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We ask Robert Pattinson a question… or ten and so can YOU!

the jaw makes it into the movie poster... smart people!

Dear Rob,

Today I logged into that timesuck everyone calls Facebook to cyber stalk some cute boy I met over the weekend and I was greeted with a handy dandy message from the Twilight fanpage saying that YOU would be answering our, the lowly fans, questions about ANYTHING! YES anything… ok, so I got a bit ahead of myself and begin formulating questions like “can the mullet love you better than I can?” when I noticed the fine print that said you would be answering questions about Remember Me, your new soon-to-be smash hit bawl fest, brain f*ck of a movie ON CAMERA. And though my hopes were dashed of asking you the important questions and you obviously falling in love with me via a comment on Facebook, I was still excited… I mean YOU answering questions from us about Remember Me… Oh yes, so you can imagine my evil laugh… I mean do they not know us yet!?

So I took to my Blackberry to start pecking out all the best questions I could think of regarding Remember Me. Here’s what I have so far…

  • So how many times will we see you naked?

Why is this hot?

  • That fight scene where you kick the crap outta someone and get the crap kicked out of you was pretty hot. Does this mean I’m into s&m? Do you want to volunteer to find out?
  • So when they say pg13 (which is the rating it will inevitably get) that means full frontal nudity, right?
  • Will there be crash carts and EMT’s on hand for when fangirls faint from the sight of you and Emilie doing the ol “bedroom rodeo?”

We keep asking Rob questions after the cut… won’t you join us?

  • After the whole “spaghetti shower” scene you totally went back and ate the leftovers, right? Waste not, want not? And what’s better with Heineken than some old crusty spaghetti?
  • Will each ticket come with a reminder to (based on age) either take your heart medication or leave your significant other at home?

So you think I should "fuggagetabout" this accent?

  • When Pierce Brosnon asked what you thought of his “New Yorker” accent you totally lied, right?
  • To save money on wardrobe did they just buy a 3 pack of fruit of the loom vneck undershirts and then used whatever you happened to show up in that day?

Seriously, WHAT is this movie about?


  • Will we finally answer the age old question: “cut or uncut?”

So you know us pretty well by now, we’re not gonna let this little opportunity by… we’re opening up our comments/tweets/email to YOU to submit your best Remember Me (and maybe not ALL RM based) Rob questions and we will begin submitting them to the Remember Me fanpage via OUR LTT/LTR Facebook fanpage/profile! Yup, we know you wanted to ask some questions but who wants their friends to know they’re actually submitting questions to a Rob contest? So we got ya covered!

Do you Remember Me???

So we’re serious about this, start commenting/tweeting/emailing/posting on OUR LTT wall your questions for the RM Rob contest and we’ll start asking them via our LTT/LTR account. FIngers crossed we get Rob to answer one. Well, fingers crossed we can even think of one not “dirty” enough to ask him.

Cause who doesn’t want to see the trailer ONE more time?

Our internet game is ridiculous: The Forum, LTT, Twitter


  1. Do you consider a lampshade a suitable covering for other sweet delights (hint: your junk) because that would be just an awesome scene to sneak into the closing credits.

  2. Dear Rob,

    Question: In future movies, where there is a sex scence and the leading actress wont get naked to “simulate” sex with you, could you give me a call…I’d be more than happy to help out
    (you know, for the purpose of creating art)*

    *already getting creamy

  3. I died when I read this.

    “Will we finally answer the age old question: ‘cut or uncut?'”

    Literally, couldn’t stop laughing. Good thing everyone at work is either travelling this week or happeneed to be late this morning. =D

    Thanks for the laugh!

    • you read my mind!

    • just keeping it reeeeaaalll 😉

    • “cut or uncut?” For real! Enquiring minds want to know… in all realness though… I dont think it would really matter hahaha

      • Aren’t English guys generally uncut? I’d still luv him either way!

    • I would love to see his reaction if someone asked this in an interview…cause we all know he probably wouldn’t answer, but his reaction would give us the answer we’d need 😉 GAH! I would pay money to find out myself ::drool::

  4. Was Emilie actually topless under those covers? If so, did you touch them? (Come on, we know you did.)

  5. “Seriously, WHAT is this movie about?”

    does this really matter?


    • what there is a new movie with ROb in it?

      all I heard was there was sex against the wall!

      • “Sex against the wall” sounds like a new Rob-campaign!

        I would second that!

      • yaaay – you’re so right!

      • Holy sweet infant Jesus. Rob and sex and the wall. My brain and vag totally melted.

  6. The « cut » question can be asked in relation to RM or any other movies. I mean it’s part of the filming vocabulary. Just have to figure a way to formulate it. And if nothing comes to your mind, there is always the back–up solution “So, while shooting RM, were you cut or not?”. Btw the answer is definitely NOT, he’s British.

    • Needless question…
      def. NOT cut!

    • Questions very related to RM
      – So Rob, during the shooting, was Tom Stu a good sex friend while Mullsten was away? No? Well, than I promise to do better for your next film.
      – During the promotion, when you’ll be in my city, where shall we meet?
      – The ashtray was apparently teasing you. What else teases you? Except Mullsten and Tom Stu, of course.
      – How did you relate to your experiences, let’s talk for instance about the sex scenes?

      • where shall you meet??? one location: behind the dumpster

    • Oh and,
      In your last movie, for some reason, you didn’t want your partner to come. Did you make it up in this movie? Will you make it up to me?

      • Oh..yes :-)…and speaking of your last movie..

        Rob..will you marry me?

  7. Dear Rob, why mullsten? WHY?????

  8. Dear Rob
    Can YOU give me my ASHTRAY back please?
    Thank you!

    • I LOVE it when he says, “Well I guess it was here to tease me.”

      *sigh* Well Rob, sometimes I think you’re just here to tease me. 😉

      • Yeah, he’s the one teasing us for sure!

      • I’ll f@#$ing second that!!!! Teasing and stealing best years of my life is his full time job!

        • hahah alex! “stealing the best years of my life” SERIOUSLY

  9. I can’t decide whether to be proud of myself or disappointed that i can’t think of ONE single question to pose to Rob that is not totally and irevocably perverted.

    It doesn’t help that I have read the Remember Me script and so know all of the deliciously pervy things that his character will be saying

    Just wait girl…we are all in for a big treat!

  10. I tried to get a question for this yesterday on twitter.

    Here are the suggestions:

    How about, do you in fact have to sleep with one eye open as you fear tomstu coming into your room at night?

    I’d ask him why the crap he thinks we wouldn’t remember him. He’s doing the sex, that’ll DO.

    u can ask how a vampire would fit into the general storyline…and who would play said vampire.

    ask him if he really wears the same plaid shirt over and over each day or if he has multiples in his closet

    And two of them suggested asking Rob if he would recreate the wall sex with me.

    All lovely suggestions, dontcha think?

    Thanks twitter friends!

    PS I didn’t say your names bc I didn’t know if you wanted them said. Sorry. I heart you all and you are geniuses.

  11. “That fight scene where you kick the crap outta someone and get the crap kicked out of you was pretty hot. Does this mean I’m in s&m? Do you want to volunteer to find out?”

    This had me tearing on the bus from laughter. Perfect.

    I would love to hear Rob answering sexual psychology questions. Much more interesting than “Are you more like Edward or Tyler?”

    That birthday scene at the end of the trailer was pretty hot. Does this mean I am into birthday cake and blowing things? Do you want to volunteer to find out?

    • blowing things, definitely blowing things…

      • yeah but how big a “candle” could it really be?

        I have yet to see proof of life “down below” to warrant getting “worked up” about anything.

        (sigh)… I wonder if tomstu knows?

        Hey Tommeeeeee!

        • Yeah Giddy, you need to be looking at the Twilight Vanity Fair outakes. Closely. You’ll see some evidence of life 🙂

  12. Rob just wondering if the birthday cake was a Betty Crocker mix or did u bake it from scratch?


    • Rob can you bake me a cake too? I’ll take mine gluten-free please!

      • hon..I’m afraid that

        1) Rob has no clue about “gluten-free”

        2) that cake would be “free” of many proper ingredients

        3) he doesn’t know how to “cook” it


  13. Dear Rob,
    You, me, chocolate frosting. Interested?

    • OK that just reminded me of body chocolate!

      • Totally where I was going! Same wavelength:)

        • You’re so naughty! Rob oughta slap you! 😉

          • I just was wondering if chocolate would get caught by the chest hair….mhmmm……

          • Well yeah probably. But that’s what the tongue is for….licking it!

          • Yes please!!!!!!!!!!

  14. animal house food fight. I love it. Yeah. After a crazy night will you respect me in the morning. In your dreams. A knock down drag out is always good. Lots of blood and guts.

    • hahaha i love it “will you respect me in the morning?”

      bobby gee you may just end up getting your question asked…

  15. Dear Rob,

    In reference to said “Spaghetti” scene… may I hold your noodle?

    Your hungry friend,

  16. Will there be three (or four) sequels to this movie as well?

    How did it feel filming a role with “normal” hair?

    What IS this movie about?

    What other things in this movie (read: world), besides bowls/ashtrays do you think are just there to tease you? Could I be one of those things?

    In the scene where you’re riding the bike – was that the same day as the GQ shoot? Did you steal that white shirt and skinny tie? Do you still have them? Prove it.

  17. Dear Rob,
    During the kissing Beach scene, did the director tell you to lie there like an almost drowned Prince Eric and did he tell Emilie to think ‘Ariel’, or did you two channel Disney all on your own?

    • did emilie then break into song?

      “look at this stuff, isn’t it neat? wouldn’t you think my collections complete? wouldn’t you think i’m the girl, the girl who haaasss everything????”


      • “Look at this trove, treasures untold, how many wonders can one cavern hold? Looking around here you’d think..Sure, she’s got everything. I’ve got gadgets and gizmos aplenty, I’ve got whozits and whatsits galore? You want thingamabobs? I got twenty….but who cares? No big deal….I WANT MORE!!!”

        Is it sad I did that entirely from memory? And can I ask Rob if I can hold his thingamabob?

  18. “Will we finally answer the age old question: “cut or uncut?” ”

    Oh Moon Moon Moon. Do you realize just how difficult it is to clean oatmeal off of a computer monitor. And don’t even get me talking about the complexity of cleaning it off the keyboard!!!

    Now, while I clean up after my gut bust guffaw I will think on some questions for Mr. Pattinson……

    • hahaha no food while reading posts! and if you figure out how to clean oatmeal out of keyboards lemme know!

  19. Rob,

    Hi, I’m sassy and I have just one TINY little question. Were you basically dry humping Emile during the sex scene or can you not get excited over women cause of your love for TomStu?


  20. I think your first question is the only one that really matters, Moon.

  21. oh, what was it like to kiss Emilie? Was it as hot as kissing Kstew? Did you miss Kstew? Ok, Rob, can you tell us about the relationship between the two main characters? Can you tell us how this movie compares to the Twilight movies? From Edward’s perspective of course.
    Can’t you just hear the interviewers now?
    No wonder there’s a worldwide quest for more original questions.
    Can’t wait to see what the ladies at LTR/LTT.Forum serve up! It should be hilarious

  22. It killed me during the New Moon press tour to listen to all those stupid questions asked over and over again – how did your role change from Twi to NM? How are you similar to Edward? Are you more like a werewolf or a vampire? – just shut up already and do your research! God I’m firey this morning.

    I liked the more random questions – esp the Japanese ones “Do you get scared going to the doctors?” Nice

    Sorry – I don’t have any interesting questions myself – but I laughed so hard at moon’s post that I thought I’d say hello

    • i love the randoms ones the best! who cares about character changes or working with whoever… tell me about being compared to zac efron or if you like baseball

      • I loved the wrong-buttoning-question on jimmy kimmel, but a lot of commenters on youtube and robsessed thought it was stupid! why! it was the best question ever.

        • Totally! best question ever!

  23. Rob:

    Mullet or Curly?

    Blonde or Brunette?

    (BTW – I can pull off either)

    and most importantly. . .

    Do Clare and Dick let you open just ONE present on Christmas Eve?

    • I like the Christmas present question. THat’s cute.

      • I forgot to ask another very important question. . .

        After watching an interview with James Jaggar, not just because you were name dropped (lie), I learned that the two of you went to the same high school, secondary school, whatever you Brits call it. WOW – that knocked my socks off. Did you weasel your way into an sleepover invite (I would’ve, just sayin’)? Did Mick entertain everyone with karaoke renditions of Brown Sugar and my all time favorite, Can’t You Hear Me Knocking?

        Who the hell goes to high school with Mick Jaggar’s kids? I went to high school with some baseball no-names that got injured in the majors and then moved back home to live out their glory days. That’s it — you are one lucky MF. And if you didn’t take advantage of hanging out with James, just to meet his dad, then I may just have to switch teams. Not really, but I would be somewhat suspicious of you. . .

        • Another very good one. Granny, you’d best be doing some submitting for this thing. We’d all cheer you on in true LTR style if any of your Q’s got chosen. Everybody now… We Are The Roooooob….

          • {{tears, sniff, sniff – Big Smile}}. . . Absolutelyvlc – you just made my day. I think I just rocked a great Christmas letter today too. . . I must be on a roll. No Rob questions, but definitely LTT/LTR snarky style.

        • dude where is this question granny?! thats amazing i sure hope they dressed up at the stones for halloween and made mick give them candy

          • and break out in song.

            Now that you made me think of it – another question –

            Rob – what was your fav Halloween costume? I can only imagine – Hobo, possibly???

  24. I would ask him:

    What else did Ghandi once said?

    What happened to the pink sleeping bag (and the feather)?

    Where you again asked to choose one of your lines?

    Did you again make suggestions concerning your wardrobe? Was the stylist again stupid enough to follow those? Did you secretly call the DILF for some extra advice (like where he got those orange pants)?

    Did you know what you were doing at some point in the movie? If yes, when? Could you answer that again and just say sex scene?

  25. Did you make Emilie wear a mullet wig while rehearsing the sex scenes to make them as authentic as possible? Or listen to a recording of TomStu whispering sweet nothings?

  26. 1. You know this script was leaked on the internet. Are you concerned about people finding out the ending before the movie comes out?*

    2. You say you didn’t you a dialect coach. Can you please for the love of god tell me why not? Same question for Pierce.

    *I know I am! I am trying very hard not to seek out that stinkin’ script. I am the one girl who doesn’t want to know ahead of time (even if I can guess – hello, metaphor of blowing out one’s candles in trailer).

  27. Dear Rob

    why do I get CRAZY every time I see the trailer?

  28. Rob was not built for backpacks.

    • your non-question!
      He looks like 12 with it!

    • But let’s hope he’s packing nonetheless.

      • looks packed on his pecs!

    • Thumbs down because I’m all about Backpack Rob. And Bicycle Rob. And Giant Cordless Phone Rob.


      • wow..
        I was wondering if he used HIS old cell phone…
        that thing was a machine!
        BicycleRob is very hot,
        BackpackRob is hot too ( I didn’t say that he’s NOT hot)
        b/c He’s HOT in every situation! lol

  29. Rob, in Remember Me you worked with such veteran actors as Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, and Lena Olin. Did you receive any useful advice on your craft? And by that I mean how does Kristen feel about you not being circumcised?

    • Okay, okay. I’ll be serious for a minute.

      Rob, Remember Me is your 12th movie. You have mentioned before that you don’t feel like you know what you’re doing when you’re acting. Are you finding that the increased experience has helped you evolve your skills?

      P.S. How does Kristen feel about you not being cir . . . nvm.

      • StotheP for the win!

    • SlotheP~
      Seriously, is there a question about Rob being circumcised or not? I thought he was raised catholic. Why wouldn’t he be circumcised, not that it really matters to me… I’m kinda new here, so please fill me in.

      • Hahaha, BIG question here around…
        Europeans are NOT, normaly…
        I’m catholic too, but I guess
        that doesn’t interest anyone…lol

      • It is a big question. At least, we hope it’s big. But I digress into size issues.

        But yeah, I’m going to start a fund and whomever can provide irrefutable evidence answering this question will win an all-expenses paid trip to . . . jail, probably. We’ll all come visit, though. High-five through the bars.

        • Thanks, all. This has been most enlightening and I had no idea about the Euro thing. Who knew I could learn so much…

          • Oh just you stick with us kmountainlion, the things you will learn………you’ll eventually wish you could UNlearn some of them. I promise!

          • Thanks, absolutelyvlc!

            I do plan to stick around. It’s so fun. I love you guys.

            p.s. BTW, who has read RM script?

      • Yeah, I have a feeling he’s not. He seems like a regular English guy and all the regular English guys I have come across aren’t. I’ll let you know for sure though…

      • Maybe The Tuck wasn’t a tuck after all…maybe the doctor slipped and cut a little too much. Dear God, the horror. By the way….”strap on” spelled backwards is “no parts”…coincidence or deleberate…..discuss.

        • hahahahahah NOW THATS a question i will be asking Rob…

          “By the way….”strap on” spelled backwards is “no parts”…coincidence or deleberate”

        • For the love of peen, avlc, you are some kind of sadist. No way in hell that manboy is a a eunuch or, as we say in these here parts, a steer. That would be like having a bicycle with no handlebars.

          P.S. A delightful coincidence that apparently hasn’t caught on with the marketers.

        • LMAO!!!

      • Yeah the British tend to not be. Or the French. Or the Finnish. Not that I was whoring around Europe in 2001. Just sayin’.

        • Whoa, you should write fanfic using these encounters as inspiration!!!

    • only 10% of guys in the UK are circumcized. (I liked a british guy.. and the curiosity was killing me.. I did some research… and my guess.. uh… ending up right…haha)

  30. Rob,

    Will you be talking dirty in Remember Me? And how often will you incorporate ‘Ally’ into these dirty rants because it would make for a pretty sweet ringtone!

    • Genius. I hope and pray he does a movie with a character named Zees. Or my real name. Either would work veeeeery well!

    • I am so jealous. . .

      Changing name prior to movie release.

    • Oh Ally, you lucky duck!
      You know at some point in time during the movie he will say the name Ally. You should record it (who cares about the possible jail time) and commit the sound to memory. At least you’ll get to hear your name come out of those lips in your lifetime. Jealous.

  31. Dear Rob,

    Have you invested in stock for Sham-Wows since all your holy hotness is creating massively moist nether regions for women nation wide?

    • ROTFLMAO! Oh, this was good. . .I dare you to really post this one on FB. LOL Thanks for the laugh.

    • who needs Vampax, just use a shamwow. THat’s disgusting.

    • Ewwww! LMAO!

  32. Dear Rob
    will this film give me some heartquake?

    • “heartquake”

      LOL, that’s new! I love that! Gah, I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen the RM trailer! I can’t stay off it.

      • “I can’t stay off it.”

        That’s what she said.

        • Wow, I love your very suggestive tone!

          How u been? I haven’t talked to you in a while? I haven’t had a chance to go to the chatroom lately.

          • Doing well! Come hang out in the flat!

  33. Dear Rob,

    Were you naked under the covers? Did you get aroused? How do you deal with that? Isn’t that a little embarrassing, the director says “cut” and then here you are, feeling very, very uncomfortable in your underpants, visibly!? I’ve always been curious about actors how they handled this.


    • Actually THE word of the day: “cut” lol

  34. Dear Rob,

    Is it normal that your fight scene really turns me on? Is it okay that I find that the sight of you in the kitchen cooking(or smirking) makes me all sorts of crazy? 🙂

    Will you be at my doorstep on Christmas eve and stand under the mistletoe(which I will strategically place)?


  35. Dear Rob

    as you are the Co-producer…
    will there be some franchising like

    Remember Me-sheets
    Remember Me-ashtrays
    Remember Me-Ghandi-book-editions
    Remember Me-plaid shirts
    Remember Me-fake-scars
    Remember Me-Tyler-doll
    Remember Me-sex toys

    • LOL, you are so bad! 🙂

      Dear Rob,

      Pls note that robgirl will be your best customer!

      • “Best customer of Robporn” ….wow… I mean…
        is that something I could write into my future letters of application?

        • Girlfriend you are so onto something! 😛 Yeah sure, why not…add it to your CV!

          Don’t y’all call it CV? That’s what my ex said(he’s British, broke my heart), here in the US we call them resume. That would be so weird if your CV said robporn in it! Ha!

          • Honey… I looked on the…I’m actually calling it
            “Bewerbungsschreiben” but nobody will understand!

          • “Bewerbungsschreiben”

            Sorry I probably will say it wrong! Just say CV!

  36. I don’t have an amazing question to ask Rob… I’d rather ask his fellow co-stars, instead.

    Taylor: What was it like working with The Most Perfect Being in Creation? Did working with Rob motivate you to beef up?

    Kristen: When did you know that Rob was better than Mike Aran… Angar… *shakes head* Oregano? I mean, I’ve always known, but when was it for you?

    Ashley: Why has Rob never tried getting into your pants? I mean… LOOK AT YOU!

    Anyway, I guess these questions COULD work for Rob, but to be honest, I don’t know if I have Rob-worthy questions.

  37. Seriously, Rob, the mauve t-shirt/tank top combo? Did you raid the Flashdance costume room?

    • …if YES, please burn it!
      …if NO , please burn it!

    • “Fame I’m gonna live forever, I’m gonna learn how to fly!”

      • *jazz hands*

  38. Time out, before I read today’s post, I have been sitting here LMAO because of the “why is this hot?” for that photo! LOL!

  39. I wanna know if he pulled his groin and needed another butt massage after throwing Emilie over his shoulder or if he was okay because he wasn’t lifting from the squat position?

    • lol…you forgot…he pulled his groin AND strained his ass cheek…on his f*cking hot body this is claimed to be ONE long muscle…..I guess after that I need “a glass of cold water”:-)

    • Haha, I saw that scene in slo-mo and he looked like he was really straining! LOL. And Emilie’s not even big, she’s 5’1. Rob’s so cute….only he would look good straining to lift a girl.

  40. Rob, how do you control the bulge?

    • @lrf do you drive an Abarth? Just say ‘yes’ and let me drool.

      • I think so, yea. I just know it as the Fiat 5oo. In Ferrari red. The inside is red too. I love my car.

        I measured it out before I bought it: Rob would fit.

        • Oh mommy. I love that car. I wish we got it in North America.

          Rob would fit regardless of the size of the car…remember, he’s bendy.

  41. “Well, fingers crossed we can even think of one not “dirty” enough to ask him.”

    Good luck! Judging from the excellent questions – not one of them is appropriate! I love it!

    Jena – that photo is HOT. Rob looks somehow erotic when he is pain. It hurts so much it feels gooood!

    • I agree, it is hot. But that totes made me laugh!

  42. How about something along the lines of: If you could go unrecognized for one week and go anywhere and do anything that non-insanely-famous-people do, what would you spend your week doing?

    • “If you could go unrecognized for one week and go anywhere and do anything that non-insanely-famous-people do, what would you spend your week doing?”

      Oh, please let the answer be ME. He would spend the whole week doing ME.

  43. P.S. I realize that question in not related to RM….but since nobody really seems to know much about what the movie’s all about, how are we supposed to formulate intelligent questions on the movie other than the boring regurgitated crap they always ask????

  44. The only questions I ever want to ask Rob is: ‘Can I lick your jaw?’

  45. I’d ask him “Exactly how many Heinekens could you fit into that Backpack?” and “Is it true that you will be speaking Comanche during the entire movie?”

    • SesannE…actually you haven’t to ask Rob..
      1) 28! long story that….
      2) YES!

  46. I thought of another question, but it’s not for RM.
    Rob, what do you really think of the NM music?

  47. hahahahaha

    rob, do me a favor, go buy yourself a pack of those white fruit of the loom v-necks. that would be a gift to all of us 😉

  48. Will there be fight training footage on the DVD extras?

    Were you scared of Chris Cooper? I mean, I’ve seen American Beauty.. that dude is weird..

  49. Dear Rob,

    can we expect some _vampiers_ to appear in this movie?


  50. Rob, in filming sex scenes, how do you deal with the awkwardness of getting or not getting an erection?

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