Posted by: Bekah | July 30, 2009

Rob Pattinson is too hot: Let’s hose em’ down

Dear Rob,

We’ve had one hot summer, and I don’t mean the weather. I mean that you have been hot this summer- too hot, perhaps. It’s been the summer of “RememberROB,” the summer of Shirtless ROBWard and the summer of ROBic-Con where we’ve coined new phrases like “The ROBttack” of the fan girls, heard too much ROBumors about ROBsten and had 24/7 access to you thanks to the ROBerattzi.  It’s had me wishing for more dinnertime appearances with TomStu because he knocks your 110 degree Fahrenheit hottness level down to a more manageable 104 degrees.

I also have to take a second to address those rumors I’ve heard in recent weeks: First, the one about you being a bad tipper, even though it’s obvious you just got confused doing percentages in dollars instead of pounds (tip for next time- it’s not any different) and then the rumor from the crew member on the Remember Me set who says you’re rude to the crew, demand constant lemonade & won’t allow fan girls to blow you behind your trailer. I know what’s going on. You read that paragraph above about the hot summer of Rob and thought, “Yep, I am hot.” It’s gotten to your head and you’re getting a little cocky

You know what that means- for the sake of us LTR gals & to sizzle your cocky “I’m Rob Pattinson I’m Hot” attitude, it’s time we cool this hot RobSummer down with another “Hose ‘Em Down.” (see the first one here)

Get out that hose & spray me down,

First up: Rob gives “Eddie in a Van” a run for his money with his “Come over to my El Camino I wanna show you my new puppy” look


Secondly: Beanie to cover up nasty, greasy hair? Check. Sweaty pits? Check. This should definitely cool us down:


Third: No words neccesary, just look:


Fourth: El Camino Robby is wondering why you haven’t come over to see him yet. And tiffanized adds that El Camino Rob looks like he would like to get to know Zygote Rob. It’s called: ROBcest


Fifth: We have to include Creepy Uncle Rob- he’s our “Hose ’em down” mascot

Lastly: A video, dedicated to Janetrigs, featuring a plethera of pictures to cool us off and/or make us want to get really drunk with Rob:

After the jump, read the tale of a LTRer stuck between wanting to be hosed off and lovin’ the imperfections:

Prostelyte: At this point, I’m in so deep…I’m searching for ways to sabotage his appeal. But dang! It’s not working! I mean let’s look at the facts:

  • He wears old, dirty, possibly smelly, stained clothing….repeatedly.
  • May or may not bathe.
  • Picks his nose.
  • Runs like Forrest Gump.
  • Dadcase, Dadcoat, etc.
  • Smokes.
  • Drinks nasty beer, drinks possibly too often.
  • Admittedly a slob.
  • Over exposure.
  • The Tuck!!!!

And this is just the short list of what HE HIMSELF is doing to further my cause!!!! This doesn’t even factor in what I’m considering just to purge my life of him! For example….

  • What if he is impolite?
  • What if he really DOES smell?
  • What if he secretly listens to only Top 40?
  • What if he carries those books around, but doesn’t actually read them?
  • What if he is mean to old people?
  • What if he *GASP* sucks in the sack?

I mean I’m sure we could ALL add to both lists here…but does it matter? I cannot get through one stinkin’ day without mentally devouring this person…and it is kinda driving me nuts.

Usually the imperfection destroys the crush, the fantasy, the motivation…this time it fuels it?????!


It’s times like these that I take out my laminated copy of Creepy Uncle Rob and look at it for 10 minutes straight.  I think I might add El Camino Rob into the mix because Creepy Uncle Rob is losing it’s touch- half the time I just end up trying to figure out what Creepy Uncle Rob would like and how I could be that person…..(even if it means wishing to be a 12 year old pubescent boy)

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  1. Those pics surely help to cool down Rob’s hotness… Just imagine that in a couple of years, we’ll all be like ‘WHY did we like this guy again?’



    I know, sacrilege…

    • The timing is perfect. I had to cool myself off somehow, so just yesterday, I found the worst pix of Rob I could find for my background on my computer.
      Sacrilege, yes. But I was desperate for one dreamless night!

  2. That video is the best I’ve ever seen. Nothing like Rob hanging with some Weasley twins…you know that was goooood times.

    And come on…El Camino Rob is smokin’ hot. Because an El Camino is the greatest vehicle ever invented. Is it a truck? Is it a car? It’s both. Fully functional and dorkably fabulous.

    Kinda like Rob…

    • El Camino, El El Camino. The front is like a car, the back is like a truck. The front is where you drive, the back is where you….El Camino, El El Camino.

      (Am I the only one that knows that little diddy?)

      • Yes 🙂 but it sounds hilarious

        • yo sow madoufofana busca novia madrid mostoles tu quir comigo ahora

    • the el camino is the mullet of cars! business up front party in the back YAAALLL!!

  3. that post was like cold shower. thanks! i needed it.

    • haha love it!

      • can we please discuss the gene simmone tingue on rob when he is licking that lucky girld face?! Oh My gOd. I was all eww, these pics are gross, then the tongue and now i’m not able to breathe properly. am i the only one who noticed it? even gross and cold shower rob finds a way to lure you in with his, well lure.

        • I’ve never seen that picture. All I can think is WOW. The things he could do with that…I bet it’s almost as long as his…fingers?

        • That girl he was licking was Anna Kendrick, who plays Jessica in Twilight!

  4. El Camino Rob looks like he would try to seduce Zygote Rob. Robcest.

    At 3:30 in the video, is his hair FEATHERED? He looks like the lost BeeGee.

    Thanks, UC. It’s been a while since I had a really good cringe.

    • His hair is soooooooooo long isn’t it and very BeeGees.

      Maybe the pic was in Spring 2007 – it looks like “How to Be” hair.

      Meh! He is STILL hot to me.

    • OMG.. ROBCEST… adding that as an update. you’re brill

      • it’s good to remember rob is human. robuman if you will. WHEW

  5. I am as cool as the inside of my freezer. LOL

  6. Okay, that didn’t help. Now my panties are wet. Must be from the hosing down. I think. Maybe.

    • HAHAHAH so wrong so right

  7. Too funny, UC! The sweaty pits are pretty nasty but there’s too much hotness burned in my brain to remember the nasty when I look away. All I see is the peek of grey boxer briefs under the shirt, scruffy rob in Rome and the lip biting/hands through hair action. Yummy!
    Sh*t, I think I can’t think about those things so early in the morning at work. Quick think about Rob’s modeling career!

    • i had a hard time finding bad pics this time around… there are only a few out there…. sigh….

      • but there are some good ones, the licking for instance. very gene simmons. in fact, it made me misty……….down there. his tongue is soooo long, another reason why i believe rob is in fact, the devil. he’s way too appealing, all hot and smart and funny. he lure you in with his hotness and the next thing you know you’re sinning your ass off, all blowing him behind dumpsters and stuff. straight to hell. he’s like the sweet and tasty apple eve ate. she couldn’t help it. rob is the apple. i’m sure of it. yet i can’t not want to bite him, ahh sinning, so complex, yet so simple.

        • Welcome to hell!

          At least you won’t be alone with all of us LTR/RAoR girls there…

        • The Devil… for sure!

          But, then again, I think Tim Curry in “Legend” is hot… so what the hell do I know?

          Save me a seat, girls!

  8. wha…I…bu…who…bu…why…bu…
    (yeah, that’s my best impersonation of the Bellasputter.)

  9. honestly that video didn’t cool me off at all…I love Drunk Rob..he’s hilarious…plus less inhibited equates to easier access to being blown behind the trailer 😉 Hot Drunk Mess..that’s how I like my Rob…actually I like any Rob thats not Zygote Rob..that’s creepy

    • totally with you, sal. drunk rob = sexy. anyone else?….no?

  10. “Fifth: We have to include Creepy Uncle Rob- he’s our “Hose ‘em down” mascot”

    i can totally see why this would be the hose em dowm mascot, it never fails to crack me up no matter how many times i look at it! Seriously!!

  11. This post did its job wonderfully.

    93.6% of these pictures are horrible and/or disgusting and definitely cringe-worthy. Urgh. Sweaty pits picture is the worst. It’s just… THERE.

    And as for the supposed imperfections like the smoking, the wearing of the same clothes over and over again, the drinking, the dadcase… well, they’re not imperfections to me. They’re sexy as fuck, to be honest.

    And also, TomStu is sexy as fuck. He’s cute as a button (a button that I would like to have sexy time with).

    Thank you for this.


    • I agree . Drunk Rob, and Wasted TomStu are the best.
      I met TomStu (he is better looking than Rob). Very good looking, beautiful in fact. But small (5’9). A tasty little cupcake (cupcake is a code word for boys under 25). He has a movie coming out in early Aug. called The Boat that Rocked, (a comedy).

      Macot Rob.. was a a hose em down moment…. definately a hose em’ down. A shock to the system. He’ll spoil it all himself by becomming all Hollywhore on us. Not our cute, dorky dumpster bongining Rob, but HollywhoreRob. :((
      (sigh) They all change. Its a given.

      (Ponders what we’ll all think of Robbie in a few years )….
      Wonders if he may gently fade away from our minds… to be replaced by… the next boy toy out of the UK.

      x H.

  12. yeah, well i started to cool off, then you showed me that drunk rob vid.. what were you thinking??! now all i can think about is –
    1. getting drunk with rob
    2. rob in between the twins -yeh thats what i said.

  13. Thanks for ruining my fantasies. NOW what do I have to look forward to? I may as well just bag on my plans to go see Sam Bradley and company this weekend in Dallas hoping that his highness will show up in his dirty hoodie because I’m so turned off right now, what’s the point? Even if he did show up, I’d probably just look at him and say, “what could have been before that LTR post…” sigh. Thanks, thanks a heap. I guess I’ll just go care for my children now.

    • You going to Dallas? Ohhh I forgot you live in Dallas ; )

      Can I join you this weekend for some gal time at the bars? Ohhhh, I forgot, I’m staying with you ; )

      Any chance you can ditch the children? Ohhh I forgot, you are ditching the children ; )


      • i love this

        • She’s not gonna love it so much when she finds out I’m really a 54 year old man living in my mom’s garage on furniture made from Lone Star beer cans and cigarette cartons.

          • But your name is Rob? Isn’t it?

          • kids?! what are those? who cares about them?

          • I know… really, who cares? Pffffftttt!

    • Hi- I wanted to come out of lurkdom and say hi. I’m in DFW as well, and while I’m not going to TwiCon, I have my camera at the ready just in case I see PPL or, if by some freak chance, Rob.

      I certainly appreciate the hose ’em down photos. I have needed them badly. Any of The Tuck photos take the wind out of my Rob-sails immediately.

      I read that Jackson Rathbone’s band is playing somewhere downtown this weekend, as he will be in town for TwiCon. He has invited a Twilight fan who is sick with some terrible disease to his concert and backstage. If Rob pops in to surprise everyone and meet this poor sick kid I know I’ll be a goner- no amount of icky photos will help me. Sappy, I know, but I can’t help it!

      • We’ll be at both 100 Monkeys shows this weekend – the Friday night one at Poor David’s Pub and the Saturday one at the Palladium. Check out the forum – I posted deets about meeting for dinner Saturday night if you want to join us.
        We’re also going to try to crash Twicon, so we may be calling you to bail us out of jail!

        • Thanks- I’ll check it out. I’d love to come, but I’ll have to figure out a way to ditch DH and the kids first! Definitely let me know if you need to be bailed out! I live north of the city, so be prepared to sit for a little bit- take your copy of BD with you!

    • @ Bellasnemisis.. “his Highness”.. lol that’s my secret code word for him too!! LMAO.


  14. I just like the phrase “sizzle your cocky”! Bril!

  15. I like all of these, because it just reminds me that he’s H-U-M-A-N and nobody ever is perfect every day. Ever.

    Although the El Camino…. ugh.

    If Rob ever gets a part as a bike messenger, it will be all over for me. Sweaty, greasy, a little dirty, unbathed, muscular…. mmmmmmm. Allow me to rub you down….
    Maybe I should write something that would cast him as such.

  16. Also, great video – he looks like he’d be fun to tie one on with. I like how his left eye gets squinty when he’s had too much to drink.

    And that second to last picture? In the car? Totally looks like he’s about to hurl all over himself.

  17. Srsly? I thought El Camino Rob was wearing a wig. That hair looks fake!
    And btw, ROBward has sweaty armpits in Twilight. Watch the scene in the cafeteria (“What if I’m the bad guy”).

    It’s there. And it waits for you.

  18. I have been going through Rob withdrawal beause he has been MIA for a few days BUT I am alittle glad for it. Happy that he is relaxing somewhere without peering eyes or cameras.

    P.S. I am reading “Nine Stories” by JD Salinger because its about the only book he has read that wont make me feel stupid…and I am happy to report it is very very good.

  19. 0:34 he looks like hes’ grabbin a feel for stephs’ ass

    that vid was awesome to wake up to! it was hard to stay away from here for the past wk, i had exams.. but now that they’re done..! MORE ROB PLZ!

    ❤ WIN!

  20. This is the first I’ve heard of Rob going all JLo and making demands on set. Maybe that’s why we saw him with a different beverage every day: because he wanted to run the PA’s ragged! Damn him! It’s not as if there aren’t 3 bodegas on every city block that will cater to his any whim. Pity no one thought to record some of those rants. I would have loved to have heard
    “Fuck you! I asked for an Honest T not a Snapple! Fucking ametures!”

    • Yeah, me too. I’ve never heard of him being like this before. I call bullshit. I can’t say why other than he just doesn’t LOOK like that type of person. Again, we might be surprised because we don’t know him, but I choose to not believe it.

      • i think it’s all made up…

        although it has been hot.. maybe he just really really wanted some lemonade…?

        • “I said fresh-squeezed, not Country Time! What’s your job again? You’re fired! Get out of my trailer!”

          Even if he did have a similar style rant, that somehow didn’t get recorded by the 900 paparazzi and fan cameras pointed at him, I’d still give him a bit of leeway on it. Even celebrities are allowed a bad day every now and again.

  21. demands..rudeness..sounds like gossip made up shizz or if its true, i don’t give a shizz about it. he can make demands on his PA or whosoever is responsible for his stuff on-set. it’s normal.

  22. Okay I must be alone but I lurve El Camino Rob wearing his pancho made out of hemp and smoking his herbal cigarettes. Id bang him 😉

    gah I thought LTR was ZygoteRob free *looks around for the brain bleach*

    Im starting to grow rather fond of creepy uncle Rob *sigh*

    • we only pull zygoteRob out on really really important days. like today.

      and you LOVE El Camino Rob? *shudders

    • In the words of MJ. You are not alone/ I am here with you.
      El camino rob is pure sex.

    • I think El Camino Rob is taken during the shooting for ‘the Summer House’ .

      Seeing how hot he was in that little ditty, I say bring on the El Camino !

      • It is not El Camino Rob!!!
        That picture has been named BritPop Rob or Rob Gallagher (brother of Liam and Noel from Oasis) – few days ago on the forum.

        And in that context, he’s hot! Doh. He’s always hot, he can’t be not hot, it’s his nature, the hotness.

    • Me, too, JAG… me, too. Gang bang, anyone?

      Creepy uncle Rob? Never say never…

  23. Umm..nope didn’t work. Sorry. And the video? Didn’t hose me down, it made me want to get sloppy drunk and ask him to lick my face.

    Also I had a revelation. I think Him and Anna Kendrick hit it. I’m going to laugh when all the cast does the tell all in like 10 years and we find out that Kristen and Nikki really were lesbian lovers and him and Anna were the ones that had a thing. Or hell, his tell all will be littered with “I slept with everyone on set”. LMAO. and I still won’t care. and I will still love him.

    Nice Effort UC, I applaud you. XOXO!

    • LMAO…I am right there with you…him and Anna seem to be out of the radar cuz everyone wants this Robsten nonsense to happen…but it will be funny to find out later that they were bumping uglies all along!!! Brilliant observation!!! 🙂

      • Yeah I’m pretty sure the night of the face-lick Rob and Anna got totally plastered and went back to her hotel room (because you know his is a sty) and had awesome drunk sloppy sex. The kind where you laugh the whole time and someone falls off the bed or trips while taking off their shirt.

        And then in the morning she woke up and was like, “WTF is that smell?… Oh… Rob’s still here.”

        And then they did it again.

        And I’m okay with that. Because she’s adorable.

        • LMAO! Love it!

          • Does anyone have any theories on the pic at :19 in? Did our robbie get in a fight? He looks llike he’s being restrained… if you study the hands… and the guy making the face seems to be part of the restraint system? I would appreciate some feedback as I’ve always been curious about this picture?

            Re: Anna Kendrick… in the words of comic Judy Denuto…

            It could happen!”

      • Yeah, I agree on the Anna K. hook up as well! for a long time now.. thought i was the only one.. (funny how she had that copy of Memories that Rob was working on). hmmm.

        That and she is not a skinny flat girl and has a pair of boobs (rumor has it our boy likes boobs and booty on the girlies).

        I could nod my head at that. If its Anna K., Robbie’s got good taste after all.

    • DITTO

    • I was just telling my friends this! I CANNOT wait for the THS and other tell all interviews so we can know what really happened, whether it be that Rob slept with everyone (or no body at all) or that Kristen and Michael Welch both slept with Nikki or that Jackson and, like, Christian hit it regularly (totally random pairing btw lol)! I want the juicy stuff! Just like now we can watch True Hollywood Stories about people we liked as kids. E! had a 90’s marathon a few weeks ago and I was like, really? REALLY? THAT HAPPENED? – I cannot wait to see the Twilight ones!! But time has to pass first, alas.

      • I would stop at Rob and Catheryn Hardwick… wow.. that image certainly cooled my ardor for the boy. (yuck poo).

    • him and anna would be MAGIC!

  24. Dammitt!!! Still doesn’t change much…cuz the only thing I wanna do is…um…er…try to “ride” around with him in the El Camino…and Creepy Uncle Rob kinda makes me wish he’ll offer me candy or a puppy if I go with him LOL…is that NORMAL????? 😀

    • totally normal.

  25. I have a thing for El Camino Rob. There’s a very ‘Almost Famous’ look about him and that’s hot.

    • Yea I’m not alone. I love his whole 60s look in the Summerhouse.

  26. nope, didn’t work on me either… I was just hosed down with a Robgasm from that video. I lloooovvveeee me some drunk Rob!! You just inspired some very dirty Robantasies (uh…), and I have to agree with JAG on El Camino Rob. I’d schabang his crazy wig hair into oblivion! He looks kind of Beatle-esque in those pics to me. And I’ll even go so far as to admit that I think Zygote Rob is insanely handsome in the face in a I want to molest and steal your virtue kind of way! Never mind the rest of the creepfactor from the pics, just zoom in on his beatiful young features! *sigh* I need help…

  27. I was all cooled off by the pics…
    …and then I watched the video.
    Now I just want to get Rob tanked and let him do things to me that I can later say “Oh I’d never have done that if I had been sober.”
    (But Sssshhh I’ll actually be sober so I can remember it.)

    • WORD!

  28. Where are the El Camino Rob pics from?? I’ve never seen them-at first I thought” who is this loser taking up Rob’s space?” Is that his real hair? Yecch…

    • From ‘the Summer House’ (2008). Here a link to the trailer:


  29. I ❤ DRUNK ROB and now I am usless at work and cannot concentrate. What Fuckery.

    PS still love your face, but am holding out for HH at 6pm to dream about getting drunk with my DRUNK ROB

  30. Ya, ummm…..the pics hosed me off for a bit, but the effects did not last long. He has some magical spell over womenfolk. He really does…

    So now all I want to do is have a drink. I know this was supposed to help put a lid on the rob-sex-o-meter, but I just want to drink, off him. Lordy, I need help.

  31. I wish the pics DID cool me down, since I’ll be away (from my computer:() for the weekend. I am going to go through withdrawal.

    Is is sad that I want to be with my computer more than I want to go away ? A Robless weekend-maybe I’ll bring Twilight to read on the beach.

  32. omg. you guys are fucking genius. lmao.

  33. I lurve El Camino Rob! He is so rockin that look. Or maybe I just love any photo of him with a ciggie in his mouth. Yep, I have an oral fixation with him (that’s what she said!)

    Totes glossed over nose picking Rob and Zygote Rob – *covers eyes* I can’t see you!

    Having watched Little Ashes, Creepy Uncle Rob is growing on me. I just want to strip his Mr. Rogers cardigan off and do the nasty. 😉

    Thanks for the effort, but no cold showers for me. I’ll take Rob anyway I can get him. Smelly, diva, creepy, bad tipper, pit sweating, slob, whatevah – lemme at him, I’ll take one for the team!

  34. I’ve totally crossed over to team tomstu. He is so beautiful.

    • HE IS

    • Ditto on TomStu .. our little cupcake (sigh).
      I could take a big bite out of him.. hmmm. :))

  35. uncle rob looks a lot like ewan mcgregor no?
    And I’m sorry but el camino rob is sexy he can show me his puppy anytime.

  36. El Camino Rob is not that bad. I’d hit it.
    DrunkRob video is awesome.

    I’m trying to forget that Zygote Rob is in this post without even a warning. *shudders* not cool.

  37. Come now UC, he hates kids so what chance do old people have.

    Also, you KNOW he’s not good in bed. He’s british, c’mon.

    • @K
      lol.. your probably right re: ” Also, you KNOW he’s not good in bed. He’s british, c’mon.. ”

      Yeah, probably too drunk to do much but pass out once he hits the bed. Being British certainly explains that theory. yep. well, wait a minute their was 007 Sean Connery !!! .. oh damn, forgot he’s Scottish… NOT British.


  38. Thanks! I needed that. He is just a normal guy. He is just a normal guy.
    My hubs is always trying to point out the ‘flaws’ of Rob, but you’re right! Somehow it just makes him more appealing! How is this possible? What have you done to me Rob?! I use to have standards!
    I need a laminated copy of El Camino Robbie for those overwhelming hot days!

  39. OK girls.. seriously.. pathetic effort to cool him down.. sure they are bad pics of him.. but for each bad pic… we have HOW MANY passable ones.. let alone fuckhawt ones…. Please… you are gonna have to do better than that…

    The only set of pics that kind of weird me out are the Zygote Rob ones.. they just… make me shudder.. I think if I had been his age when they were taken they would have made me shudder… but knowing what came out of those pics.. what he looks like now… well it’s all good…

    Unless you tell me he’s a cross dressing homosexual who enjoys animals.. the four legged kind.. in the bedroom ….. I’m just not seeing a down side… Of course personality does play a lot into looks for me.. so if I ever found out that he was indeed mean spirited… or even made fun of people to their faces… oh what am I saying he could be downright shitty to me personally.. just like totally rip up one side and down the other and I’d still think he’s one fuckhawt asshole…

    I’m weak I know… *SIGH*

    Thanks for the attempt though.. my hubby appreciates any attempts at dissuasion from my adoration of this fine man!

    It’s been a great the summer of rob… sort of like the song “The Summer of 69″… oh crap.. why did I have to go there……

    • “oh what am I saying he could be downright shitty to me personally.. just like totally rip up one side and down the other and I’d still think he’s one fuckhawt asshole…”

      You’ve read The Office? Beautiful bastard… sigh..

      • I haven’t read “the Office” Perhaps I should 🙂

    • Yes… you definitely should!

  40. I am kinda into creepy uncle Rob! OK there I said it, its out in the open! This is the problem, can he really “cool us down” or does this just make him more real!?

  41. That vid just made me want to get REALLY drunk with Rob. I’m hilarious when I’m drunk (so I’ve been told.. :p ), so if HHH got to party with me, he would never let me go! I get really sex fixated to, when drunk. Sometimes thats a plus, others not so much.. (when BF not there, fx). But DAMN, I think partying with Rob is FUN!

  42. But okay, Zygote Rob just makes me giggle. And its hard to stop. So then my BF gets curious, and look, and HE starts laughing so hard he almost pees his pants, and then he starts teasing me, and I get angry cause he’s dissin’ Rob and then we’re on. He knows by now that dissin’ Rob gets him NOTHING. So he backs of pretty fast. 😀

  43. You know what ladies.. one more thought : )… pull up all the bad picks…

    Here is the reason we all love him…

    Just had to squeak this in cause I love this song tied to pics of him!

    • Whew- thanks for the Robgasm. I need to be hosed down again! He gets my shizz every time!

    • Hey Kelly, thanks for that great video–I love the song too. Fits perfectly. When he’s smiling and his eyes are twinkling…oh,yeah!

  44. here’s the deal-e-o. i love you ladywomen. the quad that is. i suppose ive got love for the other ladywomen here if you were born in the 80’s. the 80’s.
    Im annoyed at Roberticus today because I’m getting annoyed at this whole “obsessed” business. I’m pretty hungry and i just cant leave laptop-friend to go make myself some grub. Rob just get your face out of my face so i can eat! jeese. sad times guys, sad times.
    I suppose the drunk Rob video is nice to have an auld view of. its like a quiet night in for us Irish. i be hard core begorah, etc. I’ll finish with: Robert Pattinson? I’d tap that.

    • Those of us not born in the 80’s think you are pretty special… even if you don’t think we are : )

  45. Ya know, that almost worked. El Camino Rob and Zygote Rob and Creepy Uncle Rob are each a force to be reckoned with.

    Drunk Rob, however, slays them all.

  46. Letters to Rob is the best. You don’t know how much I needed that today. Now I can get some work done!

  47. I’m gonna have to take time to read y’alls comment later.

    Anyway, I’m still not repulsed. I’m still so hot for Rob :-). I’m in way too deep now that I can’t get out of this hole I dug, thanks to Rob. Aside from the smoking(which I don’t like) which I let go as long as I’m not there in the room(haha), he still looks so hot to me. My brain is already wired with sexy images of him wearing a tux or sucking his fingers and his silky voice….or how about the ripped button fly jeans hugging his thighs and hips….*sigh*. I can’t get those out of my mind. I need therapy as you can see.

    Your post is excellent by the way! I’m just too far gone with him now that it didn’t affect me.

  48. I am one of those dreaded Twilight moms and It helped when I saw an interview where Rob said he doesn’t like kids…

    *yeah*…that’s all I’ve got. All of the other stuff could be overlooked as long as he’s good in the sack. I’d like to be the judge of that one.

  49. Just thinking about “the tuck” does wonders. Thanks for just putting a link up and not actually the picture.
    But then the vid with rob and tom together…yeah, now I really need my husband to come home, or at least find some batteries!

  50. I feel for you proselyte! It’s exactly how I’ve been feeling, trying to find ways and means to turn myself off of him. The picture with the sweaty pits get me all the time.

    But here’s the thing, we’ve been going five days without seeing a new picture of him in New York, and I’ve been combing the net searching for something on him. So much for hosing me down…

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