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Interpreting dreams about Robert Pattinson

"Hey Rob. Wanna borrow my Under Armour?" "No Thanks. I already got 3 shirts"

"Hey Rob. Wanna borrow my Under Armour?" "No Thanks. I already got 3 shirts"

Dear Rob,

(putting on my best Mike Newton voice) “You’re alive!” It was nice to see your face for a shiny second being driven around by your new bodyguard, the Under Armour Oakley Robbyguard, and then walking into a trailer as Rob and emerging as Edward.  I thought I was going to have to live my life just seeing your face in my dreams.  My latest dream involved you, me, and a shower. Niceeeeee Or, wait. Was it me in a shower and you out of the shower…. or on the shower?  Were you watching me shower? Oh! I remember now. I wasn’t dreaming at all. I was just creeped out because this shower curtain is sold out from all the creepos that think by having you on their shower curtain it’s like having you in their shower. Not.The.Same.Thing.

So, I came across this site where people can submit their dreams about you and have others interpret them. I wanted to partake in the fun, but didn’t feel like being spammed for the rest of my life by signing up to participate. So I brought the dreams here so I could share my interpretations with you:

Dream #1:

I was at church with all my friends. And a british lady made me kiss my friend Braden, but he looked like Robert Pattinson. When our lips were about to touch, we both burst out laughing. But I really wanted to kiss him. Then my friends, Ryan and Kaleb, both poked me in the ribs, and it hurt really bad. Then Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter appeared with my friends Abish and Michaela. Then Draco asked me to dance even though there wasn’t any music. When he spun me I realized we were at Hogwarts, but it still looked like church. Then Draco said he didn’t really want to dance with me. But I knew he did. When we stopped dancing my friend Braden’s mom told me Draco really liked me and wanted to dance with me again. What does my dream mean?

Answer: Clearly you’ve been sorted and, oh! Bad luck. You’re gonna be in the Sliterin house.  Not Hufflepuff with Cedric. (Also I’m getting a vibe from the spirits that you should be reading something other than young adult fantasy. Perhaps add some Nicholas Sparks sob-fest fiction into the mix.  Spoiler Alert: the character you love always dies.)

Dream #2

In my dream I was in some house and I saw headlights in the window, and my mom said, “your date is here.” When I went outside that vampire from Twilight (Robert Pattinson) was there leaning up against a jeep with just boxers, cowboy boots and a tie. Then he ran over and hugged me, and then we got into the car, except he was in the trunk and I was in the back seat next to some girl. Then he leaned up and put his face next to mine so that they were touching and it was burning hot. Then I woke up with my heart beating really fast. What does my dream mean?

Answer: This is a tough one. I’m feeling a couple options for your dream.  The most probable is that the vampire from Twilight, Robert Pattinson, is a closet werewolf with the pre-phase fever. To hide his true identity as a werewolf, Robert Pattinson, the vampire, is also a secret Chippendales dancer.  And possibly going after a role in “BrokeBack Mountain 2- Two vampire dudes get it on

Dream #3

Me and my cousin were having a fight with two old ladies. We were throwing rubber thongs at each other. I threw a thong at one of the old ladies and it broke. Rob Pattinson got angry at her and rolled her up in a long carpet and started to bash her. Me and my cousin were lying on the ground watching, shaking. It was strange. What does my dream mean?

AnswerRob has anger management issues- he HATES when people mess around with his rubber underwear collection. And if you ever meet Rob in real life, make sure you don’t have any floor carpets around. And by all means NEVER throw your rubber underwear at old ladies. Wait. Make that- never wear rubber underwear. (Yes. It’s probable that this dreamer meant “thong” as in “thong sandal,” but I’m from the east coast. We wear thongs on our asses, not our feet)

Dream #4

I dreamt that both Robert & I were embracing, occasionally kissing but mainly cuddling – it was almost like we were giving each other a massage using our hands and heads to caress each other. We were both sitting next to each other, and he was leaning on me.

Also, is it possible that when people sleep, they can meet in other realms such as dreams? He’s not the only celebrity I’ve dreamed about. What does my dream mean?

Answer: No. That’s not possible. And Rob is not dreaming about you. Good try though. (And that “massage” you mentioned? It’s called sex.)

What happened to the good ol’ days of having sexytime dreams about you, Rob? Why are people dreaming about Robert Pattinson, the vampire, Robert Pattinson, the pre-phase werewolf and Robert Pattinson the old lady beater? Oh, maybe that’s because all you’ve given us lately is one measley little picture of you in a car with the Under Amour Oakley Robbyguard and then a quick ‘phase’ from Rob to Robward. Come on. Give me something more. Or I’m not gonna ‘meet’ you in my dreams anymore (Yes, I knew it was possible.. I was just lying to that girl in my answer… I don’t like to share….)

I’ll be dreamin’ of you tonight…

Do it. You know you want to. Share your dreams about Rob. Did you hit him over the head with your underwear?

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  1. ok, I have only had one dream about Robert…I don’t know why, he occupies all my thoughts during the day…anyways, in my dream I was at a bar and I saw him sitting alone at a table. I remember thinking, omg, omg, omg but acting like everything was totally cool.
    I just went up to him and introduced myself, he asked me to have a seat. The music (Coldplay was playing) was so loud that we kept scooting closer together so we could hear each other talking…I was asking him what other parts of Canada had he visited, etc. (since I live in LaSalle, Ontario)…I don’t remember much of the convo, just that his hair looked amazing…..
    Then from the balcony above our table, MY HUSBAND was staring at me….(where is the hit it button when I need it) and yelling, “oh so now your finally found him”…I woke up startled, I looked over and saw hubby sleeping and I answered “I wish”…what do you think this dream means?

    • You’re normal.

  2. Hahahahah I already wrote my at the form yesterday!

  3. I once had a dream that Rob and I were watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade from a balcony because my little brother’s HS band was marching in it. It was snowing and I said the snow makes everything beautiful. He looked at me and said yeah, it does. *sigh* It was nice. Now it won’t come true cuz I told y’all about it.

    Anyhoo…quick normal check…my brother’s GF and I thought it would be hilarious if we put a poster of Rob on his bedroom ceiling when he was at work and we were waiting to go the to midnight premiere of Half Blood Prince. When I got up to go to work the next morning, my clever brother had moved the poster to the ceiling in the bathroom…in the shower…I haven’t taken it down. That’s normal right?


    • yes it’s normal 🙂

      • Beyond normal.

        I love how you’re signing as “oink” now! (I see “oink” but I think “boink” every time!)

  4. My dreams about Rob are dissapointedly lame.

    The first one I was flirting with him, and he passed me a note that said;

    “You’re not my type”

    My own dream is bashing my self esteem.

    Not fair!

    • Oooh! That sucks!

    • I gave your dream a thumbs down for sucking so much.
      And because Rob hates this!

      • lol, thanks.

    • Awww. I’m sorry!

    • I gave you a thumbs up, not because I’m glad you were dreamrejected by Rob, but because it’s kind of a funny thing to happen. I’m sorry 😦

      • It is kinda funny…… a totally depressing way.


    • Oh Noes!! worst dream ever… 😦

    • that’s not a dream that’s a NIGHTMARE 😦

    • First of all, I’m sorry your dream was so shitty! And second, I wouldn’t consider that a dream, but a nightmare. Hope your Rob dreams get better!

    • Don’t worry! I had a dream like that too! I gave him my number in a tunnel (where else?) and he never called. haha! Dream Rob has very bad manners.

  5. I dream about Rob aaaalll the time. It used to always be about sexytimes but now he had turned quite domesticated. He grocery shops (because I refuse to buy his Heinekin – crap beer), he does laundry (poorly I might add), he drives the kids to preschool (still has trouble with the car seat straps), oh yeah-he STILL shags like a minx!! He also chants “Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day!” and “French Fries” when he is trying to last longer. 😉 I clearly watch old movies a lot if he quotes these things.

    Rob has taken over my dream life and I’m not complaining one bit. Sex and chores? He’s the dream man!!!

    • LOL – he still has trouble with the car seat straps……classic

    • “Margaret Thatcher on a cold day!”


    • This is the BEST kind of dream… the ongoing dream. 😉

    • Ah ….. TRR …. I just laughed so loud my son came over to the laptop to see what I was laughing about and managed to scan the word “shag” in that half a millisecond look at the screen.

      Hysterical to think of Rob taking pre-schoolers in the car. I can imagine him putting them upside down or inside out in the car seats. Bless. He is most definately a minx.

  6. Your interpretation of #2 is golden!

    You know that vampire? The one from Twilight? Robert Pattinson? Well I had a dream about him once…

    I think you may have found your calling in dream interpretation!

  7. If I could dream at all, it would be my “threesome”…

    Me, Rob & Edward 🙂


    • Ohhhh Rob & Edward. *sigh*

      Can I just add Darkward to the Triune God (Christian nerd of the day award!).

      • see you get the best of both worlds then, one minute you feel “hot” and the next minute you feel “cold” – perfect.

    • HOLY CRAP! My brain can’t even wrap around this! I have never even thought to fantasize about this yet. Thank’s Cazza, for pulling me even further from reality than I already am.

      • you are very welcome….. 🙂

  8. Since I have never(sob) had my own Rob dream,I combined elements of the above dreams to make up a dream for myself:

    I step out of the shower, smiling at my Robert Pattinson shower curtain as I do so. As I’m toweling off Draco Malfoy comes into the room and dances me out of the house, to my car. Where Robert Pattinson is waiting-in the back seat, in rubber underwear, cowboy boots and a tie. We started cuddling and kissing and ,um,”massaging” each other. Draco started trowing thongs at us (the kind you wear on your ass) and then I wake up.

    Maybe this will inspire me to have a real Rob dream tonight. (No rubber underwear or old ladies, please.)

    • hahaha…. good luck!

    • To dazzledtodeath – OMFG, you are SO cracking me up!! Between UC’s funky dreams and your made-up one, I’m pissing myself on the floor!!
      Don’t feel bad, I have also NEVER had a Rob dream yet and I’m starting to wonder why, because like you said, my thoughts are all about him all day long.
      Of course my daughter (who doesn’t even like Rob, yes I disown her) had a Rob dream of her being WITH him and me being so jealous that I chased her out of our house, leaving Rob there of course!) So, I’m still waiting to have a Rob dream and I don’t even care if it doesn’t make sense, I just want to have one, dammit!!!)

  9. So. Many. Tears. Laughing at the rubber thongs, picturing Rob whacking an old lady wrapped in a carpet. I wish we could TiVo dreams and show them to each other.

    I have a recurring dream about Rob that I am keeping to myself so it comes true, because obviously that’s how it works.

    • “I wish we could TiVo dreams and show them to each other”.

      Where the hell is Renesmee when you need her…

  10. Remember what he told me that one time, while sitting at my kitchen table? ‘Member, ‘member?

    Yeah. That was my dream. The 2nd one. Ahem.

    • best.dream.ever.

      well.. except for the one about HP

      • Sigh…
        That was good stuff, even if it was embarrassing.

        DUDE! I did not catch your music reference. Unless you’re referring to Selena. And if you are, I so want to make out with you now, more than ever.
        “‘Cause there’s nowhere in the world I’d rather beeeeeeee…than here in my room, dreaming about you and meeeeeeeee…”

  11. God I just LOVE Dream #3.
    Why do I always dream about sharing a ciggie with Rob, baking cookies with Darkward, working on a presentation with Beautiful Bastard or somecrap … So.Not.Fair.

    • I pity you for those terrible terrible nightmares.

      • oh shoot…did that sound like I’m anti-fanfic?


        I meant #iamsojealous

        • You sounded just as anti-fanfic as I did. 🙂

    • Mmmmmm….Beautiful Bastard!!! 😉 totally. my. fav.

    • OK, so what’s your secret to having those awesome Rob fanfic dreams? I gotta know because I’ve NEVER had a Rob dream at all and I really, really want to. I also read TOO much fanfic, but I don’t want to stop!!!! So, what’s your secret?????

      • DAYdream. The best!

  12. I have sadly never had a Rob dream of my own. Sigh.

    I would SO love for someone to write a script where Rob rolls an old woman up in a carpet and beats her with a rubber thong. I’d pay the $10 admission for that.

    I really needed the laughs this morning, so thanks, UC!

  13. “it was almost like we were giving each other a massage using our hands and heads to caress each other”

    WTF???? hahahahaha

    I think I’ve only had one dream about Rob, and in it, he slept with my cousin. I was really angry at her because she gets guys all the time and I never do and she knew I *loved* Rob but she still did it. When I woke up I was disturbed, because I still felt some of the anger… lol. But I’m fine now. I’m over it.

    • I can stay mad at people for extended periods of time for stuff they did in my own dreams.

      • Me too. I have been mad at the hubs for cheating on me in my dream for 3 days. I wonder why he sometimes calls me irrational?

        • lol – but you can’t help it sometimes! Dreams can seem so real. 😉

  14. I dream about Rob all the time. Some mundane, just him popping up in my dream. Some we are obviously together, me married to him and he’s my DD’s dad. LOL! Last night I had a dream about him again. So in this dream we’re not married. Anyway, I picked him up from the airport and he stayed w/ me in my house. When he saw me he said “I’ve missed you so much.” Then we embraced and kissed. No sex. 🙂 When we got home we had dinner then we sat on the couch (with my legs on top of his knees) and we talked and fell asleep. The next thing you know, my entire family including siblings and friends from college all came over. They were loud and obnoxious. They were annoying Rob so much! He was supposed to leave the next day and he was pissed that our time together was ruined. LOL .That’s it.

  15. (And that “massage” you mentioned? It’s called sex.)

    Love it!

    • Love it!!

      I have had several dreams but I cant seem to remember the details at the moment BUT alot of them have to do with meeting him in the Couve since I actually flew up there for a couple of days though sadly that was a weekend he decided to go to LA. Sad face…

  16. I love dream no 2 and your interpretation! I can totally picture him wearing the boxers, tie and cowboy boots!!!! I laughed so hard when I read that! LOL.

  17. I think it’s hilarious how many people get cockblocked in their OWN dreams. Happens to me all the time too (though the only dream Rob ever showed up in of mine was totally G-rated and boring, but also really weird).

    P.S. How much do I love this?
    “The most probable is that the vampire from Twilight, Robert Pattinson, is a closet werewolf with the pre-phase fever.”

    • It’s true!! I’ve had sex dreams about other guys (still hoping, Rob, still hoping) and it NEVER ends up with us actually doing the deed. I always wake up right before-WTF???? That’s the worst feeling..and of course you can never get back into the dream.

      You know how supposedly you can’t die in your own dream? Is it like that? If I finally have sex with Rob in a dream, does that mean it will really happen?? Pleeease…

      • Me too! There’s always someone barging in and the scene gets interrupted. Darn. There have been times I controlled my dream LOL. Ever heard of lucid dreaming? I can do it sometimes, not always.

    • So far, many of the Rob dreams have been Rob-porn-esque. Or at least Rob-porn in its original connotation.

      Rob + “let me take the kids to school”
      Rob + “let’s cuddle”
      Rob + “Let’s go to Olive Garden”

      LADIES! I am giving you homework over the weekend: We all need to have a Rob dream that includes some sexy time!

      Though, knowing me, my dream would be
      Rob + “I’ll watch your baby while you sleep late”

      P.S. said baby woke up with Rob-hair again this morning. I can not tell anyone about this except y’all.

      • As research (for the homework), I’ll be rewatching Twilight, drooling over GQ Rob and role-playing with Pocket Edward.

        Hope it works.

      • I freaking LOVE the baby with Rob-hair!!!

  18. Omg, just laughed out loud during my didactics conference from the rubber underwear comment. Had to stop reading, lest I get busted. I’m more pissed that I can’t finish this awesome post. Thanks for making me completely humiliate myself this AM 🙂

  19. All my dreams of Rob are when I’m Wide Awake. Fantasies if you will. In my rather delusional vivid fantasy, I’m an English girl, 4 years older than him, a successful music producer, and I can play multiple intruments. He just loves that about me, in fact he’s in awe of my amazing talents. I’m a musical prodigy actually. Of course the instrument that I’m most proficient in is, ahem, his instrument. So anyway, he’s madly in love with me and he can’t wait to get back to London after filming so we can spend some quality time together in our little love nest. But KStew gets all fatal attraction and won’t leave him alone, and he’s all, God, why did I have to mock-propose to her that one time? Who knew that she would take it all so seriously? It was a freaking joke, okay? But I’m not worried; I feel sorry for her really. But smug in the knowledge that my awesomeness totally blows her out of the water.

    OMG! I can’t believe I just shared that. Just outed myself as a complete loon. Please tell me That’s Normal.

    • That’s Normal.

    • Haha, thanks for sharing! Don’t worry, we’re all like you here! LOL

    • Robjunkie, since you’re “proficient” I was just wondering… you give lessons ‘cuz I promise to practise practise practise!!!!

      • Why yes I do. I’m a giver. It’s just one of the many things Rob loves about me. One thing I forgot to add: Rob totally doesn’t mind putting on body glitter for our smexy times. He says that it puts the *sparkle* into our sex life.

  20. LMAO

    “Hey Rob. Wanna borrow my Under Armour?” “No Thanks. I already got 3 shirts”

    love the Friday laughs!!

  21. Ok, I’m gonna have an aneurism from holding in the laughter…maybe the flow of tears down my face will help keep the sudden death at bay.

    I have laughed at posts before but not like today…I can’t contain it. Rubber thongs and Draco Malfoy sent me over the edge.

    You ladies need to start puting a warning on your posts. 4 Realz!!!

    Whew. And I haven’t had any dreams about Rob before. I got notta to share. Sad clown. 😦

    • sassysmart – everything that you said…including not having any Rob dreams to share.

  22. @ UC&Moon (and of course the hilarious forum contributers) I found your sites just this week (I know!) and I’m already hit by a case of acute fondness for your writings. Just when I thought I couldn’t handle any more acute fondness in my life if I still want to get some work done. Well, turns out life is all about priorities;) Thanks for making me laugh out loud every day!!

    • you are VERy welcome!!! and so glad you’re here! x

  23. The only memorable dream I’ve had of Rob started with us driving down the street in my sweet lil’ Elantra…and he’s looking rather…thoughtful? I ask him what’s on his mind and he states that he’s hungry and can’t figure out what he wants to eat. So we drive and drive, and he finally decides that he wants fettuccine alfredo (hello WA shoutout?). And when he says he wants to go to the Olive Garden, I tell him that there’s no way I’m driving all the way to the OG. And then he starts pleading with me and trying to sweet talk me into changing my mind. And when he asks “isn’t there ANYTHING I can do to change your mind?”, i tell him no.

    And so, then…he proceeds to grab my left hand and rub it along his jawline where I can feel the rough stubble/growth and I start giggling.

    And then my daughter wakes me up, frightened, because I was totally cackling in my sleep….

    • I gave you a thumbs up b/c I LOVE your dream, Olive Garden + stubble: so random!!

  24. I had a dream that we went to a resturaunt. It was romantic. It was awesome while it lasted!

  25. No Rob dreams here either, though Lrd knows, I’ve tried.

    I truly hope there actually is a website where Rob dreams can be read (interpreted is less interesting to me unless its done in LTR style). I believe such a site would be bookmark worthy filed under “second hand embarrassing”

    Please, UC/Joseph…show me this magical website!

  26. I just had a dream about Rob last night! We were in sex ed class and I asked some stupid question about peens. Then some guy came in as a guest teacher and cooked us dinner, but it was chicken and I said “I can’t eat this, I am a vegetarian”. Which embarrassed Rob (with messy hair and plaid shirt, hot) more than my peen question and he just sat at his desk and shook his head in disgust. This all took place in my 6th grade classroom at the Christian school I attended. So, Big Fun all around.

    • Love your screen name!!!

  27. Tears of laughter. UC+robdream interpretation=random HILARITY. Sadly, never a Rob dream but Kstew did appear at the end of my dream just last night–grocery shopping. We chatted. No interpretations please.

  28. I never seem to dream about Rpattz. Only dream about #hotEric in the shower.

    • Seriously, who doesn’t?

    • EW ruined me today with an Eric hosedown:

      • Why do I find the jean roll kind of cute? ::facepalm::


      • I would still do him 7 ways til monday. (is that the right saying?)

        No matter…I would seriously injure that man with the things I would have him doing.

        Rolled jeans and all.


      • How about dreaming of Rob, Edward and Eric. You ladies have great taste! How about when Eric cried 2 weeks ago? I died!

  29. Anyone else bust out into the Selena song with UC’s closing “I’ll be dreamin’ of you tonight…”


    Anyone? Anyone?


    PS – (And that “massage” you mentioned? It’s called sex.) I DIED!! Bahaha!!!

    • Unfortunately that tune stuck in my head when I read the closing of the post. Where is my brain bleach?

  30. I’ve only dreamt of Rob once. And it involved his peen. And it was glorious.


    • You win.

  31. I was having a dream about “That guy from the Twilight movie”…..PUHHLEASE!! Nice try there….we all know you know EXACTLY who the vampire in Twilight is… have the posters on your wall, the pocket size Edward, the candy, the tshirt from Hot Topic…..come on lady. I must say I love Robbie with the best of them, but how could you post these dreams online somewhere?? I was SO embarrassed just READING them! Hahaha!!

    Ps. Again, nice try lady….we TOTALLY know who you are….do Pattinson Pants ring a bell??? Yep, BUSTED!



    • I used the same line when I went to buy my Pocket Edward. True Story. I don’t even have a 13 year old niece.
      I wonder if the lady at the counter liked my pants.

  32. I always have dreams about Rob/ Edward, like, everyweek!!
    I had a dream about Edward the other day. I was watching all the vampires play soccer inside the house with Alice and Rosalie, and it’s different how they played it, there were spaghettis and stuff. Then, when Edward saw me, he quickly ran to me and said ” What are you doing here?” while cleaning his teeth with his finger. I automatically turned away and said ” It’s okay, I undersatnd, you’re being protective!” He then grabbed my arms and said “Please?!” he opened a door (it was a bedroom) and said “Can we talkk in private? we have the room by ourselves.” I was surprised cuz I thought that we were “gonna do it” haha. I looked at Alice and she was very surprised too. And then I woke up after I went inside the room.:| Seriously, we were in the best part, and I woke up! I hate me!!

  33. My husband and I are currently watching all the seasons of 24 and the third season of Dexter at the same time. Plus I obsess about Rob and LTT/LTR all day, so my dreams are all kinds of messed up. Usually Rob is trying to help us escape from kidnappers, or I am trying to help Michael C. Hall (can not forget the C) catch said kidnappers to hand them over to Dex.

    I even had one dream where Rob, Moon, UC, and a bunch of people from CTU (see 24) were being tracked by some terror group in Wyoming! Yea, weird. I am clearly losing my mind. And don’t forget the one where Rob was a robot that I was all kinds of hot for! Love the post and please tell me what my dream means ladies!

    *I am thinking my dreams are telling me to not watch so many shows at one time and to watch things with only Rob in them. What do you think? Do you think the hubs would go for it?

    • ” the one where Rob was a robot ”

      HILAR! You made me spit out my pudding. Whahahaaaa. It sounds like an episode of Rob’s own sitcom btw.

      (P.S. yes this girl eats pudding…sue me)

    • A month ago I had a dream that the world was ending because we were being invaded by aliens. Rob and I were like guerilla fighters! LOL. We were like gonna fight til the end. I died, got killed by an alien while he was trying to save me. 😦

  34. This is great, I just had a Rob dream two nights ago and had shared it with Libby who posts on this blog (hi Libby!).

    So I was in the auditorium of my son’s summer day camp program and I noticed that Rob was sitting amongst the crowd. Oddly no one else seemed to notice. I think we ended up chatting casually, but then my dream switches and we are in my bedroom and Rob is laying on my bed. We are talking and joking and he tells me that I’m not a good host and that I should have changed my sheets because they smell like Jose O_O LOL Then I woke up. I have no idea what Jose he was referencing as I don’t have any friends or family named Jose.

    Sadly, I am another of those people who get cockblocked in their own dreams about Rob, this time it was an odor…

    • JARO, Rob was talking Jose Quervo!!

  35. I had a dream that I seduced Rob with soup.

    I don’t know what kind it was, white and sort of chunky, maybe clam chowder or cream of potato?


    • Rob will be getting a new hat. Clam hat this time

    • The way into a man’s heart is through his stomach! haha! I think dream-you knows this 😉

    • I think it means you should make him some potato soup or clam chowder and do some set-stalking. When you find him, give him the soup and will fall madly in love with you :-).

    • Seduced with soup: I think it means that you are pretty freaking smooth cause not everyone could pull that off! 🙂

  36. I had Rob dream a couple of nights after the Oscars. I dreamed that Rob took me as his date and held my hand on the red carpet. It was awesome until I realized that I was wearing shorts and a tank top with no makeup on the red carpet and Rob was standing there in all of his tuxedo clad gorgeousness.

    I have had a few mundane dreams about Rob too. He has picked me up at the airport (hug but no kiss…I’ll take what I can get), cut my front yard w/o a shirt, held my hand at the gyno’s office while I was getting my nunu examined (by far the weirdest), and helped me my make my bed. Never had any sexytime dreams, though. I like to imagine that the one where he helped me make my bed was after a night of fanfic inspired sex. Still doesn’t count though. I’m holding out for the real (imaginary) thing.

    • Love your Oscars outfit! lol

  37. Can you imagine if (when) Rob reads all of this shiz? You know he thinks we’re all batshit crazy. But of course, he should know we’re all Normal.

    And we know you’re reading, Robbie. Pick your nose in the next pap picture to secret signal us that you’re dreaming of us too. K, thnxbai.

    • So, did any nose-pickin’-Rob photos pop up over the weekend? Anyone…..anyone……Bueller……Bueller?
      (I might just have to Photoshop smth!)

      • yes 🙂 and i picked mine right along with him…

        • Wow. That’s sexy. (

          • I just realized, my generic avatar kinda looks like something you might find in Rob’s nose. Delightful. 😀

            Well, regardless of whether we find the photo-evidence or not, we all know our BFF Robbie reads all our posts. No matter how “batshit crazy” we are (lovin’ that term Holly). I’m sure a lot of them (like this particular thread) make him laugh so hard he snorts avatars out his nose.

  38. I’ve only had one Rob dream and it was so hot that I woke up and could still feel it. ifyouknowwhati’msayinandithinkyoudo
    And I’ve never had a dream like that before with any of my other celeb hotties. Let’s just say Rob knew where things were and I’ll leave it at that. 😉

    • C’mon u know u want to go into details :-). Tell us!

  39. I, sadly, haven’t had any dreams of either. (sad face). But if and when I do, I hope you will interpret mine!! Hilarious-ness!!

    • woops.. insert ‘him’ (*ahem*) inbetween of and either.

    • I haven’t had one, either. I wish we could control our dreams ’cause then we’d all be having sweet Rob dreams!

  40. I had my first Rob dream about a week ago and I’ve been dying to tell y’all about it.

    Not that it included sexy times or anything (I wish).

    We were doing some sort of bs team-building type activity at work, and Rob was assigned to the same team as me – yay, team!! He looked just like he did at the Vanity Fair shoot – so hot!

    I was being all cool like I wasn’t into him, so of course then he wanted me. He kept coming up to talk to me and wanted to work with me on every task. Every time we got separated he would find me again.

    He was leaning in very close to my face and talking very intently with me about our task. Our faces were almost touching, and it was all I could do not to just grab him and plant one on him.

    Then I woke up because the cat was nudging my face with his. Good thing I hadn’t gone in for that kiss!!

    • LOL. That’s an awesome dream! Good thing you didn’t go for the kiss, hehe.

  41. soooooo funny as usual!

    and i’m so sad i haven’t had a night time Rob dream YET

    and in Dream #3 i was totally picturing rubber underpants thongs and not foot thongs until you had to spell it out for me…

  42. I am laughing so hard when I come and every post is better than the previous one.
    I hope Rob come visit here because Draco Malfoy, cowboy boots and thongs are way funnier than crazy fans, paparazzi and ugly mullet!
    Have a great weekend and thank you again ladies!!

  43. Rob Dreams Rob Dreams… I’ve had a few.

    I used to work at a company, and we were a really close group.. all in our 20’s a coup,e of early 30’s.. anywho.. this “agreement” was established that if you had a dream about someone at the office, you had to tell them about it, or buy them a drink.

    Could you imagine if Rob had such an agreement with us.. the poor man would be DRUNK ALL THE TIME..

    Of course drunk Rob makes a happy Kelly 🙂

    • OH.. I can’t tell you all the dreams.. Rob if you wanna know.. call me I’ll tell you.. or take you for a drink 🙂

      But I will tell you that I frequently have dreams where I will be looking for something or someone or trying to find my way somewhere, I’m lost… and I’m frantic about whatever it is I can’t find…and I will look up in the distance and he will appear.. and he is always smiling… and I always wake up as soon as I see his smiling face… and have that.. you know warm fuzzy feeling… just from a smile..

      He so owns my a$$!

  44. OML. Ok so I have had 3 dreams of him, all in one weird week. First one, I was on a movie set, at night and no one else was around (first clue this was a dream!) and he was leaving. I said hi, and it was like he already knew me and we started taking a walk, and talking. He then turned to me to kiss me, and his lips were deee-lish and soft. then I woke up dammit.
    the second one was that we were both employees in a local grocery store (um-hello, ri-donculous) and he was wearing a plaid shirt. We were laughing at something an employee was saying. All I can rmember after that was that he was always laughing and happy but I stayed away because he was in my mind, too good for me.
    The last one was a school trip to Sea Word (HI-I am 32 years old, so havent been on a scholl trip in like 15 years) and I was the only one that knew he was famous, so I pretended all day to not know who he was. Again the plaid shirt. And I was sneaking peeks at hime the entire time, nothing else. Mine arent that interesting. but man was I depressed when I woke up and realized it was a dream…

    • Giving you the thumbs up for the School trip to Sea World! Nothing like Robert surrounded by smelly fish to turn you on.

  45. Rob dreams used to be all about him complaining about something and being woeful and shit until that one time when he tried to get me to have sex with KStew and I was all like Ewww Dude and he was all like c’mmon, she wants it, and I was like, forget it, freak and that’s when the dreams stopped.

    • It’s well-known that Kristin Stewart Wants It. lol

  46. “leaning up against a jeep with just boxers, cowboy boots and a tie”
    OMG! This is seriously messed up. Where did that come from? When I read this, it tots made me think about this character Burt Reynolds played in the movie Striptease when he is just wearing boots and a shirt (I think) all covered in Vaseline (WTF!) I tried to link to the picture, but couldn’t find it anywhere.
    I’ve had fantastic dreams of my own, but nothing that weird so far. Most of my dreams only include Robward and me doing the nasty and occasionally joined by the Quality Manager from my company, an ex-boyfriend, the IT engineer, Jacob, in my house, the park, the movie theater…Just normal perverted stuff you know?

  47. I think I’ve had two Rob dreams, but can only remember the weirder one right now (why did I not write them down?! *headdesk*) In my dream Rob was visiting San Francisco to attend a monster-themed party and, thanks to my powers of keen observation, I managed to muscle my way into the event. Turns out the party was some kind of monster/fetish ball hybrid type of event (not my scene at all, but I have had my share of rubbernecking adventures living here) Among the more random guests at the party were basically all the friends, family and former coworkers whose Facebook status updates I had read before I went to sleep. As for Rob, not only was he shirtless (thanks Montepulciano papz!!) and wearing leather pants, but he was looking for ME when the dance music really got going. We may or may not have dry humped on the dance floor.

    Of course, when the dream really started to get steamy, I woke up.

  48. The day the second NM trailer came out I thought I had a dream about the part where (presumably) Jane is doing her torturing thing …you know, the part where Robward looks like he got whacked in the man-jewels. But then I realized it was just my cat on my bed hacking up a furball. Twat-blocked by a pussy. DANG!

    Armed with your hillari-O’s comments I think I might just have to have a sexytime dream tonight about Mr.P, Under Armour Oakley Robbyguard and yours truly in a Devil’s Threeway. RIGHT ON!!!! woot woot

    (yay me, my first comment on LTR or LTT EVAH!! So in love you with all already and I’ve only been here a few days)

    • we’re in love with YOU

    • “But then I realized it was just my cat on my bed hacking up a furball. Twat-blocked by a pussy. DANG!”

      GAH!! I love the commenters on this site!

      • I just cannot stop laughing at this…”twat-blocked by a pussy”……….f**king hilarious!!!!!!!!

  49. Despite the insane amount of time I devote to him, I’ve only had one dream about Rob.

    I was boarding a ship on what seemed to be the italian coast. The coloring of my dream was very old school-titanic like. Suddenly we were secluded somewhere on the ship. I was on my back and we were…you know. But just when things got really steamy, he left! I didn’t wake up. He just literally got up and left without a word.
    The dream went somewhere else after that.

    Despite my frustration, I woke up excited that I’d finally dreamt of Rob.

  50. This is one of those days when i think it would be extra hilarious if Rob read LTR!

    Notes on the Shower Curtain: Who buys that?

    Do mum’s buy them for thier teenage or tween daughters so that Edward can watch them bathe?

    Does some poor husband somewhere try to explain its presence in the guest bath to his friends? “Its some teenage vampire soap opera dude or something my wife likes”

    Or maybe the shower curtain is sold out because every Hilton in America is going to start advertising:

    Non-smoking room with King-sized bed, internet access, mini-bar, and Edward shower curtain!

    Could do a wonder for their sales!!!

    • If I could “like” this a million times, I would! Imagine the poor hubbies of the Twilight-obsessed. I feel embarrassed for them!

    • “Or maybe the shower curtain is sold out because every Hilton in America is going to start advertising:

      Non-smoking room with King-sized bed, internet access, mini-bar, and Edward shower curtain!”

      LOL!! I’m sure thats the real intention behind the shower curtain

      PLUS: he’s doing his “Cullen Smile” while you’re taking a shower

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