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Team Skarsgard vs Team Pattinson – Which side will you choose?

*UPDATED SPECIAL NOTE: If you’re name is NOT UC than click this link for a special note from Moon! DO IT!*

Dear Rob,

It’s time. I’m ready to stir it up again, cause a little commotion, turn some heads. And I’m over Robsten/Kristen speculation, it’s SOOO tired. But the speculation and hub-bub that surrounds many of your fans love for both you and Alexander Skarsgard still befuddles me. It’s even sweeping the nation. Ted C that whacky Robsten lover and purveyor of gossip over at E! recently made this video asking celebs if they were Team Skarsgard or Team Edward (Robert is his name, HELLO!)

Now I understand Alex is a good looking man, no doubt about it. And I REALLY love me some True Blood (back June 13th, FYI! Set your DVR’s) and his character Eric Northman cracks me up buuuutttttt I’m not sure I think he’s hotter than you. I’m seriously sticking my neck out by saying this at all Rob, but I thought we could put it up to a vote… I need this settled for once and for all. Who is hotter Rob or Alex!

Time for a face off!

Round #1
Edward vs Eric

We have Edward in all his tall hair, pale and Volvo glory vs fanged up, long haired, Eric.

Round #2
Formal Wear

Oscars vs Instyle event

We get REAAAAALLL serious after the cut with more Rob vs. Alex FACEOFF!

Round #3
Details Cover

Yup, we’re taking this fight to the newstands… Can torn up Alex compete with Rob’s head between some lady thighs? We shall see…

Round #4
Leather Jacket

Nothing says a serious face off like a man in a leather jacket. Who looks better in some cow hid?

Round #5
Black and White

Round #6

Of course we gotta bring in the costars, cause nothing makes a man hotter than his hot wingmen… Just try not to think about the fact Taylor is an embryo in this old picture

Round #7

OH NOOOO!!! We just went there! This is the ultimate test of the face off, who will be your favorite? Drunk Rob, whom we devoted our lives and half our blog to, or Drunk Alex who looks super rosy and really into this dude!

You see my dilemma? You and Alex are two good looking men and play hot ass Vampires but hopefully we can finally put to rest the whole Robert vs Alex thing once and for all…


PS Do you hate me more now Janetrigs?

Seriously, I know we have many Alex lovers out there so speak up… what is it about Alex that makes him so delicious, and WHY are him and Rob compared so much? ANNDD most importantly if you HAD to choose Rob or Alex in a hot freebie make out who would you choose? Can’t choose both!

Business Time:
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  1. Edward….er, I mean Rob wins each category, hands down.

    Yes, I think Alex is hot. He plays a funny AND scary vampire. He has a smokin’ hot bod. But his face isn’t as handsome as Rob’s.

    I could never cheat on Robward (except with my husband and maybe Sawyer from “Lost”)

    • Sigh.
      Sawyer = love.
      One of my neighbor’s sons is home for a while, and I saw him the other day as I was jogging. I had to do a double take and then focus on someone else to keep from staring. He is a 20-something Sawyer.
      I now make a point to jog past their house when I go out.

      • If there wasn’t a man called Robert Pattinson in this world…if he wouldn’t exist (which I can’t even think of)…
        the next best thing would be Sawyer….I agree!!!

        But there is a man called ROBERT PATTINSON out there…so…noone compares…NOONE!

        • Ahh, Sawyer! I always thought he should have been contractually obligated to NEVER wear a shirt during the entire 6 seasons of “Lost”.

          I mean, they were on a tropical island. It wouldn’t have been that far-fetched, right 😉

          • Right.
            When he smiles… weak in the knees. He has the most adorable smile. Like a child who has done something bad but knows he’s way too cute to be punished for it.

          • AFTER Robs smile Jess…way after Robsmile…and I really like Sawyer a lot.

        • I feel like Rob and Sawyer can’t be compared. Like, at all.
          They’re so different.

    • LOL! My thought exactly… 😉

      Robward wins…almost EVERY TIME. Dude is good looking, but not Rob-touchable.

      I interruppt this ‘ship fest of Rob to say I voted for drunk Alex based on appearance alone. Drunk Rob would be HILARIOUS and fun…but he looks like a moron in that pic. 😉

      • Me too.
        I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought so.

      • I almost, almost voted for the True Blood guys over the Twilight guys.

        My confession of the day: I don’t really find Kellan, Jackson or Taylor all that hot.

        • Agreed. Only Rob and PFach 😉 And I love PFach for that old HS movie he did where he was a total douche. LMBO. Can’t Hardly Wait I think it was called…?

          • Mike Dexter: I’ll kick everyone’s ass in this room!

      • Me too! And I went with the TB boys over the Twiboys-based on that picture alone. They should have picked a better pic!

      • Awww thumbs down for me not thinking drunk rob (IN THAT PIC) isn’t cute? Waaahhh. Dang it.

      • There are so many pictures of DrunkRob looking like a moron, he must have some kind of genetic thing that whenever he has alcohol in his system his eyes droop and he looks like he’s drooling. I swear I’ve never seen anyone else like that where you can immediately tell they’ve been drinking just by where their eyelids are.

        • But I do love him all the more for it, just sayin’!

        • I think drunk Rob is kinda cute.

    • It’s too bad True Blood is such a lame TV show. The only thing worth watching is Alex. I could watch an entire season of Sookie’s naughty dreams with Alex.

  2. Sorry, Alex, you’re at a disadvantage here-this is Letters to ROB. I voted for Rob all the way.

    Alex is good looking, he’s def got the muscles, but Rob is stunning. And I don’t care about muscles-Rob’s got enough for me.

    • And I would choose Rob, hands down for the make out session. I’d pass on Alex.

      I don’t care if Alex has the better body, is a better kisser, Rob’s the one that makes me hot. And I’m sure he knows how to satisfy.

      • @D2D could not agree more

        There is no comparison. I voted for Rob all the way and I’d pass Alex up anytime for the chance of spending quality time with Rob *ifyouknowwhatimean, wink, wink, nudge, nudge*
        I’m not even sure why we are bothering to vote, Rob wins hands down every single time.

        • and i’m not even sure why someone would vote for Alex at LTR

          • Because lovers of #hotalex are always right. 😉

          • I LURV YOU SASSY!!! #hotalex wins. hands down. we win. xo 🙂

          • boo. Alex is pants compared to rob…..and I don’t mean good pants I mean bad pants. 🙂

          • I always thought #hotAlex is Meraz, not Scarsagaaaard ( not a typo, that’s how I write his name)

        • word

    • This is a very true statement. << not sarcasm

    • imagine that! rob winning on letters to ROB??!! 😉

      • Rob would win even on a True Blood website. Alex is good looking but Rob is Just BEAUTIFUL.

        • and I love your site and visit it daily

  3. I gotta give it to the TB costars… damn. I love me some Ryan Kwanten.

    But Rob won for me in most other categories.
    Most. Not all.
    Then I remembered the Oprah interview and how much I love him, and kind of wanted to change my vote.

    • I had to give it to the TB co-stars as well. Reasons: 1) Taylor is underage and 2) the TB co-stars often ‘misplace’ their clothes in the show.

      All other votes were for Rob, naturally.

    • Agreed, the True Blood bots are smokin’ hot. Except for Kellan and Peter, the Twilight costars just don’t do it for me. But when it comes to Rob….bring it on, nobody is hotter than our boy. I especially have much love for drunk Rob.

    • Yep. That was one category that it went unequivocally to the TB boys. Cause the Twilight co-stars are so very – not Rob.

    • srsly. ryan katawuen (sp?!) HOT. LOVE HIM and he’s Australian and has the most believeable southern accent out of ALL of them.

      • Do I smell a LTTB?

  4. Rob!<3 The End!

    • <3… 😀

    • Rob The End.

      What a happy ending, me likey!

      • @misty – there you go again with Rob and happy endings….

        You are my kinda people, girl. ❤

        • right back at you babe!

  5. Firstly, I think it has something to do with PG13 versus HBO dirty rating 😉

    The appeal of Alex in his role as Eric is that he gets to do the dirty deeds without any fade to black moments, whilst Rob as Edward, we have to use our vivid imaginations or head to the nearest Fan Fiction site to quench our real needs.

    Secondly, I can get away with lusting over Alex in real life since he is closer in age to me compared to the 14 years age difference of Rob and I. Sniffle, please note in July it goes back to a 15 year age difference.

    Thirdly, I can actually sit down with the old hubby to watch True Blood without any snarky comments about underage vampires due to the sexually charged TB series that keeps him happy as well as me. Typical, give a male some female ass and all is right in the world.


    • I might add I chose Rob in all categories except I had to choose the TB boys over the Twilight boys – they just looked sexier and wiser in that shoot.

      • I kind of agree even though I voted for the TwiGuys. But imagine if that same group of guys were photographed today!

        • Or even all of them in one big black and white photoshoot?!!! *thud*

          • Ditto!

        • I agree too but I voted for Twoboys (even though they are way ugly in my opinion) because Rob was in there, and he’s hotter than all the guys put together. Is this even possible?????

          • spelling fail *Twiboys….FYI this will most likey happen all day today and EVRYDAY lol

    • I guess I’m a “cheater” because I find AS to be one hot dude! First, he’s Tall… second, he has some great muscles… traps, delts, biceps… and he’s got that cool Swedish demeanor that shouts… “I will break you”… six ways from Sunday! Plus, I don’t feel like a pedophile… when I’m… y’know… stirring my creative juices? LOL!

      • I hear ya girl.

    • Mmmm, showerscenewhat?

      • *droooool*

        • yummmmmmy

      • I would like a soapy rob shower scene.. just for, ya know.. comparison. hehehe

        • @owl
          LOVE LOVE LOVE your avi lmbo

          • lol, thanks… thats what happens when you get bored alone with photoshop

      • nooooooo, that made me shudder…..he’s too smooth, and looks like someone rubbed baby oil all over him…….so not a turn on.

        I prefer hairy Rob (though generally I’m not loving hairy men) would find this much hotter if that was Rob in the shower.

        Why is there no gif of Rob in a shower……I demand one now!!!!!!!

        • Yes. I am not into AS’ Ken doll chest at all. So cold and plastic-y.

          It looks ickily untouchable.

          Rob always looks deliciously, ridiculously, touchable. Gropable. *sigh*

          Again, whyamidoingthis??

    • oh God I so don’t need yet another obsession. But your description seriously has me thinking. PG13 you say? I might just give TB a chance…

      • Do it, Moan. You have enough love in your heart for them both, sister!
        Do it do it do it do it!!!!

  6. excuse me?
    Alex who?
    u must be kidding.i’m not into all these wampire things and i don’t watch TB but i get it if u like the caracter.
    But!!! AS is not even close to HHH
    never ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • “ALEX WHO”??? NEVA EVA!!!

  7. “Just try not to think about the fact that Taylor is an embryo in this old picture…” bwahahaha! Luv it! I’ll take Taylor any day over Alex…he may not be a “full grown man” ….YET…. but think how he can be molded into whatever you want…at least for now….but once he gets away from Big Daddy… out (I hope)!

    • I hear you sister! He does look like an infant in this pic though…awkward!

    • teach em when they are young and when they are old they will not depart from it…

      *hides from lightening and thunder that will strike me dead*

  8. Probably not the best place for an unbiased opinion.

    But True Blood boys won in that pic. =)

    • dude they are SOOOO hot in that picture. they had to at least have SOME competition in one catagory.

      and truthfully i thought rob would have more of a run for his money.

    • ………


  9. Alex shmalex !!! theres no contest

    • HHH!!!!!!!!!
      there is no contest 🙂

    • Before Mullsten
      Rob ( 100%) X Alex ( 0 %)

      After Mullsten
      Rob ( 75%) X Alex ( 25% )

  10. This is a serious cuestion. Between Rob and alex, please, rob is hotter.
    But as vampires, I would say, Alex, sorry, but I think that Edward became a boring vampire in with every book. Common, he is a virgin vampire of 100 years, How could this be hot?
    For me, this is a huge mistake in the character, sorry, but wrong for Stephanie.
    Really, girls, is hotter a man with a little more of experience. We are talking about vampires, no guys of the bing bang theory.

    • Agreed. Rob is hotter than Alex but Eric is the hottest vampier of them all.

    • Can’t really agree re. men are hotter if they have the experience.

      There is something so hot about Daniel Gale and it’s his lack of experience that makes him so 🙂

      Blimey, I love me some Daniel Gale…..

      • Me too!

      • I wish I could see that movie in the States!!!

        • you can see it on youtube, its in six segments, I think-

        • you can steam it online just google it.

          The bathroom scene at the end is my fav……god would love to drag Daniel Gale into a bathroom (it would have to be a clean bathroom though) 🙂

          • thanks girls! I’m gonna google it!!

      • mine!-
        I agree totally. And do we really believe that 23 y/o, gorgeous Rob is inexperienced? I think he knows how to use the equipment.

        • oops, make that 24 y/o. Another year of experience.

          • D2D- ahh, but Daniel Gale would be having a new experience, that is, if he really existed.

        • NOT only use it he probably can make you see twilight in every aspect

          He has always giving me the impression of being a highly sexual being… *sigh* those stares! can melt anyone…

      • Agreed. Oh Daniel Gale… I just want to wreck him.

        …I prob shouldn’t say that stuff, right? Oh well. The kids are still in school.

    • did Eric ever had a hottttt first kiss like Edward and made same nosies?
      sorry i don’t watch TB and don’t know anything -enlighten me pls

      • Eric and Sookie’s first kiss was super hot, but less apprehensive… and more skin. Totally different kisses.

  11. Well a hot free bee make out is more likely with Alex since we actually live in the same country (at least once in a while) and I know his siblings former baby sitter but Rob is still both first and second on my list… Who needs to be realistic anyway 😉 Alex did however win for hottest castmates and the Details cover (sorry Rob).

    • “Alex did however win for hottest castmates and the Details cover ”
      I chose Alex for that category too. Sorry Rob 😉

      I’d rather Rob for freebie make out session but for Hawt Sex it will be Alex 😀

  12. ummm I’m kinda confused…this sight is dedicated to Rob…and we are ALL biased (expect you eatmyjorts + her love for Jacob lol) sooo…it’s impossible for Rob not to win here…PLUS drunkRob is all kinds of wins, hands down.

    • spelling fail #2 *site

    • Yay! A shout out for me!

      So weird this is posted the day I’m off sick from work & watching TB series 2 on DVD.

      I can’t believe it – Hot Alex, a mention of Sawyer…all I need now is for Mel to start talking about Aragorn….

      I understand the love for Rob…I just love others more!

      • Yeah, put Rob up against Aragorn and it would be a closer contest, to me at least. I actually find Viggo sexy. Not as crazy wonderful as Rob of course.

      • Wow! This is my week for thumbsdowns! Starts to think of what she can do tomorrow to *earn* more….cackles…rubs hands…thinks ‘beanie’…

  13. Definitely Rob. However, if you add in Ian Somerhalder who plays Damon, then it would be a bit harder choice for this girl!

    • GOOD CALL!!! i should do a best of vampires faceoff! dang it

  14. Team…Rob for ever…cause NOONE COMPARES….

    Rob…I love you baby, YOU, not the vampire boy!!!

    • word

    • Sinead attended the univ I went to…..but not at the same time. However Joanna Lumbly’s son did, but he was much older than me, so I didn’t really know him!

      I have no idea why I’m sharing that quite useless fact, but that vid reminded me of them both.

      • I love Patsy.

    • Sinead <333

    • Nice choice of vid, Mel!


      • I love this song lion…and Sinead…and Rob!!!It sais it all, about him!


        • Muah!!!!!

  15. I tried to be totally unbiased, because this is Serious Business.
    Still picked Rob every time.

    • Normal. I did the same.

  16. this is the funniest post it really true that someone is voting for İnstyle Alex rather than OSCAR ROB-WTF?
    if i had to choose another wamp besides Robward it would be Colin Farrell at Fright Night eventhough it hasn’t show up yet

    • Oscar Rob + Clair de Lune = Youtube Greatness

      • and ovary explosions…

        • among many other things misty…omg…

  17. That face-off pic of Rob had died me. It’s like my ultimate fantasy : Rob Twins!!!!
    mmmm…..what I would do to ‘them’!

  18. Dear Lula & Janetrigs,

    Sorry, but Ron is wiiiiinning. I mean, Details? Smoking Rob in GQ? Leather Rob? DRIZZUNK Rob? (Sorry, J)


    *whispers* ILY


    • I have to agree with you here Marta! Sorry ladies… perhaps Moonie was biased and picked Photos where Rob would win, but HotAlex doesn’t do it for me here in any of these photos. now if that shower pic was included….

      • WERD.

        • I see the appeal of HotAlex, I do. NUTTIN beats DrunkRob. And LeatherRob. And OscarRob.

    • I might have picked DrunkRon over DrunkenAlex. I will not lie.

      • I did chose DrunkRon also…but, DrunkRon is in a category of his own. Apples and Oranges. 🙂

      • An honest person would pick Drunk Ron. It’s no contest.

    • preach marta. and i TRIED unbiasedly to pick hot pics of alex! i really looked hard. i swear!

  19. I went to the mall and found an Eric t-shirt for sale. I (obviously) had to buy it. I lifted the shirt and to my dismay, t-shirt-Edward was glowering at me from underneath. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a moment of true inner conflict.

    I “lit-really” stood there in the middle of the store (I won’t name the store because it’s embarrassing… there, I just gave it away) for a good minute and a half having an intense internal debate – “Well, I love me some Eric and want to represent on premiere night, but Edward needs some lovin’ too.”

    Ultimately, I bought Eric (Iwish). I STILL feel guilty! Moon, are you trying to make me crack?! How did you KNOW?!?! Did you follow me there and see my betrayal?!

    And the voting??? I cannot choose!!! This is CRUEL!!!!

    • p.s. – My family and I donate and walk in the JDRF every year. It’s staggering how many kids are effected by the disease. Thank you for all the promoting, @Janetrigs! Holllllaaaaa!

      • YEAHHHH!! You’re welcome. Say it with me! I HATE DIABETES!!

        • Jane, what is your avi? I can’t see it!!

          • It’s of Ron telling people to give JDRF or he won’t give them his autograph

    • I love True Blood, but there’s no contest-it’s Rob. Skarsgaard isn’t even on my freebie list-it would be harder to pick between Rob and Johnny Depp, or Robert Downy Jr. (but it would still be Rob).

      I have an Edward shirt ( that my husband bought as a joke b/c it was on clearance at Wmart fir $3). No Eric for me.

      • Win for Robert Downey Jr. reference…loves that man!

        • Robert Downey Jr. now there is a man who is aging well…!!!

          • what?
            there is one man who ages well :George Clooney
            (plus there will be ROb too)

  20. I’ve never watched True Blood (i know, I know lol), and I discovered who Alex was just 3 weeks ago, and I didn’t find him attractive, so Rob wins everytime. Now, as far as vampires goes, I think anyone can beat Edward, bc let’s face it, he is kind of boring and uptight…and a virgin.

    However, I do know that Alex belongs to @janetrigs (she taught me that), so this discussion is pointless!
    Don’t worry, I got your back, Jane! *gang gestures*

    Oh, and please donate! Janetrigs has been working on this for a long time! Be a good person and donate! 🙂

    • Dany?! is that you? You actually commented today? Whoa, what next… Robsten outs themselves? lol Girl, we miss you!

      • Robsten? No way, ROBSTU is going to come out sooner than you think! Lol

        • Thumbs up for ROBSTU references!

        • I’d rather that DID happen. Hhahaha! But then I’d have to deal with the fact that he is gay. Oh no! Say it ain’t so!…?

    • DANY!!!!!!

  21. There is no contest. #hotalex sits in EVERY.SINGLE.SLOT of my Freebie 5. Then it’s Bradley Cooper. And some other dudes. Ron isn’t even in the top ten. Sorry. I’ll leave you ladies to fight over him whilst I’m getting loved on by the giant Norweign.

    • I love you sassy. Alex would totally do you by the way.

  22. JDFR!!!!!
    eventhough u hate @janetrigs(?)
    or mullephant


  23. Pretty obvious who’s gonna win, lol.

    This IS an R.P. blog, after all…

    • You also speak the truth! << again not sarcasm

  24. I think Rob edges Alex out, if only because Alex is totally intimidating in person and Rob isn’t. However, pictures do not do Alex justice, he is smoking hot in person….

    • You saw him in person? Did you brush elbows? You’ve been known to do that. 🙂

      • I did! At work! And I was totally fail, he was 4 feet away from me and way too beautiful for my brain. So I talked to someone else while they laughed at the look of fear on my face. LOL

        • That would be me giving you the thumbs down for that epic fail. 😛

  25. No contest!!! Pattinson all the way, baby!!!

    Except for the previous mentioned Twiboy/TB debate!

    Oh, and drunk Alex does look better that drunk Rob but I still would take ANY kind of Rob over anybody else!!

  26. Um, I heart Rob/Edward….really I do, but HOT ALEX/ERIC wins in my book. If you don’t understand you are:

    A: Not watching True Blood


    B: You have not read book 4 of the Sookie Stackhouse books….puts any fanfic to SHAME people.

    PAGING: Janetrigs and Lula….back me up ladies!!! WE WIN! ❤

    ps. give money to Janetrigs or Laurastarra if you haven't yet…b/c they rule the school!!! AND we all hate diabetes and love the pic of STEW!

    • I watch True Blood and I’ve read all the Sookie books…and I still have to go with Rob.

      His look is so different than Alex’s-it’s not a fair comparison. It’s more about what kind of guy you prefer than it is looks..does that make sense?

      • Def. D2D.

        They are very different, and I prefer Rob’s look. I have no interest in Alex he just doesn’t do it for me, he never really did. Alex is handsome if you are into that type, but Rob is ThePretty, HHH and much much more.

        • Absolutely agree!

      • I totally get that. Apples and Oranges. And don’t get me wrong…I heart Rob/Edward mucho…but still love the Hot Alex…sigh. 🙂

    • Backed up in a corner arguing about fruit….this makes no sense, but I feel that you may get me and what I am saying. Hearts and Hugs.

      PLEASE GIVE MONEY TO JDRF, I assure you, Ron would support this. He HATES DIABETES too!

      • did I miss something? I’m lost regarding:
        the diabetes issue??????
        please help me, again..I’m LOST

        • Janetrigs is doing a JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund) walk….to raise money b/c one of her good friends has a son with Juvenile Diabetes….I believe she linked to it in the post above. It’s a great cause. 🙂

          • @obird
            thanks, I reread the post above…I seemed to have skipped right over the mullephant portion for some reason?!? Could it be that I’m sick of her….ummm YES.

      • ps. I’ll take a Ron and Alex fruit salad….I think that is the best of both worlds. 🙂

    • Yes- Dead to the World is my FAVORITE Sookie book. Wonder why lol!

  27. Some of us like’em young and dirty. (Yes, I went there.) Rob turns my ‘le ancient’ crank.

    Besides, I’m married to a 6’2″, lanky, blonde, blue-eyed, finnish-irish, pretty face. I can’t be having my fantasy life coincide with my RL. That’s just sad. 😉


    • Oh Pros3, you’ve been way too quiet the past couple weeks. Miss you much!

      • Quiet is definitely not my strength. Miss you too Girlie!

    • PROOOSSSSS you are here. i miss you girl!

      and yes you gotta have some spice in your life. variety is the spice of life!!

      • I just can’t quit you! x

  28. This is like asking me to choose between my 2 unborn children. OK. Here it goes. Rob got 4 out of 7 of my votes *ducks the flying objects* only because I prefer Rob to Alex (it’s the Bosworth connection that kills it for me) – BUT I’m sorry, Eric Northman owns my quiver in a way that Edward Cullen & his chastity belt can never.

  29. I read the post, I read the comments, I tried hard to understand it……………………


    Rob!<3 The end , the second!

    • Did I tell ya I love ya today???

  30. what Drunk aAex looks better,not even in that pic eventhough Rob dosen’t look eighter
    but come on we’re talking about this

    • THANK YOU CHE!!!!

      • This is one of the first youtube vids I watched of Rob, I was instantly hooked. Who could resist this man, he’s even lovely when he’s drunk…..drunkrob is my all time fav. God. He. His. Beautiful.

    • If THAT would have been posted…I would have picked Drunk Rob in a heartbeat. I was choosing on the pic alone… 😉 NUMNUMNUM. He almost makes me wanna drink. Muhahahahaha.

    • I bet Alex doesn’t giggle.*sigh*I love the giggle.And Rob seems like a happy, polite drunk too.

      Rob wins.

    • LOVE this video!!!

    • It sure would have been fun to put that drunk Rob to bed that night! ;o)

    • Drunk Rob looks a lot like Rome Rob… YUM

  31. Oh

  32. The difference for me is I like ERIC, not so much Alex. I’m all over Eric but Alex doesn’t really do it for me. It’s because he’s so naughty in True Blood.

    However, Rob does it for me ALL. THE. TIME.

    In short, Rob wins.

  33. Why must #HotAlex invade everything? I had to have a Hot Off (like a Zoolander Walk Off) with my friend between Rob and Alex. She will call it a draw but she stopped after I showed her the white button down shirt with black tie shirt. #Duh
    She also doesn’t have over 150 pics of Alex on her phone. #iwin

  34. I voted for Rob across the board except for the costars and now I’m ashamed of myself.

    Where can I vote for McCain?

    • Well, I’ve been “thumbs down-ed”. It was only a matter of time I guess…

  35. Come on, we know this was rigged by Moon. This is Letters to Rob after all.

    Still, I bet Alex is better with the Pushing than Rob… all those years of experience…mmmm

    • I am really hating Moon today for this…DAMMIT TO HELL! NO one will donate to sick kids with all this Janetrigs loves HotAlex more crazy talk.

      COME ON PEOPLE – RON would want you to donate to sick kids. You know he hates diabetes too!

  36. I ask all bfs and hubs…to forgive me here…but


    • I subscribe to your church.

  37. These polls were fixed! There are several instances where Alex is looking much better than Rob. But I am on the fence, hotness-wise.

    • you caught me. for every 1 alex vote it adds 5 rob votes! MOOOHAHAHAHAA

  38. Sorry, they’re just not even in the same atmosphere.

    Rob trumps anyone, everyone, anytime, any place, wearing anything, wearing nothing (what!), beanie, no beanie, drunk, sober, mad, happy, smoking, not smoking, holding a script, dunkin’ donuts cup, cane (omg), riding an elephant, riding a bike, riding a frickin’ circus clown’s tiny tricycle and wearing a red nose.

    I don’t care.

    He wins.

    Hands down.

    • Puma…you said it girl! He wins…always!!!

      Btw…I guess you all saw the new pics of him from the set of WFE…finally we got to see him again!!!

    • Hands down? I’d like to put my hands “down” on him.


      • Bahahahaa OH LION. I love you SFM.

    • I completely agree with you. There is no competition. It’s not just how Rob looks, it’s everything about him. His personality and his many talents.

  39. @mel – oh girl, you better believe I saw them!!

    I have accomplished next to nothing so far this morning because I keep staring at them.

  40. Oh Moon, this is like choosing who is my favorite child! I just can’t do it!

    Oh, maybe I can, Rob just does things to me that are just not logical.

    I think the big difference for me between Rob and Alex is that my husband approves of my Alex lust. The hubs likes True Blood and finds it much more age appropriate for me and Twilight is not. I think the fact that the hubs does not approve of Rob just makes him even hotter!

    Love the post! I always like waking up to pics of hot boys!

  41. True Story: Alex S. has a face that reminds me of a wet potato. There is NOTHING hot and/or sexy about that boy. I never understood the appeal.

    • Couldn’t agree more in regard to ‘never understood the appeal’. He doesn’t do it for me either……..Rob all the way.

      I appear to be repeating myself a lot today! 🙂

    • Alex has the height, I guess he has a nice body (i don’t really pay him much attention), but he does NOT have the face or the hair (those pics of him with the hair standing up-ridiculous). To me the face is the most important thing and nobody has a more divine face than Rob.

  42. Ok, I would like to think I am not biased, but in all of those photo choices Ronward was waaay more smokin. Can we tousle Alex up a bit please? And BTW, kids who have to get lots of shots everyday reeeaalllyy think diabetes sucks!

  43. no contest.

    • <3…no contest!

      • at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        the End! the third!

  44. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by LetterstoTwilight, LetterstoTwilight and Kathy and Jessica, Allison. Allison said: RT @letter2twilight: Drunk Rob/Drunk Alex, Details Rob/Details Alex? Who will win in a faceoff to the death chosen by YOU! […]

  45. I know I’m going to get “thumbs down-ed” for this, but *deep breath* here goes…

    Sometimes I get oversaturated with Rob pictures. I see his face EVERY DAY, between blogs, Twitter avis, and links that I (quite willingly) click. I’ve seen every picture here a bunch of times. Rob is HOT. Yes. But do I feel the impact of each picture like I did the first time? NO. (Except maybe Rob between the lady legs. Yowza.)

    So…sometimes I voted for Hot Alex. Because it’s fresh. I need to mix it up a little, people. He’s one of my hot Scandinavian people, too, so I must represent.

    • I voted more Alex than Rob too freya. I am with you!

    • No thumbs down from me, girlfriend!

      I don’t really find Hot Alex all that hot, but I do find that I am becoming desensitized by all the Rob pictures. I don’t get hot & bothered the way I once did.

      • I actually miss the hot and bothered feeling as well – oh well, it had to happen some day.

    • I love you, always! Even if you prefered Ron over Alex. I would never thumbs down you for your preferences. I also think you are just plain coo!

    • YESSSSSSSSS! Thank you, thumbs downer, for not disappointing me.

      • LMAO

  46. Sure True Blood is a show you can share with friends (not so much Twi), sure TB is kinda making fun of all those values that are tweed for S Meyer, sure Eric is hot, but I have no idea about Alex. I have 0 interest in googling him.

    For me it’s/was not really about Rob being hot (though I can think of a lot of hot things to do with him), I (did) ahem…saw hotter. Not to mention he would be a bit of a turn off in a sporty situation other the one you’re thinking of. Talking about daily stuff like jogging together, playing tennis or whatever. Yeah I know, who cares.

    BUT the thing is I’ve got it baaad for Rob and that’s it!!! It’s not Edward, it’s not the photoshoots, it’s him and the interviews that got me down the drain. Example: the video posted by che, drunk Rob after the MTV smth awards, I think he looks teeny and gay in that one (hello plugged eyebrows) but I fell in love with him even more after watching it (and replaying it 100000 times at the time). That being said, there are pics&co of him that die me just with the hotness factor. Am I making any sense here?

    • I always appreciate your thoughts! Feeling like I needed to say that. Oh yeah, << NOT sarcasm

    • MP….I think you LOVE someone! and I love the someone too!

    • MP~

      No…no sense at all. Tell me again….LOL!

      I heard:
      turn off in sporty situation
      he looks teeny and gay (what? where is he teeny and gay, how?) aahahahahah

      hotness factor.

      ‘nuf said.


    • MP@I think he would be a big TURN ON in sports situations, the ones that requests some real sport spirit….with beanie and sox and such…or without beanie and sox and such…….

      Rob!<3 the End! the fourth!

    • I know what you’re saying MP and agree totally.

    • @Janetrigs Aw, you know when I answered you (late) on LTT and said you’re coo it wasn’t sarcastic. And I luv your comments of the “oh” type, I wish I’d be that coo (not sarcasm) but I can’t stop talking, I can’t help it.

      @misty Gawd, why did you have to say the swear word ? 🙂 Sometimes it’s not funny. xo

      @ ML So I was saying… No, can’t think of anything, but I thought I’d reply to everybody.

      @robgirl huh???

      @TOO Seriously. I’d love for him to be just the hot guy, I used to move on the next morning after the hot guy, rarely bothered to answer the phone, no hot guy had ruined me. Pa-the-tic!

  47. Was this really ever a competition? Of COURSE Rob is better looking!! 😉

    Now, if you wanted to compare Robward to the Vampire Diaries boys (DamIan and Paulfen/Stefal?) then we’d really have a dilemma on our hands!!! Sophie’s Choice!!

    • I totally agree!

      I was standing next to Ian in a coffee shop when he was filming a tv show in my hometown and he is a beautiful guy. Also nice, since he handed me a sugar packet. :0)

      Of course, Rob is also very pretty and still looks pretty while completely drunk. That is seriously an underrated talent. Decisions…decisions…

      • Wow, you saw him in person?! Lucky!! 😉

  48. I am going to choose my ‘make out buddy.’ But persons vs characters… I CANNOT lump them together…

    Rob > Alex

    * BUT *

    Edward < Eric, because there is 1,000 years of experience there. Plus Eric can fly.

    • I heart you!! “Plus Eric can fly.” that’s just true.

  49. I’m coming in late but to me this is not even a question. Alex does nothing for me, not a tingle, not a squee, ah, ah, nada.

    So I’m team Edward, I love Rob and I’m a big fan! Rob makes me giggly, and makes me tingly in places I never know had sensations!

    Have a nice day y’all!

    • Tell it, SB!!!!

    • Can’t believe that it took 190 comments to hear that he makes “tingly” something somewhere!

      Rob!<3 the End! the fifth and last! wtf

      • Naahhh..I think he made us tingly at “hello” RG…
        he had us at hello!!!

      • haha, are you saying WTF at your own comments?

        • huh???

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