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Digging through our ‘Letters to Rob’ mailbag

Rob is Kristen's fanclub manager FYI

Rob is Kristen's fanclub manager FYI

Before we get on to the “serious” posts by grown-up Rob lovers, we thought we’d share a fun letter “Rob” received that we filed away into the “crazies” folder. Enjoy!

Hello Rob!

I know it’s nonesense to write to you , but i at least will be tried. So I want to contact Kristen Stewart. Well i don’t know why. I think i’m completele insane ;D But i think that if i will be written to you, i will be much more calm. So here’s my story: I was normal  until i whatched film ,,Twilight” which have changed my life. I can’t get sleep till i look at picture of Kristen. I don’t know what’s happening 🙂 I think i get in love. You might are laughing now, but i don’t care about that. I’ve google’ed and searched all the internet, because i wanted to find any adress of Kristen. I know that she’s older than me but i don’t care. By the way I’m 17( and a half :D). So I’ve found this e-mail, so i want to try my luck…

Of course i would like to see her, but i know it wont happen. So the 1 thing i want in this large world is that i what to chat with Kris. Don’t laugh, i’m serious. It would be my dream come true. If you could show this tiny letter, to her i would be the luckiest man* in the world. 🙂

Have a good day,
Biggest fan of Kristen

*until he said “luckiest man in the world” I thought this was from a girl…!

Now onto the “serious”  stuff. And by “serious stuff” I mean a letter gushing of love to Moon & I:

Dear UC & Moon,

No matter how hard you look you won't see it. Trust.

No matter how hard you look you won't see it. Trust.

I can’t remember how I found your blog yesterday…I’m sure I searched something ridiculous along the lines of “Poodle Wig” or “Banana Hammock” and got directed to your site. LOVING it so far. Anywho, I was checking out the archives and saw something about “The Tuck”- I didn’t need to go any farther, I knew what it was. I’d seen it…more times than I care to admit, but not unlike a car accident, I had to look.

So here I sat, at work, on my ca.1997 Compaq POS computer and clicked on “The Tuck”. I should have known better…Murphy’s Law ALWAYS applies to me and the crap I do…ALWAYS. So wouldn’t you know that at the moment “The Tuck” pops up (well not so much popped up but you know what I mean) the damn ‘puter froze up. Yep…right there for everyone to see was a picture of my Future Ex Husband, and his junk is missing. No matter how much clicking on X or BACK I did…there he stood looking like a a serial killer with a fat girl in his basement. I finally just had to pull the plug.

I spent the rest of the day explaining to my already concerned co-workers that it was from a movie about Dali (like that really makes it any better) and that YES I’m sure he has a peen…although I’ve never actually seen it (I’m fairly sure it’s long and narrow like the rest of him…dammit) and NO I didn’t think he was gay in real life, and no I don’t find “The Tuck” sexy.

So that, ladies, was my first experience with your Blog. It is now saved to my favorites!


Read a “Letter to Rob” (cause that is the name of this blog, although we’d rather it be “Letters to UC & Moon”) after the jump!

I meant hose YOU down... not ME

I meant hose YOU down... not ME

Dear Rob:

Remember that great post that UC and Moon post a couple of months ago, the “Hose ’em down” one?

Well, it happens that this afternoon I was about to watering my lawn while thinking of how damn fine you looked in May on the red carpet for that auction you did in Cannes; seriously, you should definitely start wearing that tux more often. So anyway, I was dreaming about the day when I’ll become your plus-one to those events, and to be honest, I wasn’t paying too much attention to the hose that was starting to spray the water, when it started to move like a snake- the kind of snake that comes out from a wicker basket with an old guy playing the flute. So, the hose was moving like that and the water flow was getting more and more intense, when all of the sudden, the hose was in a vertical position and spinning and I couldn’t move to catch it because it’s fall here (in Chile), it’s very chilly and I was soaking wet, from head to toe.

And then it hit me. There I was, standing in my backyard completely wet, when somehow, some mysterious divine force managed to hose me down, removing any thought of lust naivete towards you, Rob.

Obviously, I rushed inside the house, looked for warm towels and dry clothes and had a cup of hot lemonade, b/c my immune system is very weak.

But I’m warning you Rob my dear, if by any chance, I get to pay a visit to the doc, I’ll be sending you the bill.

Kisses (And if it goes well, maybe it’ll turn into something a bit more…[name that quote!]),

You love us you really do!! Well and Kristen too…
UC and Moon

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Wanna hose it down or ignite it back up? Head over to check out the forum!


  1. I love the idea of Rob’s hose, sigh, I brightens my day.

    • Awww…Rob’s hose…nice idea indeed LOL That’s it i’m watering my lawn later! 😉

  2. “You might are laughing now”
    You can put a line through might, thanks.

    The Tuck letter is gold! “His junk is missing” LMAO!
    This is my fear of webcams. Someone’s computer might freeze just as I’m making a really horrid face….and it will be stuck like that.

    No thanks.

  3. Biggest fan of Kristen – I dare say you were NOT normal before Twilight. I’m sure English being your second language isn’t helping show off your rationality, but who the hell goes ape-sh*t over Kstew? Get with the program – it’s Rpattz you should be lusting over!

    • i love that it was a dude! i so thought it was some girl before i got to the end too!

      • I thought for sure it was a girl.. and maybe a bad drunk email at that (cue yesterday’s post). But the ESL could also be the problem.

  4. Itslaurahoney…..I’m speechless…. {well actually I’m laughing so much I can’t speak}, the idea of being ‘outed’ at work like that is {hysterical}dreadful…..poor you!!!

    The guy is obviously young, we have to excuse him {hormones and all that jazz}, also Kirsten to be fair is a very lovely looking young lady, 2 of my 3 sons would ‘go there’ no problem too……

    And Fran being distracted by thoughts of Rob while holding a HOSE well THAT’S NORMAL!!!!

    Welcome back UC hope you had a good break, didn’t Moon look after us well? ❤ you all…..

    • moon rocked it

      • Missed ya UC welcome back! And don’t worry Moon did rock it!! ;D

        • awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww im glad youre back and i gave IT my all while you were out. i GLADLY DID rob repeatedly. 😉

  5. ah…The Tuck AND a wild hose.
    long and narrow indeed! 🙂

    and I would seriously give all $400 of my savings account to know what was going through Rob’s mind when he filmed that scene…

    • i hope he was thinking something about lotion or KY jellly and deciding he was going to pick his next fantasy fukball ( like fantasy football just with sex instaed of sports) group from this site.

  6. “And if it goes well, maybe it’ll turn into something a bit more” yeah Rob said that to me. I wish LOL 🙂

    • no but seriously where is that quote from…i’m drawing a complete blank and its killing me

  7. Dear UC, Moon & Rob

    there are times at my work when I am tired and bored out of my mind, yet I have to be alert and prepared for things that may happen.

    It’s always the “special” Rob post that first comes to my mind, Rob playing basketball, “I’m dominating!” Rob. Then it’s letter to Clare, followed by Rob playing air guitar outside Vancouver nightclub, and “oh my, you look dashing tonight, Mr. Pattinson” post.
    And I’m not so bored anymore and there is a subtle smile on my lips (I try not to laugh out loud) and everything is all right with the world.

    You are THE three persons I think of every day when at work and you make it bearable

    Love, Me

    • awww…. thank you!

      • awwww that might be the first letter to us THREE! what a threesome (ahem). TEAMWORK GUYS!

  8. Dear Moon and UC,
    I am still astounded that people think that LTT & LTR is their connection to the twilight cast and of course Rob. Do they not read before they email? Honestly, think before emailing here children! (I say children because it usually seems like the tweens are the ones who jump to conclusions about who the site is run by). Or don’t think, it is very entertaining.

    • yes.. we are astounded too…. and you’re right- MANY of them are children.. but what concerns me the MOST is when they are NOT children.. cuz it happens and it’s unbelievable & don’t worry- they are ALL saved for a very special day when we will share……:)

      • I think you should make a book out of all the hilarious letters…. I’d buy it. 🙂

        • love that idea….

          • OO a book would be awesome. I’d buy that!
            I can’t wait for the day you share. Is it weird that we get so much entertainment out of the stupidity of other people…..nah i guess not hehehe

        • We could donate the proceeds to Rob’s fave charity. I’d buy it. It could be like “ChickenRobSoup for the LTR Girl’s Soul”.

  9. LMAO!!!!! And I thought that it was only me that technology hated!!!! A similar thing happened to me with a DVD during a kissing scene. I paused it when the kids came in (unfortunately the DVD froze and the screen started jerking. Making it look like the actor and actress were humping wildly!!!!) It wasn’t even a sex scene! In my panic I was stabbing at the controls, trying in vain to get rid of what looked like an x rated movie on the screen. But no. The universe had decided it hated me, and the so called humping actors remained gloriously in focus.

    A wonderful education for my 7 year old…..Hmmm.

    My best friend (sitting next to me and totally unable to help!!) due to the fact that she was howling with laughter whilst tears were pouring down her face.

    You have my sympathy.

    • HAHAHA! That’s awesome. And I’m sure the more you tried to explain that away the worse it looked. I’m afraid that had I been there I would have been just as unhelpful as your friend.

    • HAHAHAAH my mom used to tell me to close my eyes when people would kiss/make out on screen! you shouldve employed this method! look away kids the paused dvd is looking like a porno!

      • Moon, I used to babysit an 8 year-old and her mum used to tell her that as well!! Aparently, is a very effective method

        Good news to Rob, I didn’t get the flu; so he wont have to pay for my medical bills.

  10. Dear UC and Moon,

    I feel that I am missing something because I have never actually written a letter.

    Today that is my goal…write a brilliant letter bringing up sparklepeen, Kstew, water, Heinie, John Lee Hooker and Soft.


    ps. I will probably not write a letter so can this serve. I’m kinda lazy when not drinking.

    • haha. NO! i want a real letter!

    • A letter about Rob involving sparklepeen AND soft hhhhmmmmm I’m thinking now!!!!……..

  11. That first letter sounds like it’s from Jacob. Just picture him writing it. Hilar.

    You really need to warn a bitch when THE TUCK appears in a post. I fear and avoid that picture more than Rob’s androgynous underwear/scarf debacle.

    • I completely agree. The Tuck is the worst picture of him and I try to avoid it at all costs, especially when my kids are sitting next to me on the couch and peek over to see what I’m doing. Try to explain that pic to a 7 year old.

    • haha… YES.. it IS from jacob

    • Oh dear!! and my copy of Little Ashes arrived today, so in the name of sisterhood I’m gonna suffer through the Tuck tonight {even got a bottle of wineto keep me company}….let you know tomorrow what I think as I’m a L.A. virgin…{I just lurve beinging a virgin sometimes…}

      • you’ll love it, it’s amazing. so not what you expect (thats what she said). and of course im referring to little ashes!

      • RubyT, I loved it, and even spent a week thinking about it, and not just about Rob…

        • Well in case anyones interest I’ve just finished watching Little Ashes and I think we have an ACTOR on our hands {I wish} not just a sexy, charming young man!
          Let’s hope the current crazy Rob finds himself in doesn’t put him off because in spite of Twilight {I am a fan I promise, but you Know what I mean}, I think he has huge potential. So much so that I refrained from innuendo for once!!!
          Basically I loved it Ifound it very moving an actually intend to find out more about Lorca and Dali….

  12. Biggest Kirsten Fan = Potential psychopath.

  13. I totally thought that was a girl to. Wow.

    And this had me rolling: “the kind of snake that comes out from a wicker basket with an old guy playing the flute.”

  14. I seriously thought it was a chick too! I thought we were going down the “I’m not sure if I’m a fake lesbian or not” road… WOW!

    hmm… is it to early for the Hose 🙂 of course I have too many canadian friends who say Hoser and that’s what I think of!

  15. “No matter how much clicking on X or BACK I did…there he stood looking like a a serial killer with a fat girl in his basement. ”

    BAHAHAHAHA! It puts the lotion in the basket or else it gets the hose again.

    And the whole hose story? Classic. And hilarious.

    • I’m glad you got my Buffalo Bill reference. That was my first experience with “a tuck” and it haunted my mind for years.

      • Hah! That line goes through my head every time I see The Tuck. It really is traumatizing no matter who is doing it.

  16. WTF is wrong with people these days? Have we always been so effin insane or is this a product of McD’s supersize menu and growth hormone milk products? That first letter will give me nightmares I’m sure…. and make me put my daughter in private school… or home school… or a dungeon in the basement…

    • haha. yeah… American public education, after that first letter.. seems kinda scary now. you take your chances.

  17. Welcome back UC! xo

    It was WAY too early for the tuck photo, kthxbye.

    • sorry. i wrote it last week at 1am… moon’s fault for posting it for today!

      • sure, sure.


      • how else do you accompany a letter about your comp getting stuck on the tuck?! COME ON! 😉

        • Can we not employ the fuzzy dot??? The Eclipse ribbon? I mean, god…it was pre-coffee! 😮


  18. just when i thought i had filed that picture in the too-horrific-to-ever-think-about-again cabinet in my mind, here it is….like a therapist bringing out my most awkward childhood memory under hypnosis. please, i beg you, never ever show this picture of rob again. it haunts my dreams.

    • love your name…

  19. “No matter how hard you look you won’t see it. Trust.”

    Don’t crush my dreams like that! the hope that I might see it some day was the only way I could even look at that.

    I think I need a hug.

    • I agree every time the Tuck is posted I ‘go large’ {yepthatswhatshesaid!} and have another look as if IT has suddenly appeared since the last time…sad, but true……

  20. @Jules3–hahahaha! I’m the same, if I just look a LITTLE lower….nope, still not there….

    And I TOTALLY thought the first letter was from a girl, and I was all proud of her getting in touch with her sexuality at a young age……and then…I thought, well, ew.

    @ItsLauraHoney–there are no words, but omg that is a hilarious story!! I fear that my computer will freeze up when I am on LTR/LTT and I will be forced to ask Mr LPB for help, and I will be found out!!

  21. These were funny….
    No on the long and skinny peen though! LOL he’s gotta have an above average but not exceedingly big peen. LOL hahahaha

    • ill let him know

      • LOL

    • Hmmm I don’t know about that (re long and skinny peen, not exceedingly large) etc.

      He wears a size 10 shoe. his hands are fairly large and slender… . It stands to reason that if his other ‘members’ (hands and feet are large), then his “peen” will be about the same size and shape.. although sometimes we have been “surprised” on occasion (ahem). but I digress .. we were discussing Robbie’s weinerschnizel..

      Whatever the shape, size and or color (pink, white, black) …I daresale ladies I bet it is magnificant and his little buddy deserves a name (NO not TOMSTU) ;P

      Name Robbie Penis and you get a discarded Henikenin bottle direct from Robbie’s mouth.

      • And the name can NOT be “Little Edward”, either…

      • According to @fakerpattz, it is Mr. Winky.

  22. I’ve totes been thinking of Rob + an uncontrollable wet hose + an intense flow all morning. Thanks Fran! 😉

    Welcome back UC!

  23. So I know Rob impregnates with just a stare, but does it count when he is doing “the tuck”?

  24. I am laughing so hard, this is the best place to be on a boring day! (Oh, I don’t look forward to going back to work, it will be so dull to not be able to go on the Internet every morning and see what’s cooking here…)

    This was my first encounter with The Tuck, and I am, well, ok, I think? I can always rationalize (“That isn’t Robert, it’s a girl I will never have to see again”.) or squint, the way I do at all hideous pictures of him, so that they go mercifully out of focus. (“I am not here. This isn’t happening.”)

    But I AM in two minds about seeing Little Ashes. Will it kill my buzz? I have never ever had any warm feelings for a guy with semi-long black hair parted in the middle and a paint-on moustache. Can Robert really be the one to change all that?
    Please reassure me, if you can!

  25. Its Laurahoney.. (hee hee). there’s that word again “peen”.. first time I’ve heard of Mr. Wiggly being refered to as “peen”.. kinda fits though.
    So if a guy (like Robbie) wears a size 10 shoe, (which he says he does) that’s a bit bigger than the average. But just because the mans’ tall and skinny dosnet necessary mean his Peen will be long and or skinny.. I mean. (wow, were talking about Robbie’s weiner here). What do you all think?

    Should Robbie’s “ween” come out and talk to us? (Moon/UC? – sounds like a future LTR subject) — “Dear ladies, this is Robbie’s Peen talking to you all, yes, it is I the infamous object of everyone’s real affection. As of late, I do have to say I’m a bit lonely and have not been out to play in quite a while. Let me tell you, Robbie’s hand is getting mighty tired…. ” 😛

    • This question deserves a post of it’s own…you listening Moon and UC?……

      • Please. Everyone request this post! UC and Moon, put your heads together, we know you can do it. Dear God, I’m already laughing.

    • @ Hermes “Let me tell you, Robbie’s hand is getting mighty tired…. ”

      Jesus …. I just spat my coffee out … Gosh, that is so not ladylike.

      xox EG

      (you all know what xox means now don’t you non Brits?)

    • Dear Hermes-

      I love you.

      ~Me ♥

  26. I feel for this guy who wrote that first letter because the one thing me want in this large world is to meet rob pattinson (not really, I think I want a new pair of shoes more… sorry for the blamsphemy but Im fairly certian I would make a fool of myself in front of RL Rob plus… I really like new shoes.)
    I REALLY hope English is his second language, if not yikes!
    Second letter was AMAZING!

  27. I think that the first letter it’s from Nikki. She wants her fake-lesbian partner back!

    • WIN!!!!!!!!!!!

      • “I can’t get sleep till i look at picture of Kristen. I don’t know what’s happening 🙂 I think i get in love”

        you know it’s her.

        PS: “Rob would marry this” love it 🙂

  28. I thought the letter writer was also a girl! LOL.

    I don’t know y’all but I don’t think his little friend is long and skinny! I’m just saying! 🙂

    The “Tuck” is ok…doens’t bother me as much but it’s not a good photo of him! I did try very hard to look but I see nothing, which is probably a good thing! I don’t want the whole world to see his weiner!

  29. The last letter gave me dirty thoughts (together with that picture of him with the shirt wet and clinging to every rippling chest muscle), dear Jesus help me! There’s just something so sexy about being wet and water. Ok never mind!

    My computer froze on me before and I swear it’s always something I don’t want my DH to see…it’s usually some Rob video on youtube that it freezes on!

  30. Ok, a little something about The Tuck I am happy about…

    …at least we know he has enough TO tuck.

    That’s all.

    • I never doubt it!!

    • LOL….agreed!

    • And that is the reason I always HAVE to look. 🙂

    • AMEN SISTER!!! HAHAHHAHHAHAHHA OOOOOH. It’s hard to tuck vienna sausage, so that’s a good sign. Happy for Rob’s next girlfriend any way….
      Ah well, we can all daydream about the magical sparklepeen any way. LOL
      WE LOVE YOU ROB. Dick or no dick. OH GAWD DID I SAY THAT?
      Ok….so we’d prefer the dick.

      Forgive me, I know not what I say talking about rob. All bets are off….I speak my mind.

    • Thank god the coffee cup is now empty. My keyboard looks like a hurricane landed on it.

      Ew … where are the paper towels?

    • Exacto!!!! no lo pudiste decir de mejor manera!!! jajajaja

      Exactly!!! there`s no better way to say it!!!

      I just saw Little Ashes yesterday… A friend send it to me… and I was expecting the tuck… but I was not prepared… it was kind of shocking… But Rob plays Dalí in a really good way… akward and weird and so misterious… I think he did a really good good good job… like all the things Rob do… of course!

  31. Ed is gay he has his dick tucked up his butt hole he wants to be a girl ….and just because you stars out of stink ass poor actors like Ed.(all you are sick in the head)

    • Who let this fucking guy in? Go away poor speller!

  32. ItsLauraHoney’s letter is the number one reason I can only look ate your site on my phone (which is really too small to admire all the pics) or at home. Imagine your boss walking by and right after I stumbled across that horribly photoshopped Christmas pic of Rob. I quickly clicked out, but I wasn’t fast enough…to make matters worse, my boss is a he and the same age…I’ll never live it down.

    • That’s hilarious!

  33. […] Digging through our ‘Letters to Rob’ mailbag Before we get on to the “serious” posts by grown-up Rob lovers, we thought we’d share a fun letter […] […]

  34. WHo let the dogs out?

  35. So, when I read this:

    “So anyway, I was dreaming about the day when I’ll become your plus-one to those events”

    …I read it as this:

    “So anyway, I was creaming about the day when I’ll become your plus-one to those events”

    Not that I have a dirty mind or anything…

  36. I love how it’s normal around here to say “Yeah, I was just sitting around/watering the lawn/cleaning the toilet and thinking about Rob…”

    • So Normal! lol

  37. I so don’t mind the tuck picture, cuz in the movie at one point he has his junk in his hand to cover it up and scoots it over and that is just fuckhawt! Hand on peen…oh yeah baby! Then comes the tuck, with those nice long fingers, *sigh*. So this picture just helps me to reflect on that hotness and I can get through it.

    Also, Rob has a great body, most men are out of shape and overweight. I would take him and those lil grip on handles anytime….just saying!

  38. Evening EyeC,
    Nice to see you guys again…
    Just popping on to say hi. Have bills to pay. Ugh, reality sucks. I may come back on later. You all gonna hang? Or to bed early tonight?

    • Yes, we’ll be hangin’…. lol

  39. EyeC – my little chilly baby! How are you? I’ve been totally MIA, but have been on the road and thinking about the wee hour bunch. Don’t see too many familiar gravatar. How have you been? How was Iowa? Group still meeting in Denver in August? Give me the news!

    • NO!!! I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!! Hi girl, how ARE you? Let me say we’ve missed you like mad here in the wee hours! We call ourselves LOTN, Ladies Of The Night now, thanks to Lizzie. We’ve been starting up about 11:00 PM. So you’ve been traveling—I do remember you said that you would be, now that I think about it. I did go back to Iowa and had a GREAT time. My gf had lots of things planned and we talked and talked. Then the trip down to the hometown went so well. I saw about 12 old classmates and we had lunch with another gf and it was like we had never been apart. It was so nice to see them all. They came in from NYC, MO, TX and down from Des Moines. We had a lot of laughs remembering the good old days.

      Yes, it’s still on for August 12th in Denver and we’re really hoping you can make it. How are you???

      • You know what is the funniest thing? I was around for LOTN, but I never knew what it meant (even though I was definitely one of the original gals). I was always too embarassed to ask. How silly, huh?

        Sounds like your trip was amazing. There is nothing like visiting old friends. I actually did the same on one of my trips back east in June. Saw my best friend from high school who I hadn’t seen in 20 years. Yikes!

        I secretly had hoped I might be able to transit through Denver on my way to Tennessee (need to be there on August 13), but something totally unexpected happened to me last week. A friend of mine invited me to Brazil and she is going to pay flight and hotel. How can I turn that down? I’m actually sorry that I will miss it. I can’t wait to hear about it and see photos.

        So, guess i need to write something about our man Rob. Hmmmmm, let’s see – oh yeah – he is HOT as hell. Still gorgeous after all these weeks. Now I get to refer to him as the 23 year old brit. That is progress.

        What about the other ladies? (just wrote a book – sorry other LTR who don’t know who the hell Byrdie is).

        • So sorry you can’t make it in August but no way would I pass up an opportunity like that! You’ll have sooo much fun!

          I can relate to not seeing old friends in a hellofa long time…. Too many years to mention!

          Yes, of course Rob is still hot as hell! Always has been, always will be. He’s certainly been challenged by his experience with fans in NYC and isn’t too fond of the way they’ve treated him. Neither are we! Had to beef up security. I heard he had 6 bodyguards around him now. Lots of pics coming out of Remember Me set. Gorgeous!

  40. EP is at the HP opening tonight and so is Nat (from Australia). Jenny may be here tonight–I hope. FN will definitely be here soon. Tara was on last Friday night. She’s back to swimming and giving some lessons. EP is in another round of classes (the second set this summer) and they’ve been tough. FN is moving to SA about August 15th. Jenny is working for her Dad and she is usually here on the weekends.

    • Lizzie’s work has picked up so she has had to put the time in there lately but she always pops on to say hi–she’s a crazy girl!Nat is new here since you left. She’s from Brisbaine. We’re all reading fanfic and sharing our stories. Debbo just joined in last night for the first time and kim has made a few comments. Things change around here. We really miss all the crazy fun times we had with all the day girls and several of them are still on the forum and others have gone to Twitter. Don’t see Gen very often. Miss her pictures!

      • I saw Little Ashes and LOVED it! Wrote a review the next day. Broke my heart. Those guys can ACT!

        • Loved LA too. Been a while since I saw it (2 months ago). Still can’t wait for November. Gonna read New Moon soon to ramp up the excitement level.

          BTW, what is the thumbs up/thumbs down stuff? New to me…

          • That just started about 4 days ago. Not a fan–who needs the judgement? But I notice most aren’t using it, at least not often.

            I plan to catch up on NM again too. It’s been months. This fanfic is so addicting. Every story has a unique Edward and Bella and we’ve found some really good ones where the characters are well developed.

            I had planned to meet up with Carter for LA but she spaced it and we talked back and forth a few times. She went the next night before it left town. She loved it too. Yay!

          • Couldn’t agree more on judgement – who needs it?!? Sorry to hear Carter spaced but good to know she is still floating around.

            Would you believe I never picked up the fanfic? I know I would have gotten totally absorbed, but I’m glad it is entertaining so many people. What is your favorite?

          • We found a new one called Tropic of Virgo that is excellent. Good writing, music orientation so you listen to new songs and bands.

            We also love Hydraulic Level 5. Edward and Bella are divorced after marying for 1 1/2 years after High School. They’ve been divorced for 8 years and he now lives in NYC and is a very famous author of a series of vampire novels! Lots of angst, tearjerker. They are slowly working their way back to each other.

            Of course Wide Awake. We’re still waiting for that final chapter and the epilogue.

            We really liked The Red Line whre Edward was a male stripper with a heart of gold but had given up all of his free will to Victoria, the boss lady. There was lots of trauma in his background. Bella hires him for two weeks to be her research project for her psych class. Strong Bella. Lots of tough stuff going on. Tears.

            I just read a 50 chapter one called Holding Out For You where Bella and Jake are divorced and they have a 7 y/o son Seth. Edward is widowed with a 10 y/o daughter and a 7 y/o son and Bella moves down to Carmel and the boys become instant best friends. Edward is a doctor and also coaches the boys’ baseball team. I found myself smiling as I read a lot of the time. The kids added a lot–also some drama and trauma.

            Of couse The Office. Still as hot as ever. Edward is Beautiful Bastard, Bella’s new boss who has been in Paris the past 6 years and moves back to Chicago to join the family business. For 9 months they act as if they hate each other. But the sex is powerful! lol

          • Btw, the comment on judgement is totally mine. They are probably meant to just be a fun addition to the site, an acknowledgement when someone says something particularly clever and to the point. We are all basically in agreement about Rob or we wouldn’t be here in the first place.

          • You are very sweet. I know you are not slamming this site at all. I got what you were saying and honestly, we are pretty quick to let people know when they are super awesme in their comments. I remember some incredibly brillant comments. Sure they still go on!

          • Glad you got that. I need to keep myself in check….

      • OMG – thanks for the update on the group. Do you ever see Dani from Chile? I still get tweets from people, but haven’t logged there for weeks. Never went to the Forum. Actually hadn’t read LTR for more than a month. I was actually in NYC during filming and out walking in Central Park and was clueless about the shoot. Bad, bad LTR fan, huh? I was in Las Vegas 10 days ago (and sitting here tonight again) and saw fliers for our man RPattz at Planet Hollywood, but don’t know if it was real or not. Guess he has been following me, huh?

        I’m gonna do some work on line, but will be checking in just in case some of the other girlz pop on. If not, please send loads of kisses from me.

        • OK. There will be more of us coming on so check back. Dani went to Twitter and FN keeps in touch I think. She doesn’t comment anymore. That’s wild that you seem to be just missing Rob. I’ve been bad about watching other sites. I generally get my information here. Maybe some of the others can fill you in on specifics.

          • * Dany*

  41. Any LOTN out there?

    • Things have definitely changed in the fanfic world. The Office and Wide Awake were the big winners in May. So many more choices!!! It’s actually really cute to hear you describe them. So very real life stuff!

      • Yes, they do become real people. The authors that we are finding are doing such high quality work that we expect them to be going off on their own soon writing novels. I love all my Edwards! lol So far I’m at 38 stories. Others have read more. I thought at first I wouldn’t be able to keep them all straight but that hasn’t been the case. Each has their own unique place.

  42. Evening folks…..
    I was just over on looking at sad pics of Rob filming Remember Me with Emilie at sunset on the steps. Looks like a real sad scene.

    Whatsup with you all?

  43. Evening folks…..
    I was just over on looking at sad pics of Rob filming Remember Me with Emilie at sunset on the steps. Looks like a real sad scene.

    Whatsup with you all?

  44. Seems to be an echo in here….here here here…
    how’d I manage that? lol

  45. Hey EyeC

    • Hey Debbo. This is a slow night and I’ve been talking up a storm with Byrdie—one of the original LOTN. She was our great manifestor and we would often call people in just by mentioning them.

      • ah gotcha. WHo are the originals here?

        • Several are on the forum. I hate to leave people out. JBell, Jena, Sass, Kristin, Ceri, Carrie, JustGotWicked, Robzilla, Lauren, Soccermom, IfOnly, Calliope and SpunkMe (a little later), JAG, Samantha, Gen, Byrdie. I wonder if they have a list. There were quite a lot of them. Many have gone on to Twitter.

          • still didn’t go back far enough. JUST FOUND THIS. Thanks. I will look and learn from them and share what little I find fresh, which isn’t much compared to you guys….

  46. It looks like everybody is doing their own thing tonight. R/L calls. Even sleep!

  47. we were up WAY beyond late last night, huh? I’m usually up that time of night any way, but we were on a long time….lol.

    Too much Rob, not enough reality. LOL
    They said he got to sleep in this morning. That’s good cause I bet he got some drinkin in last night with his friends TomStu and Sam. Man he got mad at the papz last night. I LOVED IT. He was so cute. A couple of drinks gets him braver I think.

    • I really am out of it lately. There’s a lot going on with me and I need to go back to checking a few more sites. I think the fanfic has taken over my life. Not so good for me.

      • I’m so Rob obsessed, I spend way too much time looking for pics on him. I understand. You wanna call it a night, it’s cool. I gotta gig tomorrow afternoon and should turn in early. (3:00 am is early? LOL)

        • East coast?

          • still not used to backreading far enough. HAHHAHA
            Yeah east coast. I’m in florida.

            you west coast?

          • Denver. Two hours earlier.

          • heheheh works for me. Never been to Colorado. Someday I’ll go.

            I like to think of myself/and you guys as the “Rob obsessed NIGHT SHIFT”. We then pass it to the day shift at around 6:00 am eastern time which is around when Gozde starts posting again. 🙂

            I think ROBsessed is my favorite…it and here and RoaR.

          • Edward Headbanger isn’t finished yet. I read that one. Not as good as the other one, but still fun. The wall banging idea is a funny one though. Haven’t really read Edward DOING much except banging in the story so I haven’t seen any character development yet.

  48. I’m looking forward to seeing Remember Me. When do they expect it to be in theatres? They will spend A LOT of time in editing ect….post production.

    • good morning everybody!
      It´s 8:49 am right now in Germany…
      On IMDB release date is 12 February 2010 in the USA.
      I´m looking forward to see new interviews of Rob,see him laughing,joking,kidding around…

      • He does his best in interviews, doesn’t he? Nothing canned and ANYTHING can come out of his mouth!

        • I ADORE his interviews. SO MUCH PERSONALITY. He knows how to turn on the charm.

          • That’s why we love him. He’s dangerous. Says anything he wants. I bet his bosses freak out. LOL GOOD FOR ROB. Be yourself rob… We love him better that way.

          • I think we’re all sick of the standard Hollywood line and it’s just so refreshing to have somebody put it all out there. We can see what is real and what is fake and we’re tired of the pablum.

        • Love pictures and stuff,but his interviews are ROBILICIOUS!!Expect the unexpected… 😉 I always grin from ear to ear when he´s goofy.

          • Me too. SO DAMNED CUTE. The Access Hollywood CLASSIC is great. I want his phone number so I can mention meeting at the church too. WONDER HOW THEY GOT IT? lol

            So many good intervies. Every day was so much fun with a new one, wasn’t it? I can’t wait for the press junkets to start up again for New Moon. Wonder if he’ll do as many?

          • I heard him say in a Caane interview that he was running out of fresh things to say and had started copying other people’s interview answers. I never noticed that….. SO he really makes an EFFORT to come up with new answers…..he’s so witty and smart. He doesn’t give himself enough credit.

          • Hopefully for his sake he won’t have to! They worked him so hard on Twilight. NM already has its audience in place.

          • Probably there will be more Taylor interviews because of his grown part in NM…?! I don´t hope so… 😦

            And I loved the one in the hotelroom I think,he wore a white tee,sitting on a couch and drinking coke-what else?! 😉

          • TRUE, they busted his ass. I don’t think I’ve EVER seen someone have to do SO MANY interviews and travel to so many places as Rob did. he never let up either. He was always amazing. I will miss seeing him THAT MUCH. But you are right, he won’t have to do as many….we all love him and are going to see it. Wish he was in it more though…but better than nothing.

          • You’re right, it’ll be more Taylor and Kristen than Rob….but they’ll HAVE to get Rob out there SOME……he’s the biggest PULL next to the story line….

            ah rob….sweet rob….how I’d love to go pubbing with him. I want to see the REAL ROB behind the working and ‘people working’ rob. He keeps saying he’s like the characters he reads in so many books he likes to read, but many are really nasty characters and I just don’t see rob that nasty. Maybe dirty minded…yeah….would love that, but he’s too sweet to be an asshole. NO WAY can I believe that. He puts himself down too much. He’s a beautiful man inside and out. we all know it.

          • That one on the couch was Variety, the industry magazine, Ann Thompson, I think. One of the very best. A good one to introduce Rob to any newcomers.

            They did work him to the point of exhaustion. It was all so new and he had to really sell it. I would say he was successful! Yes, they will use Taylor more.

          • Agree Debbo. He has a really good heart. And I’m sure he can be pushed to the point where he withdraws. There’s so much public pressure that’s being put upon him. Maybe not right away, but eventually he will start to close off. It has been such a pleasure watching him as a new actor with all the hopes and dreams he had for himself come out in the giddiness and adorkableness over the past year.

          • I do hate to say it…but I think he’ll work the next 5 years and never come back. Maybe behind the camera work, or producing or writing…but I just think he’ll get so sick of it. I DID HEAR HIM SAY he was going to work really hard the next 5 years. Wonder if he’ll be able to keep it up with all the pressure by papz? GOD I hope he doesn’t have a melt down and fuck up. He’s trying SO HARD. But I see him getting a pad in London and traveling and writing eventually and getting away from the spotlight. We really don’t realize what an introvert he really is….. We think of him as so adorkable, but I bet it takes a lot out of him to do that for so long. Introverts usually need time alone to renew themselves after being with people so long….

            and you are right, the excitement of his new career brought out so much in his personality. I do see him closing up…it’s sad to see…but he has to to protect himself. HE GAVE US SO MUCH LAST YEAR. We were lucky to see so much and get to know him…

          • Did you see below I mentioned I want to read Tropic Of Virgo? IS IT FINISHED>?

          • Yup. He has said he wanted to have his own production company. I’m sure it takes a lot out of him. He needs the downtime to renew and play/create his music. The creative soul.

          • heheheh You are probably way more Rob knowledgeable than I am. I thought I knew it all…..always more I missed. LOL

            We listened to the same interview. Hope he doesn’t squander all his HARD MADE MONEY on a film that doesn’t make it. Wouldn’t that be sad? He’s smart though. I think he can do anything he sets his mind too and he WAS a success modeling and STILL IS. He knows SO WELL how to take a great picture. His angles and what looks great with clothes too. All that was training for where he is now. He is STILL a model. A great one. S E X Y GAWD.

    • I think it’s next spring but it’s been a while since I read that. I think it’s looking like a powerful movie. I’m so glad that Rob is getting the chance to add some other types of films to his resume. It will lead to bigger and better parts for him to express his art. I’m really looking forward to watching him become his best self.

      • Me too. Hello Germany.

        Seems like a really powerful film. I didn’t see much chemistry with Emilie and he though besides the beach scene. I decided NOT to read the script. Don’t tell me….LOl

      FF TROPIC OF VIRGO SOUNDS REALLY GOOD. I would love the music stuff added to the story. Is that on this forum?

      • No. Tropic of Virgo:

        • AH THANKS. still not used to the jumping around here. I keep screwing that up. LOL

          I may read that one first, OR the “I LOVE LA” one. Can’t decide.

        • bookmarked it. 🙂 Thank you EyeC

  49. so….are the FAN FIC stories on HERE and that LIVE JOURNAL area you told me? Is that the only place the racier ones are? I bookmarked all you mentioned last night and even copy and pasted your descriptions to keep too. I’ll get to reading soon…

    • Did you get JAG’s site that FN linked? You can get to many of them that way. I’m beginning to check out recommended stories by my favorite authors too. A lot of them do come from the forum.

      • JAGs site?
        I go to a lot….but don’t know the name Jag. Is that here?

        • Can I have the URL for Jag’s site that FN (?) linked?
          Is it like a LINKS page of Robdom?

        • JAG=Just A Girl. RaoR, Twi-Porn. Same. She was one of the original girls here. You’re already there.

          • ah gotcha Thanks. Yeah I go to RaoR. Haven’t been to her other sites. Will check them out. Twi-Porn and Just a girl. RaoR is fun too.

  50. I mostly go to:
    ROBSESSED most of the time.
    ADORKABLE cause she’s so funny. LiveJournal. AJ.
    Rob Aussie
    RP Unlimited
    Rob Who?
    In The gutter

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