Posted by: Bekah | March 2, 2009

Oh why doesn’t YouTube have a slow-mo feature?

Dear Rob,

Can you help a sister out? I watched this video (minutes 1:56 to 2:05 specifically) 58 times in full screen, pausing on 2:04 every time, took 3 different screen shots and zoomed in as FAR as I could, and I STILL can’t tell if you’re wearing boxers or going commando.  Can you let me know? Thanks!

UnintendedChoice (oh and theMoonisDown is wondering too. She thinks she broke the zoom feature on her blackberry but is grateful she didn’t total her car while driving down the 101 and attempting to figure out the mystery of “is Rob or is Rob not naked?)



  1. I think that even if he is wearing something, it is so thin and soaking wet that it is clinging to his virile form, so he might as well be commando anyway.

  2. Gah! I can’t tell!!! I guess I’ll just have to watch it about ten thousand more times….

    *sigh* Rob Pattinson, soaking wet, naked….O. M. G. I need a shower.

  3. my mind says boxers…
    but my hopeful little heart is screaming COMMANDO!

  4. Ok, I watched a few more times and I’m pretty sure they are both wearing boxers. You can see them pretty clearly @ 1:58.

    Though I agree w/ Sass, they are so thin and wet he might as well be commando.

    • Yes, I saw that too at 1:58. I watched it over and over, and it’s quick, but you can see the boxers. DAMMIT! But maybe there’s the “wet teeshirt” factor, so in the movie , during that scene, we’ll see a bit more. Here’s hoping Rob was being a trooper and a true Artiste for his craft, and let’s us see his……passion 😀

      • OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER… yes more please

  5. I vote boxers, thin, cotton, wet, clingy, transparent…

  6. I think I read an article about this just can’t remember where but it said he was wearing boxers but it was kinda flimsy and that rob was so shy and self concious thoughout. Anyway,it’s ROB !!!I’m off to drool and stare. at. the. err…priceless family jewels

  7. And where did rob go to after he left japan??anybody know?????Robberrrtttttt where rrrrrr youuuuuu!!!!?????

    • hey sherin, rob’s in canada already i think. according to an interview they’re going to start shooting new moon right after they return from the tokyo premiere of twilight.

      • He usually likes to be “alone” when he prepares for a film and submerge himself in the role……oh the inhumanity!

    • He is with me. Didn’t you hear?

      • should have known!!!

        ps vancouver LTR ladies the gauntlet has been issued. find our rob! and report back after you’ve emerged from your den of inequity and lust

    • He is in LA. Try this link

  8. Shy and self-conscious, huh? I wonder if he prefers the lights to be on or off?


  9. Poor Rob, he seems to have such problems with his pants. Either he forgets to put them on completely (ref: Oscars photo!), or they get wet and clingy (ref LA), or he forgets to pack them and has to go buy some more whilst promoting Twiight (ref that MTV intern’s interview) … can you imagine being the person in the shop who got to sell Robert Pattinson some pants …..

    But no matter Rob … After extensive and exhaustive study, I think you are wearing some in that clip above … but I’m sure I’d have them off in just a second to have my wicked way with you, given half the chance.

    ps Rob … how is it that even when you are playing the Dali character with all his .. er … complications you are still so monsterly hot?

    pps Can you just pop out to the shops today and buy some beer or a book or some fast food or something so that we can have a photo, pretty please (and sorry for being so needy!).

    xox English Girl

  10. JAG- I second “boxers, thin, cotton, wet, clingy, transparent…”



  11. Already debated this at my end of the ocean (Italy) with a few friends…and I would venture to say that there’s “something” there….BUT I SO DAMN WISH THERE WASN’T!!!!


    • Monica from Italy? Is this your first comment? WELCOME! Yay for Italian readers! XOXO

    • welcome monica!! i love italy and maybe you can be our LTR italy correspondent when they start filming over there!?

  12. @ sass…. I prefer him with the lights on….*dies*

  13. Need advice ladies – if I buy one of the US Twilight DVD sets will it at least work on my pc (because I don’t have the right type of DVD player for it to work on, it will only work with European DVD’s). Don’t want to wait till it comes out in the UK. Want it right now (well as soon as possible).

    And if How to be and Little Ashes don’t come out either in the cinema or DVD in the UK soon after the US I will be well frustrated.

    That is to say, even more frustrated than I already am….

    Damn … RP …. you have a lot to answer for …

    • Hello English Girl… Ok hubby (UK) and I (USA) have both played diff DVD’s on both of our laptops with no worries. Now having said that..I can’t guarantee it but if you like I could mail you a film from here and you could try it…but I do think it would work. Ta-ra!

      • Thanks brummerlover … I am pretty certain it will be ok, especially after what you have said, so I’m just going to go ahead and order. But very sweet of you to offer.

        We lived in the US for a while – my DH works for an American company but over here in Europe presently … but not the UK where we live. So he flies off on Mondays and comes back for the weekend. Then he has to bear (!) the brunt of my Robsession all thru the weekend! Ha ha ha!

        • OME I wish my Brummie could come home at the weekends! Good thing I have Rob to keep me entertained lol

  14. Wafer thin boxer type undergarments soaked completely through, rendering them null…

    OMG. That was hot. That shouldn’t be hot to me.

    But it was.

    I’m thinking we’re going to see more guys popping up at Twilight stuff after the release of this movie. Great, like we needed the additional competition…

    • LMAO!!

      Here’s hoping that Rob doesn’t become “curious”!

      *clinks glasses*

      • *clink*

        I need another one.

    • you KNOW he has arrived when LE GHEY’s want his bod! that means he’s hot property!

  15. English Girl, wow, I am not sure if it would work on your computer or not…I want to say yes, I am assuming that computers don’t have the compatabililty issues about different regions as the DVD players do?If that was the case, I say you should be alright.

    But I could be talking out of my arse…:-)

  16. hey ladies, here’s another video to make you all swoon. 🙂

    and i don’t think i need to mention how apt the song is.

    • That video was way naughty, but way nice too. I can’t stand it how effing adorable his expressions are at the very end, when he’s on the red carpet. Rawr!!

    • HOTTT

    • I love that song! It was pretty perfect for the True Blood theme song. And using it for a Rob video was just as perfect.

  17. Arrrrggg, I can’t watch this at work, it’s blocked. Damn internet security. I’m going nutz here!

  18. @UC ….. dang it,that vid has got me thinking of the cream of rob again….LMAO..

  19. And his swimming soldiers hahaha!!!

  20. Boxers.
    That is all.

    • come ON… let a girl DREAM!????

  21. @samantha…wow, that video was really, really, um, hot.

    • yeah, i felt like i needed a cold shower after watching the vid. 🙂

  22. WTF, why does watching him smoke a cigarette make me so HOT!

    • No kidding. I hate smoking, hate the smell it leaves but Rob I could live with it!!!

  23. Only Rob can make playing a gay guy hot. Damn that man has got it. I agree after this movie we are going to have additional guy fans. But who can blame them? Rob’s a freaking God.

    • Excellent point, and one I’ve made to Mr. Lu. “How the HELL can he make gay look so god forsaken hawt??????” Mr. Lu was stumped, as was I.

  24. Hey guys! Missed you all this past weekend!!

    I ALWAYS vote that Rob is commando! It works better with the fantasies.

    I’ve already told FakerStephanieR on Twitter that I called dibs on the tuxedo pants he wore at the Oscars. Yum!!

  25. Aaah, the way he says “no limit” (or “limits) is so HOT!

  26. Darn just lost another pair of panties after watching that video.

  27. Oooo. Might give “Ashes” a shot, after all.

    The weird mustache just creeps the hell out of me. I couldn’t get past it to really examine the boxer/commando issue.

  28. Seriously Victorias secret must be making a lot of money off us LTR girls,what with the vanishing panties and all

  29. In my imagination it is always boxers!!!

  30. I remember an interview he did outside the Comic Con convention and he said “does anyone even wear briefs anymore?” Which obviously lead me to believe he is a boxers guy.

  31. He is definitely wearing boxers of some sort in the Little Ashes clip.

    Oh well, I can just fantasize about pulling them off with my teeth.

  32. @UC- LOL! ‘grateful she didn’t total her car’! don’t think I could do that while driving (too distractinng)!

    @Sass- ‘lights on or off’ (good question)!
    Fantasizing- me too!

  33. @Sass and Gen – Lights ON definitely!

    I must see those Eff me now looks he gives with those smoldering eyes of his. Your wish is my command Mr. Pattinson.

  34. @robzilla…just imagine those thin, soaking wet, clingy boxers pressing up against your hips.


    • OMG- brain has just gone into overdrive! AHHHHHH!

    • Oh I can imagine it. They would be slightly cool to the touch since they are wet but they would be steamy hot everywhere they are touching his body. Just the dichotomy of temperature is enough to make me *THUD*

    • Now I need new panties…thanks! LOL

  35. Those thin, soaking wet, clingy boxers pressing up against your hips…so close, only that thin fabric separating you from nirvana.

    • gah! sass, you’re totally killing me! :p

  36. Lookie what I found!
    Check out those long legs and the reappearance of the dirty, ripped jeans.

    So cute at the end…

    • Frig…

    • bahahahaha rob’s little pose at the end almost killed me! 😀
      what the heck was that about?

  37. For the love of Pete, Sass I’m trying to get some work done today. Now my mind is thinking about
    “Those thin, soaking wet, clingy boxers pressing up against your hips…so close, only that thin fabric separating you from nirvana. ”

    I just went to VS this weekend to get more panties. I think they might be all gone by this week.

    • Hey Carrie. Ima gonna have to start buying cheap panties at Target. I can’t afford to keep buying expensive ones just to lose them to the sex known as Rob!

      • LOL Me too.
        Darn you Robert Pattinson for being so hot. ARGH!!!!!!

  38. The info said that all people interviewed on that show have to do that pose at the end. It’s some kind of character pose.

    Re: the shoes
    Europeans say they can spot all Americans by their shoes. We are the only people who walk around with white tennis shoes on. They all wear dark, leather shoes out and about. I guess those are just his dark high tops.

    English girl – please correct me if I’m wrong.

    • lol you are “spot on” my hubby taught me this..while waiting in the airport now we always play spot the American..look for white tennis shoes 🙂

      • He he he … yes you are both right. Converse sneakers are very popular in the UK and I love Timberland shoes – I have to say that Rob’s choices of footwear are not trendy at all, either by UK, european or US standards. I just don’t think he cares, but I’d love to see him in some Converse. A nice pair of shoes/trainers can really make an otherwise dorky outfit. But *sigh* Rob looks effortlessly beautiful in everything doesn’t he girls? Crappy footwear or otherwise.

        It’s funny ‘cos I grew up in the world of boys/men with long floppy haircuts, soft well spoken voices, that air of nonchalence that Rob exudes which is so very yummy …. Rob’s character is not an unusual one for British men, especially former public schoolboys – “public school” actually means privately educated in the UK. He doesn’t want to, and never will hopefully, conform to that stereotype, there is a lot more to him than that but I think it is partly those characteristics which make women around the world go mad for him and the other similar British actors in Hollywood or the UK. But … I didn’t marry one of those boys! Married a german, ha ha ha!

  39. Mmm DirtyRob. WTF is up with those shoes!

  40. I had my first ever RPazz dream and it has left me sad and empty (because I woke up) I have spent months trying to have good dream with him and I had to wake up!! ( there was no sex though, I wish I could have sex dreams but I don’t) Dreams are so great. Maybe if I stare at my blackberry every night and think of him it could happen again. I think DH my not like finding me asleep licking my screensaver.

    • Last Thursday night I started re-reading Twilight, and it did wonders for my dreams. I had a dream where Rob was Edward, and he and I went to the library, and then we went back to his house, where he bit me, and did other bad (good) things to me. You know that mole on the back of his neck? Yeah, I was into that place.

      Um, errr, I can’t believe I just admitted all of that. I guess this is the place to do it.

    • I had a rob dream the other day it wasn’t that good though I was sitting on a chair on the edge of a cliff and he walked up to me and pushed mr off I was fell off the cliff and was screaming “Why rob why?!?!?!?!?!????” then I woke up on the floor… 😦

  41. Even if they are black hi-tops, I will forgive him. He could be wearing pink ballerina shoes and I’d still be all sexed up.

    • Wendy – I can see you are going to fit in just fine her!

  42. NNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It says this video is no longer available!!! Dammitt!!! 😦

  43. Dear Rob,
    Damn you for going into hiding and sneaking past the paparazzi when you got back to where ever the hell you are. On the same note, I commend you for sneaking past the paparazzi. 🙂 Good job honey!

    So um, I hate to admit this… but it may be a good thing that you’re now preparing for Edward and going into your ‘dark zone’. I mean, until you turn up in Vancouver at the end of March, I’ll actually be able to get work done! Maybe I’ll even make a cameo appearance back into my ‘real’ life!! How exciting is that?!

    Anyway… miss you like crazy, but it will ever the more amazing when we see you again. Hope you’re doing well and getting lots of action before you become celibate during New Moon.

    All my love,

  44. @Carrie…sorry to distract…I am so flippin’ distracted now it isn’t funny. I have so much to do, but keep running back to the computer. I feel anxious when I am away from it, kind of like Bella and Edward when they are away from each other. Except in my case, it is a computer, not Edward. Well, it is, but…oh hell, you know what I mean, right??? lol

    • No worries Sass. I was going to try and be good today and not let my mind wonder to the naughty place where all the inappropriate Rob thoughts are keep. I love that I am not alone in going there when I comes to naughty thoughts and Rob. 😉

  45. @JBell – Real world?!? You mean this isn’t the real world!?! Oh no…

    Dear Rob,

    I can help you with getting all that action before the celibacy part. Call me!!

    Love, me

  46. LOL@Jbell.

    “become celibate during New Moon.” I hope so. I can’t bear to think of him with SourPuss. Hopefully, Oregano will be on set all the time to monitor that shite.

    @Wendy – Don’t be ashamed of admitting your degrees of Robsession. Will it make you feel better if I tell you that I dream of Rob almost every night? They aren’t all sex dreams, but they are always good dreams.

  47. @ jbell…. Ummmm yes he is getting a lot of action with ME!!!!! * pulls down robs boxers with teeth* wooohoooo!!!

  48. Good morning ladies!! I only had time to write Rob that letter, now I must be off. 😦 There’s no news anyway so… I just don’t know what to do with myself. Although I will be EXTREMELY busy this week and have plenty to do. Sigh. Sad thing is, “plenty to do” does not include Rob. Have a great day gals. I will miss you while I am away.

    I have the window open on the computer with the video paused at 1:58… it should be illegal to wear thin, white boxers in water scenes when your name is Robert Pattinson. I’m just sayin.

    • P.P.S.
      I also have Janet Jackson – Nasty Boy stuck in my head now… any clue as to why?? LOL 😉

    • Yes, It should be illegal! BeCullen and I were talking on twitter about how he’s got to know how hot and irresistible he is. Come on he’s gotta know.

  49. I’m so jealous, I have yet to dream of Rob or Edward…I try so hard too. Think about him before I go to bed, read Twilight/Midnight Sun excerpts.
    Share ladies, what’s your secret?

    • When I read Twi the first time ’round, I never dreamed of him … even after I saw the movie. But it wasn’t until AFTER I read the books and saw the movie that I became Robsessed. So for like two months I was lovin’ Rob on this site and through all the vids and photos of him, building my Robsession, and then decided to re-read Twi, and it was just like BAM, that did it for me. I’ve only seen the movie once … and I fear that if I do see it again in the theaters or when it comes to DVD that I am seriously going to go into overload and go into a Rob-induced coma. Bring it, Rob-coma!

    • I’ve been re-reading the whole series as well as Midnight Sun and the TwiPorn online…I guess if I’m patient he will come…*sigh*

  50. Wolfgirl…where are you? I think I need to hang out with you for a bit. I am afraid to examine Rob to see if he is wearing boxers.

    It’s true. Unlike Britney, I AM that innocent.

    bahaha 🙂

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