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Rob takes off his shirt & all’s right with the world…


Pray for me. And I'll pray for you...

Dear Rob,

Are your ears still ringing from the screams of every girl, woman & Twimom yesterday? There’s no better way to ensure that absolutely no one gets any work done than release shirtless pictures of YOU. Plus the kiss… kiss with your shirt off. AHH! I believe I will dream very well tonight.

I did scream, once. Or maybe it was just a loud, highpitched gasp. Either way, it freaked out the customer I was talking to on the phone and maybe mortified me a teensy lil’ bit. But mostly I spent the day blurbing about it with The Quad. In fact, every time I check my e-mail there’s something new to laugh about… Here, I’ll show you!

Tony Little would be proud,

The picture is first seen

EastFriend: Praise Jesus.
: I’m sending this to everyone I know. They.Will.Died
: He looks hot. All those workouts and meals of meat and veggies have paid off. Way to go, Rob. I may now decide that he’s a tad better in bed than he was a few months ago.

TwiMoms love Huge Pants


Are those Jengas from '94?

UC: Uh. His pants look HUGE.. Why don’t they have him in some tight ass Diesel jeans? and do you think they helped out the 6 pack a bit w/ make-up? i do…
EastFriend: there’s def some ab shading going on. but ya know–they do it with boobs all the time. and by “they,” I clearly mean ME…as I do it with mine all the time. In summer. a little bronzer, some light shimmer powder…gotta put these babes in the best light possible, ya know???
Moon: This is some mystica tan sculpting… Praise Jesus- it looks awesome and he looks mind blowing.
EastFriend: it’s not all smoke and mirrors…you can see ab definition in those side shots. so yeah…shading…but there’s some real abage going on there, too. hotness.
Moon: For sure! The v is nice!!!!!! They just added some 300 style shading in there so he’ll POP on screen… (thats what she said.)
EastFriend: I love when he pops. Ahem
WestFriend: I am with UC…why no Diesel jeans? Why those baggy ones!?
EastFriend: Because they knew he’d make the twi moms even crazier than ever.
Moon: All he needs is the Dadcase and a newspaper and this is a TwiMom’s wet dream

Or were they rollin’…

EastFriend: Ok look at the hug pic. Wonder if they were even rolling yet? Cause that megaphone is in prime position for the “ACTION” announcement. I’m thinking they took advantage of some very PDA for the 1st time. You know…method acting. Ahem.
: What the fudge is up with Kristen’s nasty rat’s nest?

The Quad keeps Blurbin’ it up, after the jump!

The Ass Man


Dear Summit, You could've paid me less than the ass man. In fact, I would've paid you.

EastFriend: Love the dude holding Rob’s boo-tay. Guess now we know what his purpose is. How will he be billed in the credits?



Moon: He has shapely hips for a man. He’s got curves and knows how to use them


my lumps.. my lovely lady lumps..

All’s right with the world

alls right

Chris Weitz, You got it right. Will you marry me? (Um, I mean will you ask Rob to marry me...?)

EastFriend: Makes me happy. so happy.
: It’s all right! Right with the world. AH! I’m wondering, actually, I KNOW that Rob prob kisses HER.. thinkin he has died and is in heaven (and by Rob I mean Edward)
: Oh, Rob is loving it, too. He’s totally slipping in the tongue. And since they got this scene wrong, (since they don’t kiss in the book until they’re back in Forks) we BETTER see that tongue on screen. Dammit.

The trail to happiness

EastFriend: Kudos to the makeup peeps…Rob totally looks like he’s made of marble. And I didn’t say that ONE TIME during Twilight. He even looks cold…smokin’ hot, but also cold…does that make sense? I love him. He prob wants a dang Hot Pocket.
: He really does look so marblelicious. And they totally shaved him. They listened to the fans. Bye bye happy trail!
: That saddens me. I loved the trail.

We’re onto you

EastFriend: OK…THIS IS NOT DURING FILMING. These are with that bunch where Weitz has been talking with them–no cameras, no one else around. Then the 2 of them are talking…and… well, see for yourself.


Pssst Kristen!? I farted...

EastFriend: Noooooo. They’re not having sex. Not at all.
Moon: Something funny must have happened like she tripped or he has a boner, cause he’s laughing his face off and she’s looking embarrassed.

At the end of the day, we’re just girls who like Twilight

EastFriend: Hi. Yeah. I kinda got emotional. Don’t judge.
UC: Me too
Moon: SQUEEEEEEEEAAAALLLing with excitement. I almost ran to hug the intern who walked by… I need a hug after watching that. Her hands in his hair… AHHH!!! Him smelling her neck… awwwwww Where’s that intern??!
UC: I may or may not like Twilight…

Moon: Sighs, It’s wrong that I’m not hitting that…

Oh Moon, we know how you feel.

Discuss how you feel over at The Forum
Read the Letter to Kristen Stewart begging her to make the magic happen


  1. TONY LITTLE!! hahaha amazing you rule.

    ps isn’t the word boner FUN to say?!

    • Ya, I cant say that without giggling. Let me try it with a straight face…

      ‘Boner.’ Bwahahahahaha…nope, still funny.

      • a very mature friend turned me on (that’s what she said) to this site:

        • OMG!!!!

          @UC…now you KNOW I cant look at that!!!! Srsly, I’m tempted. (that’s what she said.)

        • I love you like a dog loves his bone.

          And that’s what she said.

        • Holy shitballs! I took a chance and looked at this at work….despite my inner monologue telling me not to. It was both the best and worst decision. I spewed iced chai everywhere BUT it was damn worth it. Funny shizz!

        • Oh God. After a quick glance I decided I most definitely have to wait til I’m off work to look at that.

        • omgomgomgomg!

          I looked! I looked!!

          Against my better judgement, but oh-my-stars, that some funny shizz right there.
          Recommended for peeps not at work, fo sho.

        • I really, really want to check the site out but… i’m kinda suppose to be working right now….

          Well i might aswel do it since i have been drooling over the shirtless rob pictures almost all day 😉

    • okay, been absent a few days, now where to begin? Tony little? almost as funny as uh oh spaghetio. wow, rob, half nude. i think i can safely say that some people had to leave the jobs early to find the nearset dude with greasy hair and have thier way with them after viewing those pics. P.S. I wish Kristen would get her hands off my man before I tell oregano about that one time in band camp.

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  3. I still can’t stop squeeing!!

    “Pssst Kristen!? I farted…”


    • LMAO at this too

  4. I just watched the video and I have no words but it’s not because of anything other than I have chills… I felt the moment that I have read FAR too many times in print. I so cannot wait for this movie! Still. have. bumps. Wow.

    Thank you Chris Weitz. Thank you.

    • I know!! I got a little teary eyed watching the video.

      Chris Weitz I ❤ your face!!!

      • Is it noon yet so I can go home for lunch and
        watch the vid? Goin crazay ovah heeyah!

    • I second that emotion.. Seriously, all last night I wished and prayed that Chris Weitz could stay on for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Why god why? He’s made all my hopes and dreams come true. Why ruin such a good thing? Why?!

      All I can say is that Hard Candy dude better not eff up the leg hitch and tent scenes in Eclipse. He’s got a hard act to follow.

      • Sister….the leg hitch. I’m with ya on this one. That is all.

        • I want the “Surprise” chapter on the bedroom floor
          in Breaking Dawn, and if it’s not I will personally
          go over to the screenwriter’s house
          and throttle her neck!

          • Hopefully it will have an “R” rating so that we don’t have to deal with the young Rob fans.

          • I’m coming with you !

  5. I have never in my life been as unprofessional in my life as I was yesterday. Seriously. Saw the pics. Squeeeed. Out loud. At work. Then I spun around in my chair because I stopped breathing and had to look away from the pics for a second. Then I texted my coworker who was away from her desk and then I looked back at the pics and squeeeeed again. And that was just the kissing pics that first came out.

    When the pics with the full view of HHH came out, I almost slid out of my chair. Another coworker came over to my desk and started fanning me with a notebook. I had turned all kinds of different colors and she thought I was about to pass out.

    Yep, color me first-hand embarrassed. But dayum. I love me some shirtless Robward.

    • i know… i had SO much to do.. and did NONE of it
      (and obviously today i’m being JUSt as productive since i’m responding to comments instead of working!)

      • I have all these windows open and
        everytime the chick behind me gets up I open one and
        stare. Then when she comes back I close it.
        Then when she goes home for the day at noon
        I never get anything done, LMAO!
        Obsessed much?! Yep, that’s me!


  6. I died when i saw these pics earlier! I literally mmmmm-ed out loud which caused my cousin to give me a really weird look hahaahaa
    But as much as the pics are hot, theres just something about the kissing pics that looks ick… i dont know – it just doesnt looks like a very good kiss……….. 😦

    • rob puckers his lips really weird.
      believe me.
      he did it for me
      and i slapped him and said “never kiss me like that again” i didn’t…

      • hahaha oh moon you didn’t! methinks rob liked that a lot. wait i think that’s some fanfic i was thinking about.

        seriously though, the pics are effing hot. and rob is just divine! im beginning to hate kristen. she gets to kiss him AND touch his glorious hair. gah!

  7. I guess that takes care of Rob Porn for the next millennia…

  8. I so heart buttcrack Rob. He can give me his “little bottle” any time he wants.

    • hahaha i’m dying!

      • BA HA HA HA – That is about the funniest (and truest) thing I’ve read in ages.

  9. Damn it, first grabby the security guard in Cannes, and now butt holding Rob up straight dude, seriously I have enough competition from the rest of the entire female population, i don’t need the dudes to be moving in as well!

    • Yeah – I know what you mean about Popeye. I came to the conclusion he was trying to give Rob ‘special hugs’ especially in the cannes video. Rob kept looking over his shoulder nervously everytime Popeye was behind him! LOL

      I would love to have the job of holding Rob’s ass. When was that advertised?

    • HAHAHA you said it! we dont need the dads and old dudes getting in on the action too!

  10. Oh, and Kstew’s ass. I’m not saying I would do her, but, Robbie, I totally understand.

    • I came over all fake lesbian at Kstews ass yesterday. Girl is rocking a fine one.

  11. “Moon: It’s wrong that I’m not hitting that…”

    Girl, that is sooo how we all feel !!!!
    I couldn’t even post on the forum yesterday as I was incoherent in both speech {ohhh ummmm God God God, does not count as vocal} and mind, as all thoughts were on a par with what was falling out of my mouth, along with the drool. Sorry a bit too much information there.

    I actually wondered about the ‘boner’ as there is a pic of the ‘Rob crotch’ {sooo love typing that} looks as if
    a) there’s ‘movement’
    b) the sun is shining on those baggy pants and casting illusions
    ❤ you all

  12. “he’ll pop on the screen…” LOL.
    It looks like he’s popping here.

  13. OME!!

    It was craziness yesterday!! Some website literally collapsed after these pictures and I barely had some work done… I was alternating between drowning in drool and hyperventilating so you can understand that I was too busy trying to breath to do anything else.

    I really don’t like that they “retouched” Rob’s abs. IMHO he is perfect the way he is. BUT I so want to hear his comment about it in the audio commentary for New Moon. =O) LOL

    Love to everyone in the Quad,


    • Oh!

      Dear Summit, You could’ve paid me less than the ass man. In fact, I would’ve paid you

      ME TOO!!!! 😀

    • Oh yes, the audio commentary.
      It’s guaranteed to be 100% gold…

  14. “do you think they helped out the 6 pack a bit w/ make-up? i do…”
    Totally agree, but so worth it.

    @pange: ditto everything you said. Chris Weitz- you owe corporate america a lot of lost time compensation. I love you!

    • Not only corporate America!!
      I think nobody in the world worked after those pics!!!
      😀 LOL 😀

      • Yep – no work done in Sydney, Australia today, yesterday… actually not much done since Dec08 when the movie was released

  15. panties ablaze

  16. W.O.W. I mean my husband will so benefit from these photos.
    He really does look hard like marble which was missing in Twilight. (when she cuddles up to him on her bed sleeping. I mean HELLO!!! he is rock hard and cold, I generally don’t cuddle up against a hard surface while sleeping, unless a boner (word of the day) counts)
    I could spend hours admiring these pictures but I fear it could only end badly in spontaneous combustion.
    I mean W.O.W.
    thud, call a medic, get out the paddles

    • I always get the giggles when I see your campbells can, LOL!

  17. Silent squees and shoulders shaking from silent laughter… I wish I could be audible when reading LTT and LTR at work! You guys have made my day with your comments: “All he needs is the Dadcase and a newspaper and this is a TwiMom’s wet dream.” “He really does look so marblelicious.” “Pssst Kristen!? I farted…”

    And I heart Chris Weitz. It looks like he so got it right. Plus he’s kind of hot in a Clark Kent sorta way.

    PS – Did anyone see the pic of Rob just before Kristen jumps into his arms?? SO hilarious!! He has such a grimace on his face – he was really bracing himself. LOL

    • he’s thinking “dammit fake abs that make me look much stronger that I really am! this is gonna HURT”

  18. wow. speechless. can’t wait for movie. Rob better do commentary. can you guys imagine the next films? did he go commando? he’s got some “nice ass” curves. 🙂 always a pleasure

    • I think he goes commando a lot. As Rob and now clearly as Edward.

    • “ab”solutely is commando. What do vampires need with underpants?

      I just need to comment on his grey pants. What is up with that? They make his hips look like he could be the one to birth Reneesme (shit – can’t remember how to spell that ridiculous name). They should’ve had him in some sweet tight jeans. Even some nice looking dockers would’ve been better.

  19. Am I to assume that Kristen was hitting the gym to get a J Lo butt while Rob was hitting the gym to get those abs?

    • She makes me want to go lesbo.

    • apparently! sign me up for their trainer! (as i sit here eating a cookie)

  20. Ahem…yes, the tears have welled.

    Yesterday I did the happy dance. You know the one, when you were a like a Christmas and you just realized Santa brought you that hawt cowgirl outfit you had seen in the store, the one with the fringe! Such pure, unspoiled, authentic joy…there are no words.

    Whew, okay….back. How many times have we read this part in N.M.? Not admitting. But dang if they didn’t get it as close as possible to what I pictured. Thank you Chris, Rob, God, anyone who will listen…thank you.

    and this…
    Dear Summit, You could’ve paid me less than the ass man. In fact, I would’ve paid you.

    Truth, every word. And they would have had to pry me off with the ‘jaws of life’ when they were done with the scene. Even then I would be going for the reach around (ifyouknowwhatI’msayin)

    Pretty sure every pair of knickers I own have just simultaneously combusted in perfect unison.

    Dear Rob,

    Anytime, anywhere, anyway, and DAMN!

    • >Truth, every word. And they would have had to pry me off with the ‘jaws of life’ when they were done with the scene. Even then I would be going for the reach around (ifyouknowwhatI’msayin)<

      That is called being a dedicated, thorough employee!

      • I have a strong work ethic, you know.

    • cowgirl outfit with the fringe!!!!

    • love that comment! The ass man may have the best uncredited role in the film! And the reach around. LOL! A little rusty trombone?

  21. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hate Kristen’s shoes. I don’t CARE that they are trendy…they look like navy blue Keds. FUG-ly.
    And they better include the part where he says “Carlisle was right.” in regards to him having a soul, thinking he was dead. I will cut a bitch if details are left out.

    • Fluffy-Pooooo!!

      I ❤ your face!!

      "I will cut a bitch if details are left out."


      Das right! U listen to the cutabitch! ahahahahahahaha 😀

    • I dig you, and I feel you. Those Keds are way uncool.

      “I will cut a bitch if details are left out.” Truer words have NEVER been written. Again, I dig you and I feel you.

      p.s. Ever seen Bon Qui Qui on MadTV? “I will cut you!” Say it all the time.

      • I don’t like the shoes either, she should have her own Converse on.

        I will hold down the bitch that needs a cuttin’ for you if they leave out the best lines!!! I am with you!

    • CUTABITCH! *Smooch* I ❤ your face.

  22. “It’s wrong that I’m not hitting that…” Moon, that is the funniest/saddest thing you’ve ever said.

    And I never realized Rob’s ass was that spectacular. Cause it is. Indeed.

    Love these pictures. I’m thinking the fasting and praying is paying off.

    UC–you referenced Tony Little. I will love you forever for that one. And if my hair were long enough, I’d wear a ponytail all day. In honor of you. And Tony Little.

    • I ❤ Little

    • Since you can’t get your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck I will wear one for you. You should wear a tight ass shirt and roll up the sleaves to show off your bulging bicepts. Thank you tony little for the gazelle without which rob could have never pulled this off.

    • it is wrong and it made me sad.

      off to get on my gazelle!!!!

  23. Best set photos EVER! How lucky is Kristen to be all wrapped in dat!

    HIL.LAR.EEE.OUS! I love quad breakdowns!

    I want the job of the dude holding Rob’s ass.

    I could totally make out with Chris Weitz right now. Don’t smack me but I’m kind of glad Hardwicke isn’t behind this one.

    I can’t wait to watch the video! It’s just a white box from work. DAMNIT! But I shall not complain though because ppssstt…I have good news. My computer at home is now normal and happy. I can now catch up at the forum!

    • oh Hardwicke couldn’t handle this pressure- for SURE!

    • SO glad hardwickes out… we would NEVER have had this with her!!!!

  24. Oh, and I also wish I had Kristen’s ass!

    • I did several years ago, does this get me any points. No? Crap. *Putting the bagel down.*

      • I have “Kristen’s” ass. Can I have Rob now?

  25. @PinkFluff I’ll help you. That’s such an integral part of the story for me. When he finally believes that there can be something after death for him. And when he thinks he’s dead because Bella’s there with him. *sob*

  26. So I was sitting here, really bored at work, bummed I was done checking email/FB/twitter, when I realized I hadn’t done my rounds of LTT/LTR yet….And that made my day. So thanks for always being here in the morning when I (and every other working person out there) need you most!!
    Ps. That vid is amazing!!

  27. You said ‘boner’…ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it…just almost as much as I love Rob!!! Is it me or are those pants just begging to be pulled off?? I kept trying to pull them down more through my computer LOL 😉

  28. Squeeeeel! Am dead. I lost my shit on Lauren’s Bite when these came out last night. I will still get next to nothing done today at work. ::happy sigh::

    I used to have a life… I used to be normal… What happened?!?

    • i ask myself the same question every day

    • I haven’t left the house in 2 days. Watching Rob’s pics all the time. But that’s normal, right?

      • Totally normal.

  29. I teared up at that video. I can’t wait.


  30. *sigh*

    I luvs the bum.


    • And I’ll be watching the vid when I get home. Where I’m sure I’ll tear up. 🙂

  31. In the “fart” pic, he looks like he’s about to pull her pants down and slip it in. Did I go too far? Oh, you know you guys were thinking it. Even the non-Robstens couldn’t help but think it.

    The video – amazing. I’m not going to sleep or eat until Nov now.

    • Hey WTM, I thought it, ok…with me in her place, but I thought it.

      There I said it. And I feel so free.

  32. This is definitely going into the annuls as a Quad classic! Brilliant, ladies, just brilliant.
    “Marblelious” yep, that’s what she said.
    I’ll go insane before November!

  33. I screamed when I read about the fart part! LOL. My manager came to see what was wrong with me. She was confused because i was choking and crying and hiding my face onder the desk. LOL

    • hahahaha

      • yep…still with tears here LOL.
        Thank God I’m off to home in 40 min. It’s 16.15 here in Holland. My boyfriend will be home late tonight. So I will stuff the kids with some easy dinner, taking them early to bed. Change batteries from my fake rob sparkle peen (I have to change them after watching the pictures yesterday) and then have som human time for myself….. LOL

  34. Let me just say that part of the movie will be easy to watch for lots of reasons…
    (And it just brings back bad memories of how they butchered the first one @#$%&)


  35. i’m definitely not going to get anything done today.. again.. the boss will just have to understand! lol

    this is what heaven on earth looks like, right?

  36. “My lumps, my lovely lady lumps.”

    BAHAHAHAHAHHAHA…I just spit my coffee out all over the place. Thank you for that.

  37. Every time you say “Twimom” I have to doubt myself. I wonder aloud “I’m a mom and I’m into Twi, am I a twimom?”. But eventually I just assume that I’m too cool for Twimom status.

    • perhaps one of these days we’ll define what a twimom is to us. I am a mother too. To two cats & I love Twilight. But i am NOT a twimom (i’m trying to relate……! ) in my mind twi-moms wear pattinson pants:)
      and yes. you’re WAY too cool!

    • WTM, I feel the same way. Like I thought that I was a Twimom, just by definition, but I don’t stalk sets, shop at Chico’s, or decorate canvas bags with photos of 100Monkeys, soooooo…………..right, we are too cool for Twimom status, that’s IT!!

      Thanks for helping me justify myself.


      • LOL

        • Trust me. Nobody who posts on LTR/LTT is a Twimom. Twimoms find absolutely no humor in anything Twilight related. Twimoms was the first Twilight website I found when my obsession began. I thought, hey, must be a good site for me. I’m a mom of three. I love Twilight. No brainer, right? WRONG!
          Those Golden Girls are effed up over there. NOT normal.

          • Hee hee.. I made the same mistake checking the Twilight moms site. How could they not see the perviness in Twilight? I didn’t get them and all their “my hubby’s name + ‘ward’ ” talk.

            I could find perviness in a wild mushroom, however. So this is definitely my home.

          • “Those Golden Girls are effed up over there. NOT normal.”

            amazing im dying and no you girls are NOT ‘twi moms’

    • I had the same response to the Twimom point. I am a mom of 2 kids (here comes one of them now), I am totally and irrevocably obsessed with Twilight, ergo, Twimom status, right? But I am relieved to read that it is more a state of mind than a state of being. And I hated those grey pants!!!
      Maybe Twimilf is our appropriate title?

      • LOL I”m ok with twimilf! Like you guys, being a 30 yr old mom, I thought twimom was for me, but I all I really wanted to do was relate to other girls/women who were not underage and was horny for Rob but not in a Pattinson pants sort of way. When I read that one of their rules was “we don’t talk about the actors’s personal lives”, I was outta there. OMG! lighten up, twimoms! Can’t we just oggle Rob, talk about his junk and call it a day?

        Nope, tiwmom I’m not, twimilf, I AM!

        • twimilf, LOL!!!!

          I’m in, because a day without ogling Rob and discussing his junk, is a day not worth getting out of bed for!

          “We don’t talk about actor’s personal life” I call BS on that one, you know they are PMing each other all over the place. Lighten up indeed!

      • ooooohhhhhh…..I’m likin da TwiMilf!

  38. These pictures have just ruined it for me. My hubs will never get it again because he cannot compare to the perfection that is Rob. I swear I screamed like a 15 year old girl and then was completely mute for at least a solid minute just taking in Rob in all his glory. I could just eat this man like a rib. Seriously I think I might hurt him/break him/wear him out. He cannot not know how he affects women.

    • ‘I could just eat this man like a rib’ LMFAO.

      My poor husband has been suffering (and baffled) for the past 6 months, but truly, this is the end for him.

  39. This is all I’ve got:
    1.There is nothing to be said about these pics that has not been said, other than I. am. died……sigh.

    2.I may or may not have squeeeeed aloud when I saw these photos, luckily I was in the house alone……..

    3.November seems really far away, but maybe we will get some Eclipse filming shots in the meantime? Probably not of the leg hitch…..damn.

    4.Oh, and HeLL-OOOOOOOOOO! He is def. commando.

    sigh, again.
    Happy Thursday,

  40. Oh wait, is the vid posted in today’s post a youtube? If so I can download it at work! Oh boy oh boy! Can someone email me the link please
    I know, I’m a pain the ass!
    If it’s not a youtube I can just wait until I get home.

        • sorry about that…nevermind…thought the link would show instead of the vid…

          • You can email it to me if you want.
            all I get here is white boxes. 😦

  41. Hot damn.

    Excuse me,I think I need some special “alone time” now.

    P.S:Just when I had hopes of getting over Rob some day.

  42. Jesus Christ,I don’t think he’s even wearing any underwear.

  43. Damn! That video has me pumped up! I can’t wait for the movie!! Eeekkk!!

  44. these pics made me totally stop workin for at least 2 hrs bc i was e-mailin and facebookin everyone that i knew regarding them!!

    i need a cold shower after lookin at that body..!

  45. definitely said “rob… rob… the v… ok” in my sleep last night and the fiance got a little mad. then he told me i wasn’t allow to look at these pictures before bed again. just watched the video at work and squealed and my co-workers made fun of me. thanks for keeping me productive LTR.

    • your coworkers are obviously haters 😉

  46. I have two problems with these pictures. Yes & I can’t get over them…

    1) What the HELL is up with those nasty ass shoes HE has on? Seriously…looks like skiis on his feet. Edward Cullen with sister Alice is WAY more stylish than THOSE.

    2) Why in the side shot (Pray for me) is there no evidence of his comando glory? We got it in Dolce & Gabbana…why can’t we have it here…Edward Cullen is packing some peen heat.

    What is up with the freaking wardrobe people? Hire me…I’ll make sure he looks damn lickable, I mean likeable. They clearly don’t understand what the masses want.

  47. Hi..
    I was having a REALLY BAD day .. But it’s all good NOw .. thanks to you guys .. I can’t tell you How grateful I am .. that such a blog exsits !!
    It’s better than Prozac 😉 ..I haven’t tried it .. but I am sure .. Nothing tops this blog or the Quad ! ❤

    • ((((Leila)))) I understand wholeheartedly!

  48. Shirtless Rob? 6 pack? I.AM.DIED. and the video??! *squeallll* November is too far we need a time machine!
    Also seeing this pics in your phone in a classroom full of people?? NOT the best idea. I squealed a little. Actually a LOT. The WTF? faces all around me didn’t stop me.
    I’m officially crazy. *sigh*

  49. UC!!!!!!! AMAZING POST!!! OH MY GOD! it’s because of posts like this I feel the need to have a BIG rating button right to the next comment link so I can let u know just how much U ROCK! though I am sure everyone knows that by know 😀 way to go for today’s post!


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