Posted by: themoonisdown | March 24, 2009

Hallelujah! This is the day that the Lord has made

Father, son and the Holy Rob

Dear Rob-

Sunday morning I get up to check my email and find out I was sent this lovely image from pal Lula that you see on the left, as part of our weekly “Sunday Worship”Β  session. Don’t get weirded out dear this is just the gals having some good ‘ol fashioned fun!

The email went as such:

Good Morning,
It is Sunday…let’s give praise!

So immediately I enlarged it and right clicked to make it my new desktop background image and this is what happened…



Obviously, a sign from God himself. So of course I kept it and wrote this back:

So uh when i went to make this my desktop background image this is what happened…

god works in mysterious ways.


All day today anytime I would open my computer I was greeted with the the site of your crotch all up near my icons and of course start giggling because this is the BEST desktop wallpaper EVER invented. I rule at all things computer-y.


Yea, yea call us sacrilegious or inappropriate but we love us some Jesus and we love us some ROB! And ain’t nuttin wrong with that!

All my love and desktops!


  1. Moon, you are a computer GENUIS!

  2. Who are we to argue with a sign from god?

    Praise the Lord.

    • The word of the day is Sacrilicious.

  3. God made all things, right? So therefore God made Rob. As such you are giving praise to God when you acknowledge the beauty of Rob. In fact, one might say that Rob is one of God’s better creations. I think he might rival Adam himself.

    So rejoice over what the Lord has made. It is Rob! Thanks be to God (and Rob’s parents!)

    • Oh praise the Lord and Spunk-Ransom and you Letters To Rob. All of you gals make my life at work so much better and fuel my obsession to the point that I actually look FORWARD to coming to work now….All my love and rejoice in the beauty of God’s love and his beautiful creation ROB Patz!!!!! And thank you Lord for making him so not flakey as a person!!!!

  4. Amen.

  5. God forgive

  6. Amazing!!!! I mean God even knows we luv Rob so he fufulls our wishes!! Amazing!!!

  7. I sine think boss guy would NOT let me make that my background on my system! Maybe new wallpaper for iPhone? LOL.

    Remember GQ article with girl that shows him wallpaper on phone? Imagine showing him this shot on your phone while he autographs a pair of panties you bought at Victoria Secrets ! Love to see that expression!

    Well gotta get bck to work ladies will check in later this evening.

  8. Wow. How awesome is that?! Too perfect!
    I’m still gushing about how funny Rob is in the DVD commentaries…his laugh/giggle is sooooo contagious…I can listen to him for hours…now I’m wishing for a video commentary…I’d love to see his expressions during the whole thing…plus when he’s eating (you can totally hear it…”cheeseburgers?”)…it totally made me hungry…for some Rob.

  9. Amen!

    Now …I need to get me some of that!!!

  10. Amen!

    @Moon I’m not worthy(bows down)
    My Icons are totally jealous that you get Rob’s crotch all up near your icons.

  11. What the Lord decides let no man or woman question. Praise Jesus!

    Rob crotch with my cinnamon toast crunch is just what I needed this morning. Fell asleep lit’rally* on my laptop reading fanfic last night…ouch. My head and my back hurt!

    *I don’t know if I will ever be able to spell that correctly again πŸ™‚ It just flows from my hands to the computer keys that way now! LOL

  12. Hallelujah!
    It’s creations like Rob that make me positive there is a higher power!

  13. A lovely reminder sent from above, that heaven really does exist. Amen.

  14. Mine too! LOL! I was typing an e-mail to someone from work yesterday (read – professional e-mail) and I needed to use that word and I kept having to backspace and fix it because now I just spell it lit’rally.

    • Damn it. @Kristin ^^

      • haha – its so funny how that happens, I know I’ll screw up and type it wrong and something and everyone will think I’m nuts. Oh well, nothing new there. LMAO

  15. LMAO! “We love us some Jesus and we love us some Rob”

    Forgive me father, for I have sinned. It has been ??? since my last confession.

    J/K I’m not even Catholic.

  16. I had to share this with my colleague and fellow RobAddict Loredana…she says:

    “It’s not Moon’s fault if the centered pic shows up like that. RobCrotch is the center of the pic!”

    To which I add myself….RobCrotch is the center of many more things than that….

    Dear Sisters, ponder the workings of Rob…ehm, god almighty…

    This was a shiteous day up to now, you definitely turned the tide for the better – as always!!!

    • @Moon: this was too good to be neglected. I tried myself on the office PC and…same results (no wonder…).
      I nearly left my desktop like that, but then again…a lot of lurkers in the office (including my boss) and so I reverted back to the Robscars pic (much more presentable)…. πŸ˜€

      • ps this IS my work computer!! moooohahaha

  17. “RobCrotch is the center of the pic!”

    RobCrotch is the center of the WORLD!

    • TTR: Center of the world? To begin with!!!!

    • nigh UNIVERSE!!!!

  18. *bows down in front of moon* MOON!you are a genius!!!! genius,i tell yah!!!!!

    how can you still work with that robcrotch staring at you,i ask???? i know i wont/cant….i would be totally getting a ruler and “measuring” that uhh…..package.LMAO!!!!!!

  19. What a great tony the tiger way to stary the day, all praise the Robcrotch. Thats a church I would “get into” on a weekly, hell daily basis if possible. Where do I sign over my earthly possessions for a lifetime in heaven ? πŸ™‚

  20. btw,my wallpaper is that one picture of rob that fakerpatzz posted on twitter the other day…caption is ” oh hai,can i borrow your vagina for a few hours?” LOL

  21. Hallelujah! Amen! Now, get down on your knees and pray…or something. πŸ˜‰

    @robzille – Yes, RobCrotch is the center of the WORLD.

    • @robzilla and VanessaJ….how about center of the UNIVERSE!!!!!

  22. Other options for new desktops:

    • Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

      • Happy to be of service!!! Back to my devotions, RobVotions…. πŸ™‚

  23. I love it!

  24. Today is a fantastic day to sin! I wonder what he is packin’ in those denims. I am going to forget hailing Mary I am hailing Robert!

  25. “We love us some Jesus and we love us some Rob…”

    That is, of course, my new favorite sentence. Because it’s so true.

    If I start singing “Lord, I Lift Your Name On High” will you do the accompanying hand/arm motions? Betcha one million bucks Kellan knows the moves…

    • then we’ll launch into “big house” by audio a cause we all know THOSE!

  26. Oh moon, we would never argue with a sign from God, NEVER!!

    And yes, you do rock at all things computer-y!!

  27. @Moon Hilarious! I love the “thumbs up” picture too! Rob crotch on your bed, in the dark! Nice!

    • in the dark on my bed… just the way god intended it to be.

      ps wish you could “like” random things like you can on facebook now

  28. Amen to that sister! Now If I can only figure out how to get my hubs to stop changing it back to a family pic it every time I’m not looking. πŸ˜‰

    Dear Jesus,

    Pleas help my husband stop being a douche!

    love, me

    • family, shamily!

      • Exactly! πŸ™‚

  29. If that’s not divine…I don’t know what is! =]

    Ya’ll need to have a ‘breaking it down vanity fair style’ session on the DVD commentary….srsly…do it! There’s hidden secrets in there….

    • we’re trying to find the time!!!!! we have it scheduled for tonight.. we’ll see:)

  30. I prefer this crotch shot way better!…..

  31. ‘Father, Son, and Holy Rob’! AMEN to that!
    RobCrotch desktop pic=EPIC WIN!

    • I second that. πŸ™‚

    • “love it Gen!!
      “Father, Son , and Holy Rob!!” I’m so gonna start using that!! When I’m mad, or sad, excited, or nervous…that’s what I’ll say—sounds much better than “Aye Chihuaha”

  32. Good morning Gen (F). I totes just typed Goon morning. Duh

    • Hey Trr(P)- it is a goon morning! Shiz just posted 2 RobQ’s in HQ but it got spammed! I’ll try again. How are you doing today?

      • Morning Gen!!!

        • Hey Mon! How are u doin’ today?

          • Better thanks!!! My neck is slightly better and the work news have just leaked in!!! So….everything should be sorted but won’t make announcements till it’s official!!

    • I just got your Twit. Did u order tickets?

  33. ROBQ in HQ!-

  34. I always knew Rob was the Second Coming!

    Ok ladies I have to actually be productive today so NO MORE LTR for me until lunchtime.

    I will try to abide by this rule.


    • @carter: hi hon! but one question….re “Second Coming”….why put limits to providence, to god’s and to rob’s bounty….??? If he must make room for all of us, he’ll need a lot more than just the Second Coming….
      *falls off chair*

      • Second Coming…lol…I’m glad my mind wasn’t the only one in the gutter when I read Carter’s post. Monica…It seems my mind is keeping your mind company in the gutter!!

        • @ Emmes: dirty minds think alike. I’d take the gutter for life, if the company’s always like this…. ❀

  35. Listening to Rob interviews. I could seriously listen to his voice all day. and night. I could listen to him read the phonebook or sing the ABC’s and be in heaven.

    Okay, I have plenty to do today. I’ll be in and out as usual πŸ™‚ Love you gals!

    • Ditto on the phone book! He could even ‘burp the ABC’s and that would be okay!
      LOL! Take it easy Kristin!

  36. I am embarrassed. I’m at the Nickelodeon website and am voting for the Kid’s Choice Awards.
    I don’t even know who most of the people I’m voting for are. Someone posted this link and I felt obligated to vote.
    *Hides head in shame*

    • Haha Carrie- that is too funny!

      Try again-

    • Dont’ be embarassed Carrie. I actually clicked on the Robsessed site pic thinking it’d lead me to Nickelodeon site and was lit’rally disappointed when it didn’t show up!!!!!

    • I did the same thing…twice…hehehe!

  37. I’m a lurker here and have been for a few weeks.. Never had the courage to contribute until today. I HAD to respond today since I launched my computer this morning to find that my husband apparently defiled my RobQ desktop background. Rob has devil horns, a fu man chu beard, and evil mustache, and a patch on his shirt that says “I heart penis”. I couldn’t stop laughing. My hubby must have spent at least an hour in photoshop. And here I thought he was working on a household budget on the computer last night. **Somebody** is a little jealous of my robsession. Maybe I should keep it on the DL a little more than I do. Anyway, I had to share. It ain’t no robcrotch picture, but it’s cracking me up this morning. And I’m going to keep it as my background for DH’s sake — at least until my 7 yr old wants to get on the computer.

    • @WTMA- Love it! Great story!

    • OMG… first off we’re So happy you’re not lurking anymore, and secondly- PLEASE GET US A PICTURE OF THIS!!!!! We must see this!!

      • LMAO! Hilarious!

    • send it in!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @WTMA: we.must.see.this.!!! STAT! Hilarious. but clearly hats off to DH as well for his sense of humour…

  38. Has anybody seen this one?- Interesting.

    • I saw that awhile back. I thought it was kinda weird. I didn’t really get it.

      • Weird- especially when you hear the people laughing in the background.
        Must be some type of show where they ask celebrities ‘their best story ever’. Obviously.


    I know, I know. I promised I wouldn’t be on LTR. But I saw this in my google alerts. And these boys are hot and distracting.

    I’m going back to work now!

  40. Moon- Too funny! His Holy Bodyness would be proud of that post!

    Carrie- I think it may be sadder that I actually do know who most of those people are! I’m totes blaming it on all the children my family seems to have popped out in the last 10!

    • Ayden Well at least you have an excuse for knowing who they are. I don’t have any kids or nieces/nephews that I live with. I am so not hip to what the kids are into these days.
      Hey do kids still like to play checkers. That game rocks. Maybe a little Sorry. I kick azz at that game. πŸ™‚

      • I bought a checker set for my nephews a few months ago. They’re only 4 and 3… but they have a blast pretending they know what they’re doing! Which is rather much what I do, so it tends to work well πŸ˜€

        Checkers = Win!

        • I used to Nanny for a 9 and 6 year old. They tried to teach me chess. They kicked my butt every time. I kinda think they cheated. Since I had no idea how to play just went with it.

  41. Good morning Ladies! Well that was a fun and eventful weekend, not really glad to be back at work. However I did miss you LTR ladies!

    I love the RobCrotch desktop. I am so gonna do that to my laptop. Since I too stayed up way to late reading The Submissive, I could use a good staring at some RobCrotch! LOL, I may never go to sleep with that picture in my head!

    @Gen: I love that video of the Buddha. Either he is a really great storyteller, taking bits of truth and real life to make it work, or that was some good hash!

    • @Ceri I vote good hash. Saw your Twit about being drunk for like 3 days straight. That is so awesome. πŸ™‚

      • It’s so the hash! I love that it lasted 3 months too!

        Drinking binges are always good. I was really proud of myself too, built up quite the tolerance, no hangovers. Yay!

    • @Ceri- Yeah, I’ll have what he’s having! LOL!

  42. I’m going to make a background of the screen cap of you making a background πŸ™‚ hehe. I’m a nerd like that! Loves it!

  43. Just saw this.

    I say we start a letter writing campaign to get NM rated R. We need some sex and violence. I’m sure the tweeners can get their parents to still take them.

    • I’m wondering what they’re going to do with Eclipse. If they water that one down to save the tween audience, we may have to riot! Leg hitching and general burning of the pieces is a necessity!

      • I am all for the letter writing campaign…If they need to be true to the book, then show us the damn HOTNESS!!!!

    • “Anything with Rob in it should be rated R by default.” LOL Amen.

  44. Lainey has a post about TomStu at his movie premiere. Says he took open mouth posing techniques from BFF Rob.

    He looks so pretty here. Is that lipstick? Maybe he is trying to channel Rob a la Edward style.

  45. I’m not sure the Maidens of Modesty would approve – but I give it two thumbs up! The Lord is good, isn’t he??

    • we’ll have to wear our modest swimsuits to the premier!!!! hahaha

      • HEy moon, doesn’t have anything to do with robcrotch, but how do i get my pic to show up when I respond to you guys? HElp, not so smart on the techno stuff! 😦

  46. When I saw that email, I died. I may or may not have done the same thing to my desktop πŸ˜‰

    • you’re a smart lady!

  47. Oh Tom. I love you. Maybe even more than Rob right now…

    • What? *said in Rob’s girly high voice* Blasphemous!

      Tom is really pretty in those pics. Not sure I care for the Zacquisha hair though.

      • I second that (The Ceri/Carrie sometimes share a brain. It happens when u have same name. It’s to scientifically complex for me to try and explain). “-)

        He might be cute in a few pics. However he is no Mr. Robert Thomas-Pattinson.

        • Darn tooting! Great minds think a like. *wink*

  48. I CANT HELP ITTTTT! I need me some ‘razziPattz right. now. *stomps foot*

    • Someone find Rob RIGHT NOW! JBell is crashing!! We can’t let it happen ladies. Gen, quick, we need Rob jawporn!!!!

      Tomstu does have the square jaw, high cheekbones, slim nose, blue eyes (oh crap, is it happening to me too?) that Rob does, but it’s just the British genetics coming out.

      Jbell, I implore you, stop, drop, and roll. Put out this blasphemous Tom fire!!

    • Let’s bypass the Razzi and just get our butts over to Vancouver and stalk him. He is getting too good at hiding out there.

      • Agreed.

      • im in!!! robbie here we cum!!!! i mean…come!! (totes been reading fanfic,rob.)

    • Jess! Noooo!! Rob is All!

  49. LOL! I love it! Too funny.

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