Posted by: Bekah | June 11, 2009

We have been rendered speechless

Dear Rob,

Nothing we could ever say would live up to this video. If we give you nothing else, take this as our gift to you.




  1. *silence*



    • Moon said it best. I am beyond words.

  2. Crap.
    I’m at work, and can’t see the video. Have to wait until I get home. *bored*

    • same here 😦

    • it’s worth the wait

  3. Um…wow. Not sure that I am capable of words to describe that right now. I mean, the lipstick tat drawn on his arm…the creepy fake hand moving throughout…yeah.


    • dont forget the SLOW weird blinks. wtf?!

  4. i’m not sure if i’m totally freaked out, or if i love it…

    • I’m with you, Verbena. I kept having alternating moment of ‘that looked really cool’ and ‘Uh! That’s SO creepy!’ But I also thought it fit the song. I’m so conflicted right now..

  5. ….And the award for best animated short film goes to……….

    Well… all I can say is I liked the song……and I am amazed by the dedication it takes to produce this and other video clips that we have the pleasure of watching on the web {after all I can’t work out how to change my little monster}.

  6. OMG…mesmerizing….beautiful… *sigh*

    The music was perfect and, of course, Rob was perfect….LOVED IT (and totally replaced the replaceable woman)

  7. That might me the weirdest video I’ve ever seen. I’m all kinds of confused. I really don’t know what else to say. I’m kinda speechless now but not in the good way in the bad way. Like I’m kinda creeped out way.

    • thanks Carrie! I thought something was wrong with me in that I found that montage creepy – like the old guy who has the black van with no windows and is always driving past the city park watching the little kids playing. Nice to know my Robssession has limits. (never thought I would say THAT!)

      • we have no words either…

        • I have a few but they are all pretty bad…
          Those eyes moving all weird and just…
          I can’t.
          Just no.

      • hahahaha the van with no windows.

        this video plays on loop IN the van

        • I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. And you know “that guy” and “that van” exists anywhere a playground or park is located. I think Ginger (from Sam’s show) fits the description too 🙂

    • This chick might creep me out more than PattinsonPants. I not fo sho. Well go get my chicken biscuit and iced mocha and think about it.

      • OMG, PattinsonPants haunts my nightmares! I friend of mine sees PP at Twi-related events. If I saw her IRL I’d diedead. Death by creepy.

        • WHAT?!! she’s real?! she exists in real life?! shes not a mystical creature?!

          i need to meet her. or at least try the pants on.

          GET PICS!!!

          • YES SHE’S REAL. I have pics!! Be warned tho, no amount of therapy will heal you.

  8. please, use your magical blogging powers and make it go away..I beg you from the bottom of my robsessed heart!

    • I need some brain bleach STAT!!

      • @Carrie

        I feel all “icky” now lol
        Looking for bleach now!

        I will do you and you do me… (thats what he said;)

  9. A little wierd but sweet-in a wierd way!!
    I wanna be the utterly replacable woman- even with the creepy eyes!

  10. i watched law&order last week and there was a psycho who broke into people´s houses, captivated the father and then made the rest of the family act like he´s the dad. and filmed it.
    that´s what i thought of and i´m SO creeped out.

    • wow…

      • AH, now i´m the freak!

  11. Um. What.The.Hell. I actually had to stop watching it.

    I’m so creeped out right now. At least she apologized up front? I guess?


  12. Umm what in the world was that?! I seriously feel kinda creeped out now.

    LOL imagine if Rob watched that…oh wow I feel bad for him.

    Ugh okay I need to go wash my brain out with bleach now.

  13. Like Josie I can’t see it. I have never actually been able to watch any videos from the blog…then I forget when I am at home.

    Seems I am lucky to be missing this??

    • you won’t regret watching it when you get home… i think…

  14. And this, is where I say something sarcastic…

    • FABULOUS response. Heart U again today.

    • perfect response

      • @WTM @UC…xo 🙂

    • words can never explain away that video!

  15. it obviously took a lot of work but i’m just way too creeped out to appreciate that fact right now. Oh the scary haunted-house portrait eyes eeeeek!

    • they follow you around the room. try it out!

      • they totes DO!!!! lmao!!!

  16. how? when? WHY? I’m speechlees.
    and really creeped out. the moving eyes are scary.
    need to see some NYRob photos to erase this of my mind. NOW

  17. I can’t see this at work but you have me all intrigued on what this is.

    Morning all!

  18. Hey, does anyone have the youtube link to the fanmade video of photos that were put together with Armageddon music for the Italy scene for New Moon? I can’t find it and would like to rip it.

    • THANKS!!!!!

    • Thanks! Sending fake lesbo kisses your way!

      • faux lesbians helping faux lesbians!

        i love it!

    • bandmum – thank you for replacing that creepiness in my minds eye with lovely goodness!

      Tell me one thing – why doesn’t my ass look as good as kstews? It’s really not fair

  19. Very, very odd.

    Freaky, even.

    No wonder Rob’s paranoid. Although they say you’re not paranoid if they’re really out to get you.

  20. I love Rob’s jacket!

    • @jena

      Yes that is an AMAZING coat..thanks for sharing 🙂

    • When was that taken? Is it within the week or older?

      • I have no clue.

      • @WTM

        I thought you were “all knowing” you have scared me what do you mean you don’t know…ugh. I count on you!!! lol

      • I know that question seemed stalkerish (and I’m only a cyberstalker) – just wondering cuz he looks Edwardish. And gay sailor-ish in that striped shirt.

        • It was kinda gay-sailorish…but I got more of a Where’s Waldo vibe from it.

          • thats edwards peacoat! were they in vancity then?

    • he looks like a male model. very nice.

    • I love that guy’s t-shirt! lol

    • Is it me or is his head GIGANTIC in comparision to Kristens drug dealers? (see other dudes shirt).

      • it´s his hair. imagine he wears the dude´s beanie and TADA: normal sized head.

    • Is that the twilight jacket?

      oh girls!!! bags I take the boy on the left you can have the one with the tee-shirt and hat on…….

      • @Ruby

        Dibbs “palm flipped up fingers curled”


  21. *CRICKETS*

    Someone went too far. Way too far.

  22. mmm Im at work… I cannot see the vid, 😦 what am I going to laugh at this morning?

  23. well.. that was scary.. and awkward
    i just laughed and laughed in an attempt to make it all better..
    it didnt work..

    poor rob

  24. Trying to be positive here so all I have to say is that she’s got some mad vid-making skills.

    But WOW!

  25. Um yeah, I had this emailed to me yesterday. I couldn’t post it cause I couldn’t even finish watching it. I felt dirty, but not in a good way like I normally feel when I watch Robbie vids.

    I guess one positive was the music. I think the actual artist is the one who made the video.

    Glad you posted it. Someone had to share it!

    • I got that email yesterday but never actually had time to watch the vid. LOL I’m so behind on my emails.

      Def needed to be shared.

  26. So many emotions…I know that must have taken some serious time to make…

    me=speechless too.

  27. I know I am possibly retarded or slow or childish or something, but I find this video amazing, and the one mentioned above not so much

    • Drats! Dang work blocks. Can’t see the vid until tonight.

    • Wow..that was inspired. And definitely better than the creepy moving-eyes video.
      I was cracking up through the whole thing.

      Loved the music too.

    • Saw this over on the forum 2 days ago and apart of me is still crying with laughter…..

    • ‘Boogie, Woogie’

      Ma Marque de’humeur!

      • NICE !!!
        Way better than the creepy moving eye one

    • omg that was great! Loved it!

    • i love these videos. and i love that someone else plays with their pocket eddie as much as i do:)

      • thats what she said

    • i love these vids. They are classic. Thanks for sharing JBR

  28. These people have some mad skills…. but I gotta be honest, I’m a little freaked out by that video…

  29. Rob cabbin’ out in NYC last night.

  30. OK so I can appreciate the energy and talent it takes to make a video up. Clearly the singer/songwriter/ video creator has some talent. That said I find the hand is very disturbing along with the moving eyes and moving back muscles. Overall this leaves me feeling uneasy. There’s a fine line to walk and this one may be on the wrong side of the line. I feel dirty…..

  31. I have an overwhelming want to be the in the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind right now and erase my memory of him in THAT. It just took my crush with Rob to a different place. An uncomfortable, awkward, creepy, strange, weird place…and, hell, now I feel like a thesaurus. But really..there aren’t enough words in the English language to describe how ODD that video is.

    >smh< Tainting perfectly hot pictures. NOT COOL, video maker lady. Not cool at all.

  32. I haven’t commented in a long time but this has brought me out of lurkdom.

    This gave me the willies. I couldn’t even watch it after the eyes started moving. Creeptastic fan video!

    • Hi TRR!!!! How are you?

    • THEREALROBZILLA!!! welcome back out of lurkdom… please stay awhile!

  33. So, the good news is that the fact that these people exist makes me feel SO MUCH MORE NORMAL! I guess there are degrees of crazy. To my RL friends, the mere fact that I am posting on here and “know” many of you would be kinda crazy, but then WAAAAY down the crazy meter is the (admittedly talented) girl who made this video. She needs to use her talent for good – not weird creepy stalkerish-y kinds of videos. The more I hang out with you good ladies (and unicorns) the more I feel like my robsession is not only completely appropriate, but normal as well 🙂

    • Never thought of it that way but you are soooo right. Our life here THATS NORMAL!!

    • @chinamother

      ummm yea just wanted to say……..

      GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      ok you may now continue to your normally programmed ROBSESSION 🙂

      • lol @brummielover.. haha

        GO PENS is right!!! 😛

        tho im a montreal fan!

        • @hunnieb

          All are welcomed here… We don’t judge 😉

          Well unless you are a Wings fan hahaha j/k not really! lol

        • oh no! what’s this bout the Wings? Can’t help that I grew up lovin me some D-town boys…

          • hahaa. im front toronto who is a die hard habs fan. (no jokes, i redid an entire habs themed bedroom)
            but sid and malkin deserve the cup this yr more so than zetter-whats his name 😛 hahahah

            i ❤ hockey too much.. haha im canadian what can i say! i was practicaly born on ice

  34. I feel violated after watching that. Not even sure what to think right now. Yes…speechless is the perfect word. I don’t know how, if it’s possible, to erase that from my mind.

    Poor, poor Rob. I really am starting to feel sorry for him. He HAS to be scared if he’s seen this. I’m just sayin.

  35. *cringe*I couldn’t watch the whole thing. Poor Rob, it must suck having absolutely no control over things like this.
    I’m going to take another shower now.

  36. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM … i’ve paused it :30 seconds into the video… quite frankly i’m extremely scared.

    like extremely scared. what is she going to do to him in this video?!?!

    • kill him.

  37. Wow!

    I absolutely was prepared to be dragged to the funeral pile by devoted Rob fans….
    the actual surprise is that some people noticed the music anyway. I was actually expecting them to go “…song? What song? There was a song??” 😉

    Some even liked my song which made my day.
    That’s every artist’s only fuel, you know. We’re so weird….

    Thanks, Unintendedchoice, for posting it.
    (I was heartbroken when you neglected my actual Twilight-song “One Wolf” back then, but now I’m all better ;-)))

    • Betti… Have to be honest the vid did creep me out a good bit… But I thought the song was lovely and have listened to it 3 times… wish I was artistic and have to admire your computor skills in putting the vid together just please next time make it sexy adorable Rob…trust me the comments we’ll give you then will be ALL love

    • Betti! I truly enjoyed the song. The whole time I was listening I was trying to figure out if it was some obscure Annie Lennox song. I would so buy it on itunes.

      I also liked the concept of the video with the stylized animation and the grainy quality to the photos and stuff. There were just a few moments here and there that creeped me out just a wee bit and in the end left me feeling a bit conflicted about it. Which, for all I know, was exactly what you were going for, and if so, good job! I can, however, appreciate the scads of time it must have taken for you to do that. I’m impressed, even if I am conflicted!

  38. okay… paused at 2:00 … what’s so wrong with this video? i thought it was every girls dream to be caressed and loved and stroked by an animatronic Robert Pattinson? non?

    remember the animatronic show of the Chuck E cheese characters they used to have ever half hour at that jaunt? yep, this is reminding me of that… but only in the XXX kind of way. i repeat my message again from above. I’m scared.

    • ROCK A FIRE!!!!!!!!!!

      😉 animatronic bears rule

    • LOL i was totally at chuck e cheeses yesterday and saw them ! haha. ive got a lil brother whose 5, and even HE was scared of them!

  39. i only made it to 1;38 and had to kill it. i may have to disinfect my computer too. god that was awful.

  40. ohhhhh…. and it just got better. the betty david red lipstick. all over his body. awesome. but you know what’s evil, to do that “pan slowly down the body” and to stop at the belly button. WTF. where’d the sparkle peen go? you can’t tease a girl with extreme awkward slight motions from an animatronic rob and then completely wimp out like that and instead of the sparkle peen show a photo montage. BOOOO.

    okay. now that i’m sufficiently embarrassed, and still very much scared, i’m gonna go watch the “where’s oregano” video to balance myself out.

  41. After reading your comments, I decided to write mine as I was watching the video. It was the only ways I would have had words:

    – I’m laughing from the very beggining. How can someone be SO crazy to start the video with a “dear Rob”, like he’s going to read it! People are SO CRAZY! I’ve heard thare are blogs about it to…crazy people! LOL

    Ok, it’s starting….wait, is he moving his eyes??? I’m scared!!!!

    It’s like they’re promoting the second version of PE: The Robot. He moves!

    When he’s playing the guitar I don’t know if it’s just creepy of funny. It’s like those ‘people’ outside the car shops “The best prices HERE!”

    LIPSTICK TATOO???? WHAT? I think I’ve had enough. Closing the window right now.

    HOLY SHIT! He’s moving his eyes again and looks just like Chucky!! And he smiles like chucky!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    Why did u make me see this???? my eyes!!! my eyes!!!

  42. barf. i couldn’t watch the whole thing.

  43. I only got past the part in the video with the first picture. I was TOO 2nd hand embarrassed to even continue watching. The song itself. The creepiness of it. I couldn’t handle it.

    Oh my, speechless

  44. Blind, deaf and mute. That me now.

  45. Honestly, I didn’t find it as much creepy as I did…funny. The animation totally reminded me of the cartoons on Monty Python, like the baby who sucks up the entire room when someone pulls out his pacifier. Or the hand that keeps reaching for the fig leaf of Michelangelo’s David? Here:

  46. omg. erm. ah……..

    there are no words.

    I stoppped at the guitar playing. Is there a reason to go on?

    • No.

      Just no.

  47. Ummm…I…..Well…..
    I believe I am actually speechless…
    That was…creeptastic. I think.

  48. That was very strange. Kinda creepy. haha Don’t make our Rob look creepy!

  49. I see nothing and I am kind of thankful for that!

  50. I am so conflicted…does this scare the bejeezus out of me or was I so lost in the fact it was Rob’s face that I am willing to ignore the creepiness of this?

    No it actually does in fact scare me….this is WAY beyond 2nd hand embarrassment

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