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Breaking It Down: Water for Elephants and little people and horses and George Clooney

Dear Rob,

I think Calli said it best yesterday so I’ll let her open this letter…

@CalliopeBlabs its thursday May 20, 2010 at 8:48pm EST. i’ve just solidified my belief that God is a Woman & RPattz is her gift to us

Preach sister. PREACH.

I’m not sure what else I can say that explains why you in in some old timey depression era pants, your new short do, some dirt, a train and with a little nugget side kick makes you looks so hot, but I’m not asking questions anymore. There really can be no other explanation than God loves us. And of course we wanted to share that love so UC and I broke it down!

Paging Dr. Ross... Dr. Ross come in!

Moon: alrighty… oh hey rob
UC: whatttt!? no! that’s goerge effing clooney
Moon: HHAHAA what?!
: funny calli called the little guy mini george clooney… or maybe she meant rob
: haha really? no.. i’m serious.. I would have NEVER thought that was Rob.. except for the crooked nose Look how crooked it looks. I cant’ beleive this picture I’m so confused
: it defs shows in that pic. i wonder if the pic is flipped. his schnozzle looks jacked.
: why does he look like he’s in his 50s?
cause its so vintage looking like a hired hand… a hired hand i want to do bad things to
: He looks like Dick Is that the midget?
: rob?
: hhaa no the guy below him or is Rob on a stool
: no thats a camera guy on something robs on a train


Tell me more about making the chocolate and the Roloff family farm...

Moon:this KILLED ME!!!!
Moon: i mean the smile, the little guy and his little stripey sockies
UC: He looks adorable.. and omg… like my bff’s younger brother holy crap. HE LOOKS LIKE my bff’s younger brother! that’s weird I feel weird and dirty
Moon: hahaha oh i feel dirty but not for that reason
UC: and suddenly attracted to a boy who used to flick boogers at me I spy a pair of gray pants we’ll be seeing later in the summer- after Rob steals them
Moon: and puts 5 holes in. and patches up badly
UC: yep I like the midget
Moon: god i wish we could hear this convo
UC: he’s cute and TEENY Is he teaching him how to sing opera? showing him what it’s like to feel up a woman?

Little Matt, Big Rob

Moon: do you like rob asked him if he watched little people big world, or my personal fave little chocoletiers? he’s like man do you know those roloffs? id like to get a pumpkin at their farm about the size of you, man.
: Yes, Rob has watched a LOT of TLC holed up in his house/hotel
: you KNOW he has
: I feel like the little guy is enamored with Rob. Probably bc he knows he’s gonan get asssss from his lady at home after he tells all the stories of Rob on set
: maybe he’s confusing the little guy with matt roloff and he’s like do you ever get together with the casts of the other tlc shows? do you know the duggars?
: Rob DEF asked to borrow his socks I know that 100%  Rob loves himself a colorful sock
: oh for sure he loves a whacky colorful sock as witnessed by his new outfits
: i’m also positive those socks are from that time period

Follow the cut as we round up the rest of the new WFE photos as Rob practices yoga, meets the Duggars and models for my Harlequin romance novel cover


Feel the burn...

Moon: the hair makes me want to do things i love the mid yawn/back stretch
UC: yes the hair is…. so different… I’m not positive yet… but I do LOVE the dirt on the shirt like.. dang… did they just ask him to sleep in it and not shower for a few days?
Moon: like this is handyward or farmward or something
UC: Maybe that was a requirement.. something HE asked to be written in the contract. FARMWARD!
Moon: he took a roll in a mud puddle before he got out there  or maybe just a roll in kstews hair
UC: I also like that shoe… I dont think it’s really HIS shoe, but I want to pretend it is, b/c that means he’s sitting Indian Style.. and that’s an image I like to envision: Rob Pattinson, sitting next to a midget, in a dirty shirt, with military hair, slightly resembling George Clooney, sitting like an Indian.  love it
Moon: he gets zen on set. thats lotus position
Moon: maybe he’s been practicing yoga. between tlc shows in the hotel room
UC: He saw a special about the health benefits on the Discovery Channel. It was after Shark Week
Moon: he flips between the fitness channel and “say yes to the dress” he flips to Yogabootyballet cause he cant stand when randy steps in on an appt. i mean Keasha knows what shes doing, she doesnt need the store gay to step in


Moon: this is the tree position  it’s really getting him now. BREATHE IN AND OUT rob, breathe through the set dude
: hahahahhaah It’s a painful stretch (that really IS his leg, i think!) .. he’s feeling the burn
: he’s like NAMASTE damnit, NAMASTE!

I thought this was water for ELEPHANTS, not CAMELS

: ok ive got a serious question about this picture to the left
:  does rob have a wool covered vagina??
: omg camel toe! he has a huge camel toe.  that’s so gross!
: like thats pretty intense down there. we’re talking uti or yeast infection or something. YUCK
: those old man pants are NOT flattering. Poor gals back in the 20s…. everywhere they looked it looked like dudes had big V’s. nasty.
: Also.. did Robby get a little sunburn? his cheeks are a bit red… maybe went to the beach yesterday? celebrated the last day of freedom? did a AM yoga session in Malibu
: he’s been doing yoga all day in the sun with matt roloff, of course he’s burned
: They went by Cher’s place had a healthy bfast, stepped onto the sand… for a morning downward dog
: then finished with a sun salutation and got on the train

Come now ease on down, ease on down the road!

Moon: matt roloff’s on a little box. i want rob and matt to always hang out
: hahaha… showing off the ankles
: we’re getting the full view of the wool camel toe here
: matt is honorary britt pack now
: i hope we get some walking shots maybe Rob will hoist him on his shoulders AWWW! i’d die
: or hold his hand to help him off the train… maybe it’s just the picture, but it looks like a far jump
: OMG they could skip down the lane him on robs shoulders as they sing “ease on down the road
: I spy something else Rob’s gonna steal from the set something I’m pretty sure is a needed asset in his wardrobe: The orange vest
: that dudes hat?
: but it wouldnt’ be completely without…..the cowboy hat
: the leather cowboy hat for realz
: I can see it now…. Wool camel toe pants, Orange vest, flannel underneath
: and orange jacket for paps can see him and matt roloff better
: Perfect outfit for a night on the town with Matt Roloff & the Duggers
: dude the duggars will commend him on his frugality
: HE’ll direct traffic as the 19 dugger children cross the street
: and then theyre trade secrets on their fave thrift stores WITH matt on his shoulders
: YES TomStu will be sooo pissed
: SOOOO pissed i mean tomstu probably weighs about the same as matt roloff but still he’s never skipped down the road on rob’s shoulders… only on his back
: never
: and he’ll be pissed rob found that vest for free

But I'm serious about the Duggars, I wanna meet them...

SMILES from the new bffs!
: HAHAHHAHAHA that is tooo cute! dude behind them is like… damn.. let me in on the joke
: right, he just wants some rob/matt castoffs you know theyd get MADDDD tail at the fillmore saloon. or just the catering tent

Come on now Patty the 2nd...

Moon: why do i get the feeling this horse is gonna be the new patty?? when he’s not hanging out with matt roloff, rob’s in the stable with this horse “emotionally connecting”

UC: ohhh this is so funny huge ass pants, dirty shirt, sunburn, horse this really IS farmward
Moon: its like a harlequin romance he’s the hired hand guy he breaks the unbreakable horse. then they do it in the barn on a hay bale
UC: did you read the book?


Moon: maybe…its called PLOW MY FIELD i got it in the ralphs check out line. i couldnt read all the dirty parts fast enough (i was in the express lane) so i had to buy it

UC: good- it’s tough when you get hot & bothered at Ralphs. I did that in the book section at Wal-mart last week It was kinda embarrassin
Moon: had to excuse yourself to the craft section? no one’s ever there (except me)
UC: Yes… and then to the fishing sectinon… wanted to look at the rods, ya know.. visual
Moon: HAHAHAHA really LONG rods. watch out for the hooks
Moon: alright… final verdict on farmward? two plows way up?
UC: Yes. Farmward is growing on me…. I wouldn’t mind seeing what his plow can do… I hope to see more of his plow in the days to come
Moon: i may cut out his head and paste it over fabio on the cover of PLOW MY FIELD

I can only remind myself that this is the FIRST day! If Water for Elephants keeps this up, it’s gonna be a rough summer… Lord, help us!

PLEASE Plow My Field,

Seriously, are you alive after looking at those? DAYUM. Farmward is killing us. Or rather Jacobward or Circusward… whatever who cares, loook at the pictures again!

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  1. “Moon: does rob have a wool covered vagina??”

    omg…bahahahahha, I just spit my coke on the screen!…..great post, so funny, what can I say, my first thought today..

    Save the horse, ride a Rob………….


    • Save the horse…….ride……mmmmm…. ok….. 😀

      • I might as well say it out loud…we are alone, right???


        Please save the horse


      • looks like if the pics have caused some major serious heart attack to the fandom (read ME!!!)omg….

    • RG and Mel I like your thinking…save the horse and may I add save the elephant and a mullsten too, ride LTR girls?

      that needs to be on a t-shirt!!
      I WILL WEAR THAT!!!! lol

      • Yes! Save a mullephant, ride a LTR girl-you are brilliant Misty!

      • Yeah the shirt should say:

        “Rob, ride me please”

        I’ll buy one and wear it!

    • I’m just wondering how Rob rides? Does he ride British or Western style? 🙂

      I’ll take good old bareback if it really comes down to it (TWSS).


      • Cazza,

        YOU are wondering how Rob rides…slow, rhymically and backed by powerful hips.


        • honi, is it just me or are you out of “t”s….lol, carried away I guess 🙂

          • thanks for correcting my “sex” language….


          • ILY!

        • This comment requires a cold, COLD shower. Holy…. shiznitz…..

    • Oh honey I’ll be more than happy to ride Rob!

  2. Dear Rob,


    Love me


    • sometimes one word is all it takes

      • Another word that comes to mind when you look at Rob….SIN!!!!

  3. Since this morning I am officially dead…dead in Greece!!!
    Sorry…..I can’t handle Rob…cob….no I can’t!!!
    And then with the…….horse???
    When I see him ride this horse I sware to you… I’m gonna
    jump of the Olymp!!!

    I am praying sistas……very hard!!!
    God help me this summer!!!

    Dear Rob

    This will be a very rough summer for me!!!
    And babe…..I really would like to be…
    And don’t worry…you do NOT look at all like that

    love you

    PS…OMG….I didn’t just say that!!!About the horse…

    • Rob plus animals = WIN! like really, that has something, he makes it look so sexy………how is that possible? Love the look! Farmbert!!!!

      • RG….I’m sure it will get worse…..Rob and the animals…toooo sexy tooo sexy…
        Have to recover from that……really….I think I need a pill…or something!!!
        Farmbert all the way……am having visions……in the fields…there are lot of fields in Greece…

      • The fact that he seems so gentle and to love animals…is just so sweet…

    • Mel,
      I am dead also. Not sure how I’m typing. I thought Bel Ami would be the death of me (DEF not the clothing though…) then I saw these pics.
      Sigh. Swoon. Oh crap, me thinks Farmward may give Edward a run for his money! WAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
      Hmm…you think Water for Elephants will have a midnight showing?! LOL.

      • I think when WFE comes out I’m gonna camp in that cinema!!!

        The man is gonna kill us…..and we haven’t even seen BelAmi yet…

        God have mercy!!!

        • Lawdy, not only how he LOOKS which is reason enough…but the character is SO endearing! OMG! I cannot WAIT to see him pull this off! I will be buying this movie FO’ SHO’! LOL.

        • …that man is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L….damn.

          BelAmi pics got nothing on WFE pics, and I love me some Darcy.

          Farmward. Just do it. I would.

          • DAMN….THE MAN!!!
            (can I say damn on LTR???)…LOL

            Edward……Tyler….Georges……Jacob……and then the Indianguy…neckid chest and such……(wannt even talk about…befor Edward)….


  4. LAAAAAAWWD HAMMMERCY! R.I.P me…….. Rob is that ALL yours? Want to share? DAYYYYYYUMMMMMM! That’s all I can write today sorry….

    • A lot of us are making an appeal to God today. I found religion through Rob-Hallelujah!

      • As Calliope said, “God is a Woman & RPattz is her gift to us”. Amen.
        And let’s also give thanks that Rob is such a hard (!) worker. In just one year, he is has made New Moon, Remember Me, Eclipse, Bel Ami, and now Water for Elephants. How can one person be so selfless and giving? It has to be divine intervention.

        • God is Good!! Wasn’t the drought we had at the beginning of the year worth the wait??

  5. Love the stretching, he looks exactly like a 5y old !!!

    • I’m not sure I want him to look like a 5yr …:)
      but he defo looks really young in some of the pics with the horse…….

      • well, what I tried to say was…
        I love dirty-sweaty-30y-old-looking-Rob yawning like a 5y old, that is SWEET, you know?

        • I love you. That is all

          • I love you back. That is all as well! ❤

        • I was only joking 🙂

        • Did I say I love ya today??? No??? Ok….
          I love ya RG!!! 😀

    • He has the ability to look ALL man one minute, and like a boy the next. I like both.

      • well said!

      • retweet

  6. Man I love the scrunchy face pic.

    Why couldn’t they film this in England?!!! Ok maybe not, but still I want him back over here. I’m missing him wondering around London drunk with his ‘moody boys’. That coupled with the fact that the boy drank in a few places I do……
    Mind you to be fair I didn’t really make the effort when I had the chance, mainly cos I couldn’t be bothered to get off my lazy ass and go stalking.

    Oh well maybe he’ll be back in London for Christmas.

    If stalking rob was a school requirement my report card would have read…’could do better.’

    • MMM….am with you honey!!! He should get his ass back here…
      (and I’m gonna so get thumbsdowns for that again)…
      I WANT HIM IN EUROPE…the end!!!

    • well, you can still stalk Bobby or TomStu – that’s one step closer to THE PRETTY.

      • I suppose! But even they aren’t in England right now, in fact I don’t think Bobby is back here until later on in the year, and I have absolutely no idea where TomStu is…..I love him and HHH together but I have no real interest in him when he’s not with Rob, hence he could be just about anywhere on the face of the earth and I wouldn’t know about it.

        TomStu just doesn’t do it for me…….

        • Isn’t TomStu about to start filming in Australia?

          What are the odds RPattz will find time to hang out down under, try a little surfing, beer and barby on the beach, pick up the painting he commissioned from Nina?

          Aussie LTR girls; your mission, should you choose to accept…

          Complete tangent: was watching 2005 DVD “Lassie” with 7yo Rob-loving DD. A servant was addressed as “Pattinson” and we looked at each other and laughed. When the credits rolled the director was none other than one Charles Sturridge. To IMDB with all haste and yes! Tom’s Dad! So everything in our lives connects back to Rob!

          • I did read somewhere that he said he was going to be in NZ at the end of the summer. I’m almost certain I read somewhere that his ex is expecting him to visit then. Isn’t he filming Unbound Captives in NZ this year?

            Hey and wants with the thumbs down…this is letters to rob not letters to TomStu I can’t help it if I prefer Rob.

          • Charles Sturridge. To IMDB with all haste and yes! Tom’s Dad!

            omg that’s too funny!

          • @mine!mine!mine!

            I truly hope he IS going to NZ this year because so I am and that would be an epic opportunity to stalk! I’d love to run in to him there!

            I’ll stalk in London with you too when he gets back – we can motivate each other! We can go on a Rob Pub Crawl!

            Isn’t it SO annoying when you find out he’s been drinking in Soho and you KNOW you’ve been to that pub too! Happens so often!

        • I was looking at the Mumford & Sons tour dates (I know they’re not connected! chill) and they will be in/on Isle of Wight in September. I only know about this place because of Rob, Brit Pack, and NYE. #RobTeachesMeGeography

          • Yet another educational moment brought to you by LTR/LTT!

    • @Mine!x3

      Chin up girly! I think he should be back in London for Xmas, I heard some where that BD will be out in Novemeber and you know he’s a family guy (swooooon)…he will be home… lucky girl.

      p.s. TRUTH if I lived in my London, I would have to FAIL as a FAN with you.

      • Misty I ❤ you
        thanks! I live in hope.

    • MMM!!!

      “Mind you to be fair I didn’t really make the effort when I had the chance”

      I wasn’t especially proud of some of my *ahem* sleuthing….

      Won’t he be back in Aug/Sep? Or will he be with his girl do you think?

      BG11/PG11 xx

  7. He can “plow” me anytime.. Dayuummmmm. Has anyone here read the script??

    • No, haven’t found it yet, and I only got through the first two chapters of the book, it made me so depressed reading about the old guy in the home… that what I have to look forward too.

      It actually made me cry (god I’m a such a wus) and just a little bit depressed.

      • MMM!

        Keep reading, its a sweet story! There’s funny parts too.

        • I just can’t get passed the beginning and the old guy and the horrible home and the hopelessness of his situation. I couldn’t go on because it made me feel the same way I felt when I finished reading Captain Corelli’s Mandolin…..and I throw that book at the wall!

          • It ends well, promise! 😉

          • Keep reading-it’s slow in the beginning, but it’s an amazing story-the author did loads of research into circuses of that period so it’s really interesting and visual. You’ll love the ending.

          • I like 90 or 93 year old Jacob. He’s spunky!

          • The Old Jacob part are incredibly depressing. Overall I thought the book was average; I’m hoping the movie improves the story a bit, but I’ll see it no matter what. I mean, look at those pictures. It’s getting kind of hard to determine which Rob character I like best. And here’s hoping it only gets worse!

    • I have the script…

      • is yours dated March 25, 2009- second draft?

        • It’s dated April 16, 2009. Second draft revised.

      • tupelo, pls , can u send it to me?


        • I want it to please!!!!!!!
          luv u!!!


          • Here too, if you don’t mind…



          • me too, please, since you have an updated version:


        • Ok girls, will send as soon as I get a chance this afternoon. Anyone else?

          • THANK YOU have a great weekend!!!

          • I want Tupelo to send me the script, and I want SB to send me biscotti (I won’t give up) and I want Rob to….send me the love.

            Simple request…


          • ML Honey, I sent you the script weeks ago so I’ve done my part… Now it’s up to SB and Rob. And btw, when Rob sends his ‘love’? Email me.. I want details….

            Simple request…


          • yes please – Thanks heaps!

      • hey girl can you please send it to me? Thanks! You already have my email.

    • I have it, haven’t read it.

  8. So many relationship stories already : the small guy, the horse, Rosie the elephant… TomStu is dying right now and me too, because I need to hear said stories. Am I the only one predicting some catastrophes with the animals, I mean we’re talking about the guy who couldn’t unlock the bike thing in RM.

    P.S. this hairdo in this picture is such a win!

    • >Am I the only one predicting some catastrophes with the animals

      I believe Rosie will take good care of him.

    • He looks 12yr….

      But I’m loving the dirt! and the horse isn’t bad, though I’m not a big fan (of horses that is).

    • poor tomstu! he’ll probably be reading the fanfic under the covers at night, drunk, weeping silently at a lost love.

    • oh and MP the catastrophy thing…..I’m really trying not to think about it, animals can be so unpredictable and elephants are bloody huge (though I do love me an elephant) – have just broken out in a cold sweat, it’s too scary to contemplate.

    • THE hair is pretty…the end!<3

    • the hairdo, is VERY nice and most importantly VERY do-able….

      • Agreeeeeeeeee………misty…..VERY do-able 😀

        • This look makes me think of The Waltons – “good night MaryEllen, good night JimBob” and that’s in a good way. This is gonna be a great summer! And to think I was worried we would never again have the delights of Remember Me NYC summer filming.

          • good night RobTom….

            too funny..thumb up for the Waltons!!!

    • oh no, I think he’ll do fine. Even the animals will be dazzled.

      • I agree. He just looks silly handsome in these photos & all the animals will swoon & take him to their collective bosom.

      • Dunno why but I picture him being dazzled by the animals, like falling in the only mud thing around after a one hour make-up dazzled. That’s the kinda catastrophy/story I was imagining.

    • Right. I worry about the animals! The paps need to leave them the eff alone! I can’t even imagine how many trainers and feeders and more trainers it is taking to film this without PETA protesting.

      • Oooh, are they hiring? *would totally abandon job and family to move 3000 miles and shovel horse poop in hopes of seeing HHH!*

        • oooo sign me up too.

          Actually do you think there are lots of frogs out there, if so I’m afraid I’ll have to give it a miss.

          To all the LA LTR gals – Do you have lots of frogs in LA?

          • Are you afraid of frogs, M!x3?

          • Hahahaha! No, not that I know of. I’ve never seen a frog in LA. Actually I’ve never seen a frog in my LIFE. lol

          • frogs??? hmmm none that ive ever seen… but this is like an hr outside of la… so… maybe??? possibility?

    • Minuit, I’ve been trying to imagine him as a veterinarian, being comfortable around animals, or having to do squicky things with sick animals, and although imagining Rob as a gentle, competent vet is extremely hot, I don’t know if he can pull it off in reality.

      • …expressing anal glands.

        • And RL just bursts that bubble…

        • Ewww, SWD, how could you? I wasn’t going to get graphic, but you went there anyway.

      • Are you writing a fanfic together online?

        • Edward and the Anal Glands. A Love Story. Um, maybe.

    • MP,
      I love that you love his hair…

  9. MOON honey….can you tell me a bit more about the…
    Somehow…….in relation with Rob…it sounds…ya know
    vey hot!!!
    Am a very quick learner btw….

    • is it normal to begin daydreaming when the words Rob and position are used? mmmm…they are for me at least!

      • LOL……misty…’re my kind of girl honey!!!
        Rob and position…..omg……..

      • that’s normal 😉

  10. Thank you Rob for looking hot again. This totally redeems your M.C. Hammer pants & tiny backpack combo from earlier this week.

    • 3 Cheers to Rob!!!

      * Lesson leanrned: mullsten did NOT dress him in these HWAT pics of Rob

    • He didn’t dress himself either..

      I’m afraid to see the high waisted wool pants orange vest combo he’ll be sporting in RL after the movie is done.

  11. “It’s tough when you get hot & bothered at Ralph’s”

    OMG, hilarious! UC, you just made my day!

    • Those soon to be famous b*tches nearly killed me today with their so-funny-I-choked-on-my-toast post…LTR is officially life threatening(ly hilarious).

      Do you think TomStu weeps each time the horse nuzzles Rob?

      • I don’t think she looks at all like a horse. She’s actually very pretty.

  12. wow, like woah. srsly cant stop staring.

  13. Moon – you had me at “plow my field”.
    Yes, please.
    Great breakdown!

    • word

    • UC had me at: I’d like seeing what his plow can do…

  14. Is anyone else hoping they show him waking up in the trunk wearing a clown suit?! LOL. I have NO clue why I wanna see that so badly – considering clowns are creepy…but when I read it I thought…


    Or maybe it’s the parts before him waking up I REALLY wanna see…


    • I MOST DEFINITELY want to see Rob in a clown costume! That would be so full of win! (and it might damage me irrecuperably, but shit, Rob+clown costume=worth it)

      I haven’t read the book (or the script). Is there anything else worth getting excited over? Like um, let’s say… sex or some naked scenes (shirtless is OK too) or um… sex?

      • Yes, 3+ way scenes, unfortunately not much detail…LOL…but it’s a good read. 😉

    • Uhm, I wonder if the thing they do to him when he’s passed out will make it in the movie. I would die if I heard Rob say they ****** his *****s.
      What’s the rating of this movie?

      • OMG! Yes! Yes!

    • $%@#$% NOOOO I don’t want to see Rob in a clown suit

      I have a clown phobia.. ROB pleeeeease don’t ever do that to me, I will never be able to look at you again..

      on a side note. NEVER watch clown porn. esp if you have a clown phobia. YOU WILL BE MESSED UP FOR LFE

      • OK, hello, CLOWN PORN?

        • WRONG!!!!

          • exactly. When your sadistic gay bff says “let me show you something funny”… RUN

  15. Collision of obsessions much?! That was weird! I love TLC + the Duggars (Sadly I am an 18y.o uni student and not a 70-something grandma). Rob + Duggars thrift shopping = WIN! Hahaha!

    Other then that, I too joined the piled of corpses when I saw these pictures. Just…so….yum.

    • yes, YUM sums it up pretty well.

  16. Oh sweet Jesus-these pic did me in last night. I wish WFE was coming out before BA-never thought I’d say that, but Rob..haircut..horses. Rob is looking so young, HOT and adorable in this film-gah.

    Fantastic book + hot young Clooney-Rob=I am going to be a puddle in the seat when I see this film. Over and over and over.

    • DTD…….there will be lots of puddles in theatres….lots of puddles girl!

    • DTD – I see where you read the book, WFE. I am dying to read it, but I have a certain “distaste” for circuses and I cringe when animals and/or children are harmed. Yes, call me crazy PETA lady. Does Rosie get hurt by mean carnies? Is is a safe read? Geez, I am such weenie ;oD

      • um, there is some abuse, which I have a hard time with too. But it all works out in the end.

      • Granny – ROUGH read for animal lovers. You have been warned.

        • Don’t be put off-it’s a great book. I’d rather see people get hurt than animals, and August (Waltz’s character) is brutal, but justice is served.

          • True dat. Totally worth the read!!!!!!

          • “August (Waltz’s character) is brutal, but justice is served.”

            *running to bookstore now

          • I cannot watch Animal Planet or the Sarah McLaughlin ASPCA commercials. I feel a tear just thinking about it.

          • @Boomin Granny- The Sarah Mclaughin PETA-
            just your mention of it brought teary flashbacks.

          • @Boomin Granny-

            I used to to torture myself watching Emergency Vets on animal Planet (not sure if it’s still on), but I cannot stand to see an animal hurt. When I find a mouse in the house, I catch it and bring it outside .

            And I cannot watch the ASPCA commercials-I turn them off and hug my dog.

            ps-Read the book-you won’t be sorry!

          • Read it! Rosie is no victim.
            And I am intrigued by all these mentions of how the script is even better than the book. OME I am so excited for this movie and it’s only day 2!

      • Thanks Michelle and DTD. I will have tissues near while I read.

        • And Misty too. . . Thanks for the heads up ;o)

  17. Oh dear god, having trouble breathing here, unf, gmt?@&<€¥$%*. dead.

  18. These pictures make me forget about how I cheated on Rob with Gos pictures earlier in the week. It felt like last summer when the RM pics came in, but better. My Rob fascination, while recently waning, is back.

    Ease on down the road visual! Brill!

    And two plows waaay up for George Clooneyward!

  19. So as soon as I saw the part about the horse becoming the next Patty, my imagination went here:
    Last day of filming…
    Reese: I think I’m gonna keep this pink unitard. It’s sassy.
    Rob: Yeah, I’m gonna take those camel toe trousers. Oh, and this horse.
    Reese: *bitchface* Have you talked to Kristen about that?
    Rob: umm (goes to call Kris)

    R: Hey love, I was thinking. I don’t think I can live in hotels anymore. I need to settle down somewhere. I’m a 24-year-old hobo for Christ’s sake.
    K: Rob, is this about that horse?
    R: Love, she understands meeeee. I can’t just leave her.
    K: What did I tell you? I TOLD you not to get attached! What, are you just gonna drag a horse along with us to Louisiana?
    R: Well I was thinking maybe Melissa could write her into the script…change the plot a bit.
    K: There are no horses in Breaking Dawn, Rob. Unless you want to see a Cullen eat one.
    R: No I was thinking maybe Jacob could imprint on her. Instead of our baby.
    K: For the last effing time Rob, she’s not OUR baby!
    R: She could be. *pouts*

    Geezle, I need to get out more.

    • 🙂 !!!

    • Classic

    • R: No I was thinking maybe Jacob could imprint on her.


    • “Love, she understands meeeee”


      This rules.

      xo obava

  20. Wow!!! Rob was like Bam!!! In your face al kinds of smoldering hot!!! God help us all. I’m totally slayed!!!

  21. Rob can feel my field every time he wants to.

    *going to run and hide now*

    Ive been lurking all this time but THIS IS AMAZING as usual girls!!!!

    Best way to end this week!!!!!

  22. Okay, managed to revive myself, wanted to say, Why, why, WHYYYY is he so fucking hot? Ugh, help, I’m slipping away again…!@~&?;(….double dead.

    • it, like….hurts…. deep. 😦

  23. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! [crazy smiley here]

    GAH!!! He looks sooo…dirty *faint*

    • ps. is dat be a necklace?!?!?! oh i lufff necklace on him!
      screw di elephants! GIVE ME THE WATER!!!! Lord have the mercy!

      *faints again*

  24. I am writing this from the afterlife. The cause of my death was apparently one for the record books. The coroner’s report read, cause of death: vagina explosion. I’m not complaining. It was a good way to go.

    • wow,
      so HE did change YOU! Edward is alive! yeah!
      P.S. but…”vagina explosion”, I don’t think that I read about it in the BOOKS!


    • I think Rob read about vagina explosion in one of those books on weird medical conditions that he was talking about in the Details interview. He knows exactly what he’s doing……. *Robward smirk*

      • haha exactly!

    • Oh it’s a bloody good thing I finished my toast before making it this far down. Did it hurt very much? Or was it kind of a relief?

      As for the camel toe: no 54 in how LTT/LTR have ruined me – I now look at people’s crotches in photos whereas I didn’t before. Truth. Bad Moon & UC.

      • Yes, that’s one thing I blame LTR girls and not Summit for… staring at people’s (mostly Rob) crotches.
        I blame Cyn, Jena, Phyll, Jess and JAG….and now UC and Moon too

      • eatmyjorts: It was a merciful death. But I think my family’s gonna sue Rob. Cause looking that good is a crime. Though in his defence, it was a crime of passion.

        But seriously, I am really pissed at Rob. I want my life back dammit!

        Dear Rob,
        You have been the death of me and my son is now an orphan because of you.
        I hope you’re happy.

      • @eatmyjorts

        Me too…..I’m ashamed to say that I now look at Rob’s crotch first before I travel on up to his face……that’s normal? Right!

      • EMJ- oooooh, you should write a “How LTT/LTR has ruined me” letter!

        • I so could. And maybe I will.

    • LMAO! Oh gosh I bet that was a happy way to die, full of ecstacy!

  25. Mama like salt-n-pepper, dirty and buffed old-time farmhand Rob. Is it just me or does he look like he got instantly “buffed” since his appearance on Ellen? If this is any indication of what he will look like in 20 years, we are doomed. I hope UC and Moon are planning on being in this for the long haul ;o)

    I’d like him to water me with his elephant…ifyouknowwhatimsayinandiknowyoudo.
    And the whole, “Tell me more about making the chocolate and the Roloff family farm…” is so wrong that it’s right. Loves it.

  27. Rob showed us the pretty and the earth shook!!! I think it was about a nine on the rector scale. I feel a little traumatized by it. Death by plow boy is there anything better than that.

  28. Seriously, when he’s doing that back-stretch all I want to ask him is how does he like his eggs in the morning because I plan on riding him hard and putting him away wet all night long.

    I think this is going to be the film that makes me officially died. I love dirty Rob, not greasy, just hard working, circus-hand Rob.

    • we DO think alike, we both, just sayin….lol

  29. This is much better than Little House on the Prairie! They hardly had any hot guys on that show at all.

    Honey- be sure to wear lots of sunscreen! TRUST

    • What do you mean? Mr. Olsen ROCKED that mercantile Mmmhmmm

  30. As I said yesterday, I no longer hate Ron. But Alex will likely be back in my heart come June 13th.

  31. Matt Roloff reference FTW! I love that show. I don’t tend to watch the Little Chocolatiers, but I can say that I am going to hell because when I see the commercials for it I refer to them as Oompa Loompas. Come on! They’re little and they make candy!

    Filmore! I lived twenty minutes from there for most of my life. Valencia! Where my peeps at? Now I live a thousand miles away, and Rob could be staying in my hometown. I think I need to visit my Mom this summer.

    • LTR road trip! We are all coming TWSS to visit raven’s mama! Can we pitch a tent TWSS in the backyard?

  32. @CalliopeBlabs its thursday May 20, 2010 at 8:48pm EST. i’ve just solidified my belief that God is a Woman & RPattz is her gift to us

    AMEN! ;o)


  33. I was totally DEAD at work today – HOW is it possible for one man to be SO bloody BEAUTIFUL! I love it when he’s leading the horse.. he somehow looks like he’s always been a stable hand (ooh I hope he does have a stable hand …)
    Phew, lord help us all!

  34. This line is wrong and kinda creepy to me: “i may cut out his head and paste it over fabio”. Guess what’s the name of MY DH? :p
    But, hey, at least I have my very own ‘plows my field’ fabio in RL. YAY!

  35. Over at Twitarded a while back they put forward the suggestion that Rob is an alien life form sent here to torment women. That is sounding more and more like a plausible explanation for the things he does to us. It’s just too fucking much and I don’t know how much longer I can hold onto my sanity – it’s barely hanging on as it is. The men with straitjackets are circling around me, waiting to cart me off to a padded cell.

    I feel like Beller in twilight: whaddya, i don’t, i can’t, whaddya sayin, no, don’t even, i’m not, guh, how can you, why, what, no, please….beeeeeep.

    • Beller…………….bahahahhahha…’re funny!

      • Hahaha. Unfortunately I didn’t come up with Beller. Moon and UC wrote that in one of their posts over on LTT – it’s how Edward says Bella.

        • And Aro
          “Beller is alive!”

          • Beller is alive! One of the best lines in NM! LOL.

            Win for mentioning “Beller” RobJunkie! xoxo.

          • none tops Charlie and his “BellerS” lol

          • Just so you know, I am not at all averse to AlienRob performing an anal probe on me. TMI?

          • RJ – that was alll kinds of wrong, yet oh so right.

            Well played.


          • That line cracks me up every time.

    • Maybe he’s Jesus, resent here by God to get women praying..
      “Oh My God!”

      pardon the blasphemy

    • I think that sometimes, alienRob, or a Greek god, omg. Srlsy how can someone be so beautiful? He does torment us all!!!! Night and day!!!

  36. My dh is in the dark about my robsession, and last night he may have figured me out due to the fact that I was frantically clicking links and pulling up these pictures. I just couldn’t hold off until this morning!

    Oh and the reference to rob helping the Duggars cross the street and thrift store shopping were total win!

  37. *licks lips*

    Um, WOW!

    Yay is all

    • Comment fail: “That is all” not “yay is all”… How did I screw that up?

      • Rob muddled your mind, not unusual.

  38. I have to agree with CalliopeBlabs who “solidified (her) belief that God is a Woman & RPattz is her gift to us”

    Dear MRS. Lord,
    Thank you for sending us your most beautiful piece of work…

    Dear Rob/Ron/Rod/CornCob/Farmward,
    Damn, I wish I was your lover.

    • I ❤ CornCob Rob!

    • I love me some CornCob Rob. . .

      • Fan Fail. I was like CornCobRob huh?

        I just got it.

        YUM. Some of the best Rob pics eva’! Ohhhhh to be that corn…

  39. Seriously, he has bulked up and me likey! Look at those shoulders! They are massive broad and I ache to touch them!!! Thighs strong and pelvis needing my thighs around it! DAYEM DAYEM DAYEM!


    I LMAO when I saw “NAMASTE!”

    I have about 50 pages left of Eclipse and then I’m reading this book. I need to get to know Robowski!!!

  40. “Come on now Patty the 2nd….”


  41. Day 1 and I’m already DEAD.

    I will be dying alot in the next month and a half especially when Rosie comes out…

    but HOLY CRAP jules & puma, we have another yoga-rob reference!! coincidence? I think not.

    and YES thank u UC for pointing out the george clooney-ness!!! k I’m not the only who sees that.

    dear rob,
    please age like george clooney. thanks.

  42. “a train and with a little nugget”
    Chelsea Handler needs to get on this STAT!

    Yes, I’m reading and commenting as I go…what?!

    • Hahaha! That’s what I call them, too! I watch her show every night and now she has me using her ‘nugget’ reference. LOL

  43. With all the explosions and melting and so forth going on, I hate to mention that I’m disappointed that they didn’t dye his hair red like it is in the book. That would have been truly nuclear awesomeness. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to make do with the buzz cut.

    • Agreed…I was kinda hoping for redhead Rob myself…ahhhh well.

  44. Ok, I was so, so busy and now I missed it all.
    Just caught up though. (Oh my, the hair, am loving the hair, how can that be?) I love the Rob and horse pics since I have been around horses as long as I remember. Rob has not the dear, and that’s easy to see if I look at him leading Patty 2(hahaha) in that pic. Patty seems relucatant, horses always are when they not really buy the fact that the person leading is actually their boss, haha. But I believe in Rob, after the movie he will be all horse whisperer and horses (like women/girls and even boys/men) will follow him like sheep.
    Be prepared for that Rob. And I am willing to give you a riding lesson any day. Now why does that sound dirty. Damn my perverted LTR mind.
    I am soooo corrupted. 😉

    Dear Rob,

    I am willing to learn how to lead any day.
    Um, to lead a horse ofcourse…


    • Cath, if Rob needs some riding lessons, we can certainly teach him….ummm, you know. I meant because you and I both ride horses (duh I live in Kentucky). Haha.

  45. 1. Can’t wait to see Rob and Christopher Waltz.

    2.My thought on RobOwski

    ” THAT’S A BINGO ” 😉

    3. Reese looks adorable . I’m all for RobSpoon/Robeese. Rob and older woman FTW

    • Yes it needs repeating. Rob and older womEn = cougar pride.

      PattinSpoon FTW !!!!!

  46. ::SWOON:: what a nice present to stroll into after a night out… saw Bobby Long like 3 hours from here.. didn’t get back to my room till almost 3am and had to get up at 7:30.. I am cracked out

    but mmmmmmm circusward makes up for it.. such a dirt boy.. hehehe


    I also love rob in the horse pics.. I really wanna see him ride a horse, although I’m not sure thats a safe idea lol

    • oooooo some of my favorite FF’s updated too… happy friday!

  47. Dear Rob,

    I’m beginning to think that you are toxic to my health. Seriously, those pictures nearly killed me and I’m young and need to live my life! You’ve ruined me! 😉

    I’m addicted to you and you know that you’re toxic!!!


    • I know, right? I’m a quivering mess, and that is so not a good look. My screen name is so apt. I am a Rob junkie. He’s like crack to me. When will this ever end???? I need rehab.

      • Is it a coincidence that my laptop crashed this morning? Perhaps it was from all the hot pictures of Rob from WFE? lol

        Oh and for fun here’s Toxic! I need a hit, my Robdose!


  48. I’m halfway through a bottle of red wine, and feeling no pain. Geez, I needed something to take the edge off, you know? Okay, here come the weepies and drunken ramblings. Ladies, I’ve tried, Lord knows I’ve tried, to get this obsession under control. But, Jesus, Joseph, Mary and all the Saints, this thing has my vagina-nuts in a vice-grip and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna let go anytime soon. So, I’m asking you, what should I do? I’ve narrowed it down to two options:

    1. Go cold turkey and stay off the interwebz.
    2. Cash in all my savings and fly thousands of miles to stalk Rob daily.

    What to do, what to do? You are all a bunch of wise, witty and open-minded gals, so I’m counting on you to steer me in the right direction. Stalking’s the way to go, right?

    I’ll let you ponder that while I polish off the rest of the wine. What? I don’t wanna be wasteful.

    • I’d go for #2

    • I’ve found it VERY bad to have pics like this come out around ovulation time.


      And I vote #2.

      “this thing has my vagina-nuts in a vice-grip and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna let go anytime soon”
      LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loves, and I can relate.

      • LOL, so true about the ovulation thing, I think a lot of us are going thru that right now. 🙂

    • Honey why is this a question? Well, number 2 of course!!!! lol

    • you only live once! gooooooooooooooo!!!!

    • ooh – that’s a hard one! I’ve tried both options.

      Flew to NYC last July (from Sydney no less) for a single photo. Thought I could go home happy and let it go. Didn’t work.

      Tried cold turkey, even skipped my beloved LTR for a couple of months (sorry girls but I was trying desparately to get my pre-Nov 2008 life back), and then BAAAMMMMM!

      Giggly Rob on Ellen
      Happy Rob on WFE

      After spending the entire day yesterday staring at the 2nd picture and wiping drool off my chin, I’ve come to the conclusion there’s no escape and I am in it for the long haul… and I guess I’m OK with that

  49. So funny!
    Yoga, plow my field, Shark Week- LOL

    • rob is bothered by shark week.

      • Winnnnn for bringing up BOTHERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Damn Rob, he looks so dewy and fresh(despite being dirty), and ripe for the picking!

    I’m really liking this look on him! Sexpenders and all, sigh.

    • yes, the sexpenders are all kinds of hot

      • And I gotta say the hair, wow ok I like it now! It looks great, and he just looks so young and just so breathtaking in a hot-dirty-want-to-screw-him kind of way!!!!

        Sorry, I’ll behave now! *blushing

        • it’s ok.. I should totes be working but I just can’t… rob hot overload

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