Posted by: Bekah | March 12, 2009

Rob Pattinson loves ME

Dear Rob,

We know you love our letters in the traditional form (pen & paper keyboard & monitor), but have you ever wondered what our letters might look like if they were delivered in-person? We had a pretty good idea, and our favorite Rob Pattinson site, Rob Pattinson loves me, did too.  In fact, Kat was so effective at playing the part of ME that I plan to ask her to play me in the movie version of my autobiography (working title: UnintendedChoice & Robert Pattinson- Forever making in love)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

There’s never a need for a robe when you’re around…


HUGE shout out to Rob Pattinson Loves me who we discovered because one of the girls is a friend of a friend. And friends don’t let amazing Rob Pattinson videos slide by without telling other friends. Go to their site now! Watch all their videos! Tell them what you think! Tell us what you think! Am I being bossy?

Check out our FAV videos after the jump!

UnintendedChoice’s Favorite:


Moon’s Favorite:

Oh, and Kat & Heidi from Rob Pattinson Loves Me? The three videos we posted here got my husband to actually SIT with me while I SHARED the funniness of LTR with him for the FIRST TIME. A miracle has occurred. As a result, we’re rewarding you with the opportunity to jump in the Silver Volvo, push back the driver’s seat ALL the way and take Edward’s v-card.

Thanks to Lauren from Lauren’s Bite for helping me come up with that awesome prize for our wonderful new friends. For your help, I reward you with a pigeon ride up to Vancouver to take Rob’s fake v-card. I promise it will be the best 30 seconds of your life.


Update: Dear UnintendedChoice, You are so amazing that I hereby give you GQ Rob as your prize. Love, Yourself









Update again: I’m sorry, did you give yourself THAT Rob in THAT picture? Cuz you meant these Robs…

Damn you for being you...

Damn you for being you...

I may have accidentally declared I want to hump a wall...

I may have accidentally declared I want to hump a wall...









Last Update (promise): I gave myself so many gifts today that we decided to share the love and give you one. Save this and Adorn your desktop with Rob


  1. LMAO!!!! Very, very clever!!

    ‘P.S. I’ll be naked’…made me choke on my tea!

  2. OMFG. I knew it was going to be good as soon as I heard the music start!

    That is the *perfect* way to start my day.

  3. Holy geez. I just watched the other videos. My neighbor on the other side of the wall behind me probably thinks I’m a lunatic…I was practically howling….

  4. “The postman ALWAYS rings twice…” lmao Niiiice

    Oh wow. Those were so great! Too damn funny. Also, that slightly looks like Rob’s signature; slightly. …and not that I would know that or anything…

    UC/Moon/Girls At Robert Pattinson loves me – I ❤ you long time.

    Off to B&N coughagaincough. Wish me luck… will update you as soon as I can! Until then, have an AMAZING day staring at your internet version of the cover of GQ. (It’s already on my phone & iPod… and my background on my PC and my laptop)

  5. Alright ladies…are you sitting down…cause here it is

    THE GQ Cover!


      I am jello.

      • Link blocked in the office!!! Merda!!!

    • oh dear sweet baby infant jesus that is amazing

  6. I’ll have to watch those videso at midnight tonight. Can’t let my co-workers see my fawning over Robert in some videos on my iPhone. They’d think I was nuts.

    Loves the GQ cover but I wanna see inside!!

    Can’t even surf this site on my work computer, thank gawd for the iPhone. Steve jobs I loves you more than iJustine!

  7. Oh how I love today’s post…These girls are fuckin’ creative!
    “The postman always rings twice” and “I’ll be naked” made me laugh so hard my grandmother came downstairs thinking I could’ve lost my mind LOL

  8. Awesome Video.

    Good luck Jbell. Bring our man home!!

  9. I had to wait until the kids went to school to watch these ’cause the loud laughter from my office was drawing some suspicion…

    Dear UC, Please stand by for the bill to repair my LCD after spewing my coffee all over it! It was worth it.


    • i will just FWD the bill for your LCD to rob 🙂

  10. NNOOO, I can’t see the vids at work and NOOOO, I can’t see the GQ Cover! This is the “blackest kind of blasphemy!” WWWHHHAAA!
    Now that I have taken a deep breath, can I be a pill and ask someone to email me the GQ cover at work, like in a jpg form, please! I gotta see it!

    • this is the worst day EVER for you jena 😦

    • Jena, great quote!!! Just fell off my chair for that!

      • Can you imagine what the inside of that magazine is going to look like?!
        HOLY MUTHAH!

        • Will need to prepare and buy a whole new stock of panties, luckily we have time for that… XD

  11. funny vids! does anyone know when the mag is out in stores? (buying multiple copies)

  12. UC/Moon: you totally rock!!!
    RPattlovesme: you too!!!

    Now, I promised some “thoughts”…..brace yourselves…

    Good morning to all of you out there.
    I woke up very early this morning and did a lot of thinking. I need to share this with you.
    Apologies in advance – this is no doubt long and possibly very boring. Do tell me to sod off if it is.

    1. The time difference sucks. I get the first comments at work and, blimey, when the going gets tough, I need to get back to the legal crap.
    When the second round of hotness comes my way, I’m back at home, need to spend time with DH and struggle with my crappy new connection at home (we moved house late last summer). Damn it!

    2. I dreamt about Rob again last night. It was another nice, warm, friendly conversation, as if we had known each other for all our lives and 10 years difference in age did not entail that I was in university when he was in posh grade school in Barnes. Ugh.
    I would like to turn these dreams into “A little less conversation, a little more action” (this is another Robsong for our list). Any hints?

    3. Re Robsongs: I am also addicted to the Kooks lately and this is just the thing for Rob: “Safety pins, holding up the things that make you mine / about your hair, you needn’t care, you look beautiful all the time”. That goes for the endearing Rob, not for the dirty Rob. But they are two coexisting halves of the Robverse (another Robism).

    4. Re my upcoming book: Another realisation has just struck me. Hear this and think of predestination. In the dark times when I was not yet a Robsessed fangirl, I created one of the key characters for the new book. This guy has turned out to be uncannily similar to Rob. I can prove there is no relation whatsoever. I became a fangirl in November after I saw the movie and I always put a date on my notes. The notes for this character (named Jamie) date back to last September. This is weird.
    The long and the short of it is…that now I can’t write a single scene with Jamie in it without thinking of Rob and how he would look like acting it.
    If anyone insists, I can post a character description so that you can all yell at me and dub me officially insane. Not a big spoiler for the book: it’s just a back story.

    Now, sadly back to legal crap after lunch here in CET zone… 😀

    • I love the Kooks. I used to listen to Virgin Radio UK. I listen to a lot of UK bands.

      • 😀
        Most of the music I listen to is UK/US bands…

  13. Never mind, I found the GQ cover at
    Oh.Dear.God! BUBBLE WRAP!

  14. Here you go ladies, especially those overseas that can’t get the GQ.
    There’s 30 available from the seller.

  15. barnes and noble restocked justin… ask me if i give a damn… cuz i dont!!!

    walking in target now… will let u know

    • they’re effing with you girl. they recognize you now and they want to see you get riled up. 🙂

      • I’ll bet they do!!!! bad, bad guys…you don’t mess round with fangirls!

  16. […] Rob Pattinson loves ME « Letters to Rob […]

  17. @jena – lmfao! i ordered from her last night just in case!

    target is a no go as well. 😦

  18. @ lan – lmfao i think ur right!!

  19. JBell Try Borders

  20. Awesome post. Really funny stuff. That guy playing Rob cracks me up.

    Now onto the really yummy stuff…. THAT COVER OF GQ. If I may borrow a phrase that floats around here a lot “I. AM. DIED.” Whoa, wow and double wow. He’s a friggin’ Adonis. Too delicious to be ignored.

    Now for a little story I’d like to share…
    Last night I was chillin’ wit my homies and one of my poor, misguided friends was telling me how she’ll never read Twilight b/c she doesn’t want to get sucked in, which somehow lead to discussions about how some think Meyer is a terrible writer and describes Edward using the same words over and over, which seemed to be the perfect seque for me to talk about how cute Rob is and how he felt silly showing up for the audition for the most beautiful man in the world. Then, the unthinkable happened. Another friend, and fellow Twi-hard, piped up that although she thinks Rob is totally hot as Edward, he does NOTHING for her in real life. She does not think he’s attractive. I almost fell off the couch. (Although, to be fair, I had similar thoughts before seeing him in interviews and watching him interact with people. I think he should spank me for being so disloyal.) I promised to e-mail her the hottest picture of him I could find. So, ladies? Hottest picture? Any takers for finding that one? There are just so many! I’m having a hard time deciding.

    • Send her the GQ cover, that should do it! LOL!

    • Hottest Picture? Anything from the SexDrive Premiere in my book…

    • um how about every single one ever taken?? ha

      How can you even choose?

      those are a few of my personal favorites

      • Ooooo that first one gives me shivers all over!
        One of my fave sessions of him!

      • Love the three of them. The third one also a new add to my RobCollection…
        Totally bowled over!

      • Oooh, THANKS! Those are yummy!

    • i’m a fan of his oscar look. he looked vicious and delicious.

  21. good lord that cover is smokin!!! I like how it says “hide your daughters”

    and i cant see the effing videos cuz im at work!! Can I wait 8 hours to watch them?? I might go crazy

    JBell… you are amazing for being so on the ball with this stuff. Im anxiously awaiting news that you have found the mag.

  22. Barnes and Noble told me they wouldn’t get it until around March 26th so something tells me we may have to wait a while. However, I bought one off ebay even though I’ll buy more in the store, LOL!

  23. Videos…hilarious!

    GQ Cover…soooo sexy! Must find copy…I’m counting on you JBell!! Tell me where to go!

  24. ok this just creeped me out…


    • What the hell? How did you even find that, and why would someone morph the two of them together? ICK!

    • gasp. v. creepy.

      but. kinda pretty?

    • haha i just google imaged Robert Pattinson and found it. It scared me a lil bit.

    • Please no! I’m sort of fighting back the urge to throw up…. 😦

      • Me too! I do not like being oddly drawn to KStew!

  25. GQ cover: that little swirly tiny tuft of hair below his ear does it for me. Geez.

  26. ooh and JAG…

    not sure if you saw all of my praises for you last night. But that Closer video was ROBTASTIC!!!

    thanks a million

    • Ditto! I nearly fell off my chair! LOVED the photo from 1:05 – 1:07.

      • I missed it – can you link?

        • i can email it to you…

    • Glad you enjoyed it…1:05 to 1:07 works well with the lyrics *evil grin*

      I’m going to try to upload it to DailyMotion and see if I can get it by…I’ll post link if it works.

    • That was GREAT! Thank you!

  27. These are just too funny! Reverie personified. Love it!

    Went to books-a-million this morning. JT is STILL there! crap

  28. I’m screaming with laughter over the videos, and screaming with joy over GQ!! I LOVE you Moon & UC!!
    Today had 2 great things to scream over!

    Again, I was writing a post and my computer freaking deleted it. WTF…..

    Gotta run to work, and you may not see me too much today, I”m super busy. (damn, todays gonna be SOOOO busy here, I’ll miss out! )

    Little Edward came to work w/ me yesterday; I posted some pics.

  29. Texted my mother with a picture – told her to be on the lookout in every store she goes in today. She said, and I quote –

    “Whats up with the hair?! Ugly”


    • please dont tell me ur mom has to be on the fkl….
      moms are supposed to support our addiction, not make fun of the object of our robsession

    • I said “BLASPHEMY! How dareee you?!? You are not my mother.” and then I hung my head in shame. lol

    • haha I got my mom to check the web for Rob/Twilight news. She now sends me any links that she finds. How cute…

    • She is usually so supportive of my obsessions… I think she’s just being dazzled by him. It’s clouding her judgement.

      • Yep, that’s it. I think she meant to say “yummy” instead of “ugly” LOL!

  30. LMAO! We’re all gonna start hating JT soon! LOL!
    (nah, won’t let it happen, but this is the first time I’m tired of seeing his face LOL!….I want Rob to be staring at me from the shelves thankyaverymahch!)

  31. Someone find time to call Borders! STAT! lol I can’t right now or I’d be all over it… no time to call Borders, but time to comment on LTR! lol Commenting is quieter (is that a word? LOL ‘quieter’)

  32. Alright I have attempted to upload NiN vid to dailymotion…waiting to see if it takes.

  33. JBell I love that you got your Mom on the case. Is she part of your coveted team of Robersons (A team individuals dedicated to finding information about The Rob).

    • LMAO! “Robersons”! I love it! You all make me smile!

      • 🙂

  34. Calling Now Jbell

  35. On the phone with Borders now…

    hahaha the music playing while i wait is
    “im gonna sex you up”

    is that even allowed??

    and the verdict is….


    Still Justin

    sorry, I tried

  36. Carrie – you are offline right now. I can do 1:00 on Sat. Talk at cha latah.

    • Cool.

  37. I am so going to be fired from my job because of Rob. I just can’t get enough nor can I stay away! Aaaack!

    • Just tell your boss “I don’t seeee nothing wrroonngg” LOL!

  38. Oh JGW you know you love some Color Me Bad!

    • I do love it… i found it rather ironic that i was calling about Rob and that was playing.
      But it seemed odd to be playing while i was on hold.

      oh well… im just getting angry.
      you’re right Jena… im beginning to really dislike JT

  39. Still no new GQ. However, the guy did tell me to call back in a few hours. B/c they have some boxes of magazines they haven’t put out. He also said GQ usually comes out early so should be here soon.
    I almost squealed on the phone.

    • Dear God,

      Please let GQ be in a box at Carrie’s store.
      You see, it’s really important.


    • Carrie, where in the US are you? This may be in the public domain yet but I’ve been around here only lately and can’t remember…

      Im asking because I have a friend in Dover NH who is on the lookout to buy this for me – so just give me please a shout ( if GQ hits the newsstands! Thanks a million!

      • I’m in Atlanta, GA

        • Good, so timing should be similar to Dover NH… :))

  40. Here it is…

    I’m not sure about Daily Motion copyright issues so it may not stay live for long…we’ll see.


    • Okay, that middle pic of Rob on your blog?! The one where he’s looking all sexy and wet. No words. Where did you find that?!

  41. Ok, I actually have to work. blah.

  42. SOOO Ladies!!
    I actually just called GQ’s customer service. They said that all mags are in the mail and they have until April 3rd to arrive at the stores….

    thats about the best info we can get.

    however, i CANNOT wait that long!!

    • Now that’s dedication. You Rock JGW!!!!

  43. Back to work…I’ll check in later.
    JAG out!

  44. I live in the gayborhood. Surely one of the gays subscribes to GQ. I am going home now and wait for the mailman to come and go thru the mail bin. I sure he’ll be cool with it. 🙂

  45. gaaah… no go at my Target either.

    Im guessing its gonna be another day or two at least…
    this sucks

    I almost wish I hadn’t seen the cover. It just makes me want it that much more!

  46. OMG @JGW! You got SERIOUS! How did we never think of this?! Seriously, I love you in a non-lezzie/KStew-NReed kinda way.

    Someone – I think it was Gen last night – said that who she talked to said they would definitely be out by Monday March 16…

    • i guess i can wait 4 days….
      that seems like a friggin eternity though!!

    • no go at my Barnes and Noble either…

      Ive got NJ covered… Where are you?

      We can have girls in all of the states on the lookout to see who gets it first.

  47. I have a couple friends that are managers at walgreens here in the Midwest. I’m gonna ask them to be on the lookout for the mag.

    Also-listened to almost all of the movie commentary last night. Around 28 mins when Rob starts talking about why everyone should hate him b/c of his customized peacoat, etc. and a couple mins later where they’re talking about the apple kicking scene (“superhuman moron”) had me on a LOLlercoaster! I was in bed and my husband had no idea I was listening on my iPod. He thought I was asleep and then I just erupted into a full on belly laugh. Poor guy.

    Also also- I realized why Rob thought “gardenburger” sounds so unappetizing. I’m pretty sure Brits call their yards/lawns “gardens”. So yeah I would rather have a veggie burger instead of a yard burger.

  48. G’Morning Girls- Oh what a night it was last night after Ayden found us that cover! I almost DIED! I was so excited I was running around bashing in to walls!!!! It was so much fun it even rendered JBell comatose! What a FIND! & what a pic!

  49. @jag –
    holy sh!t. your banner thingy of your blog, middle pic of rob all wet. really? omg.

    why have i never seen this blog? wtf?

    • seriously… i never noticed that before!

      @Moon and UC- Can we change the pic at the top of LTR to that Wet Rob pic??

      • my thing is, where did she find this pic? i’ve never any photoshoot of rob writhing in water?!

  50. BTW – When I finally find this damn magazine, I’m buying extras (if there is more than one available to me) – in case any of you wonderful ladies can’t find one or if they aren’t available to you. Will send them in the post without hesitation. :]

    • please please jbell send me one!!

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