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Hey Rob, um there’s something uh… on your pants…

I'm very sensistive someone said that's a plus, now I'll go home and change

I'm very sensitive someone said that's a plus, now I'll go home and change

Dear Rob-

So from the looks of these pictures from Saturday night you read our letter calling a moratorium on the word “Jizz” and were so happy that we finally decided enough was enough and went out to your local watering hole to celebrate with the locals and share the good news… but apparently you might have been just a little TOO excited and um well… now there’s some weird white marks all over your jeans. As much as we’d like to take credit for your “explosion of fun” we wondered if it couldn’t have been a few other things that caused your spotty, dotty pants. Thing such as…

  • The obvious: had a quick-y with Kstew in the trailer and just couldn’t be bothered to fully take off the pants
  • Got hungry and decided that eating confectionery sugar straight from the bag was a good idea. Next time strip nekkid or use a spoon
  • You really wanted to revisit your Dali role and decided to paint a self portrait in only white paint. You realized it looked more like the hotel wall then your face
  • You say I'm premature, I just call it extasy

    You say I'm premature, I just call it ecstasy

    Dunkin donuts was giving away as many powdered donuts as you could hold. You held 20 and the last 5 fell on into the street and you cried. But since you follow the 10 second rule you ate those bad boys anyway. Still good! The extra dirt just helps your weak immune system

  • The crap on your pants is actually white out? You decided to change your name in the middle of autographing stuff Nick and Stephanie sent you to sign after you finally learned what “spunk” actually means and changed it to “handsome ransom” and then looked down… saw the white out… and said “shit.. it looks like I “spunked”ย  all over these and threw them all in the trash. Too bad Kellan picked them out and Ebay-ed that shit. So beware of “Handsome Ransom” autographed pics on the net
So care to tell us which on of these things happened, cause obviously our guesses are the only possibility of what could have happened! May we suggest priming the pump before heading out to celebrate the end of a vocabulary word next time? Just let us know if you need any help with that.

Whisper in my ear that you want some more,

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I know we said one last time, but it’s Monday and who couldn’t use a laugh right about now?

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  1. “Dunkin donuts was giving away as many powdered donuts as you could hold” OMG cried my eyelashes off laughing!!!!

    I think it’s indeed confectionery sugar.
    Why didn’t he bother to clean his pants in the restroom? Oh ja…. he’s Rob of course

    Nice post!!!

    • Same reason he didn’t bother to check whether he’d buttoned his shirt right. Or maybe he DID check, but decided it was’nt worth the effort. Robs will be Robs. Or make that singular. Monday rant! :-p

      • I think he’s off by TWO buttons!

        • A new record… Women across the globe sigh and ache to rebutton his shirt for him. Or unbutton. Or whatever.

          • Now that it was mentioned that his shirt is off by a few buttons it’s driving me crazy!! Yay OCD….c’mon Rob one of us would gladly be your wardrobe consultant and make sure everything is buttoned and zipped correctly ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I don’t know… I think the idea of Rob covered in sugar is kind of hot. Then again, I’m twenty-*mumbles* years old and my favorite food is candy.

      • YAY TUESDAY! I love candy too! Hmm, I am having a truly brilliant moment right now! Full body rob pops with edible glitter( anatomically correct of course)

        MMM, edible Rob. He tastes like cotton candy and cougar tears! I think I might be on to something here.

        Loved jizz in my pants, I own the cd and love it, although I would love to see a twilight dream girl mash up. It would be sick.


      • @tuesdaymidnight..
        Don’t worry be happy. SUGAR!! is one of the 4 important food for ALL WOMEN regardless of age! ๐Ÿ™‚

        Anyway…. ladies.. i think i figured out what that white shizz is on Robbies pants.. its TWEENKIE spunk (the white stuff from the middle of the tweenkie) it stays on longer than.. well longer than a lot of stuff.
        cuz its a mixture of lard and sugar.

  2. Rob oughtta know better than to leave the hotel on nut number one!

    My fave was the Dunkin Donuts one. Because I love them and I’m celebrating the New Moon premiere with them (the hotel I’m staying at for the premiere is thisclose to one. Yay me!!). And because the 10 second rule should always be followed.


  3. ‘As much as weโ€™d like to take credit for your โ€œexplosion of funโ€’…Best.Line.Ever!!! LMFAO ๐Ÿ˜€ Imagine to be the cause of such explosion!!! That would be total awesomesauce! Cause of Rob’s ‘explosion of fun’ = WIN!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Another thing…has anyone else noticed that Rob looks extremely unhappy…like you can see it in his eyes…this whole pap thing is sucking the life outta him…damn voltures!!! I want the old Rob back…the one that didn’t give a shiz and was still able to hang out with the ‘common folk’…*sigh*

    • I don’t think you are the only one. I see sad eyes too and I hate it. I sometimes wonder if he regrets this particular film choice now…..yes, the money must be nice but is it worth all this hassle? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • i agree…sad Rob makes us all sad…

  4. I think I know what happened!!! Since they put him in a house he has been trying his hand at microwaving ‘stuff’ again. I think the silly bugger put a whole egg in there this time, and the damn thing exploded as he opened the door! Either that or he put his jeans in the wash, put the powder on top of them. Found he couldn’t work out how to use the washing machine so took his jeans out unwashed and wore them anyway!

    Scruffy Rob is my favourited Rob (oh yeah, and drunk Rob!)

    • He’s in a house? All by himself? How do you know these things? And why do I not know? What else am I missing?
      Oh, I think he is a real fashionista (fashionisto?) with the layered,devil-may-care look.All those lovely colors worn all at once.
      OR MAYBE there is a dumpster just outside frame of the camera and…photographer was moments too late.DAMN!

  5. I think I know what happened!!! Since they put him in a house he has been trying his hand at microwaving ‘stuff’ again. I think the silly bugger put a whole egg in there this time, and the damn thing exploded as he opened the door! Either that or he put his jeans in the wash, put the powder on top of them. Found he couldn’t work out how to use the washing machine so took his jeans out unwashed and wore them anyway!

    Scruffy Rob is my favourite Rob (oh yeah, and drunk Rob!)

    • this duplicate comment feels left out, so i ‘liked’ it as well

  6. Oh crap Rob, how many times do I have to tell you to check the top of my bottle of talcum powder before using it?

    Defintion of talcum powder: By sucking up moisture from the surrounding area, talcum powder keeps the skin dry. This can reduce the risk of rashes and chafing from sweat, urine, and other bodily secretions ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Enough said,


  7. Looks like Rob and TomStu finally had their long awaited reunion. It’s been a long summer!

    • nasty, but nice—<3

  8. As funny as this post is…and I do wish the white was the fluid that shall not be named (I think?) I think it’s probably cigg ashes. Sucks to smoke in the backseat. I bet he granny ashes on himself. Hey, maybe that’s the new term. He’s a premature granny asher.

    On another note: I dreamed of UC. I was renting a condo online and I had to go into the peoples hot tub store to pay the final amount and collect the keys. UC was behind the counter of an empty store. When I asked where all the hot tubs were she told me that was just a front and she was really a mob boss. For just an extra 1000.00 she would arrange for Rob to show up in a portable hot tub in the condo. LOL!

    UC-hot tub, mob boss, Rob pimping bad arse!

    • That’s almost as good as a Rob dream!

    • oh my gosh. you did NOT.. that is brilliant!!!!!!!!

    • I’m 50/50 on whether it was ashes or the Dunkin Donuts. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I always wondered why he chooses to wear black jeans a lot – they are so NOT smoker-friendly.

      The “Handsome Ransom” bit made me die laughing!! Excellent post!

  9. How’s Rob supposed to know what happened to Bobby’s pants? He’s already happy he could borrow them and return them unwashed. Like the shirt he -again- didn’t button up right. How he manages to tie his shoelaces is a mystery to me. But we all like our men to be a little myserious, don’t we? Lucky for you, Rob.

    • I don’t think he ties his shoelaces. I bet he asks the store to tie them or Tom, then just slips them on and off each time, never having to tie them again.

      • I’d bet Rob is one of those people who ties his shoes loosely enough so that he can just step into and out of them. Easier than buttoning a shirt!

        • If he is, we have something in common! Huzza! And besides, comfort before fashion… Rob knows where it’s at ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha!

    • Yeah I thought maybe Rob should wear shoes with velcro, you know kind of like baby and toddler shoes, they have them so it’s easy to close. LOL.

      He should wear shirts with velcro too but then knowing him he will prolly velcro them on the wrong spot anyway LMAO!

      • Haha, I though velcro would be the answer too, but you’re right… velcro-ing his shirt closed in the right spot is probably still a challenge. He should just not unbutton his shirts from now on. Or not button them at all, even better.

        • Or just not wear shirts at all . . . or pants!

      • OH Gosh! Please no velcro! I think of the kids in my day camp when I hear the sound of velcro. Maybe Rob should just wear sandals year-round… bahaha!

        • Eeek, no sandals! Have you seen his pictures wearing sandals?

          • Eww… Don’t tell me he has hobbit feet! :0

            Who am I kidding? I’d still do him with hobbit feet!… haha!

          • I agree – No sandals! I don’t think Brits wear sandals anyway – it’s too cold and damp there. Plus – I really don’t want to see his feet…’s feet are just….not attractive…even Rob’s….sorry.

        • So we all seem pretty unanimous about this: clothes don’t suit Rob. Away with them! We shall only tolerate naked Rob from now on.

          • FANTASTIC idea!

          • Naked…sans tuck though.

    • You know, Daniel Radcliffe has some disorder where his hand eye cordination isn’t so great so he has to REALLY focus to be able to tie his shoes. Maybe Rob has the same thing and after he gets the shoes tied, maybe he’s just too tired to care about getting the shirt right.

      It’s theory.

    • Maybe they should make shirts with numbered buttons. Or other cute symbols Robby can match across his chest. It would make getting dressed efficient, playful and fun (as long as he doesn’t put the carrot button inside the Big Daddy Lautner buttonhole instead of the bunny one, that is).

      • OMG we should so defs MAKE this shirt and send it to him for Christmas! Oooh, and dare him to wear it to a fancy event, and marry him if he does!

        • Please do that!

      • shirts with numbered buttons – win! That’s like knickers with a C&A label on them (a huge clothes retailer that closed down in the last recession)

        • do I need to explain the C&A reference? it’s so that you know which way round to put them on!

    • Ties them? Obviously, he buys the ones with velcro.

      • Oops, this was already covered!

    • I think I remember Rob saying in an old interview that he doesn’t tie his shoelaces because of something that happened to him when he was in school. If you notice on alot of his pix, his laces are just tucked into the sides of his sneakers/sexboots. I think the only time I saw his shoes tied is when he’s dressed for oscars or in a nice suit because they’re dress shoes and it wouldn’t quite look right to leave the laces hanging or tucked in.

      So, he doesn’t tie his shoes most of the time, and he misbuttons alot of his shirts, and now, he wears jeans with stains of (whatever) on them. Now he’s totally Hobolicious!! LOL. We love our adorkable, hobolicious, sloppy, stained Rob, huh?

  10. My friend said “It’s probably chalk, he was playing hopscotch and fell over.”

    She’s not even a fan of Rob and picked up that he is probably so awkward he would fall over playing hopscotch…

    Then I started thinking about Rob playing hopscotch….yum…

    • Rob playing naked hopscotch….

      • Naked Hopscotch…YEAH……Hey, how about Naked Twister???

    • Rob playing hopscotch! *giggle* If he’s not naked, please let him wear his batman tee.

      • playing hopscotch and fell over, LOL! I love it!

  11. “priming the pump” LMFAO that’s a new one for me!!

    In my line of work we have to prime the pumps everyday, sadly my line of work does not involve Rob, they’re entirely different pumps ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • Now every time you prime the pump at work you are going to think of this and start snickering. You know you will.

    • I’m scared to ask what you do for a living but does it involve poles & see thru platform shoes?

  12. Looks like he and Stewart Little might have been playing Pop-goes-the-weasel in the backseat of the cab…
    …damn I hate it when Hot Pockets leak.

  13. he’s a coke whore now.

  14. It’s definitely sugar… My jeans always look like that after a baking session – should start baking without them! Or learn not to rub my hands all over them.

  15. Donuts, it was donuts, definitely.
    Who would want to make out with someone looking like that, smelling like that – I think this is the hobo-est look of Rob we’ve ever seen. This is not mysterious, this is just plain old dirty, and not in a good way.
    I would definitely have to take him and his smelly clothes under the shower, before any further conversation.

    But it’s Rob and we love him, no matter what!

  16. I was so waiting for a post on this topic when I saw the pics and as always you’ve delivered. Can’t we bring the J word out of retirement now because you know there’s gonna be a youtube vid of these pics to J–z in my pants (if there isn’t already…I’d make one but that would probably be secondhand and most definitely firsthand embarassing).

  17. I think it was from something he ate. And of course, knowing him, he probably wiped his hands on his pants.

    And darn he really can’t button his shirts right :-). Wish I was there to do that for him. Is he wearing a tank top inside? Please tell me that’s not a tank top!?!

    • The misbuttoning of the shirt has to be on purpose. How does a grown man with mirrors, assistants and friends walk around like that by accident? The mind, it boggles.

      • Well yeah either that or he doesn’t care :-). Maybe he likes it that way, wants to be unique. Hahah. Fine by me.

        I used to misbutton my shirts and coats too. I think I was 10 when I stopped doing it!

      • It’s obviously on purpose. He goes to award shows that way. And it’s not as if he makes other embarrassing wardrobe choices that would cause a sensation … like leaving his fly open. No, he just gets messy, mis-buttoned, collar-flipped, and otherwise disheveled. Which of course, means NOTHING untoward has been going on. After all, his button fly is intact. Mmmm hmm.

      • Yea definitely on purpose.
        I bet he does it to try and put off his ‘crazy fans’ but wonders why it fails.
        This time he has decided to play around with two buttons – still its not working. Previously he cut off the ‘sex’ hair, didn’t work! He opened up about his shorter leg, it DID not work. He hooked up with Kristen it did not work, he unhooked up with Kristen – still his crazy fan base lives! he wrote a lame Twit – NOTHING! He even openly admitted to liking only masculine flat chested humans!

        What is a guy to do? !!
        Maybe pump up iron?

        I bet he ponders how best to appear in public in order to put off his crazy obsessed fans.
        I also bet when there is time, he sits his twilight colleagues at a round table to discuss how best to put all of us off – Kellan must have come up with the idea of playing up with buttons ( he is more practical) and Kristen told him to open up about his shorter leg, Chong came up with the ‘the love for masculinity & flat chested people’ idea, we all know Peter is behind ‘lame twit’ ……and and and.

        We all know the one thing he has to do to finally kick us all in the arse
        I promise not to mention it lest it happens by default

  18. Well… I have a theory.

    He is actually moonlighting as a professor of Sociology. Chalk is all over his pants bc he is old school like that and won’t use a smart board.

    There is a small univ. in MO that would love to have a guest professor for Soc. of Religion or Soc. of Death & Dying.

    I bet class attendance would soar!

    • I would def. stay after in that class!!!! Maybe be extra naughty so I would need to be punished from teacher ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • oohh… and he steals the tweed pants from the set to wear to class

      • serious tweed.

  19. If you look closely at his right hand, he has a wrapper of something. Probably some kind of sugary snack.

  20. Handsome Ransom….so right.

  21. That’s glitter glue. Kristen asked him to fulfill her Sparklepeen fantasy.

    • WIN! Hahaha!

    • TOTAL win! LMAO! Glitter glue will never be the same again… like so many other things.

      • No kidding! Now when I’m helping out in my Kindergartener’s classroom, I’ll be thinking about naughty things to do with Rob and the glitter glue.

    • I will never look at glitterglue the same way again!

  22. Lord help us all if it is his own babybatter and he neglects to wash those pants… Some lunatic tween will surely rip them right off him in the middle of the street, run to some mad science lab, and create her very own RPattz clone.

    Actually… now that I think about it, I’m having trouble seeing how this would be a bad idea. Uh… brb, need to go shop some flights to The Couve…

  23. Handsome Ranson? Love it. Just 30 minutes with that man. Hell, maybe even 10.

  24. I have a theory about the spot. It’s gross and involves a stripper giving a lap dance.

    But if that were true wouldn’t he be happier?

  25. It looks like traces of dry shampoo. Which means he is not dating KStew or KStew has started using dry shampoo.

  26. Could the spots be powdered laundry detergent?…Nah.

  27. I scream Monica Lewinsky!!! I think Kstew was playing the skinflute in the back when Kellan yelled “Chinese Fire drill”…..gotta watch those! hehehe!

  28. “May we suggest priming the pump before heading out to celebrate the end of a vocabulary word next time?” OHMYGOSH! That is the FUNNIEST thing I have ever read in my life! Thank you for giving me yet another way of saying “jack off”. I swear, the things I learn on this site are much more useful in life than those I learned in uni.

    • P.S. I blame hair and makeup. They obviously got white, sparkly makeup on his jeans… shame, shame hair and makeup. Shame, shame. Because of you, we all think that Rob’s a dirty hobo! Horrible.

  29. MOON Rules!

  30. Thanks for the vid again on monday! While my personal vote is for the granny ashing, Jizz in my Pants is just too good as a Monday pick-me-up to ignore.

  31. Muaaaajajajajajaja
    I think is cigg ashes or he probably couldn’t find a napkin and wiped his hands on his pants
    (hmmm he was eating something really sugary or really greasy hhhmmm).
    As always, Moon you rule!!! you do it again with that vid, nothing is more fun to start the week…

  32. “You say I’m premature, I just call it ecstasy”

    I just choked on an almond because of this caption. lmmfao!!!


  33. I think I know (via Urban Dictionary) –

    Spunk On A Coffee

    Ejaculating seminal fluid into a cup of black coffee, and stirring the coffee into a cappuccino-like appearance. This form of spunking is usually performed after eating a box of donuts or while watching adult entertainment.
    “Do you have a cup? I wanna spunk on a coffee later tonight after eating some donuts.”

    Maybe he was eating the Dunkin’ Doughnuts, powdered-sugar variety, while trying to drink “his flavored” coffee and the taxi cab driver swerved, trying to avoid crazy fans and he spilled the “froth” onto his pants. He then tried to wipe off the “froth” forgetting his powdered-sugared hands.

    I am envisioning a new line of cappucinos at Starbucks. . .

    • Eeeeeeewwwwww! maybe its just me but I find that really disgusting! gross!

    • Is that definition for real? Ewww…. haha!

      • Yes, unfortunately it is real – if you call Urban Dictionary a credible source. Please don’t kill the messenger. Being way behind the times, and not knowing the real definition of, Spunk Ransom, I searched the UD – expecting it would not be in the Webster’s version. I came across the phrase, Spunk on Coffee. I just tied in his love of spunk with Moon’s doughnut theory.

        Personally, I would never drink this kind of coffee, as I like mine black. Sorry if I ruined anyone’s morning cappuccino.

        • I would never shoot the messenger! hehe! It’s such a random definition it seems made up… and very gross! Hahaha! I feel very educated on spunk now (ew. I can’t believe I just wrote it, but I’m keeping it! hahahaha!)

  34. As a woman who is married to a man that is constantly getting something on his shirt/pants, I have to believe it was one of those powdered donut packs. Jizz in my pants is so much fun though! Thanks for the Monday laughs! Mondays are my favorite with UC and Moon in the world!

  35. It’s actually my drool. I fell asleep on his thigh in the cab as he was caressing my head. It’s my drool.

    Time out—-I am in love with his eyelashes!

    • LMAO, me too Jena(about the eyelashes)…that and his jaw. He’s got the most perfect jaw I’ve seen.

      • WORD! The jaw should get its own statue.

        • His jaw drives me insane. I wonder how it would feel to touch it or better yet, lick it. Ok never mind, I said too much!

    • Jena – EYELASHES…….YES……..Thats my Rob weakness too… YUm… ’em!!

  36. how about chalk from the gym where he was secretly working out before taking on Taycob in Eclipse—had to button in a hurry to escape unseen—looks so unhappy because the moondust doesn’t seem to be working—<3

  37. P.S. why is there a tiny Smiley in the right margin at LTT but no tiny Smiley in the right margin at LTR?

  38. How cold is it in Vancouver? Does his really need 4 layers, 3 of which are not buttoned properly? Wouldnt he get hot?

    I am praying that his pants are dirty from donuts or something and that he just does not care.

    Someone on Twitter said that is Canadian money clenched firmly is his fist.

    In the other pictures that were taken this night, he looks very sad, tired, and pissed. Hope he is ok.

    • I really worry about him. I do!

      I keep rethinking how I would react to him if I met him, like could I control myself or just add to his misery???

      • I feel kind of sorry for him too. He sometimes looks out of place and also sad.

        About how I feel about meeting him. Well I probably would either faint if he spoke to me or I would just run away going the other direction! Fainting sounds better I think, then he can bring me to his hotel room.

  39. You know KStew was in that taxi with him, apparently the crumpled note in his hand is from where he paid the taxi and she just went straight in. No doubt she had to run away from the fact they were getting frisky (hence the badly buttoned shirt) and he got a little over-excited (see the mark on the pants) and had to run of in embarrassment.

  40. lmfao this vid never gets old!!

  41. I can’t stop looking at his shirt and wondering, “why in the H*LL can that boy not button properly!?” (seriously, it’s starting to be less charming, more annoying) to be bothered to analyze the jizz on his pants.
    I need some new HOT ROB pics to rekindle the flame. I feel like I’m married, and what was once such a cute characteristic is now like fingernails on a chalkboard. Surely there are some hot promo photo shoots lurking right around the corner?

  42. I’m thinking he does these things on purpose to skew public opinion of him.
    Sadly….It only makes me love him more… (sigh)
    Cute little “Messy Marvin”….

  43. Today, on Oprah, they had the 3rd sexiest guy on, his name is Nacho Figueras. He is defs a hottie. She was doing a little countdown, and then she says “that Twilight guy was number 1, uh, Robert Pattinson”. Just a little FYI.

    And I totes think Rob wadded up those jeans, slept on them as a pillow, and that spot was drool.
    Just sayin’

  44. 1. FLOUR: rob and kristen were encouraged by the studio to pick up some domestic habits to aid in developing edward and bella into domestic individuals as spouses/parents for breaking dawn. Kristen chose knitting. Rob chose baking. it’s flour. he made cupcakes. they were from a box. babysteps people, babysteps.

    2. BABY POWDER: rob and kristen really do secretly have a baby. she was knitting booties for heshe the other day on set. on saturday, he and kris really just wanted to go out so they paid the bellhop $50 to watch heshe for a few hours. since the bellhop only said he’d change diapers for another $10 rob, being the pennysaver we know and love, slapped a new diaper and some baby powder of heshe before he headed out for the night. with the extra $10 he saved he bought himself and stewie a much needed round at the bar.

    3. COKE: the economy has gotten so bad, that even buying clothes from the $1 bin at the thrift store isn’t cutting it anymore. Therefore, Rpattz has resorted to kinging the most intricate and wide-reaching drug cartel canada has ever known. He uses his fellow actors as smugglers across the borders (hence why they are always in and out of Vancity airport). On saturday night, stewie got angry with him and chucked a brick of coke at his jewels. she missed the target catching his thigh instead.

    4. REALLY THICK SPF70 SUNSCREEN LOTION: he needs to remain pale. unfortunately, no one ever told him he didn’t need to wear the stuff at night.

    5. BABYPOWDER: he was trying to de-greasify his hair.

    6. ASHES: Rob just set Oregano’s house on fire.

    7. COKE: lindsay lohan came over to introduce herself to rob and faceplanted into his lap. her nose rubbed against his leg before stewie cooter-kicked her out of there.

    i’m no expert, but i’m pretty sure its one of these. or, like you said, his “should never be wasted on a pair of pants” little Rpattz makers.

  45. Bwahaha..
    I would hate to think what could stay on his pants that long.. ewww.

    I still wonder why his PA does not wash his clothes?????

  46. LAUNDRY DETERGENT: rob was in a bind and needed to make the pants smell a little better since he dribbled on that spot last week when kellan slapped him on the back when he was at the urinal at the bar… so he threw some laundry detergent on the spot. someone buy the boy febreeze.

  47. I keep waiting for him to go all out and show up in public with his shirt inside out.
    And buttoned wrong.
    Or back-to-front if it’s a t-shirt (though the label scratching his throat would hopefully alert him to that fact).

    Sugar-coated hobo Rob – sounds like a new dessert sensation to me.

  48. I saw the GIF of the jizz thing, but this is awesome! By far my favorite Monday Funnies video.

  49. In Twilight to save money they shoved Carlisle’s head into a bag of flour before he walked onto set, so this time maybe it was Rob’s turn and they have just finished shoving somehting of Rob’s in the flour and he was coming straight from the set?

  50. He tried “Dick in a Box” out on KSTEW. Guess she liked it?

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