Posted by: Bekah | August 8, 2009

Harps play when Robert Pattinson is around…

Dear Rob,

No matter who you might be at a hotel with. Or what you might be doing there (playing UNO & drinking margs?), I’ll forgive you for not being with me if you promise to look at me like this next time I come across you:

(Since I hear the sound of harps playing when I think of this moment in time, I’d prefer our soundtrack to be with a harpist instead of a piano)

And because we all need a little laugh:

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Short, sweet, simple…. Saturday!


Having a bummy Saturday? Proceed directly to the top of this post and watch the first video on loop for at least 20 min. This will ensure your day is spectacular!

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  1. Awesome! The perfect beginning of a lazy saturday afternoon here on the old continent.

    Brrrrring on the harps!

  2. I love that clip from the Oscars… when ever I see it I think who the hell is the lucky person he is looking at like tha.. to be granted that look.. but not just the look.. he looks back twice more… and those last two looks.. gaaahhhh!!…

    It’s sort of like one of his co-stars said in an interview “He sees, and listens”… (yes it was from she-who-shall-not-be-named because frankly.. it’s a new day new topic :D)

    As I was saying.. he see and listens and when he communicates he’s in the moment with that person… it’s kind of intense… the way he makes eye contact with his interviewers… whomever he migt be talking to… I just adore him!

    OK OK I have to stop I need to get myself to NYC for Sam Bradley tonight.. can’t wait!!

    Have a great Saturday everyone!

  3.’s nice to just enjoy Rob after all the craziness yesterday. That was exhausting and stressful. I saw Sam Bradley in NYC last night, so that made me forget it all for a while. He was great; so funny, awkward and nervous. He repeatedly ran his hands through his hair, which made me think know:). Plus there was a guy there who was 75% Rob, 25% Jimmy Fallon. Trust me, it worked. He was hot. I kept craning around my husband to see him.There were some guys there(dutiful husbands!)-Sam actually mentioned that he was glad to see some guys in the crowd.I had a great time, but I didn’t stick around to meet him,although 95% of the audience did.I always feel kind of weird doing that-and I know I would’ve blushed, which I hate.

    Now I have to catch up on all the insanity that I missed last night.

  4. Thanks so much for this! I love, love, love how he looked at the Oscars! BTW, that was me he was talking to! LOL. Just kidding. There was certainly a moment there, like everyone just faded into oblivion and it was just him and that person staring and talking to each other. His smile and eyes were to die for. He’s so gorgeous he makes me sick sometimes. 🙂

    Love Rob’s different faces!

    Omg and that video of that comedian! He’s hilarious! I don’t think Rob’s accent sounds like that but it’s so funny anyway.

    Have a nice Saturday people!

    • southernbelle, I think our reactions to Rob are very similar! I know waht you mean about feeling sick-I get that too, especially when it hits me that he lives in another world and is so out of reach. Oh well-at least we can enjoy him from afar.

      • @southernbelle & dazzledtodeath – seriously girls, have we met? *great minds think alike*

        • We should meet. Maybe form a “Rob Pattinson 12 Step Recovery Program-for Those Unable to Kick the Rob Habit”. Maybe some day.

          • Yes, we should. We will meet someday.

      • dazzled and maygirl: yes we should all meet! Were are you from? I’m in Louisville, KY.

        I know…Rob is almost intangible, sigh. The 12 step recovery program sounds very good right now :-(. We need intervention. LOL.

        • OOppps maygirl, I had to read ur post again! But we all def should meet someday! How about some shopping therapy? Ahh, that sounds good. Maybe I’ll get lipstick from Sephora today. LOL. I’m totally going off tangent here.

        • Oh I would love to meet you girls. Really I would. But the thing is I live in India. So I have to save up some serious cash. In future I hope I would be able to meet both of you and hopefully most girls from LTT/LTR.

          • haha where abouts in india? thats where im from ! well.. ive got my entire mom’s side of the family there!

        • dazzledtodeath,southernbelle,maygirl I am right there with all of you. I may or may not need an intervention too! Shopping sounds like more fun though! I’m originally from KY southernbelle. I heard about all the rain you guys got…hope you didn’t have to deal with any flooding!

          • We had some flooding in our area but it was worse in downtown Louisville. We had some water in my basement, nothing major. The street going to my house my closed off bec. it was under water. Anyway, we survived, we had it worse during Ike last yr and also during the ice storm 2009! We lived in a hotel for 2 weeks!

            Shopping this afternoon!

          • Glad you are okay! Have fun shopping 🙂

  5. You know…in that first video…he was totally looking at me.

    I was at the Oscars.

  6. I find it highly amusing that, for a guy with such an expressive face, the role Rob’s most famous for involves him being not… very… expressive.

    He needs to do a comedy soon – he could be like Val Kilmer when he did comedy in the 80s. I would totally pay to see that.

    • So true

    • I’ve always thought the same. I always found him to be completely hilarious. I really think he’d be great in a comedy. Not slapstick, but a darker, drier Britishy-y comedy (the best kinda, as far as I’m concerned!).

  7. UC, the third video is not working for me. It says ‘clip you selected isn’t available from your location’. Do you have alternate version for the same clip? If not, its okay. Thanks.

  8. The first video – I think a fan was asking him for a pic or something. *ducks head – sorry for ruining it girls*

    But I love that one so much – *swoooooooooonnnn*

    • Oh that is one lucky fan! Wish that was me :-(. Oh and now when I hear Claire de lune I think of Robert Pattinson. Funny cause I’ve heard this all my life, I’ve been playing piano for yrs….never associated it with him. Now this music is forever associated w/ Rob, in my head at least.

      • I any music which was related to twilight makes me think about him. Wait a min, I have to stop thinking about him to start rethinking about him. So I think about him always. I need intervention. Help!



        • Totally! Robisamindcontroller!

  9. Thank you thank you thank you, UC. I was akwoken by the cat ralphing all over my laptop. Which happened to be 2″ from my face. And I’d been up until 3 crunking with the forum ladies. And t went downhill from there. Gah.

    These did the trick!

    Now if there was only one not puked on place where I could go take a nap…



    have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

  11. have you guys seen this yet? I don’t know how to show this to you without giving the guy hits but’s it’s just a sad can also read this on Rob’s IMDB page….

    • Ummm….that article seriously pisses me off! The man that wrote it is obviously so jealous he can’t see straight. He has no clue what he’s talking about. Narcissistic is one word that doesn’t belong in the same sentence as Rob! I srsly doubt that guy has ever even watched any of Rob’s movies otherwise he wouldn’t be able to say that Rob has little talent. RP is extremely talented. Okay, I’m getting furious and ranting…you ladies understand.

  12. Great videos!!!
    That first one made my heart stop, seriously. He is soooo beautiful.
    Many of the faces in that second video did in fact make me laugh. That hair in the last shot!
    Thanks for starting off my morning right!

  13. Dear Rob,

    You are hot.. that is all.

    Dear Jimmy,

    You crack me up and can play Edward and Barry Gibb like nobody’s business.



  14. You know, if Rob has actually seen them….no one would have a bigger laugh over the Jimmy vids. I venture to guess he’d love them!

    • I agree!

  15. That oscar vid is swoon-worthy. Lucky fan. He’s very intense and smoldering… I’d lose my shit if he looked at me like that.

    Also, I’m assuming everyone here has seen the Edward vs. Harry Potter one Jimmy did a few weeks back? Even better than this one… I would love to see Rob on JF one of these days… I feel confident in my assumption that there would be ENDLESS giggling (on both parts).

  16. Phew! I sooo needed this after yesterdays craziness.

    Love the first video! It’s so easy to pretend that he’s looking right at you. And that smile…Argh!! To Die For! Oscar Rob is definitely my favorite Rob!

    Thanks UC!! this made my day…heck! it made my whole weekend! BTW, have a nice one girls!

  17. have mercy to the first video!!

    oi.. i cant see the 3rd one.. 😦 it says something about not being able to view in my area? damn u canada! restricting me from viewing my Heine-drinking lover!

    the first vid made my day.. i can now go back downstairs to work w/ a smile on my face pretending like i care for the customers (i work in a restaurant)

    <3's it!!!

  18. UNO!!!! I love UNO! I would just keep drawing the “reverse” card so Rob and I could play off each other all night long!ifyouknowwhati’msayinandithinkyoudo

  19. LOTN?? Where is everyone?!? lol

    • Hi FN. I don’t know. Maybe some others will come out and play.

      • How was the birthday party?

      • Hey! I hope so!

        The B-day party went well. I had a cupcake and some ice cream and it was delish. lol

        How was your day?

        • Was she born on 8-8-08?

          Things were good. I think I need to get some more sleep before Wednesday though. I’ve got 7 chapters of CoH to finish. I got the book Bon-Ami and will see if I can read it. I remember a couple of Guy de Maupassant stories from high school.

          • Actually, her birthday is the 9th, but her party was today. It’s funny b/c my cousin’s birthday and my BFF’s little boy’s birthday is on the same day. So weird! lol

          • I haven’t been able to sleep in the past few days. It sucks. I still need to finish TFR.

          • How far are you on TFR? How many chapters total?

  20. I’m on chapter 15/48 and there’s a sequel! lol I have a LOT of catching up to do.

    • Wow. At least these stories are always there and we can get to them easily. I came across a whole bunch of author recs and there are a few completed ones with 30+chapters. I like those the best because of the character develpment. One of them is Inked–another tattoo story. lol

      • I actually have Inked on my list already! lol

        • Whoever gets to it first–we’ll let each other know the best ones.

          • Deal! lol

  21. Just popping in to say hi, will be back to play properly in approx 20mins

    • Whoo hoo! I’m excited!

    • Yay Lizzie! LOL

  22. Alright i am back and ready to play for a little while, have been living in RL now need to catch up with Robworld! Looks like ot has been a little tense in Robworld, lol.

    • I think I’m out of it too. Haven’t been following too closely. FF is still taking my time.

    • Yeah….VERY tense Robworld! WTF is up w/ THAT?!? lol

      How’s the future??

      • was fantastic, or maybe I just forgot how much fun RL can sometimes by, and it was spectacular weatherwise this weekend, that helps too! I have good vibes for your sunday too.

        • WHoo hoo! I like that!

  23. Hey ladies! I started reading CWAIA and just finished Chapter 9. Loving it!

    • Oh, good! It is the one I look forward to the most right now. I like her long chapters too. That’s a lot of trauma to deal with, huh? And his constant hard on! lol

      • Definitely. I like this version of Edward!

      • Oh GOD! That anaconda is HOT! lol

        • LMAO!

    • Of course you are! lol

    • I’ll get there E, I have it out ready to go and cause of your constant pimping I am goibg to read it BEFORE i read AG’s finished Ferns story, it better live up to hype…

      • I know I do pimp this one a lot but it’s soooo good. You’ll like it. Tattward, the cupcake boy.

        • you know I trust your judgement, have no doubts will love it, I always do!

        • LOL @ Tattward the cupcake boy. I’m off to read a little more and get some sleep. Good Night 🙂

          • Nite, Sarah. Good to hear from you again.

          • Night! Talk to you later!

  24. I actually spent about 30 mins sorting out my ff files this morning, there was a lot of paper there, putting favs together, putting unread ones ina pile etc, i didn’t quite realise how many i had, lol, no wonder i haven’t needed to go to the library in about a month!

    • Your funny L! I can just see that file box now! There really are a lot of good stories out there. I don’t know if/when I’ll ever get bored of them. It’s like each one is its own little world and you live there for a while. Sad when it’s over. It’s hard to explain to people that you’ve been living in these other universes. It’s totally consuming.

    • Haha! I can’t believe you print them out! First of all I’m worried about all the paper it would take, and secondly, I would be afraid someone would find my stash! lol I really need to print some of them out. Or at least save them to my hard drive. Would that be lame??

      • Some of them are definitely worth saving. Somebody find you stash! LOL Could be a bit embarrassing….

        • yes very MAJOR embarrassing

      • I know, ,esp since i print them at work (yes I know exceptionally naughty of me, I nearly ahev a heart attack with some of them if the printer stuffs up, sometimes i like to live on the edge, LMAO) however after being on the computer all day the last thing i feel like doing is reading on the screen some more, we do at least use recycled paper, mat attempt at being green!

        • LOL! At least you’re making an effort to save the environment! lol

          Go you! Living on the edge and whatnot. I can definitely understand how you must feel about the printer jamming up!! That’s hilarious!

          I can imagine you having someone help you…

          Very helpful male co-worker: “What is this anyway? (starts to read “They were completely exposed because of my position. Whichever one of them it was, I had to guess it was Bella, had taken them into their mouth and were sucking lightly. If I weren’t bound like this, I would have come right off the table. It was fucking incredible. It was almost as incredible as the mouth that closed around my aching cock just a moment later.”) WHAT THE-Is this yours???”

          Lizzie: “Uh…of course not! (jerks paper away) Thanks for your help! You’re a peach!”

          • Exactly, if it sin’t bad enough the IT dudes spend half heur loife udner my desk rebuilding my computer and looking up my skirt (or maqybe that is just all the FF i read…or not), i then need help removing embarrassing bits of paper from the printer. As i said i like to live on the edge

        • OMG! I could actually see this happening–mortifying! Or else you’ll be a lot more popular than you were before!

          • LOL!

  25. FN – when is exactly is the big move on for, and are you all set?

    E, when do you get some pixie visitors?

    I know you have all told me 100 times but I am big pictire, I know roughly stuff but can never quite remember the details!

    • My elfkins come into Denver Wednesday afternoon. Hotel, dinner, Bobby/Marcus! Yay!

      • I’m SOOOO jealous!!!

        • at least you have seen in person, I am yet to be convinced that these people exist… could all just be a figment of your imagination and some elaborate hoax. Ok i am really really really jealous and just trying to make myself feel better.

          E since FN didn’t give ep THE HAIR RUB i am now deputising you to do it for me.

          • Lizzie, you can’t expect me to do that to her! She doesn’t even want to be touched. Not. Gonna. Happen…

          • LOL! I forgot about that completely! Jenny was disappointed in us for not hugging when we met! lol However, Sister Nugget did get in a fair amount of groping, which I think is infinitely worse than a hair rub!! lol

          • thankyou, if sister nigget got the grope then i think she can cope with the hair ruffle, she is so getting the hug and hair ruffle double combo from me in London!

          • I may try to sneak in a hug. Shhhhh.

          • *whispering* I’ll be disappointed if you don’t, although you knoe J-m is just as likely to come flying at you a la Bella at Edward in NM, yoiu may nbeed to borrow the dude that got to hold Robs bum to hold him up, I still fantasise about that job by the way.

    • I’ll be moving next Saturday. I’m not near set. lol I still have a LOT of packing to do. My mom keeps forgetting to bring me boxes! lol

      • you’ll be right amazing what you can do in the last day, trust me I am an expert at last minute stuff, and I always make it, so will you.

        • Like I told her, she’s going to be moving whether she’s ready or not!

          • she’ll be right, it;s not like you are moving to mars, if you do forget something it won’t be the end of the worls, just take your toothbrush, a clean pair of knickers and your laptop, everything else is just ecess anyway!

          • of course this advice is brought to you from someone that is ALWAYS over the baggage allowance…

          • Hahaha! You’re right. I have way more junk than I realized and I’m not looking forward to packing/unpacking it all. For some reason I see everything as a necessity. I’m like “Well, what if I need this and don’t have it?” And if I don’t take it and end up needing it I’ll be mad that it was one of the 10 things I left! lol

        • I’m pretty good at procrastinating myself! lol

          And you’re right EyeC! I don’t know why I torture myself so!

          • *pointing finger at self* champion procrastinator extrordinaire, no fun unless you torture yourself and leave it to the last minute, i just loike to see how quickly i actually can move when i have to.

          • Haha. I hate that I procrastinate, but at the same time, I thrive on that rush you get when you don’t know if you’ll meet the deadline or not.

  26. OMG!!! Guys!! I hate doing stupid things. WHY?WHY?WHY? I’m such an idiot!!!

    • What are you talking about?

      • I was looking up this guy I know on FB and when I typed in his e-mail address it sent him a freakin’ invite!!!! That’s what I get for being a creeper! ARGH! I was just curious…FML! For real!

        • And to make it increasingly worse, apparently that e-mail account is being used by his ex-GF now. So SHE’LL be the one to get that freakin’ invite! WHY?WHY?WHY?

          • And did I mention that she’s CRAZY and hates me???

          • LMAO! Too late!

          • I’m sooo embarrassed!! I blocked her so hopefully, if she is the one that gets the invite, she won’t be able to see my profile! I want to crawl in a hole and die right now. Is that possible??

          • that’s what you get for being curious and creepy – KIDDING! Don’t worry isn’t everyone over facebook by now, send me an invite, mind you i only go on once every month or so…

          • I dunno.

    • what have you done, c’mon i admit to all sorts of things i should NEVER admit to, but then with the dumb things i constantly do my embarrassement threshold is pretty low these days!

  27. Okay, so apparently it WASN’T her! It was some random guy (why he’s using that e-mail address, I have NO IDEA!) but I cancelled the request so there’s not problem! lol

    Jesus DOES love me!

    • The trauma! LOL

      • You’re not joking! LOL

        I think I’ve learned my lesson! Fo sho!

        Lizzie, how should I search for you?? By name or e-mail? Is it the same as the one I already have?

        • I’d also like to point out that you have a very popular name! LOL

          • just sent you an email

        • name should work, if you are game, if not i will send you my work email which is the one i use for FB

          • I’ll need the e-mail address. You’re name is WAY too popular! lol

          • of course none compare to the original!

          • Right! LOL

  28. Please let’s never speak of this incidence again…LOL

    So guys….how’s the weather?? lol

    • maybe random guy not usung that email address was destined to be your edward, immediately re-send that request!

      • Well, luckily I saw a picture of him and he looks rather tan (aka not cold and undead) and his eyes weren’t black, gold or red. And since I’m engaged to Rob I don’t think that would be very fiance-like of me! LOL

  29. Okay, this is the last time I’ll talk about that incident, but I just want to say thanks to you guys for talking me down from the ledge. I appreciate you listening (reading) my freakout. I can only hope that at least got slight amusement from that. lol

    ❤ you!

    • you know me i tend to find the funny side in most things, so yes thanks for giving me a laugh, but seriously it wasn’t quite as disastorous as you thought. insert smilie face here

    • It didn’t turn out so bad after all.

      • You’re right, it wasn’t bad at all. And I know it wasn’t going to be the end of the world. I’m just really relieved! lol

  30. I was just watching some of the comic-con fan fiction panel, nice to actually see some fo the authors.

    • I listened to part of a podcast not too long ago and they were discussing how old they all were and I was surprised at how young they are. I believe EyeC and I discussed this briefly not too long ago. We wish we had the writing gene!

      • ditto, alas I just have the reading gene!

        • Yep yep! Me too!

  31. ? I have just been able to access twilighted, how do you actually get to the stories????

    • do i need 2 logins, cause when i try and login to the story it says i need to log in when i am already logged in, I don’t understand, yet again!

      • I think that happened to me too. I think you just have to keep trying. I actually had to reset my password several times and eventually just kept the random one they gave me and copy/paste it in whenever I have to get on there.

    • Have you already registered? I don’t go there very often. Almost everything I read is on Fanfiction. Even the favorites I have on Twilighted. I haven’t really searched through them. I did go through the top 10 lists and added the ones from the most favorited stories section that sounded interesting. But like I said, I intend to read them on the fanfiction site. It’s much better than that black/red they’ve got going on over there! lol I tried to sign-up for the forum, but no such luck. I need to try again. I’m afraid of what windows that’ll open. I’m alreadya recluse! lol

      • I thought I had registered wekll i have a login adn passowrd, but i think I have somehow registered for the forums rather than the stories, I really don’t get it, i use everything from fanfiction too, there are just a couple of twilighted that aren’t there which i wsa going to look for,. I may just haev to go without there are plenty of others, it all seems too hard!

    • I go to the Home page. Then scroll down to that panel that is like a table of contents. So far, I go to the last category: Other, because those are the stories I follow (Rob stories). Find whatever area interests you. Once you’re there, just move down through them and click on the title. In the Other category, Just This Once by Just_Write has been my favorite and it’s done now. I’m following The One also with the picture of Keri (Felicity). Also Northern Lights and Whiskey Nights by songirl. She has a great female lead character called Teagan who lives in Vancouver and meets up with Rob one night.

      • Just this once was the one i was after, i have just registered again on the seperate section so hope i eventually crack the code, lol! Since i was ruined (borrowing from Nat here) with i love LA, keen to give another real rob a go!

  32. I’m going to hit the sack ladies! I can barely hold my eyes open!

    Night EyeC!

    Enjoy the rest of your day Lizzie!

    • G’Night FN. Sweet Chocolate covered Robdreams tonight. TTYL.

    • I am going to call it too, need to sort a few things before I hit the sack too!

      Night lovelies, good to catch up again

      • Bye Lizzie. Catch you later.

        • you need to hit it as well E, you need to be fresh for a big one Wed!


  33. Many faces of Rob video.. I LOVE the picture of him on the twilight set laughing his face off… HILARRRIOUS.. Rob’s so adorkable when he laughs.. lol

  34. moregasm?

  35. […] -you showed up to the Oscars, possibly without any underwear on, and waved to a fan/your mom/a special needs fan/me while harps played […]

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