Posted by: Bekah | May 18, 2009

Blurbs from the Quad

Dear Rob,


I'm confused as to where my favorite girls have been

Have you noticed that The Quad hasn’t broken anything down Vanity-Fair style in awhile? Have you wondered why? Have you feared that EastFriend took the millions we’ve made from the blog and fled to Vancouver to try to find you, Crazy-Stalker style? Did you think that WestFriend grew so insanely jealous of our popularity that she admitted defeat in the quest for your heart and settled for Tyler Crowley and is working on her very own ‘”? Don’t worry- it’s nothing like that.

Actually it’s worse. Someone’s work no longer lets her on any chat functions, so we’ve had to resort to e-mail conversations, which are dificult to break down things on- plus Moon doesn’t check e-mail until like 8pm ET and by then the 3 of us have had so many convos she doesn’t even know how to catch up. I will protect the identity of The Quad member who is causing all the trouble so that you don’t love her less, but it’s WestFriend the married one who lives on the west coast not important.

The one thing that has emerged from our email convos throughout the day (and texts, and calls and pictures texts and videos) is little random snippets of hilarity. We have affectionately named these “Blurbs from The Quad” and have begun quite the collection to share with you.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the following Blurbs from the Quad while we figure out a way to hack into WestFriend’s work’s network & server system to fix the atrocity that is no gmail-chat at work.


1. Sam Bradley’s Mom


MILF alert

UC: uh.. Sam Bradley’s mom is a cougar. You KNOW she’s reading FanFic about Rob
: Um…hi, Lee Lindsey…how you doin’? I’ve just now turned lesbian for you. She is hot. Not even kidding. When do we start taking bets on which of Sam’s friends have boned her? She’s a total MILF.
: if Sam didn’t read our blog on a daily basis, I would TOTALLY say we have to discuss that. Wait, I just considered it, and I’m all for this Sam Bradley’s mom idea.

Dear Rob,

Sam’s mom is a milf. You wanna tap that?


WestFriend: Rob has ALREADY tapped that. Whilst wearing the hobo/dad jacket of conceivement…for good luck.
: what if Rob and Mama Bradley made a baby… a brother for Sam? Do you think he’d like that?
: WestFriend said “conceivement.” WestFriend WINS!!!!!! And, as I always say, Moon’s gonna come into work and see all 87 of our morning e-mails and be like, “Bitches, please! I have a job here!” Yes, we know…and that job is all of this stimulating Rob/Sam/MILF/Pot talk. Amen.
UC: So true.. Screw the Job, Moon. Join the fun! I’m thinking that this Sam Bradley’s “Your mom is a milf” talk would be a great way to introduce ‘blurbs from the quad’

2. The reaction to the Wolfpack
WestFriend after seeing new moon promo pic for the first time w/ wolves

Umm…for real? That’s hot. And I am not even trying to impersonate Paris.

3. We don’t care that we weren’t invited to the set by Summit. Nope. Not at all.

WestFriend’s reasoning for being grateful that we weren’t invited by Summit to visit the set:
(1) We don’t want Rob to know we have fansites
(2) If we were there, they would know we spend a lot of our time reading Twilight crap…and stuff on Rob.
(3) We don’t want to be in close proximity to a Twilight Mom.
(4) The end.


He only likes me cuz I bring him free pot

He only likes me cuz I bring him free pot


4. The Strip Club

Moon: So uh have we talked about the rumor where Rob went to a strip club? It is: true? false? Are we: jealous?
UC: You must’ve missed out on that convo. I believe the following was mentioned:

1) he likes the curvy ladies- WIN
2) it was on the front of star mag which prob means it’s false
3) but if he’s going to a strip club to get some bootylicious time, I wouldn’t mind, cuz at least he isn’t pounding spam

WestFriend:Umm…I’m curvy. Which is why he tapped that last night. Just sayin’…
: Have we talked about whether he’s a boobs or ass man?? Anyone?
: If he is anything like my man…he is all up in the butt-business.
: Mr. Choice too. Actually he might only be about the butt cuz I have no boobs. He has no other option!
: UC! Me too! Our husbands are twins! And so are we. How cute. Which brings me to my next point…KStew doesn’t have boobs. If they are banging, only her butt (which isn’t much) is the only thing to entice him. OR she is bribing him with free pot. Which could be possible…You know Rob is too cheap to buy his own…he has to bang girls or be “free with his favors” behind dumpsters to get it.

5. That’s what she said

I wrote a pretty spectacular comment on the LA Times blog about Rob’s birthday. I decided to share it’s brilliancy with The Quad:

UC: I wrote this, “Now I read somewhere that Rob & gang ate “roasted vegetables” for his birthday. Do you know if that is true or not? I’m VERY concerned about his intake of vegetables….”
WestFriend: That is BEAUTIFUL. You truly are the queen of networking. You KNOW you will get huge numbers on the blog today. I don’t think “that’s what she said” works right here…but I did say HUGE, so you never know. Insert if you feel so inclined.  {that’s what she said} Yes! it worked there.

6. I may not like Rob poundin’ spam, but I don’t mind receiving spam

“Karl Fields” sent me an spam message delightful piece of e-mail correspondence. And it was just too brilliant not to share with The Quad:

Karl Fields, spammer extraordinaire: If you have a problem getting or keeping an erection, you are not alone. In fact, more than half of all men over forty have difficulties getting or maintaining an erection. This condition, called erectile dysfunction (ED), occurs with younger and older men as well, but there’s a safe, effective and easy method of treatment: Viagra. When the time is right, you’ll always be ready
How did Karl know?
EastFriend: Oh my stars! UC, how the heck did you hack into Rob’s e-mail account?
UC: (first of all, let’s pause for a moment for the fact that EastFriend did, indeed, say ‘oh my stars’) Karl just needs to tell Rob:

“Rob– there’s no medical cure for what you have… you just need to step away from Kristen Stewart.. Your erection will come back eventually…hopefully.”

After the jump, enjoy a little bonus “Admin” blurb

Our little family has grown at LTT/LTR and now includes our 2 forum mods, 2 topic mods & the geeky cousin (our brilliant tech guy who could care less about Twilight or Rob but can fix that ‘black screen of death’ our computers love to get):

7. Admin Blurbs
There’s a geeky section hidden from the public on The Forum that’s for mods only. It’s here that we discuss geeky things.  On this particular day we were discussing the spammers on our forum and how and when to ban them:

GeekyCousin: Pay special attention to the ip address of the user when it’s coming from: china, korea, russia, anywhere in africa. Go ahead and delete & ban them immediately. Gosh, I just realized- I hope you don’t think I’m racist. The reason I single out those countries is that with those all combined, that accounts for something like 90% of all the spam you get, and all the attempted board hijackings, etc. so I’m playing the game of probability here.
Calliope: Dear Geeky Cousin,

I’m hurt. I know my avatar is of a lobster, but surely someone as intelligent as you could have deduced from my whitty posts that I was a native Korean whose momma shacked up with a Chinese man one wild night then was forced to immigrate to Russia where we spent much of my youth until we ran off to Africa to hunt for Blood Diamonds in Sierra Leone. Eventually we hit it big and ended up on jewelers row in Philly selling the goods on 8th and walnut. We did so well we eventually opened up a Chinese/Korean/African fusion restaurant in Rittenhouse House Square that all the Russians love. I know, ballers. So yes, I do take offense at you singling out my home peeps.

I have the funniest friends! Go to the forum and see if they crack you up today!

Update: 100Monkey’s show meet-up in Philly is back on! Join me (UC) and all the other local LTT/LTR gals (unicorns welcome too) for a special time with special hugs! Buy your tickets here (5/23 9pm show). And email me ( so I know to look for you!


  1. I want Sam Bradley’s mom’s boots. If I get those, and the ones Kristen wore in the InStyle spread, I will be SET FOR LIFE. Love me some hot boots.

    And I think it’s a travesty that WestFriend’s work blocked chat…wonder if any of those peeps are secret employees of Summit?

    p.s. Is Rob a boob or ass man? Frankly, I think he’s in the “I’m grateful to get any–from Kristen!” club. Bwahahahaha!

    • Um, I just want her LEGS. She’s had 2 children. That is an unfair gene pool outcome!

      • I second that!!!

    • you have hit the nail on the head!

  2. Sam’s mom is smokin’! I hope I look at least half that hot when I get older….

  3. I have no boobs too, So here’s hoping Rob is an ass man.

    Oh, this one is priceless.

    Calliope: Dear Geeky Cousin,

    I’m hurt. I know my avatar is of a lobster, but surely someone as intelligent as you could have deduced from my whitty posts that I was a native Korean whose momma shacked up with a Chinese man one wild night then was forced to immigrate to Russia where we spent much of my youth until we ran off to Africa to hunt for Blood Diamonds in Sierra Leone. Eventually we hit it big and ended up on jewelers row in Philly selling the goods on 8th and walnut. We did so well we eventually opened up a Chinese/Korean/African fusion restaurant in Rittenhouse House Square that all the Russians love. I know, ballers. So yes, I do take offense at you singling out my home peeps.

    🙂 Geeky cousins had it good . LMAO

  4. How old is Sam’s Mom? 25?

    • yes

    • they’re actually twins seperated at birth.

  5. @ Calliope

    We are in the presence of greatness..your letter was “brill”….

    it is a Monday and I thank you 😉


    • dear brummie,

      i have a short list of approximately 30 people i’d like you tell of my greatness to. maybe then, they’ll all finally believe what i’ve been saying for approximately the last 24 years and 11 months (okay that’s a like… i’ve only been saying it for approximately the last 23years and 9 months… the other year and 2 months i more or less was using phrases like “coo” and “aghh” to convey that those were the sounds i expected people to produce in the presence of such greatness [i.e. me]).

      anyways that list of people, includes, but is not limited to:
      1. Bill Gates: i’d like some of his cash
      2. Rob Pattinson: i’d like some of his ass
      3. My mother: i still don’t believe she’s convinced
      4. Mike Nutter, the mayor of philly: i really believe i should have a parade.
      5. The powerball people: see person 1 for reason
      6. Prince Harry: i want a crown
      7. My ex-boyfriend: he’s aware, but it doesn’t hurt to rub it in
      8. Obama: so he can draw up a law demanding my greatnesse’s general acceptance.
      9. This betch who once called me ignorant: she was ugly and stupid. but that’s not punishment enough.
      10. Rob Pattinson: just for reinforcement… i have a sneaky feeling he doesn’t always pay attention.

      thanks. heart ya.

  6. We know he goes to strip clubs. More power to him. Maybe he’ll lose his passport in one, too. He could be a twinner with his BFF!! I like strip clubs and I will be happy to accompany Mr. Pattinson to one. OR we could totally play strip club at the location of his choosing(likehishotelroomjustsayin)….

    Secondly, if Sam does read this blog he just cringed. Yes, his mom is a total milf but your mama and your best friend? That’s the stuff nightmares are made of! Poor Sam.(comehereandiwillmakeitallbetter)

    And Calliope(which btw, was my favorite name ever since back in the day when there was a Calliope on Days of Our Lives >sigh<) made me LMAO when she was all “I know, ballers.” Best line of the whole thing!

    Thank you, UC…you just turned my frown upside down! I don’t have a case of the Mondays anymore!

  7. Oh my stars! You bitches is hilarious! ;3

    Seriously, Calliope, you are my hero! ❤

  8. Ok so once again I am doubling over with laughter…thanks girls great way to start off my Monday!!! 🙂

  9. Umm I don’t know what this might sound like
    but ..have you guys heard of :
    It’s a web based instant messaging site
    Hope this helps ..unless you already know 🙂

    • i didn’t know! sending it to westfriend now to see if she can make it work!

      • Hope it works !
        Good luck

      • it didn’t work 😦 sad day

        • OMG!! I’m soo sorry That’s why I didn’t want to tell you about it ..I didn’t want to put your hopes up … It seems that programmers at Westfriend’s work know about the site .. Wow ..they’re seriuos about this …but you have to do something about this conspiracy 😉 I mean this site always works at .. I mean it always works !! Even when the internet connection is soo unfortunate 😦 Sorry again !

  10. i knew a girl in high school who said “oh my stars”. she also said “good gravy!”. i’d say she was throwin back to the old days, but this actually was in the old days. well, 1991. she also wore acid washed z caverici’s with mulitple belt loops.

    • LMAO! Oh my gosh, I remember the Z Caverici days, that was the brand everyone HAD to get in high school in order to fit in it seemed, LMAO! Oh that’s too funny!

    • @2far2care

      I say “good gravy over biscuits” lol do we know each other ! lol

    • They are “z cavaricci” peeps! I had 2 pairs and some sort of puffy blouse that I wore with them. I think the waist went to just below the nipples, right? Oh – and mine were size 2T ’cause I was so young in 1989 when I wore them 😉

  11. “Sam’s mom is a milf. You wanna tap that?”


    LMAO, I forgot about the “pounding spam” LOL!

    Calliope, priceless, simply priceless, ROTFLMAO!

  12. Sam’s Mom is my hero. Seriously…rocking thigh high boots with grown chillins…

    Can we start a

  13. Loving the blurbs!!!!

    Especially love your advice for Rob’s erectile dysfunction. ROFL.

  14. Rob on his way to Cannes. Check out the 4th photo from the bottom…his feet! Hee hee!

    • OMG – I’m surprised he didn’t fall over with his feet like that! ROFL!

      I notice he wore a longer T-shirt this time (or pants that aren’t riding so low, or both). Guess he didn’t want to flash us his undies today like he did last time.

      Aw shucks.

  15. Gotta admit it….adorable

  16. “OH My Stars”! Sam’s mom is a hottie! Isn’t she the “bees knees”! As far as whether Rob is a boob or ass man…either way I’m covered, but me thinks its all about the ass for some reason. I just have this feeling, and that is… “cool beans”.

    • You win! Hilarious. And groovy.

  17. I have too much boob and too much ass. I hope he likes a lot of both. LOL. And I’m smart, so there you go. I have three quality traits!

    Ok, so I would totally go to a strip club with you Rob.

  18. @Calliope – No offense to UC, but your letter was the shining moment in today’s post. Wit like that is hard to come by.

    Rob in a strip club?! NOOOOOOOOO!

    • i’m offended. i want all the credit… always


      • famewh*re.

        i feel like i’m ashlee simpson… “living in the shadows of someone else’s dream…”


  19. Boob, ass – he’s 23 – do you really think he’s developed a preference yet? I think he just bangs the first woman to eat a banana in front of him. Whole.

    • Off to practice my banana eating skilz

    • @WTM Yep I’m sure he likes it ALL!

      “Whole” LMAO

    • dont think he’s too choosy at this juncture.

      • “he’s not too choosy” is basically my whole game plan for getting him in bed, so I hope you are right!

  20. Calli – does your Chinese/Korean/African fusion restaurant serve burgers? You can’t have a restaurant in the US that doesn’t serve burgers.

    • i almost asked ‘CALLI owns a restaurant?” cuz i’m THAT gayspice

      • Temporary amnesia? You did write this post did you not? Or did you steal it from the TwiMoms site?

  21. rob is sooooo hot *trying 2 breath* hugs and kisses kim oxox p.s. Sam’s mom is so not hot

  22. I wonder if Rob was there when Sam Bradley’s mom had her shoot with her guitar.

    Did Sam show up?

    and if he did I bet you Rob went.

    and he resisted the cougar.

    victory for us ladies.

    • The fact that he resisted the cougar ain’t no victory for me. Maybe for you. But not for me. And half the other LTR ladies.

      • That’s right! GROWL!!!

        I’m sure he resisted Sam’s mom b/c hitting your friend’s mom is so FAIL – but nailing some random MILF like me would be so WIN! He doesn’t know my kids or husband – so no moral conflict.

  23. Poor Westfriend. I bet she is sitting at her computer crying because she has let down the Twilight fandom.

    • don’t worry- we sent Rob her way to console her w/ special hugs

  24. Sam’s mom is hot…I’d still prefer to tap Sam…sorry mom. Here’s a letter since Sam Bradley lurks here:

    Dear Sam,

    Your mom is hot, I think you already know this. I’m sure all of your friends, Rob, Bobby Long, Marcus Foster, and (that other guy who’s name I can never remember) have all told you way before the Quad or us girls here brought it up.

    I hope you don’t find us crude for saying she’s a hottie. I’d like to explain how good it is for momma to hear these things. You see, my son was born when I was still in my teens, which means that he and I look like brother and sister – which I’m sure you’ve heard while out and about with your mom. So, I know first hand how creepy it is that people think your mom is a hottie. However, it’s GREAT for her self esteem! I can’t tell you how good I feel after having a 15 year old utter the words “I’ll go to the grocery store with you Ms. SnMLamb” – (how did they know I like to be called that?) The best compliment is when my son is in his room, and his friend that’s spending the night is hanging around the kitchen at midnight pretending to be interested in watching me wash dishes…I have been known to fake being tired and shyly ask “can you finish these up for me, I’ve gotta get to bed.” I tell you lovestruck boys will do just about anything…note to self, I have some weeds that need to be pulled.

    Ok, let’s review, yes your mom is hot, don’t creep out when you hear that, I still wanna tap that ass…yours that is…are you coming to Atlanta in August? ‘Cause I am – you should be scared.


    P.S. I’ve mentioned that I have a dumpster next door to my house (because they are building a new one) – so if you like dumpsters, you’re welcome to stop by, because I don’t think Rob’s coming…

    • you’re my favorite MILF

      • “are you coming to Atlanta in August? ‘Cause I am – you should be scared.”
        “I’ve mentioned that I have a dumpster next door to my house (because they are building a new one) – so if you like dumpsters, you’re welcome to stop by, because I don’t think Rob’s coming…”

        I can’t stop laughing!

        • LOL, I got my dvd!!!!!!! thanks so much chica!

          And yes SB should be scared if he is going to be with BL in Atlanta, because I am 99% sure I’m going.

          I should take a pic of the dumpster next door…

      • Aw how endearing! I lurve you too UC!

  25. yes Rob, before you resort to Viagra get rid of Kristen. She’s an erection-killer for sure.

  26. PFFfffTTttt!!!
    Who needs Viagra?!? Rob?!?
    I blame K-ColdFish-Stew!

    It’s ok, dear. Thanks to mother nature, I have tricks up my sleeve, Rob. I know how to solve this issue. And I may or may not take use of these “natural” tricks to ‘increase’ things in… well, you know where. LOL

    Plus, I have my perfectly-shaped-sexy-Brazilian-stopping-traffic-ass. It helps a lot.


    • nothing like a traffic stopping ass!!!!!!!! You go girl!

  27. God how I ❤ Calli. HILLAIREUS!!!

    Dear Quad,
    Wish you all would get to break down the commentary, as was promised.

    Sorry for my wineynous. I am home sick today and feel as though I can be all complainy. And spell things very wrong.


    • Feel better!!!


    He arrived in Nice! Call me crazy. THAT’S NORMAL. But I always feel relieved when I see he has landed safely. THAT’S. NORMAL.

    • YEAAHH very NORMAL. Thanks for the well wishes. 🙂

  29. Dear Rob,

    You may be hittin’ it with moon, or the strippers or with the KStew for a pot fix and whatnot, but that’s ok with me. You hittin’ it with most anybody including yourself, gets me all kinds of hot! Even with all that, no one would blame you for thinkin’ of Sam’s mom as a MILF. In fact, go whisper it in her ear. I bet she’d jizz her panties.

    Your MILF fantasy #2,


    • “I bet she’d jizz her pants” – priceless!

      • Hey, girl how you doin?

        • I’m working, trying to be a good girl and lurk and not post too much, this weekend was full of RL so I’ve been MIA, you can always email me though!

          Oh, can you resend me the link to your FF…i totes deleted it by accident!

          • Yep. I’ll re-send. Oh and did I tell you LolaShoes wants to read it? I’m so having a coronary!

            Yes, I have it too when r/l gets in the way of my obsessing time.

            Miss your face!

  30. UC: what if Rob and Mama Bradley made a baby… a brother for Sam? Do you think he’d like that?

    UC: I wrote this, “Now I read somewhere that Rob & gang ate “roasted vegetables” for his birthday. Do you know if that is true or not? I’m VERY concerned about his intake of vegetables….”

    Calli’s letter! Where does she come up with this stuff?! She cracks me up!


    • Calli’s the only blonde native Korean I’ve ever e-met. Remember when she sent me that Victoria’s Secret model pic to tell me what she looks like? Fake-lesbo tease.

      • @WTM

        LOL! Maybe she was adopted from the US over that way.

        Calli a tease? Why whatever do you mean? LOL! That girl keeps me laughin’ every d*mn day! And yes, I remember the pic of the model!

        Hope all is well in your world.

        Got cat pee?

        • Spunk, I’m feeling a little out of sorts in the forum these days and I miss y’all.. Too many newbies, too many posts to keep up with, and I’m little bewildered by some of the optimistic posts (remember, I’m a true pessimist). I’m dying to just use the thread just to chat with y’all cuz I have nothing Robsten to say anymore. Where do I go to see y’all?

          • word… we used to be the up-and-coming trendy place to live… we used to be the bohemians… now we are just strip malls and gap stores. *sigh*. i’m going to go search for forum real estate for sale on the cheap…

            does this make sense to anyone besides me?

          • @WTM

            I know it’s a bit busy there. I leave for a while and come back to like 3 new pages! Gah! WTF?! Ok, so I am here to chat with my old hos again! Ya’ll keep me sane…or is it insane…Oh WTF who cares?!

            See we balance each other out WTM. You be the Pessimist and I am the optimist! The glass is always half full with me. Together we make a full glass. LOL!

          • Oh SpunkMe –

            Calli – my sista from anutha mutha. Did I tell you that I “came out” to my husband about LTR this weekend? Can’t remember if I told this story on Twitter or forum. He was actually supportive. I even told him some of your eNames (not yours SpunkMe – he wouldn’t get it and I’d have to tell the Spunk Ransom story and then he’d realize how obsessed I am to know such minutia about Rob – he has noooo idea). Then I told him that you guys are my fake lesbo lovers. That didn’t go over so well. Now I think he’s researching mental institutions. Or threesomes.

          • @WTM –
            I love that you call it coming out to your hubby! I’m just impressed that you were able to hide the obsession this long – my hubby busted me almost immediately.
            And I love that you didn’t want to explain spunkme because it would reveal the depth of the robsession. So sad, so true.

  31. ahhh so much loveeeeeeee….. to bad non of you are Rob… bc his love is the only one i care about, the rest, is all worthless.

    that’s right, i just called you all worthless. what you gonna do about that betches?!?

    • lordy i’m weak… i’m KIDDING.

      YOU (All) ARE MY LIFE NOW.

      seriously. you make me smile. each. and. every. one. of. you.

    • Who you callin worhtless and a betch?! LMFAO!!!! Calli you are all kinds aof crazy!

  32. LMAO!

    Can I just say it’s nice to see you regulars around these parts more!

    • hey Jena!

      Nice to see your face smiling at me!

      Good to have a minute to come post here with you and all our old crowd.


      • hi spunkers!!!

        • Hey Sherin! *waving*

    • Hi Jena – Ted C kicked us out of our playground. So we’re back..

  33. wow,thats sam’s mom??? for real??? i want her boots.thats all.

  34. ahhhh,the old beotchesss are here!! i missed you guys!!! i cant keep up at the forum!!!

    • hi girlie! how are you?!? it’s fun to come on over and visit the old playground. tear.

    • Who you callin a old beotch? I’m playin. i will say that it is very hard to keep up in the forum…which is why I stick to the Fanfiction and the DM’s mostly. I love newbies, but it’s LOTS of stuff to go through with people I don’t really know.

  35. p.s.

    if that’s really Sam’s mom… imagine how confused he must have been going through puberty. She’s so freakin hot.

    Dear Sam,
    if having a hot mom had necessitated your going to therapy, i’ll gladly throw a few session gratis your way. Your mom is totally “stifler’s mom 2.0″…
    your friends definitely slapped it thinking of your mum,

    • oh lawds,”stiflers’ mom” !!hahahaah!! i was so totes thinking about that!!LMAO!! calli you rule!

    • Stacy’s mom has got it goin on..

      • maybe Sam’s mom was the inspiration for that song, which has, of course been running through my mind during this whole convo

    • Lots of crusty socks were created in honor of Sam’s mom..

  36. Has everyone read the LTT from Sunday? If not, you MUST RUN over there and read the tribute letter to Peetah!

    Poof…panties gone. Whoever wrote it hit the nail on the head.

    UC/Moon was that a random letter or did one of us genius’ write it?

  37. @WTM
    you came out to HUBs?!?! haha… love it. did you tell him how you hired your best e-friend (who may or may not be a complete stranger) to nanny for the kids? Tell hubs i think he’s great.

    and yes… wouldn’t you know that at my korean/chinese/african fusion restaurant we do offer a appetizing “burger”… it’s kobe beef blended with our house soy and water chestnuts served on an in-house baked rice wafer topped with a bean and coconut puree sauce and fried okra strings. it’s delicious if i do say so myself. and quite reasonable… it only costs a mere $47. i’m nothing, if not economical. and it pairs lovely with a shot of stoli. rob would be all over it… in much the same way that i would be all over him.

    • I’m gonna break him in gently with the nanny idea. He’s gotta get over the idea that I have fake lesbo lovahs first. He did say, however, and I quote “If you’re that bored, maybe you should look into going back to work”. So perhaps we’ll be needing you as a nanny after all so I can go back to my 9am to 5am job that was not “at-tall” family friendly. I guess you didn’t like the pink outside playhouse idea. The only other option is for you to sleep in the room above the garage. It’s where we keep the cat’s litter box. But as you may have read from my prev posts, the cat never uses it. She just pisses on the dining room carpet. So you should be very comfortable there.

      Can I have that burgah with a side of Kim Chee?

  38. Dear UC,

    I think The Blurbs from The Quad are rivaling my love for breaking things down Vanity-Fair style. True story.

    Also, has Westfriend tried web-based messengers? Like Those always worked for me when the University banned all chat-related things. Though they were probably more stupid than Westfriend’s work. I mean, gmail chat? That’s bordering on Nazi.

  39. I’ve been looking at the NM poster, what have they done to Rob’s hand, don’t they know they are missing a great handporn opportunity here?

    • I agree, Lizzie. Sad panda.

      Also, I hate how photoshopped it looks.

      • Hi J-m.

        Agree they went to work a little too much with the magic brush. Verging on those weird freaky pseudo handpainted dolls. I am liking the all dark and orangey thing going on though.

  40. Hi girls. Where is the poster?

    • Howdy EyeC, I found it on Robsessed:

      • OK. They always take out all the reality from these posters. But they are setting it up to be a rivalry.

        His hands IRL are just perfect.

        • Rob is already too beautiful he doesn’t need photoshop, bad Summit, bad studio. Can I also say they haven’t exactly picked the most flattering angle for Taylor.

          • I wonder how many posters there will be. The Wolf Boys—is that one official?

          • as usual the unofficial ones will probably end up being better, will be interesting to see how many they do release. We all know why Summit has gone for the love triangle but it is effectively still a movie too early, I wonder what they will now do for Eclipse?

          • Right. They will play up the wolf/vampire war. But that’s where the rivalry really is. *big sigh* Why don’t people just read the books? Then we wouldn’t have to play down to them?

          • too true EyeC, too true, especially since the book audience is what drove the movie and will continue to do anyway.

          • When I think about those people who will never read the books but just see the movies, they will miss out on so much. Never see the richness of the story.

    • what did you think EyeC?

  41. Did you finish the garden today EyeC?

    • No. It will take more time. I’ll just keep at it. What’s happening with you?

      • looking at a faint rainbow out the window, think it may be raining out to sea actually. Having a bit of a blah day, feel blah, look blah, work blah, and in a blah mood, and don’t know why, must have found my blah pants today.

        • Lizzie, I think I’m picking up on you all the way here in CO. Feeling really sad right now for no apparent reason. Rainbows are the most amazing things. We used to get a lot of them in Hawaii. Then I remember a huge double rainbow in Wyoming a couple years ago that left me breathless.

          • sorry, will try and banish the blah!

          • I’m not really blaming you, just acknowledging the feeling. I don’t know what hit me. Maybe we are all becoming empathic with each other after connecting daily for so long.

  42. Sorry guys, I showered and made lunch.

    I agree about people not reading the books, EyeC. I’m glad I read them before I saw the movie. I often find it hard to get into books after I see a movie. I don’t know why.

    • I will preety much always read the book first, you know that so much will be missed. I can’t think of an instance off the top of my head where i enjoyed the movie more than the book, I am sure there are plenty just can’t think of them at the moment.

      • Yes. They always have to cut a lot out to fit it into a movie.

      • I didn’t start reading the Harry Potter books until all 5 movies had come out. And I like the books, but they’re just as good as the movies (in my eyes). Because I know the movies so well, and the book pretty much plays out in my head the same way the movies do.

        But now I try and read the series, or the book, beforehand.

        • Funny you should mention the HP movies, I literally just found out the date for pre-sale for the Haf Blood Prince

        • Maybe HP is a special case. They really put a lot of everything into those movies.

    • I think maybe because any surprise or thrill of reading has been punctured by seeing the overall of the story in a movie.

      Hi Jenny.

      • That’s very true, EyeC. They usually capture the basic storyline, in the very least.

        Hi EyeC!

  43. I was just contemplating doing something evil, another friend told me the rainbow was God telling me I have the right idea. LMAO

    • How evil can you be?

      • I have my moments!

        • LOL

  44. So how are the new FF coming along, I think you were starting some new ones EyeC, I will probably be starting a couple lkater this week.

    • I read Art After 5 and she updates really fast which is such a nice change! It’s 17 y/o Edward, a senior, who introduces himself to a 24 y/o Bella, a freshman English teacher who didn’t have him as a student but had heard his name mentioned in the teacher’s lounge. The author takes a bit of time explaining how she wanted to write something unconventional. It doesn’t seem creepy the way she explains it. lol Edward is like a genius student who was an only child raised with adults all around him. So the age difference is part of the storyline. He’s really sweet and smart. She’s had some trauma and is willing to take on the role of teacher.

      • Sounds like you are enjoying it, as you said nice to have all these different “interpretations” of the story. Are you strictly B?E or are you happy to read pretty much anything?

        Rain has swept in from the sea, that i think partly explains my blah, I am convinced I have that seasonal disorder, let’s just say i would never make it in Forks!

        • No, I don’t think I single out only B & E stories. That’s just the ones that have been recommended here. I don’t think I want to go into the sci-fi ones, even though I’m not sure why. I’ve often liked books I’ve read in sci-fi and fantasy. Hmmmm. There are so many recs given I have yet to read. Somebody on the forums said they had read 95!!!

          • I think I will start getting them all mixed up soon! I am just really appreciative someone else is doing the recommending, having to wade through them blind would be too much and frustrating for me.

          • Yes, I don’t think it would be nearly as enjoyable if every other one was really bad. I finally put them all in a notebook so I could keep track. I know a few will be ending soon.

        • Yeah, living in Forks—though green—would be a bit dreary for me.

      • Next one was You Get Me Closer To God—from the song Closer by Nine Inch Nails. Each chapter is the title of a song. It’s a completed story with 5 extra one shots. This one won an award last year. They are both in high school and Bella and Emmett are brother/sister who have move up from Phoenix. Bella and Alice become friends the first day and Alice and Edward are twins. The minute Bella and Edward meet it’s Twilight all over again. But instead of acknowleding it, Bella decides to make it only about sex and for 3 months that’s how they relate–always in secret. After some of the more detailed storylines these seem straight-forward and a bit simplistic. I’m ready for another one later tonight.

  45. Ladies, my internet is being dodgy tonight. Too annoyed to endure it any longer.

    Have a good night!

    • Night J-m

    • Good Night Jenny. A little late. Sweet dreams.

  46. Which part of Co are you in EyeC?

    • Denver Metro. Central, east of the Rockies.

      • nice, pretty part of the world.

        • There is lots beauty here. I’m convinced that the place you come from still holds that part of your heart that recognizes home and no matter where you move you always yearn for it. I’ll be heading back to my hometown at the end of June and plan to walk all over the place remembering….

          • I agree, any time I fly into Sydney no matter how long I may have been away there is always a reaction. I can so see you just waking around with a smile on your face remembering things as you walk.

          • I will be.

  47. Will be curious to see what the gossips come up with for Rob while he is in Cannes.

    • I’m thinking about him tonight. I’m sure there’s lots of night life when the stars get together and now that he’s one of the hottest guys on the planet I wonder what kind of reaction he’ll get. How much is his audience Twilight girls? Do others recognize his talent this early?

      • I think so, apart from the fact he is unbelievably hot, I do think people can see he actually does have some depth and range which is why he is getting as much attention as he is apart from the Twilight hysteria, if it was just that then I think they would try to dismiss him a lot more.

        At least we know he will probably have to stay out of the sun – he hasn’t finished filming yet, lol.

        • LOL True, must stay off the beaches there!! It’s that comment from Lainey (I know) about Summit sending him to promote for them the movies that haven’t even been shot yet. It’s like the Emporer’s New Clothes. lol I will be so glad to see these next two movies made that he has scheduled. Always wanting more. He does have a few years to prove himself ahead of him yet. It looks like he will go from NM–Remember Me–Eclipse–Unbound Captives–Breaking Dawn with Dune (?) somewhere in there next year. He’s really pushing himself.


    • Thanks maygirl. They’re really playing up the rivalry.

      • I know. Some websites have no idea about this right this min but the next, who knows. Summit will be..bored. They knew this wil be leaked and have more publicity than expected.

  49. @ I meant to say “REVEALED”

  50. Ok EyeC, I am calling it I am out of here, the rain and grey skies have won after all, I did try to resist but now just want to retreat home eat chocolate put my uggies on and veg!

    Night, catch you tomorrow.

    • Goodbye Lizzie. See you tomorrow.

    • anyone still lurking here.

      • i guess not.

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