Posted by: themoonisdown | June 24, 2009

Can a video answer the ultimate Rob question?

Dear Rob lovers-

Does this video explain the allure of Rob Pattinson that we were pondering the other day or does it just compound the questions we were asking?

Do we care anymore? Can we just give in and love him for whatever our reasons may be and not have to figure it out?

Can we shut up, so you can watch the video again?

Why yes, as a matter of fact we can do that… and we’ll join you!
Moon & UC

PS Whoever you are LIM Community (dedication in the video), you must be good peoples and LTR girls in spirit! Love the video and everyone who sent it to us!

Wanna pledge our fake sorority, see what name we chose and vote in the Rob Porn off against our arch rivals the girls from the Twilight Sisterhood? Bring it on!

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  1. […] All hot & bothered b/c we used so much RobPorn (poor other Twi Guys) just WAIT until you see what Moon has cooked up over on LTR […]

  2. OMG…exactly what I needed after a TOUGH workout…its like incentive for giving it my 100%!!! Thanks girls you’re the best!!! Now I gotta go take a shower cuz I’m all hot and bothered…er…I mean I’m all sweaty from running…yea that’sit! πŸ˜‰ Happy Humpday!

  3. Luv that video……… heart is racing! I am high on Rob!

    There is only one thing I would change about that video. Shirtless Rob at the end should stay alone! I do not ❀ Kristen, in fact I hate her. But I am going to watch the Yumminess again and remember the beauty that is Robert Pattinson!

    Thanks for my daily fix of your incredible posts……….How is the rest of my day going to compare?

    Much love,


  4. WOW! I mean, just…WOW!

  5. i hate kristen too!!!! i’ve never met her but i totally hate her guts!! GAH

    • seriously. UGH!

    • Me 2

    • Kristen is SUCH a bad actress. The lip bite, the stuttering, the deep breaths, the mumbling, it gets pretty old.

      • If you can call it acting. That’s exactly how she talks in RL! its like she showed up to the shoot and um, read lines!

        I’ve got nothing against her (save for the fact that she needs keeps her hands off MY man), I’m sure she’s a great gal in RL, and I’m sure she’s deep person and all, but please prove me wrong about the acting, Kristen!

    • LOL WOW feel the hate…I like her πŸ™‚ but I like UC MORE πŸ˜‰

  6. Oh .. My god .. that’s Beautiful … thanx . to the one who made it .. and to You UC & Moon … I couldn’t help smiling … There are no words .. His SMILE .. it’s just soo divine !

  7. πŸ˜€ I think that video pretty much sums up the discussion you had before on why we love RPatzz soo much. Well, for me at answered that one loud and clear. πŸ˜€

    Love Love Love Love your website-blogg-thingermajig. πŸ˜€

    • hahahahahh our website-blogg-thingermajig.. LOVE IT! love you back!

    • i think that vid sums up exactly what makes rob hot, all the small things, his hilarious laugh, his nervousness, the weird expressions he makes- *sigh* i am gonna rewatch this a couple of times!

  8. That thumb suck.
    Good god in heaven.
    What IS that?!

    Who needs Premarian when you go online and look at that?!

    V. Enough said.

  9. I’m actually running my fingers through my hair right now trying to come with the words for how great that was. The man could not be finer. It’s a physical impossibility.

  10. Hey y’all!

    Oh wow, that video is so much better than my morning tea! I’m really awake now! He’s so sexy, gosh what’s not to like about him. I love it when he licks his lips, love it when he runs his hand thru his hair, love it when he sucks his thumb(wow who else can make that look sexy?)….he looks yummy!

    I usually like men that are really tan…Rob’s the exception…I just like him as pale as that…can’t get any better :-).

    Have a nice day ladies! My DH has been reading this blog too and he makes gagging sounds!

  11. So my husband just called to tell me that he saw a minivan with a bumper sticker that read:
    ‘I go from zero to b*tch in 2.7 seconds.’ That’s it, he just wanted to let me know, then started into LOL hysterics….um, first of all, I want to shake that ladies hand. Second of all, does this mean he approves? Is this a round about way of letting me know that this is perhaps one of MY core personality traits…whatever.

    Anyway….that video, phew! The whole hands in the hair, hands on face, fingers, eye rolls, stir sticks in mouth…all expressions of nervousness. Bless him. Wonder what was going through his mind at these moments. Probably just trying to hold it together. Love him.

    • love your husband. love him

      • Ya, he’s a gem.

        For srys, life would be boring without him. I have lost count of the double entendres he drops on me daily. Single girls, if a guy can’t make you laugh…pass!

    • You know how they sometimes make dildos modeled after male porn stars? They need to make hands molded after Rob’s.

      • Or a dildo modeled after Rob. I’m sure it would be a best seller. And tweeners everywhere would discover their G-spots.

        • OMG It’s happened, WTM. I just gasped and laughed at the same time. I though that was physically impossible. That was so crude yet so HILARIOUS. And now I seriously wonder if he reads this shit because if he chokes to death and is found by his Macbook I’m SO blaming you. LOL!

          • Crude – now there is a good word to describe me. I’ve been doing some soul searching trying to figure out who I am. But I think who I am can be summed up with that one word!

            On a related topic, and I’ve brought this up before, but do you think the porn industry has done a Twilight spoof? Cuz they did a Pirates of the Caribbean spoof. Or so I’ve been told.

          • Ummm…I may or may not have googled that. Yes it does exist. And um, just wow…they think of everything. And sometimes that’s just not a good thing.

          • they have done a spoof..well.. 2 versions.. there’s one gay porn called twinklet.. and another one… ummm… LOL the fact that i knew it…. haha. it was posted on perez one day

        • Umm, I wanna watch this vid again, alone in a dark room. With my special order Rob dildo. Goodtime will be had by me.

          They need to hurry up make this product happen.

    • My t-shirt says “I can go from zero to bitch in 1.3 seconds”, so I beat that other bitch to the bitching.

  12. Can’t see the video at work. 😦 So I will just say “good morning” to all my lovelies!

    • boo! you’ll love it

    • I’m with you Jena.

      I can’t see it either. I just get a white box.


      Morning loverlies!!

      • Oh…it’s gooooooooood. πŸ˜‰

        • That’s it Pro3…rub it in. Just rub it in.

          Salt in a wound.

          Maybe your husband is a little right about that bumpersticker??


          • Ha! He totally is, good call! Just trying to live up to my full potential, you know. πŸ˜‰

    • Ok Jena, I’ll watch it again for you…

      • Way to take one for the team there pixie!

        • That’s a true friend.

          • LMAO! 20 minutes til lunch time
            and I can watch it then.
            I’m highly intrigued!

          • Just to prove my loyalty to my Wanna Tapa Vampa sisters, I watched it TWO more times.

            It’s only 3pm here, might need to do it again, just to be sure.

    • Me either 😦 Stupid blocks at work! Looks like I am viewing this before bedtime. From the sounds of it.. maybe it’s best that I wait.

      • Ummmm.. wow… wow wow wow..

        Dear angel(s) who made this,

        Thank you.



  13. Hey, me too Krazykid. I have just dragged my sore and weary ass back from the gym and then got all hot and bothered again looking at the Robumentary and am going for a cold shower – again! I nearly bit through my bottom lip watching him. Mother of God – this is motivation or impending heart attack.

    • haha

    • Robumentary! Ha ha ha!

  14. Oh God-it’s too much.LOVED that video-that wide- eyed expression he makes in interviews.. gaah. Now I am just depressed, wanting something I can’t have.

    This is an illness, the American Psychiatric Association should really officially recognize it.

    • I’ve nicknamed it as RCD – Robssessive Compulsive Disorder. Never knew how a silly little lust-crush could demand so much of my time lol!

      • This is what I get for never being infatuated with anything as a teenager. I was the girl who thought all my friends were losers for crushing over celebs, bands, etc., they would NEVER meet, talk to, make out with….

        Making up for it now? In abundance, um…help.

        • OMG – you too? I could’ve sworn I was the only one. Ha, ha. Guess I’m in good company though. πŸ™‚

          • Mailed you back πŸ˜‰

          • Me too! πŸ™‚

        • Soooo separated at birth {My hubby thinks I’m a b**** sometimes too} never had a crush, thought people were a bit nuts that did, now I’m stuck with this ‘love/lust/obsession thing’ for a man my sons’s age that just gets stronger every day……That video just….. well…… it just DID………puddle on the floor…….<3 all for supporting {feeding, enabling, encouraging} my Robsession xxxxxx

          • @Ruby I think we are all sistas from anutha mutha! xo

            And I you KNOW I love that you have a son Rob’s age! You go with your hot MILF self!

          • Mr LPB would appreciate that bumper sticker as well, though I’m not sure it would be allowed on the car, since we share cars and all…

  15. I almost didn’t watch it, but boy am I glad I did. Wow I never noticed the lip thing, but it is soo hott. Always love him running his hands through his hair, it’s almost like you need to see him do it. The music was kinda cheesy, but who would pay attention to it?

  16. Ohh I love early morning Rob Porn…seriously wow

  17. never understood how porn “worked” until Rob pics πŸ™‚

    now, if you’ll excuse me I also need a cold shower…

    • Sal, I totally agree with you on the part how porn “worked”, I saw it in a different light πŸ™‚ or… maybe experienced LOL

  18. I would just say I DON’T CARE why πŸ™‚ he’s my high… do I need to analyze it? no, I need to embrace and share it

    • amen sister! I don’t care why, just enjoying the giddy lustfulness…

  19. Rob,

    That thing you did with your tongue at 2:10?

    Yes, please.


    • mmhmm. amen

      • There’s tongue and I CAN’T SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • OMG! πŸ˜‰

    • Squared.

    • *jaw drops* . . . oh yeah…

    • yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah………….

  20. Ou, thanks for sharing. Yummy!

    I like Rob so much more than Rob playing Edward. He’s so much more fun!

  21. mmmm *bites lip*

    now there’s something great first thing in the morning, esp after an all nighter for me.! (no not what your thinkin!)

    Have mercy

  22. dear rob:

    you, me and some ice cubes and feathers.


  23. Looking forward to watching when I get home. Hoo humm, work is lame-o.

  24. Well, I already know I don’t need to consult with my doctor about Premarian, not needed. I think I might need something for the accelerated heart rate and weak knees though.

    And possibly something for dizziness..

  25. OK… WHO MADE THIS VIDEO….ROB OVERLOAD…..that has got to be the best vid I have seen of Rob. What an utterly perfect man. Unbeleivable! God was having a VERY good day when he created Rob.

    • we think an angel made this video…

      • ….. an angel with a big libido!

  26. Lord have mercy that’s all I can say!!! I will repost this everywhere!!!!!

  27. I’m about to cry… of pure happiness… how in the world am I supposed to survive all this happiness… this Robppinness??? (that’s what I said)

    OMG I totally love it! I’m practically speechless…

    Too bad that thing call KS is there too… but other than that… one word for Robert: PERFECTO!

  28. Just when I thought I was going to put myself to bed after 2 twelve hour night shifts…I log into Twitter and see the link and watch the video and now I’m sitting here all wound up thinking about what I would do to Rob if I could have just a minute or two of his time (I’m sure that’s all the time I need,he however could take as long he likes,lol) Not feeling sleepy anymore!

  29. Dear Rob,

    Two words- YUM.MERS.

    Dear UC & Moon,

    I like to think of you two as my “suppliers”. Thank you for my Robfix this morning. : ) I truly heart you girls!


  30. i am much too turned on to be at work right now after watching that.

  31. The smile… definitely the smile!!! And other pats of him πŸ˜‰

  32. Oh dear Lord!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!! Great work… Is there any way to play it in slo mo? πŸ™‚ Favorite part has got to be the tongue flicking…maybe he wouldn’t be so terrible in bed πŸ˜‰

  33. i… i… i… *THUD*

  34. I second lanabell…


    (or maybe it’s just hard to type or talk or anything with all this drool all over the place – i need a towel or something, stat…)

  35. I think sunbursts, jellybeans and glitter just exploded from me!

  36. Yeah, for sure jizzed my pants.

    Whoever made that needs to be sainted.


  37. I had to take a break while watching this video… like I litterally got overwhealmed and had to stop it for five minutes then came back to it… I felt myself slipping into trace and I have to be productive today… the break helped but still whew… that was a good video.. the very end was a little weird tho.
    Gosh… he is the most beautiful man in the world…
    thank you Lord for creating such a spectacular creature…
    All glory goes to You!

  38. BEST VIDEO EVER MADE? The to be continued at the end was epic…. The color changing was… was… i’m dizzy with love

  39. OK I’m such a sucker…watched the video this morning(breakfast) and now I’m watching it for lunch..hahaha! So I guess I’ve had Rob for breakfast and lunch! I can’t get over those chiseled abs!!!!

    I enjoy reading all the comments here! It’s so very entertaining! I’m gonna go back to the old posts and read.

    Thank you thank you thank you whoever made the video and thank you blog owners for posting it here!!!! Dh is home and he watched some of it too, shaking his head. He said he’s only a boy! What? I told him when I see Robert Pattinson, I see a man! πŸ™‚

    • THANK YOU Southernbelle……you have summed up in one phrase what it took me a few weeks to work out “What? I told him when I see Robert Pattinson, I see a man! ”
      As most know I’m a cougar with 3 sons aged 21, 19, and 18 sooo when this Robsession took hold I was concerned. Mid-life crisis? Earlyish menopulsal hormone thing? Should I be arrested? I wondered
      I look at Kellan, Jackson, TomStu and a lot of other young men and think “Hmmm nice looking boys aren’t young girls lucky.”
      I look at Rob and melt, get hot & bothered, have daydreams which if I could write would put Jackie Collins to shame etc etc…..
      Still, since January when I found LTR I now know THAT’S NORMAL and embrace the passion that is HHH…….

      • Rubytuesday, yeah! I’m older than Rob too by a few years and I’ve got an almost 2 yr old daughter. Rob gets me hot and bothered too! My fascination w. Rob started in March, prior to that I didn’t even pay attention to him! I can’t believe I missed out all that time :-(. LOL So since March I’ve been catching up!

        What does your family say? LOL…only DH and my girlfriends know!

        Sometimes when I look at him, I get this feeling wishing I’m single so perhaps I could have a chance with him! Isn’t that so stupid? LOL….Pls tell me I’m not the only one!

        But oh hey I’m back for a 3rd viewing of this lovely video! For dinner this time! BBL before bed!

        • Hi Girl,
          Well with my Hubby I keep it very low key {ie change screen savers from Rob to anything before he comes home, he works away and is only home fortnightly} as he didn’t approve when he started to realize I was hooked. My Sons are aware and mainly laugh {you know ‘Mum’s mid-life thing’} and don’t care as they are busy with their own stuff and my Best Friend just says go girl we aren’t dead yet {life-long BF obviously} though she has not fallen for Rob herself……
          Haven’t let anyone else know, the age thing took a bit of accepting till I figured THAT’S NORMAL which the video really backs up. It’s not Rob’s fault but really anything with a pulse has to be affected by HHH, and I don’t feel my extended family and friends would get it and I couldn’t cope with the ‘are you over it yet?’ or the helpful piece of tabloid gossip that we as serious internet stalkers know is rubbish every five minutes. Sorry to go on the result of this is LTR rocks for me, and I spend a great portion of my day here and on the forum loving the laughs and fellow Rob lovers and am hooked on Fanfiction…. my new life ❀ Ruby

  40. OMG. That was 5+ minutes of heaven, that was!

    Oh Rob, how I love thee.

  41. Hell he even looks good with blood and a beat up face. Check out these pictures from today from the Remember Me Set.

    It makes me want to take him home and take care of that face. Even though it is only make up I would be happy to gently take it off that beautiful face……Then I would follow with taking everything else off his body and we would spend the afternoon shagging! Oh the fantasies!


    • I know what you mean, LOL! Even though it’s fake I still want to kiss it better and apply cold compresses!

      • I hear you Jena!!!! I would so take care of him and not in a Mom way!


  42. Squueeeee!!!

    *does a happy dance*

    So glad you used the vid before Saturday! πŸ˜€

    I didn’t have time to check blogs cuz work is HELLISH right now. I have cried in my office already today. Yeah.

    I think we ALL needed this mid-week.

    I can watch it over, and over, and over…..

    One of the BEST I’ve seen.


    Um, hello. I want to be his coffee stirrer stick. πŸ˜‰

    • It’s not right to have to cry in your office, ever!!

      But it is proof, then that Rob makes all things right in the world.

      Just keep thinking about that stirrer, and the week is now more than half over!!


  43. Normally, I really don’t like the videos that are just slide shows with music – they just seem a bit too weird to me. But, I was impressed by the reviews and boy am I glad I broke my rule! That was pretty freakin’ hot.

    But I was worked up already – I just read the Submissive and the Dominant in the last 2 days. Holy Jesus Mary Mother of God! (is that right? I’m jewish) I am seriously not into the BDSM life but, damn, that is some sexy shit.

    So Rob, when you read this, no, I don’t want you to spank me with a riding crop. But we can investigate the friday night fiver anytime you’re available. You just bring your super hot self and I’ll bring the lube. πŸ˜‰

  44. UC, you rock so hard for finding this and sharing it with us.

    Just when I thought I was recovering from my RCD, I see this, and once again, I am UNDONE.

  45. Biel of LIM Community, I salute you. I am now dizzy (and thirsty) with the vapors!

  46. That video almost made my hangover better…. sigh….

  47. That video was amazing! Totally blew me away.

    I have a question for those who say they “hate” KS. How does one hate someone they never met and do not know? Just curious. I chalk up the hate to jealousy. What other reason could there be? I someone is judging someone based on mags/tabs/etc., well you have a lot to learn. I would be surprised if 2% of what is printed is actually the truth.

    • You are right about part of this. I am jealous of KS because she is extremely close to Robert, has upcoming films with him and probably will be a friend for life.

      BUT I do not like her FOR THE SAME REASONS I Love Rob:

      1. I think he is a great actor, aside from the looks, with a incredible acting future ahead and I think she is a rather untalented actress who seems the same is every role she plays.

      2. He is funny and charming in interviews. In interviews Kristen looks like she is contractually obligated to be there and say the things she does…….which she is, but if this is the job she chose at least she should “ACT” like she enjoys it, if she is such a great actress and all.

      3. Rob seems like a real happy-go-lucky type guy who has a contagious laugh that ALWAYS puts a smile on my face when I hear it. Kristen appears moody and annoyed all the time like she has PERMANENT PMS.

      4. Rob is gracious with fans and actually stops to sign autographs. Kristen gives many people a huge attitude like she is some entitled princess.

      5. Rob smiles and Kristen sulks.

      Last but certainly not least:

      I would never want to be “fake-lesbians” with Kristen. With Rob I want to do everything REAL with him! (even if I can only fantisize about it!)


  48. um…. just let me go drool over that video for the tenth time…


  50. I can’t get enough. and the little tongue flicks…pretty sure that is illegal in most states. *groan* *sigh*

    Love him more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow πŸ™‚

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