Posted by: themoonisdown | October 28, 2009

Where the HALE are you, Robert Pattinson?


This is how I see you now... a blur of hair and eyebrows

Dear Rob-

You know when you’ve be apart from someone you love for so long that you start to forget what they look like? And in your memories they just become a blurry face? Well, yea that’s happening. It’s been 23 days since we last saw your mug during the whole Elevatorgate 09 shenanigans. It’s like you rode up that elevator and never came back down. And now you’re becoming nothing but a distant memory to me. I’m even wearing my Team Jacob (Cause Edward Bites) shirt in protest! What have you done to me?!

I’m gonna stop beating around the bush here, I’ve got nothing left to talk about. I don’t care about Robsten anymore, I still don’t know what Remember Me is about, I’ve given up trying to figure out stains, holes and other questionable stuff on your clothes and I’VE GIVEN UP!  I’m just here waiting, hoping, checking the webs for any sign of your face. And like Meredith Grey said: I’m just a girl and you’re just a boy but I love you so I’m asking you to pick me, choose me, LOVE ME! Ok, well maybe not but how about you just show you choose me by coming out of hiding!

And I know we’ve said you need to make us WANT it (that’s what she said) and you need to make us miss you. Well, mission freaking accomplished cause I miss you. I just wrote a prayer to you on Twitter and I’m sitting here wearing a Team Jacob shirt, listening to Taylor Swift and watching videos of them, dissecting their lingering hand holding with UC. This is my rock bottom Rob, I got nothing left!

They say if you build it they will come, but we’re switching it up and we’re gonna blog it:

So come! Come out of hiding!! We need you to show your face and preferably not within 5 feet of a mullet.

Absence is making the heart grow sadder,

So should we take bets on WHEN Rob will be seen next? What will he be doing? What will he be wearing? Have you given up yet?

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  1. Rob are you laying low so that it will all the more thrilling when you make the rounds on all those talk shows? Does Summit have you locked in a hotel somewhere with a month’s supply of Hot Pockets, Heineken and mullet porn?

    • Mullet porn! 🙂

  2. Have you ever had a kitten and it gets spooked and hides way under your bed and you can’t reach it and it won’t come out? So you have to lure it out with catnip and a bowl of milk.

    Rob is like that kitten. We need to find his hotel and stand out on the street corner with a box of hot pockets and an old flannel shirt we picked out of the dumpster.

    • rob’s a pussy. (sorry, captain obvious over here) 🙂

      • I actually didn’t think of that when I wrote the kitten comment! 🙂 (not enough coffee yet)

      • You know what they say…you are what you eat…

        Guess that makes me a chicken quesadilla.

        • Wow! I eat a chicken quesidilla at least 4 times a week. Guess I am one too.

          • Tace Bell is my own personal brand of heroin.

          • Gag! I cried the other day when my love said he wanted Taco Bell.

            I like the real deal…

      • haha.. i agree.. Robbies being such a kitty.. 😦
        AND a drama QUEEN as well.
        Come out, come out where ever you are Robbie….les see your crooked nose and face.. we miss you.. er.. .. even the drunken hobo.. we’ll take anything right now.

        My little cupcake..

        ps. Last rumor was that Robbie is in Rehab.. (bwahaha).
        he’s workin and drinkin hard.

    • Do you think he’d come out for some human catnip (winkwink). I know some people…

  3. rob-droughts suck. remember last year? rob here, there, everywhere! is summit making taylor their new bitchboy instead of rob? making taylor run around with hot-young-things (swifty) and go to awards nights that rob and kristen dont want to attend?

  4. “It’s like you rode up that elevator and never came back down”
    That scary twilight zone tune started playing in my head! Even before I realized that it’s the TWILIGHT zone. K just ignore me acting all weird, but I still find it hilarious. Oh and I’m going to disneyland in two weeks and will think of Rob when falling down 5 stories.

    Ohhh noes you blurred the jaw! *pout*

    Thanks for reminding me of your “what Remember Me is about” post. It’s one of my all time favorites and I’m lolling over ‘recreational vehicles’ again.

    • We went to Disneyland this summer and my 5 year old was very disappointed that there were no vampires on the “Twilight Zone -Tower of Terror” ride. The only Twilight he has heard of, has vampires in it! Have fun on your vacation!

  5. Well, according to OK magazine and *their* recent break-up, we should expect to find Rob holding a yard sale pretty soon. Expect to find lots of bargains such as mullet wigs, knotted T’s, King’s of Leon ticket stubs, a completed hot pocket fort, one almost new jacuzzi tub, a crumpled “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” book, and a “100 Easy Cupcake Recipes” book all on sale 🙂


    • Haha, I saw that! So last week they were showing their lovenest and this week they broke up! Crazy.

    • Tex, You are too funny for your own good. xoxo Heine.

      • heart you Heine x

  6. I feel the same way. It’s been ages since we’ve seen him, he’s been hiding very well. I can’t wait to see his TV appearances! Yay!

    I’m not giving up, I can’t. I’ve invested way too much time and energy on him!

    • I hear what you are saying too ( miss you Rob)…lately (well since I started teaching) I don’t get very much time to get on LTR. I always got my “Rob Score” here…anyways, funny enough– last night I had another dream with Rob….we were at a bar and he was checking me out, finally he got enough balls to come talk to me and he said “I know you from somewhere”…I said “yeah, you read my comments on LTR all the time!!!” Truth.
      Rob can run but he can’t hide (at least we can see him in our dreams).

  7. 23 days? we (NZ) are so two thousand and late its not even funny anymore… Nicole Ritchie’s kid makes the front page with a teeeny tiny Vanity Fair pic of Robsten claiming that there is attraction on the set….sigh…

    I need to go back to my Rob porn to refresh my memory… 😦

    • I think I’m having withdrawal symptoms. I have been looking at my old Rob porn files lately! We were inundated with photos and videos when he was filming Remember Me and now there’s NADA. I think Summit is doing it on purpose so we all get so crazy missing him and then all the fans are gonna explode and watch New Moon on opening night….and many more times after that!

  8. He will be back very soon.

    I predict that we will see him dressed up as KStew for Halloween. Then he will be on every damned talk show and I will have to start getting second hand embarrassed because he has verbal diarrhea. Yuck. I hate that mental image.

    PS Your prayer would have made my Soc. of Religion teacher so proud. Hit all 5 types of prayer. (Adoration, Expiation, Love, Petition, & Thanksgiving) Good job!

  9. Thank you for pandering to my dirty little mind with this gem: “If UC & Moon blog it… he will come.” Even without the “thatswhatshesaid,” that is SO where my mind went. Possibly my favorite non-GQ picture of Rob.

    Dear Rob,

    You can’t pose like a centerfold and then think you can disappear whenever you want.

    It’s just not right.

    You need to accept that you are public domain.

    Ogling you has become a basic need, and this dry spell is killing us here. Do you really want that guilt on your sexy hands?


    • P.S.- Totally intended [read: just noticed] the double entendre with “dry spell.” 😉

    • Thumbs down!? I’m kidding, people.

  10. New Moon press is starting soon. I’ve waited this long, I can hold out a little longer. It’ll be soooooo good when he comes out of hiding.

    And I saw the trailer on TV for the first time last night. I was nearly asleep and heard “You’re a human…” I rocketed out of bed like my ass was on fire. It was worth it.

    Moon, please don’t blur the face ever again! I understand if was for emphasis, but I can’t handle it!

    • God! I just noticed the blurred face. I guess that is really what he is looking like in my mind.

      It really reminds me of The Ring. That is the single most terrifying thing I have ever watched. OK. Now I am scared of The Ring again and I have not seen it in 6 years. Thanks a effing lot!

      Which one of you want to come sit with me in the bathroom while I take a shower? Maybe Rob would be available for that…

      • Shoot…OME I had terrible nightmares after watching The Ring. I can’t watch that movie. All I kept thinking is all that black hair and now thanks you just reminded me of the shower scene!!! 😦 LOL

      • The scariest part of that movie for me was actually quite hilarious. I was watching with a couple of friends in one of their basements and my friend’s mom definitely went outside and threw shoes at the windows. I swear I think I screamed my throat bloody.

        Good times, good times.

      • The ring = scariest ever!
        (after the Blair witch project)

        • THE scariest! I slept with lights on for a week.

      • I have a sure fire way of getting rid of The Ring fear…really! It scared me so badly the first time I watched it (and it took a full year for me to finally watch it after vowing I wouldn’t) that I couldn’t even be in my house alone without freaking out. The cure (love them)? Watch it a few more times. By the 3rd viewing it was one of my favorite movies and no longer scared me. True story.

        • Sorry, no I can’t watch it….I can’t deal with the nightmares! I hate that shower scene and the part when the ghost is dragging itself on the floor or up the stairs. I’m getting the creeps just talking about it. Shudders. I saw parts of it a few months ago and I quickly changed channels when they started showing the girl w. the long hair.

          My husband rented the Japanese version, I wasn’t so scared w/ that one.

          • Hmmm…maybe you’re thinking of The Grudge? I don’t remember a shower scene in The Ring. I’ve seen the Japanese versions of both, too. Asian horror is my fav genre.

        • I can’t watch it either.

          Demonic children haunt my nightmares along with Lord Voldemort.


      • Oh my… That’s also the scariest movie for me! (Aside from The Exorcist)… I can’t bathe and pee and poo alone for months. And I always forced my six-year old cousin to accompany me inside the bathroom. Poor cousin… especially with the ‘poo’ part.

    • I do the same thing! My roommate almost fell of her bed laughing last year because I was practically asleep and she was watching tv when a Twilight commercial came on. I was upright with my glasses on in two seconds flat when I heard “i know what you are!”

  11. I feel sorry for him when he does make an appearance. I would hide too if I were him. It would be all warm and cozy inside that Hot Pocket fort, curled up next to a furry mullet in plaid…it’s like a mother’s womb. Let him have his comfort, people.

    • A furry mullet like a womb? Yuck, just no.


      • That was my attempt at Sarcasm.

    • I just choked on my juice @ furry mullet womb.

  12. I’m getting used to not seeing him around now, and I’m kind of OK with it because we’ll have SO MUCH new Rob stuff to disect and ogle by next week we won’t even have time to break it all down.

    Let the promo-whoring commence!!

  13. I think he secretly flew back to England after wrapping Eclipse, and is now chillaxin’ with Patty before the big New Moon crazy circus starts. Oh, and he’ll be waiting on a park bench in Kensington gardens to meet me this Saturday, cuz that’s where I’ll be. London baby! Envy me. 🙂

    PS: Days after I booked my trip to London for this weekend I found out that the cast is going to be in London on November 11th… I nearly killed myself. Unfortunately, it’s a non-refundable ticket. (Where have I heard that before?)

    • I truly hope he is in London! He’s invited to the Halloween party I’m going to in Brixton on Saturday night!! As are you! 😉 Rob could come in costume and no one would even know! Oh dear – I can totally see myself raping every man in that pub ‘just in case.’

      • ” I can totally see myself raping every man in that pub ‘just in case.’ ”
        Whahahaha. Your devotion is an inspiration to us all!

        • Then how will she give us appropriate feedback with her face cut out of the pictures? That could be ANYONE’S turtleneck.

    • I think too that he is in London after filming Eclipse, he talked about it….and I am fine with it, although it’s really hard..

      • That’s what she said.

        • please explain, what does it mean, “that’s what she said?” I can’t get it, my english sucks… I would love to know english as my first language…and not this boring german…Rob even would NOT understand meeeeeeeee….

  14. He’s just charging his batteries (and so am I) and preparing for the circus. The fit is gonna hit the shan soon with New Moon coming out. He’ll be all over the place again. He’ll be on all the morning shows, the late night shows, he’ll be making his rounds getting photos snapped getting in and out of cabs…one of which will HOPEFULLY produce a buttcrack shot…and all will be right with the world. And then we’ll all have plenty of new images and finally be able put all those charged batteries to use 🙂
    Damn…I’m all rainbows and kittens this morning.

    • Duracell should pay you to write their new marketing campaign.

      • Hey…that’s not a bad idea. We’ve already established over on LTT that I’m completely useless at my current job. I’m probably going to be fired for loitering around on the sites all day so maybe I should shoot that bunny with the drum an e-mail and see if I can work out some kind of a deal with him.

  15. We need someone with a lot of guts and some bail money to lure the Patz out of that hotel…

    “It’s like you rode up that elevator and never came back down” …LOLOL!!!

    Rob..we need you…sans Stew

    • I got the guts…but we might need to pool all our money for the bail. But I am totally willing to take one for the team!

      • These truly are sad times, people. We must stay strong.
        We are the Rob. He will reward our patience. It says so in the
        Bible. This means we will be blessed with 40 days and 40 nights
        of Rob raining down. Trust.

  16. This is the Rob version of FOREPLAY…

    Cause he knows when he comes back…you. are. his.

    Game. Set. Match.

    • Love it! You had me at Rob and Foreplay.

    • Nobody could have said it better, sass. I love foreplay.

    • I think you’re absolutely right! He’s setting us up so when he makes that first television appearance, we’re going to orgasm at first sight.

      That clever bastard!

      • dude, I will fursplode.

        • fursploted: Baaahhhhhhh, omg that was halir.


  17. I’m with southernbelle, I’m way to invested emotionaly to give up on him now.

    Once New Moon hits theaters he’ll have to come out from under the bed, right? Robsessed has a schedule of his upcoming appearances. I’ve already set the DVR and have my fingers crossed that the “old Rob” will make an appearance on at least one of the shows.

    I’m employing the “power of positive thinking” on this. I refuse to give into the thought that he’s had it with fame and would rather sit in a dark room drinking lukewarm Heineken. And playing “hide the Hot Pocket” with KStew than coming out into the sunshine and give his fans alittle smile and a wink.

    (There’s plenty of room if anyone wants to join me in my little boat on the river of “de-Nile”)

    • Apparently my meds are working overtime today because I’m all positive and crap but I’m with you. I think he’s going to come out of exile and be completely charming and funny and as yummy as ever!

      Are we serving umbrella drinks on this little boat C-64?

      • I’m thinking open bar and hot appetizers. If we’re going, we’ll go in style!!!!

    • God I hope so, and yeah I hope he is not with Kstew. I just like them better….seperately. I can’t explain it.

  18. I’m just hoping he’s going to get to Europe early (he’s confirmed to be in London on 11/11) and go to Amsterdam between 11/5 and 11/9 because I’ll be waiting at the Heineken Experience just for him. You know he can’t resist. Maybe I’ll pack some Hot Pockets and set a little trail for him….

    • Start the trail with the booze. He’ll be more willing to follow the trail after that. I almost said he’s be more “pliant” but I didn’t want to go there. haha!

      • What if I did a trail with booze AND hot pockets AND plaid shirt shreds? He’ll be ready when he gets to the end, looking for a mullet, and there I’ll wait, like a spider in my web…


  19. Ugh, 23 days!?!?! That’s really out of control. On one hand I miss the black hoodie and plaids – (how can a man who dresses like a homeless dude inspire so much lust!!??) and that face of course….on the other I feel bad for him, he clearly went up the elevator and didn’t come down. If he came down there would have been pictures. Poor guy, holed up in that hotel with just a mullett to keep him company. If Summit feels the need to supply him with a little variety, I’m available!!!!

  20. It’s a total fluke (i.e. planned the instant I knew) that I will be in London the same time as Rob. Fancy that. Only 1000 square miles and c.8 million people to search!!! Easy peasy 😦

  21. $100 bucks says he’s at a microwave convention.


      Oh, my gosh, I love you!

    • Hahahahaha I love you too!

      • I love you both! 🙂

  22. Ugh, 23 days!?!?! That’s out of control. On one hand I miss the black hoodie and plaids – (how can a man who dresses like a homeless dude inspire so much lust!!??) and that face of course….on the other I feel bad for him, he clearly went up the elevator and didn’t come down. If he came down there would have been pictures. Poor guy, holed up in that hotel with just a mullett to keep him company. If Summit feels the need to supply him with a little variety, I’m available!!!!

    PS This is not to say that if I saw one Rob Pattinson come out of an elevator I wouldn’t completely frighten the poor guy and need to be pried off of him by a team of large bodyguards.

  23. Wait, Rob is in another movie? Remember what, now? Huh.

    • yep. apparently somebody is suppose to be remembering something about a Alice in Wonderland or a pink sleeping bag or chain smoking or something. Nobody knows for sure.

      • Oh right and then some girl flips him off and then he goes to the beach in dumb shorts and a bad sweatshirt my son wore when he was 3. I’m starting to ‘remember’ now…..

        • that’s right. I’m starting to “remember” some ugly clothes as well. Thank God…I was start to worry that all of the pot I smoked back in the day was starting to catch up with me.

          • heh heh….

  24. you should post the twitter prayer again so we can all say at unison: AH – FREAKIN -MEN

    ROBBBBBB I miss you… Im gonna sing to you a song in Spanish that I found and that fit perfectly with me missing you:

    Aire, en esta linda tarde de verano
    Tu recuerdo es una foto gris
    Que las horas van difuminando
    Que difcil dibujar tus rasgos
    Medio da despues de partir

    Aire, si tus ojos eran higos negros
    Si los dientes gajos de limon
    No recuerdo el largo de tus cejas
    Ni siquiera puedo hablar, apenas
    De otra cosa que no sea tu olor

    Bello, con tu perfecto perfil
    desaliñado lleno de proyectos
    hombros cargados y zapatos viejos

    It say something like this:

    Air, in this beautiful summer afternoon
    Your memory is a gray photo
    that The hours are blurring
    is so difficult to draw your features
    half day after you’re gone

    Air, if your eyes were black figs
    If your teeth lemon wedges
    I don’t remember the length of your eyebrows
    I can not even speak about
    Something else than your smell

    Beautiful, with your perfect profile
    scruffy, full of projects
    rounded shoulders and old shoes


    ok that was by far the longest and hardest… ahem, comment I’ve ever left. (and the most embarrassing one)
    that’s what you do to me Rob.
    I miss you…

    • Esta muy lindo! Muchas gracias! Pensando en Rob :(.

  25. I am right there with you.. 100%

  26. I miss him so much…thank you moon for (saying) crying it out loud! I’m sure, it works…

    Rob is confirmed on Nov.14th in Munich, and I cannot be there although it’s near to me….
    It’s a teeny-screaming-shit-event, it’s absolutely impossibile to go there without feeling embarrassed.

    So near to me and so far away at the same time, that’s soooo sad, hopefully he will be in Paris in January, perhaps there will be a better occasion….so, with tears in my eyes…I am waiting.. 😦

    • Same for me. There’s no way I would go there, even after a night of heavy partying and everything that goes with it.

      Shit, I should have said yes to that journalist job I was offered some time ago, I would have attended the press conference officially for “professional” reasons.

      We should do a brainstroming on how to meet Rob accidentally.
      So I’ll start:
      – Lock the cleaning lady in a closet, steal her clothes and then go change Rob’s sheets. Oh wait, I will probably be thrown over the balcony when the superviser will find me naked in the said sheets.
      – Join the guys who are washing the windows from outside, to get a privileged vue of him, hoping that they won’t jump on me when I’ll take off my working uniform to say hello to Rob.
      -Do the room service. Do you think they’ll fire me if I get down the bottle of champagne that I was supposed to bring to his suite?

      Ok, I am too snob to do all that, taking a room in the hotel would be more like me. Oh wait, I’m living in the city, it will be difficult to explain to Rob (cause I’ll see him several times, of course) that I sometimes get rooms in hotels all by myself.

      So if you have any idea on how to meet Rob accidentaly, please join.

      Robgirl86, I don’t have many hopes for Paris, since he’s living away from the craziness. I’m not gonna go to the set and wave…I still have some self esteem.

      So how the fuck meet Rob?

      • Hey, since there is a little time to make a good plan…I will think about it…it has to be something posh…like a coincidence…if-you-know-what-I-mean….second choice, we have to loose finally our dignity! Go there, screaming and making fools of ourselves…I really don’t know….lol

        • Tell me if you come up with something good.
          The second option is just impossible for me.

          But those who are not afraid of anything can always go to the TV shows he’s doing. I suppose he’ll do Le Grand Journal in Paris. Of course they will have to take the risk of an international embaressement, if the camera will brifely be on them, cause the show will end up on You Tube. Not an option for me either.

  27. Now that I can admit that I’m jealous of Kristen, I must say, I

  28. Your twitter prayer was pure brilliance. It made me laugh out loud at my desk yesterday, just fyi.

    Rob’s vanishing act has made it possible for me to get some semblance of a real life back. The obsession’s waned quite a bit, and I think I might even be HAPPY that it has. Blasphemy!

    But… as soon as he shows his face again, especially when he starts up with all the NM interviews, I’ll just fall right back into it all, and I can say good-bye to my life (again).

  29. I really think we should blame Summit.

  30. hi everyone,
    i just found this site yesterday and i am officially addicted,you guys are the most “normal” and funniest rob freaks out there and i would like so much to be apart of your family (pleeeeeease).i feel like i have found a home…..
    love and hot pockets to you all,

    • WELCOME!

    • Hi ya!

    • Hey big wave, I found this blog some months ago….and you ARE at home, trust!

    • That’s normal.

    • *waves* Hi tc! We always welcome “normal” people into the family with open arms. Hugs!

    • Welcome to Rob’s private harem TC, your official member #1,678,926. He should be able to welcome you personally in say 10 years or so. Don’t worry I’m still waiting. I know he will come!!!*thud*

  31. Where is VixB’s Milk Carton? Poor Rob…upstairs in his HotPocket fort. It’s ok…come down.

    • Maybe VixB should put the missing poster on a Hot Pocket Box this time…

  32. AMEN! I am glad someone said it!!

  33. AMEN! I am glad someone said it!

  34. I wonder what hes doing? What entertains the most wanted man in the world?

    • God, I really don’t want to know who is keeping him occupied. I hope he is reading the Bible or someting like that. Stay AWAY from the Mullet Rob!!!!!!

      • Maybe he has Kellan’s copy of The Purpose Driven Life?

    • I think he is actually doing a lot of washing machines and sewing holes in his shirts….lol

  35. You know things are dire when all we have to talk about is fast food and red-neck hairstyles.
    Actually, a sex tape might be just the ticket…

  36. Dear Rob,
    I miss you.
    Come out today so I can blog something brilliant for tomorrow

    • don’t worry, you are always brilliant …. smack!

  37. This time apart from Rob is our “New Moon” time.

    “Sure-Sure,” we are getting LOTS and LOTS of Taycob-time. All the new wolfy scenes and previews and whatnot.

    We are all doing crazy (normal) things for a Robward fix.
    Instead of riding motercycles and jumping off cliffs, we Tweet and read blogs and fanfic to see or hear imaginary versions of him.

    Before long it will be Nov 20 and we will be reunited with our Romeo.

    We will run as fast as we can, tearing our way, not through a crowd of people in red to a clock tower but through a throng of teens wearing Hot Topic-New Moon merch at the movie theater.

    We will cringe not as Felix flips Edward all over the place, but as David Letterman grills Rob. Please be dazzling. Please don’t make a fool of him.

    After that we can safely spend most of December planted in the theater watching and rewatching……and rewatching….and…well you get the point.

    All this of course will need to be repeated in February for “Remember Me” and June for “Eclipse”.

    Thankfully from then on our time apart from him never be this long again.

    Until Nov 19 @12:10, I miss you my love.

    • I. am. cried. Beautiful words, Donna. *wipes pretend tear*

    • Donna, if this old man will grill our baby…I swear, I will come over the ocean to give him a big punch!!!

  38. That blurry pic of Rob is how I see when I don’t have my contacts or glasses. Which then makes me immediately think good thing I will never have him because this is how I would see Rob in the morning and I couldn’t see his pretty face, which would make me sad. Or maybe I’d just get lasik. See what your absence has done to me, Rob?! I’m officially crazy thinking. Awesome.

    • I would sleep in the contacts and risk eye infection to not miss that face. Just a suggestion for if you ever do hook up with Rob.

      • Ha.Ha.Ha. Eye infection is totally worth risking. Thank you for the rational thinking and putting it all into perspective for me.

  39. Hi UC and Moon, I have a topic idea: ever since I noticed that every damn awards show showed new, “never-seen” clips of New Moon, I’ve been boycotting them. Its too much information and is ruining the movie!! By the time it actually hits theaters, more than half of it will have already been released in pieces. I say we boycott any more “clips” (or “chunks” as I call ’em) and show some New Moon abstinence! It cant hurt and it will make seeing Rob the week of the release all the more sweeter for our “virgin eyes.”

  40. He’s only making it harder on himself by hiding away. Now, when he finally decides to crawl out of the Hot Pocket fort, the fandom will be in such a frenzy that it will take SWAT teams to hold back the rabid panting throngs of Rob Zombies.

    We are hungry zombies Rob, but brains are not on the menu. Show thyself.

  41. The kissing scene that was out last night was like a Robsten sex tape. Don’t watch, just listen and tell me those are not sex noises! Sadly, that was enough to do me in and I am ok w/out a Rob sighting today cause I got to see Rob’s “O” face and hear his moans. *shutters* Life is good.

    How am I going to not combust in my theater seat when I hear those moans in surround sound?

    • Ooooo. I just listened. Yes, sex noises. Holy shit…so much better.

    • OMG!! I just listened and i think i might die now!! He’s so damn hot. I didn’t know that was out there. Thank you!!

  42. I’m starting to think I’m over Rob…and moving on to Caleb Followill. Saw KOL in concert the other night and Caleb was sex on legs and did this little booty shake that got me WEAK and I haven’t really thought about Rob since…except reading LTR…blog about not seeing Rob. Letters to Caleb anyone?????

  43. i miss seeing rob also.

    have you guys seeing the suggested costumes for rob for halloween at celebuzz? it is just hilarious.

  44. Calm down girls, everything is fine. Rob is here with me in Isle Esme. I’m helping him with… ummmm researching for Breaking Dawn. Yes… that’s right. I promise he will go back… NOT!

  45. “We need you to show your face and preferably not within 5 feet of a mullet.” LOVE IT!! 🙂

  46. “TIME PASSES. EVEN WHEN IT SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE. Even when each tick of the second hand aches like the pulse of blood behind a bruise. It passes unevenly, in strange lurches and dragging lulls, but pass it does. Even for me. ”

    No, dear Rob, not for me. Time stopped 22 days ago and I want to see you. Today! Promisses of press junkets and promotional tour in Europe in november are not enough. I want to see you NOW!
    Love, Me

  47. Rob come out come out wherever you are…

    I’d do it with you… in front of my parents. (Seriously) And I’m telling you, I’ve never had a boyfriend, I’m only 22 and my parents are conservative. (So imagine their reaction…)

    Oui… I’m prepared to have a hideous mullet as their punishment after we do it in front of them…

    Apparate! Now!

  48. I just recently stumbled across your blog via a link from Robsessed, and I can’t get enough! I laugh so hard when I read your letters my husband has given up asking me what’s so funny…i can’t deal, you are hilarious!

    I, too, miss Rob, but don’t mind seeing him near a mullet, and it’s growing out I’ll have you know! lol

  49. The best way to get over The Ring? Remember that the person playing the little girl also plays Lilo from Lilo and Stitch. After I found that out, all I could picture was Lilo climbing out of the well 😛

  50. […] when we said “if we blog it you will come?” Yea, well you were listening cause obviously you pay a lot of attention to what UC and I say […]

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