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Rob answers your questions about Remember Me

Dear Rob,

I bet when you took that call from that Summit Exec (only because once when you were at a meeting he stole your phone and changed his name on your phone from “Exec at Summit- always ignore” to “Hot Pocket Delivery Truck”) asking you to answer a few fan questions from the Remember Me fan page on Facebook you had no idea you were going to be asked 4,461 questions. Well, you were. And that number is daunting. How do you pick just a few to answer? Do you just go with the first or last 20 because that’s the easiest? Maybe look for 20 that were obviously asked without the use of google translator? You’re a busy guy! Why should YOU be picking questions to answer anyway? You’ve got romantic getaways on cold islands to get to and pictures with shoe shirt little girls to take. Have no fear, I am here to save the day. I have picked out some of the best questions for you to answer, as well, as given you some answer options in case you’re really that lazy.

By watching the trailer it looks like the story has multiple layers. What’s the story about?

You’re right. It does have multiple layers. There is a layer of confusion plus another layer of…I have no idea. I acted in it, I saw the trailer and even saw the final product and I’m still not sure what this movie is about. I think Moon was close with her guesses back in the summer. However, I notice your name is Andrew. Are you…. a guy! If so, how spectacular! I had no idea I had male fans! Let’s grab a pint sometime! And talk about boobs!

I love you Robert. (:

I don’t know how to answer this question

Yep. Just like real life

Is the Remember Me story related in some way to your own life??? or the part that you play??

Yes. It’s quite a coincidence since it was written by two screenwriters who I didn’t meet until I signed onto the film, but that’s why I signed on. I read it and was like, “Holy S*it! They got me completely” It was kinda creepy actually… they even have Tyler wearing the same brand of underwear that I wear.. and he really loves microwavable food…. Anyway, yes, it is quite autobiographical. The love for 90s grunge clothes, food fights after sex and getting into bar brawls in the streets of New York City are completely Rob Pattinson moves.

hey rob, dont mean to sound stalkerish but i have watched every movie that you have been in and i love all of them, your distinct acting intrigues me!! I was just wondering what a cherished memory of yours is, what always makes you smile when you think about it?

Why, MandiJo, I cherish the moment you asked me this question. It was when you asked me such a beautiful question and chose to keep my name and the word “I” lowercase and refused to use an apostrophe that the clouds parted, birds began to sing and I realized that you, MandiJo, my possible stalker, are the one I want to cherish for the rest of my life. But before you? One time TomStu and I egged Sam Bradley’s house. It was worth it just to see his mom come screaming outside in her nighty.

Hello, Robert Pattinson. I really admire you. I am your secret admirer. I have a question. Are you really so fond of Kristen Stewart, that made her an offer?

Yes. And it was an offer she couldn’t refuse. I told her I’d show “it” to her if she’d always make sure to look less good than me in public. “IT” of course being my Hot Pocket Fort.

Hi!!!! well…… I LOVE YOU!!!!! you can be my friend please???


Read more, if you dare, after the jump!

This is me, pondering my inspiration, Dino

I’m from NYC… my questions are:

What is your favorite song to play on the piano, since I read you love it so much. What inspired you to play?

And of course I have to get a flirtatious one in here as well since I think you are incredibly handsome, what is your perfect date scene?

You old flirt you! I love to play “The Piano man” on the piano. It was cliché for a few years, but then everyone stopped playing it because of said clicheness so now people are excited when I play it. I was inspired by this brilliant pianist (haha- you thought I said something else, didn’t you!?) named Dino. As for my perfect date scene, as you know it’s difficult for me to get out and do things, so I prefer quiet intimate nights in with my lady (where I can be disrespected… nice and slow).  She could come to my place where we’d spoon a little, nibble on opposite ends of a Hot Pocket until our lips met in the middle a la Lady and the Tramp, and share a Heineken or six.  I’d then put on a private piano recital for my beloved, with a touching rendition of Piano Man, followed by a beautifully melodic performance of Chopsticks played by my own chopsticks.

Hi Robert

Im Aaliyah from Ontario,Canda i kno im kinda young as you said you dont like kids im 15 i duno if u count that as a kid but wut ev (im not an annoying idiot te hehe). Well i dont really have a question i just really wanted to like recieve a message from you even if your just saying “Hey” but just the thought of u talking to me is … See Morelike OMG!!!! k i kinda do have a question is it easy for you to switch in and out of chracters like from romantic vampire to like a crminal or sumthyn?

Byyyee I luv u ♥ (if only i was older and i knew u more we cud get married) enjoy ur holidays and if u can say hi to Taylor for me thx ♥ ♥ ♥

Switching from one character to another can be relatively difficult.  If I’m going to switch from a romantic vampire, to a criminal “or sumthyn” – say, a man who goes on a murderous rampage against imbecilic 15 year old girls who appear to be allergic to proper spelling and grammar and whose sole goal in life is to butcher the English language into as unrecognizable a state as possible – I usually need some inspiration.  So thank you, Aaliyah.  I’m now inspired.

P.S. Taylor says “O HAI! ROFLCOPTER!”
P.P.S. 15 is pretty young.  I prefer my women much more older and experience.  Like around 19.

They're NOT Bears

HEllo robert i just wanted to ask

if you ever like.. hang out with jackson rathbone?? because i absolutely adore him and you and if you could pass this on then please could you tell jacskon that i adore him and i think he is an amazing actor and i LOVE 100 monkeys thanks

from kayla in new zealand and also just tell him that i saw an article in the … magazine about some girls got to meet him and i think there so lucky!

i love you robert and jacksoN!! thanks alot! new moon DONE twilight DONE now i cant wait for ECLIPSE!! ily

Sorry one more thing.. rob i would like to ask that if you and kristen aren’t really dating and your supposably “not dating” then why not just tell people like this “me and kristen are friends and nothing else were not dating” wouldn’t that be easier?? because everytime that you guys get asked if your dating you both just either dont answer the … See Morequestion or you hesitate and then just say “were close” and thats it?? why?? could it be that your really dating?? then wat is the probelm?? People LOVE robsten why keep it a secret if it is true?? if it is not then why not just say so?? thanks

Really? Jackson Rathbone? Oh wait- you said you LOVE the 100 Monkeys!? Now I know you’re joking! Good one! And all this time it’s been so difficult with all the speculation and questions about me and Kristen, I never actually thought to just say, “me and kristen are friends and nothing else were not dating.” I should do that. I WILL do that. Except that what about all those people who DO love Robsten? What about all the RobstenILoveYouSoMuchNeverBreakUpEverOrElseI’ websites out there? What will they do if we declare we’re not together? Do think we could be held liable for manslaughter? We can’t risk that. No, I think we’ll just keep it a secret whether or not we’re really together.

Have you ever been caught in a compromising position? If so, what and when was it?

Well Ashley, there was this one time on this quaint little Isle in England when I took this picture with a young shoe-shirt-wearing fangirl, and… oh, um…  I mean, one time I farted in my 5th grade gym class while trying to climb the rope and it was REALLY awkward.  From that day on I swore never to eat Hot Pockets until AFTER all the physical stuff was done.  It’s my motto

I wish for a party with 5 crazy Mexicans


I hope you consider to visit mexico for the eclipse premiere jeje my Question: Do you still answer your fan mail? I have a huge gift for you, art craft hand made, so I want to know if still can hope for you to get it

Best wishes from the bottom of our hearts (party of 5 crazy mexicans)

Did I hear “Party of 5 Crazy Mexicans?” Ronna, I’m THERE for an Eclipse premiere! I’ll tell you waht- you bring your huge, hand-made art craft for me and I’ll bring a tub of queso for the fiesta!

Hi Rob

A young lad in a Harry Potter film caught my eye and i thought “he’s good” and have been keeping that ‘eye’

on him ever since and he just keeps getting better, i loved Haunted Airman and i knew nothing of Salvador Dali until i watched Little Ashes it was – superb – and i still ‘fill up’ when i hear the music, it’s so beautiful, anyway, obviously loving all twilight and looking forward to seeing Remember Me and i know that you will make Georges Duroy just as good, as you have a talent that just makes me believe……….

oh yeah, also i’m old enough to be your mother so i don’t do screaming!

First let me tell you how much it means to me that you learned of Salvador Dali, one of most important artists of the 20th century, through my small, independent film. I’m impressed that you’re so interested in art that you’d see such a film even though you were unaware of who Salvador Dali, most important artist of the 20th century, was. Also, *wink wink* you don’t do screaming? I bet I can make you scream. (I mean by showing you my audition tape for the Dali part….)

My sacrifice

you get into character so well and that being do u ever find the passion difficult for you to tolerate? like does it consume you and do u get overwelmed with all of the passion on set between you and emilie?

We all make sacrifices for our crafts.  My sacrifice just so happens to require that I believably hump beautiful girls for money.  Sometimes it gets hard (that’s what she said), but it’s all for you, Morgan, and the other fans.  A German philosopher once said “Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.”  I think that philosopher would agree with us that my uncontrollable passion has led to some really great things on screen. One scene of mine that comes to mind is the one near the end of Twilight- you know the one- the one where Kristen & I both look crippled- No, not the hospital scene.  Not the one where I’m sucking on her arm surrounded by flames either.  I’m talking about the meadow scene, of course.  The passion cannot be contained!

There! I did all the hard work for you!

Thanks to HeyyyBrother for helping me out BIG TIME tonight!!! I’m gifting you the button you love and already know about!

Do you want to join the fun!? Go read some questions over on the Remember Me Facebook page and try answering your own in the comments! Who wants to take bets on whether or not Rob ever answers or sees any of these questions after Summit decided their “ask Rob a question” game was fail or not after realizing there are NO GOOD QUESTIONS!?

Our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTT, Twitter



  1. One time TomStu and I egged Sam Bradley’s house. It was worth it just to see his mom come screaming outside in her nighty.


    • Hee hee..
      Egging San Bradley’s house!!

      I once seen a pic of Sam’s mom..

  2. btw way Rob isn’t going to be reading any of these questions or answering them, even with a google translator…he’s too busy…you know…decisions, decisions……..ham & cheddar hot pocket or Philly Steak & Cheese…now it’s even harder to decide because he has to share one with Mullsten on his “romantic island get-away”

    • I agree, he’s far too busy with the other decisions he has to make! I agree about the Google translator- its difficult to decipher the gibberish.

    • I’ve always thought of Rob as a Ham and Cheese sort of guy. Of course, I never thought about him having to share one with the mullet. She probably whines and makes him eat the Chicken and Broccoli kind.
      Rob, if you’re reading this (and you know you are), stop on by. I just went to Costco and bought a giant package (wink, wink) of Pepperoni Pizza pockets. None of that healthy stuff here.

      • ohhhhhh I want to come, even though I’m a vegitarian I’ll have English sausage!!!! I did go there lol

        • They have an English sau–
          Oooohh….I see what you did there!

        • Misty, no you didn’t! Lmao!

    Im sure this is exactly what he want to answer… jajajjajaja

    “What about all the RobstenILoveYouSoMuchNeverBreakUpEverOrElseI’ websites out there?”


    • omg are you for real???? There really are websites for “Robsten” fans?!? omg lmfao!!!!

      • and also this for you: , you can thank me later.

        • bahabahahahahabahahah omg it this real life?!?!?!? lmfao

        • omg – that site was hilarious!! 🙂

          LOVE IT!

        • OMG !!!

      • there are indeed. avoid them at all costs.

        • what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it, WOW!!!! I have heard it all now, I think….are they making plans for their wedding too?!? lol

          • without a doubt. maybe if they all wish really hard, it will come true.

      • Oh yes it’s for real, I saw one and I never went back there again! I posted a little something and seriously, they all tried to eat me alive.

        • IKR???? It happened to mee too!! I even think they block me from comment!!!! LMAO!!!!
          its not just the whole “they HAVE to be together forever and ever” its also a “if you are not with us you are complete againt us”

          Nobody is ever going to win in this… LOL

          • I know. And look, some of them are here because check it out, we got thumbs down. In all honestly I dontgiveacrapsten, I wasn’t even bashing their relationship(that time we didn’t know). I really didn’t care.

  4. Love the perfect date scene!

    I’d nibble on opposite ends of a hot pocket til our lips met (even tho, gasp! I hate hot pockets!). Or maybe I’d just nibble on Rob!

    • I now have this image in my head, nibbling on one Hot Pocket with Rob, a la Lady and the Tramp, probably for the entire day!

      • I know! Someone just asked me what I wanted for breakfast and I said “hot pockets”! Oh, Lawd…

        • And the stock for the company that makes Hot Pockets goes through the roof, again! I wonder if they’d figure this type of discussion into their business analysis!

          • They need to a gluten-free version of Hot-pockets so people like me can have one! 🙂

    • NIBBLE on ROB!!!
      yes yes yes!

    • Nibble on Rob…ok now which body part are we talking about here ?;-)

      • Which ever body part presents itself, I’m not picky…

        • Surely you have a part you favor? 🙂

          FTR I’m also not picky…not picky at all. You hear that Rob?

          • Well…. if I had a choice I’d probably start somewhere around that totally lickable mole along his hairline behind his ear…..

            We really need to stop talking about this….

          • Too hot to handle? 🙂

          • LOL.

  5. It’s always so hard (that’s what she said) when you post these letters/questions to Rob. I’m very conflicted.

    On the outside I’m laughing and pointing just like the rest of you, but on the inside I feel like a part of me is dying. These kids are the future of our country.

    Good Lord help us all !!!!

    • Agreed. Even I am frightened by the fact that some people actually WRITE like that. And for the record, I’m 20.
      What IS that? I mean, really?
      Is anyone else wondering why it’s easier to write “sumthyn” than “something”?

      Scary shit.

      • hi Jess
        “sumthyn” or “somthx” or “sumthinks”….I saw it ALL
        THEY simply don’t care…!!!

        the weirdest I saw???
        A teen that wrote his OWN NAME wrong (not a foreigner!)
        for multiple times in multiple “versions”

        • hey you!
          that’s fabulous. how does that happen?! i seriously don’t understand.

          ps. you should know that i found it difficult to pay attention in class yesterday. i was a little distracted with google. i think you know what i’m talking about 😛

          • You SHOULD pay attention!!! otherwise look what can happen! and please STOP googleing if Robsten IS or NOT!haha I sound like a teacher!

      • It’s especially scary if you have kids. I cringe at the thought of my daughter writing gibberish like this. I might have to send her to a convent to shield her from the evils of modern life. And hot men. I shudder at the thought of her as a teen, getting all hot and bothered over the next Rob. Yikes.

        • I have kids, my oldest being 13. I sometimes check out his text messages on his phone and it takes me forever to figure out what the heck these kids are saying to each other.

          Like my screen name says, I guess I’m just too old!

          • Tell me about it! I have a 19 year old daughter (and no I’m not that old! Had her when I was just a baby myself! 19.) I can’t ever understand her texts!

            With my daughter being just 4 years younger than Rob, you see why my favorite Rob quote is ” Feel dirty about it, feel dirty… feel like it’s wrong!”

          • WAIT A MINUTE!!!

            We’re not teen’s but were all obsession over Robbie like we were. :))
            Hey.. Something for mother and daughters to have in common to bond over.. their “Robsession”.
            Look at it this way, at least your alive.. alive enough to still lust over young guys.. (older men do it all the time, its our turn I say).

            ps. I don’t have a kid, I have a bull- terrier mix dog named Poncho., who likes hotpockets and beer. He mainly barks at Rob’s pic. Don’t think he likes him.

        • My DH worries about boys. We have a 2 yr old daughter and once this older boy came and kissed her on the cheek! Anyway, DH said he’s gonna invest in a shotgun. That and she’s going to be in an all-girls school. Hehe.

          I worry about her not being able to spell and write proper English, like some of these kids/people who posted these questions!

      • LMAO. All my younger relatives speak that gibberish. I get embarrassed if they write on my FB. My ex’s 19 year old girlfriend (He is 29) writes like that. She emailed me a letter once and I couldn’t understand anything she was trying to say. I told her to please take a refresher course in 3rd grade English before ever contacting me again. Seriously, I was more grammatically correct in Kindergarten. It’s a shame.

        • Don’t generalize though! We don’t all disgrace the younger generation by writing in some sort of code!
          ..”lol”s and such excepted.

    • Yep.. Rob is totally spoiling our youth!!! (and me… but you know what ‘RobWantsItAndSoDoWe’…

  6. Hilarious as always! And scary too! What could possibly be Rob’s reaction to any of these? Why, the spot-on replies here, of course! Excellent as always, ladies.

  7. “this brilliant pianist named Dino” hehehehe
    I love it when you drag random weirdos into it!

    I don’t think Rob could do a better job answering them himself.

  8. *head-desk*

    So … human beings are the best evolution can do? Really?

    Oh god …

  9. Is this questions thing still open?
    I wanna ask him if I can disrespect him nice and slooowww.

    • do it! they can’t close that shizz on Facebook. and if you’re the last one, he’ll (aka his manager’s assistant) will DEF read it!

  10. Some of these make me DESPAIR FOR HUMANITY.

    … but then I read UC’s answers and I see there is still hope.

    • thanks- UC- bringing hope to a future generation

  11. question from
    Araceli Villagran…umm..wat is it like being attacked by fans??? must be funny watching them how they kill u for an authograph or picture…ridiculous…no offense to the robert pattinson fans..its just funny

    Hi Araceli,
    yes it’s very “funny” that’s while I’m smiling all the time (I’m sure you saw that too?) , but know what? The funniest thing is to answer the imbecile question to a notfunny girl …ridiculous that….and SMILE honey….no offense intended!

    wow.. UC….. that’s difficult…haha…and mine is not funny at all……..I’m feeling kinda offended by the silly things/questions Rob perhaps has to answer………that cannot be…hahaha
    plz exec from summit… find some good excuse spare him that

    • and …jazz hand to YOUR abilitities!

      • *JAZZ HAND* is right!! And now from the conversation yesterday, I now think about biting buttons off when I think “jazz hands”. Is there NOTHING that we can’t correlate with Roberto??

        • there is there is…her name is..

          • Megan F.

        • As in Megan Fox??? The one with the toe thumbs?? Well, I guess she would have a good grasp on the jazz hand flag. heehee…

    • HAHAHAHA… That’s why I smile all the time…
      That one killed me

      • thx Bleriana….that killed me too….
        1) to find out that there are ONLY silly questions
        2) to answer as faker/Rob
        3) to think about WHAT HE could think…my brain did some “knots”!!!
        and now I cannot STOP to think about HIM

        • I wouldn’t even be able to think like him… And I am way to busy with mainly trying to ‘disrespect him nice and slow’

  12. Gabriela Cotet

    Hello, from Romania, Rob, sorry for my english First of all, congratulations. it’s really impressing to see you are still a normal guy besides all the fame.
    i actually have many things to tell you, i hope i don’t get boring.
    firstly, THANK YOU, because of your story about how you started acting, i went to acting courses and i realised it was in my blood all the time and this is what i want to do. so hope to make a movie sometime with you (joke).
    ABOUT “REMEMBER ME”: what do you find more exciting about “remember me” than from “twilight”?
    what do you think is the most important reason to watch “remember me”?
    do you believe in the love at the first sight?would you trust and fell inlove with someone not from the showbiz?

    thank you very much, Rob.
    good luck


    Dear Gabriela Cotet,

    What do you mean, sorry for your english? What english? (joke).

    Yeah, it’s been tough to remain a normal guy with all the fame and such. Since Twilight, I keep growing a bouffant and fangs, much to my inconvenience. But my hairstylist and orthodontist are on it, so rest assured.

    You do, in fact get boring. But despair not, I made a tremendous effort and managed to get to the end of your e-mail.

    Good thing you pointed out that you were joking about you and me being in a movie together. You had me going there for a second. (joke).

    Gosh, I have such a hard time picking one of your two Remember Me questions… But since I have other stuff to do (I need to buy a new flannel shirt since Kristen stole my favorite, and I need to go to the supermarket for a new family sized pack of hot pockets, amongst other things), I’ll take the easy way out and pick your second question. That’s an easy one: I’m in it. That should be obvious enough.

    About your question on love at first sight, are you referring to my falling in love with yourself? Because if so, then you might have to refrain from becoming a famous actor, what with all your acting classes and such. It’s either showbiz or the faint possibility that I might fall in love at first sight with you. Capiche?

    Say hi to Dracula for me, and tell him to stop sending me e-mails about what real vampires are supposed to look like,

    • Bella – Not an Addikt- awesome effort! You do, in fact get boring. But despair not, I made a tremendous effort and managed to get to the end of your e-mail.

      I’d like to make a tremendous effort with Rob!

      • The question is how much of an effort it would be. Not much, methinks.

    • Bella ily… This was seriously the funniest and the most likely written letter by a fan…

    • Oh… my… God…

      I’m Romanian and I am so so sooo second-hand embarrassed right now! *covers face with her hands* (*and then does the jazz hands move*)
      Just speechless.

      And while I wanted to hate on you for referring to the most cliche thing about Romania ever, I can’t help but laugh. The Dracula joke was actually really good.

      Fun fact: the girls’ name (Cotet) means chicken coop/sty in Romanian. I guess she deserves it.

      PS: And now I really hope that I didn’t misspell anything in this comment. If I did, please don’t tell me. I would DIE of embarrassment!

  13. fav part…
    “i just really wanted to like recieve a message from you even if your just saying “Hey” but just the thought of u talking to me is … See Morelike OMG!!!!”

    *when I first read this I read Massage instead of message… and I’m thinking that takes this whole question thing to another level!

  14. Dear Rob,
    Can I please accompany you on your murderous rage of people who insist upon butchering the English language?

  15. I kinda have the feeling that UC answers are wwwaaayyy funnier than Rob’s would be…
    BTW did anyone ask him a question? I know I didn’t…

    • I wanted to, but I chickened out. See my comment above.

    • well moon did that whole post and i think we were GOING to ask him questions, but forgot…

      • Well I did submit one today!! *diesofembarassment*

    • I did. *puts chin up in air* But I thought it was a good question. At least it pertained to the ACTUAL movie. *puts chin down and looks at feet* Fine! I know, I’m a loser. But if he by some off chance does see and answer my question I am totes doing the happy dance! Wow, I am a loser!

  16. I have a great idea. Have Rob Pattison, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt do a remake of the Vampire Daires This would be so cool. I love the letters they are great. The pics are cool too.

    • Uhm that would be kinda weird, kinda fun and just kinda awkward. I don’t even know what to think about it

    • ohhh today it’s not bobbygee…it’s the 12year bobbylina gee……..with a great idea for Rob Pattison….yeah that would be so cool….yeah

      • And btw Robgirl… The vampire diaries comes to Germany on 20th of January on Pro7!!! *squee*
        Will you watch it? (The German version kinda sucks in the trailers but I will)

        • Sorry no time..I spend my life on the blog! lol
          and the only vampire I can handle is…..Tyler!
          I’m beginning to pay for my addiction…

    • Did you mean Vampire Dairies? The show where they “milk” humans for blood? Haven’t seen that one.

      • Yes, this is why spelling is important.

      • No that’s True Blood!!
        Vampire diaries is about 2 brothers who are vampires and one of them is in love with a girl from his school. And she looks exactly like his ex who also happened to turn him and his brother into a vampire and had a relationship with both brothers. (love triangle anyone?) And yeah…

        • Bleriana,I´ll be watching VD on Pro7-definitely;-) But I guess the dubbing will be awful-like always.Saw the original episodes and really liked them.

          • yeah I watched the english ones too and they were waaay better… But I’ll still watch it in german just to remember what happened..

            So you’re from Germany too enjoykim??

          • I will NOT be watching it dubbed! Especially after I’ve heard the original voices.
            When is VD coming back anyways? I miss it…

            PS: I’m not from Germany, but close. I live in Vienna 🙂
            PPS: Have you read the VD-books?

  17. To the summit intern who has to sort through those questions:

    “Good Luck with that”

  18. MandiJo said she “watched every movie that you have been in and i love all of them”

    I couldn’t concentrate after I read this sentence.

    I wonder… Has she seen The Haunted Airman? Is that considered a good movie?

    I don’t think so. It was painful.

    SPOILERS!! (But seriously, if you wanna see Rob in a movie, just watch Twilight again. This sucked bad.)
    He pissed the bed. He imagined spiders. He was in love with his aunt. He did the army crawl up (or maybe it was down?) a flight of stairs.

    Not hot. Not profound. Not cult. Not anything.

    Just terrible.


    Dear Rob,

    Remember Me better rock my socks off. Seriously. I am losing faith. You did fine as a wizard. You were a terrifical vampire… but as a normal human, you kinda sucked.

    SURPRISE ME! Please?

    ❤ Me.

    • Hey Fang,
      I actually saw this when it was on the Beeb & then it was in the Secret Santa Rob Combo that outed me in public as a Twi/Rob fan.

      It was better than I expected actually…I think the script was more the problem…wasn’t it a Dennis Wheatley story…enough said.

    • I don’t mind HA, Rob is so beautiful in it I’m not really paying attention to what’s going on. The movie has virtually nothing to do with the book it’s based on by Dennis Wheatley, other than Rob being a British airman who was shot down and is sent to a mansion in the countryside to recuperate.I thought Rob’s performance was pretty good.

      The plot of the book revolves around Satanism and was a pretty interesting read, though it’s dated.They could have done a much better job with the movie.

      • Hmm…

        Maybe I just don’t get it. All I saw Rob do in that movie was stare.

        Staring, army crawling, pissing.

        Not my kinda movie.

        I wanna see something blown up! 😉

    • The Haunted Airman…a good movie???
      I saw lots of jaw/smoke/skin/kisses…
      YES…it’s a good movie…in MY world…

      agree with you about the spiders…

      • I thought so too! Any movie where I can look at Rob is a good movie. lol.

        • Hmm…

          I now understand that my “Robsession” is no where near the level of y’alls.

          I think that I am really just in love with his hair.

          The jaw… meh.

          The hands… meh.

          The sex hair? YES!

          So… once he looks up the incredible fang and I’m done with him, I’ll send him your way.

          • I always feel a bit of a lightweight over here too. I do love Rob’s eyebrows & sheer dorkiness dearly, but am fundamentally Team Jacob.

            But I like to visit. And if I met Rob I’d ask him for a message for the LTR girls…

          • After attempting to cop a feel so I can report back on some of the more *common* questions asked here.


          • Yeah. I’m definitely not Team Jacob… And I love Rob more than any other celeb…

            It’s just I have a real man… Can’t fangirl too hard when I gots the real thing at home.


      • The Haunted Airman…a good movie???
        Yes, so many close ups of skin, lips, smoking, fingers….! I’m with robgirl, it was a masterpiece!

    • Dear Fang,

      Yeah, I sort ummmmmm hear what you mean about when I ummmmmm act as a regular human…..yeah, I dunno…..but I think you may enjoy Remember Me, but I ummmmm dunno really what to think or say…ummmmmmm


    • I like HA but I agree with you, it was sort of creepy. I was confused by the ending, the first time I watched it. Oh and I was like I knew he and the aunt loved each other but wow I didn’t know they loved each other THAT much!

      I’m so looking forward to watching Remember Me, I’ll be watching it alone since I don’t think my hubby’s gonna be too happy with my reactions.

      Robgirl yeah there’s some excellent hand and jawporn in HA! Because he chain-smoked during the entire movie!

      • I guess that’s why he did the film….lazy sitting around the whole time while smoking!

  19. I managed to ask one or two.. I think he is supposed to have a video interview and answer some of them. I just feel sorry for the person who has to wade through 4000 questions.. I really hope it’s not him. Some of them are pretty bad..

    The fact that my actual RL friends could see it, stopped me from asking things like “So… how big is IT?” and “Cut or uncut?” cause you know that’s really what I wanted to know… I did post one with my “super secret squirrel” facebook account…

    • That’s why fake accounts are for, right? So you can ask Rob questions you would never ask because someone you know might see it and well you know the rest…

      • and so you can post status updates like “My ex husband is a complete douche bag!” and only your bff’s can see it and giggle

    • I wanted to ask a question too but I was chicken. I didn’t want friends and relatives to see me ask a question! And I got tons of friends and relatives there and lots of pictures…so I didn’t post a question :-(.

  20. “Valeria
    Hi!!!! well…… I LOVE YOU!!!!! you can be my friend please???



    Sorry. That struck me as incredibly funny. Here’s my question…I want to bang you. Do you want to be topsies or bottomsies?? 😉

    • haha….was that a question to Rob or Valeria???

      • LMAO!!!! Whenever it comes to tops or bottoms its always about Rob. Always. 😉

        • haha..always Rob…I can relate topwise and bottomwise!
          We swore solemnly yesterday!BOTH!

          • Yes!!! And an oath is an oath!! (Especially if it’s a Rob oath)
            *Jazz hands* (And ps…did we find anyone to hold the jazz flag while we fulfill our disrespectful oath to Rob??)

          • what’s about Valeria?

          • HAHA…She’s too delusional. 😉

    • LOL, okay topsies or bottomsies….we all want to know~!

      • Or sideways, upside down, behind a dumpster, etc. etc. etc. All will suffice. 😉

        • Oh wow that just gave me a great visual…just in time for nap! Thanks Sharpie I ❤ you!

          • LOL-You’re welcome!! Any time! 😉

    • Yes. The response to Valeria was my fav as well.
      Love it.

  21. “It was worth it just to see his mom come screaming outside in her nighty”


    • i know! i couldn’t word it differently.. i was too tired!

    • BAHAHAHAHAA! How did that one pass me by?!

  22. I quit reading after Valeria. I am too second hand embareced to continue reading. That’s all. xxx

    Happy new year to you all! All the way from Heinekenwolrd Holland….proost!

  23. Hilarious doesn’t even cover it.

    P.S.- Thanks for the HeyyBrother button. How did I not know about its existence for this long?

    • Because it’s NEW(ish) and was created per UC’s request by her BRILLIANT friend. I will admit though that I’ve been very selfishly hogging it and savoring it’s awesomeness… I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I do.

  24. Ok, the panda pic and caption killed me.

    Mother effing mother eff! Is it March yet? I need to see some Rob sexy times, because Lord knows between the Twilight boxblocking and all the Fan Fic I read, I am getting just a wee bit antsy.

    • Yay for FF stirrin’ up those FIRES!!! “Antsy” doesn’t cover it, sister!

  25. See, you guys aren’t the only ones to get letters from wackos and semi-literate wackos. I feel your pain, Rob, if you really are answering letters.

    Normally I prefer to believe that Rob is too pure and perfect to have the same crude and disgusting bodily functions as the rest of us, but the image of him farting while climbing the rope in gym class is priceless. I’m still giggling.

  26. Words cannot express the sadness and 2nd hand embarrasment that I feel right now.

    UC – I know that Rob has mentioned that he doesn’t have a PR person. WOW – you would SO rock as his PR gal. Instead of the typical “politically correct” and/or “neutral” answers, Rob’s team would provide the snarkiest, but most honest answers in the business.

    • i agree… I’d, of course, make him refer to his friendship/relationship/whatever it is that day with Kristen as “robsten” it’d rule

    • Oh, that would be awesome! UC and Moon are so all over the “Rob persona” already! And imagine the interviews and PR materials–they’d cut right through all the BS questions and get right to the questions everyone wants answers to now, i.e., “how big”, “cut or uncut”, “top or bottom”. . . Can you hear the phone ringing from Summit right now?

  27. Bwahahahaha!!!! Hilarious, as usual. I can’t even begin to comment, because the awesomeness is on too grand of a scale.

  28. Poor Rob. It’s cruel to put him through somehting like that. Seriously, isn’t it enough that the demands of fame have already caused him lose his mind and go running (loping, skipping? Whatever it is that he does.) into the arms of a sharp tongued, unhappy, hair-impaired temptress?
    After this next round of torture we’ll be lucky if he isn’t “shacked up” with Paris H or a freakin’ Kardashian. And ladies, if that happens I’ll be seriously reconsidering my “anywhere, anytime” open invitation for Rob dumpster sex.

  29. This is totally off subject but last night I was feeding my Robert Pattinson obsession by watching interviews on YouTube that I’ve probably already seen 50 times, and I came across an old one from his Harry Potter days. Anywho, it made me think about the blog “Is Robert Pattinson Pretentious?”. They were asking him if he had read the books and he said no and that he had only read part of the book that he was filming. Then he said something like “I mean what’s the point of reading…anything…ever?” So, maybe he is a little pretentious.

    • yes…haha..
      he’s sometimes the best faker in town….but has a fine ass!
      I love that!

      • Yeah, a fine *ss that I want to Disrespect nice and sloooowww. He knows exactly what he is doing to all of us, and he does it way to well.

    • Hon I was doing the same thing last night but I did come across that one you talked about and I was like “what?” He is so adorable, that guy.

      • haha there’s NO contradiction in it!
        ..absolutely ADORABLE in his little fakerness …

    • I love off-subject subjects!

  30. I may already know about and love that button, but it doesn’t change the fact that when I just saw you gift it to me again, that I had a “AHHH!” moment that would rival Lucille’s excitement when she recognizes Gene Parmesan. True story.

    Sometimes I feel bad because the things I say around here would make it seem like I think Rob is a total leper… but I swear I love him.

    • “I may already know about and love that button”

      ::clears throat:: AHEM AHEM—


      I love you, HB.

      • Zees84- i wanted to give you many “thumbs up” but it would only let me do it once.

    • Effin LOVE the AD reference!

  31. The question that scaries ME was the “Is this like you in your real life ?”

    I truly cannot believe that somebody is ABLE to ask something like this!!!!!

    Dear Edward
    I could swear that you truly have the same nose as Tyler!
    How is it possible???
    Please explain!

    • Bwahahahaha!!!! And don’t forget the PS: Can you really scale up mountains in the blink of an eye, and climb a tree like a bionic monkey??

      • or totally confusing ALL together (upstairswise!) like..Edward having wall-sex with Emily and Tyler moaning by kissing Jacob…..arghhh

        • You gotta love the big bag of crazy that Rob brings out!! *not it!*

        • You used it! (the all together upstairs!). Thank you!

          • thank YOU…good teacher of nicesounding words!

  32. I love question and answer time!
    I was laughing my head off this morning until I reached the end of the post and saw that last picture, labeled My Sacrifice.
    Yeah, try explaining to YOUR 75 year-old grandmother why you’re moaning at the computer and biting your knuckle at 10am.
    That’s normal, right?

    • more normal than explaining it to your boss as I might have had to do this AM for the very same reason.

  33. I was reading this while on a conference call, and when I clicked on the Dino link his lovely piano music started blaring out of my laptop for everyone to hear… *mute* *mute* *mute* yikes!! Ha ha. Luckily it was only technical helpdesk people, not my boss….

    • Chocaholic~ love your name.

      • Thanks. Chocolate and RPattz are two of my favorite things…..both make me go “mmmmm”!

        I have a really stupid question….how did you get the picture/avatar attached to your name? I’m a total technology fail and I can’t seem to figure it out….

        • ML, do you mind if I answer this one?
          Choc- you make a WordPress account and then you can choose your avi. Cheers!

          PS You better find an avi that’s a Rob-chocolate mash-up, cuz then I’d be as happy as Tattward with a cupcake 🙂

          • Thanks, Obava!!

            Choco, I’ve had the mountainlion name for a while, then I downloaded a picture of the big cat, that you see here. Then, I went to Gravatar and they included directions on downloading photos for avatars. That’s my version, which I think is considerably dumbed-down for non-techies…like me. Yes, please do choose a rob-choco mash-up, Obava said!

          • Okay, thanks to both of you!! I will give it a try.

            I agree a Rob/Choc mash-up would be delicious…..might be beyond my abilities since I lack photoshop, but maybe I’ll think of something!

            PS – Tattward’s love of cupcakes is totally what I find most endearing about that character…. 🙂

  34. Dino and a tub of queso! I think I may be falling in love with you UC! I know I am short, but I know we can work this out!!!;)

    Dear Christine from NYC,
    Yeah, If you have to say you are flirting, then you just ain’t doin’ it right lady!

    • i might get over my aversion to short people just for you…!

      • and just so we’re clear… you DO know I’m kidding right…!?

        • i would NEVER be friends with a short person!


          • I guess I just will have to pull out my “Alice” moves and be really persistant and annoying until you will be my friend! It worked on Bella! 😉

        • What!? NOOO!

      • AWWW! Thanks!

  35. Speaking of questions about Remember Me….

    Does anyone have the script? I can’t find it anywhere!

    • I have it. Somewhere in my inbox. Let me know and I can send it to you.

      • Great. Thanks. You can send it to

        • Done. Enjoy!

          • Would you send it to me?
            I’d be your best friend.

          • I want it too please SB:


          • OK lovelies, it’s been sent.

            I guess I’m the email pimp today :-).

          • Now I’m almost depressed! Glad I read it tho. Now atleast I’ll be prepared for when i see it although I know I’m still gonna cry.

          • I love the trip this script has done. A friend who doesn’t care about Rob downloaded it for me to shut me up for a while, when i was apparently driving her crazy with Rob. and now it’s travelling from crazy to crazy.

    • I believe the Rob-porn Queen (robgirl) has it.

      I read it, enjoyed it and now I can focus on lusting after HIM instead of worrying about a plot line. Who cares.

      Look at what I’ve become.

      • lionhoney…can you please find some hotter/younger name for me than “Queen”….that sounds like “Elisabeth” the only QUEEN here around…and “porn+Queen” sounds gaaaahhhh as well!
        You’re disrespecting me….!!!
        Look what you’ve become!

        • I agree, it sounds too much like a porn star name doesn’t it? LOL

        • Hi,
          I agree. “Queen” or “Highness” is not interesting at all. I really don’t know what to call you…

          You are so good at this stuff. What would you like to be called?

          • What about the Goddess of Rob Porn (GORP for short). I know, lame. Le sigh.

          • Rob’s love…..simple that was!

  36. Valeria -Hi!!!! well…… I LOVE YOU!!!!! you can be my friend please???

    Awww, poor Valeria! I love Rob’s pretend answer! Maybe it was the “I love you” that scared Rob, Valeria. You know men can be iffy w/ these things, you gotta take it with them nice and slow(thatswhatshesaid). Never blurt these three letter words unless you’re absolutely sure the feeling is mutual. 🙂

    • Hahaha…Truer words never had been spoken!
      as always!…you are a wise (young and hot!) woman!

      After “I love you” comes “Can we TALK about our relationsship?” or “Do I’m looking FAT in this dress?”
      MEN normally hate that….so Rob is a MAN = HE hates IT !!!
      SB you are a genius!

      • Ah yes the “fat” and the “relationship” questions! Yeah men hate those! Anything personal, they’d be spacing out. Give them a TV remote, a beer and some pork rinds and they’re good to go. Sigh. How do I know these things???

        PS I wrote a book called What makes men happy(see above).

        Just kidding.

    • To quote absolutelyvlc, that was “awesomesauce.”

  37. What do I have to do to be gifted that button???!!!


  38. “I bet I can make you scream.”

    Um, yes. I’ll. Bet. You. Can.

    • LMAO! Genius Nr.2 today!!!

    • He can make you scream alright. Over and over and over again.

    • This quote in combination with smutty fanfic is the death of me… just sayin’…

  39. UC,
    I sit here yet again procrastinating and crying because I am laughing sooooo hard (just like Robbie P). Thanks for the great post, just keep the funny coming!

    I love you UC&Moon. (:
    Is this post related in some way to your own life??? Do you find yourself playing the part of having to answer a lot of inane, grammatically incorrect letters with lots of spelling errors? dont mean to sound stalkerish but i have read every post that you have posted, and i love all of them, your distinct writing style intrigues me!! I was just wondering which post always makes you smile when you think about it? I am your secret admirer. Can we be friends? Also, what song do you play to drown out all the crazies when you can’t take it anymore? And do you like it when people make lame attempts at flirting with you? (if so, how would you like to come to my place to see my drawerings?). if you ever like hang out with michael jackson please tell him I adore him and his monkey bubbles. One time I farted at a party with 5 crazy Mexicans. It was difficult to tolerate, and like it consumed and overwelmed us. Has that ever happened to you?

    • Can I come over to see your “drawerings?”

      Thanks for the funny.

      • Mountainlion my dear, you have an open invitation whenever you wanna come over and see my “drawerings” 😀

    • can i be yr friend absolutelyvic? i love u.

      • Only if you’ll by mine? I need some wisdom in my life.

    • “monkey bubbles” HAHAHAHAHAHA!
      THAT’s what Jackson should’ve named his band!
      Maybe I’ll start a band just to name it that, and only do 100 Monkeys covers.

      • Obava can I have free lifetime tickets?

  41. Ok I am taking one for the team and log myself on Facebook and ask a question. Can someone give me the link of where to submit it.

    I think Imma ask: “Rob can we disrespect you nice and slow? P.S. You know you want it and so do we…”


    • Just search Remember Me, become a fan, go to their page, and it’s about the third post down. The second post down though, says that question time has closed. Boo!

      • I can still write him a pm right?
        I’ll just try… I mean they can’t really close the thread right??

    • Do it! Do it! Do it!

      • Darn, guess you can’t if question time is closed.

    • Ask him if he reads LTR. No wait…on second thought…don’t. If he doens’t and we make him aware of it we’ll never be able to disgrace be ourselves on here again.

    • I dare you to do that! LOL. No faker accounts okay?

      • I’ll make a normal account even though all of my friends are there and there’s a huge possibility of me being caught… but they know of my Robsession so I don’t care…

        • Good for you :-). Like I said, I’m chicken, I’m a closet-fan, that’s why I let loose here.

      • Bleriana, ask him if he reads LTR, you know since we mention Remember Me almost everyday here. It’s a legitimate question, they can’t say it’s not related to the film.

        • If I ask him whether he reads LTR we would be caught!! And tbh I hope no one (especially Rob) ever reads the stuff I’ve been writing in this blog…

          • Why, cause you think you’ve done worse/better than the question you just posted on FB with your real name and photo 🙂 ? crazy!
            I’d love it if he’d lurke from time to time. It’ll be our (aka all the crazies +HHH) little secret relationship.

          • minuit….secret relationship!me like too!
            bleriana….you’re crazy..she’s right!
            me…I’m normal….lol

          • Bleriana I have the same fear. I may die of embarrassment if he read any of the stuff I’ve been writing on here.

      HERE WE GO!!!

  42. “nibble on opposite ends of a Hot Pocket until our lips met in the middle a la Lady and the Tramp”


  43. The amount of work you do for ths man amazes me! He’s so lucky to have you there.. working for him so he doesn’t have to do this, so that he can hang out on some Isle somewhere with good friends… just hanging out.. and he can visit his family with his good friends… just hanging out..

    He’s so lucky to have you.. I hope one day he also sees this and you too can be amoung his close friends and just hang out with him…. as just good close friends

    Bless you…

    PS – Sarcasm – Pronunciation: \sär-ka-zm\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: French or Late Latin; French sarcasme, from Late Latin sarcasmos, from Greek sarkasmos, from sarkazein to tear flesh, bite the lips in rage, sneer, from sark-, sarx flesh; probably akin to Avestan thwar’s- to cut
    Date: 1550
    1 : a sharp and often satirical or ironic utterance designed to cut or give pain
    2 a : a mode of satirical wit depending for its effect on bitter, caustic, and often ironic language that is usually directed against an individual b : the use or language of sarcasm
    synonyms: wit, humor, irony, sarcasm, satire, repartee: mean a mode of expression intended to arouse amusement.

    • “a mode of expression intended to arouse amusement”
      Oh, I’m sure I have a few modes of expression intended to arouse something in Rob, but not always amusement… 😉

    • hi Kelly….eff eff you did too
      but I have the doubt that “ourcrazies”will have their little difficulties to READ aka understand it!

    • So what’s the definition of “sarcgasm”?

      • Sarcgasm –

        How about pretending to look like you’re having an orgasm? Because you know, it would hurt your partner’s ego if he/she founds out it wasn’t real.

        I can’t believe I said this.

        • Oh man, typos…I meant to say if he/she found out it wasn’t real.

          I really must sleep more.

          • that sounds pretty much ambivalent….lol

      • Hey Robgirl, isn’t “sarc” or “sarg” the german word for coffin?
        And Vampires (usually) sleep in coffins…
        Sounds like a “sarcgasm” could be a hell of a lot fun :-))

  44. Bahahahhahahahaahahah

    “They’re NOT Bears” Brills.

    • I just got it…you can call me slow I guess….lol

  45. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by LetterstoTwilight, Janet. Janet said: HA! RT @letter2twilight: Rob answers questions about RememberMe (& goes on a murderous rampage…..) […]

  46. “Valeria
    Hi!!!! well…… I LOVE YOU!!!!! you can be my friend please???


    That’s the best part of the whole post. LOVE IT!! 😀

    I haven’t been on in a while, and I forgot how happy these posts make me. Thanks ladies!!!

  47. OMG I didn’t know that FB page was a treasure. UC and HeyyyBrother, you are genius! I will borrow one of Rob’s “question” and dedicate it to you :
    “… it is true that your phisique beauty make of you a star I am trés attracted(enticed) by your phisique and your way of being, your character and you in particular.” Béa from Paris.
    Yes, my brain is on fire after all these fan questions.

    And one for Rob, so he won’t be jealous.
    “Do you ever wish you could just have your life back? Or are you great full for the opportunity?” Nicole 15yo
    “I am so full of the opportunity, there’s a little bit coming out of my pants in all glorious moments. Wanna come and see?” Rob.

    • Hey this was AWESOME as always!!!

      • just like the cream on the cake!!!

        • are you on a diet?

          • yeah…pretty much for YOU!!

          • why, you want to disrespect me too?

        • Pls don’t say cake…now I want some and you know I’m on a “special diet.”

  48. ok I outet myself on FB and wrote the question; who wants to go and see?

    • …with THAT pic honi I would disrespect you……hahaha
      wow you did it!
      good girl you are!!!

    • That was very gutsy! Great job and fabulous photo, Bleriana.

    • Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Classic! He might be so intrigued he’d reply to you………

  49. I plead guilty .. I went and took a look at the Remember Me Facebook page in Dec, believe it or not, some are still posting to it, even though the question submission time is long over…
    (sigh) our little obsessions…. .

    There were a number of girls who either asked the same question over and over.. like 10 or 20, 30 times….”do you like to play the vampire or Tyler who is more real like”… or said:

    “I think you are the best actor in THE WORLD!!! EVER, OMG, OMG, OMG, please come to Brazil, I DIE FOR YOU”…


    ps. that pic that was taken with the little girl with the sneaker is probably old old, as for the last few weeks or so the UK has been experiencing the worst snow storm blizzard on record. Don’t see any snow in the pic. and the little girl is not bundled up for the chill.


    • Hi Hemes, are you from UK?
      The pics were taken on NYE. I think it started snowing 2 or 3 days later, like in France. As for the girl’s clothes, I think a lot of British people have a different sense of the temperature. “They’re not bears” but I am not shocked when I see people in t-shirts when it’s practically freezing. I just know they’re British.


    I can safely say that these idiots and their ‘questions’ are why Normal people think Twilight is for nutcases.

    Reading this post seriously hurt my eyes. I cannot believe the illiterate morons who ‘luv rob.’

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