Posted by: Bekah | April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Kristen, love Rob

Dear Kristen,
It’s your birthday and Rob wanted to get you something special. Of course he was too busy, so he sent us out to get you this following list of items. Oh, and this Rob porn above was made especially for you… shhhh don’t show Oregano.
Happiest of Birthdays,
Moon and UC (on behalf of Rob)

Gifts for Kristen’s 16, 37 uhhhh 19? Birthday

  • Screening of Little Ashes hosted by myself in Dali wig & ‘stach, giving special commentary whilst doing THE TUCK
  • Three shots of whiskey (for her first drink ever, since the legal drinking age in Canada is 19) followed by a “special hug” with a special smoke (while D’Angelo plays in the background.)
  • Couples massage… (call to make sure NReed is avails)
  • Signed Rob Porn (above) sent to Kristen c/o Oregano’s address. (heh heh, that should get him)
  • Navy knit cap, just like mine
  • 2 more weeks of California time for Michael Oregano and Nikki Reed. (This will help ensure two more productive nights as mentioned above)
  • Gift basket (shrink wrapped to ensure freshness) including new bong and “smokables,” brownies, and gift card to IHop
  • Private performance of Kings of Leon’s “Soft” covered by yours truly. Please print out a lyric sheet highlighting the following:
I’m passed out in your garden
I’m in I can’t get off so soft
I’d pop myself in your body
I’d come into your party, but I’m soft
  • (This gift’s more for me) Some sort of memory machine/time changer so I can forget the things I’ve done with a girl born in 1990. Never mind that she’s legal and I’m only 3+ years older than her, I still feel like Chris Hansen is gonna show up any day with Dateline NBC…

BIG thanks to JBell for the b-day reminder and The Quad for the help. And to Michael Oregano… cuz we think you might need a hug today… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  1. Hey ladies,

    Long time lurker, first time commenter here. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Just wanted to let you know I got distracted by the RobPorn and almost forgot to read the letter, hehe. Zomg would you look at those arms…

    Isn’t Rob so thoughtful with his gift giving?

    • Rob is incredibly thoughtful. Moon hit that Rob Porn outta the park today! Thanks for coming out of lurdom to say hi! HUGS

      • Welcome to Leslee!

    • hi leslee!! thanks for the comment, making that RP i about died. so great.

      and glad you came outta lurkdom! welcome!

  2. Yay!!! I’m the first post on KStew’s big day – legal drinking age in Canada. Good to know she wasn’t actually drunk in that cab this weekend with RP.

    Of course, why am I the first post? It is because I was one of the last posts from yesterday and hopped over here to see just how many posts we had. Well over 1200!! Is that a record?

    UC/Moon – what can I say? You leave me in complete and utter awe of your wit and humour (spelled in a british way in honor of our british boy)! Drinks on me today in honour (also british I think) of KStew, the one and only teenager I am completely jealous of and for all the right reasons.

    Happy Birthday!

    • Hi Byrdie – do you ever sleep? Looks like you were one of the last on here and one of the first back on? Where are you based or are you off on your travels at the mo? Hang on, you’re a vampire really aren’t you – no sleep necessary? I am def. a nighttime person, hate getting up early. My husband is one of those who wakes up and jumps straight out of bed, and as he works in a timezone which is an hour different to the UK it means he wakes up at 5.30am UK time at the weekends when he is home. Groan. He knows better than to wake me then …

      Had a quick flick through last nights late late chats – such a shame I’m not up then, but I do need to get some sleep – last night went to bed at 2am UK time as it was. Downside was I turned my alarm off at 7.30am almost in my sleep and got woken up at 9.30 by the cleaning lady arriving. All 3 of us, teenage son and daughter emerged sleepy eyed from bedrooms. Very very very embarassing. I feel like a very bad person. Needless to say, I can only be this lazy and indulgent when I am not working properly, but I’ve got a few weeks of not too much on presently.

    • byrdie, that MIGHt be a record.. there’s no easy way to see besides go to each post that “might” compete with it…

      after we have a forum are we gonna go back to like 12 comments? !

      • Nah. People will be able to run their mouths about all things Twilight all the time on your cleverly run site. It might cut down on sidebars, but we’ll always be back to comment the silly snarkastic witicisms that are uniquely yours and Moon’s.

  3. Bawahahaha!!!! omg UC and moon!!!!! You two are sooo hysterical! I’m laughing like crazy down here! You got me at bong and smokables!!! LOL !!

  4. Yay!!! happy birthday kirsten!!!!!!! And at byrdie * waves* hi!!!!!! I was also reading up on the reunion part from last night, missed that one * cries* and wow the lADies were on the roll, took me two hours to read all the posts!!!!

  5. So it’s Kristen’s birthday, huh!? How come I would have totally forget about that one if you didn’t remind me? And I’m not sure if I wanted to be reminded ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Forgot to mention that I’m curious if we get to know what Rob REALLY gave her for today…

    • i’m thinking its, unfortunately, gonna be along the lines of those productive nights….

      • Lalalalala *covers ears and eyes*
        Please, UC, stop it, my jealous heart can’t handle that ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. I am curious too junsikat ๐Ÿ™‚

    But then I am curious about everthing Rob-related……

    Happy Birthday Kristen ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope you have fun…….

    PS Surely MO will be WITH KS?

    • SURELY!!! (*hopeful*)

  8. Is the legal drinking age really 19 in Canada?

    *wonders why they picked 19?*

    • i think so… my husband remembers going to canada @ at 19 for drinking…. i dind’t look it up though.. cuz it would ruin my ideas for this and LTT ๐Ÿ™‚

      • It’s 18 here in Alberta (Roberta)! Depends on the province.

  9. OMG! For one moment I thought my secret was discovered:
    “Are you thinking of me when you’re with him?” “No?”
    But then I realize that it’s probably not ‘a secret’ anymore.
    Happy Bday KStew!!


    • LMAO “Busted, Giseli!!! Yes. we’re talking about you! YOU! YOU!” MUAHAHA LOL

      • I know… and then I realize that is not my b-day… LOL
        Anyway, a girl can dream… hehehe

    • haha so cute!

    • also.. is that you on your gravatar? b/c if so you look like kelly clarkson

      • Yeah, it’s me! My ego said that Earth is really blue! LOL
        I wish I could have that kind of body too… hehehe

  10. You guys may have seen this already, but:

    Someone spotted Rob on set!

    • ome I have no idea WHY but I LOVE this pic…it is just sooooo ROB lol

    • I love the sheepish little grin like “damn, they’ve caught me…might as well make them all swoon” *ching*


  11. Great bday post, UC and Moon! on LTT as well, what a great start to the day ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you

  12. Hey girls!!! Good morning!

    @limeslice: I hadn’t seen that one! thanks!

    @UC and Moon: It’s a great birthday post!!! But I gotta be honest with you, if you’d posted that pic only, and wrote the rest in Chinese I’d still be thinking it’s the best post in the story of freaking internet LMAO

    • haha.. i know.. that picture…. what moon wrote… amazingness

  13. ~~~~~~~~~Happy Birthday, KStew~~~~~~~~

    @UC and Moon

    LOVE today’s post, that picture, ok let’s just say it’s gonna be a long time for me at work today thinking about that! Luckily I only work until 12:30 PM EST, but that is still gonna be long…I love you both!

    “Signed Rob Porn (above) sent to Kristen c/o Oreganoโ€™s address. (heh heh, that should get him)” —-Love your evilness heh heh!

    @Melissa and Calliope
    Lookin’ forward to celebrating KStew with you when I get back.

    Dude, did you stay up all night?! Get some shut eye!

    Missed posting with you last night.

    @ls (limeslice)…you are now ls for short…
    Great find on the picture this AM! Look at that smile on HHH, he is so freakin’ (my morning language) beautiful. He is so turning into Bella from Wide Awake fan fic though, I just want to rip that friggin’ hood off his beautiful head!

    Hi everyone else! *waves* Gotta get to work.Bye!

    Dear Rob
    You are too beautiful to cover yourself up like that. Pull that hood off your sexy head and let all your glory shine out! You are loved. You are perfect. You are holy and a god. And I want to have your baby. Well, at least I want to practice for that…a lot.


    • Hi there – I see I’m not the only one worrying about Byrdie getting some sleep.

      Loved the final bit of your post. I’ll second all that. But no I don’t want to have any more babies, ever ever ever. But very happy to join the practice schedule if you’d like to write one up. We mustn’t exhaust him too much.

  14. Awesome Post guys, nothing funny to say, again, am left brained.

    @SpunkMe – loved your video, yesterday!

    @Calliope I sure hope there are some knew captioning photos around today.

    Talk later, back to the mondane.

  15. happy bday to my homie, kstew! im watching the cake eaters today and smokin some ganga in ur honor. and HA HA @ the robporn..sooo amazing.

  16. Happy Birthday SourP…ehm, KStew!

    Moon/UC: how thoughtful of you to help Rob out on this “special” occasion…

    May I have a fangirl moment?


    I just got my copy of GQ!!! RobQ proudly displayed on my desk at work!!
    WARNING: no work will be done henceforth!!!


    • About that GQ – did sales sky rocket?

      Anyone know….?

  17. can i have the shrink wrapped gift basket instead?

    • haha.. yes
      and i’ll take a shrink wrapped rob

  18. And actually:

    *waves* to everyone – a wonderful day to all of you

    *welcome* to Leslee, limeslice and the other newbies!

    re RobPorn above: just fell of my chair this morning when I saw this. I posted it to the LTR Facebook group, this pic is my brand of Rob…hot and damned!!

  19. @limeslice

    I love that candid pic of Rob because he looks like he is totally laughing at anyone wanting his picture. He still doesn’t GET it!
    And I also like that he put down his window so that the fans could get a shot – still humble, still considerate of the fans…still OUR Rob! That’s why we love him..that and oh, the Rob Porn from today…I still don’t get it – how was THAT picture an OUTTAKE?

    • toadly agree, Rob rocks! The Outtake also rocks!

    • @chinamother: re OUTTAKE: you really have put your finger on the crux of the matter. it seems that all gorgeous pics of rob are outtakes!!! not that the ones that make it to the press are not worthy, how could they? But the hottest, mind-boggling, heartbreakingly beautiful and utterly breathtaking ones….ARE ALL OUTTAKES!!!

      Can anyone please appease my soul and tell me why? How does it do it?

      • I don’t know either, but it is driving me absolutely bloody crazy.

        I keep looking at his shoulders and chest in todays robporn (not really had such a good shot of them before out of a sleeved shirt have we?) and salivating. And it’s not because he’s super toned (just a little toned), thank god he’s not ripped like kellan or Taylor because I absolutely hate ripped, waxed men, he is just ………….. gorgeous. Someone please shoot me. I must stop looking at that photo as I need to get a few things done …

        • @English Girl…put down the RobPorn and step away from the computer..Do it now. Kids need a feedin! Clothes need a washin! haha Hope that helped..that was my best attempt at not being an enabler lol

          • I know I know … *hangs head in shame*

            Thank you for being a friend ….

        • Well just to show my level of friendship..true blue. I will “browse” through all the new Rob pics..just so you know..well cause thats the kindof friend I am tee hee

    • @chinamother: re OUTTAKE: you really have put your finger on the crux of the matter. it seems that all gorgeous pics of rob are outtakes!!! not that the ones that make it to the press are not worthy, how could they? But the hottest, mind-boggling, heartbreakingly beautiful and utterly breathtaking ones….ARE ALL OUTTAKES!!!

      Can anyone please appease my soul and tell me why? How does he do it?

      • Sorry for the double post!

  20. I loved today’s post! But of course, I think I am completely in the minority here when I say that I actually like Kstew. Sorry! She just seems totally not into ‘fame’ and just wants to do her thing. Some of her earlier interviews for Twilight show a much more relaxed girl than the one after all of the hoopla started. I think she’s just young.
    I still haven’t decided yet whether I think she and Rob did the dirty deed or not…I can see it both ways….Ted Casablanca has been hinting for weeks that Rob and Kstew have been major flirting but Rob won’t continue on until Kstews relationship status with Ospice is finito. If that’s true, that makes me like Rob even more…he doesn’t want to be a homewrecker!

    • How would Ted C know? Does he claim to have a source on the inside?

      I had my hand on my hubby’s robust butt last night and had an epiphany. I met my hubby when I was very young – still a teenager – so I’ve done the whole friends-with-guys-while-in-a-committed-relationship thing a LOT over the years. I’ve even had guy friends with which I’ve had a lot of chemistry (all denied for the sake of my relationship with hubby of course). Now, granted, I’ve never been in a position where it was my job to make out with said guy friend, but I just can’t see ever being in a position where it was “normal” for one of my guy friends to call my butt robust. Why would he know my butt was robust unless he’d touched it a lot?

      So, on that flimsy premise, I’m coming over to the dark side completely. He’s tapped that ass. Or at least rubbed the booty – a lot.

      • LOL! “So, on that flimsy premise, Iโ€™m coming over to the dark side completely. Heโ€™s tapped that ass. Or at least rubbed the booty – a lot”.

        I have to agree with you and since I too have been in the same relationship since I was a teen I totally see what you mean…and you having this epiphany while handling your hubs robust butt makes it even more obvious that you are right.

    • don’t apologize for liking her! you can think and say whatever you want (as long as it agrees with ME) jk ๐Ÿ™‚ that’s why we love everywhere here.. we all respect our differing opinions…

      now if you say anything back about Rob… well, then.. get the hell out! ๐Ÿ™‚


      • @UC haha yea anything about Rob.. then….. GET TO STEPPIN!

  21. woah i was just reading some comments at ted casablancas blog and there are some conspiratorial people out there..talkin bout mormon cover-ups and paid off paparazzi..its too early for all that! ha ha.

    • Oh – some of those people on Ted C’s blog are hard core. While we speculate here all in the name of fun – some of the people there are SERIOUSLY and PERSONALLY offended at the idea of Rob with Kstew, and then others who are SERIOUSLY ANGRY at anyone who questions that they have been together. To take off on the post from yesterday here at LTR, they take themselves WAY too seriously! That’s why I like it here…I said I like Kstew and even though some people probably threw up a little in their mouths, no one has sworn at me (yet!) or told me to get a life or written to me in all CAPS! We are relatively sane here, I think ๐Ÿ™‚

      • no worries, spunkme and i are kstews number one fans here..”all are welcome all are welcome” LOL

      • Relatively. Sane that is.

        Well I was until about, er 4 months ago.

        I am beginning to doubt it now!


        • RELATIVELY= yEA thats us lol

          “in comparison to other comparable twilighters”

          “in contrast to other contrastable twilight moments”

          “in relation to other related twilight events”

          “with reference to other elements of similar items” ie TWILIGHT

          “not by an absolute qualification”

          “in comparison/constrast”

  22. The Tuck recreated, D’Angelo, Kings of Leon, a gift basket, MORE productive nights, and a new navy knit cap? Best Birthday Ever.

    Nineteen is so gonna be her year.

    I’d buy her a round of Buttery Nipple shots (in honor of the nipple mention in “Soft”) but that would only lead to a hangover–and puffy eyes. So non-Bellaesque. Instead I’ll gift her with champagne. She needs bubbles in her life, of course.

  23. Did anyone see Criminal Minds last night with Jackson Rathbone? He makes a disturbingly attractive woman. I wonder if he and Rob compared notes on how to “TUCK”?

    • Hah I did see it, and thought I saw some Jasper-esque “thirsty” looks in there as well.

    • this is what i’ve heard from a coworker! i gotta check out jacksper the woman!

  24. Whew just got to work. Glad everyone liked that sneaky shot of Rob, he looks so sweet and goofy heh. I found this last night and lit’rally loled to myself, I thought it was rather fitting:

    • Love it limeslice. i should print it out, laminate it and stick it on my screen.

      But I think my other half might wonder what i am up to.

      • Ha the boyf actually found this on a blog he likes – I saw it over his shoulder and casually asked him to send it to me while holding in my glee – hope he didn’t get too curious

    • lol! Excellent.

  25. @byrdie – r u there? Did you get your Twilight decaf coffee this morning?

  26. P.s. Thanks for all the welcomes!! Also I’m totally down with the ls nickname

  27. I’m off to study, talk to some of you when I get back at night.


    • Bye! Have a good day in the real world ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. @byrdie: Check your email!! lol

  29. OK, even though I’m not the hugest KStew fan, I have to wish her happy birthday too. I don’t wish her quite all the presents listed above that some do … but that’s just me. Projection people is all I’m gonna say. Projection. Don’t see the Robsten stuff at all … just my opinion of course. Hope she has a lovely day with spicerack – he seems dependable and solid enough to fit her character.

    As I watched Twilight again for the first time since New Year yesterday (DVD only just available in the UK) it made me appreciate her a bit more. I do think she fits my idea of Bella quite well, even if I’m not super keen on the stuttering stuff.

    • Ok..not stalking you I swear lol…you just keep saying stuff that makes me wanna respond lol
      Anyways…”prepares to speak, Looks for escape route”

      I think Kristen is a perfect Bella…always have from day one. BUT everyone who read the book..had a diff pic in their head as to what she should be..Kristen just happend to fit mine.

      Thats right I said it and I ain’t skeeeered haha well maybe a little ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. Rob porn! Yes, Rob I so am, and he should just shut up and enjoy it.

    So because I never paid any attention to anything about him except on LTR, I thought his name was really Oregano until yesterday.

    • lol brilliant

    • Oh, god, hilarious!

      Poor oregano / spice rack

      he must feel like the most cuckolded man in the United States at present.

    • Wait- it’s NOT Oregano? Oops. ^^;

  31. Good morning…
    RobPorn & coffee, what a way to start the day.
    Tried to catch up on yesterday=fail.

    Few notes…
    @MJ the PattinPervs over at loved your so hot video. I have to watch your new vid today โค

    @SpunkMe Can you link me to your vid I haven’t seen it. Still working on the audio clips, RL in way lately.

    I’m working on new vid yeah using a cool retro song that of course is pervy ;-P

    To the married ladies out there , I went hardcore on my post yesterday…and blushed the whole time I wrote it. I think it’s pretty accurate though…you tell me โค

    • Oooh ooh! Something for the married ladies. I’ll be right back.

    • That was freaking awesome! I love it — sooo true (as stated in my letter to Rob yesterday)! “Don’t look a gift whore in the mouth”. That was brilliant.

      My hubby asked me the other day if I was having an affair or something cuz I had all these new moves. I just said “it’s the fan fiction, honey”. Now he doesn’t ask any questions when I chose the computer over snuggling in front of the TV.

    • I just bookmarked you.

    • Oh no, do I have to trawl through 1000+ posts to find it JAG? What time roughly?

      • Oh no I don’t post that often LOL first one on the page.

      • Just thought to visit your blog and found it.

        Had a huge laugh, a flushed blush, a warm fuzzy moment …. and agreed with all that.

        Especially the bit about not interrupting us girlies at our pc’s ….

        JAG – you just said it like it was. SAY IT OUT LOUD. And you did. What a wonderous man he is.

    • @JAG – I saw the post on your blog yesterday. I was litโ€™rally laughing out loud when I saw “the magazine cover”. My DH thinks I’m crazy but on the other hand is happy because I laugh all the time!

      As Rob/Dali would say:”Bravo! Bravo! Superb!”

  32. This is a very special day for me. It’s a very special birthday!

    For my daughter. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to HER!

    oh yeah, and I guess you too Kristen.
    Somehow I don’t think my gifts of a bubble rocket and crayola products will please you. Sorry, I quit buying weed YEARS ago so I can’t send you a gift.

  33. Morning Ladies!!!

    UGH!!! Am reading post from last night. No more drinking and posting for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I think Rob might also let KStew have his Robnana. They are going to making Robnana splits all night long.

    I am still not on team RobStew but will let her have Rob on her birthday.

    • I thought you were adorable in your tipsiness. If you weren’t already subbed to SpunkMe I’d have you too.

      Come on there has got to be some yummy man in your area who will at least do for a bit of robporn relief.

      I want a full report when you find him. Juicy details an’ all …

      • Thanks English Girl!! Am totally on the hunt for a Robstitute (Rob Substitute not prostitute ๐Ÿ˜‰ )Will totally let everyone know once I find him.

  34. #

    This might be a double post. B/c I am hungover and can’t spell my own name. So have another comment awaiting moderation. Moon/UC u can delete that one if you want.

    Morning Ladies!!!

    UGH!!! Am reading post from last night. No more drinking and posting for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I think Rob might also let KStew have his Robnana. They are going to making Robnana splits all night long.

    I am still not on team RobStew but will let her have Rob on her birthday.

  35. Oh yea and Happy Birthday to Kristen, I know I’m in the minority her but I think she’ s ok.

    BTW, you only have to be 18yrs old in Quebec to drink. Canada home of free healthcare and booze for young-uns. LOL

  36. Oh, 19! I remember 19! Yes Canada picked 19. One of the great things about being Canadian rather than American is this little fact!

  37. Of course, Rob is a sweetie. He poured so much thought into all those gifts.

    Dear Rob,

    For my birthday, you can keep it simple. I just want the 2 productive nights. That’s it. Easy peasy. I’ll bring the gift wrap.


    • mmmmm 2 productive nights *visualizing*

    • Events from I Love LA come to my mind.

      • Thats my fave I love RealRobPorn.

        • It felt like cheating to me — as a 34 yr old married woman with a crush on RPatz READING about a 34 (maybe 33?) yr old single woman screwing RPatz. It was so damn hot. I was in heat the whole time I read it.

  38. @Calliope – R U there? Can we have a little Twilight Theater on the new Rob stalking fan picture? That was hiiiilarious yesterday.

  39. I think this is ridiculous:

    He is not and never claimed to be a “role model” haha WHY can’t the media stop lumping him in with Zefron/Jonas/Disney guys? RAWR!

    • Plus, he makes me want to BE his cig, not smoke one

    • On the right there is a link to an article 10 guys who rival Robert Pattinson or something like that. The first picture that comes up is Efron who looks like a girl. Seriously, he’s as pretty as my daughter. The second is Slumdog Millionaire guy. ICKKKKKKK! As if they even compare.

      • I just.don’t.understand. They need to stop. He doesn’t fit in a pre-existing category.

        • Perfectly said — he is category-less.

      • haha! Prettier than my daughter! Wasting, can you link me the pic again? is it he one of him in a car? bc you know my mind started to wander on that one! haha!

        • Yep the one from today where his window is down and he’s in the car laughing at all the crazy TwiMoms in their mock-turtleneck sweaters (I can say that cuz I’m soo not a TwiMom – no denial here).

    • i find it completely annoying when the media clutch at a straws for SOMETHING to talk about. for real, i’m thinking the mass majority of hollywood smokes. who gives a shit? it’s not illegal.

      i’m not a smoker, or a habitual one, but i would totally take a cig breaks with him.

    • he’s british doesn’t most everyone europe smoke? besides we all have our vises. at least he is only harming himself and not others (and don’t start on the second hand smoking bullshit because everyone has freewill and is able to walk away.) rob, as a smoker i support your smoking habit!

  40. UC & Moon
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the post… favorite part? D’Angelo song… don’t ask me why… i just picture Rob being like “Oh Kristen, i’ve got a new song on my ipod … want to hear” and BAMN! Sex Music. Clothes off. Roar. He’s a sneaky little brit.
    Then he whips this out to top off the gift (all you twiporn ladies can let your imagination run wild with this one):

    moving along…

    “im watching the cake eaters today and smokin some ganga in ur honor.”
    hahaha hysterical

    yes, yes very excited to celebrate the birth of the Stew today. see you this afternoon!

    fingers and toes crossed for an awk paparazzi candid to “Twilight Theater” about!

    @Byrdie, ErPatzz
    thanks for the late night lovin of TwiTheater. Hope you ladies, along with EyeC, got some sleep last night!

    did rob call kstew’s butt robust? i think i missed that one…

    @chinamum and Melissa (i think)
    Teddy C has some serious twispiracys… also, his commentators are (except for some intelligent few) INSANE. like cracked-out, living in a box, using he free 15 minute internet at he library, never heard of a punctuation mark loonies. but, i do love me some shameless gossip…

    • Haha yea on the DVD commentary during the credits he goes “is that your bum? your robust bum?” or something similar when an outtake of the kissing scene rolls.

      • well hello robbie! what i wouldn’t give to have him call my bum robust.

        • I think comment was because of the “hoopla” yes I said hoopla..that initially happened when they shot was first released and everyone was talking about how big her butt was …I dunno I could be wrong.

    • Holy crap! See he is waaay too familiar with her robust bum. He even “smacks that”!

  41. i think this picture is going to be the death of me.

    no wait. the one of his peeking in bed, in GQ is.

    or his puppy eyes one…


  42. @TRR
    happy birthday to your daughter! yay!

    • Aw, thanks Calli. Can I call you calli?

      • yes of course you can!

      • to be honest, calliope isn’t even my real name… so you can shorten it however you want! my real name is actually kristen stewart! and today i’m 19! and i want to tell you all Rob & D’Angelo is as heavenly as you all think! WHoopeee it’s my birthday and i get the Brit in the bed!

        (haha…sorry got carried away. to much sleep last night.)

  43.….nuff’ said!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for that picture girls!!!

  44. @calliope Can’t wait for next installment of โ€œTwilight Theaterโ€

    @Robzilla Happy Birthday to daughter.
    Here’s birthday present for her-

    • Try this link.

      • Aw, those are so cute. My daughter just saw them and said she wanted ’em. Maybe I’ll get them as a guilt gift for robglecting her.

        • WTA should def get them for all your Robglecting. If DH complains just read some new fanfic and try out new moves on him. He won’t know what hit him and will forget what he was complaining about.

          I LOL’d at your comments “My hubby asked me the other day if I was having an affair or something cuz I had all these new moves. I just said โ€œitโ€™s the fan fiction, honeyโ€. Now he doesnโ€™t ask any questions when I chose the computer over snuggling in front of the TV.”

          • I think I’ve already spent our entire tax refund on clothes and shoes for me and the kids. I’ve been giving a lot of hummers to erase his memory as a result.

          • Your killing me WTA-“Iโ€™ve been giving a lot of hummers to erase his memory as a result.” Almost fell out of chair…. LMAO!!!

    • Thanks CareBear! I really dig those. Maybe she will too. We are heading out in a few to have a fun day. I’ll stop by the store and try and get her a pair.

      Y’all have a great day!!!!!!

      Dear Rob,
      I have to do RL things today but I will be thinking of doing RL things to you. R=Really, L=lecherous.

      • Have fun Robzilla!!!! Will miss you lots and lots!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Twilight Theater is my fav!

      Clever clever girl and the converse Bday presenft. Didn’t he give her a guitar last year? Maybe this year a tamborine?

  45. omg, I laugh so hard every time I see “Oregano”. seriously, girls…this one is superb.

    and D’Angelo. lol!!!


  46. Ok, I have a confession to make. I *might* be going to the gym more than usual in preparation for the HTB screening. I also *might* be listening to “Closer to God” (NIN) during said workouts and thinking of Rob. Is that so wrong?

    • Do you live someplace where he might actually attend the screening?

      • Boston? April 23rd? I doubt it. But in my fantasy, yes, yes he’s there. And I pretend to smoke so that I can linger outside for him after the autographs (since I won’t be partaking in the fangirldom). And then somehow I ask him/slip him a note asking if he wants to go to a jazz club where no one will recognize him. And then we go to Wally’s where it’s a bunch of old dudes in the hood playing jazz and have a beer or five. And then…. yea

        • I haven’t thought about this at all, btw.

          • Pretend to smoke — I did that for most of high school ๐Ÿ™‚

            I love your fantasy btw. I won’t tell a soul your plan just so that it works.

          • Ha thanks I probably just jinxed it

          • Give him a squeeze for me.

          • Nah, course not.

    • Nope. Whatever keeps u motivated at gym. Maybe i need to try that out. Have been a slack azz about working out lately.

      • Try the Tostitos and Guacamole diet. It really works!


    Ok, so I love that the robporn of my gravatar is the letter today!

    I saw that Howie is awake already and Carrie…part of the triple threat – mornin to ya!

    I do love the pic of him in the back of the car, so sneaky, but he just had to peek up to say hi to us, he knows we’re watching.

    Best part of the letter today is the song lyrics, because they made me imagine him poppin himself in my body ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Isn’t “Soft” about erectile dysfunction? Are we saying that Rob can’t get it up for KStew? Not sure if melikey or medislikey.

      • I believe I could cure him of that if he ever developed it.

  48. Did anyone watch Jacksper last night on CSI????? I did, I still have it on Tivo.

    I kinda like the crazy version.

    • i did! ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s actually Criminal Minds and i really dug his performance.

      he has some crazy big eyes!

  49. @SpunkMe just finished watching your video. Awesome!!! I am so impressed. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Domward- “You pleased me tonight, SpunkMe,” I said, my lips so close to her skin I could taste her. “Now it’s my turn to please you.”

  50. @Carrie – WTA? Is that WastingTheAfternoon? I’ve been doing plenty of that as well.

    • I’m hungover!! Sorry. But you knew who I was talking to. Sometimes me not Smart!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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