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    *clears throat, grabs bullhorn, steps up on soapbox*

Dear Crazy Rob Fans (the bad ones)-

We’ve all now officially seen “THE TUCK” picture and now 5 minutes later I’m already reading complete nonsense about how this picture is ruining Rob’s image and how he’s fat and has back-acne and his pubes are trimmed. I’ve got news for you psychos…


And can we all say a collective “AMEN?” He is NOT Edward with a marble chest, he is Rob, pasty white, somewhat soft in this picture… THAT’S NORMAL! and ya know what? That makes me feel a heck of a lot better about myself cause god knows I don’t look like Megan Fox or have her body and God knows 90% of the Twi-dom doesn’t either! So calm down!

XO, loving you like you are…

*bullhorn screeches, steps off soapbox, goes back to spinning records and making out with rob*

PS dont make me pull out those rings of nibelungs pics again!
PPS if you’ve been living under a rock or caught under some heavy furniture check out the pic at our pals Robsessed


  1. i look like megan fox. i’m glad i’m in that 10%


    • that was a joke

      • well duh of course we are i was just saying that so we’d all feel better about ourselves. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • It was funny!

    • Me too UC. I mean when we met the other day it was as if we had been separated at birth ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Wow, you know, not every man is perfect! And he never claims to be, so I hope everyone just leaves him alone. Poor Rob, we here at LTR still love you lots!

    • amennnnnnn to that!!!!

    • Okay, let’s clarify. NO MAN IS PERFECT! At least I have never met or dated one who was. Why would Rob be any different? And I’m sure we all agree, we aren’t perfect either. Remember the movie Ghost, when Patrick Swayze followed Demi Moore around for days, but she never farted, or took a crap, or picked a top off the floor to wear again (did I say that?) or even picked her nose? That is not reality! Now, I sound like a dirty girl. Rob and I are perfect for each other!

      P.S. Rob, in case you are reading this, I don’t do any of those things…really…honestly.

    • amen to that valerie! i honestly don’t understand all the negative reaction. aside from the fact that id still totally tap that, he’s playing dali in the movie for crying out loud. and was dali a gym buff with wash board abs and big guns? yeah i dont think so.

  3. After reading this I had to look up The Tuck and I think he looks pretty good for a guy tucking his privates up, but I may also think he looks good becaue again he is normal. I never thought Rob was that attractive at first (please don’t shoot me letters fans) but it was his personality that go me hooked. I feel like celebrities in La la land always feel like they have to look great and be “on” all the time. I saw Milla Jovovich(my idol since I was 9) out at the park with her daughter and she was looking gorgeous, I’m sorry but that not normal. I love th pics of Kristen Stewart in Vancouver recently with her boy Michael(why did he look so much like Rob and dress so much like rob, oh well thats another rant entirely) and she looked relaxed in skinny jeans giant shoes a printed t anda leather jacket…THAT IS NORMAL…thank you Kristen for reminding us that some people in Hollywood are real

    • i think his personality is a bigger draw than his looks… or maybe i’m a nerd. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • nerd it is

        love the personality too
        love the whole package..

        yep i said it WHOLE package

      • no I agree…the personality is KEY!!

      • He is very good looking, but it is his personality that makes him look hot even when he’s looking like a hobo!

      • I just love him for his Robnana. Screw his personality. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Carrie, you are killing me! lol

  4. AMEN! rob is a normal guy…. those who think he is edward is trully mistaken =)

    goo moonisdown =)

  5. yea I am a proud member of the 90% ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Well said Moon! Here here!

    Haha! ‘don’t make me pull out those the Ring of Nibelung pics’! ACK- anything but that! LOL!

  7. *amen* I love Rob no matter what.

  8. YES,

    I โค you for this (and not in a freaky stalker Twi-Mom way). ;o) xoxo

    • love ya like a twimom loves edward and boxer briefs!

    • i would be happy to have a twimom stalker.

  9. am i missing something? can someone link The Tuck pic? thanx

  10. dang girls,i was gone for a few hours working my butt off at the gym and i get back to this! whats with the tuck pic? i know im the last person in the universe to know this but humor me pretty please?

    • did you see it? we updated the post with the linky

      • yes thanks UC!

  11. Wow…I missed that picture.

  12. Maybe it’s me…but I think he looks PERFECT!!
    Totally normal and Average…he’s just a guy & I love him for it!!

    • @ Mrs.P. – Yeah, when I saw it on Perez I didn’t think anything bad at all. But maybe that’s b/c I never expected him to look like a freaking character in a novel either, ya know?

      He’s still hot and like it was said before — his personality goes a LONG way (and he is still insanely sexy hot).

  13. Hmmm… maybe I like my guys with their pubes trimmed. Justsayin’…

    • lol, just saying, um maybe me too!

    • “maybe I like my guys with their pubes trimmed. Justsayinโ€™โ€ฆ” [+1]

      Amen! Rob is normal. I’m not THAT normal… So… LOL

    • manscaping ain’t a crime people! they SHOULD be doing that shiz

      • it should be written into law somewhere….they expect us to keep things tight…why shouldn’t we expect the same from them, eh?

  14. I agree it’s definitely his personality and pretty face that makes me love him but I won’t lie the picture made me laugh…hard. I’m immature. It made me think of that part in Joe Dirt that makes you think of that guy in Silence of the Lambs.

  15. umm…can I just say HOW MUCH I love that V part on a guy’s body…it’s so totally different from the female body, and that section JUST KILLS ME!!! RAWWWR as Vickyb says!!

    • oh my gosh, didn’t notice, will have to go back and check!

  16. omg! is that really him? Hmmm…totally normal…still hot. thanx for the link.


    Rob…real Rob is pretty in all his Robness.

  18. This pic was just posted in the Twilighted chatroom and my first reaction was to come here to see what you would say about it.

    Just in case you weren’t aware – love you.

    • YAY! first reaction! LOVES

    • โค bec!

  19. Ok just re-checked. Um, not looking fat to me. Maybe a little more thickness, then lately, but lately he has been kinda too skinny.
    And yes, Mrs. P., very nice V

    • I know Right? Perks!!(said like Jess-i-ca by the way)

  20. hhmmm…. i still say that pic is not just enough nekkidness in it..i know there still so much more going for the robnana…we still need to come up with that 12 million ladies!LMAO!

  21. I appreciate real actors. Who really act. And act well.

    I don’t get all the fuss. I think he’s beautiful. As is. The end.

    • I HEAR THAT!

    • Agreed and agreed!

      Remember Rob IS DALI. He definitely inhabits his character. That’s what he’d like us to see, don’tcha think?

    • amen and amen. you KNOW my stance on this pic. who gives a shiz?

  22. I can foresee a happy trail vid with this pic already ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. AHHH! I’m behind again! Are we changing pages or what? I just asked if anyone had checked this out on the ‘Sam’ post and now you are all over here! Lead me along ladies please. I am techno-challenged.

    Thank you Moon! Rob is perfect just as he is! I think the fact that he isn’t perfect makes him that much more appealling to all of us.

  24. Where’s Vogue? All kinds of comments over on Robsessed about his ‘grooming’! She’s been holding out on us!

    • Ok,I kinda liked that one comment there: robsterbate!!! bwahaha!( been there done that LOL )

  25. I โค him for all his inners and outters! He’s got the whole package and isn’t an egotistical prick because of it.

    • @Jena I only love him for his smokin hot body. Who needs brains when have such a hot bod. Also love him for his sense of fashion. He is such the trendsetter.

  26. Ode to Rob!-

  27. OK where are we doing comments now, here or at this morning’s post? I’m confooooosed and don’t want to miss a thing.

    • I think we have all moved over here.

    • I say we stick here.:-)

      • @Jena – I was lost for a moment too. Looks like we are all staying here now? Someone please tell me if we move again!


  29. I went lurking on some other fanforums and they are PISSED that this picture was leaked out.

    • pissed why? it was gonna happen eventually

      • They’re pissed? I think we’re blessed! LOL!

      • I think they’re a little younger than us and are having trouble accepting him as normal and not Edward. They are very protective of Rob.

        • dude.. it’s a penis… whateves…

          • “it’s a penis…”

            THAT’S NORMAL!!!

            ps he’s an actor!! people words fail me

  30. Amen, Amen! I think the problem with this picture that the haters have is that this is NOT Edward! But it isn’t supposed to be!! It’s not even supposed to be Rob. It’s Dali, who is not the most masculine man in the world. And this was done BEFORE Twilight. Now, I happen to own both the Twilight dirctors Notebook AND the Twilight movie companion (oh, and his autobiography that I shamelessly bought at hot topic) and they BOTH say that they had to send our Rob to a trainer to beef him up before Twilight. So, basically, Little Ashes was filmed a year and a half ago. Give the guy a BREAK! He looks just yummy to me (although I could do without the “tuck” – but again, this was Dali!).
    Rob is probably not all that unhappy this came out – especially if he thinks it will keep some of the twi-nuts away from him now. This Twi-Mom still finds him H-O-T-T though. I love Rob as much, if not more, for his charming personality and his music than his looks…although I’m still trying to figure out how a 36 year old woman can hang GQ posters in her room without her husband carting her off……

    • @ Jenna when you figure that out (re: GQ pics in room), please let me know. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I’m still trying to get that one to happen too. I was completely shot down on the life size cutout. I am able to keep my pocket Edward in my room. I think he just doesn’t want anyone else to see it laying around the house.


  32. I’m glad that pic didn’t include images of his twig and berries.imagine all the fainting / swooning around the world

  33. Oh God – you`re so right.

    I don`t like Rob for his looks – although he`s really handsome. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    What is a beautiful outside – when there`s nothing inside? Because I don`t know Rob I can only judge by his interviews – to me he seems to be a really smart guy with a good sense of humour. Right?

  34. I definitely agree with you, Moon. I didnt think he was that attractive when I first saw the movie, but when I got home and started watching interviews and all that stuff that showed his personality, that is when I officially fell in love! ๐Ÿ™‚

    And I had been living under a rock for a while, becuz I HAD NOT seen this picture until now, but my god, I fell in love all over again! And yeah, people do need to remember that this was BEFORE twilight!!!

      xoxo missed you

    • SAAAAAMMM!!! where have you been all my life? it was 100% the personality!

      love you

      • UGH!!! i miss you girliess tooooo!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Dont worry.. I am still here! But you guys have gotten SO CRAZZYYYY popular I cannot even keep up anymoree!! But i still visit you EVERY DAY!!!! how could I not?!! I promise I’ll try to make comments moreeee!!

        miss miss miss and love love love youuuu guyss!!
        xoxoxo โค

  35. UC-Moon Thanks for this letter. I agree and love the picture because its so startlingly real & genuine…oh yeah and he’s nekkid!

  36. Rob=perfectly unperfect
    thats all im sayin….
    done and done.

    • perfectly said !

    • exactly! perfectly unperfect!! that’s our rob and that’s why we love him!

  37. OMG I love that man. Tuck it baby tuck it. Who cares??? The pic is funny as hell, though. I needed that laugh after the trauma my kids have put me through since I pick their whiny butts up from school.

    • “Tuck it baby tuck it. Who cares???”



  38. What’s all this talk about “the tuck”? I’m assuming that means it isn’t free dangling, that he has it tucked behind his legs or something? LOL! I don’t mean to sound like an idiot, but explain this to me, LOL!

    • yes, he uh…tucked it between his legs. LOL..I feel so dirty talking about it. and looking at his pubes! LMAO.

      • Gotchya. Damn, was hoping we’d get to see
        the goods, LOL!

  39. Love him period. And uh..the fact that he is REAL..makes it that much better.

    What I say is bring on the haters! Less competition for me!!!

  40. AMEN!!
    thats all.
    I’ll be back later tonight.

  41. I just gotta say, our boy’s got some B@!!$ (although you can’t see them here) for putting himself ‘out there’ (lit’rally) in this movie. He obviously takes his roles VERY seriously and I admire him for that.

  42. I didn’t think Megan Fox was human. I guess I was right.

    • LMAO !!!!! I guess the transformers got to her huh?

    • she isn’t she’s a demon from hell sent to screw all woman over!

  43. Hey, does anyone out there have the link to that really HOT video of LA? Didn’t one of our LTR girls make that? My daughter wants to watch it.

  44. Is anyone else leaning dangerously close to your laptop screen?
    I dont care if my ‘rents always told me its bad for the eyes… its good for the kitty. MeeOW

    • Yep, and zooming and everything! LOL!
      And I’m at work! LOL!

    • yeah i definitely did the whole control + thing to zoom….
      i love that man

  45. I was just saying a few days ago I wanted a “How does it feel” D’Angelo video Of Rob and well Its not a Video yet(right Carrie ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) I just a moment where I was trying to see more in the mirror.

    • Ohh that video….rawr! And that song…wheww!
      Ok, which of the lovely expert-video-making-pervies is jumping on that project?
      This picture is definitely the unperfect (the new word for perfect) motivation.

    • Wink, Wink. Nudge, Nudge. Are u trying to tell me you want that to my next video.;-)
      Was just talking about making on with the new pic on Twitter. I’ll look into it.

    • You talked about this just the other day, about how you keep looking thinking that maybe the next time u might see something…I am so with u girl!!

    • OMG!!! best idea ever… too bad we dont have more “v” pics!

  46. Not the best quality (mag.scans) but yum- just sayin’

    • Ooo yummy! “Bravo! Bravo! Superb!”

  47. Just got home. Are you serious? Are people really being negative about this screen cap? How, Why?
    He is a normal young man. He is gorgeous! What do people expect, The Rock?
    All the haters need to f%ck off. I think he is amazingly beautiful. Both inside and out.

    Still wish I could see the Robnana though. I shallow like that.

    • Not shallow…just human….

      • No, definitely shallow… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • hey girl thats what i was expecting to see. guess not

  48. @Soccermom-“Whereโ€™s Vogue? All kinds of comments over on Robsessed about his โ€˜groomingโ€™! Sheโ€™s been holding out on us!”

    Sorry!! Here I am !! I was *gasp* actually working today!!! LOL!

    OH. MY.LORD.


    THE END.

    WTF is wrong with people??? He has beautiful, soft smooth young skin, he has pubes (whoopdeedoo, he SHOULD), and he has some meat on his bones for a change!! Thank GOD!!
    I think he’s been too thin lately!

    It is disgusting, the critical eye that is being cast on this precious man.

    Not everybody is a Arnold Schwartzenegger hard body!

    Not everybody looks like Megan Fox (well, I do, but that’s besides the point).

    I got all tingly in a special place when I realized I was gazing upon the one place in this ENTIRE UNIVERSE that I want to see and be near. *thud*

    Dammit, move the camera down just another 12 inches!!!!

    • Hahaha! ‘Another 12 inches’….such wishful thinking! I like it!

    • @Vogue – you are the professional on the subject. Did he trim up for the movie? I really was expecting much more hair. Seems he went through a body hair explosion after filming that. I, for one, like him hairy.

      • I will have to do ctrl + on the pic when I get home, it doesn’t work from this computer.

        I will say though, based on the rest of his body, that it appears he did have overall body hair grooming done for the roll.
        He did have his widow’s peak shaved off to augment his hairline on his head, so I’m sure they’d have no problem removing what they felt was excess body hair for the role of Dali. Rob filmed this ….how long ago?

        I find it very unlikely that he simply exploded into body hair in a 12-24 month period. His torso looks to be totally void of hair, and the pubic area does not look overly groomed to me. It looks natural, but not overgrown. That is not a “groomed bush” in my book, meaning, not groomed in the way today’s modern man may get groomed. It’s not Jungle Bush, but it’s not super-groomed either. It’s appropriate for the period of time in which the movie is placed.



    Okay. I’m okay. This RL shit is REALLY cramping my style dammit!

    First reaction to picture –
    “What is THAT?! Look awayyy Jessica, look awayyy!” then I just kept looking and felt my face turn all kinds of red… then my mind wandered to filthy places; naturally.

    Second reaction to picture –
    “I need to ask the girls if it would be wrong and creepy to make this my wallpaper…”

    • Jbell u missed this???!!!!! Girl how did that happen??!! LOL

      • I wondered where you were today and thought
        “JBell’s gonna shit when she sees this!” LOL!

  50. Hi ladies… i’ve been lurking for a shamefully long time. but hell, its spring so… new season, new level to my robsession.

    all i’m gonna say about this one is forget the mirror… why couldn’t they have panned the camera a little further back to get a nice shot of those buns. i wanna see what i’d be grabbing onto… (i just said that… outloud.)

    • hahaha.. yes you did! apparently in the movie, we DO get to see those buns ๐Ÿ™‚ xo

      • Seriously? I need to see a pic of those buns!

        • ummm…me too…oh ladies it’s gonna be a GREAT BIRTHDAY this YEAR!!

          • Yes it is!!! I already have it on my calendar ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Why didn’t we get a pic of that too?

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