Posted by: themoonisdown | June 7, 2010

LTR has moved!!!

Dear Rob and LTR readers-

Time to pack up and say goodbye to this ol blog and head over to our very own, brand spanking new digs at and!! Yes, after months and months of preparation and toiling away (read: breaking down your underwear choices) we finally made the big switch!

So of course that means it’s time to update your bookmarks. And if you’re the nerdy kind and have a reader it’s time to update that to:

We’re in love with our new place so go check it out and  comment to be included in our GIVEAWAY!

ps having issues seeing the new site? Try clearing your cache & cookies. That should do the trick (restart your computer if even that doesn’t work!)


  1. Oh surprise! Heading there now to check it out.

  2. acck! i fear change.

    heading to the new site now. but just had to say a teary goodbye to the old wordpress blue theme Letters to Rob site that I have loved and followed for over a year now…

  3. I’ll miss you too, blue Rob!

  4. My browser won’t let me on!! I type in the new address and it just links me back to this site….Damn thing 😦

  5. I am here.
    Where is Rob?

  6. OH NO. CHange is NOT my friend. Now I gotta go figure out how to find you again. Dang it. I totally stumbled upon LTR by accident the 1st time. Well…here goes……..

  7. The new sites are blocked for me at work. This blows. Congrats though!


  8. Sigh. Imma miss this place *looks around* 😦

    I kinda liked it here. It doesn’t scream “AT WORK, READING ROBERT PATTINSON DEDICATION BLOG AND HIDING IT IN 5 INCH SAFARI WINDOW BECAUSE I DON’T WANNA WORK”. It looks like I’m ‘researching’, you know?

    :-/ Oh wells. I still like NEW shiny stuff.
    *gets distracted by shiny nickle on floor and walks away*

  9. Sorry. Too much to download for limited broadband
    allowance from Sprint. It was nice while it lasted, LTR! I’ll miss you, Rob.

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