Posted by: Bekah | October 29, 2009

Interviewing Rob Pattinson


This is when they asked me how I channel Edward...for the 7th time

Dear Rob,

Today I’m not going to mention your 24 day absence. I’m not going to give you the pleasure of knowing it bothers me. Instead I’m going to look toward the future to a brighter time in my life. Yes, I’m talking about the upcoming days when you’ll be forced into a small room, with a camera in front of your face for ten hour stretches at a time, to answer the same questions over and over again at a press junket. Not to mention the 4 am wake-up calls you’ll have so that you can jump on the phone with east coast radio stations so their cheesy AM DJs can ask you questions about Kristen they’re not supposed to ask. The exhaustion and utter annoyance with the forced promotion and canned list of responses Summit made you memorize is sure to provide many awkward moments for us to enjoy in the days and weeks ahead. I.can’t.wait.

Apotampkin sent us an email yesterday with some concerns listed in the form a letter to your interviewers. Perhaps you can laminate this and make them read it before they ask you any questions:

Dear Interviewers,

In the spirit of keeping things interesting, could I please beg of you to PLEASE stop asking Rob about his fame and how he’s handling it. He’s mega famous – we get it – he gets it – how many times do we have to hear the deer-in-the-headlights quote? Can you please ask him some interesting questions about his life and his future? I would like to know what other scripts he’s been reading…what’s happening with his music now…why hasn’t he worn his new Stoli shirt yet? Does he still love hot pockets or has his taste matured since becoming wealthy? Is he aware of the pumpkin carving contest in his honour and what does he think of it? IS HE EVER COMING TO AUSTRALIA??? (sorry didn’t mean to shout – just got a bit excited at the thought).

It would be extra nice to hear something new.


This is when they asked me why I didn't hook up with Ashley- I couldn't remember why

I agree with Apotampkin and myself fear for the lameness of the interviews in your future. I mean how many times can we hear you explain how you relate or do not relate to Edward? Seriously- Does anyone actually think you can answer that question with a straight face? I mean, Edward is a vampire. He drinks blood and refrains from sex! What’s there to relate to about that guy? I hope you’re practicing your straight-faced answer in the mirror every day. Or else you’re screwed.

And what about when they ask the inevitable questions about Kristen? Can’t you just be honest? What’s Summit gonna do? Fire you? That’s not gonna happen. So when Elvis Duran’s annoying-as-crap radio voice wakes you from a blissful dream where Hot Pocket offered to make you custom pockets for life (pepperoni in a Heineken sauce with a beer-battered crust topped with Cinnamon Crisp flakes) to ask you, “RPattz- give us the low-down on what’s going on with your girl KStew” (Cuz only radio DJs say “RPattz” “KStew” and “low-down” out loud), why don’t you shock us? Say something like, “Elvis, my man, KStew is great in bed. You should try her out.” or “Eh, isn’t Swiftner a hotter topic these days? I’ll talk about them” Or my favorite suggestion, “She’s cool, but that mullet is starting to stink.” Give us something good!

We deserve it, really. I mean, who else would stick around during a 24 day drought? Or is it 25? Or 23? Eff it- who’s counting? Me, I’m counting.

Anticipating the potentially awkward, definitely repetitive yet blissful moments of countless hours of video, audio and images of you looking, sounding, and acting exhausted and utterly adorkable,

After the jump, read the questions the twitterers want Rob to answer!

@JodieO: Tell me, Rob, what was your “friend” Marcus’s sweaty shirt doing on your floor to begin with? Are you a Heath or a Jake?

@PinkFluffGirl: What Playboy are you hiding in your pretentious book no longer in publication?

@FredsNoSped: How many takes did it take you to perfect THE TUCK?

@tiffanized: Did you ever accidentally walk in on Dick & Clare “doin’ it”?


Haha! Good one! I perfected that long ago. TomStu showed me how

@PhyllmeupRob: Were your parents strict? Did they spank you? If so, does that make you want to spank…me?

@Proselyte3: I’d ask him where he wants my tongue first. *said without a shred of modesty or decorum*

@tiffanized: Can you get me Buttcrack Santa’s home phone number?

@Meridithjdavis: I would ask Rob if he does his own laundry. Or do you think he has someone else wash his dirty drawers and Marcus’s shirts?

@tiffanized: What’s your sleep number?

@myRobPattinson: How come every time you come around My London London Bridge wanna go down? Like London London London

@jesswong1987: how big is IT? (and by it i mean his hot pocket fort of course)

What questions would YOU ask Rob?

And because there were SO many amazing entries on Twitter, I’m posting 12 more later in the day. Yes! That’s right! Two posts, one day! I know! Pigs are flying, hell froze over and the Yankees won the world series*


*hollllaaa Go Phils!

Continue the interview conversation on The Forum
and celebrate SWIFTNER on LTT


  1. Yes, yes! We DO need to shout “IS HE EVER COMING TO AUSTRALIA???” We need to be heard from way down here! LOL

    And that’s also my question: When are you coming to Australia? (And will you ok finding my house or shall I send detailed directions?)

    • Yes, that does need to be shouted.
      Directions to my house (or the nearest sleazy motel) can also be provided to him. Hell I’ll even send him a link of Google maps showing the directions to my house.

    • I dont think he’ll come down under 😦 hahahaaahaha

      Actually I read that he wasnt….

      • “I dont think he’ll come down under ”

        That’s what she said.

    • You know that if Rob DID come down under that he would miss his interviews because he would be so amazed at how the toilets flow backwards.

      • I’d prefer to think that he’d ‘accidentally’ sleep in after having his world rocked all night long… me of course.

        I’d make his sex hair live up to it’s name! Holla!

  2. Apotampkin is the funniest nick ever! Just being reminded of that made my day.

    • I love how he pronounces that word during the commentary of the movie…always makes me laugh!

      • Thanks! I called myself that because my 3yo daughter makes me press the apotampkin soundbite button over and over on RAoR Rob on Demand.

  3. Let’s not even joke about the Yanks winning the series okay? It makes me nauseous. I root for the Red Sox and whoever is playing the Yankees. So goooooooo Phillies!

    In other news…I can’t wait for Rob to go on Ellen again. When she talked to Kate Gosselin yesterday, she had a stack of like a bajillion tabloid magazines. Is it wrong that I want her to show Rob the 3248346 OK mag covers he’s been on, especially the love nest one?

    And I want someone to ask him about his hair. I can’t remember if he says he washes it or not…. πŸ˜‰

    • I wish Ellen ask him about tabloids… cause she’s gonna do it in a funny way, and then Rob would answer in a funny way too… maybe that would help him get it out of his system… I mean the scrapy (scrapie? spell?) thingy answer is epic! Ellen can do that and I’m sure Rob would answer gracefully πŸ˜‰ new quotes on the way!!!

  4. I think Ellen needs to get him talking about cars again. He was so adorable going on about “wipey-thingys”.

    I can imagine Dick sitting at home with his head in his hands wondering how HE raised a son who knows nothing about cars.

    • Sitting at home? You think the Patty-rents are gonna miss a chance to dance on National TV again?

      Yeah, I don’t think so either.

      • Oh, I sooooo hope they come to the show. I loved watching them dance. They seemed so carefree and Rob didn’t seem to care. That’s when I started to fall for him. I’m older than Rob and I’d be horrified if I saw my parents dancing on national television.

    • That was so adorable when he talked about those “wipey things.” He looked like a boy! Aww. I hope now he has those buttons that work so he doesn’t have to scrape by hand!

      • Oh now I have to go watch that interview again….

  5. What I want to know is HOW HE IS KEPT SO HIDDEN! We get more news from Obama, the Dalai Lama and the royal family. I can’t believe that a 23 year-old dude has more security/less visibility than any of those mega-important people.


  6. I’m sorry, but no question will ever be beaten by “Are you a Heath or Jake” πŸ˜›

    • a Jake for sure.

  7. I want to know what his favorite position is . . . . to sleep in, of course!

  8. My question:

    “Rob, can I touch your hair?”

    No matter the creep factor of said question that is still the only part of Rob I want.

  9. I think I would go with “are you available now for a three way with me and either TomStu or Kristen – your choice.”

  10. “Rob, do you have as much fun with your Pocket Eddie, as I do with mine?”


    • Yes! This one!

  11. I need to know if he’s ever had sex outside, can he come over and help me move my furniture, and does he pull his underwear down when he pees or does he use the side slit? These are important questions we all need answered…tee hee!!

  12. custom pockets for life
    “pepperoni in a Heineken sauce with a beer-battered crust topped with Cinnamon Crisp flakes”

    I’d ask him to show his O-face. He would never do that, but the awkwardness that follows should be just as good.

    • I completely agree. You know he would do that goofy giggle and probably make some silly, ridiculous face. He would try his best to play along. Or, he would be completely serious and wonder, out loud, “what do you mean by ‘O’face’?” Cause I can totes see him not getting it.

      We love our Rob, beer drinkin, hot pocket eat’n, non-showerin’, thrift shop shoppin’ Rob! We miss you. Come out from hiding, and answer these questions, inquiring minds want to know…

      So I guess the main question is “Hi Rob, where in the Hell have you been?”

    • If you watch Little Ashes you get a glimpse of the “O” face. Or at least I imagined that it might look something like that.

  13. Dear rob,

    Is it wrong that it excited me to think of u and Tay Tay together? Do U think about u and Tay Tay together? aaaaaand piggy back onto “are u a Heath or a Jake?”


    dont forget to take a detour to NZ when ur in Aussie…I’ll give u chocolate fish….in hot pockets…

  14. “Did you ever accidentally walk in on Dick & Clare β€œdoin’ it”?” No matter what the answer, can you IMAGINE the adorkable-ness of the answer!!

  15. My fav:
    “@jesswong1987: how big is IT? (and by it i mean his hot pocket fort of course)”

    Laughing HARD (that’s what she said)

  16. “So, Rob, have you ever played ‘Just the Tip’?”


    “Oh! You’ve never heard of that? Well, come here, let me teach you!”

    • Yessssss!

    • That is A MUST! We sooo need to make sure that one is asked!

  17. “@jesswong1987: how big is IT? (and by it i mean his hot pocket fort of course)”


    This is my fave……
    “@myRobPattinson: How come every time you come around My London London Bridge wanna go down? Like London London London”

    I love the random 60 second question rounds the stars do where they answer their faves.

    I’d ask him if he likes giving and receiving……foot massages.

    Also, I would ask how much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

    No seriously….I would ask him if he wanted to be my emergency contact and then come over and practice “the moan” on me 100 times over!

    Speaking of press junkets….go here to see a complete list of tv alerts for the cast. And feel free to add to it if there’s something missing or something new….something borrowed, something blue….or…er…ahem…sorry.

    • No Rob on the Tonight Show?! Aw, my dreams of Rob and Conan together are officially shattered. 😦

      On the other hand, I bet Conan can make KStew really, really uncomfortable, which might be amusing.

      • He could still be scheduled for Conan, there’s still time.

        • Rob on Conan would be an adorakable wet dream!

          • Wouldn’t it?!? I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but you’ve lifted my spirits, Jena. πŸ™‚

  18. Rob, when you said you keep the sexual tension alive on set with “Tantra?” could you elaborate about that a little?

    • YES!

    • Or a lot. Could you elaborate on that A LOT

  19. I’d ask if he’s still up for singing karaoke. If yes, then would he “Take a chance on me”?

  20. I’d ask him if The Coug tried to hit that.

    • I BET there is a hilarious story where she got drunk at the Twilight wrap party and finally came on cougar style to him that we’ve never heard.

      • Oh, no doubt!!

  21. My burning question:

    What are you doing on Thanksgiving? I saw your interview last year and you were confused about it. You were so funny, calling it Turkey day and when the interviewer asked you if you knew the relevance of this holiday you honestly answered no! πŸ™‚

    Anyway would you like to come and be my special guest for Thanksgiving? You can eat to your heart’s content and yes there will be pie! Lots of them. You can have bourbon pie! There will also be lots of women(lots of women in my family and relatives). I think they would appreciate me very much if you came, they can all stare at you and listen to you banter while eating your turkey. At least we don’t have to listen to sports or NASCAR for once. The men in the family can go watch football and drink their beers in the family room, you can stay with the women and dazzle us!

    And after dinner, I have a special treat for you :-). What? Oh you want to know, well I guess you’ll just find out if you do come.


    • I bet that after dinner treat is… Pie!!
      Oh, and he’ll come.

      • “Oh, and he’ll come” thatswhatshesaid

        • Haha my body was deprived of food…I didn’t catch that “oh he’ll come earlier!” LOL. Yes he better come, dang it!

      • I had something else in mind…but yeah I guess he can have pie. He’ll probably get drunk on the bourbon pie, if he eats a lot! LOL.

    • I don’t really get what Thanksgiving is about either? But I think the clue is in the name. I’ve always wanted to go to a Thanksgiving dinner, can I come? You can come to Guy Fawkes night with me! I went to Uni in Plymouth here, and I went to where the Mayflower sailed from loads of times. That’s relevant, right?

      • Hey I didn’t realize you’re British(am I correct?)! Here’s what Thanksgiving is about. There’s diff dates for US and Canada. Canada already had theirs I think.

        And yes hon you can come to my Thanksgiving gathering! Do you like sweet potato pie? Basically here in the US Americans gorge themselves on Thanksgiving! LOL.

  22. One more, I’d like to know if he’s a member of the “Mile High Club”.
    If not I’d be happy to help him gain membership!!!!!

  23. I’d ask if he would wash my car…in just a pair of button-fly jeans.

    • RAWR!!!!!

    • Now that was a great visual!

      The other day I was talking to a friend how I thought it would be hot if Rob was cleaning my tub in nothing but the holey jeans. πŸ™‚

    • I think I just blacked out for a second while getting that visual….Rob all sudsy and drippy, streeeeeeettttcchhhingg over the car to get to those hard to reach places… *THUD*

    • Would he be eating a cheeseburger while washing your car?

      If so, I’m in!

      • @fangbanger – No way…he would be smoking a ciggie and it would be dangling ever so slightly from his lips.

  24. Rob, when you said play your own trumpet, could you demonstrate your meaning?

    • Blow Rob, Blow!!!
      Lick your lips real slow.
      Here, sit back, let me show you

  25. It’s been too long, Rob. I know this because when I started reading today’s post about you being shoved into a small room I immediately drifted away and imagined ME shoving you into a small room and sticking something in your face..

    I think someone (a second-hand embarrassing Twi-Mom, perhaps) should ask the inevitable question-cut or uncut? Not because we don’t already know the answer (probably uncut) but because if Rob got so flustered by that hussy asking whether he wore boxers or briefs, he would probably fall off his chair if asked this. I’d love to see his face and hear him stammering before an angry Summit rep cut in.

  26. It’s official: you have the funniest people hanging out around this blog ever.

    My question for Rob: Why do you talk about soiling yourself so much?

    My question for myself: Why do you continue to love this boy who talks about soiling himself so much?

    • Maybe he just has IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and he just can’t help it.

      • aaaaand hosedown successful.

      • I don’t think it’s IBS, it’s verbal diarrhea. I suffer from it chronically, and he shows all the symptoms.

        • Hahaha, I agree. The only time I ever open my mouth is to put the other foot in. Rob certainly does seem to be a victim of this, as well.

  27. Is it wrong that I can’t wait to see Rob get all flustered when someone asks him a question besides, “Dude, what’s it like to be a vampire?” ?? I love me some fidgety Rob so the tough questions need to be asked. I.E. Do you prefer to be on top or on bottom? What do you and KStew do (besides each other) in your little Hot Pocket Den of Love? Can I see your weiner? Do you wanna “do it” now or later? Etc. Etc.
    I wanna see him SQUIRM. He owes it to us for his lack of presence. And plus a squirmy Rob=an adorable Rob. It’s a win-win situation. πŸ™‚

    • Can I see your weiner- For the win!!

      • Pppbbbbtttt!!! πŸ™‚ It may be a little bold, but dammit, I want to see it!

        • Uh, yeah, for serious. If you ask, and he shows, I want photos, and even movie footage if possible. I am not afraid to watch.

          • Okay-but let it be a warning, that if he does show me it, I’m going to ask him to play “Hide the weiner”. I figure if he’s willing to show it, he’ll be willing to *ahem* use it.

    • “can i see you cut or uncut weiner?” because that would be two questions for one

      • I couldn’t agree more. Then at least one of life’s greatest mysteries will be solved. πŸ˜€

  28. You know for a serious question I would actually like to know of all the movies over the last 100 years, what role would he have loved to play?

    Would he be in a Charlie Chaplin flick? His fave One Flew Over the Coo-Coo’s Nest? Citizen Kane? Gone With The Wind? Breakfast Club? Clueless? Coming to America?

    So many options…what would he choose?

    • Oh, in Clueless as Christian..ha!

      Seriously though, I think I’d love to see him in Roman Holiday.

  29. Dear Mr. Pattinson,

    I have compiled a list of burning questions that my friends and I (and by friends I mean my dog and my cat) would like answered. In lieu of a question-and-answer session, I’d like to just leave this list here by your bed for you to email your answers at a later date. During the time we are saving by not playing bored actor and hot entertainment journalist, I would like to demonstrate a medley of skills inspired by the creative works of Ms. Jenna Jamison.

    1. What’s your safe word?
    2. Will you pet my unicorn?
    3. Would you like to see my etchings?

  30. I would ask him if his hot pocket would like to come over and meet my microwave. πŸ˜‰

    • Haha Jena that’s so kinky!!! RAWR!

  31. Speaking of Questions and Answers – Charlie Bewley is doing a Q&A session on this site: in about 2 hours and 25 minutes if you were interested.

    He’s English and HELLA HOT too.

    • Oh Lord. I hope nobody asks about Rob or Robsten. It is so second-hand embarrassing to me when people like Billy Burke or Pfach get asked no questions about themselves or their roles, but get asked tons of Rob/Robsten questions. I saw Alex Meraz on E a couple of weeks ago and they only talked about Rob. wtf? I know the ladies that comment on this blog know better than to do this, but if any of you lurkers are reading this, please only ask Charlie questions related to him. kthx.

    • He is! My sister went to the Twilight conference in Chicago a few weeks ao and stood in line for his autograph. She was all decked out, and he actually stopped her from walking away and asked to see her eyes. Of course she was all flustered and then he said, “Your eyes are AMAZING!” And just went on from there, kind of flirting. I sooooo wish I could have been there for this. She almost passed the fuck out. I am pretty sure I would not have handled it as well as she did.

  32. I definitely think LTR needs a spot in one of those Junkets …who do we talk to to get you gals in there. I think these questions DESERVE answers.


    • Truth!

    • seriously. can you blow someone for me?

  33. O.K. Rob.

    1. Please tell me that you are working on some new music. Will you maybe work on something with Sam, Bobby or Marcus again?

    2. Are you tired of living in hotel rooms? Do you want to stay with me instead? I’m good in the kitchen and other rooms too. I would even make you a Hot Pocket from scratch, if that helps you decide.

    3. What fan fiction are you reading right now? Come on, don’t deny it. The Office? Wide Awake? Deconstructing Dracula?

    I am so looking forward to seeing him laugh and roll his eyes, at the stupid questions he will most definitely be asked, over the next month.

    • Yes! I want to know what fanfic he has read. Someone seriously needs to ask him this! He has already admitted to reading ff. He said it was “surprisingly well-written and hardcore.” I would also ask if it is weird to him that people write Robsten ff. ‘Cause it’s weird to me.

      • When did he admit this?! I would love to read this interview! I need to know more about this.

        • I believe he admitted it on the GQ interview in March or April of this year. He said “some of them are pretty hardcore.” LOL. Maybe he read “The Office” or “Wide Awake” LOL.

      • He said he has read it. For serious?
        OMG. Kindred Spirits

      • I agree, that would be weird to read about him and Kstew.

        I think that he would be too curious to not read about himself. Especially since, he is always so amazing in bed in I Love LA and Northern Lights and Whiskey Lullaby’s !!

    • Come on….What else would he be doing in his hotel room, besides reading fan fiction? When he is alone, of course…

  34. I just have one question for Rob: Top or bottom?

  35. I could immagine an inverted interview for me and my baby:

    Rob: “Hey, do you want to bang with me?”
    Me: ” Yes!”

    The end!

    • I know, today I am a bit naughty….but really girls, what do we want to ask him? I feel sometimes like I DO know him BETTER than he does…

      • Hey u can be naughty! Haha…you’re anonymous, feel free! And FTR if Rob asked me if I want to “bang” him…well duh, of course I’ll say yes! LMAO. It might be awkward but I don’t care.

        • Thank you, I feel better now….lol…and honey…feel free too, I’m NOT jealous!

  36. I was just thinking about this the other day. All these interviews coming up, and if the latest magazine interviews are any indicator, the interviewers aren’t being very creative with the questions. I mean it’s their effing job to come up with fresh and original questions. I would fire all their lazy asses if they worked for me.

    I would like, however, that he’d be interviewed by that crazy giggling chick who made him show her his text messages. If she can contain the school girl inside this time she might talk him in some truth or dare thing again. Something tells me Rob would be ‘down’ with some kind of dare after hours and hours of the same answers.

    And guys tend to be up for dares if you challenge their masculinity or shit like that. I would, for example, dare him to prove that it wasn’t voiceover for that groan/moan in the (leaked) kiss scene.

    • What is this groan? And where do I find it?

      • One of the few that hasn’t been taken down. Enjoy!
        I must warn though.. slight SPOILER ALERT

        • Oh my effing Edward!! I’ve never been so happy to be spolied! Scuse my while I go change my panties…

          • I agree. This kiss must forever be known as the kiss that drenched a million panties.

        • So Gizmo…luckily I looked at that shortly after you posted. Cuz Summit has definitely had it removed in the last half hour (I may have been going back to check it out … again).

          Curse you Summit!!! Grunt stealing hoors!!!!

        • tried to watch it again but it’s gone. Oh well. 😦

          • worry not.. found another one.. hurry and watch it..

          • UC & Moon, sorry I didn’t know it would embed, just tried to paste the link like before. I apologize if you don’t want it here.

  37. Thanks for the Cullen Smile ladies. HILARIOUS questions.

    Rob – Go wash the mullet.

  38. Slow your rolls, ladies. Asking about his peen is creeptastic. I don’t see him being adorkably flustered at those questions. More like horrified. If someone asked me about my vag I might vomit from the horrificness. Poor Rob.

    • I totally agree, it destroys all my romanticism….BUT I had already asked him to bang me….I hope he will understand, that’s a whole another level, right?
      Poor Rob, poor ME!

    • You made me lol at the thought of someone asking a woman about her vag. It is gross if you think about it.

      That being said, can we ask him if he “manscapes” down there? πŸ™‚

  39. Love the questions ladies!! I am thinking that if I was face to face with Rob I might just pull a KStew and say, ‘Uh, oh, um, what-whattadu, uh, um, whatta whatta.” I am just cool like that!


  40. Just b/c I have to or else I’m not considered a fan: Let go Yankees, let go!!!!
    Ok now that’s that over, my question would be “Now that Swiftner has taken over as the new It couple and brought down Robsten, will you celebrate by going out to the bars and giving us new drunk Rob pictures?”

    • you know why you have a thumbs down. you know

  41. Question: Do you need a hiding place? Plenty of room here. You can even build a hot-pocket-box fort in my living room!

  42. My Question:- Would you like to hear a Cougar RWAR? My number is 00353********** anytime anyplace anywhichway…….

  43. As a failed housewife…my question:

    “Who taught you to sew your shirts as well as you do?” I’m so jealous about it!

  44. tee hee i’m all shits and giggles seeing my question on here. πŸ˜‰

  45. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by LetterstoTwilight: Who’s excited for the COUNTLESS interviews Rob will be doing in the upcoming weeks? What questions SHOULD he answer!?…

  46. I just want to give a shout out to my lucky stars. Thanks for having the foresight to give me a husband names Rob. This has been great a godsend as you can imagine. I can literally scream for you during sexy times and also during dream time where you visit me a lot.

    • you’re so lucky :)…my boss’s name is Robert and he’s hit a few branches on the ugly tree…i keep having to clarify to SO that im talking about his holy hotness and not married-with-kids-boss when i make a sleazy remark….*shudder*…as if i would dumpster dive with anyone else…sheesh

  47. OK, this is where the journalist in me comes out. As someone who interviews people for a living, I have to say, I am frequently disappointed in the questions interviewers ask RP. He gives good quote. And anyone interviewing should do their research, know that and play it up.

    Do I think I could do a better job interviewing him? Yes. Not because I’m a fan, but because I’ve paid attention to how he answers questions.

    That’s normal, right? πŸ™‚

    • Please interview him.

  48. […] seeing this right, a SECOND letter to you today! (If you haven’t read the first letter yet, make sure you do now) Here are the rest of the questions for your New Moon interviews, suggested by the twitters, to […]

  49. My question:
    Do you style sparkly peens’ hair too?

    Follow up:
    May I see it to decide for myself? (You know for observational purposes only)

  50. I am giddy with anticipation, dear God you all make me giggle, thanks! Let the wild rumpus begin!

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