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The MTV Rob-Twi awards recap

Dear Rob,

Congrats on cleaning house at the MTV Movie awards last night (which should just be renamed the MTV Rob-Twi awards for the next two years- since you’ll all rule the school at each ceremony) I had an amazing time live-blogging the experience with Moon, NewMoonMovie, Lauren’s Bite & TwiCrack. (Oh, and the 45,000 of you who were reading along- Um- hi, that’s a lot of people)

I’ll be honest, I’m really tired, the show ended almost 2 hours ago and I kinda forget what happened, but there are a few things that stuck out. Let’s discuss those, shall we?

Uh, Jim Carey circa 1992 called.. wants his jacket back...

Uh, 1992 called.. they want their jacket back...

You Looked Smokin’

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t jump up and down (well, it was more like humping the couch cause I was holding my lappy) and squeal like a 14 year old every time you came on screen. I did that, every time. You looked…. refreshed? Relaxed? Possibly still a lil buzzed from the Ambien you took to drown out KStew’s snores on the long flight from Italy to LA? I can’t put my finger on it (that’s what she said) but there was something different about you last night. You seemed…. happy? Are you relived that you don’t have to kiss Kristen again until shooting resumes in August? Are you excited to spend your summer in New York, home of delicious pizza, the Italian mob & lots of pigeons? Oh, I know! One of those seat filler girls had wandering hands while she was sitting next to you and you were able to let out a little tension from all the past months of staying in your hotel room, removing yourself from public & tooting your own horn, ifyouknowwhati’msaying…


"Have Mercy"

Despite looking smokin’, you kinda reminded me of Uncle Jesse…

Or Jim Carey in Dumb & Dumber (or Ace Ventura…) I can’t decide who. My train of thought was this:

Damn, Rob looks hot. Damn. Wait, is that a linen jacket? Uh, is it purple? Why am I suddenly singing “Everywhere you look.. (everywhere) there’s a heart (there’s a heart)…

I’ll be honest. I think your fashion choice was a major FAIL. I mean… I can kinda get over the linen purple jacket circa 1993, but your shiteous Nikes? Come on ROB! It’s a good thing you have the face you do… and forgot to tuck in your white shirt. Cuz that provided enough of “aww how cute, he forgot to tuck in that white shirt- he needs a mommy” moments that I momentarily forgot about the major fashion faux pas.

Wait? What!?

Okay… what is coming out of your pants? The Tuck? Is something coming out of the other end? I’m confused. Is this a moment like during the auction when you said “If it goes well then maybe….” about a 14 year old winning a chance to meet you? I don’t have much to say here… I just…. don’t.

Credit to:

Now this is amazing

I’ll let Kristen’s klutzy move & awesome recovery be discussed over at LTT, but let me swoon for a second over your adorable laughter for KStew’s embarassing moment. I don’t know why I love it so much. Is it because you just look so happy, for all the reasons discussed above, or is it because it just seems so much like how a friend would respond that it eases my mine of all the Robsten fears I’ve ever had? Ten bucks says you made fun of Kristen and reenacted her acceptance moment at least 4 times at one of the after parties last night.

24You deserved best male performance

for acting like you cared that Kristen left you hanging when you really wanted to barf from her cheese breath that she had got from the bucket of popcorn she ate on her way into the theatre. Good job. Also this part was funny. I feel 17 again (holla Zac Efron) admitting that I actually thought something on MTV was funny…

You’ve officially ruined my life and my chance at a life outside of this virtual life I’m now living with your stupid movie and your stupid perfection at acting out the stupid, perfect character Stephanie Meyers created:*

Vodpod videos no longer available.

*I take it back… none of it’s stupid… it’s just…. perfect…

“What ever happened to predictability? The milk man, the paper boy, evening T.V.,”

A BIG thank you to for inviting Moon & I to live blog last night- it was AWESOME!

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  1. HAVE MERCY??! SEIROUSLY! i love you. there are no words.

    HOW RUDE!!!!!!!


    • Yes. I heart you hard for the Full House throw back!

      Yet, it makes me feel old…how many peeps will read this and have no idea of the genius behind “Have Mercy”?? OR, know the Teen Wolf reference in the award show last night? *sigh*

      • He was very Kirk Cameron last night with the jacket I thought. Or better yet, Pretty in Pink…all he needed was the loafers and the cig hanging out of his mouth.

        • And a skinny tie. Don’t forget the skinny tie. OR a bolo tie.

          • YES!!! The skinny tie…but only if it was leather.

    • SHRIEK!!!!! Oh god, is anyone else still swooning over the trailer? Whne Jacob runs all hot and ripped, then he explodes in to a wolf? AHHHHHHHHHH!!! I mean, have mercy!! You got it dude.

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  3. How did 45K people live blog when I tried to access that site and it failed? Dude.

    I loved Rob’s ensemble last night. He’s always a big “EFF YOU!” to the stylists of the world. I dig British guys who could care less about the establishment.

  4. Before I go and kill Steve Madden-bag-owner for ruining my sleep yet again with a night time use of the communal laundry right next to my bed…

    You guys were awesome earlier today.

    45,000 people? You really are world famous blog-people now!

    Great description of Ashley’s dress for the blind, UC!

    The LTR forum was absolutely rocking. Reading it back now is funny… soooo funny.

    Anyways, it was an absolutely awesome idea.

    And Moon, you’ve killed New Moon for me. Every time I see that clip, and she does the eyebrow lift, I call out ‘Oh, Edward’. Seriously wrong.

  5. I had a great time during the live-blogging. ! You all were AWSOME

  6. I couldn’t even pick up the bad fashion. I was just in awe of how smokin’ hawt he looked in blue. *sigh*

    • Seriously! He was wearing a COLOR!! I lurve him. πŸ˜€

  7. Oh .. Thanks guys for the live blogging and videostreaming .. I wouldn’t have been able to watch it if it weren’t for you guys ..!
    And I don’t know what happened to me Can’t stop playing the trailer !!That’s crazy πŸ™‚

    • Me neither!!!!
      I have seen it at least 10 times… I should be working!!!!


  8. Leila, I’m with you.

    The live blogging and video streaming were awesome.

    The trailer…

    Kristen’s wearing green a lot in the film … is there significance? I think in Celtic tradition it’s associated with death and sickness.

  9. Girls, thank you both a your partners in crime for the amazing chat last night!!! Your comments were such a big help for those of us outside the US trying to follow the live internet stream. πŸ˜€

    I totally agree with all your comments… well, except the starting to like Kristen part in LTT… that’s just not happening for me. Although she did made me laugh and I LOVED Rob’s laugh… he is adorable even in that Uncle Jesse jacket!!!!

    What the f*** happened to Ashley???? She is so beautiful and usually looks so great… what was she thinking???? Did you notice Kellan helping her to climb up the stairs when they won Best Movie?

    I have one complaint but it’s not against you but against MTV’s transmission (or what I got to see)… not enough Peter or Kellan!! And Peter looked soooo hot last night!!!! πŸ™‚

    So, thank you again for your amazing work.

    You are the best!!!



    • Ashley’s dress was smokin’.

      UC gave a very good description of it on the live blog.

      Her shoes were awesome.

      • I saw it and I didn’t like it!!

        She is so pretty (my favorite TwiGirl actually) but I didn’t like the dress. At least not for her. Just MHO.

        • Yeah, she’s pretty.
          But she’s also got some class about her.

          I like all of the twi-girls – for different reasons.

    • ash looked like crap

      • wow that was mean.

        • and yet so true.

        • I liked the dress.
          But the hair and makeup didn’t go with that dress.

      • I didn’t even recognize her. I thought maybe she was a new cast member…yeah, I agree with you. She looked older than me and shiteous…but I did like the dress. Just not on her.

    • who cares about peter and kellan?

      love rob’s buttons done up out of sequence. i can just picture his people doing up the buttons ‘wrong’ to maintain his off-the-cuff style… and i liked the jacket.

      • I do!! I love them!! Just because I love Rob more it doesn’t mean that I don’t have room for more hot guys in my heart πŸ˜€


      • I totally didn’t notice that his buttons were done up wrong! I don’t know how to feel about that.

      • I noticed the buttons done wrong. I thought for sure a handler would fix it when he went backstage, but nope, every time he came back out they were still misbuttoned. I began to think it was the style of shirt or something.

        I like to think he had a quickie in a closet . . . or behind a dumpster . . . and had to redress quickly.

  10. Oh! The trailer!!! I forgot to comment that.

    AWESOME!!! Do you think Bella finds out that Jacob is a “werewolf” when he saves her from Laurent? That would be a great way for her to discover it and save screen time. I wouldn’t mind if they had changed that… or more shirtless Taylor time. (he is 17! he is 17!)

    Am I seeing things or you can see the harness behind Jasper’s sweater? Does it look like he is taking impulse to attack Bella?

    The rest of the Cullen don’t get thirsty when they smell Bella. Do they? I can’t be sure with the trailer but I wouldn’t like that. I mean, the fact that even sweet Esme and Alice (who loves Bella so much) are close to losing control is such a powerful argument for Edward to leave… 😦

    Bella cuddling on the ground… perfect!

    Edward… YUMMY!!!
    (he is just so hot that I don’t have worlds to describe it)
    His face when he is leaving Bella just broke my heart 😦

    • abou the Jasper Part: I only saw poodle wavehair going around

    • i noticed the harness too but i am willing to forgive quite a bit in this series! xo

      i am not thrilled that they seem to have changed the laurent scene. doesn’t bella notice wolves, especially the russet one, and run away? ahh we’ll see, i guess.

      kstew dropping her award is funny. i can’t wait to see all the CGI in breaking dawn. HA! she’s going to need a double for the whole movie – although that reminds me of kellan imitating rob running! i guess if they made rob look strong and graceful they can do anything! lol

  11. @UC/Moon/LLR&LTTPeeps….

    Was it as good for you, as it was for me?
    Srsly, who the frick is that HAWT?

    K, the trailer…the facial expression (plus not looking in her eyes, plus the accent slip up) in the leaving scene…..GAH! The clothes, set design, makeup, etc….thank you God!

    And UC, looks like Rob was unable to reign in the awkward. Oh well.

    What a great idea last night, I enjoyed it so much! Thanks for all the efforts! xo

    • Not that you were paying much attention to the clip πŸ˜‰

      • @Nat – Ha, ha…no I just glanced over it, you know…casually…5000 times.

        • *vairy* casually.
          Ha ha.

    • @ UC….’You’ve officially ruined my life and my chance at a life outside of this virtual life I’m now living with your stupid movie and your stupid perfection at acting out the stupid, perfect character Stephanie Meyers created:*’

      Hahahaha…I KNOW! But perfection is right. Man, what the heck has happened to my LIFE!?

    • Tell me did he really slip up duirng the leaving scene. I have it zillion times but did not notice it only a slight difference. Would you tell me about it? You know the extact lines too, don’t you, where he slipped. Please…tell me. : )
      Oh what did you think about laurent and Jacob scene. Did you notice Jacob shape-shifted before Bella. The story is greatly modified. Very much so.

      • @Maygirlg…of course! πŸ™‚

        The accent slip is very evident when he says…

        ‘I promise to never put you through anything like this ever again.’

        Not that I’m fiendishly, preoccupied or anything of that sort…ahem.

        And yes, modifications are going to work I think based on what we saw. I mean we have to accept the fact that the story must be cut down. Pretty sure we are going to be VERY impressed. *crossed fingers*

        • *crossed fingers* with you. Yes, oh I am as thorough with videos, pic, trailers when it is related to twi or now new moon as you are[im guessing but I think im right. : )]. I totally get your *ahem*.

          I mean this just our *’You’ve officially ruined my life and my chance at a life outside of this virtual life I’m now living with your stupid movie and your stupid perfection at acting out the stupid, perfect character Stephanie Meyers created:* situation

      • The scene with Jacob and Laurent were 2 differnt scenes edited together for the clip. Meaning the one were Bella runs from Laurnet is different from the one where Bella yells for Jake to run and he shifts into a wolf. I suspect that one where he shifts is a scene where he is protectig Bella from Victoria maybe. The clip looks awesome- I LOVE YOU CHRIS WIETZ

        • Really? I know that shirtless Jacob is a different scene inserted there. But I have the impression that they will use Laurent’s attack to make Bella know that Jake is a “werewolf”: Laurent attacks Bella, Jacob reacts instinctively and phase to defend her, she finds out and nobody can blame Jake for revealing the secret because he did it to save a human life.

          Just a thought…


  12. OMG. I felt sooo old watching that last night. And I’m barely 24. Last time I watched that show was the one where Eminem performed “The real slim shady” and the entire theater was filled with blonde guys and then he popped out of the line and started singing. I giggled when he performed because it was almost full circle.

    And then towards the end (especially when ‘Bruno’ dropped on Eminem and I laughed so hard I cried) I started getting into it and felt a bit pathetic. But I managed to pull a few of my friends into watching it, even if they werent twilight fans. Thanks so much for having links for the livecast things! We don’t have cable right now and I didn’t think I’d get to watch πŸ™‚

    • You feel old at 24?!
      Try explaining a crush on a 23 actor when you’re 34…

      And blogging all day about him/a teen flick…


      I’m going to bed now.

      Night all.

      Thanks again, Moon and UC and LTR girls and Lauren’s Bite.

      It has been oodles of fun.

      • raises hand….37 here. I’m truly a dirty old lady. Truly.

        • When does one become a ‘cougar?’ Totally inappropriate crush here…good times!

        • Raise hand: 35. I’m a pedofile?

      • *raises hand*

        32 here 😦

        • Honey, I’m 36. My Robsessed friends are 39 and 40. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little Rob love. πŸ˜‰

          • Thanks!!! I feel better to know that I’m not alone


          • Yeah, Andrea, I feel better knowing I’m not alone, too.

      • BRILLIANT.

        No need to say more.

  13. CONGRATS on Site of the Month!!!! πŸ˜€ BTW UC I was humping the couch screaming like a little girl too…so don’t worry you weren’t alone on that department!!! And can somebody please tell me what was up with Catherine’s cougary dress???? Someone should have told her to look in the mirror before walking out…!

  14. So, last night, Rob reminded me of Jude Law. Anyone else???
    Just me?

  15. I’ve watched the trailer waaaaay too many times already. I can’t stop myself! I was wondering if it’s weird that I have this huge crush on a man who is so akward that he might qualify as “special”. It just makes me love him more. And after Kristen dropped her award I loved her. I just want to hug both of them. Maybe even “special hug”. …Ok, definitely special hug.

  16. I feel that the MTV awards made Him that much unattainable. I don’t think I’ve fully accepted that Twilight is as popular as it is.
    This is making me really sad. 😦

  17. LOVED the awards last night! I was at a friend’s watching so I couldn’t get in on the chat.

    Lots of fun highlights! First, Rob looked HAWTTTT!
    I swear he gets hotter looking everyday. I actually liked the colorful jacket. Made it easier to spot him in the audience, LOL! (THAT’S NORMAL).

    I loved when Jim Carrey asked for Prop 8 to to be reversed when he saw Rob, LOL!

    The Jizzed in my Pants/Dick in a Box montages were hilarious! I can’t believe they got Forrest up there. What a sport, LOL!

    Kristen’s award drop was priceless. Same thing happened to Sharon Stone back in ’93.

    I LMAO at the beginning spoof with Andy running through the Forks High School parking lot screaming and then coming in to sit down next to Edward, LOL!

    Rob’s “something’s coming out of my pants” and the look on Kristen’s face….LOL! That’s one reason I love him, anything and everything comes out of his mouth at the most priceless moments!

    I was up until 3am last night rewatching. Dragging ass today. Wearing my glasses to work, I never wear my glasses to work, LOL!

  18. I am unapologetic for my love of the MTV movie awards last night. I don’t think I’ve ever watched them before, so I’m glad I saved myself for a great one. Andy Sandberg’s opening alone was worth the price of admission.

    So, I was hoping you guys would know what was coming out of Rob’s pants when he got his breakthrough male award. I didn’t get his joke, and thought for sure you all would be able to explain it to me. Help me UC & Moon – you’re my only hope!

    I am not a KStew fan, but I think I might like her now after her fabulous dropping the popcorn and recovery speech. I disliked her for being humorless, but maybe after spending all this time with Rob she’s learning to laugh at herself.

    OK – the trailer. WOW! How long is it till November???

    • I think my hubs even laughed last night. And then spent every moment of Rob’s screen time saying “I don’t get it” and “he’s a nerd” and “he looks like a drunken englishman”. Poor jealous man.

      Even the non-twi moments were hilarious. Except when that winged creature with the butt floss stuck his privates in Eminem’s face. Why pick one of the few people in the audience who has likely murdered someone to offend like that? I sure hope that was staged.

    • Yes, the pants comment…Wha??????

      1. Was it a ref. to ‘breakthrough male?’
      2. A bodily function due to nervousness?
      3. Something Rob says when he is scared (i.e.. no longer coherent), and his mouth speaks before first consulting his brain. (God I love him even more, the rest of you celebrity studs can bite me…but I digress.)

      • I was 100% convinced that he was saying he poo’d a little in his pants. Am I wrong?

        • i think you’re right..
          but why rob? nervousness?

          • Recommendation for Rob – Kaopectate. Worked wonders on my wedding day.

  19. Oh and how could I forget to mention the trailer!
    Robward = Jena thudding on the floor!
    And the explosion of Jacob to Wolf was pretty damn good! What the effing hell was up with Jaspers wig?! Ew, just ew!

  20. Awesomeness You Guys. Love you. The live blogging was epic win

  21. Egads!! Good stuff. Just enough snark + praise

  22. Can we just talk for a second about his shirt? He buttoned it wrong again. Just like in Italy. How come no one else has noticed this yet?

    Don’t celebrities have stylists for this sort of thing? I would think that “shirt buttoned up correctly” is kind of high on the things to check before you step out of the door to go to an awards show that will be viewed and analyzed by millions.

    • ur right… poor guy…. needs a mommy.. then me to … hug

    • He’s trying to start a trend. Like Nelly with the face-bandaids.

    • Grrrrrrrrrrr!!! You got me thinking that he left the hotel with the shirt correctly buttoned but the he and KStew took a little detour 😦

      I’m depressed now…


    • I was totally making fun of him for his wrong buttoned shirt. Then I came into work today and a coworker pointed at me and shouted across the room “Your shirt’s buttoned up wrong, Stupidass!” Whoops! Happens to the best of us.

      • Yeah, but he’s done it several times now. I’ve done that like 2x in my life – years apart. I seriously think it’s on purpose. Or someone backstage at MTV would’ve fixed it. I dunno. Maybe it’s just me.

  23. My absolute favorite part was when Rob basically said he poo’d his pants. Cuz I would totes be the one to get up on stage and blurt out something like that. And I heart KStew now – again – cuz I would totes be the one to drop the golden popcorn. I think we like them cuz they seem normal like someone we’d hang out with (and then take behind a dumpster and bang). Well, Rob at least.

    • I think we like them cuz they seem normal like someone we’d hang out with

      No, they don’t look like anyone I hang out with. I wouldn’t be here if someone I knew looked like Rob or Kellan or Peter… No, I would have better things to do if they did πŸ˜‰


    • I ❀ ur face for that whole post! Ditto!

  24. You guys were fantabulous!

    I loved watching the MTV anything awards for the first time ever with you all sitting on my lap!! Mr LPB couldn’t figure out what I was giggling at, and I was telling him it was Andy Samburg making me laugh…..(still trying to keep the crazy somewhat of a secret.)

    Although, to his credit, Mr LPB thought Rob looked very handsome (meaning when I pointed it out, he agreed) AND he made a remark about how weird it must be for him to have all those people screaming at him all the time. Baby steps….

    Thanks again, you must be so tired. Well done, though, 45,000 peeps!!

    *golf clap*

  25. To the *beeyotchs* in charge and LTR/LTT freaks and by freaksI mean friends… LOL

    I only want to thank you all for the AMAZING night I had.
    I was watching the awards by USTREAM and it came down in the wrong moments (damn thing) and the girls on LTR help the blinds ones, like me, to know what’s happening beautifully; then you quickly had the links for the trailer, Robgasmic moments and pics… which I can’t stop watching.

    So, thank you for the big grin I have in my face and all the weird look that my neighbors and the guy at the grocery gave to me this morning.

    Hugs from *rainy* Brazil

    • OH!! and CONGRATS on the prize!

  26. Aaaah…Rob. I love his anti-style & the fact that he really doesn’t seem to care how he looks. Not that he has to.

    I didn’t really get his remark about his pants-was he so excited he had an accident???

    Was Kstew in character, or does she do all the eye rolling and stuttering in real life too?

  27. Dear Rob:

    1992 jacket… $25.50
    nike shoes… $80.00
    Gum… $0.50
    hair gel… $2.00

    You been everything that we expect it: humble, awkward, nervous, funny… priceless!

    He was perfect! I have seen the trailer too many times, I downloaded save it in my usb key and bring it to work to see it (but that’s just normal… right?) I love the way he looks… everything looks so improved… (except for K’s orange/brown/red hair)

    I cant Wait to November!

    • You are being VERY generous with the jacket at $25. I’m thinking Good Will for a whole $7.

      But at least is wasn’t the nasty plaid shirt.

      • Hahaha… maybe it cost $25.50 when somebody bought it in 1992 (it was the trend jacket right?)… I love how he does not care! that makes him even more perfect…

        • I was going to say the same thing about the Nikes.. probably $10 at good good will!

  28. Rob looked awesome~trailer look great ~happy

  29. If I weren’t so lame I could have figured out how to get on to the live blog but my computer was almost on overload with Twitter and Ustream….

    Anyhoo, I love the letters today. You girls always know just what to say. Just when I am feeling like a total loser for lusting after a 23 year old in a “teen” movie you bust out and reference an oldie but goodie like Jon Stamos…er…I mean Full House. Me loves you!

  30. Oh gals & lurking Unicorns… I was up until 2:30 writing… I’m so tired… even though I faked a headache and slept in an hour…

    I just talked to EastFriend from The Quad for the first time and we’ve already begun the best breaking it down. We have a theory.. a theory that MUST be shared……… we will soon!

    • It’s a hard life being a world-famous blog-star…

      I thought it was great that you guys were still able to put two wonder-fab letters out there, despite your little fingers no doubt being in pain from 6 or so hours of blogging.

  31. Thanks to all you for the live blogging! And then staying up to blog about it right afterwards….you guys sure do “take one for the team” to bring us all this goodness and we love you for it! πŸ™‚

  32. just wanted to say thank you as well.this site rocks.
    really loved how humble and down to earth rob was when he thanked catherine for casting him.

    • he was amazing! Thanks for thinking we rock. we heart rocks, so that’s a great compliment…

  33. No no no no… they are two different scenes… if you notice when she’s with Laurent she have a red backpack and a different jacket… when she’s running and Jake phases she’s wearing a brown jacket… two different moments… magic in the editing room for the teaser I guess…

    • And the fact he at first did NOT have on a shirt and then when he phased he did.

  34. I just want to thank you for doing the live blogging last night. I don’t have too many girl friends to watch the awards with me. And my hubby left to watch the season finale of Breaking Bad while the MTV awards were on.

    So your live blogging was like having a group of girls around to chit chat.

    I also came here last night and chitchatted with a couple girls as well.

    So thank you.
    And I haven’t watched the MTV movie awards since I began high school… So… THANKS ROB! πŸ™‚

  35. Rob… he’s so adorkable

    First thing I thought of when I saw the misbuttoned shirt was a rendezvous in the back of a limo

  36. WastingTheMorning, I know I said this above, but your comment is my fave today! LOL! About them being normal and then banging behind the dumpster! LOVE it!

    • Hee hee – nice to be appreciated πŸ™‚

  37. You guys once again made my morning.
    Rob did look so scrumptious last night, I didn’t know what to do without myself. Of course, the squealing and jumping up and down was even worse considering I had some alcohol in me.

    I just want to say that Rob’s hair looked wonderfully fresh last night, and that Megan Fox took over as the greaseball for the night. I gagged when I saw her hair. I hope Rob pulled her aside backstage and recommended his shampoo. He may only use it once a week, but hey, it’s the thought that counts. I’d take Rob greasy ANYDAY!!

    I wonder when Rob was leaning in to kiss Kristen if he was just trying to get closer to her hair. Maybe to smell it and get the second hand buzz from her toking up right before the show? I HOPE SO.

    • Oooh yeah – Megan Fox. Ew. She had so much more potential. But last night SHE was a temporary butterface. Someone needs to tell that girl that making weird faces does not make her look sexy like it does for Rob.

  38. He totes reminds me of Uncle Jesse! I was like, wow that jacket reminds me of something…and there it is! Every time I watch KStew drop that popcorn I fall over laughing. I don’t think I will EVER get tired of that. Thanks for all your laughs! πŸ˜€

  39. Agreed, Megan Fox looked like shit!

    And I just saw that on tonight’s Access Hollywood they are going to have exclusive New Moon cast interviews, so tune in! I just saw Friday’s preview (I get the show a day late here).

  40. i must say, i too am coming around to Kristen. Her dress was great and i love that she wore converse too- clearly a couldn’t give two hoots atitude to awards bash dress etiquette. And THAT fumble- made my otherwise shite day.

    Gutted that i missed the commentary tho. Was tucked up in bed.

    Its bloody roasting in Britain! Whats the deal with that!?

  41. Dear UC & Moon,

    You can suck it for making me have to wait to read about said “theory”. Shizz you know, I’ll wait patiently and read it. But I get really annoyed waiting. Gahh!!


  42. good morning everyone!
    wow KStew popcorn drop gif is already made! so quick!
    Rob’s laugh,
    Rob’s gum wrapped in wut looked like the list of ppl he wanted to thank,
    Rob’s “popcorn coming out of my pants!”,
    Zacron’s face when Bruno teabagged mnm’s face,
    and KStew dropping her popcorn were all priceless.

    never watched such a funny awards show.

  43. Any posting that includes a john stamos refrence (my all time celeb crush ages 8-24) is aces in my book…
    What the hell was coming out of his pants? Someone please explain this joke because I didn’t get it… watch kristen’s face after he says that, she tries to do spooky eyes… its weird.
    I like Kristen again… I don’t like when she tries to play too cool for school *ahem douchebagette megan fox*… Ive got a newsflash for you walter cronkite… you aren’t…
    Kristen dropping her popcorn was the best thing she could have done now everyone loves her because she is totally clumsy a total bella move…

    I feel ya UC… stupid twilight… ruining my stupid life..
    not really… I heart rob long time..

  44. Rob looked liked he’d raided Luke Perry’s wardrobe from 90210, the Doherty years.

  45. I hate to burst your anti-Robsten bubble, but I trust you’ve seen the pix at Robert Pattinson life.

    It’s looking a bit grim for the anti-Robsten shippers. I’m just sayin’…

  46. I am among the minority that loved Rob’s outfit last night. It was just totally Rob and the blue was awesome on him. And alas, I do love the shiteous nikes. When someone mentioned that he had them on last night, I actually had to rewind to see for myself. Those nikes always make me smile.

    The stuff coming out of his pants was so yuck, but if he wasn’t saying something totally inappropriate or awkward, would it be the Rob we love and adore? You know his mother was mortified…

    I’m quickly closing in on 30 and have recently realized the only reason that bothers me is because Rob is 23…LOL. Yes, I am married with kids, but I am so NOT the Twi-Mom out there asking Taylor to sign her panties. Nope, not happening.

    Am I the only one who stopped breathing during the trailer??? I swear I was in physical pain when he said she’d never see him again. Wow, Rob, wow. I am SO counting down the days until November!

    I stopped by the live blogging a few times last night as I was on twitter most of the night, but what I saw was great. What an awesome idea. I love the LTT/LTR girls for giving us a new “normal”…LOL!

    • I think I agree w/ everything you said!! When I mentioned to my mom and sis that he was wearing “his nikes” they looked at me like I was insane and gave me that “you didn’t just get excited because you recognized his SHOES” look. Yes, yes I did! *note to self: watch MTVMA alone next year!*

  47. I have two things to say.

    1. Kristen dropping the award. OMFG! I almost pissed my pants laughing!! Ugh fricken hilarious! However, I do give her credit for the comeback she had to it.. she recovered well.(Damnit) And yes, Rob laughing at her was toooo cuuuute! Gosh, I love him.

    2. New Moon… yeah, HOW LONG TILL NOVEMBER?! It looks absolutely ppperrfect!!! EEK! I was seriously squealing here alllll night long too! Everytime Rob came on, watching the trailer, laughing at Kristen… etc.

    3. Okay, so I lied about only have two things to say. I forgot that I must say that Rob just looked HOT last night, and although he didn’t have the best outfit, he still ROCKED it! He would look good in ANYTHING to me! Mmmm… That’s all I have to say. I need to get back to watching the awards when Rob comes on.. again. πŸ™‚


  48. From the Ray Bans, to the hair, he is more Dylan McKay then Uncle Jesse… yes?!…

    Ahh, the glory days of television…

  49. I always had a crush on Uncle Jesse πŸ™‚

    And I liked Rob’s outfit last night πŸ™‚

    • Nuggety, you made yesterday such fun.

      • Yay! I’m glad you thought so!!

        • It was just awesome.
          I read it back later in the day, and you can really feel the excitement building.

          • What were you re-reading? I was thinking about doing the same.

        • I was re-reading the section in the lead up to the fake-kiss…
          Hysterical stuff. Competely random.

    • I’m starting to worry about your taste Frenchy!

      • OH NO!! Don’t do that!

        • The blue works for him.
          Even if he is cloning himself on Luke Perry.
          Doesn’t he even say that in an interview, that Perry was his model?
          Said as a joke, but oh so true?!

  50. Ok I finally got to see the whole show last night, random comments:

    I love Rob was the first person picked out from the crowd by the producers, clearly a sign of things to come.

    I didn’t know the dude presenting but he totally won me over with the opening, especially the biology lab – brillant.

    Rob clearly took notes from Cam, cause when he pulled his list out for best breakthrough it was practically the same poeple and order Cam gave thanks to, like oh that would be a good idea think I’ll copy it.

    Good job with the fake out trailer.

    Can I just say how smooth Taylor comes across in that manufactured disney way especially when presenting with the king of dork and queen of akward R & K.

    Jim Carrey you rock, loved the voiceover.

    OK that’s enough, basically LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it!

    • Andy Samberg is his name (I think…and I think he’s on SNL).

      LOVED the fake out trailer. Esp. the Teen Wolf!!

      I can’t wait until Taylor is legal and I can say he’s a cutie! πŸ™‚

      I loved that Jim Carey called Rob “that good-looking kid from Twilight”

      I agree!!

    • You are right!! Taylor comes from the same “school” than Zach and Vanessa and it shows!! He was the most confident one in that trio… which is not difficult being next to Kristen and our adorkable Rob, of course πŸ˜€

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