too nice.

  20. Happy New Year Ladies! (trust I use the term loosely but with affection 🙂 )

    These resolutions are wonderful! And I look forward to the end of next you when you survey the damage see what you have accopmlished and what you needed to put on the back burner with the buns(for big daday L)

    Bless you!!! Be Safe, have fun!

  21. Love it!

    I vow to stop hiding my LTR reading times from my bf! No longer will I read with my mouse on the minimize button! I will be proud! Kind of.

    I will not, however, tell him the real reason why his flannel shirt phase gets me going so much. That can stay a secret between you (collectively) and me.

  22. I’m going to fail at the 3-4 moans because I’m pretty sure I’ll be moaning 25.467 times during RM!

    • Time out, make that about 200 because I just know during the sex scenes I’m gonna have about one moan per thrust and that 3-4 moan thing only ain’t happenin’!

      • Ah Jena! LOL on the “one moan per thrust.”

  23. To UC & Moon ~

    Thank You for all your great posts of 2009. You are both always so witty.
    My Rob-olution for 2010 is to post more over here on your Roblicious site! 😉

    Happy New Year to everyone!

  24. UC, you totally stole my “Robsolutions”!!!!!!!

    I may have started my part of the infiltration.

    • I’m with you in the infiltration. Connection, baby, connections!

  25. NYC for RM sounds good — count me in 🙂

    Thanks for a brill year of funny blogging and for sharing all your “close up with Robert” moments.

    I only got up close enough to touch once at the LDN fan event, but your stories made me feel I was at the Bobby Long Concert, Comic Con 2009, LA prem and Ellen Show backstage.

    Wait! I missed one……..which one did I miss?


  26. 2010 Rob-olutions:

    – become fluent in French and German so that I can easily follow along with all the dirty things our European friends (you know who you are) are saying about Rob. What can I say? A global community is important, even if it based on jaw/eye/tongue/hand/mouth/hair/clavicle porn.

    – stop annoying my non-Rob-lusting friends with videos, photos and word vomit.

    I’m so glad I have you guys!!!

    love & hugs,

    • “stop annoying my non-Rob-lusting friends with videos, photos and word vomit.”

      I know, I know, I’m gonna try really hard to reign in my robsession :-). Hey it worked once though. Now my BFF is into Rob. Haha. She talks about him now constantly! I made a convert! Woot! The 10 minutes video of Sex on Fire with Rob in it did it for her! I’m just happy I have one more person to share my passion with. 😛

      • Yeah for the conversion, SB? We should become Rob “missionaries.” I hear they like to be on top. …just saying…

      • SB, what 10 minute video? Must have missed that one!

  27. Just came back from watching the fireworks… It’s finally 2010 in Germany…
    And guess how I started the first day of the New Year? By watching a double of Twilight and New Moon…

    Happy 2010 y’all!!!

    • What a way to start the new year, Bleriana!

      love that.

      Happy 2010, girl.

  28. I don´t why a wasn´t a follower of your blog before, maybe because I´m not very much involved in Rob.. But I must say that this a pretty awesome blog! Thank You.. And Happy New Year 🙂

  29. Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i chi gyd! Happy New Year to you all!
    I found two new HHH fans outside of LTR this year, but not the same level of addiction as y’all and me. My resolution, to maintain my facade of RL while continuing to lust after HHH at every opportunity. So, no different from 2009!

    Hope 2010 is everything you wish for xx

  30. My New Years Resolutions:

    1) Drink more.
    2) Whatever I can accomplish after #1.
    3) Not meet Rob. Unless I have accomplished #1 a whole lot and can a) blame whatever I say/do on the fact that I am incapacitated, or b) get him drunk, too, because that would be the BEST DAY EVER.
    4) Get my ass in here more often than I have lately. We OG tend to hang in Twitterworld & I need to sharpen my snark. It’s gettin’ rusty.

    Thanks for all the fun & frolic, UC & Moon! You made 2010 a blast & a half, & introduced me to some of my very bestest BFFs ever. Cheers!

  31. Bwahahaha!
    Love number four. I would be so on board for that. I’m going to keep track, even if you don’t. 😛
    And I’m also very glad the Twilight commentary was on the best for ’09 moments! He. Was. Epic.

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