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How I “fell” for Robert Pattinson: The courtship

Every week I consider posting these (long) “How I fell for Rob” posts knowing I love to read them but wondering if anyone else does. You all seem to. Every Sunday this is one of the top posts of the week! Enjoy this week’s story!

Dearest Robert Pattinson,

About three things I am absolutely positive:

First, I am an almost-thirty-year-old woman with two college degrees, a semi-important job, and a firm grasp on reality. Second, I have for several years been ecstatically married to a man who is only one step removed from perfection. And third, I am unconditionally and irrevocably obsessed with you.†

"I can't remember how to form a complete sentence...Also did you just SEE my dad's dance moves?"

"I can't remember how to form a complete sentence...Also did you just SEE my dad's dance moves?"

I struggled against your thrall for weeks. Our first encounter happened long before I read the books. One day while trolling the Internet gossip sites working diligently on some TPS reports, I came across a link to video of your visit to the Ellen Degeneres show. Curious to examine the subject of all the hoopla and hubbub I had heretofore ignored, I watched you in all your barely-intelligible, curiously-coiffed semi-cuteness. Meh. Shortly thereafter, as we drove by our local movie theater, my husband asked if I intended to watch ‘that “Twilight” movie.’ “No, I might when it hits video,” I casually tossed off, certain that he would interpret my blasé response as proof that I wasn’t about to be spoon-fed such commercial tween drivel. The movie left the theater without my even noticing. An avid reader, I did occasionally feel a twinge of doubt about my haughty view toward reading the Twilight books. On the one hand, I took pride in appreciating classic literature and had recently renewed a dusty resolve to broaden my literary repertoire – not to mention that the Twilight series was (in my mind) for emo teens, and I had neither the trench coat and fedora necessary to disguise my skulking around the “Young Adult” section nor the internal fortitude necessary to hand my purchase over to the bookstore clerk without clasping my cellphone to my ear and pretending to reassure my “niece” that yes, I had found the books she wanted and was buying them right then. On the other hand, Meyer’s novels were pretty and shiny and long and sure to be filled with DRAMA! and ROMANCE! and ANGST! – a triple-threat that sounded a siren call to that girl inside of me – the one who melted every time Johnny pulled Baby out of the corner. It was my younger sister who finally exposed this Achilles heel. She bought Twilight while visiting me. Concealing my weakness with a thin veneer of thriftiness, I suggested that, since she had already bought the book, I should give it a try. She returned to California and, bless her, mailed me the book when she was finished reading.

What will happen? Will she love it? Will she hate it? Find out after the jump

The highs

The highs

I remember very little of the following week. Somehow, my husband and animals received adequate nourishment. Apparently, I paid enough attention at work to avoid dismissal. The world, it seems, did keep turning that Saturday to Saturday. But only outside my head. Inside, where you now lived, time stood still. Except for a dark, dismal two days between reading Twilight and frantically searching for New Moon, wherein I cursed all local book retailers, gnashed my teeth, and rent my garments in twain.

Our courtship since has been a roller-coaster of highs and lows.

The highs: Watching the movie (ad the aforementioned husband’s nauseum) and witnessing your questionable superb acting talent as you bring Edward to (ahem) life. Finding LTT and LTR and realizing that I AM normal, in a special kind of way. Having a close friend casually mention that she “liked” the movie and books, only for each of us to (tentatively, cautiously) reveal the depths of our Robsession to each other in the way of kindred spirits. Picturing you in a myriad of daydreams – handing me the pitcher from over my head and staring deep into my eyes while whispering, “As you wish;” crawling over the evil sheriff you have just vanquished and clutching me to your chest while vowing, “I would DIE for you;” and ending our ice-skating routine with a dramatic, sweaty flourish and the demand that I “remember who said it first.”

The Lows

The Lows

The lows: Reading to the end of Midnight Sun and feeling bereft and not a little unsatisfied with only the cursory glimpse into your Edward’s head (Stephenie Meyer, you are a book tease). Having my niece ask if we can watch “Twilight” the next time she visits, and thrilling as we plan a night of popcorn, blankets on the couch, and generally girliness that threatens to send me into spasms of glee that I now have a family cohort with which to share you. Remembering my niece is six. Typing – and meaning – the word “squee” no less than six times.

In closing, I would like to offer you a few solemn vows, and elicit a few from you in return.

I vow to always be enchanted by your awkward, inept funny, charming personality. I vow to be ever thankful to Dick and Clare for procreating, and for their success that you aren’t a buttertooth. I vow to vociferously support Robsten, so that next year, upon repeating your win of the MTV Movie Best Kiss Award, the two of you can (passionately and in full view of all cameras) repent of your wretched mistake this past show.

In exchange, I’d like you to promise me just a few things.

Please promise me that you will stop making movies outside of the Twilight franchise unless the character is sewn from Edwardian cloth. I know this might be somewhat limiting, but think of the potential pitfalls you’ll avoid. Trust. Please promise me that Robsten is 4ever. As I am firmly committed to honoring my marriage vows, there is only one other girl with whom I want you to spend the rest of your life, and she is named Bella Kristen. Please promise that, if you insist on maintaining this facade of friendship, and thereby depriving us of any RL romance, you will continue to be circumspect, thus sparing us the horror of an RPattz/Paris Hilton sighting, the torture of more Camilla Belle rumblings, or the despair of those niggling questions about TomStu. You know what I’m talking about.

Thank you, Rob, for being your adorkable, irresistible self. For being you. For being.

(Fervently hope to) See you in my dreams,
Name Withheld to Protect the Alternately Defiant/Mortified

† Unapologetic bastardization.

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  1. hahahahahaaha TEAM ROBSTEN! God I want to lick him so bad! (I am reading a twilight fanfic again with lots of lemons…that’s why. le sigh)

    • which one are you reading?

  2. I kind of have to disagree about the tom stu comment, robstu is kind of endearing and it kind of turns me on.

    • And Tom Sturridge is a seriously good actor. The bromance lives on!

  3. OMG I totally did the cell phone thing! I heart you, UC!
    The problem for me was that the store was completely empty when I entered and the clerk was so freaking eager to assist me and I couldn’t get him off my back.. And I just couldn’t ask.. I just couldn’t bring myself to say the words.. out loud.. So, I’d pretended that I didn’t remember the exact title and called that “someone” for whom I was supposedly shopping for..
    So embarrassingly pathetic.. But so amazingly normal among this crowd! Heart you all..

  4. All of the above! Except I was brazen about buying the books because I didn’t know they were teen books and also I bought them in a supermarket where no-one cares what’s in your trolley – unless you try to take 11 items through the 10 items or less queue!

    And it has totally made me cool in my niece’s eyes – she’s just turned 15 and is totally Edward obsessed and more or less Robsessed too.

    The film – I saw that no less than six times then booked an advance copy of the DVD on Amazon to make sure I’d be the first person in the UK to receive it!

  5. The Cutting Edge reference on a cold Sunday morning just made my entire day! The Princess Bride and Robin Hood were good too, but I’m still picturing D.B. Sweeney/Doug Dorsey and trying to stop laughing outloud in the library.

  6. I get sooo red in the face everytime I have to go in Barnes n Noble! Each time I buy the Twilight books, merchandise, and my latest purchase, Wuthering Heights! How embarassing..I am 25 years old and I know they can see right through me!

  7. I love reading these stories, even though they are basically one story :
    first we said “meh” then we saw him on the big screen entering the cafeteria or/and we saw his interviews and we fell in love.

  8. Sooo accurate! The most disturbing part about getting the books was having to stalk the “young adult” display island at the bookstore… replete with “Edward” key chain, book bag, pencil holders, posters, … AND then fighting the urge to buy all that crap!

  9. Okay, that was just epic! I too melt whenever Johnny (RIP) pulls Baby from the corner, and I also felt like ripping my clothing in twain when the library told me about the 4 month wait list for Twilight. Good thing I ponied up the $8 and went to Wal-Mart. Lord knows where I’d be now….possibly getting ready for church instead of lurking around blogs dedicated to the blessedly non-buttertooth Rob… Hmm.

    Well said, all of it. Well, okay, I skimmed over the Robsten part (I’m in the Don’t Give a Crapsten category on that one). But still, funny as hell!

    • i always got a little excited when johnny pulls baby out of the corner. but then it got old when my brothers kept telling my parents that “no one puts baby in a corner.” (they call me baby…i’m the youngest girl. only one younger brother. there’s 6 of us.)

  10. BTW — I lost the fight — bought a Rob book and two CDs a few weeks later. But I hold the line at Twilight keychains and New Moon pajamas.

    • Where did you see New Moon PJ’s? I mean I am just asking because my neice would love those!! *glancing around awkwardly*

      • Saw them at — on pre-order.

  11. Well said!

    Being a bit late on the band wagon- This past June I ordered the complete set online through Chapters. No awkward sales people confrontations.Delievered straight to my door. In my mind I was “investigating”. Seeing what was behind the books that the students that I taught were ROBsessed about. Little did I know how swept up I would become!
    Now.. 3 months later… here I am anxiously waiting for the next movie, looking daily on updates on sites like this… enjoying every moment.

  12. Liked your letter but I want Rob in lots of movies!

    I will be very, very sad if he remains a sparkly vampire for the rest of his career.

    I want to see him as a mafia prince (sorry, FF fascinations), something insane in a Tim Burton movie (w/ Mr. Depp, please), and tons of artsy movies that I can feel so smart watching.

    • oh ms banger, I am glad you posted your pic! I knew you would be cute in all your 22 year old glory!

      I too want to see Rob in many, many movies. I would watch a movie about paint drying if he starred!

      Love today’s post ladies!

      • Aww.. Thanks!

        And I am now following you on Twitter! YAY for Twitter!

        • Cool! Long live twitter! It’s been long live for me for about a week now. lol, I’m so out of the loop!

    • Emancipation Proclamation owns my ass!

      • I read it all in two days only to discover that it is still in progress.

        That really pissed me off. I don’t like to wait. GRR!

  13. Dead on! Thanks for posting. My favorite thing is LTR…it keeps me laughing and helps me feel a bit more normal. I have yet to find a kindred Twilight amigas just don’t seem to get it..and I get that..but I still think they are lame for not appreciating tween emo books. I mean who does not want to live vicariously through 2 angsty teenagers in love..duh.
    I am on board with all of the letter with the exception of..
    1)The no films outside of Twilight – I personally can’t wait to see Rob’s hot ass in other movies.
    2) Robsten 4ever – I too don’t give a crapsten but goodonyou for sticking together – what ever floats your boat.

  14. Yes, we all love reading these posts because you express in words the same journey many of us have taken to our Rob obsessions. Who doesn’t remember the day they watched the Ellen interview and actually got to see Rob’s parents, and then that video of them dancing…and that description of his clown car..and Ellen’s comment “who takes care of you”…I fell into obsession sometime around that point.

  15. = no more knowing stares from 20-year-old salespeople at B&N – you can shop and hold your head high

    • Yes! Although, I ended up getting them used from Amazon, which meant that I had to wait longer for the delivery for one of the books. I had already read the books, having borrowed them from my neighbor. I just felt really depressed about giving them back, like I was loosing my friends or something. Anyway, I was pretty impatient to get all of the books in my hot little hands, and when it took three weeks for Eclipse to show up (a full week after B.D), I was pissed. I called the book seller and ended up talking to a woman who at first was short with me, if not totally professional. Then she looked up my purchase history. She was totally silent for a minute then sighed and said, “Oh I see, yes, I AM sorry. It is hard wait, if I were you, I would just go out and buy the book somewhere else and return ours after you get it.” She was a sister!

  16. I fell in love with rob when he opened his mouth and sang…la sigh..not Edward. Then I found out he could play the piano. Omg.
    I love him and his adorkableness, (not so much the hobo Nike shoes) but his careless sense of style, especially the bed hair look: yummy.
    I admit to already purchasing new moon tickets, but only to quench my thirst of seeing him since he is M.I.A.
    Rob = Mr. Darcy in my hear, he’s that good.

    • OH MY GOD! (the caps are essential, I apologize)
      Rob= Mr. Darcy! Why or why have I never thought of that? Rob= Edward was too good to be true in the first place. Rob = Mr. Darcy is just…is just…panty melting good.

  17. Yes, I do love these and look forward to them. Why? Because they prove that I am, indeed, Normal. Keep posting’em!

  18. I too resisted for a long time to have/read/see anything Twilight (I think BD was just about to come out). But I succumbed to the buzz and bought a copy of Twilight in a drug store. Of course, the checkout person was a teenage girl and she was so excited that I was buying the ‘best book EVER’. I slunk away and spent the next few hours completely becoming completely enthralled with the characters (well, really only Edward and then of course, Rob) and story, but not the writing (so sorry SM). And then it was a quick transition from there right into blogs/youtube videos/FF. A friend’s teenage daughter is the only one I’ve ‘confessed’ to and she’s very supportive!

  19. Toe pick! It’s a monumental day when Cutting Edge gets referenced. This is not about Rob, but was still in the letter, I too neglected everything during the two weeks I devoured the series. I may have even hushed my cat and locked hin out of my room when he was looking for some attention just to finish BD. Oops. Oh, confessions are so good for the soul.

  20. I made an effort to use Twilight to bond with my step daughter. (we are actually very close, and I thought she would love my reading Twilight, so I blabbed) My timing was off tho. 2 years ago, when we were coming home from Disney World, she told me about this awesome book she was reading and a little about the story. She was 12 at the time. I replied with something like, “oh, well that sounds good”. At the time I am sure I was reading something riveting.

    Well, here we are 2 years later, and I am obsessed with all things Twi, and my step daughter is 14 and in advanced placement literature, and she laughs and walks behind me at the mall, because I want to see what’s going on with New Moon and I eat those sweet heart candies.

    She literally laughs and shakes her head, because she thinks I am a dork, everyone knows Twilight was so Jr High!

    What has happened to me?

    • Me too. My teen and preteen cousins read the books and were obsessed for about a week while I’m still cuckoo bananas. They think I’m nuts. They’ve moved on to the nextbig thing. What is it with this series?

      • omg!!! I can’t believe the fickle teens!!! lmao! But that’s how they operate. When you get older, you hate almost everything that is a part of pop culture. Twilight is my pretty much my one and only exception. Well that’s good news I guess for the Twi cast in regards to the stalker fans and paps. After a year or so, it should die down. However, I will always LOVE Robsten & friends!!

      • I am embarrassed that she is embarrassed (well, sometimes but not really), by my actionsl. However, why is it that we just keep doing it? Rob is like a drug to me I guess… In that case, I love being an addict and I don’t want to attend any damn meetings.

        I will continue to embarrass myself and second hand embarrass my teen, I think it is helping to build her character.

        And, it’s kind of funny.

        • Rob-Anon!!

          I agree–totally unnecessary. This is a *healthy* addiction.

  21. This story rocked!!!!!! And OMG the Robin Hood and Cutting Edge references 🙂 THE BOMB!

    I love love love Robin Hood…..Kevin Costner! woo! I swear to god I’m in my 20s. I do own the movie on VHS though 😉

    • or was that reference from The Princess Bride?????

      • all three!

  22. i first fell in love with rob when i opened my christmas gift-a DVD of harry potter GOF. i looked down at it in pure excitement and noticed a rather attractive boy in the back corner next to another attractive (obviously bulgarian) man. at a second glance i said “shit. he looks like my boyfriend’s brother. SHIT. he’s hot. shit.”

    naturally, while watching the movie i felt less guilty because he doesn’t look so much like said (now ex-, still best friend)boyfriend’s brother. (thank god) but oh! i just HAD to find out who this actor was who played cedric. (and i was in love with cedric from the books.)

    “Huh. Robert. far cry from cedric. love it. i always did have a thing for green eyes.”

    however, he fell off of my radar considering i live in pittsburgh and we don’t get BBC or anything english in my house. sigh.

    I was at a birthday party for some kids that i babysit and their cousin, who is a friend of mine, was there. we got to talking about books and she said, “oh my god. dani, you have to read this book. i kept trying to put myself in it, but i couldn’t because this chick reminds me of you. she’s brunette and ridiculously clumsy. it’s all you.” thus, my obsession with was rekindled and i bought a new book. (i ordered new moon the day after i finished twilight. eclipse wasn’t even out yet.)

    I had dreams about this book (as i’m sure so many others of you do) and i couldn’t place the boy i kept seeing. there was no movie talk yet, so i was just making my own cast. i walked downstairs to see my brother watching my harry potter. “Oh! Cedric! YOU’RE the boy i keep dreaming about!”

    and thus, my love and obsession was rekindled. there was no one else in my mind that could be edward, and so, imagine my ecstasy when Rob was cast in the movie (i refuse to call it a “film” due to the, uh, sometime mediocre acting from a certain lead female.)

    my family makes fun of me for my love of vampires (i am, indeed, also in love with a certain eric northman from louisiana.) but, everytime i’m home from school and watching tv with my big little brother (he’s 2 years younger, but about 4 inches taller), he turns to me and goes “you wanna watch twilight?” my response is always “one, stop ogling my future husband, and 2, i ALWAYS want to watch for buttcrack santa (rip).

    so thanks, LTR for giving me a place to first-hand embarrass myself in expressing my love for a certain awkward englishman.

    (p.s. sorry for the novel.)

  23. OME!!! **huggs, kisses, squeels** Ok, that was kinda gay but I’m just so excited to see my secret thoughts so exquisitely displayed for me to read. That was hilarious and I totally concur. Let me say OME again. My secret thoughts exactly. I totally agree with you (even if you’re just kidding). I also loved The Princess Bride…both the movie and the book. I can recite lines from that movie, that’s how much I loved it.

  24. I ❤ U "Name Withheld to Protect the Alternately Defiant/Mortified" for the "as you wish comment"!! I freaking love that movie too! (It was Princess Bride Krystle 🙂 I also love reading these stories. It cracks me up how many of us "normal" girls are out there. I had an old friend in from out of town on Friday night who made the comment "obsessed" everytime she saw my Rob wallpaper on my computer (I fly my freak flag a little higher these days – LOL). Thanks for sharing the story! XOXO

  25. you r right about the obsession thing but the main question is that when have u finished reading the series…i was myself obsessed with edward/robert back 4 or 5 months …i started reading each n everything abt RP on net ,my eyes froze whereever on tv i watched him but seriously all obsession wearsout by the time and now i am back a normal person ;p…btw am 27

  26. I love reading these type of letters. I have been wanting to write a letter to Rob for a long time, but haven’t yet. I don’t know if I’ll ever stop liking Rob, I’m gone way too far.

    I have to disagree w/ the letter though, I want Rob in more movies. The more movies, the more I get to see his lovely face. I’m sure he will be smart to make the right choices as far as movies. I’m in this for the long haul.

  27. Um… “buttertooth” is genius. Cracked me up. Not sure if you invented that word or what, but I’m a fan of making up words (boxtease anyone?). Brilliant.

  28. “I remember very little of the following week. Somehow, my husband and animals received adequate nourishment.”

    Ha! Story of my life! Except I have no animals. I have a husband and a 25 month old daughter. I remember when I was reading the Twilight books, I was like in my own little bubble! My DH was pissed off that I barely got anything done on top of not sleeping because I was reading til the wee hours the morning.

  29. at first I thought that I had blacked out again and written this letter in my sleep, then i read the rest of the first paragraph and realized, oh wait, i’m not married.

  30. I adore this section, though this is the first time I cannot feel related with part of the letter (of which I’m relieved because I was beginning to think that someone was busy writing my own experience in weekly chapters and unauthorized!!!)

    I’m dying to see Robert in lots of movies. I.e.:

    – “Remember Me” & Rob in jeans and WetRob in the rain is the stuff dreams are made of!!!!

    – And “Bel Ami” (with probably NakedRob) will be my death!!

    As for the robsten thing, I’m with KarenLynn in the Don’t Give a Crapsten team. Not my business… at all!

  31. I REFUSED to read Twilight. All these high school girls going uber obsessed over what? A dead vamp and a dog.

    I stayed oblivious for months. I tried my hardest to ignore the TV. I was glad I quit working at my part time job at the mall before the whole phenom took place. Having to deal with the posters and the merchandise would have been extremely too much.

    Then one day, out of the blue, my best friend of 20 years says, “Have you read the Twilight saga…?” My first thought? “OH NO NOT YOU TOO!!”

    She read it before she’d let her daughter touch the books. Then she refused to give them up because she read them over, and over, and over again.

    I was at the local book store looking through the Adult book section and there it was, staring me from across the aisle… wrapped in its black cover with a gorgeous red apple flaunting itself in front of me. It gave me a “come hither” stare and I was instantly drawn in by its allure.

    I bought only Twilight. I figured I wouldn’t go all the way until I was really sure about my devotion to the series. I brought it home, lit some candles and settled down into bed with it. It became my release for the night. I quickly found myself involved with the series.

    Then along came Robbie P.

    Cedric Diggory. What a great character he was. So sad he got sacrificed for the love of Harry Potter. If they’d just cast Robbie P. as Harry Potter, I’m sure I’d show as much devotion to J.K. Rowling as I do Ms. Stephanie.

    But when I found out he was to play Edward, I instantly fell in love. And that hair… I’d have dreams about his hair. Running my fingers through it… holding it in my arms… rubbing, petting it, naming it George…

    Then I found out he was dating his co-star through a dependable grocery store tabloid and my love for him started to decrease. How cliché of him to do so…like that’s never been done before.

    But as much as I try in my heart to had him, I find that I cannot. His angsty style and his gorgeous eyes seem to pull me back in each time. I curse the day my friend got me into those books, but at the same time… I thank her every single day.

    Robbie P… You complete me.

  32. “Adorkable”…I guess that sums it up.

    Now, excuse me while I search for the “butter-tooth” definition.

  33. LOTN?

    • How goes it??

      • Hey, not bad. Did you read yesterday’s post? I liked it. Surprised?

        I never comment about how good the posts are anymore. But I always laugh. And since I gave in to reading LTR at work, it’s a good way to start the morning. And then I delete my history.

        How are you?

        • “and then I delete my history” LMAO!!!

          I didn’t read the whole thing, but I remember it being about Bobby (and the other Britpackers) and I am NOT surprised! lol

          I’m doing well. I’ve been really busy with school and work and hanging out with “friends”. lol Or should that be “hanging out” with friends. 😉 LOL

          • Oh pfft. Bobby. Meh. ……*shifts eyes*

            Wait, “hanging out” with friends? Is that code for: I’ve been buzzay boffing with wanna-be-Tattward?

          • LOL! I love the word “boffing”

          • Oh yeah, and no, that’s not necessarily what it means. lol

  34. Hi you two. Long time, huh?

    So, FN, where did you find a job?

    • EyeC!!!!!!

      How are ya?? How’s life? Anything exciting going on?

      I got a job at a pediatric rehab doing speech therapy. It’s really flexible and pays well.

      • That’s excellent! Sounds like a perfect fit.

        I’m doing fine. No big changes.

        Jenny, How is the class coming along? Do you enjoy it?

        • I’m in 2 classes actually, a film class and a theatre class! They’re both fun, but really nerve-wracking. I’m having a lot of fun and learning a lot. But still nerve-wracking. Haha Being a perfectionist is tough sometimes!

          What’ve you been up to? Did you like the most recent CWAIA and EmPr updates? I need another EmPr update! She’s been slow this past week.

          • Nerve-wracking is a good thing because you’re challenging yourself. It doesn’t necessarily feel good all the time though. The more you go through with it the more comfortable it will become. You’ve got to let the perfectionism relax—you don’t have to be in control all the time. Scary, I know.

            CWAIA–She’s got to get off of those pills! She’s getting ready to blow!

            EmPr–That’s getting tense. I’ve got an idea about the DNA now. Oh, Edward, don’t blow it by running!

          • Very true, nerve-wracking also means I know I can improve. I don’t think I’ll ever be so comfortable as to never be nervous though. I always want to do my best, and portray everything genuinely, so it’s hard. And yes I know, I’m trying to let the little perfectionist go! But yes, scary.

            I know, those pills are going to push her over the edge soon. And she needs to tell Edward about Jake. I mean, come on already!

            I have no idea about the DNA. Send me an email when you get a chance with your theories! I mean, I have a slight idea (because I creeped on your convo with Lizzie a while back when you two talked about it), but I sitll want to hear the more detailed theory! And I know, Edward is going to ruin things if he tries to run with Bella. Ack. The last update was tense between Carlisle and Edward. I wish Carlisle would just come out and tell him -something-.

          • Everybody in EmPr thinks that the truth will shatter the other person. It may be a shock but I don’t think Edward would ever hate Bella even if he finds out the truth about his mom. And as for Edward’s volitility, he might be more reasonable if he understood Bella’s fragile position.

    • Definitely EyeC! How are you?

      • Good, good.

  35. Are you both keeping up on all the updates for the big 3?

    • I am, I am! I need some more updates though. It’s sad, my life has started to revolve around my email inbox, waiting for notifications so I have something to do at work.

      … And then I delete my history.

      • You’re funny! I know you’d hate to be caught!

        I’ve moved on to several new stories so I’m not just waiting for a few. There are so many of them to choose from.

    • Unfortunately not 😥 I haven’t had ANY time for FF!! My life is sad.

      • It IS sad! lol Now you actually have a life…. You’re one of those fabled creatures. But when you do get the time you won’t have to be waiting around because there will be all these updates to read.

        • It sucks! It’s so overwhelming and I forget which chapter I’m on in some of them that update frequently so I’m not even sure HOW behind I am anymore! lol

          • LOL Make a little note to self once you figure it out. They will still be there when you’re ready. It will be like these completed stories–no waiting.

          • I need to figure SOMETHING out. It will be nice to not have to wait for updates though.

          • I knew you were busy just with school and then add the job. I am glad that it’s flexible for you. You’re also getting to work with kids and see how that goes. I’m sure you can fit a chapter in here and there on days you have a little breather.

  36. So far I haven’t really been able to. I’m reading EmPr now though. I like where the story’s going.

    • Yes, it gets tense by the end of the last update. The Valentine’s Day viewpoints were sweet.

  37. Wow, Valentine’s Day? I’m still on Halloween! lol

    • Uh oh….

  38. I think it’s time I get some sleep. I have a meeting with my clinical supervisor tomorrow morning. I hope to talk to you soon! Night!

    • Night Frannay, sleep well!

    • Night night. Hope it goes well.

  39. How are you liking Love Amongst the Ruins? I have 2 chapters left until I have to wait for updates. What others are you reading right now?

    • I love Love Amongst the Ruins. It sure is a different kind of Edward. But they’re so good together.

      I’ll list my other ones in the next comment.

      • It really is a different kind of Edward. I like the story, but sometimes her style of writing irritates me. I push through it though, because she has some good moments.

        • I think the spinal injury brings in a lot of new situations–plus the trajedy of his family. Just one thing after another. I haven’t figured out how they’re going to get past the Bree problem though.

          • Yeah, the whole spinal injury situation is really tragic. It’s just terrible to picture him always in pain, barely being able to do anything. I’m not sure about Bree either, but I think Bella will be okay with it. The whole Esme thing may be tough though.

          • Yes, I know Bella can handle Bree but Esme has to protect the library against a lawsuit and that is what bother’s me. I would say move them away but then there wouldn’t be any family. And they are both in the right job for them. What about this feeling with Aro and the diary documentation? Bella doesn’t feel right about it. Maybe there’s some shady dealing that will involve Bree somehow.

  40. I’m sure I mentioned Between the Madness and the Fire.

    A Rough Stert
    Eight Years Later (Complete)
    Hand in Glove just one chapter
    The Screamers
    Letters to Gramercy (C) very good
    Landscapes just finished, almost C

    • Thanks EyeC, I love your recommendations. I need something new to read at work once I finish LATR… which may be tomorrow.

      • Good to have some on the waiting list.

        • I completely agree. I could still do with an HL5 update though.

  41. I should probably get to bed. I have to get up earlier than usual tomorrow, and I’m going to bed later than usual. Funny how that works.

    Have a good night EyeC, I’ll be on again throughout this week. I leave on Thursday for London, so I need to get some quality time in with you guys before I head out. Talk soon!

    • OK. Sweet dreams. I hope to talk to you some more before you leave. I’ll email, too.

  42. I dont think I am the only person here thats wondering what your husband looks like lol. The “one step removed from perfection” statement just flared my curiosity. Would be nice to see a pic of the two of you. LOL since your husband has mixed feelings about Rob, you could take like parody type pictures 😛 You’re his bella hahahahah

  43. Seriously, Buttertooth. EPIC! Huge fake lesbian kisses for that one.

  44. It’s me, “Name Withheld.”

    To clarify:

    I DO want to see LOTS more Rob movies, but I don’t want to see BAD Rob movies. Hence the “Edwardian cloth” stipulation. SAY NO TO THE TUCK. There are MANY Rob movies I would like to see: movies with his real accent, movies with period dress, movies with extensive (flattering) nudity, movies with Rob as funny, angsty, or passionate characters, movies with Rob and John Cusack – I could go on. Mea culpa! I wasn’t trying to Robblock!

    Note to cupcakechanel: Trust, my husband definitely brings the hotness. And the sweetness, and the funniness, and the considerate . . . ness. However, one thing he does not “bring” is the decency to allow me to take a picture of him. Srsly, I have a COLLECTION of candids wherein he is telling me I’m his #1. Using his middle finger. Le sigh.

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