Posted by: themoonisdown | June 5, 2010

Open Weekend Post – Hosted by 16yr old trespasser on Water for Elephants set!

The bush is that way?

Message from Sunday afternoon: You might start to see some weird stuff- the site might go down- I might ruin everything. Fingers crossed that none of that happens, but if it does, just know I’m aware of it:)

Dear Rob,

You gotta give the set crasher girl a hand, she showed up at 5AM (right there she’s got me beat), hid in a BUSH, while wearing a TWILIGHT shirt in Filmore, California on the set of Water for Elephants all in an attempt to see you.

Sadly, the poor girl was apprehended by the po-po and after being searched they found her weapon of choice. What was the weapon? Why, it was a camera. Can you blame her, she probably wanted to get that illusive Robsten picture so she could sell it off and get her first car: a used ’96 Chevy Cavalier. Convertible, of course.

But the po-po cockblocked her by hauling her off the set in the squad car and then took her home to her parents where they tattled on her ass.

No bushes around here

If only we could have been feeding the 16 year old girls some pointers in a hidden ear piece, she’s be hanging out with you and the little guy (aka Matt Roloff) playing scrabble in your trailer and eating mountains of hob-nobs right now instead of being grounded. She could have been the hero in homeroom next week! Oh what could have been…

I’m sure you’ll join me in raising a glass of… Jolt Cola to the unnamed set crashing girl in Filmore, California. SALUD!

Next time choose the wardrobe trailer!

PS After seeing these recent set pictures, I can’t front I would have done it too if I could get my ass outta bed before 5am.

PPS This story is actually about me, I just look 16.

Where you you hide if you set crashed? What pointers would you give the 16 yr old girl for next time? Who want’s to go Robowski?

Source: Hollywood Life, read it, you’ll die laughing.

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  1. Hmmm..I hadn’t heard this. Well, good for her. I don’t do 5 a.m. for anybody. Well-maybe Rob. If I knew for sure I’d meet him. And he’d take me home.

    • word!

    • OMG, that story is too good!!! Where is it? I just rolled out of bed and am lost in the interwebs.

      • Good, ahh, afternoon, MP!

        • thanks, guess who woke me up? 🙂 thought you’d like to know. xx

          • I think I know what you’re referring too!


        MP, I hope this little summary will help you!!!


        • Haven’t been around in awhile lion but, you need to go to Robsessed and watch the video that is posted with Christina Aguilera’s song “Candy Man.” HE truly is THE candy man!!!

        • haha, thanks ML, girl’s got talent! But they’re completely crazy with the police!

  2. Its difficult to blame her, he’s looking very nice indeed on the WFE set.

  3. I’m not brave enough to do something like that, besides what if Rob decided to use the bush I’m hiding in as a urenal? Akward…but Rob is looking MIGHTY fine on the WFE set, that pic of him sitting in the grass has died me.

    P.S. Congrats UC & Moon on winning a special interview with Stephanie Meyer through LTT. You girls are truely brillz! I saw it posted on her site this morning with the release of her new book. Anyone gonna read it?

    • Many spelling fails, blame iPods little buttons and my lack of sleep 😉

      • ha- we revel in our spelling mistakes here, Misty!

    • I would love to see his face expression finding a “fan” hiding in a bush!I picture some open mouth and a “Whaaaaaaaaaaattttt?” 🙂

      • Oh I see, your mouth will be open to say “hello, nice to SEE you”

        • or…I was searching for a garden burger….

        • just picture a bush instead of a door……lol

          • Yeah!

          • Did he knock or ring the bell…ding dong?

          • lion, don’t say “ding dong” that has a duuuurrrrt meaning in german! hahahahahahaha

          • It was for you, RG, but I thought you liked durrhhtee things.

          • She does lion!!! DUUURTYYYYY PLAYYYYAAA(S)…

    • re: using the bush as a urinal-that would be quite a picture.

      • omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol

  4. I think the most embarrassing part in that story is that she wore a Twilight shirt, she was looking for Edward I guess…….oh my…the fandom!

    Dear Rob
    don’t dazzle that lion, you dazzled already Rosie and the make up artist and

    • I think mountainlion might have something to say about ‘don’t dazzle the lion’. 🙂

      And I like Rosie!

      • lol, I knew somehow you would say that, but I said “that” lion, ML is still in!

        • I’m sure ML is happy to hear that!

          Does Rob make elephant noises to Rosie and did he roar at the lion?

          RG- that’s your cue to post the link to the gif of Rob woofing at the dog (still funny).

          • You know he makes elephant noises because he greets dogs with dog noises!

          • found it! This is made by RG-

          • double funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol

          • Well worth two viewings!

          • Yeah! I hoping those little presents would appear!

            Dear RG,
            thank you for my almost birthday present! I love dogs and I love Rob, thus best gift eveaaaaa!

          • drasaka you made my day!

            Did he roar at the lion? bahahaha! I heart u ❤

          • Misty- he might have- you never know! Perhaps he’s practicing his mimicking skills to enhance his acting ability.

          • And Happy Birthday (a bit early), Misty!

          • misty …birthday? love to u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • @misty…why did the picture of him roaring…just give me a major…
            heartattack??? OMG….

      • Haha that’s exactly what I thought.
        It’s too late, Rob- you have already dazzled ML!

        • Mountainlion (don’t you love people who talk about themselves in the 3rd person? No!) is more than dazzled. I’m completed wrecked by him….


          • Well, ML, I was sort of speaking for you, so you get a third-person-speak pass!

  5. Will somebody please try and keep this man away from
    that lion???
    Or…maybe….should somebody…keep that lion away from Rob???

    Dunno what is more dangerous…
    ROB or the lion!!!!

    • well, your capital letters said it all!

    • I thought the same, Mel. When I saw that caged lion, I thought…please don’t let it and him together.

      He is afterall, “meat.”


      • with meaty thighs!!!!


      • Juicy meat…..soft….baby…delicious meat!!!

        • I would be soo happy to be that lion…
          omg,I feel envy from an animal…

  6. Robowski totes work for me…i mean utterly works
    but i’ve just watched RM(belive me just for the second time…shame on me)and i’m gonna go with Robler today..<3<3<3<3

    have a nice weekend ladies

  7. I’m willing to travel to see Rob, but still refuse to camp for hours or get up very early. But he has this effect on me: whenever I’m in the same city as he is, I get restless and can’t sleep that long so I wake up at normal hours, like 8 am.
    I’m reading WFE book right now and I like it, but Robowski photos, nooooooo, he looks too special and slow. Those pants, nooooooo.
    RM Rob, is still my fav and I doubt it will ever change.

    • he has the same effect on me when he is in London….just sayin

      • You’re in London? Why do I always think you’re from Germany??

        • of course she is from Deutschland
          RG where are u and don’t correct that

          • I am a bit there and then there and then there, if u know what I mean…lol

    • “RM Rob, is still my fav and I doubt it will ever change.”
      i hear ya – is it wrong that i’m more excited about rm dvd arriving then seeing eclipse??

      • “more excited about rm dvd arriving then seeing eclipse”
        Definitely!!! RM dvd has the audio commentary, baby!! But, eclipse does have the leg hitch and the tent scene. Win all around!!

  8. I think it would have worked better if she dressed up as an extra…just my opinion…

    • Def!!! The twilight shirt was a fangirl fail!

      “If only we could have been feeding the 16 year old girls some pointers in a hidden ear piece”. Love it!!

  9. Ok, so I’m here to admit to you ladies that I went to the WFE open casting call in April!! I live in the OC and was sooo trying to make my dreams (not the sleeping ones, cause ya’all know I haven’t had a proper one!) come true.

    I obviously didn’t get a call back since I’m here with you fine girls. But maybe I didn’t get in cause I don’t think I could have handled the “hotness”!!

    I don’t even know what I would do if I saw Robkowski in all his splendor!! …or even out of his…;) He is looking sooo good!

    • they will call you perhaps the next time and I love your honesty….<3

      • Thanks RG!! I’m not really an actor (at least not since high school)! I just thought it would be an amazing expierence and had to at least give it a go. Not to say that I’m not just a tad disappointed. It really seemed to be calling my name, oh well! We’ll see if there is a “next time”!

        • RFM- good for you for trying!

          • Thanks drsaka, it was a surreal experience! First I look at the pics of Rob and then I go back and see if I can see anybody I met that day! Can’t wait for the movie!!

          • I remember reading an account of filming from a woman who was hired as an extra on one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, one of the scenes in a drinking establishment. She said something like- they were warned not to talk to, look at, or walk by the actors.

            Well, I’d probably be fired if those rules were in place and I was hired as an extra on any Rob movie- not sure I could restrain myself!!!

          • drsaka, I sure would be peekin a looksie!! but I don’t know if I’d be able to say anything coherent anyway!!

          • RFM- I’d be fired for certain and hauled away by security. I’d just stand there staring. My sure Rob would be totally impressed…..

        • well, you would have had a bigger chance as an animal…lol…….but it’s difficult for beautiful girls getting THE call…and there will be the next time, I am SURE! hugs*

          • Yeah, those animals are all gonna get their quality Rob time!! And you are so sweet RG!

            I didn’t wanna come here for props, just to say…”my name is rfm and I have a serious rob addiction.” LOL

          • well thats a normal disease here around!!! 🙂

          • @rfn

            totes NORMAL and welcome to RAA:: Rob Aholics An.

          • I’m glad I found you guys! I glad join RAA!!

          • oops! “gladly”

          • My sis still thinks I have a chance for WFE since we haven’t seen too many photos with female extras, but I’m like “yeah, right.” She’ll probably be saying that when we’re watching the movie in the theater!!

    • I went to Italy for Montepulciano/ Volterra open casting call for extras and they didn’t choose me either. And I’m not an actress at all, wasn’t even in high school. The opportunity to see Rob up close and personal is just too impossible to skip. I went to the girls & ladies with babies casting day with my guy BFF and actually though I have a chance, since there were mostly teenagers there (and I’m not ). I like to think they didn’t get me because I’m not Italian.
      My BFF who was there just to do me a favour, he’s not into Twilight (and later indulged in some designer outlet shopping, so I guess he was there for that as well) suddenly decided to audition too, but they weren’t auditioning men that day. It was a nice trip. 5 hours drive one way and I met and talked to German girls who did 10 hour drive. I wondered if they get the callback.

      • Good try, JBR. Your probability of being chosen increases if you go to the casting call- otherwise, its highly unlikely, so good try.

        • So true drsaka! It can never hurt to try! Carpe Diem, Jellybean!

        • It was before I followed many Twilight related sites or blogs. I just wanted to see him in person across the street. And I thought being an extra is the best thing to do so. Now I know better, you go to any premiere or talk show or anything public and voila: Rob in person.

          • True, but I don’t want to deal with all those screaming girls. The girls in LA are ruthless!! They started camping out for the NM premire 3 or 4 days ahead! I’m not that devoted, I guess. I’m holding out for a smaller premiere, like BA or WFE. I was disappointed that RM didn’t have a LA premiere…that would have been perfect!

      • Jellybean, it’s good to know I’m not the only “normal” person going to open casting calls!! The casting description for the WFE females was so perfect for me, I thought wth! And went there BY MYSELF!!! My other friends had tatts or too long hair and wouldn’t go. I didn’t even think I would have a chance but I was the SECOND girl there and then this WFE movie site said that everyone there would probably get in. I should have never read that! But, I’m definitely proud that I did!

      • I lived near that place and I know that they took all italian twilight fans mostly from teen competiton things, radio station or TV twilight related days and such….no chance at all, I was in Rome at that time and all the media went really nuts, like if that was the most important thing happened in Italy…lol!

        • Gwad I ❤ Europe! It produces the best: wine, cheese and most importantly one hot British man with looong legs

          • loooooooooooooonnngggg legs and beautiful HIPS! lol

  10. That was awesome! That story needs to be accompanied with the Sesame Street kids’ “Best. Story. Ever!”

    Which reminds me of….

    You are welcomed!

    • ah yes, his crazy three-dimensional buddha story!!! It would be so hilarious to hear him make up (I’m assuming) stories like this all the time!

      BTW- is there a phloem to go along with you, xylem? 🙂

      • Sometimes he is so good at telling his crap stories it makes you wonder! I’m still wondering about the 10 year old ballet story!

        • Just look at it as entertainment. Cath and I have discussed this before here. The Edge (from U2) has said of Bono’s extensive and imaginative storytelling- that there’s usually a small grain of truth, somewhere, in the story and he’s learn to just accept it.

          Rob, I’ll accept it!!!!

          • Nice! I like it!

        • he was 6y and he went once…lol

      • Bwahahaha. Yes, there happens to be a phloem. And now that you mention it, I think I’ll start calling him that. 😉

        • Couldn’t resist! They do go together, so I assumed that is one!

          • that there is one-

    • I love how he says “girl”!

      • I like how says every single word there!

      • Me too! Swoooooon *La sigh

    • He is a great storyteller, always, half the things he says is BS just coming up in his brain…lol…and if nobody stops him, he fells in love with his own invented stories, and that’s very sexy for some reason, he makes me laugh all the time!

      • Agreed, I’ll listen Rob (and probably laugh with you at you as well for the ridiculous stories) !!

      • word

      • Me too! That’s how one of the things that made me fall!

    • “and then…and then, I ran out of dazzling stuff to smoke”.

      • MP- I don’t think that there was any ‘enhancement’. I think that’s directly from his mind (which would be a fascinating place to visit).

    • Too bad Jankowski didn’t have this “vision” then he could’ve taken his test! Oh, but then he wouldn’t have hitched a ride on a train…Oh, well guess it’s a good thing!

  11. What’s with that first picture? He looks like some weird double jointed 1940’s centaur from an axe body spray commercial gone horribly wrong! ”This outfit may say refined, but my fingers are saying you are my hotpocket tonight, baby!”

  12. che, you just changed your avatar- what does say?

  13. Did anyone else die yesterday when they saw him carrying a “big, hard, tool?” I know I did….

    • oh please, someone, find that little bit of the interview with that.

      BTW- that was the first thing I ever heard him say- can you blame me that I’m still here???

      • Drs. Little bit of the interview with what, specifically?

        • found it!

          • Rob says, ‘he’s a tool, a big, hard tool’. Gulp.

          • Thanks for posting drsaka! I don’t think I ever had the pleasure of viewing this before!!

            I also loved the NM one, where he drinks his little teacup with his finger in the air and says “duuuuhty words”!!

          • I think that this is part of a longer interview, but the ‘big, hard tool’ part was what needed to be seen and heard again!!!!

    • What’s about the pic where he got the make-up on?

      • Which make-up pic?

          • Thanks!

          • Ahh, yes! Put some color on that guy…and some duuht!

    • MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I died lion…..and with the other one…the one he seems to say
      “shiiiiiiit”…if you know what/which I mean

  14. yesss i just finally started reading Water for Elephants two days ago. Now I need to hurry up…especially now that i have RPatz as my visual. HUBBA HUBBA.<3

    • Enjoy it pixieholly! It’s a great read and I too waited til I saw me some pics of Robkowski…makes reading even MORE enjoyable!! And I do love to read!

    • I’m two thirds of the book down and I like it so much. As an animal rights supporter I also hate it so much. But having Rob in my mind while reading is amazing. He’s perfect for that role of a nice, humble, decent, pretty man.

  15. I just can’t stop laughing about the matt roloff joke everytime I read it, is just hilarius…

    kisses from the Ass of the World (Argetina)

  16. OMG, I didn’t know they were filming this in Fillmore! I live like 20 minutes from there! Now, what were those set stalking tips, again?

    • “what were those set stalking tips, again?”
      Love it! I live in the OC and am trying to contain myself and not drive around looking for this madness. Cause chances are I wouldn’t even get to see him!

  17. wish didn’t have to wait until tomorrow night to watch mtv awards over here hopefully it’ll be on you tube asap!!
    i watched it last year and didn’t even notice rob cos i didn’t know who he was… ah those were innocent times,
    wonder what they’ll do this year when they win best kiss?

    • @undecidedsten

      Are you in England?

      What time will the live streaming start in England…anyone? anyone?

      • no next door
        presume none of the online streaming will work over here

        • they usually do…..robsessed have a link to the live streaming for those outside of USA. Just wondered what time it we would be able to watch it over here.

          • if its on in la then we’re 8 hours a head, thinkin it’ll start at 8 over there which will mean we can watch the streaming at 4 am?
            or just watch it on mtv tomorrow night!

  18. Is the best kiss between the mulliphant and Rob or Emilie and Rob? The kiss in RM is waaaaaaaay hotter!!!!
    The *winning kiss* last year irritaded the crap out of me! Kristen didn’t even want to share with the rest of us! So annoying! They could’ve pulled a Ryan Gossling kind of kiss…..but no…..nothing. That girl is too selfish and selfcentered! I hope Remember me kiss wins. Now THAT would be something we could talk about for a loooong time after…..

    • i was thinking new moon kiss but acutally your’re right after she cockblocked us last year (and i don’t think i’d cope seeing them kiss in front of the whole world) i hope RM wins and they re enact the wall scene… we can hope.

      oh ryan gosling squeal .. it wasn’t over it still isn’t over

      • wonderfull

    • Unfortunately there’s no chance that the kiss in Remember Me will win although it should…As usual in this fandom ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ has to be involved somewhere along the way….roll on the demise of the Twilight franchise…

      • RM kiss was nominated?? How did I miss that?

        • RM is NOT up for best kiss!! But KStew is up for 2 so chances are she’ll win one. Preferably the one with Rob!! And Taylor is up for his kiss with Swift.

        • The RM kiss was there in the very beginning, but I guess it fell off the wagon along the way….too bad!

  19. Yeah, now we’re in business!!!! That was such a hot kiss! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a RM kiss tonight! We can always hope, right?
    (…….but I know it’s probably not going to happen as the twifans are in favour of youknowwho…..)

    • yip thats how a leg hitch should be done!!

      you know who .. as in she who shall not be named?!

      yeh i think your right unfortunately

  20. Ha,ha yes as in the *unmentionable*……*she who shall not be named*……!

  21. That was a great kiss! But that is soooo not gonna happen tonight! I’m pretty sure it’s all about New Moon. I don’t think RM is up for anything. But I would much rather watch Robilie than that other one!! The wall kiss was waay better than the NM kiss. Is that just because the Mullephant was in it?!

    I think I can’t stand watching them kiss cause it’s too close to home! I try to be an idon’tgiveacrapsten, but I’m just too jealous!

    But I love Robilie!!

    • I think I can’t stand watching them kiss cause it’s too close to home! I try to be an idon’tgiveacrapsten, but I’m just too jealous

      ha ha win!!
      I think it’s very difficult to remain neutral I tried!!

      • So what are we then? I believe they “exist”, I just don’t like it. I think he can do waaay better than her. (I’m ready and willing!)

        • I believe they “exist”, I just don’t like it. I think he can do waaay better than her

          i think most people around here agree totally with you, (and it is totally sapping my interest out of eclipse and him in general.)

          ok i’ll change the subject since all i ever do is go on about it and it’s letters to rob and not letters to kristen

          dear rob
          pleae look hot and say something second hand embarrassing tonight, you can even wear the colour me bad jacket again #
          love me

    • The kiss that’s nominated is so annoying. Why didn’t they pick the Volterra/reunion kiss or the one at the parking lot. those two were actually hot. Maybe they don’t want it/them to win?

      I’ll be watching live show on real TV today. Thanks MTV Adria for coming to your senses and not transmitting it two days later as you used to.

  22. I’d like a piggyback ride on DAT back!
    UNF UNF, Farmward!

  23. Hello – did I just see what I thought I saw at the MTV movie awards!? 9.49 pm EST?

    • Yeah, I believe it was…. wow, looked kinda iffy.

      • No, not iffy, it just made me what to yank what’s-her-face’s fake ponytail

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