Posted by: Bekah | April 1, 2009

The Tuck

Dear Rob,

I don’t really have much to say. I mean. I have lots to say, but currently the words are escaping me. I’m just gonna let The Quad break it down for you… Vanity Fair style, of course.


PS: This letter and convo is about the very, um, revealing picture of Rob that surfaced yesterday from Little Ashes. If you are easily offended do not continue. And if you’re not easily offended, are over 18 and haven’t seen THE picture, look at it now. I warned you. I’m warning you. Very Revealing Robert Pattinson Picture

When the picture first came out, The Quad was not immediately available for a group convo. UC had the following two conversations one-on-one:

Friend #1: sorry for the sudden disappearance. After seeing the link Friend #2 sent me…
UC: did you get fired?
Friend #1: I had to run away. I had to cry in a bathroom stall
UC: hahaha. b/c he tucked it. b/c tucking makes us cry

Friend #2: SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! it’s TRUE!!! (sends me link to pic) RUN.RUN.
Friend #2: TUCKED.
UC: oh i cannot believe this is POSTED
Friend #2: i am dying. i am dying. i am dying. his PARENTS and sissies had to see this saturday night
UC: it’s one thing to do nudity
Friend #2: the tuck is the worst. but I will say…he has GREAT pelvic bones. always suspected–that little glimpse of them in the EW cover outtakes.
UC: he looks GREAT
Friend #2: dear God, he TUCKED his peen.
Moon: starting to get links from boys of the tucked pic
UC: from which boys!?
Moon: friends god i wanna look so bad. so i can have a discussion with a boy about it
UC: just DO it. and then save the convo
Moon: thats it???
UC: look at the TUCK and the V and the MUSCLES
Moon: this is gonna be the weirdest movie ever
UC: i know apparently that’s all you see. I asked Gozde from Robsessed. We see ass. and this. no actual peen. DAMN! need the answer to the age old question
*don’t pretend like you don’t know what the age old question is!

And The Quad reunites after 10+ days apart. Read it all after the jump

UC: OMG are we all here!? are we!?
Friend #1
: yes!
can it be true!?
Friend #2
: ME here.
YAY! we’re a quad! and not a trio! or just Moon & I like last week!
Friend #1
: So exciting
: quad train back again
Friend #2
: YAY. i will now play Quad City DJs in honor of this momentous occasion.

Friend #1: Rob would pick you over all of us, Friend #2. not like I care
Friend #2
: well, yeah he would..why are you mad? The Tuck.?
Friend #1
: yah…sicked out for life
doesn’t your hubby do that every morning? is it weird that my husband does? HAHA JK
Friend #2
: it shall henceforth be referred to as The Tuck. in caps.
Friend #1
: is it weird that my husband does that?
Friend #2
: Mine has never done that. For the record
: uh.. I know no one who has done that
Friend #1
: Moon is right. No one has done that. not even mine or your hubby, UC
not EVEN them. Or your hubby, Friend #2.  Or Moon’s Edward pillow
Friend #1
: but…rob has
Friend #2
: only Buffalo Bill. In Silence of the Lambs.
and ROB, The Tuck
: i think a requirement for THE TUCK is that you are LE GHEY

Friend #1: want to know what I did after seeing it?
what did you do share please
Friend #1
: I thought it was a gift from the gods for sure…I was so excited to see what Robsessed had in store and then I clicked on it And I literally screamed and I ran to the bathroom- vomited. cryed
NO! not vomit!
Friend #2
: hahaaa
Friend #2
: srsly?
tell me you’re serious!?
Friend #1
: lost my skills of spelling…since I put “cryed” no…I didn’t vomit but I wish I had And I wish I cried
: wow we all had vastly different reactions
Friend #1
: I mostly just did a lap around the building to cool off, yelling “hail mary” the whole time..and I am not catholic. mostly I was yelling hail mary for him since he is catholic
Friend #2
: girl, i started singing that old Baptist standard, “Heaven came down and glory filled my soul…: (Filled my soul..)
Friend #1
: I think I need to stare at GQ Rob for about….5 minutes. make it…7 to cleanse my mind. 7 minutes in heaven!

UC: if you can look past that hair (yuck- i refuse to say the “p” word) and The Tuck you can see a VERY nice body. a VERY nice “V” in the muscles
Friend #1
: I can’t look that long
Friend #1
: desktop image for sure
: hahahahaha
Friend #1
: maybe it will do a closeup like moon’s compy!
: we need an HQ of this just for one quick look
Friend #1
: can’t look
Friend #2
: quick look? hell to the no… i’ve been staring for an hour now/ The Tuck.
Friend #1
: I didn’t look long enough…

Moon: lets continue around the circle and get other reactions?
Friend #1
: did he have that sicknast stache glued on?
Friend #2
: no stache. but his hair looks like ALICE! dude.
Friend #1
: I forgive him tenfold.
: looks like a damn wig
you really only saw a teeny tiny view, Friend #1?
Friend #2
: i’m sure it is a piece.
Friend #1
: I wish the wig was long enough to cover the offensive Tuck

Moon: i was vastly underwhelmed
: so i was saving myself for the quad break down and didnt look at it till 2 guys sent ME the link
Friend #2
: because it’s no big deal, or underwhelmed by him?
: i looked and literally said out loud THATS IT???!!! and i was like wtf is everyone wildin out over?

Friend #2: it is a hot mess. he looks good, love his pelvic bones, love his non-gross pubes, but hate The Tuck.
i think my husband just started having gmail chat sex with me
Friend #2
: gross. you cannot do that while discuss The Tuck.

UC: my thoughts: tucked. it’s tucked. omg. i was hoping someone made up a very bad joke… But the V looks hot and for that i’ll stare

Friend #2: The Tuck. Has ruined. My Day. I’ve accomplished NOTHING since my daughter went down for her nap.
: ive done nothing since i got to work!
Friend #1
: I can’t go back to robsessed with fear that I will lose my job. srsly
Friend #2
: the V is hot as all get out.
: yea i want to run my fingers down the V
Friend #2
: he totally has Alice hair. bad Alice hair, that is. i’m getting my magnifying glass. don’t judge.
: hahahahaha ctrl +
Friend #2
: ok…i made it bigger…the picture, that is… and got the magnifying glass. he’s not as manscaped as we thought.
: he looks like a tranny
Friend #2
: he DOES! that’s the point. Dali was a freak.
: a baaad tranny
i’m so weirded out to see the movie i wish i could with you guys
: im 100% going but also bringing something to hide behind
Friend #2
: indeed. it’s embarrassing. like….the kissing scene, the beating off scene,…that wouldn’t bother ME as much. THIS does. The Tuck.

hot-topic-17Moon: palatte cleanser
those pics are AMAZING!
Friend #2
: that’s not even my fav..
Friend #1: Friend #1’s brain is healed.
and she’s BACK!
Friend #1
: that picture healed ME
: heal the wounds. we’ll fight to see another rob-day

hot-topic-18Friend #2:This one is my favorite
Friend #1
: it’s like aloe to a burn
Friend #2
: I know what he looks like naked. I love it. and that picture is PERFECTION.
Friend #1
: as opposed to The Tuck being lemon to a sore…
Friend #2
: amen
Friend #1
: oh so poetic.
and that’s some good programming.. 🙂

There you have it. The Tuck broken down in our favorite way. (See more Vanity Fair Style Break-downs here)
Which reaction did you have?

  • I wish the wig was long enough to cover the offensive Tuck
  • i looked and literally said out loud THATS IT???!!!
  • it is a hot mess. he looks good, love his pelvic bones, love his non-gross pubes, but hate The Tuck.
  • tucked. it’s tucked. omg. i was hoping someone made up a very bad joke… But the V looks hot and for that i’ll stare

Rob promised to write us a real letter if you vote for us at the Dazzle Awards. That’s an April Fools joke but the dazzle awards part isn’t. Also vote for Lauren’s Bite while you’re there!


  1. Love Ashley!-

    • She’s the cutest thing ever.

      • She is and she is UC & Moon’s BFF. Respect.

        I was still commenting on the other side and it flipped over- yeah, uh, not good. I was having fun over there…. LOL

        • It’s easy to get left behind.

        • I hate when that happens. lol

      • They’re all pretty good sports when they have to end all their interviews with something about Rob.

        • I was thinking that too. That has to suck, it just does.

        • That would be great if you ask me. I could handle that.

    • She’s so sweet. I think she’s my next choice for Rob besides Rachelle.

  2. Byrdie! I watched LTIP.

    • Little Frenchie! I just saw that. So, kinda creepy, huh? Like I said, I never really finished it and remember basically none of it. So, what’s your word on it?

      • I’m confused. None of it really makes sense. I don’t really think it would put me “in the mood.” Mostly it was weird. However, I did say earlier that I may be desensitized from all the Fanfic.

  3. OMG – here come the vamps in the cafetaria. Love it!!!! Sweet side smirk reminding me of Spunk’s gif.

    • I love that part!

  4. @Genevieve

    “I gotta tell ya that GIF of them in the bio class- can’t stop watching, can’t stop watching, can’t stop watching IT! LOL
    The analytical part of me is asking- why is he feeling her up while lit’rally eating her? LMAO! Is she food or humping buddy? There I said it….”

    This was supposed to be the Midnight Sun scene that got cut…The feel up was not Edwardesqe, don’t think Wicke said hey Rob feel her up while ya at it…that’s why this was all Rob deciding to get some KStew action! These are the little things that make us say WTF??Does O-Spice approve of this on set behaviour??

    • @SpunkMe- Well thanks for the explanation. It was kinda comical to me anyways and oh so HOT! Think I’ll go watch it again, and again…..

      • Enjoy! Goodnight! It’s late

        Here’s a couple more until tomorrow…

        • Good Night SpunkMe. Thx for the pics and GIF dedication of course! Yay!

        • Good Night SpunkMe!

    • O-spice….LMFAO

      Oh totally. Not Edward. Plus, I pulled my eyes away from his hand for one take and um…he doesn’t even get to her neck. He is like…biting at her hair. I think they went and pounded it out after that scene in the broom closet. Lord knows I would have……

      • LMAO!

  5. EyeC, I don’t know if I said “Hey” to you yet. HEY!

    • Hey back atcha!

  6. I keep checking for the new update of WA and nothing! I think I like torturing myself.

    • I do too. Checking all day. GiveittomeNOW!

      • It better be worth the wait is all I have to say.

  7. Girls- I read your tea comments last night! I was amused. Thx.

    • You must be very easily amused, but now I want tea.

      • I think I am too. Or at least I know I have a strange sense of humor b/c when I find something funny I just can’t stop laughing!

      • That sounds good 🙂

    • They were pretty funny, huh Gen?

      • Yeah, you night time gals- you rock! Usually always go back the next day to see what was said.

        • (tear) I feel special. EP our tea conversation was more moving than we thought. Byrdie said she enjoyed it as well.

          • I know we thought we were so boring.

  8. Just saw this one-



    • I LOVED that! I’m going to watch that a few more times. Allthose crazy expressions and moves. Priceless.

    • Sometimes I truly wonder how I didn’t tackle him when I had the chance.

      • That security guard would have had your ass for sure!

        • Yeah, that totally would have equaled some jail time. And I would have been on the news, again. And that wouldn’t look good for me or any other fan.

        • But it would’ve been worth it. However, that might not be the best way to make sure he remembered you. It’s better that you didn’t 🙂

        • Yeah, there is good attention and bad attention. That would have been bad.

          • Oh yeah! That reminds me…did you see Byrdie’s plan for all of us if we ever see him? We’re supposed to ignore him and ask if he wouldn’t mind taking a pic of us and whoever he’s with.

          • I saw the plan, its a good one I have to say.

      • Yes, I wonder that too. Should have had a plan in effect.

        • Probably best for everyone involved that I didn’t.

    • Definitley going on my list of favorites.

  9. EyeC I’m slowly making my way through TPE.

    • What do you think?

      • It’s good. I just keep getting distracted! It kinda reminds me of WA.

        • I like the way he climbs the tree to get into her window. If he can’t be a vamp at least he still gets there.
          I’ve been searching for a new one to start and I’m on the first page of Snowed In of of JAG’s list.

          • AH! I’m not that far yet. It’s okay though, I’ll forgive you 🙂

      • That prologue has me kinda worried though.

        • So I hope I didn’t ruin anything for you. That beginning takes a little longer than I remembered with all the anticipation.

          • I’m on Ch. 8, any idea how much longer it’ll be? lol

  10. Girls- I’m also ‘hitting the sack’. It’s been a long day. Glad to have conversed with you all. Hope to see you tomorrow. Have a good one!

    • Good night

    • OK Gen. Have a great (and sexy) Rob dream tonight.

      • Sure hope so! Thx.

    • Night Gen!

  11. EyeC someone told me about one earlier it’s called “Bittersweet Symphony”

    I think they said it was “Cruel Intentions” meets “Sabrina”

    • I’ll check that one out. I’m not sure how many I can keep going–I need to write them in a notebook so I keep checking for updates. It’s hard to sit around waiting for one chapter at a time.

      • I was thinking the same thing. I need some kind of spreadsheet to check off 🙂

  12. So, couple of fav moments:

    When he is sitting talking to her by the river (yes, that is the Columbia River – nowhere near Forks, WA BTW) and he is in the rain, looking all wet and sexy. LOVE IT! Wet RP so HOT!

    • That is a very good scene.

      • Sorry…I realize I am interjecting with random comments while you guys are talking about Fanfic.

        WAIT – DON”T MOVE!!

        • No Problemo! I agree we love wet Rob. Actually, we love ANY Rob. Fanfic just fills our Robless time.

        • We don’t mind.

    • Oh I KNOW B! Love Rob all wet!

      • When I watched my DVD the other day it was so late I fell asleep about 1/3 through and woke up as the credits were rolling.

        • Did you get any Twilight inspired dreams? Sometimes I dream along with the TV.

          • Dang it! I had a dream the other night that I was going to share with you guys and I completely forgot about it and now I can’t remember!

          • I haven’t had a Rob dream in months.

          • Not that I remember…and I would remember something like that! I do put myself to sleep with a nice fantasy of one kind or another.

          • Write it down next time!

          • I’ll have to learn from my mistakes. (<—The Office is taking over my life) 🙂

  13. I had to go back and check out chapter # for TPE. It’s got 27 so far.

    • Sorry, I meant how much longer until they start to heat things up? lol But as I’m reading it’s getting there. 🙂

      • Once they get going it gets very hot. They’re so sweet together.

    • She’s about to offer something to him. She’s not sure exactly what 🙂

  14. I’ve never had a Rob dream.

    • *shocked*

    • If only you could force them.

    • Me either. I think my dream was Rob-related but I don’t think it was anything exciting.

      • I don’t dream of him often, and usually its very “normal” like he’s hanging out with my friends.

        • But that’s probably the best kind EP. Normal activities. Having fun or in a great discussion with him.

          • That’s very true, I totally prefer those deams.

        • Rarely is it sexy good times, and its never been that sexy.

  15. To remember your dreams in the morning it helps to lay in the same position as when you woke up and let your mind wander back like a string of pearls, one little memory at a time until you get the “body memory” of where you’ve been.

    • The more you write them down, the better aware you are of them, you can even start to direct them.

      • I’ve been able to direct my dreams. But, do you think if I haven’t had a dream about Rob, I’m not really a true LTR girl?

        • No way Jose!

        • I used to be able to pretty much decide what I was going to dream about. Not exact details, but the general mode. I can’t do that anymore, its both a blessing and a curse. And I’m a leo so I have nightmares all the time, I stay very aware of my dream-life.

          • That could be a big responsibility.

          • The surprise is more fun and I think more telling, like I said I have more nightmares now, but I also get a lot of clarity too.

        • That could not be possible! No, you’re not

        • You’re a LTR favorite, everyone loves you, you could never be out of the group.

          • It’s true Byrdie. Everyone loves you.

            BTW I looked at (for Dany) and I didn’t see the exact shoes, but they do have an option to customize so she might be able to get something close.

          • A friend of mine has a similar pair, but hers are suede. I don’t know where she got them.

  16. Wow….I’ll have to give it a try. And again, I’m glad to know you gals.

    • Glad to know you too FN. 🙂

    • Yeah, it’s nice to know you all.

  17. EP I bet once you start reading fanfic the sexy will come 😉 lol

    • Lol, that could happen. The normal dreams at the bar make me feel like less of a perv though. 🙂

      • True. lol

        • I’m a pretty good girl by nature, I think that comes across. (Most of the time)

          • LTR is bringing out my “smutty” side. lol

          • I think it’s helped me loosen up immensely!

          • I’m not even sure I have that much of a smutty side, to be honest. My mind is just dirty enough, I think.

  18. I went through a period of time when I dreamed vividly–first about my cat dying and then something about overlooking a freeway and my dog was involved and then a Poltergeist-like bodies coming up from the ground.

    Right after that my dog (very old) died, then 3 months later my cat died, then 4 months later my Mom, followed by a sil 2 months later. My Dad got cancer and died 10 months after Mom. That was a very bad year!

    Cheery, wasn’t it?

    • Ouch, first of all sorry to hear all of that. I’ve had prophetic dreams before both the vivid and the deja vu kind.

      • Deja vu–very strange.

        • I guess, sometimes its near constant. I go through seasons where I dream vividly about all kinds of things all the time weird, deja vu, normal, fun, scary, etc and then I won’t remember a dream for months.

          • Write ’em down.

          • I usually do, like I said, I like to stay aware. I sound so “new age-y” right now, but I think you mind functions in dreams to make you award of things you may not have time to deal with in waking life.

          • aware not award 😛

          • It’s true.

    • Awww….that’s awful. My dreams are weird. I rarely remember them. If I do, it’s usually weird and I’ll tell someone about it, then like several months or even years later I’ll have Deja Vu and be like, “I dreamt about this.” It’s really weird b/c I’ve dreamt about people I didn’t know yet.

      • I haven’t really worked out how that works yet. People you’ve known before–then when you actually meet them, there’s a soul memory.

      • I’ve done that too.

        • A “soul memory” that sounds so cool.

          EP I’ve heard of your dreams telling you about things you aren’t aware of in waking life. I think that makes a lot of sense. It’s our way of processing what we’ve seen and experienced.

          • First of all soul memory would be an awesome title for a song.

            It makes sense, sleep is supposed to rejuvenate, so of course when you dream you would have time to process.

  19. Or maybe even a bandname.

    • I thought about that too.

  20. I think that should be the name of our Late-Night LTR group 🙂

    • Fine by me. Who was it that mentioned today how they felt connected in that way?

      • I don’t remember, but I know what you’re talking about.

        • JBell?

    • Aww, I kind of love that.

  21. I wonder if this conversation is as good as the one about tea last night.

    • I don’t know…that was very profound!LOL

    • IDK….that tea bit made quite an impact.

      • I know and it was the lamest conversation ever.

        • What’s that saying? “One man’s trash is anther man’s treasure” lol I guess the same theory applies 🙂

          • True

        • AND I burned my tongue on my tea last night, I can believe I sustained a tea injury.

          • A tea injury! LMAO!

          • That’s hilarious!

  22. Hahahahaha….great minds!

  23. It was Soccermom “@JBell – Not soo scary. I mean we both ended up here at LTR right? Must be something to THAT! I’m gonna go all ‘Vogue’ and say that all of us here must have some sort of emotional/psychic connection to each other.”

    • There you go.

    • btw I feel like a total nerd for finding that. lol

      • No, there was truth there.

      • Nothing nerdy about it, and I agree I think there is some kind of a connection.

  24. Nonono – tea time was great! You girls are breaking dreams down all Vanity Fair style. Loving it! Sorry I missed most of it again. Had to watch the end of the movie and get my girls to bed. My oldest liked it (yipee!). My youngest was scared, but I think she will be the more passionate of the two and will love it when she is older.

    Sigh – I just love Twilight. Sounds corny, but it has changed my life – all for the better.

    Now I get to be part of the wee hour soul memory group at LTR. Lucky girl!

    • Yes Byrdie. I’m so glad you’re here.
      It’s great to have the girls getting into TW already. TW grabbed me by the throat and I’ve never been the same since!

    • We’re lucky to have you Byrdie.

    • Of course you get to be part of our group! Not corny at all.

  25. Nobody puts the word “love” in your mouth, nobody plants the idea – its just there one day.

    That’s from TPE, I loooovvveee this! He’s a sweetheart.

    • I’m so glad you’re lovin’ on the Porcupine!

  26. We’re having a little bit of a love fest tonight.

    • That reminds me Byrdie, did we decide when the Drinkfest was going to be? lol

      • No, but maybe when I’m in Europe. I think I mentioned we keep a dry house, so I can only partake when I’m on the road. Might mean drinking in the AM hours in order to be on the right time zones. Who wants to volunteer for that shift ;o)

        • Hey, I’ll be there.

        • Just let me know 🙂

  27. Ah gee shucks! Can’t beat the lovin’ at LTR.

    Group hug!

    And, good night kisses for me. I have an audition tomorrow and want to look somewhat alive.


    • **squeeze** Good night. I’ll be sending positive vibes your way 🙂

    • Good luck tomorrow! Get some ZZZZZZs girl!

    • Good luck and good night!

  28. I better get some sleep too. I have to make a trip to Denton tomorrow to tour UNT. I’ll talk to you gals later! Sweet Rob Dreams!

    • I’m out too, I’m actually driving to Dallas tomorrow for the NASCAR races, so I probably won’t be around much this weekend. Night all.

  29. Good night to you both. Have good days tomorrow.

  30. Good Morning Sunshines!!!

    Thread still open, so posting here…someone be kind enough while I am at work today to please move this to the new thread when it opens. I know everyone is on high alert waiting for this. (thanks)


    Chapters 45 Part 1
    Chapter 45 Part 2
    Chapter 46 Part 1
    Chapter 46 Part 2
    Chapter 47

    have all been posted…happy reading!

    catch up with ya’ll later!
    smooches! ❤

    • SpunkMe you’re AMAZING!!! Thanks 🙂

      • Love ya too FN! Bye off to work *sigh*

  31. […] please, I beg of you… MAKE IT STOP! Have we not suffered enough this week with the whole TUCK Scandal ‘09 and now […]

  32. The Quad: amazing.

    When I first saw the pic my jaw literally dropped…and then my lips curled into a sheepish grin because, face it, it’s Rob …naked…Tuck or no Tuck he’s naked!

    /singing *goodbye horses…*

    So…anyway, the discussion had me laughing SO hard!! I know that you’re scared of The Tuck, but please remember…he did Little Ashes before Twilight. He worked out for Twilight so his bod is better now. Am I right??? So you can keep your thoughts of him still being completely yummyness intact. That should help heal the wounds a little bit too.


    • oh i think his bod is looking HOT here!

      • Oh, I completely agree…

        The first time I saw it I was looking on my iPhone and had the sucker stretched as far as I could stretch it to get more up close and personal with it. This doesn’t repel me one bit.


  33. Dude you have almost 1000 comments on this thread!

  34. Rob’s milkshake brings all the gals to the yard and they’re like his is better than yours 🙂

  35. I love robert pattinson hes ” lush ”
    I could not get enought of twilight and i cant wait until the new film comes out ! Hope its as good as the first one, or even better ! x
    Iloveyuu x

  36. […] Screening of Little Ashes hosted by myself in Dali wig & ’stach, giving special commentary whilst doing THE TUCK […]

  37. Haha. I don’t think it’s gross. It’s his role in a movie :p Haha, and the conversations you had were hilarious. You gals are hilarious! 🙂

  38. […] ask him to sign your Twilight book *that just makes me cringe* Ask him to sign a picture of The Tuck LOL 14. Don’t follow him to the bathroom (because he’ll be in there with me *wink wink*) […]

  39. […] of people not smiling – Are you talking about us after seeing THE TUCK or Kristen “Sour Puss” Stewart? Cause if that’s the case then we’ve got TONS […]

  40. […] for awhile (damn Bible Belt). And Mother’s Day would have been the perfect day to finally see THE TUCK on a movie […]

  41. […] she just texted me a picture of The Tuck while she was in the movie theatre, watching it on the big screen. Oh you didn’t think Art […]

  42. […] you safely home, where we can tuck you into bed (we’ll ignore your drunk attempts to show us The Tuck) and have our way with you sing you soft lullaby’s to […]

  43. […] what is coming out of your pants? The Tuck? Is something coming out of the other end? I’m confused. Is this a moment like during the […]

  44. […] to your site. LOVING it so far. Anywho, I was checking out the archives and saw something about “The Tuck”- I didn’t need to go any farther, I knew what it was. I’d seen it…more times than I care […]

  45. […] his full given name] I hear in his next movie he has full frontal nudity? Ew! Me: laughing Ah yes! The Tuck! Netta: His movie is called The […]

  46. […] The Tuck!!!! […]

  47. […] is never depressed because he can do The Tuck. And girls still love him, despite […]

  48. […] Moon: and doesnt know rob’s version of Dashboard songs and confused it with his penchant for tucking his nether regions Lost: Beanie. Last Seen: in the previous […]

  49. […] character is sewn from Edwardian cloth. I know this might be somewhat limiting, but think of the potential pitfalls you’ll avoid. Trust. Please promise me that Robsten is 4ever. As I am firmly committed to […]

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