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Rob in Japan and maybe also a Toxic Relationship


Smile and the world smiles with you!

Dear Rob,

Remember when we said “if we blog it you will come?” Yea, well you were listening cause obviously you pay a lot of attention to what UC and I say every day and you showed your face! After almost a month you’ve finally come out of whatever hole you’ve been hiding in and decided to grace us with your presence. Sure, you had to leave your hotel to actually go to the airport and get on a plane but I like to think it’s because we asked you to reveal yourself and you listened. Even though you were sullen and surly looking I still looked at the pictures and longed for “old” Rob. Sullen Rob just makes me angry (ask UC, I told her I’d rather stay in my Chris Weitz bubble than look at you all sad-like). But after looking at Sunday’s pictures of you arriving in Japan, all smiles, it hit me. Your proximity to KStew and the paparazzi are directly proportional to the smile on your face.

Rob, my dear I think you might be in what folks like Dr. Phil and Dr. Laura call a “Toxic Relationship.” Hear me out on this one… first let’s back up a bit…

I was talking with UC on the phone and I said can you imagine getting off a 15+hr flight, feeling all gross from the plane and knowing you’re going to face INSANE crowds, have pictures and flashes going off and yet YOU WERE SMILING!!! If there was ever a time to be sullen and annoyed it would have been today in Japan! But you weren’t! Instead you were all annoyed looking leaving Vancouver for a 4 hour flight back to LA with KStew where you were not greeted by HALF the frenzy you were in Japan. So I was thinking it must be the KStew connection. For this trip you are flying with your team Nick and Stephanie (good to see you all back!) and director Chris Weitz (and his man purse) and no 19 yr old. What did you guys do on that long ass flight that made you so smiley when you got off compared to the little Vancouver flight?

Vancouver to LAX

  • Mile high club initiation gone bad. You ended up with with the faucet up your ass and the flight attendant knocked on the door wondering what all the racket was

    be sullen and you're sullen alone

    Be sullen and you're sullen alone

  • The peanuts were salted not dry roasted
  • You were late to catch the flight and missed that cute little video about buckling your seat belts
  • You lost your favorite plaid shirt AND Lobster hat somewhere in your hotel room and after 3 days of searching still couldn’t find it and it was time to leave
  • Kristen talked to the guy in the window seat about cats for 4 hours. She was on the aisle and you were stuck in the middle. (This might be one of the 7 layers of Hell)
  • You were NOT on the cover of this airlines inflight magazine
  • There was no inflight movie just 2 episodes of “Everybody Loves Raymond” and you hate to say it but everybody does NOT love Raymond

So what happened on that Japan flight that made you so smiley?
Follow the cut to find out!

LAX to Japan



    Sail away with me, to another world where we rely on eachother uh huh, from one lover to another UH HUH!

    You guys had an intense double elimination tourney pairing you and Stephanie against Nick and Chris in a winner takes all card game tournament. You KILLED it on the Solitaire and Speed rounds. Chris gave you a run for the money in Old Maid. It was a close call but you and Stephanie won when she called Nick’s bluff in BS. Chris and Nick now have to karaoke duet on “Islands in the Stream” and “Total Eclipse of the Heart” as payment for losing

  • You were high on the legal dosage limit of Ambien and Dramamine. Nick and Stephanie told you that if you get off the plane 1000 Tom Stu’s would be waiting for you with open arms and a carton of Parliments
  • Chris showed you test footage from that foreign exchange student scene in American Pie that got cut. You then spent the rest of the flight begging Stephanie and Nick to ask Summit to recast Shannon Elizabeth as Bella
  • The peanuts were DRY ROASTED this time
  • The inflight movies were Debbie Does Japan and A Night at the Roxbury

Touching me there makes me smile!

So whether or not it was your traveling companions, the peanuts or the inflight movies something’s different about you in Japan and I LOVE IT! If you’ve got a free moment between Karaoke, press and shopping for Hello Kitty stuff for me you might take that “Are you in a Toxic Relationship” quiz I sent you, otherwise just keep on smiling cause as Ms Clariee says “Smile, it increases your face value!”

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto!

PS Bring it on TammyO and the haters, I can take it.

So what do you all think? Why’s he appear to be in a good mood now and for the last few months has been a sad little baby? Is everyone just glad to see Rob back?

Talk about your toxic relationships on The Forum
We begin managing our expectations over at LTT

Pictures: Robsessed and OK Mag


  1. LMAO
    I think because he can’t hear what the Japanese fangirls are screaming or saying to him. He’s happy he doesn’t understand “Rob bite me or Rob I want to leghich you” in Japanese.

    A happy Rob makes me happy!

    • “rob i want to leg hitch you” haHAHA i gotta practice that one before the premiere!

      • it was definitely the Helo Kitty O.D. that he sunk into as soon as he stepped off the plane… Japan is swimming in HK goodiness. & i hope he grabbed me something too, moon, because HK is my fave… ok, well, 2nd fave. glad my 1st fave is smiley again 🙂

  2. LOL “Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto!” !
    me thinks Rob likes some “asian action” (holla seth cohen).

    • I have strongly suspected as much of our boy for some time now. Asian women are “smaller” right?… which might work to our young man’s advantage? Sorry… he IS A BEAUTY and I could look into those eyes forever… but I’ve yet to see anything, in any pic, anywhere that indicates to me he’s packing more than “luggage”.

      • i gave you a thumbs up… he IS english folks!! any brits wanna jump in? im sure there’s exceptions to the rules but come on!

        • exceptions aplenty 🙂

        • I’m not worthy Moon! thanks for clarifying. Believe me… no one would love to see a great package more than me… but alas, i think it’s not there.

          If anyone should ever get lucky enough to “take one” for the team… I think we should get a full logistical report!

        • It’s what you do with *it* that counts! Gotta stick up for my British boys (that what she said)


    • He didn’t have to go all the way to Japan for some Asian action….hello Justin Chon!?!?

      • Hello Vancouver, I’ve never seen so many so attractive Asian people anywhere else in the world!

        • Rob will fit right in while he’s in Japan – Asians smoke like crazy.

  3. Thank you moon, I think everyone noticed this gorgeous happy smile we had missed a lot….so I guess you said it already..

    ….Kristen wasn’t on the flight….!


    • Your avatar makes me happy. Just thought you should know. 🙂

      • Oh, thank you so much, it’s my first attempt, I spent about half an hour to find out how this avatar thing works ( I couldn’t ask anybody b/c of Robsession….you know), so you make me just happy!

        • i love that pic too. just saved it to my “secret hidden file folder of rob pics” this morning.

          • Lol I totally have a hidden Rob folder. And everyday I cruise looking for new pics… and sometimes to annoy my boyfriend I change the background picture from his usual batman to my current favourite pic of Rob. He hates it. I love it. Lol.

        • Can you tell me how, ’cause I like my drunk toast bunny and all, but I’d much rather have Rob’s face. I’ve had drunk toast bunny for about 8 months now…it’s time to let go.

          • Go to, sign in, than copy a pic, rate it…that’s it, it’s quite easy

          • thanks! I’m computer challenged.

          • I encourage this.

        • I love you avatar! It’s amazing…Rob is so amazing! Gah, he even looks good even corn on the cob. Can I be the corn?

        • Robgirl86! I was JUST thinking, hey, I see her post a lot! Why doesn’t she have an avatar? I just figured out how to put one on here a week or so ago myself. So happy to “see” you and my you have a lovely face and sweater. Would you like to see my etchings?

          • Hey, thank you, I comment a lot, b/c after the Robsession I got the LTRsession…that was kind of logical, I guess…since this morning I was too stupid to create an avatar…than I really want to find out…lol, what are “etchings” gave me a strange translation…so I dunno!?!

          • Me, too! Robsession is the gateway drug – LTR/LTT is the hardcore shiz.

            “Would you like to see my etchings” is a takeoff of an often-quoted but difficult-to-source reference that is used as a come-on. Story goes that someone wanted someone (and I did look this up once, but have memory fail right now) to come up to their room to see their artwork etchings, all as an excuse to get them alone.

            Long story short, I was propositioning your avi.

          • Hahaha, I understand, in german you would say: “I would like to show you my stamp collection!” I LOVE that!

          • Thanks! Totally adding that to my skeezy arsenal!

          • How about “Let’s go watch the submarine races?”… come-on meant for a warm summer night near the ocean.

  4. Forgot…

    “Kristen talked to the guy at the window 4 hours about cats…and you were in the middle…”

    That cracks me up! So funny, I can truly immagine that szenario….hahaha

    I like to add on..

    …cats and Joan Jett ………

    • that would be my personal hell… well more so if it was an actual cat since im allergic!

  5. aaaaaa sugoi desu yo ne?!

    He’s so cute – I agree, he’s been under sourpuss(y) influence for too long. I love it when he looks like this, just a massive adorkable bundle of squee.

    “Domo arigato, Mr Roboto” may have made me nearly choke on my tongue. You’re hazardous to my health Moon!

    • you KNOW he’s walking around japan singing that! and yes, he’s finally free I think he might be singing I’m like a biiirrrdddd I wanna fly away!! i dont know where my home is….

      • “And you’ve got a smile that could light up this whole town
        I haven’t seen it in a while since she brought you down
        You say you’re fine, I know you better then that
        Hey what you doing with a girl like that”

        that’s all what i can think about…

  6. Robanie!!!!! And a faucet up his arse. That’s why he’s smiling..LOL!

  7. Ohh Rob. He looks so totally adorkable again. Even doing his funny walk (you can tell from that last picture) and making those nervosity fists. Please don’t leave us again!

    I hope he buys you this, Moon.
    And please let him buy this for Kristens cat. She’ll love it Rob, trust.

    • mwahahahaahahahah LOVED IT

    • omg! amazing!

    • OMG!!! That was funny!

    • that shirt would go perfect with the matching lunchbox i have! hahaha

      and that cat is plotting that owners murder right now.

  8. Dear Rob,

    Enjoy Shibuya and all the Karaoke bars there. Watch out for the geishas for they all Yakuza’s. If you want to learn some Japanese language, i’ll be more than happy to teach you.
    big kisses and hugs,

    • Srusly, I hope that was a proposition. What’s the Japanese equivalent of a Hot Pocket?

  9. Wow, you and I are sharing a brain, Moon. I thought the same thing when I saw those pictures yesterday: No KStew and the smile comes back.

    I even thought about posting something here about it today.

    Then I thought about TammyO (just like you), and how she would probably visit the sight just to b**** us out about it.

    Then I thought I really need to get a life if I’m thinking about this on Sunday 🙂

    • hahaha. join our ‘we need to get a life’ club.
      i can’t believe the convo moon & i had on the phone for 1/2 hour last night.
      it was basically about this post. plus some.
      we felt lame
      then said…
      That’s Normal

    • Excusez-moi, perhaps I make myself an idiot, but who is this “TammyO”? Have I missed something?

      • TammyO used to visit this site (I haven’t seen her in a while). She likes to make angry posts about how WE are the reason Rob is unhappy or can’t leave his hotel room. She really hates it when we make fun of KStew.

        In short, TammyO doesn’t understand sarcasm.

      • Haha, that’s a good question that I’m sure UC or Moon will be happy to answer for you :-). I remember TammyO too!

        • Ok, Thank you for explaining…
          I already immagined something like that…..

          Thinking of her “name”, I mean “TammyO”…… to my ear it sounds like THAT could be a reason why our Rob sometimes lookes sooo sad!

    • We were definitely separated at birth TOFT!!!
      Totally agree with everything just something about the girl that pulls you down……still at least ‘our boy’ is smiling now and doesn’t it make our days sooo much brighter…..

    • sadly i think about a lot of this stuff at random times… weekends, grocery shopping, going to the bathroom, taking out the garbage… uc and i breaking down the soupuss effect last night was classic.

  10. He’s mullett free what’s not to smile about. I am so looking forward to watching all his interrviews in which he’ll surely give away too much information about him and KStew. I do believe her when she says he is incapable of lying… Actually I think he is capable, he’s just really bad at it.

    • GASP! I hope we haz some of the old interview-Rob back… He was my fourth-favourite Rob.

      That’s right. I rate my Robs. I know you all do it, too. 😉

      • I rate Robs too. That’s Normal.

    • OMG you just made my day better thinking about the japanese interview with him and chris and NO kstew and how we may just have old smiley rob back in those!!

      *off to skip through a meadow*

      • Oh, it started already. In his Robity Fair interview he says: *cues Brittish accent* “It’s quite nice to have someone who is genuinely indifferent to the whole spectacle of everything.” He was asked about Kstew and this is what he said… HE actually said HAVE!

        I am telling you, it’s just a matter of time before he starts a story with “So I was giving Kris’ bitchface a facial when she said the funniest thing…”

  11. 4 hour flight: Not enough time to get suitably drunk, plus KStew isn’t old enough to join you yet so it just felt rude.

    15 hour flight: PLENTY of time to get wasted with your adult friends on the flight at be DrunkRob when you arrive.


    • You, my dear, are a freaking genius.

    • THIS.

      And let’s not forget the power of mature conversation. I’m sure Rob didn’t want to get deep into politics, philosophy or Nietzsche with Kristen… Not only was the alcohol missing, but the conversation was lacking. Just my two cents… *smiles sweetly*

      • finally being around people who won’t bitch constantly about their life and how haaaard it is to, you know, be soooo deep and angsty and shit.

        you’re on the money there marz!

        • It is hard being angsty and wise beyond your years and all tragically hip though. No one gets it. Except my cat.

          • sign me up for this flight, sounds amazing

  12. “You lost your favorite plaid shirt AND Lobster hat somewhere in your hotel room and after 3 days of searching still couldn’t find it and it was time to leave”

    What about that lobster bib? I quite enjoyed that…

    PS Rob. My aunt was telling me about a lortab induced dream where she was being chased by a peanut butter & jelly sandwich that was trying to kill her. You should look into this. It sounds like a trip.

  13. Well, with that man playing grab ass behind him, who wouldn’t be all smiles? Personally, I think it’s the prospect of singing something jazzy at the karaoke bars by someone like Kansas or Kenny Loggins that has this guy psyched.

    • True that. 🙂
      They don’t have blues in Japan. Only ABBA and the 80’s songs.

    • PLAYING WITH THE BOYS!!! that’ll be rob’s kenny loggins tribute song to the brit pack!

      • Ahhh – speaking of Kenny Loggins, on Halloween there were 4 dudes dressed up Top Gun style in the full on jump suits, aviator sunglasses and one even carried a volleyball. It was my personal heaven 🙂 See here for a perfect visual:

        Let’s watch the volleyball scene from Top Gun for good measure 🙂

        • This video is total win!!!

      • I wish Thin Lizzy’s The Boys Are Back in Town could be piped in behind the Brit Pack everywhere. That would be awesome-sauce times 10. Oooh! Maybe he and the DILF could do that for karaoke tonight!

  14. Yea for Smiley Rob; I thought he was long gone. I totally agree it’s the pussy-whipped effect of being with KStew that had him sooo miserable.

    Maybe she refuses to let him visit Brazil, if you know what I mean.

    • Isn’t the correct term, “mullet-whipped?” Sounds way greasier and bad assed.

      • mullet-whipped – haha totally! We call it a shullet here in London if it’s on a girl!

    • Sadly, I know exactly what you mean, and will henceforth tell unworthy men that they are being denied entry into Brazil.

      • Brazil or Switzerland – same thing!

    • Entry into Brazil or Congo ha ha ha!

      • Kstew looked pretty happy in Brazil….maybe someone did get into her Congo….the future Nahuel perhaps?

  15. in that first pic, Rob kinda looks sick. And green. Maybe he’s excited b/c he’s finally getting that kidney transplant that he couldn’t get here in the US?

    • hahaha, he should consider a lung transplantation as well.

    • i think you get those in thailand not japan

  16. I just read that Rob is paranoid that his “ass crack is showing.”

    So maybe on the flight to Japan someone hooked him up with a belt…

    Just a thought.

  17. I too am happier when I trade the company of mullets for mountain troll looking dudes. Seriously, that dude with the heart around his head looks like the troll from Sorcerer’s Stone! I can dig it.

    • LOL. that’s Chris Weitz

      • No shit!?!?!?!? I seriously didn’t even recognize him! Why does he look so different? I didn’t know I was hatin’ on the DILF. Perhaps this is why I was thumbs downed. Oh well…

    • Woah! He does look like that troll…

    • Hahahaha so right….Wow…a-good-looking-mountain-troll-sweatheart with nearly black eyes and a new beerbelly….lol…I LOVE C.W.!

    • i would thumbs down you but it’s such an unflattering angle on him i have to agree. BUT i have seen him in person and he is faboooooo loooking

      • That’s what I want to say, I love him since comic con and he is a really pretty and attractive man…but onestly I guess he had gained some weight,but who cares, he is lovely!

      • LOL, It took me a few minutes to figure out who that “weird looking dude” is. Didn’t realize was Chris. He doesn’t “do it” for me, but he defs looks better in every other pic I have ever seen.

  18. Maybe Rob has found a new TomStu in Chris Weitz? I mean, TomStu’s fine and all that (heck, I adore TomStu!!), but sometimes you need to “trade up”. You can only take so many obscure existentialist novels…

    As for your toxic relationship theory, I totally agree! Misery loves company, right? And we all KNOW Kristen is a miserable little girl… *shakes head in sadness*

    • I agree. She should find some miserable little emo boy to date, instead of sucking the soul out of Rob.
      No sucking jokes please.

    • OHHH maybe rob’s into bears now and got over his twinks phase!!

      ps kristen should get herself a falloutboy

    • Oh no….are all these creepy videos going to start popping up with clay Aiken singing and Chris weitz constantly in the background staring at Rob? I thought for sure he was Taylor’s tomstu equivalent.

    • Yeah, Rob needs an older man to take care of him. TomStu’s sweet but he’s got his own career to nurse now. Chris Weitz can be Rob’s sugar daddy! (Until Unbound Captives and Hugh Jackman takes over the role, of course)

      • Woops, nearly re-christened that film “Unbound Camptives” – could have killed it dead in a straight to DVD way!

  19. I discussed this with VickyB.

    She thinks it’s because K doesn’t have an international calling/texting plan. I think his Japan flight was a Mile High excursion gone right…throw in some Ambien(he DOES look well rested and bright-eyed) and a few drinks…and there ya go.

    Though it could be he’s away from the insane American stalking fangirls. Wait, what? Did I say that? I did. I meant it, too.

    Squinty, happy, smiley Rob is my favorite. I pray that he word vomits all over every TV show he does in November. Even when Kelly(of Regis and Kelly) hits on him, I hope he gets sassy right back. And leave it to Ellen to get something juicy out of him…maybe even play one of her insane games.

    PS: Flame away, Sticks and stones may break my bones but fangirls will never hurt me.
    PPS: I’m American. And a straight woman. I just don’t stalk or chase or scream or bedazzle my clothing for him.

    • “I just don’t stalk or chase or scream or bedazzle my clothing for him.”

      i do

    • “She thinks it’s because K doesn’t have an international calling/texting plan.”


  20. I just had the “Everybody does NOT love Raymond” discussion last night. Obviously we are MFEO.

    • duh. MFEO.

      and i DO NOT love that show. my dad does. i do like ray when he did SNL though.

  21. I think Rob has a big boy crush on Chris Weitz and was thrilled to have him as a captive audience on the plane ride to Japan.

    • Hey , I think it’s vice versa…hahaha!

    • oh god i would be thrilled to have him captive on a flight with me too!! im also a total chris fangirl but ya know

      • I think Chris is cyberstalking you now. He has confessed to visiting the sites, so I am also sure he would have read your ode to DILF. I mean, professionalism aside, it was very hot… err I mean informative.

  22. Maybe he was sad leaving Vancouver for LA because he had to take down his Hot Pocket box fort.

    • Oh, all that hard work and he just had to throw it in the trash for the maid service! Moment of silence for the Hot Pocket fort………

      s’okay…they have Hot Pockets in Japan, right?

    • BINGO!

  23. I’m still laughing at the “You checked and Skymall no longer sells that Hot Dog vender cart” 🙂

    Why is Rob smiling? There is a no tipping policy anywhere in Japan! WIN 🙂


  24. Maybe he’s just happy because of the new surroundings. 🙂

    I did miss the happy Rob smiles, aww, that made my night when I saw these last night. He’s still wearing the NY Yankees hat too.

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m even glad to see the black Nike’s again! On Rob’s feet they are always gonna be extra-special to me and I’ll never look at that style the same way again. Sigh.

    • Good morning hon-sis!
      About the Nikes, why does they always looks as they were NEW?

      Or someone polish them very fine (C.W? K.S.? T.L.?…Himself?… I dunno know) or he owns 20 pairs of them….
      and I loved them too!

      Hug! 🙂

      • Hey sis(wow I’m hon-sis now)! Yeah I’m thinking he owns a few pairs. Scary but I think I’ve memorized his whole wardrobe! I remember the shirts, pants, shoes, hats, jackets…hahaha. He will be scared of me if he met me and found out. Of course I would lie thru my teeth.

        Me: Twilight? New Moon? What’s that? Who’s Robert Pattinson?


        • Not only YOU had memorized his whole (ähm…little) wardrobe, that’s so normal, every new piece I can truly notice and I hope he had stolen something from the VF shoot!

          If I would met him, I would get only a RED face, because there are some other details about him that I have memorized….so is this normal?

          • Yes that’s completely normal! See, I knew you and I should really be BFFs. Do u go to the forum, we can PM each other there.

            Those pics from Vanity Fair were so hot!!! Yes I hope he gets those clothes, he needs them! I especially love the black jacket and the white long-sleeved shirt. Did you notice he was drinking a Corona in one of the pics, he was wearing pajamas and drinking Corona(for breakfast)Hahah!

            All I can say is that when/if I meet him, I hope he won’t be able to read my mind because I’ll be mortified if he was able to!

          • Ok, that’s what we have to do, I signed up, but I have to find out how does it work and how I can find you, so please, be patient, I am a virgin to this…lol

          • @Robgirl86 – I saw you signed up and I sent you a message.

    • I’ve never understood the “shiteous Nikes” thing. I love those shoes with the fire of a thousand suns.

      Yeah, I said it.

      • AMEN!

      • i love that the nike’s have his initials on them!

        • I may or may not have purple, turquoise and black Nikes with “Angel” (my name) embroidered on the side…

          • That makes perfect sense when you have such a beautiful name.

          • Awww…. Thanks!

            I can always find stuff that says my name. It’s pretty awesome. 🙂

            The Nike shox were custom done.

  25. He has been away from his true love…STEPHANIE!!!! He ALWAYS smiles like that when she is around. (See the pictures from Cannes)

    PS. Moon, the fact you made a Steal Magnolia’s reference makes me love you even more!!

    • OH yes… that’s probably right.
      I don’t like that woman too much, she always looks at him like

      “Hahahaha, your bunch of stupid girls, I-will-permit-you-to-watch-at-him-because-that’s-my job-and-he-makes-me-a-rich-woman-but-I-have-had-already-done-him-glimpse!”

      You know, it’s only my impression….

      • Oh no! I don’t even want to think about that! Need brain bleach please!

        • Hahaha, so do I….horrible vision, go away..way…ay..y….brain bleached!

    • oh sassysmart you KNOW steel magnolia’s is one of my fave movies. ever.

  26. Moon, you are on to something here. The mullet definitely gives off bad vibes. I hate seeing pics of sad Rob or surly Rob, and I really hate seeing him always accompanied by Big Daddy’s twin brother. Makes me sad and surly to think that that’s necessary now.

    Smile it up, Rob, the mullet’s far, far away.

    • big daddys taller svelter twin brother!

  27. he’s done filming and he’s away from that scary ass mullet!!

    and it is true, he always is smiling when stephanie’s around!

  28. Baby, can’t you see?
    I’m calling a guy like you
    Should wear a warning
    It’s dangerous, I’m fallin’

    You’re toxic, I’m slipping under
    With a taste of poison paradise
    I’m addicted to you

    Thank you for getting this song stuck in my head.

    • Brittney! LOL. Yeah that’s the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the “Toxic relationship!”

      I actually loved that song when it first came out…hahah! And the guy in the video is ubber hot!

  29. Drunkity drunk drunk. 15 hours is a lot of little bottles.

    • kids like those little bottles.

    • you both win!

  30. Mr Robato!!! Wahahhahaa. Thanks for that laugh first thing on the Monday Morning!!

    AND, may I say, I totally agree with your theories.

  31. I’m pretty sure I said Kristen was the reason for his crankiness back when he first ended up in Vancouver. Remember how smiley he was on the set of RM, even WITH all the insanity? Yeah, don’t think it’s a coincidence.

    That’s a pretty dopey smile he’s rocking there. Either he’s drugged, or his own VF outtakes had the same affect on him that it did on the rest of us. *drool*

    • EXACTLY!! thank you for drawing attention to the smiles even on the insanity that was the RM set!

  32. Moon,

    Thank you for saying what I thought immediately after seeing these pictures. That she affects how he acts. (And thanks for saying it in a funny way)

    I don’t know if they are or they aren’t, and I don’t care.. I just see a different Rob when she is not around. Maybe he’s one of those people who emulates those around him, though I find that kind of hard to believe. Maybe she is just so “over it all” just “too cool” to enjoy the adoration that he feels like he has to tone it down when she is around.

    It reminds me of my brother. My brother played basketball in High school and he was good, very good. Varsity team as a freshman. Earned himself a free ride to college by playing. But there were those among his friends and teams mates who couldn’t keep their jealousy out of it, and my brother would tend to hold back, tried not to do anything that appeared like he was “showing off”, kept his head ducked, didn’t accept adulation from people, didn’t enjoy what he had accomplished.

    It’s kind of how I see the situation with Rob. I think he has a good heart, doesn’t want to have a big ego, and is working to stay grounded. So he hangs back, keeps his head down, and reminds people he is not the only one in the movie. Especially when he is with other cast members. He is very much the reluctant star. He is humble, and I think when he is with others he does try and hang back.. not be center. You could see that in the VF 2008 pics. The ones with the entire cast, where do you find him.. off to the side, on the end not center of it all. (We won’t go into who was center and kissing in the pics).

    I think she is directly related to why there is a visible difference in his demeanor… whatever it is… I’ll take seeing him without her, over seeing him with her any day, and no it’s not because I hate her.,. it’s just because I like him better when he can be himself. If you can’t see the genuine smile in those Tokyo airport pics, then you just aren’t looking.

    • @ Kelly – A mirror of my thoughts.
      I don’t want to Offend KStew either but she does seem to switch the lamp off Rob sometimes

      but there is another theory, maybe its Rob – wanting to play Kristen’s ‘Edward’ when she is around? all serious and philosophical – just like Moon said Mmmm toxic rel.

      • Oh I don’t mean to offend Kristen either. But even in the pics I saw of her yesterday with Taylor, she just seems to be, smirking.. I don’t know… I think she is young and has a lot of growing to do.

        Also there may be merit to the 2nd theory.. I think Rob could easily immerse himself in a role.. and in doing so immerse himself in those playing opposite him. And I don’t mean that in a using way… To play Edward the right way.. you have to have Bella be the center of your universe.. you can’t act that way with someone without building a relationship that goes beyond the screen and I’m not saying a dating relationship, I mean a personal, intimate one. There HAS TO BE A CONNECTION… this movie would never work without it.

        But also all that immersion could leave a person feeling like they are drowning…. and in need of fresh air and new places.

        Just theories.. all of it! 🙂

        • @kelly! here here!! you said it girl. i also agree with your thoughts on him being very “method” i think he DOES really get into a role and kristen has to become a bella in his world for it to all work out. i makes me really interested to see what happens now that all the movie filming is over (unless BD gets greenlighted) will it last will they be over it?

          soooo interesting!

          • OK one last thought .. and this is a sort of dark one.. does anyone think that maybe she is jealous of the fact that his fame has ECLIPSED ( yeah I said it) her own? I mean, she is the lead character.. the story is told from her perspective, granted he is a close second but still… I don’t know.. perhaps LTT can post about that topic, in a funny way of course 🙂

  33. I’m praying it’s his distance from the mullet that’s making him happy…or he just mixed his Robitussin with a few drinks…

    That damn Yankee hat is the buzz kill, though…I think it’s a “shout out” to the Stew…someone needs to steal it…

    • hahaha, I was trying to figure out what ‘Robitussin’ was a play on a word+Rob was….

      • Yes…but he was also seen coming out of a Rite Aide with a box of Robitussin in his bag…Rob has cold…sniff sniff..

  34. CLAIREE! Any quote from Steel Magnolias automatically puts this post in the LTR hall of fame.

    • i would quote THE movie every time if i could!

    • Are you high, Clairee?

  35. Rob is smiling because he is away from KStew’s want. That crap is exhausting.

  36. I also noticed that Kristen was all smiles while at a press conference in Sao Paulo. No sign of sourpuss there.
    You’re right – it’s clearly a toxic relationship 😛

  37. Yeah the wait is over!!! Happy Rob is back.
    I don’t care if it’s the distance from “her” or the 15 hours of “Pap” free bliss on the flight, all I care is that the smile we all missed is back on the face we love!

  38. I am hating!! Hate Hate Hate…

    When I am touched tehre I smile too. just sayin

    • touch me there!

  39. YAY for happy Rob! Am I the only one who loves him in the Yankees cap? Mmmm…sexy. I was really hoping, though, that whenever he resurfaced, he would be wearing the new Stoli shirt. He HAS to wear it soon!

    Off topic: I have missed you guys so much over the past couple of days! My kids have been battling the damn swine flu and I had more important (GASP…shocking, I know) things to deal with. I even missed to new VF pics, so I’m just now drooling over those. HOT DAMN! Gotta go get a bib to wear before checking out the rest of ’em.

    • oink oink!! hope theyre better ASAP!!

  40. Ohhh,

    Rob in french restaurant in Japan, so typical, he looks amazing, still smiling….so all we girls are so right today!

    Off topic
    His shoes on the pics are from the VF shooting, which I memorized today? lol ..then he did it again!

  41. “You were high on the legal dosage limit of Ambien and Dramamine. Nick and Stephanie told you that if you get off the plane 1000 Tom Stu’s would be waiting for you with open arms and a carton of Parliments.”


    Maybe he’s stoked because Hugh Jackman agreed to fly out and meet him for some Karaoke time!?

    • I would give my right boob to have video of the Hugh/Rob Karaoke fun last year.

      • Hahahaha, I would give the left one….

  42. duh. he’s in a good mood cuz “rob pattinson loves asian!”

    • DUH!!!!!!!!!! so glad to see you comment on this one! i ❤ you

    • Yay!

  43. Rob, Happy because 1. He out of the hotel room.
    2. He away from Ktwat who just young and depressing… 3. few days rob be going home and hopefully see his family and dog…….
    4. Rob ready to go do something different and meet new people on a different movie set….
    Above all others he had a safe flight….. Bless rob.. he a Beautiful British Babe that got a pure heart and soul……

    • I just read on twitter that his dog died last Christmas.. has anyone else heard that?

      • Yes, I read it today and felt so sorry about it!

  44. O sweet baby Zeus in a toga. I am died from beating back my inner TammyO.

    What are you DOING to me, Moon?

    Let me preface: Totally get the sarcasm. Totally expect several dozen thumbsdowns. Totally have NOT thumsdowned anyone else, because this site is maybe kinda sorta American soil, damnit, and around here people are entitled to their opinions on all things mullet-related. Totally feeling like I might actually be waving a freak flag in this land where allsorts of crazy are “normal.”

    Having said all that, let me conclude with my actual response to this hilarious and less-polarizing-than-I-would-have-expected post:

    Rob is smiling b/c New Moon PR has taken a page out of New Moon the book and is separating “Edward” from “Bella” and pairing her with “Jacob” for a not-so-subtle promotional ploy. The smile is a secret one that he can’t hide as he imagines how all these weeks of separation will culminate in an amazing premiere at which KStew will run down the red carpet and fling herself into his arms.

    That could totally happen, right?


    P.S. Save your fingers. I promise to refresh this page every hour and thumbsdown myself to spare you the effort. Kthxbai.

    • See? I already started!

    • HAHAHA i gave you a thumbs up!

      keep the dream alive!!

    • Too funny. I can see your vision, StotheP, and it is beautiful.

    • What would the Flag of this Freak antion look like, and would it have a Mullet on it? Just asking 🙂

  45. nothing funny or witty to say…just testing new avatar…

  46. Yay…new avatar works! Thanks, robgirl86! I rate comical chain-smoking Rob as my #1 Rob.

    • My what a lovely Rob you have. The better to see you with.

      • Thanks, dude! I love, love, love, your avatar. Keifer is, like, my 10th favorite vampire (he comes after all the Twi vampires, of course).

      • I saw Keifer once at King’s Dominion Amusement park in Virginia.
        Truth. He was all The Lost Boys upped and lookin so-ooo fine. I was 12
        Good Times

    • Hey great I LOVE that pic!

      • It’s been my fave since the day I saw it! Funny Rob is the shit.

  47. Rob and TayTay must have done paper, scissors, rock to see who when mullet free and Rob won – that is why he is smiling! Probably thee out of five!

  48. I am just glad you referenced Kenny and Dolly with the Islands in the Stream duet. I maintain my loyalty that Islands in the Stream should be THE official Twilight theme.

    AND YAAAYYYY!! Good on ya, Rob. He looks happy, healthy and slightly buzzed. Just the way I like him!!!


      Potential Kenny-warbled theme song for New Moon: “Ruby.”

      I can hear it now. “Beeeeeeeeeeellllaaaaaaaa, don’t take your love to town.”

      • Scratch that. It’s “Beeeeeellllllaaaaaa, don’t take your love to La Push.”

        • Don’t take your love to LaPush for the win.

          I snorted when I read that.

  49. After watching the video footage of his touchdown in Tokyo I got these images of the airlav faucet still being stuck up Rob’s ass. Don’t YOU think that would but a giddy smile that big on his face?

  50. Ooops, I meant PUT agiddy smile on his face. Not BUT. It was a Freudian slip. I had Rob’s (magnificent) butt on my mind.

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