Posted by: Bekah | May 9, 2009

Robert Pattinson sends a birthday wish

Dear theMoonisDown,

Rob asked me to pass this along to you:

Robert pattinson birthday greeting

I know. It’s so disappointing that Rob can’t be with you today, but I know he’s thinking about you. Next to his own birthday in 4 days, yours is his second favorite. (I think it’s because you tend to celebrate with a lot of booze) I’m probably ruining the surprise, but I think his buddy TomStu is coming along on your birthday pub crawl.  I think Rob thought you would feel better having a “piece of him” along with you, but it’s clear he doesn’t realize that you’ll probably end up having to babysit Tom and won’t be able to enjoy yourself.  I think it was @FakeStephanieR on twitter who said it best, “Tom, I don’t know how much longer I can use the excuse ‘He’s not drunk, he’s just British’ ” Oh, well, it was the thought that counts.

The Quad is here to make you forget about SadRob & enjoy your BIG DAY! What we really wanted to do was: fly you to Vancouver, book you a hotel room next door to Rob’s, and have the 100Monkey’s write you a special birthday song, but then we remembered that you’re not a crazy set stalker (not even on your birthday) and nixed that idea. So, we did the second best thing. We decided to sing to you:


Happy Birthday to Moon
Happy Birthday to Moon
We’ll All Be Your Bridesmaids When You And Rob Get Married
Happy Birthday to Moon!
UC: (pretend I’m holding on to 1 Sprinkles cupcake)
Happy birthday to Moon
Happy birthday to Moon
You look like a monkey the kind of girl that Rob, Kellan AND Jackson would clearly want to have a foursome with…
Happy birthday to Moon
Happy Birthday to Moon
Happy Birthday to Moon
I hope you get a full Moon with Rob todaaaaaay…
Happy Birthday to Moon!

After the jump, find out why we love Moon almost as much as we love Rob more than anyone, ever.a

I posed the question to The Quad: Why do you love Moon?


  • Because I can mention any song from any musical and she will know it.
  • Um…have you seen her hai-ruh did?
  • Myello!”
  • She gets that Hello Kitty is a very big deal.
  • Because she knows “there is no such thing as natural beauty.”
  • Because if Robert Pattinson walked up to her right this very second, she would remain completely nonplussed. Very few would be able to do the same.
  • I heart that she says “myello!”
  • Because she is tall, like me.
  • And when we met, I could hug her without having to bend down and inconvience myself. Hugging Moon is soooo convenient. It is special. YEs…it is a special hug.
  • I love Moon because she is so fab.
  • I love Moon because she always has killer articles or videos as her status on gmail chat (may it rest in peace) (UC note, WestFriend got chat blocked at work- BOO)
  • I love Moon because she is bomb dot com. Love her long time


  • That when we met 6.5 years ago we weren’t friends and now we are the bestest
  • That 5 months ago yesterday she had the idea to start a blog b/c we were tired of being the only people laughing at our hilarious jokes about Kellan being a former youth group member
  • Instead of saying “Hello” like a normal person, she says “myello”
  • Moon is the only one of the Quad that could technically hook it with Rob without making a spouse jealous & sad and probably file for divorce
  • I love her because when she hooks it with Rob, I know she’ll give us full details
  • Cuz she just texted me a picture of The Tuck while she was in the movie theatre, watching it on the big screen.
Oh you didn’t think Art would forget you did you? I know you can’t resist the geeky boys:
Robert pattinson as Art from how to be

Happy Birthday! We Love you!

UnintendedChoice for The Quad, Rob & EVERYONE at LTR!

Clicky here for a preview of Moon's bday night out

Clicky here for a preview of Moon's bday night out

PS: Enjoy your birthday pub crawl. I expect many drunk texts. And drunk text pics- and you better look like this:
PPS: Something special may or may not being going on in Rob’s Flat in The Forum today. Check it out.. just in case…


  1. i’m the only one up this early so hopefully everyone was out last night celebrating Moon’s birthday – Happy Birthday Moon!

  2. have a great birthday, even w/o Rob:(.

  3. MOON, girl, I wish you the best birthday ever! Cause nothing less do you deserve for being one part of the most fabulous team to make all my days so bright with LTR!
    Will ❤ u long time!

  4. Happy Birthday Moon !! 🙂

    • I’m Curious though ..What are the 27 Wishes? 😉

  5. @Moon

    You are the bomb…. that is “brill” right there!

    Please, please take a pic and send it to UC looking like Rob in that fabulous pic above…cause I do believe UC will share. She is cool like dat!


    You say it’s your birthday
    It’s Rob’s birthday soon
    You’re gonna have a good time
    Just Robby and Moon!

    May you have many, many more 🙂


  6. Happy Birthday Moon.
    All the best in life and in Rob. 🙂

  7. Happy birthday, Moon! Thank you for helping to make such a special place on the interwebz for the rest of us non-stalking, non-fangirl, Robsessors! We love you, girl!


  8. Happy B-day, Moon! We love you and all you do to help make this such a fun place to hang.

    In honor of your birthday, I hereby bestow you with 27 REAL lesbian kisses.

    Actually, I guess they’re more precisely 27 former-lesbian-now-confused-since-fall-2008 kisses. Take ’em how you will, girl!

    Love ya!

    • Maybe if you’re lucky, newkindofunicorn will come along and double down on those kisses. 😉

      • Wow! You don’t get birthday offers like this everyday! Moon, you are covered girl!

    • i’m LOVING this!!!!

  9. Moon – Have a great day and a super fun time tonight! I am sending Rob out to your pub crawl…not sure where he will show up…just make sure you have on mismatched lingerie and are extra sloppy drunk..he likes that sort of thing.

    BIG (((HUGS))) to you today girl! 27 hasn’t ever looked so good! 🙂 ❤

  10. Happy Birthday Moon!
    Have fun.
    ❤ JAG

    PS Please drunk tweet while you’re out tonite

  11. HAPPY B-DAY!!!! Best of wishes to you and hope you don’t get too wasted tonight.

  12. Happy Birthday Moon!!! Spend it with Rob and Jackson….sandwich style!

  13. Happy Birthday Moon 🙂

    Off to see Little Ashes again, I will think of you at The Tuck.

    Have fun, look forward to drunk tweets later 🙂

  14. Happy Birthday Moon 🙂
    Have a WONDERFUL DAY!!!

  15. Happy Birthday Moon! From a LONG time lurker turned official LTR girl…for you an ode.

    ‘Ode to a Birthday’

    Oh Moon, you awesome, rockin chick
    you make our lives complete.

    You deserve Rob’s Sparkle Stick,
    and to in real life meet.

    So hit the bars, and hit Rob hard,
    and knock him off his feet.

    Take one for the team,
    and scream a bit for me.

    xoxoxo To another great year luv!

    P.S. I really did exercise a great deal of restraint in penning this ode. Could have been far more NC-17 if you feel me. Just thought perhaps for birthday sentiment, I’d hold back. A stretch for the inside of a Hallmark either way. xo 😉

  16. Coming out of lurkdom to wish Moon a happy b-day from a fellow 1982 baby 🙂

  17. Happy Birthday, Moon!!!!
    I am drinking Bailey’s in my coffee…in honor of you.

  18. Everything in this post is wonderful especially how much Moon is celebrated. HAPPY BDAY MOON !

  19. Happy Birthday Moon !! you deserve all the robpinness, ehem, happiness that you want in life!!!

    ¡¡¡¡Feliz Cumpleaños desde El Salvador, Moon!!!


    We love you, and thank you for the blog idea…we’d be lost without the Quad and all the great women at LTR!

    Off to get nails done and shop for Mother’s Day!

    • is paul online saying hi

  21. Happy Birthday Moon! Party like it’s 1999 tonight!

  22. Moon! How I love you…I hope you have a non-sicknast/lamespice day! Love you!

    It’s the first time that I dare write here, but I think that it’s the best moment to start (Moon’s birthday).
    I’m from Spain, so…
    El Cumpleaños feliz (happy birthday song)
    Cumpleaños feliiiz
    Cumpleaños feliiiz
    Te deseamos todos, Moon
    Cumpleaños feliiiz!
    You are awesome, ladies!
    LTR&Rob…my vice 😉

  24. aku bEnci kau Rob. . . .
    kapan kau datang ke Indonesia
    aku aKan selalu menunggu Mu…

  25. Happy Birthday Moon! x

  26. happy birthday!!!! hope it’s and UC need to make up an twilight themed alcoholic beverage for tonight!

  27. Moonie! Happy happy birthday!!! you really is the bomb dot com!!!

  28. Ohhhhhh!

    [clap … clap … clap]
    “This is your birthday song.
    It isn’t very long.”
    [clap … clap … clap]

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY chicita banana!!


  29. Happy Birthday Moon. I guess we are birthday buddies today. Mine is today as well. Love you, maygirl

  30. happy birthday, moonpie!!!!

  31. Happy MOONday! Have a great party tonight!!

  32. Happy Birthday Moon!

  33. Happy Birthday Moon!

  34. Happy Birthday Moon!


    Just saw this-

  36. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, Moon!!!
    Hope you have a fantastic day filled with all that you wish for! May this year bless you with love, laughter, happiness and peace!

  37. For Moon:

  38. Happy Birthday Moon!

    You are lovely, and an inspiration to us all with your humor, silliness, great writing, awesome hair, willingness to take Lil Eddie on adventures, and…last but not least…

    fearlessness to say what we are all thinking, about things such as Rob’s beard on New Year’s Eve 🙂

  39. Happy Birthday Moon!!!

  40. Thanks everyone who came out of lurkdom to wish Moon & happy birthday! She’s going to be overwhelmed when she sees all the amazing things everyone has said!

    I hear a theme- desire for drunk tweets tonight on her pub crawl.. I agree.. I desire this too. So much so that I might even follow us on twitter so that I can get alerts when Im getting my drink on at my friend’s wedding…..


  41. Happy Birthday! May your day be filled with unicorns. 27 of them!

  42. Moon, it is so important to me that I say happy birthday to you that I am willing to leave a comment even though the avatar I was assigned here at LTT & LTR looks like a toothy vagina with legs. I care THAT much.

    So HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I’d buy ya’ a shot on your pub crawl if I had the means, but somehow I am not worried about you lacking booze tonight.

    (and seriously: what’s up with that avatar??)

    : )

    • and i thought my avatar was bad…..

    • toothy vagina with legs! LMFAO!!


    Have Rob-licious Cullen full day!!!!!!

  44. happy birthday moon!!! have a fantastical day!!

  45. Happy Birthday!!

    Shine on,
    Shine on, Drizzy Moon…

    Don’t be surprised if Lil’ Eddie jumps out of a birthday cake for you tonite. Have fun, girl!!!!

  46. Happy B DAY! it appears that in honour of your birthday rob has converted to Islam (see cresent moon on sad robs shirt).
    27! welcome to the club… the early late twenties club… I think you’ll like it here.

  47. Happy birthday to you! You deserve a Robbie-do! Happy birthday dear Moon, happy birthday to you!


  48. Part-ay!!!
    I wish you all the best = Drunk Rob + Drunk Moon + ‘dumpster dive’

  49. Happy Birthday Moon. Hope you are having a Robilicious day!

  50. moon, hope your bday is full of booze and a lot of bad decisions…xoxo, mel.

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