Posted by: Bekah | December 5, 2009

Dreaming of Rob, finally

Dear Rob,

I did it. It happened. I popped my Rob dream cherry. Let me break this down for you:

I was in a house full of LTT/LTR gals and Sam Bradley was playing a show. I have no idea why. Maybe someone hit “play” enough times on his Myspace page that they were given an opportunity for a house show with a “no-look” HJ afterwards. Or maybe they paid $13,000, who knows. Anyway, Sam loved me*. Duh. Of course he would. I mean, look at how happy he was to take a picture with me, CalliopeBlabs & Brookelockart:

Can't read the brilliant-ness? Clicky

But seriously. We became BFFs. In my dream. Which is my dream in life. So to dream about my dream in life… Wow. It probably means it’s gonna come true. Anyway. Sam & I had good times. I forget all of them, but believe me. They were good times.

THEN YOU are there, Rob. And you’re like my DREAM guy. Funny, Charming, Respectful, Intelligent, Well-spoken. (I didn’t put him on a pedastal at all) Oh- and you were apparently a producer for a film. And you also casted the movie. And apparently took photographs too. So we were just hanging out, having an amazing time (Sam was no longer there. He was probably pissed that I had a new bff).

We were at a runway show, of course. At the beach. But indoors. On a lake. Duh. You wanted to see how well I could emote. So you had me stand against a wall (a white wall, inside this beach runway show by the lake. The was a drag queen standing nearby) and read some lines. The first line was a name. It was a hard name to pronounce. I thought in my dream it was a name from the Bible, but now that I think about it- it was probably just the words “Quil-clout-lay.” You know, what Jacob says to Bella in New Moon. That has to be it since I dream of someday hearing you say those words to me

So anyway, I stumble over that first word, but RULE the emotion with the rest of the lines. Literally, I burst into tears and just captivated my audience of you, the drag queen and a room full of half-dressed models and gay guys. I’m pretty sure I was actually crying in my sleep too, because I woke up with a wet face. You were impressed. So you do what any funny, charming, respectful, intelligent, well-spoken, film producer/cast director/photographer would do and ask if I’m comfortable with nudity and if I wouldn’t mind taking my clothes off right there.

I say,”Yes of course I’ll do that.” Then you proceed to explain to me how YOU handle nudity in films and although it can be awkward you hope that I feel comfortable around you. And I look at you right in the eyes and say, “Um, you’re Robert Pattinson. Of course I’m comfortable.” You smile. I smile. We flirt with our eyes. You come in close to me. Closer and Closer…. then you pick me up and throw me over your shoulder. I squeal. You laugh and take me across the runway show/big white room at the beach-lake to the other side, with my ass sticking up in the air. You put me down against another white wall, this time near the emaciated male models. I take off my clothes while you fiddle with your camera. You look up. And stare. And I stare back. And then….. then I wake up with a furry orange cat in my face, meowing because he’s hungry.

"Mommy, Wake up!"

Damn really adorably cute cat! I was about to get naked in front of Robert Pattinson. Okay wait. I did get naked in front of Robert Pattinson. I remember this because… well….. it was pink. Yes “it” was pink…. down there.


Oh well, nice first dream about you, Rob! Here’s to many more!


We haven’t done this in awhile! What have YOU been dreaming about Rob lately?

Speaking of Sam Bradley, LiLi & Amber run Shack of Soul, the coolest site out there for the Brit pack. I’m pretty sure they met on LTT/LTR. Maybe they have been BFFs since they were 4, but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna take credit for their friendship. Anyway, they recently interviewed Sam. And their interview rules! GO READ NOW! Ps: you might see something special that “Noreen” drew for Sam……

*I’m actually pretty sure Sam hated us when we took that picture. That or he was just totally cranky because no one offered him a HJ. I was even on my game. Cracking Jokes. Making awkward comments. Crickets….. except for Calliope & Brookie, of course. They always laugh at my jokes. I pay them to…


  1. I have two categories of Rob dreams..

    the one’s where we have sex…ALL the time (daydreams)
    the one’s where we NEVER have sex (nightdreams)

    sooo annoying…I wish my dreams could SWITCH!
    Hey Robgirl brain…you know..I’m grown up…I could handle it!:-)

    • I once gave Dream Rob my phone number and he totally didn’t call. What a dick.

      • In his defence, I’d say he had no battery, he was with his mum on the phone all day.

        • That’s true. Dream phones are tricky. I can never dial the right number.

    • Oh hon, mine’s usually no sex either. Always getting cock-blocked!

      I dream about him a lot but it’s always innocent. Pfft.

      • Hahaha…it’s the guilty of the nekkid-belly-fur-Rob, I want VF Rob in my dreams NOT the Jesusbaby ONES!

        • Show which nekkid belly picture are you talking about. Can you email it to me? Are we thinking of the same one? The one published in Italy?

        • Robgirl,
          please tell me more about Jesusbaby pics and more about nekkid belly pic? Am so curious.

          • Hahaha…and you’re actually sooo looking curious with your avatar…Girls you know the pics, everyLTR girl knows them, red plaid/fur/hipbones??? don’t tell me that you lived under a rock, I don’t believe, you just wanna look AGAIN! LOL

        • Hahaha, okay I saw them! Those are the ones I was talking about! He’s not naked, you must be dreaming! He’s just showing a little skin on his back! You naughty German girl! 🙂

          • He is NOT nekkid? Dear I have to change glasses!
            Little skin on his back? Girl.. you have to change glasses too!
            Girl… he is a like a steak, turn him around!(2nd pic!)
            tsseeeee! Amateur! 🙂

          • Sothernbelle plz read your email! ALARM!

          • Ugh!!! Now I’m amateur! LOL. You make me laugh so much!

            Ok just for you I’m gonna flip Rob around(yeah right like my 5’1 frame could do that). Oh let’s see what do we have here? LOL

            It’s a tease that’s all it is! He’s teasing us, he knows the power that he has over robsessed women! 🙂 Rob shows a little skin and we all have spontaneous ovulations!

          • Yes I read your email and here’s my response:

            !*%6$%^&*(())! Yes I’m cursing!

          • Ok, I know the ones you are talking about, but Robgirl’s description sounds so much better than the actual picture.

  2. Haha! I had a KStew dream last week about both of us trying out for Joan Jett in the Runaways…in a pool…at a hotel resort…on a guitar hero bass…and mine had a broken neck…and Joan Jett said I couldn’t try out. I woke up super bitter.

    And total side note: The hubby evidently saw Ashley Green promoting on some late night show this week and I GUESS he was trying to get a rise out of me by telling me how hot she is. But all I did was agree and say that I’d go lesbian for her so he gave up. Nice try, love!

    • husband has an Ashley Green wallpaper
      and he tries all the time to make ME jealous,
      so I’m FAKE jealous and go back to my ROBsession!
      Oh MAN, it’s sooo easy to give you a little runaround….lol

  3. I used to dream about Rob all the time – but they were always totally platonic dreams, it was always the same, someone would be horrible to me (one time it was Lily Allen) and then you’d be there with a hug and totally smell my hair. That was until I had the dream where I pushed you down into an arm chair, ripped your clothes off (you were wearing the Vanity Fair cream jumper) and we did ‘it’ right there. That was the best dream I ever, ever had.

    • Just realised I wrote that comment as thought I was actually talking to Rob on this blog!!

  4. I’ve never dreamed of Rob. Am I normal?
    I guess my subconscious telling me to give him up is working only when I sleep.

    So Rob, since most of the smart girls on the planet have already had sex with you (well, kind of), will you make it up to me when we meet?

    • It’s not fair. *foot stamp*
      I have also never had a Rob dream, which is srsly bad karma. I mean he has most deffo protruded most of my waking thoughts!

    • Honey…you want to dream about HHH?
      Try this….
      1) get drunk
      2) smoke some ciggies
      3) put on earplugs and listen to 10min interview 3times
      4) ….while holding VF
      5) ….concentrate…
      6) ….on Robporn…whatever you like
      7) and fall asleep

      Make sure that you are lone and remain alone!
      Stub out the ciggie!

      Warning 2!
      No proof if it works, I never tried it! lol!

      • I think it helps that I fall asleep to his voice singing “Never Think” every night.

      • Thanks RobGirl for the helpful hints. I’ve never dreamed of Rob in my sleep before, just daydreams…but can I change #2 to replace the ciggies for weed…and can I change #3 to listening to ‘Never Think” & “Let me Sign”? I really, really want those nighttime dreams (if you know what I mean). I’ll let you know how this works out for me..:)

        • Mamma mia che ragazza!:-)
          1) I guess every drug works, even diet coke ( drug!)
          2) Rob singing?..only the part where you can hear him “swallow”
          3) another tip, the Rob-moaning!
          4) Last..”100% Edward Cullen… Video by biel”
          if all this stuff doesn’t work you are….ME!lol

          • Did you just wrote “swallow” when talking about sex dreams with Rob?

      • My guess is that after having completed all the stages, it’s impossible to sleep. You’ll more likely jump on the first person you’ll find next to you, or if you are alone…on yourself.

        And what kind of ciggies,are we talking, the inspirational ones?

  5. yay i havent had internet in like 2 weeks and the first thing i do is read LTR/LTT…
    and im literally laughing at myself because of the cultural difference; to me, in Aussie land, HJ means Hungry Jacks which is like Burger King in America… here i though Sam was cranky because he didnt get his burger and fries hahaha 😉

    • Are you the Bianca of Rob-magnet-on-fridge frame? If so, I’m sending you a hug. That was a great story you shared. I LOVED it.

      • hahaa nope not me but id like a rob magnet 🙂

  6. If I had a dream about Rob, my kitty would be smiling too. I’m just sayin’…

  7. My only Robdream ever was sucky.
    I was dating him, giving him space for signing stuff for fans, had a fan realize I was his girlfriend, insult me, and I thought “Damn it sucks to date Rob…..” and woke up.


    – Jamie

  8. UC, that was almost like a fantastic work of fanfic. I’ve been reading so much ff that your dream almost made perfect sense to me. I’m scared for my sanity now.

  9. UC your dream is awesome! Sorry you got cockblocked(typical)!

    I have so many robdreams! Last week and half I had the swine flu and it was weird. He was in my dreams but he was cold and mean! 😦 I’m better now and the nice/fuzzy robdreams are back. This was my dream last night. My sister, guy cousin and I were at this house. Long story but Rob was a waiter and he was bringing us drinks…in this house! LOL. What’s weird is that we were all in our pajamas and I was even under the covers! Rob was so cute, he noticed me and he stared…for a long time. Ok then, the scene changed. The next day my sister and I decided to go shopping. My cousin came along, we went to the mall. When I walked in, I saw Rob staring at me from afar. He was hot, wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, his eyes smoldering. I stopped in my tracks and my sister was telling me let’s go, hurry. I couldn’t move. Then Rob was in front of me. No words were spoken but all of a sudden he just grabbed my head and kissed me hard in front of everyone. While we were kissing we were staggering, walking away from the onlookers. He never let me go, he was so frantic and seemed frustrated(the feeling you get when you haven’t seen someone in a while). He managed to push me into a hallway, us still kissing and clawing at each other. I remember clearly that the hallway was white. It was getting so hot and heavy so then he decided to keep pushing me towards the elevator. For a split second I was worried that the cameras would see us! Then I said “oh well.” During all this time he never let me go. Then yeah, you guessed it, I woke up.

    This is so embarrassing!

    • …just running to my dicct. I have to assure
      myself of the meaning of “innocent”

      • running to dicct to look up “innocent?” YOu kill me, Robgirl.

    • Nicely done, Southernbelle.

      • It was real, I didn’t make it up. Srsly.

        So did u read any interesting stories last night?

        • I started reading Wide Awake and will read One in a Million next. I wanna read your story! I really do, whenever you want to share.

          On another note, would you be willing to give me your email. I need to talk to someone who understands a potential Rob-obsession gone bad story. If you don’t want to share I completely get it.

          • Southernbelle, instead of asking you to post your email here, I’m sending you mine:

            Write to me if you’d like.

          • Oh dear kmountainlion! Hope you are alright and your robsession is intact!? How are you liking Wide Awake? Did you get my late note on yesterday’s post about fanfic? Take a look and let me know if you ever want to talk!

          • Kmountainlion – I’ll email you! I have a gmail acct so keep an eye on it, don’t delete me! I’d love to email w/ you. My heart sank today and I will share it with you in the email tonight :-(.

            Wide Awake is really good too. You’ll love it, the story is really awesome but it’s very,very long. I’m not even done yet. I think I’m on chapter 44! I had to take a breather. Right now I’m reading The University of Edward Cullen.

            I’ll email you a link to the fanfic I wrote/writing right now. 🙂

            Enjoy your party! At least someone has an exciting life! 🙂

          • Singlestrand~
            I like Wide Awake, but have only completed 1 chapter.

            Thanks so much for giving me your favorite fanfic list I really appreciate it! YOu’ve given me some great reminders too about seeking out stuff that’s already finished, etc…

            I posted my email earlier, so please write to me so I can write you about my pathetic little drama.

            I’m here and will look for an email from you that is gmail related. I’m sorry your heart sank.

            Can’t wait to read U of EC. Love the title and what you wrote!!!

            Husband hurt his back really bad so we didn’t go out. He can barely move.

  10. I NEVER get to do the deed with Rob in my own dreams!! (though I was in a sandwich with Kellan and Taylor…yum!)

    And that is so ironic because I have the smuttiest brain in the universe. 12 year old jokes and all…

  11. I meant 12 year old boy jokes 😛

  12. That guy is Sam Bradley?!?!?

    What the hell? I thought he had bangage. I’m fairly certain that I am mixing him up with someone else. I fail again. Probably should never comment again…

    Oh well. I wanna put down my only twi-dream I’ve ever had.

    First, I was shot by Voldemort. No idea why but Voldy haunts more dreams than any other person. Then Catholic Jasper (from Poughkeepsie) showed up and was shoving Rosaries into my hands. Rosalie kept yelling that she was gonna “cut a bitch” (Voldy). Edward was homeless.

    No sexy times. I woke up fairly certain that I was actually shot. It was scary.

    PS I know that I’ve already posted this awhile back but beating a dead horse seems to be in vogue right now.


    • Wow..Robward was homeless??…
      THat’s the weirdest thing I ever heard!:-)

      • He’s homeless in the fanfic Poughkeepsie. Read it!!

    • Bobby is the one with the manbangs.

  13. I used to have Robdreams a LOT. Too bad for me they have become few and far between. The weird thing I noticed was that I almost always had one when I had been reading from the Twilight series before bed, but not always when I had been on LTR, read a Rob magazine article, or saw Rob in a movie/on TV. I must have a very vivid imagination if the book series made me dream about Rob more often than actual Rob stuff! LOL
    Also, the only rude interruption from a Robdream I have had was not a cat. It was my husband. He said I was ‘making funny noises’ and he couldn’t tell if I was having a nightmare or not. Right, honey, it was a nightmare. NOT a sexy dream about Rob. Hmm…

    • I bet you wanted to slap your husband after that! He may have interrupted the climax of your dream! Ughhh!

      • I’m worried I’ll yell out Rob’s name in my sleep and really hurt my husbands feelings.

        • HAHAHA! I don’t think that’s likely to happen but I was def scared something different had happened the time he woke me up! Was a big interruption but I dealt. The weird thing is I never feel like I’m ‘cheating’ when I have a Robdream or daydream. I end up with my husband in bed every night so that means something, right?

        • I said his name once, in the throes of passion. My husband didn’t catch it…hahah. I’m glad because that would have seriously hurt his ego. And he’s really handsome too but just in a different way.

  14. Oh yeah, you ladies get all the cred for me and LiLi’s friendship. And credit for pretty much everyone I’m friends with now. In fact, I’m gonna just start calling you ladies before I make any more life decisions.

    Yeah, I think that’d be best.

    • good. we’ve been waiting for you to wise up and do that!

  15. I rarely remember my dreams, but I do recall Rob making a cameo in one of my dreams just once. Nothing good happened and he was actually REALLY stupid in it, if I remember correctly. So… I’m just gonna pretend like it never happened.

  16. I love when UC doesn’t tell me that my pic is going up on the site. Then, I just meander over here and it shocks the shit out of me. Sigh.

    Sam so loved us for the obvious reasons of not having 80s hair, no shoulder pads and not being old enough to be his gram. Oh and cause we’re beautiful – that’s the most obvious reason.

    And UC, you still owe me a $20 for laughing at your last joke! heh

  17. Great pics. The gatinho is cool. Toby Keith has great song about dreams. Also Bobby Darin has a good one too. I guess shows you my age. Dream lover and all of that.

  18. I just realized I had some MAJOR grammer errors “Rob, you fiddles with your camera?”
    I was still giddy from my RobDream. Or just confused about “it” being pink down there

    • You got me at “being pink down there.”


    • Yeah…I was thinking hardly about it too…
      so I guess it’s a girl thing to immagine all their favorites just
      …..”pink”.. ?lol

  19. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by LetterstoTwilight, Amber. Amber said: LOL! RT @letter2twilight: Today we discuss Rob-Dreams (plus I take credit for the friendship of @AmberRMW & @TX_LiLi) […]

  20. “I’m gonna take credit for their friendship.”


    And since you guys brought us together, I am going to ask that you and Moon be bridesmaids in our Official Commitment Ceremony in LA in June.

    You’ll have to wear FemmeJorts, Birkenstocks and a pastel polo.

    The reception will be when we all see Eclipse together–duh.

    So whadda ya say?

    PS– “no look HJs”– score! who told you that brill piece of info? hahaha

    • Oh, but what ever will I wear?!?

  21. two things:

    1. “I take off my clothes while you fiddles with your camera. ”

    it that a euphemism for something or was he actually fiddling with his camera?

    2. in order for sam to be fondling my ass… it would require that i actually have one.

  22. At least with that ending you can make up the rest! I could think of a few things rob could do with the pretty pink parts.

    So on Tuesday I will be in someone’s living room with Bobby Long. Two hours with Bobby and Cazza and 18 typical fans. True story.

    • Good for you girl! You always got stuff happening down there in Texas! Am I right?

      • You do not lie. My hubs is a bit sick of it, though.

        • Haha mine too. I told him I’m gonna see New Moon again on Monday and he was not happy! It was his day off and he wanted me to stay home with him all day! Hmm, decisions, decisions.

          When is Bobby or Marcus coming to Louisville? Do u know?

  23. UC~ Is that really your cat? I love that little beast. Our cat, Grendle, pulled an Edward-disappearing-act in Oct and never came home. So sad.

  24. Ok, so I’ve been reading this blog almost every day for like a couple of weeks now and I’ve never commented before, but now I feel like I have to.

    I had a dream the day before yesterday and it wasn’t about Rob. It was of you guys (UC & Moon).
    You were twins. Because I don’t know what you look like, my mind just kind of made something up. Guess I’m not creative enough to make two people up, who don’t look the same… Oh well. I was in a Six Flags kind of park, when I met you two. I couldn’t believe at first, but then I was really happy, cause I seriously think you guys are great, and it’s really nice to know I’m not the only twenty-something year old girl who’s Robsessed. And then after I was all I-love-you-guys, we went on a rollercoaster-ride together.
    Hope you don’t think I’m some kind of weirdo (cause I’m not… no really: I’m not! :P)

    As for dreams of Rob: I’ve had a couple. The first one was like a year ago and in my dream I was in Paris on a Holiday and so was he. He was staying in the same hotel. We met and he took me dancing. I’ve had no sexy, nudity dreams… yet! It’s bound to happen soon right?! Just got to keep daydreaming about it until it’s all my brain can think of!

    • YES!!!! Dreaming of UC & Moon!! AMAZING! I don’t think you’re weird at all. I dream about Moon all the time. ANd i LOVEEE Rollercoasters (although I don’t know for sure, but I have a feeling Moon does not)


  25. I dreamt that Rob was laying on top of me, but we were fully clothed (and I can accept that). He kissed me and smiled a lot. It was amazingly real. I was so happy when I woke up.

    If I go to bed reading parts of SM’s books I can usually conjure up some kind dream about him and remember it in the morning.

    If you’ve ever taken the herb called “Passion Flower” it helps you sleep and gives you vivid dreams. Highly recommended.

    Off to a stupid party…

  26. lol, this post was awesome. I love reading about dreams, and how people always write “and then suddenly, I don’t know why, the scene changed and this happened…” and it never makes any sense.

    I agree with what the aussie girls said above, sorry dont remember her name, but HJ’s is hungry jack here is aussie, can somone de-naive me about that? (lol, de-naive)

    I have never had a rob dream, but I have had a taylor/taylor dream… basically it was when the speculation of taylor squared first started on this blog, and I dreamt that i was best freidns with them and they were dating, and we were all laying on a bed, with me in the middle… then I think I woke up because after all, its not legal yet anyway…

    • Therese~
      HJ = hand job

      I think that’s what you were asking…

      • LOL!

  27. So which one is it..a house full of LTT/LTR ladies or a house full of drag queens and half-dressed emaciated models and gay guys? WAIT A MINUTE…WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? ARE YOU SAYING LTT/LTR LADIES ARE ALL DRAG QUEENS AND HALF-DRESSED EMACIATED MODELS AND GAY GUYS????

    Ok, you found me out. But DANG I look soooo good in my sequins and peacock feather lashes!!!

    P.S. did Rob fit in to any of the aforementioned categories? Rob in drag – *shudder*

    P.P.S. Still waiting for my cherry to pop.

  28. […] secret that the lovely ladies that frequent this site dream about you. Some of those dreams involve making friends with Sam Bradley, some focus more on throwing things at old women. Poochimama even had a dream where you were hiding […]

  29. […] the time when *I* gave my eloquent opinion on fan fiction, or finally the time when *I* had my pic with Sam Bradley show up on LTR this past weekend. This idea fell flat, because clearly I have not been included on […]

  30. […] told us a while ago that dreaming about you was totally normal [<—- UC NOTE: a long while ago! Read that for good times!)  so I thought I'd tell you about a […]

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