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Dreaming of Rob Pattinson (cause that’s totally normal)

Dreams about Rob- we love having them & sharing them. And I’ve decided to add a new feature to LTR “Dreams about Rob!” Read on!

Dreams about Rob PattinsonDear Letters to Rob,

Last night was the first time I’ve ever dreamed of Rob and I’m surprised it finally happened. As obsessed – err – dedicated to the man as I am, I thought it would’ve happened sooner. No one likes to hear about dreams unless of course I’m writing to a website dedicated to Robert Pattinson and my dream involves him. I remember when UC had her dream about Rob and for some reason, I got jealous. I thought, “I’ll never be the girl that dreams about Rob. Do I not love him as much as I think I do?” Then it happened- Robert was in my dream last night. I was at some kind of social gathering…almost like a church get-together or perhaps a laid-back wedding reception. I walked into the room to find my mother. I saw where she was sitting and then saw who she was sitting behind. Yep. My mother was sitting behind Rob. When I first saw him, he was in costume as Edward. Pasty and too much make-up with perfect hair. SO disappointing (kind of). It felt like he was a boy my mother had been trying to set me up with or something. Almost like we had heard about each other for so long but had never met and now it was a bit awkward. My mother introduced us and how she knew him, I had no clue. I did the whole “MOM! You didn’t tell me you knew him!” And she said something like “Didn’t seem important at the time…” He laughed then I laughed and it was just magical.

I assume at some point, my mother gets up because she is no longer in my dream after that (THANK GOD). We talked about the crazy tabloids. At one point we’re making up fake tabloid stories that he’s in. I make up one where he has a monkey attached to his back that has AIDS. He seems surprised by that and thinks it’s adorably hilarious. He makes fun of me for saying something so idiotic and I giggle and pretty much we were falling in love. He also morphed out of Edward-Rob and into normal hobo-Rob at some point – unkempt hair and smelling like Hot Pockets (that’s an exaggeration since I can’t really smell in my dream). Unlike UC, my dream (fortunately) did not involve the elephant in the room.

Up until this point, Rob had gone undetected. Then some little brat walks up to us and starts screaming that it’s Robert Pattinson!! Manager Nick (so happy Manager Nick is in my dream!) comes and tells us that they have to go before the frenzy starts. They ask me if I could create a distraction. Rob hugs me and says it was so nice meeting me and then tells Nick to get my number. At first, I felt like this was a douche-y move, then he promptly turns to me and explains it’s because he does not have his phone or anything to write with. I accept this explanation (like any girl should). I’m not sure where I was, but now I’m thinking it was backstage at a Justin Bieber concert – since all the people seemed to be 8 year-old screaming girls foaming at the mouth. I stand up and block these girls. My dream goes into slow-motion…literally. I’ve got my arms out like I’m guarding something precious (I was) and all I can see are about 50 girls just running (in slow motion) towards me. I quickly look behind me to see if he made it out just in time to see him exiting. He pauses and smiles at me and then right before I’m going to be trampled by screaming 8-year olds, I wake up.

After dreams like this, I would feel like I need to get my “dedication” under control, but then there are websites like Letters to Rob that make me feel okay. Maybe I’m not alone out there and maybe I’m not crazy. It’s perfectly normal to be obsessed with a man I’ve never really met, right?


Bethany That’s TOTALLY Normal. So normal that I went one step further & had your dream interpreted!!! Check it out after the jump!

Mrs. P from TwiBite interpreted MY dream about Rob a few weeks ago, so I asked her to interpret Bethany’s dream today. She’s quite amazing & much more legit than my interpretation would be (“You want to bang Rob. The end”)

Hey Bethany, Mrs. P here…and I’m going to interpret your dream for you!

  • To dream that you met Rob at a wedding tells me that the dream is about to teach you something new, some sort of new awakening…maybe something you didn’t realize before.
  • You meet him and he looks disappointing, which is a fear we all have.  They say “never meet your heroes”, and you played that out in your dream.
  • You talk to him about tabloids, and make one up where he has a monkey on his back with AIDS. A “monkey on your back” is a symbol of an affliction, or an addiction…or something that is troubling him.  You give the monkey AIDS, so you make the monkey deadly.  This says you fear for his life, and that you feel as if he has a problem that could hurt him. He laughs it off, which means YOU THINK he doesn’t realize how much danger he is in.
  • Then the screaming girls come in and you try to protect him.  He runs off as you hold your arms out protectively and this shows that you have a deep fear of him getting hurt by all his rabid fans. So…I think the “monkey on his back” is his crazy fans that chase him, you think that they could be deadly, and you wish you could protect him from it.

Don’t we all…
Mrs. P

P.S.—the “monkey” could also be the “elephant in the room” that you think you didn’t dream about while simultaneously being worried about him getting harmed by fans.  You may have just called her a diseased animal…

WHOA!!!! Watch it Bethany! You’re going to have crazies after you because you DREAMED something!!!

What do you think of Bethany’s dream & Mrs. P’s interpretation? Have you had any interesting dreams lately!?

Love Dream Interpretations? Mrs. P does them a bunch over on her site TwiBite. Go check them out. Or if you have a Rob dream you want interpreted, email us & we’ll ask her!

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  1. I love Mrs P’s dream interpretations! I haven’t had a Rob dream in a LONG time. When they start again, I want them interpreted too!

    Um, am I the only one who thought that this “danger” to him is probably Kristen? I am a bad, bad Robsten. Someone is gonna kick me out of my happy little place in the Robsten topic of the forum for saying that.

    Oh yeah. The jealousy over UC’s dream. Normal!

    • Before I get a whole lotta thumbs down for that, please note that I do indeed love Kristen. I would fake lez for her. And I love them together.

  2. Dude. I frickin’ love this dream!!!!
    It sounds SO awesome.
    And the monkey with AIDS? ROFL!

  3. Anyone have a dream of the elephant in the room wearing a very familiar beanie, yet? Bwhahahaha

    • EMJ…Oscar Wilde said
      “Always forgive your enemies…there is nothing worse you could do to them”.

      So…i am working on that forgivenespart!!!

      • O.Wilde was a wise man, but he didn’t love Rob… 🙂

        • Yeah but I do…LOVE HIM!!! So I want to do the worse possible thing to his enemy(ies)…
          right??? 😀

          • Wuuuuutttt???? I say I forgive his enemies and I get thumbed down???
            Woooowwww…..some schoolgirl is very touchy today!!!

            OK….I DON’T FORGIVE HIS ENEMY…is that better???? :D…LMFAO…REALLY!!!

          • Well guys…because I know you all really miss him like I do…
            and because I really only care of him feeling good…and nothing else…

            let’s watch this (if YT wants to do me the favour)

          • i luv the carzy sexy hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • ps. i think he has the ability to get drunk with coke 🙂

          • 😀 😀 :D…che!!!

          • he is a good (empty)bottle sucker!

        • I’m sure Oscar Wilde would have loved Rob deeply if they were contemporaries. After all he was married w/ kids while secretly having a “dirty” (considered as such at the time) secret and writing about it. Wait, that reminds me of hundreds of women and Rob.

          • I thought OW might have liked Rob too! Hmmm, OW writing fanfic- that would have been interesting!

          • :))

          • OW absolutely would luv Rob.cuz he has the Dorian Gary beauty.
            i like him and his best quote is TO DEFİNE İS TO LİMİT

          • I just love you all because you’re talking about Oscar Wilde.
            That rocks. Esp. Rob and Oscar W. combined. I think Mr. Wilde would have liked Rob a LOT, wink wink…

          • The Picture of Dorian Gray is on my list of “Movies Rob Should Make”!

          • @TOO yes yes and yes !!!!!!!!!

        • Yeah, but Wilde didn’t love Rob *only* because he never met him! (To know him is to love him…)

          Ol’ Oscar would have started this blog with Moon & UC if he were around today.

          • Oscar Wilde would definitely be obsessed with Rob if they lived in the same time/space continuum.

          • GIIIIIRLLLLSSS I love you all…seriously!!!

            @MP…did you use the word “duuurtyyy” mon amour???

            @drsaka, obava,jellybeanrainbow….OSCAR would have adored Rob…
            he would be Robsessed and talking to us right this minute!!!

    • Lmao as soon as I saw those pics I was like: “no it’s not.. It can’t be.. It’s not.. Wait.. What?.. Omg it is.”

      • IKR? First I was like, why did she start wearing the beanie years after everybody? Then I realised said beanie looked familiar.
        Maybe we should stop interpreting dreams and go for the KStew coded messages.

        Wristband, the finger, the beanie, what are you telling us Kristen? In the meantime, may I suggest you to stick w/ the basics of your street style when you’re not sure about dressed up outfits, b/c really, that secretary from the 90s outfit you were in Oz was probably one of the worst you ever had!!!

        • u talking about the yellow skirt?
          cuz i really like that.she looked beautiful

          • I think yellow is a colour she can wear…it’s soo…..SUNNY!

          • Yes. haven’t seen the back, which saves 1% of the outfit IMO, but I still hate it!!!!! Too tight too short too basic too cheap tooooooo…. I know we’re on a massive come back of the 90 but pls not that early 90s style (actually that’s not even a style if you ask me) not that one. Sorry, but I really find it horrible!!!

          • Too tight too short too basic too cheap tooooooo….
            hahaha easy MP
            i think she looks cute
            but i’m sure u know something more about fashion cuz u’re from Paris and u and RG are our fashion gurus

          • No, not at all. It’s subjective. Just feel strong about some stuff and then have to say it (even if I also say a lot of BS). I just prefer her streetwear style though lately I think there has been massive improvement on the dressed-up outfits.

            Thought of you for the Istanbul F1 Grand prix, as i know you like K. Raikkonen. Did you manage to go? Don’t even know if you’re in Istambul.

            OK, got to go, am off now.

          • che@ I was talking about her sunny personality!!!! I gave up to watch her dresses, the most are from the catwalk, but with her smile they just look even better!pftttttt

          • Love having RG & MP here and their fashion sense is just another gift of this blog…


          • @MP of cource it’s subjective but i meant what i said cuz i know nothing about fashion.
            and have just my subjective taste which is ;her outfits were good at the TWİ press junket but bad at NM.the yellow skirt is funny or maybe it’s just the color as RG says.

            Yes i’m from istanbul but didn’t go to F1 grand Prix cuz it means allmost nothing without KİMİ and i (really,truely,literally,absolutely)HATE Ferrari.
            but i don’t remember when did i mention here about KİMİ or was that one of my avatars or something?

            KEPP FLYİNG KİMİ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            no MP u did wrong ,u just woke up the fanatic in me 🙂

        • well the msg was …I give a f*ck….it’s now on “the world” to make something out of that……. or NOT!

        • *face palm* that was “you wore” not “you were” and IstaNbul. Maybeh I should consider spell checking than checking the others’ dressing style. Gawwwd!

    • NEVER!!!

    • I’m so sorry! I don’t know what came over me – but it is on the list of how I’ve been ruined…how is it that I can look ata photo of Kristen giving a double bird to the paps & only see RPattz’s beanie?

      I shouldn’t know this stuff! But while I do, I may not be able to resist teasing you guys with it 😉

  4. Bethany you are absolutly normal and you are in the company of absolutly normal girls!!!

    Love the interpretation Mrs P. especially as we all do have
    at least one thing in common…well besides loving him
    worrying about him being attacked by crazy monkeys and big elephants!

    • Mel, you’re absolutely right, I worry about the crazies & twimoms all the time. Irrational but true. The fact that I may get sacked from my work… not so much.

  5. The only dream I have about Rob over and over again, is about him and me in the red room of pain, where I am bended naked over his knee. I don’t need interpretations of this dream I know what it means…. I am obsessed with MOTU-50 (hangs head ashamed) And there is no room for the elephant in a beanie in my dreams!

    • Fifty Shades FTW!

    • Oh how I envy you! Were there some uh… balls involved too? *dies at the memory*

    • You’re so lucky to have NC17 dream like that. It never happen to me, with Rob or anyone else. I’m a sad panda

    • Oh gosh, you’ve read too much fanfic (MOTU)! LOL

      I’m not into BDSM but I gotta say I’m not completely opposed to the idea, if it was him though. I probably need some therapy after being his submissive for 3 months.

      • Haha, poor SB, don’t worry, it’ll pass after you’ve finished the fic. 😉

        • Hey Cath, ahh I succumbed and bought a pocket Edward!!! I have the NM one, he’s here at home playing with all the lovely Barbie’s.

          About Motu, well I’m sort of sad it’s almost over.

      • SB, is that really you?
        I like the direction you are headed in!!!

        • ML, yes I thought you would. LOL. Yes it’s really me!

  6. Thx Bethany for sharing…and

    Oh my…..I thought that actually the monkey on his back was somebody else…………!!!

    and Justin Bieber looks really like a 9y old boy!

  7. I hope it’s okay because I sure am! That was such a cute dream.. I have only had one dream about him too. I think it’s because we think ablut him so much during the day our brain needs a rest at night? Well, that’s my theory. 🙂

  8. I love the interpretation! I tried to analyze it myself, but I only focused on the part where I tried to sacrifice myself. Also, I’ve always felt I was a don’t give a crapsten. But, if this interpretation of the monkey is correct, then perhaps my subconscious is a Nonsten! ? OH! I just had a thought – perhaps the “monkey” came from “spider monkey,” which would definitely affirm this interpretation. UH OH. I hope and pray I’m not hated in the fandom for my subconscious. Thanks for posting this and making me feel a bit normal for a little while.

    • Hey Bethany! I’m glad I got a chance to do was a lot of fun. I guess if you were a nonsten, then you would think they aren’t together…I think you are still a “don’t give a crapsten” unless there’s a chance of him getting hurt…then you really give a crap.

  9. Gosh I think if I went to bed with a stuffed er, “thing” like that next to me (the husband fortunately is entirely more attractive to me, even after a good few years of marriage and a hefty longstanding robsession), I would have a very very strange dream.

    Bethany – I think you need to throw your snuggly out! He’s scary!

    Mrs P – wow – that was a good dream interpretation. If I wasn’t so completely knackered nowadays that I sleep so soundly I don’t remember my dreams, I’d call you up.

  10. Dear Rob,
    I’m still waiting for you to visit me in my dreams.
    Love, Me

    So far I dreamt of Jared Leto, Tom Welling, Wentworth Miller, some boys I know in RL aaaand, last week it was Nick Cave. That was a WTF moment even in my dreams, I didn’t understand why then, I still don’t now. I wish someone would interpret THAT for me. I respect him as a musician, but not that much, but I never liked him as a guy. Really, Nick Cave, really? I wait for Rob and Nick Cave comes. Really?

    • I love Nick Cave!! However, I don’t think I’d like to dream about him either. I’ve seen The Proposition… and that solidified for me that I don’t want into his mind. Or him in mine.

      • Love Nick Cave too but he belongs in David Lynch’s dreams, not ours. 😉

        • Yes! Exactly!

    • I loved that you had a dream about Tom Welling, I used to have a big crush on him, pretty much the only reason why I watched Smallville. 🙂 It’s a good show but my fondness for him was more than I liked the show. Wentworth’s cute too, I have no clue who Nick is.

      • He’s most famous for this

        Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

        • God how old is that vid, NC is bald now (well ok not quite bold but he’s lost a lot up top). Loved the haiti charity record that him, shane McGowan, Paloma Faith et al, including the lovely Johnny Depp put out recently, downloaded to my phone and now playing as my ring tone which is very annoying but I just loved that version.

          • typos strike again

            that should have read ‘bald’ not ‘bold’. Doh!

  11. Just when I’ve gotten the Roblow out of my mind, you bring it back… pass the brain bleach!!

  12. I have had many, many dreams about Rob and they were steamy….but the last dream was not so good…he confessed to me that he and elephansten are together…I had a bad day that next day. Normal.

    • oh, you poor thing-that’s called a nightmare.

  13. “I’ll never be the girl that dreams about Rob. Do I not love him as much as I think I do?”
    i guess i don’t

    • Che…you just have to wait a bit…I just had my second robdream last night…unfortunatly
      not a good one!!!

      And…sista…I am very sorry about what happened yesterday to all these turkish people, really very sorry!!!

      • i’m waiting….
        and thanx my greek sis.there weren’t just turkish people who died and i’m sorry ,don’t know what to say plus this is not the right place.there is so many bad things are going on all the day ,all around the world and we’re just trying to keep are sanity and be happy with our own lives and just feel sorry from our seats and wish for PEACE
        the world is a sick place and i want to move to moon,mars or somewhere

        • Word!!!!

        • My people died too in that incident.

          • I am very sorry niahid!!!

          • so sorry

    • I guess I don’t either 😉

  14. A part from the Africa dream I already talked about where I didn’t care he was on a bed next to me (which only confirms I’m stupid even in my dreams) I have a new one (almost). Someone was pinching my nipple and for a moment I thought it was Rob. Then I opened my eyes and realised it was the bf waking me up b/c it was 2 PM on a Saturday. Pfffft.

    Mrs P if you’re reading, I’m listening. Thank you.

    • Thank you for that detail, MP, really TMI.

      • About Africa you mean? 🙂 What, I thought I’d share?

      • Hahahahahaha!

        P.S. MP, I don’t particulary like your bf’s way of waking up people.
        I prefer an alarm clock I guess, call me boring…


        • LOL, that’s MP’s alarm clock!

        • hahaha

          Girls, girls, I suspect you to be under the influence of MOTU, the interwebs are exploding w/ it at the mo, and to imagine all sorts of scenarios. Pervs!
          He was sweet but if you can totes bash on him, after all he did wake me up from a possible Robdream and we all know Rob doesn’t come(!) as we’d like him to.

  15. I never was the girl that dreamt about Rob either!! My friend (whom I turned on to Rob and is not as robsessed as I) has had 2 really good dreams!! I’ve now had 2 “I think Rob was in my dream last night” dreams. There always so short and sweet I’m never sure in the morning.

    When will I have my full-blown (yes, I said it!) Rob-dream!!??

    • Oh and can Mrs. P interpret what it means to not have dreams!?

  16. When I dream of him, he is always SINGLE and HAPPY……………..I love my fantasy!

    • I love your consistency 😀

    • Oh when I dream of him, I AM also single and happy…though my DD makes an appearance every now and then, lol.

      • A thumbs down? Someone needs a chill pill!

        • hahahahaha…………….that just make me laugh.

          I know what you mean about the thumbs downing, there’s some really odd ones sometimes…..go figure!

          • I think they think I don’t want my child…that is far from the truth! Get a grip. Stop the hating!

  17. I’ve only ever had 2 dreams about Rob.

    One night I woke up and thought he was actually in my bedroom – turned out it was my lampshade disguised as a peacoat jacket and some ruffled hair a la Edward Cullen style standing in the corner.

    The second dream was just Rob. Without going into too many details, he didn’t perform very well and I woke up very disappointed. I might also add that I had a very good dream about Bobby Long for some unknown reason – he didn’t disappoint.


    • Bobby LONG never disappoint (twss)
      I’ve doubts about Rob’s ability in bed too 😉

      • Niahid and Cazza,

        We are talking about Robert F*ucking Pattinson here, right, or am I at the wrong blog?

        I have no doubts about him except for his choice of gf.

        • You are entitled to your own opinion, but I’m so curios, Niahid what he’s done to give you doubts?

          Was it the way he walks or the way he touches his mouth, how he licks his lips or bites his bottom lip or the way he talks or looks when he is about to kiss? Help me…

          • I will help you, it’s the way his SENSUALITY HITS the screen and guys like that are (never) good in bed….hahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahahaha

            sorry Rob!

            P.S. baby, just DO what you’re always doing… works, TRUST!

          • Sorry took me so long to answer, I just woke up. It’s 6 AM here.
            I’ve doubt because his poor choice of GF and his GF’s unsatiated bitchface .
            But I still love him , irrevocably unconditionally .

            @RG : 😀

        • You know when something is just too good to be true mountain lion? Well, that is what I feel Rob is like. Lovely to look at but when it comes to crunch time, not what you imagined. Trust me on the public schoolboy types, I’ve been there.

          • I’d till like the chance to find out. And I’m sure we could find a way to shore up his deficiencies. He might not be the greatest (oh ye of little faith) but I’m sure but I’m sure he’s got one thing that he’s amazing at ( I don’t know what, but he does have long, lovely fingers.)

            My husband laughs at my Roblust-he also thinks it would all be over in two minutes.

          • @D2D
            long,lovely fingers. LOL

  18. Rob has been in my dreams several times, but never the way I want him to be (ie, naked and horny). But I’m hopeful-all this futile lust has to be channeled somewhere.

    • LMAO, so he’s all dressed and sober then.

      • sadly, yes. And one time he even had a cold.

        • Oh boy, poor Rob. 😉

        • A cold? That’s sweet…I like it.

          • LOL, why? So you can take care of him?

        • LMAO…..A cold!!! We are all so weird 🙂

  19. Oh Robdreams, sigh. I go thru phases, there are nights I dream of him every night, and then nothing after that. I noticed when I get sick, I have the best Robdreams, that’s weird! It’s like he’s my healing balm, ya know? To make me feel all better.

    Geez, Rob, who are you, really?

    Another weird thing, I’ve had some robdreams where I’m running away from him, like I wanted nothing to do with him. And when he makes the moves on me, I push him away and say no! Now you know that’s never gonna happen in real life Rob! I am never, ever running away from you baby!

  20. No way! I had my first Rob dream last night, too! I think I was visiting a movie set he was on and we started talking over a set break. He invited me to have lunch in a private room and of course we hit it off! Later after they finished filming we went back to his room and had a wonderful evening into morning. One of those dreams where you wake up and try to fall back asleep to continue the dream!!!

    • wow
      no way u had that dream!!
      it is not one of those dreams, it is ‘THE DREAM’

  21. Bethany, thanks for sharing your sweet Rob dream!

    I haven’t had any dreams about Rob. Or perhaps I have, but can’t remember them because they remain deepy buried (twss) in my subconscious?

    OT: is it bad that when listening to news on the bp oil spill and hearing them discuss the “plumes of oil”, all I can think about are Rob’s plumes of dandruff? Rob even interferes with my NPR time.

  22. i have a feeling that the “monkey” actually IS the elephant. keeping such big secrets is rather unhealthy….

    anyways…i never remember my dreams, which sucks, because i think i have alot of nightmares and am curious as to why i wake up crying sometimes. but, whatev. maybe I’M dreaming of the elephant and my subconscious is blocking it out….

  23. Hey ladies….this dream was fun and I am glad you enjoyed reading the interpretation. Thank you, LTR, for asking me to do this!

    Bethany…I’m glad it made sense!!!!

    I love this place….


  24. I dreamed about LTR last night! I dreamt my husband was writing a fashion guide (Bwahhahahah) and wrote a chapter about khaki pants. I said I already wrote a rebuttle to this and showed him my posted LTR letter, “Edward Cullen does not wear khakis”. He was disappointed that I didn’t like his pants, then he hosed off the front porch where Rob was tangled in the ficus tree and his hands were the branches and there were doves nesting in his hair. (I blame codine infused cough medicine and a weekend viewing of Goblet of Fire for bizarre human plant images)

    • OMG! that dream is freakin hilarious! Sounds like some of my bizarre dreams! But yeah, Goblet of Fire probably had something to do with it! 🙂

    • ah, my screenname should be I<3 run on sentences!

  25. Thank you for the dream sharing, everyone! I am totally jealous of you all. My only Rob dream was basically him being at the (Cannes?) thing where they were auctioning off kisses. He was just embarrassed the whole time and there was no interaction. I think I was trying on bridesmaid dresses during it all.

    I’ve had more dreams about UC than I’ve had about Rob. Normal or Creepy?? (Sorry UC)

    • that’s normal 😉

    • Dunno if normal but def. better. Cause there’s always hope of getting UC drunk and fake lez w/ her 🙂 as she proposes us to get together. Rob on the other hand never said he wanted to meet us.

  26. Moon and UC, I once had a dream about you both owning a hotel. And we LTR girls all went there for shelter, there was some type of flood and some explosions! It was so bad, a nightmare!

    Just thought I’d share. Rob wasn’t in the dream, although we did talk about him a lot. LOL

    • Sounds like the Robpocolypse… Nooooo!!!

    • Oh my SB! I’m no dream analyst but that sounds like what Moon & UC actually are, represented in a physical form. A Robcentric getaway from RL disaster zone.
      A hotel! I like it. Can I get a room with a seaview? Heines’ & hotpockets & corn from room service? Plaid sheets. Oh emm gee, someone make this happen.

      • Oh hon this was no vacation! It was a nightmare, meteors were falling into the earth, lots of explosions plus later there was a flood, a deluge, I mean it was a catastrophe. And were were all going into Moon and UC’s hotel. Not sure why the hotel was was being spared.

        I have no clue why I had that dream….

  27. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by LetterstoTwilight and LetterstoTwilight, Mrs.P. Mrs.P said: And…I have a guest appearance on Letters To Rob! […]

  28. Last nite i had some sort of erotic (V
    ?) Dream w/jake gyllenhal and a girl from the bank. The weirdest thing was that i keep calling jake rob. When i woke up i felt cheated (and dirty) because it was jake and not rob

  29. I love dreams

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