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Robert Pattinson parties in the New Year and I wish I was there


Dear Rob,

Because there’s like absolutely NOTHING going on in the Twi/Rob world and because that Girl with the shoe on her shirt and any news about your time on the Isle of WIGHT PWNS me, I read this little tid bit about your New Years Eve celebration over at our pals

The lovely bar owner fills us in on your New Years Eve spent on the lovely island has his fine drinking establishment. And of course it got me to thinking about what your night was really like and why on earth did you end up at that place?

The site of the most amazing New Years Eve party ever partied

While figuring out where to go on New Years Eve is a huge item of contention among my friends because going anywhere in LA basically means ponying up some serious coin to even get into any sort of facility with a bar and disco ball, you guys opted for a more rural approach. As it turns out you, KStew and the mysterious “friends” chose to ring in the new decade at some place called the Winter Gardens. Which sounds like the lamest place ever created but after 1 minute much research I figured out that Winter Gardens is some sort of beer garden that is also the site of both town council meetings (FREE event yall!) AND wrestling matches (tru fax, you can google it). Klassy with a K! And instead of throwing down serious coinage, you paid a 5 dollar cover fee and drank your way into oblivion the New Year with 1.50 shots. YES you read that right A DOLLAR FIFTY!!!!!!! You couldn’t even look at a bouncer for a buck fiddy at places around here much less drink yourself silly on spare change you found in Clare’s couch. Now I’m not sure who’s the jackass, probably me, but you were at a beer garden with your secret lady friend getting wasted off “Screaming Orgasms” and “Slippery Nipples” or whatever other lame-o shots you and your friends ordered while trying not to giggle like a junior high boy in his first sex ed. class.

Follow the cut to read the rest, for a surprise and for more naughty shot names

Time to party like it's 1999!

Then in my crazy imagination after about 3 dollars worth of “Slow Comfortable Screws” you worked up the courage to report to the dance floor. Sure you’re “Flippy” and we’ve seen that dance sequence in the Goblet of Fire but NO ONE’S immune to Montell Jordan’s “This is how we do it,” NO ONE. So you tipped up your cup and threw your hands up cause south central (Barnes) does it like no body does. Since the beer garden DJ OBVIOUSLY knew what he was doing, and the post clearly states that the DJ was PAID (as opposed to ol Arthur behind the bar rockin’ his collection of tapes from the Saturday Flea Market) this classic was inevitably followed up by Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA (Party on the Isle of Wight!!) where you nodded your head like yea and moved your hips like yea cause even if you’re a hater you can’t help yourself when this song plays.

Hmmm red headed sluts... yes I think I'll have another

The post then goes on to say that even though Winter Gardens had the license to stay open all night they opted for a 130AM last call because what do you expect when the patrons have been drinking 1.50 “Red Headed Sluts” all night dancing to the classics from the Now That’s What I Call Music- Hits Volume 2 cd? So if you were wondering why no one got a picture of you and KStew dancing to “Hot in Herrrre” or slow dancing to “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls this is why. We have the Winter Gardens and their cheap ass drink specials to thank. Everyone was too plastered on “Naughty Girl Scouts” at 11PM to even know what a camera was let along how to operate one. They even missed the countdown to Midnight. Good thing they had plenty of “Purple Hooters” to celebrate with.

Honeys in the street say, Moon yo we made it!

So what do you think happened at the Winter Gardens? Has anyone been there? Is it a bigger shit hole than we already think it is? How many dirty shot references did I work into this post? What’s your favorite naughty shot name.

Our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTT, Twitter

Treat from me to you!

All hands are in the airrrr and wave em from here to therrrre!



  1. Seriously I wish that DJ was at the NYE celebration I went too… This is how we do it, Hot in Herre and Iris (I could live without Miley) good times 🙂

    Slow Comfortable Screws… never heard of that shot, but damn does it sounds good, I’ll take a few (from Rob preferably of course)

    • A slow comfortable screw is made by mixing sloe gin, southern comfort peach liquer and orange juice.

      Just had one New Years Eve, excellent. Also had my favorite drink… Sex on the beach. There was a reason for my massive hangover the next day…lol.

      • And we’d all like Sex on the Beach with Rob!

      • Add some Galliano and you have a Sloe Conforatble Screw against a Wall. Or take the Galliano, add some vokda and orange juice and you have a Harvey Wallbanger. Both are disgusting.

        • Being a fanfic reader the only word I saw in this post was WALLBANGER

          • Totally thumbs up.

          • me too !, i ll have a Rob wallbanger


  2. I love Purple Hooters! And I’m a red-headed slut! That means Rob was doing ME all night and not some dumb dance, right?

  3. “This is how we do it” yeah!
    “This is how THEY DID it”yeah !

    To see some video of Rob moving HIS HIPS to this song……yeah yeah yeah!!!
    Roberto Travolta?

    • haha…I forgot a half sentence…I wanna say…that
      “I would pay to see…..”

      That only could happen b/c I was totally dazzled (Rob-pic)
      PLUS the prices they have in that “location”….wow for 1,50 you can by perhaps a lollipop here around!

    • Hahah and here I thought you won’t be here today.

  4. You left out my favorite shot: ‘The Second Coming’ (I refuse to spell it the dirty way). I picture the smoke in this place to be so thick that it was more like a fog rolling off the ocean. What kind of smoke probably doesn’t need to be specified.

    • thank you from refraining to use the vulgar spelling. THANK YOU!

  5. Guess I am the first… O.K., what’s in a Red Headed Slut? I am a red head and want to know…

    Despite the fact that She was there, and I am glad that he was with his boys in a shit hole place in the middle of no where.

    Only two months til Remember Me… God, impatient much??

    Where is Rob right now, anyway?? France?

    • Sorry, the other comments weren’t there when I was commenting. Definitely not first…

    • Bet they had to hide in bathroom stall or broom closet, for their New Years kiss…

      • awww…….they’re still in denial or is he scared to break our hearts?

    • where is he? probably still at WINTER GARDENS. if he doesnt leave the drink special stays the same. 1.50 yall!

  6. The mental image of Rob and Stewy slow dancing to ‘Iris’ by the Goo Goo Dolls is so cheesy and totally hilarious!

    To be honest that New Years Eve sounds totally perfect to me. Just a pub, cheap booze and close friends – damn, Rob and I are so similar it hurts some times!

    • Yes, with the right friends that’s total fun!

      Btw you have all seen the latest picture, right? The fact that TomStu is on it with them just made my day.

      • It was like one big smorgasbord platter in the recent photo, I just didn’t know which one to pick 🙂


        • It looks like most of the rest of the Britpack needs girlfriends! Any volunteers?

          • I’m so on the same wave length as you girls! I’ve got a weird fascination for Marcus Foster so I might ‘shotgun’ to be his girlfriend!!

          • sure, I’ll take onw for the team…..but Mullsten will have to move over b/c I have my eye on a certain target!

          • I’ll take Bobby Long, it’s the only way i’m gonna get my hands on his jacket 🙂

          • I’ll make you a deal, Cazza. I’ll take Bobby and give you his jacket. win win.

          • No one called TomStu? HE’ my first choice.

      • Um, where might this new picture be ma’am?

      • New pic?? post, please:)

        • Its over at Robsessed

          • That picture once again proves my fangirlfail.

            I can barely recognize Rob & KStew…

            The Brit pack? Like I said last night, one of them could bite me on the nose and I still wouldn’t recognize them.

          • Who’s are all the other people?

            Nice pic, nice rocks! Huge!

          • Let me tell you a secret…those rocks are part of man-made sea defences…that’s why they look so weird. There’s some hysterical comments about then over at Robsessed, but obviously I wanted LTR to have this MAJOR scoop. On the opposite side of the Solent (i.e.Hurst Spit) they have these too, to stop coastal erosion. They put them there using a digger.

            And it didn’t cost $5 or $10 bucks to get in to the venue. That’s not legal tender here. Oh, so picky…

            The place will have been totally lame, but like getting married in Vegas, a great memory making jaunt with the right people!

          • @Fang me neither, therefor I prefer the tagged picture over at
            Also, because the tags are awesome.

          • The tagged pic is great! Huge rocks! Ha!

          • Southernbelle,
            “Nice rocks?”

          • Mountainlion – I was in a hurry, the ‘rents are here today!

          • @Southernbelle, hey shorty bestie, enjoy the ‘rents, just don’t let your mom near the robporn collection this time! 🙂

          • @3hboyshouse -hey shortie bestie! We are so short we are gonna be covered in snow today! Well it was almost up to my knees.

            Yeah she already asked. I’m hiding my laptop inside the master bedroom! We went to Toyrus and she was looking at all the Twilight related stuff! Haha! I saw her holding this Edward Cullen doll. I told her “Mom are you seriously gonna buy that Edward doll?” It was so expensive, 39.99!!! She put it back.

            However, I do want the Edward doll but I didn’t want her to know it.

          • 39.99!! That is expensive, but sadly I want it too! If you get too buried in snow then you can always come out to AZ and hang out in the sun! 😉 We can stake out grocery stores for Steph Meyer!

          • 3hboyshouse – so is that what you do on your spare time? Wait for SM? LOL. About the weather, I actually do like fall and winter. Summer is way too hot for me to handle. Sorry, I know I’m weird. I guess I was born with a popsicle in my mouth.

            There’s only one doll left. Maybe it will go on sale? It’s kind of ugly though, it looks nothing like Edward at all although with this one, you can take the clothes off(no pun intended ;-)) unlike the one from last yr where the clothes are painted.

        • Dazzle, head on over to Robsessed, it’s there!

          • NM, drsaka beat me to it ;o)

          • Thanks, saw it. A nature walk with the Brit pack, how sweet!

          • Is it bad that I now forget that NM should stand for never mind rather than New Moon? Ha.

      • That pic is total hilar…the guys, the rocks, Tom, and the blocked handholding!

    • Sounds good to me too!

  7. this classic was inevitably followed up by Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA (Party on the Isle of Wight!!) where you nodded your head like yea and moved your hips like yea cause even if you’re a hater you can’t help yourself when this song plays.

    Just like Montel no one is immune to Smiley Virus!!
    Lmao yet again I salute you moon.
    *cricket claps*

  8. This was a great career move for Rob.

    He’s trying to broaden his fan base to include our husbands/boyfriends. Now they can look at these photos and say, “What a cheap ass! At least I took you to a nice restaurant and paid more than $10 for a bottle of wine.”
    Secretly they respect him for being able to pull of the cheapest/lamest New Year’s Eve ever.

    Way to go Rob! Smart move.

    • yes, ONE thing the SOs can feel superior to Rob about. That’s ok, it’s still Rob we’re thinking about in bed.

      • What?!! I do NOT think about Rob when I’m in bed with my husband! Who told you that? 🙂

    • for serious. this post basically says he’s a cheapstake. and now we all want to party at winter gardens.

      • He probably gave KStew some lame excuse like, “Baby, it doesn’t matter where you celebrate the new year as long as you’re with the one you love.”

        And she bought it. Because we all would too. We’d celebrate with him behind a dumpster if given the opportunity.

  9. Bitch. Not only was KStew with ROB she was in ENGLAND?! Bitch. That sooooo shoulda been ME (not with Rob, necessarily, but I wouldn’t oppose :P).

    • she is a total SLUT!!!!!!!!

      • but I would be doing the same thing, if I were in her shoes….gd bitch lol

        • Misty, that Kstew keeps cockblocking you!! That WENCH!

          • Gwad—I hate her!!!!! can you tell I’m bitter yet! lol

      • Misty,
        Your intense hatred of KStew cracks me up. I hope she never runs into you in a dark alley.. or do I??

        • lol..I am a girly girl but I can take her down with my silver tongue….btw I don’t really hate her I’m just joking around…but I will admit that I am certainly jealous of her and green is an ugly colour on me! lol

  10. still just holding out hope that the KStew New Year’s date is just a cover to keep Rob and TomStu’s love out of the news. I think Rob & Tom would look adorkable slow dancing to Iris.

    • Feeding each other shots with their arms entwined…

    • thanks mg…make room for me to hold onto that hope rope too 🙂

    • omg milfy! someone please make this a video… i NEED it in my life. ill watch it and the clay aiken rob/tom video on loop.

  11. I would have done anything to spend my NYE at that bar that night!!!!!!!!!!!
    I bet they started the party at like 5 PM and soon moved to some home made shooters of applejuice&vodka or whiskey&coke bought earlier on at Sommerfield.
    that’s why there were wearing those warm jackets, in case they couldn’t find their house or have to take a nap in the cold after fine shooters like “deep throat” and “bend me over”. You asked for the names Moon, you asked for it.

    • Honestly I like that they had a NYE like that !!!
      I had my BEST parties in quite similar places!
      Don’t remember any shot name…guess why?

      • I suddenly feel the need to get drunk with my friends in an English pub. And it’s 3 PM here.

        • Word! I just realized what a NICE place the Isle of Whight might be!

          • Do not know nothing about prison island=australia, but the pope in Italy definately sent some TWILIGHT man to my isle………….hahaha

          • Australia was total prison isle for the Brits. It’s where they sent their convicts of yesteryear. Hence the nickname the ozzies have for the Brits now- Pom’s aka Prisoner’s Of his/her Majesty.

        • Woah! Gosh I got that a bit wrong didn’t I ?

          • Apologies! Wrong place for that reply should’vd been after robgirls Italy answer below.
            iPhone FAIL.

          • wow…wrong myself too My reply is up to yours….whats going on here today????

    • Minuit and robgirl, let’s go to Isle of Wight!

      *Heads off to research ticket information.

      • Steady on southernbelle! Really…don’t even pretend to do this. Find a nice interesting multi-storey carpark to hang out in instead.

        • Is it really that bad cause right now i’m sure it’s charming.
          Don’t try to find excuses for your not going there (me been reading your comments about it) and I know you’re not far.

          • It’s really that bad. It used to be just a giant prison I think.

          • my former residence was a prison “island” too, it was totally AWESOME and stunning!

          • Australia??

          • Italy!

          • I actually understand this kind of getaway. I’m living in the city, a pretty stressful life, always going to all sorts of events that I hate, so I love going to some lost place for the week-end.

          • I grew up bang opposite to the IOW, in a place called Lymington. I think the sea looks empty without the island in it. Me & my friend Gail went on a hitch-hiking holiday there to celebrate leaving secondary school (aged 16). Don’t tell my Mum we hitched. It was alternately weird, dull, & dangerous.

            It is beautiful, & the Needles (google this) are beautiful, but it is a bit of a time warp, as Islands tend to be, & obviously there are many jokes about inbreeding….

            Queen Victoria had a holiday place there…Osborne House I think, but don’t trust that spelling.

            We could all hang out at Lymington Ferry Port to see what’s happening. Jump on the train to Brockenhurst, get the Lymington Flyer & Bob’s your Uncle. Though I know that’s not what you’re hoping for….Then we can hang out at my Mum’s or go to numerous dives I know personally.

            But you know they’ve probably left now right? And that bar is getting a plaque made for the wall. It’ll become a place of pilgrimage.

          • Now we have a rob place a pilgrimage in Europe.
            Actually your story sounds great, I like it, but I doubt the power of immaculate robgasm would function from across the sea. I would have been all about going to a b&b around the Holy Residence but I suppose they’ll be leaving by the time we get there.
            Does anyone know when that photo was taken?

        • Really? Please tell me more, I’m really interested.

        • I looked it up, it doesn’t look that bad but I’ll take your word for it since you’ve been there. I still would like to go see. It looks like a romantic getaway of am I just completely off? LOL. I saw hills and countryside and monuments, kind of reminds me of Ireland. My husband is Irish-American and I think he’d like this place.

          • Yeah, it’s pretty. But take the party with you is all I’m saying.

            I’m doing that total local thing of slamming it, & yet if anyone else did I’d get all protective.

            And thinking about it….I don’t think I’ve been there this century so it may have changed… They have the Internet now I’ve heard.

            This whole New Forest/ Solent area is gorgeous, (& only a couple of hours away from London) so come & be a Grockle. (That’s local for tourist).

      • I am swimming right now. i can see the coast. or maybe that’s the shooters.

        • I’m ahead and I can see some nice guys over there!

          • Fuck, i knew i should go easy on the shooters. Can you see Tom’s WHITE sneakers from where you are?

          • Totally…. he’s admiring the rocks!
            wow that are real skinny legs!!

  12. We all know that Rob doesn’t like to spend money on clothes (hello, many recycled pants, with not-the-same colored thread patching a hole in the crotch area, and shirts from years past, and of course, ‘borrowed, used, but not washed, plaid shirts from musician friends).

    So he’s just being true to himself with the cheap booze and a low, low cover charge! I bet we can only imagine the size (ha!) of the hangovers they had the next morning!

    • There was a picture of Rob with a sewn with different colored thread patched hole in his pants? Must have missed that one.

      • I think they’re blue-gray pants from the HP days and there’s a darker blue thread sewn into the crotch area, presumably fixing a tear or something.

        Found it!

        There are links there to other pics of him in the pants.

        • bhabahbahbahahahahah oh my what a dork!!!!! I heart him.

          • That outfit is truly one of the worst… or best depending on your point of view (from behind a dumpster!).
            I heart him too. Why do I find this so charming?

        • Hahah when I first saw that last year, I was like Wth? LOL.

          So adorkable and I love him. 🙂 Any other guy who does that and I’d be completely appalled!

          • Yes! Any other guy, I’d be appalled and completely annoyed and probably be able to tolerate him for very long. But for Rob, I’m willing (more than willing) to give it a go!

        • You know, Drsaka when I first saw that pic months ago, I did a doubletake, brain+eyes couldn’t correlate. For a sec, I thought Rob’s Jizz was blue.

          • Now there’s an image! Was it sparkly blue?

        • I hate hate those pants. Like it pains me to see those pictures. They look like they are one step away from the bottoms to a gray velour track suit that’s been washed (or just worn) so many times the velour is balding right off of them. Gah.

          • SS – LMAO!

    • Bet he made Kstew pick up the tab.

      • Very possibly!

      • Really? YOu think he’s not just cheap with himself, but also not generous? Can’t imagine it….

        Why this matters to me, I cannot say, but I’m sure my comments are normal.

        • Just kidding!

  13. I was in Prague for New Years and that’s the only place I saw Sperm on the menu. I didn’t get the courage to order one (read: we left before I got to the right level of drunk)

    I’m now at an impasse. I keep trying to decide if Rob would order Sperm or not. It’s like:
    + Rob’s not gay…
    – yeah, but he wants to be called Spunk Ransom
    + yeah, but I’m sure he doesn’t know the meaning of spunk
    – or so you like to think!

    • Hey moaninmymouth… You’re from Vienna? I absolutely LOVE Wien… But you should move to Germany cause Rob hasn’t been in Austria so far has he?

      • Nope, he hasn’t. Damn…
        But I’ll take any trip I must in order to see him 🙂
        So maybe I’ll be visiting soon 😛

    • wtf is THAT shot made from??

      im scared…..

      • Well, let’s see one of the possibilities could be Pernod mixed with water which then becomes white and cloudy.

        I’m so sorry…

        Who am I?

  14. New Years Eve is amateur night. It is scary. They give the real alcoholics a bad name. When I used to do that I broke out in spots. LA, New York, Chicago, Paris. bad news. I used to break out in jail too. Thank God life is simple now.

    • I’m beginning to feel a bit afraid of you…lol

      • that makes too of us lol I heart you bobbygee, I know you would have my back is I ever found Mullsten in a dark alley!!!

        • tagteam that b*tch! hahaha

    • robbygee is NOT an amateur people.

  15. Isle of Wight? How on earth did he end up on the Isle of Wight? I bet that was TomStu’s idea.

    • If u think about it, a very good ploy. Would we have expected to find him there? Nope. Would the paps? Nope. Would 13 year old Holly with shoes on t-shirt? Yes.


      • HE was there last year too and Holly did her homework just well reading the right magazines…lol

        • Smart girl with a shoe on her shirt! See, it really does pay to spend endless hours on the internet and scanning any and all publications for mentions of Rob! Its best to always be prepared!

          • haha tell me something new honi!

        • Tweed serious info just in!! Shoe shirt girl got her shirt from teengals favourite NEW LOOK! Heard her interview on isle of Wight radio I know I seriously have nothing better to do! Not today anyway I’m “working from home”.

    • It might be a really good place to escape the paps. Maybe there are only so many ferries to the Isle per day and it might be difficult to get permission for private boats to dock or something. So if a celeb is there and the paps can’t get there, then its a win.

      • I expect someone’s Nana lives there…or someone used to work at a bar during Cowes week, or has a boat moored nearby…or went to the music festival. For random moments during the year things go on there!

        • If you look at the comments in the Ventnor blog, it is claimed that they are visiting family and going to a festival. True? who knows.

          • ventor has a blog?! HAHAHAA

          • And we all are reading it from now on (to prepare for 2010/2011 NYE)

          • yes Ventor has a blog and since apparently none of us has google alerts, not only we missed THE party of both 2009 and 2010, but we’re def. getting the prize of the worst stalkers of 2009. I still have some hope for 2010.

  16. I don’t guess I can really judge his NYE party due to the fact that I spent mine in a GARAGE sharing 10$ champagne from the bottle with about 7 other people.

    Yeah, we’re classy like that in the hills of Kentucky.

    • hmmm… sounds like fun! I had one like that a few years back!

      • Except I think it was 5$ wine……

        • Just wanted to say how much I love your avatar. That is my ultimate favorite photo of RP.

          • Thanks, mine too!

    • My friend got the cork stuck and then broke the corkscrew so I had to use a knife and pliers to get the damn thing out. It’s amazing I still have all my fingers!
      End result: corky champagne that we didn’t drink anyway. FAIL
      Yep, in the garage smoking cigars drinking Stoli tonic. Good times!

      • Keisha, good thing you were in a garage and had access to all those tools.

    • Hahahah! Hello from another Kentuckian! I’m in Lville….we had NY singing the night away, karaoke!

      Yes hon I know we are totally in style! Woot! I bet the garage NY eve was fun too!

      • ok another fail…I meant to say we had NY eve…etc. etc!

      • It was loads of fun. I’m in McLean County, a little south of Owensboro!!!!

        • Owensboro…did you know Johnny Depp was born there?

  17. Freakin hilarious ode to bad party music and funny shot names. I love you guys.

    Those type of New Years Eves are in my past now, but they always ended up with someone puking in the bushes and making out with a stranger…sometimes in that order.

    Sex On The Beach is the only slutty shot name I know. I know, I’m lame.

    • Puking in the bushes and making out with a stranger….

      Sounds familiar!

    • Making out w/ a stranger — well if it happened to be Rob, I won’t be opposed to it at all! 😉

  18. What a romantic way to bring in the New Year. All of a sudden, I’m not so jealous anymore. Of course I’m not saying that I wouldn’t, in a heart beat, spend my NYE or any night of my life in a hole in the wall pub with Rob.

    • Or up against a wall in a pub…

      just sayin’

      • Or behind the dumpster of a pub…

      • Sorry about that… my mind’s in the gutter already this morning…lol

        • No sorry needed….I can TOTALLY relate to your ideas!

        • Like that we have the same picture… normally I can’t stand smoking but Rob smoking…. totally mouthwateringly sexy..

          Only other exception… my highschool boyfriend’s kisses always tasted like cigarette smoke…

          • In this Robcase I would make an ecception!

          • twimilf: I meant the same avatar… oops.

            robgirl: I think I’d make alot of exceptions where Rob is concerned…

  19. This is totally off the subject, but I need help.
    Could somebody tell me (without mentioning that I am stupid) how to add a picture to my replies?

    Thank you very much

    • hi you mean an avatar?
      you have to open an account…it’s easy

      • thank you so much, robgirl!

        • wow..that’s COOL!!!

  20. All in all, I’m pretty jealous of Rob’s NYE, as I spent mine on the phone with my cell phone customer service trying to order a new phone and plan without having to sell some vital organs to pay for it. (note: it was a success, probably because the person I was speaking to was having an even more boring evening than I was)

    Truth be told, I’m shocked I was awake for the ball dropping(*?). Though I did see Rob on Letterman again.

    I’m the lamest of all, for the above, but also because I really like to drink Sex on the Beach, but inevitably order a Sea Breeze instead because I am too embarrassed to say the words OUT LOUD to a bartender.

    Yikes, I sound like Marvin the Paranoid Android. (HGTTG, anyone?)

    • I had a boring NYE too, but seeing Rob on Letterman made up for it! We were at my parents house-I turned on the countdown for ten seconds, and as soon as the ball dropped turned it back to Rob. People were calling to wish everyone a Happy New Year and I kept shooing the phone away.

    • SAY IT ZEES. SAY IT. OUT LOUD!!!!!!!

      sex on the beach!

      • I think I have multiple personalities. I can’t order a sex on the beach, but I write about rob slurping a “Wet Pussy”.

        Perhaps I am Batman.

        Also, anything that spoofs that scene, Moon, my dear, cracks me up to no end. So know that I am chuckling while my chicken soup simmers. Um, that’s what she said?

  21. Also, I just read the article linked about the evening.

    The Queen visited Winter Gardens in 1965. That was the last time anyone of note was there, until Robert Pattinson got #DrunkRob after slurping down one too many “Wet Pussies”.

    This fact made my day.

    • eeeewwww. There’s a shot called “Wet Pussy?” That’s nasty. But I’m slightly intrigued. teehee

  22. I’m afraid to even ask what’s in a shot called a “wet pussy”

    • I won’t need a shot of that, if Rob’s around….the plumbing in that department of water works will work just FINE!!!!!!

  23. I am glad he spent the NYE with the Brit Pack.
    This seems to be the only place not invaded by the shippers. Yet.

  24. Yo i actually went to this party and travelled from London with friends to go! yeah it was not the best set up in the world but the ISLE OF WIGHT is a hiddem gem and it does not suprise me Rob and co decided to hang out round there..

    On NYE all you need is good people and cheap booze and there was plenty of both!

    funny as i went to try and find some where low key – but overnight this party is all over the internet..

    All good


    • TomStu, is that you? I call it the scoop of 2010.
      So if you landed on this site, you’re not a total stranger to a certain Brit (let’s call it) “talent”.
      I am dying for any details you would want to share, Rob or not Rob. I had a pretty crazy NYE, but I need to live vicariously this party.

    • T….Yo…sounds cool

      All good back!
      Minuit , don’t ask for things WE don’t wanna know, pls!

      • wasn’t asking for robsten. we know it and we moved on.or so we hope. was really asking for innocent details. and the names of the shots.

        • haha…
          I have some doubts…if there were “innocent details”!
          just saying…

          • what? why? do you think he was so drunk he danced naked on the tables?

    • to T again…I forgot

      the internet is tricky!
      Rob is tricky!
      YOU are tricky too!

    • tom you cant comment and NOT give us the deets. HELLO. what shots and what songs did you dance to? did you and rob slow dance to clay aikens invisible, right?

      • and while you were slow dancing, did you touch his butt like good old times?

  25. I am jealous that we don’t have a beer garden that sells $1.50 shots in my neck of the woods.

    Yet another reason to move to the UK.

    • so true that…my first thought!

  26. You had me at “slow dancing to Iris.”

    I actually love that they spent NYE in that shithole. I enjoy a good dive bar, and I’d rather go there and drink cheap shots in obscurity than go to some overhyped hollywood gala.

    • here here!!!!

    • amen sister amen.

  27. I love it when you go all crazy on Rob and make massive fun of his arse. But your making fun of alcohol I take offense at. Dammit Moon!! “red headed slut” and not to mention, the “washington apple” shots are WIN.

    You just lost my respect,…..until tomorrow.

    • girl i love those with the best of them. i just like to make fun of their slutty names. i wish my nickname was that good.

      • if i come to LA i would like for you to refer to me as your friend “the dirty girlscout” …. please.

        • done and done you h00r

  28. We drank “Blow jobs” once because a table full of bridesmaids next to us got them so we had to try. But now that I think about it maybe the guys at our table duped us…
    What booze tastes kinda salty bitter and salty at the same time?!? : /
    Was Tommy wearing his Nikes with the pink swooshes? Somehow I don’t think they represent Breast Cancer Awareness.
    And if Kristen had to endure a slew of drunk British guys in some slimey dive bar, it won’t be long until we see SadRob professing his singleness again.

    • THUMBS UP!

  29. Rob has been saying lately that he has to sneak aroung to avoid fans (except shoe t-shirt girl) and the paps. I guess a dive bar on ‘whatever’ isle works.

    My favorite shot is the “cum shot” and trust me ladies it is delicious.

  30. Thems my peeps! I ❤ buck fifty shots! Sorry, I am from Wyoming. We would get drunk on Boones' Farm and go cow tipping. Good times. This pick makes me a little homesick.

    Wow, am I sounding a little like bobbygee?

    Love the post Moon! As always, you make me LMAO, LOL and all that other nonsense 😉

    • Hey, I’m from Wyoming too- and still there/here! Where are you now, 3hboyshouse?

      If Rob wants to get away from fans and paps, he should DEFS come to Wyoming- it worked for Kate and the boys!

      First, almost no one would recognize him. Second, if anyone did, we would be totes cool about it, cuz that’s how we are in Wyoming. Third, all we have is nature for walking in, and fourth- $1.50 shots are a way of life!

      Rob could even stay at my house 😉

      • Hey Obava,
        Wyoming? We are neighbors. I’m in Colorado and my DH works in Laramie.

        Agree. Rob wound’t be bugged by anyone in WY.

        • Hey there mountainlion & Obava-

          Thanks for the help yesterday with the avi!

          Here’s my first attempt at Rob + chocolate….

          • Looks great, Chocoholic80.

            You are so welcome.

          • Melts in your mouth comes to mind……

          • Squee! chocoholic80, that looks *pretty* good, but now you should make an avi where Rob is naked and the chocolate sauce is pouring over his beautiful bod…mmmmmmm…

        • Ha ha! I’m guessing that if you live in CO but DH works in Laramie, you’re in FoCo and DH is a prof. Am I right?!?
          I’m a student here at the University- and playing on LTT/LTR instead of working on my thesis 🙂

          • Obava,
            Write me at and I’ll give you the details.

      • Bummer! I am not in WY anymore. I am in AZ now. I grew up in Worland Wyoming. Now I am really outing myself! Only 4000 people in town and I am related to most of them! You are absolutely right about Rob hiding out in Wyoming. No paps would bother him there! He may freeze his gonads off, but whatever;)

        • 3hboyshouse,
          “But Whatever?” Who needs ‘nads anyway?

          Love you attitude.

          • Thanks mountainlion!

            PS. I really do care about Rob’s ‘nads, now I am off to knit a little sock for them to cozy in! 🙂

            PPS. Now I am officially a big ole’ perv 😉

          • 3hboyshouse –

            Hey there ya big old perv! 😉

            I saw nads on Mountainlion’s post and I had to scroll up. I though y’all were talking about that hair remover thingy, you know, the one from Australia or something(Nads)!

          • @Southernbelle, Haha! Every time I see an infomercial for Nads! I chuckle like a 15 year old boy!

          • 3hboys~
            Rob would marry that…as soon as he calls the cops:)

          • 3hboyshouse- you DO know how to take care of a man, don’t you?!? Oh, a little fuzzy knitted purse for his family jewels- so cute! It should be rainbow striped like Daniel Gale’s sweater!

        • I am sorry to disagree with you, 3hboyshouse, but you SHOULD NOT be sorry you’re not in Wyoming anymore- remember the temps we’ve been dealing with, the ‘nad freezing ones?!? I’d rather be in AZ now!

  31. Two things:

    1. I would buy Rob a “Bend Me Over” shot. Not only are they delish, but they’re demanding.

    2. If you were from where I’m from, you would know – that I’ve gotta get mine in a big, black truck – but you can get yours in a six-fo.

    Moon…Montel? Miley? RedHeaded Sluts? Brilliant!

  32. I wonder if the DJ played, “Apple Bottom Jeans” by T-pain. ‘Cause Rob going “low low low low low” and falling on his drunk ass is WIN in my book.

    • shawty got low low low low lowwwwwwwww them baggy sweatpants the the reeboks with the strap (with a strap)

      he would protest on that reeboks line alone!

  33. I meant, Flo Rida not T-pain.
    Can’t get my rappers straight

  34. Party in the USA(Isle of Wight)! LOL! Hahah I pictured Rob dancing on a stripper pole while holding his beloved Heineken!

    • Rob.. stripper pole.. holding a Heineken….

      Nice visual!

      • What would Rob be wearing? Pick out something from his meager wardrobe and let’s imagine him wearing it!

        PS. The shiteous Nikes has to be on his feet, that’s a requirement.

        • The tweed boxers, too! And maybe the white wifebeater. Showing off the armpit hair.

          • LOL…armpit hair!!!! He looks so manly in the wifebeater showing off the armpit hair ;-).


  35. Totes, OT, but I just wanted to give a shout out and a huge Thank You to whomever it was on here that recommended we read the Hunger Games. I read it (twice so far) and the sequel, and they are A-Freaking-MAZING!!! So, thanks!! If you haven’t read these books, do. Awesomeness.

    • Good to hear. I just got it from the library on the recommendation from another Twilight-obsessed friend. Looking forward to reading it if I can tear myself away from the computer.

    • What makes it so “freaking-mazing?” Bellasnemesis?

      • The story completely sucks you in. The main character is great, and the story is told from her perspective. Totally nothing like Twilight, but so much like Twilight in the way it holds my attention. The book makes me feel personally connected to the characters, and I continue to think of the characters even after I finished the books. A third book comes out this summer, and I’m just dying to read it and see how it all ends.

        Even my DH liked the books, and he’s the Mikey of books – VERY picky.

        They books are great. Trust.

        • Thanks very much, Bellasnemesis!

          So, I”m guessing no cockblocking?

          • Hmmmmm… I would say there is a little summa that. Totally different from any book I have ever read. Except maybe lord of the flies.

    • Can you tell me more? Can you PM me on the forum? Thanks. I’m interested.

  36. I’m glad Rob and Kristen got out and had a New Years out.. dive bar or not.. being able to actually relax and have a good time was probably worth that $5 cover charge. now… why in the hell can’t I stumble into some hole in the wall bar and drink a beer next to Rob? if other people get to do it, it only seems fair that the universe would line that up for me…. it’s not so much to ask…

    I’m just waiting for the pictures to show up from that.. out of 150 people someone had to have a camera.. I just want one drunk NYE rob pic.. please..

  37. It’s MILEY!!

    That girl drives me crazy, but..

    No matter how much you hate her, you can’t NOT love that song!

    And you know that even the too cool for school kids like K-Stew, Rob and friends, lose their shit when that tune comes on.

    They are SO “Movin’ their hips like yeah.”

    • Love the Talk Soup reference!

      Am I the only person that’s never heard Miley’s song????

    • ITS MILEY!!!!!!!

      i love the soup and joel mchale. letterstojoel for realz

      • Ooo YES and when I found out Joel is like 6’5″, I died! I LOVES me some big men!

  38. First time commenter here! To start off, LTR has been making me laugh & cry & pee my pants a little for the last 4 months at least. UC & Moon, you crazy ladies are brilliant & a day does not go by where I am not laughing at the ridiculousness that goes on here, I luuuuuv it. I am eternally grateful to not only get to my Rob fix everyday but to have a giggle.

    I am commenting b/c the last 2 days post had been literally on the floor laughing… NO ONE’S immune to Montell Jordan’s “This is how we do it,” NO ONE. So you tipped up your cup and threw your hands up cause south central (Barnes) does it like no body does. OMG who doesn’t love that song?? And I can totes see the gang gettin’ down.

    Although I am not a full-out Robsten fan (sorry, please don’t hurt me, I’m new!) its nice they were able to spend some time together (I guess, hehe)

    Sorry this was a long comment. UC & Moon & everyone else whose amazingly hilarious comments I read, keep it up!

    • awww yay!!

    • I laugh every day too! I like it here a lot!

    • welcome to insanity roboholic!! so glad you commented! stick around!

      • I also laugh everyday. Sometimes sounds come out of me that can’t be classified; crosses between: snort, laugh, bray and cough.

        • Me too!

  39. TomStu’s gramma has a house there. That’s why they go there. Until NYE 2010 when all the Robsteners descend and Rob takes off to Iceland or some shit.

    I’m sure NYE was perfect at that pub. Hoodies are de rigueur in a place like that. KStew wouldn’t have to dress up at all.

    Off-topic, I’m about to shoot myself for caving and reading the Eclipse script. No LEG HITCH mention in script notes. WTF? I say we hunt down Melissa Rosenberg. Who’s with me?

      If that is true, I’m totally with you on that hunting down of Melissa R.!!!

    • I’m with you with the hoodies b/c I like hoodies, but have no clue about the rest!
      But I guess I’m with you

    • I have a request. Kindly use ‘SPOILER ALERT’ if you intend to mention leg hitches, etc… in Eclipse.



      • Oh, mountainlion, i’m so sorry. I wasn’t thinking. My bad.

        • No worries, sweetie!

    • What??????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! We need to have a leg-hitch!!!!

      Okay, sorry, I’m now done w/ my hissy fit.

  40. I sooo knew Rob partied like this (well kinda…)

  41. *Sigh*
    I am down from the high I was in yesterday… and feel soooooooo first-class-embarassed about what I did yesterday… I think Imma blame it on the influence that you all have on me…

    • Why down?
      fine question + very fine pic = win
      but stay away from the exec.!
      or did you get some not nice feedback?

      • Yeah but
        1. Rob wouldn’t get the question…
        2. I should have used a fake account and never used the picture where I look like I’m 29…
        3. Being a closet fan and doing smth like that doesn’t go along well… I’m afraid the next step will be stalking him down in London…. 😛

        I’d die of embarassment if someone ever found out… Or Rob would try to answer… HAHAHA (maybe the guy picking the questions is so confused by it he thinks it’s a super important question..)

    • Did you tell us what your submitted question was? Please tell!

      • Look urself:
        don’t look if you don’t want to feel 2nd-hand-embarassed…

        • Awesome! I’m glad that you did it!
          I read only a few of the other questions and I had to stop since I really don’t want my co-workers to complain about the giggling I was doing. I liked the 10 yr old girl who asked for an acting job though- bold move!

        • No embarrassment there. All I see is a great name. And something we all want to do. Will you marry me – and TomStu?

    • Bleriana, YOu did a bold thing. *high five*

      I agree with robgirl:

      nice comment, cool pic = WIN!

  42. OMGeezle. I need to stay over here and avoid the other Letters To site for awhile. So serious and keep getting thumbs-downed. Hello ladies! It’s all for fun and love, dontchaknow?

    • Honey don’t take it personal… Cause I kinda have the feeling that there are some girls on LTT that just want trouble… don’t even really bother… LTR is waaay better anyway!!

      • Aww, thanks Bleriana! That already made me feel better. I used to never ever comment over there, only LTR, but the last few days have been good over there so I started commenting. Guess I will stop again. Their loss from my witty insightfulness 😉

        • I know what you mean… But I’m happy not the whole fanbase is as ugly as some girls over there seem to be…

    • single strand, stay here pls!
      but now I’m curious about what happened there…..

      • I’m here girls. Nothing major. Just frustration. Two days ago Twilosophy got me going and then today just tried to be lighthearted and ya know whatever. You girls are great and I wouldn’t leave you!

        • to me you can say what you want honi!

        • Sorry Singlestrand, my post below was meant for you.

          How are you?

          • Oh I’m good. I got the job! I need to email you tonight! How is the family time? Almost over?

          • SingleStrand – I’d love to hear the deets! Yes email me please :-).

        • single strand I just went there to understand …sounds not so funny there…but I’m with moon…. if you wanna say something say it! Who cares?I’m not so into the Taylortheme but omg what did you say? Nothing special…he buffed his muscles to do the film, is looking like a young man….that’s why he did it…or am I missed something? perhaps NM was only for under 13teens??? lol

          • Hahah, there’s a lot of Taylor fans there. I got thumbs down the other day for saying I like the guy who played Jacob in the Twilight parody better. I’ll live :-).

    • Welcome back, Singlestrand!!!

      • ty darlin. I have been keeping busy but trying to get on here each day. I need to email you back tonight. 😉

    • Well 2 days ago I was well-hated and got tons of thumbs down. I try not to get it to me.

      Please do stay w. us more here.:-)

    • keep commenting on ltt too if you have somehting to say, dont let other people affect you!!

      *high five!*

      • Thanks Moonie! I’m holding firm. I doubt Chris Hansen is going to come get me for making a barely lewd comment on your website regarding underage shirtless boys! If he could possibly do that, someone needs to stop the shirtless photo presses until after February. My heart might not take much more Taylor before age 18!

        • if that was true we would have been hauled off months ago!

  43. i only love my dive bar where i have my own mug with my name on it. so i invite you rob and kristen if you are ever in amish country look for us at shooters. ps there is never a cover and they are open on christmas day. gotta love cheep drinks.

    also did i mention that we are member of the american legion. yes more cheep drinks plus you get to watch little ol women dance. we’ll sign ya in.

      Plenty of beer in cans and all the plaid you could ever ask for!

      • yeah my hubby orders red dog in a can when we go to the leigon. high class. it is one of the few places around here you can still smoke. besides my dive bar. and better yet both are less than a mile from my house.

  44. I may need an intervention:

    That photo with Rob wearing a party hat = fail.

    • LMAO! yo..lila is not HIS colour!

    • Mountainlion
      LOL—- ask robgirl for some more robporn…she will start charging soon, so take advantage of her now. She’s our German dealer!

      Or wait, how about that pic where he has his hand inside his shirt, sitting on the floor Indian style! 😉 We talked about that the other day.

  45. i love moon. this post is brilliant. that’s all

  46. Hey guys,

    This is my first time here. I just wanted to let you know that I am the source for Last NYE (2008-2009) Rob&Brit pack sightings.Last NYE i went to London with my brother to see an old Brit friend and she took me to Isle of Wight to spend the NYE.It was /is a very remote place where the retired and the elderly reside. The place hosts a festival during summer and gets tourists all around Europe. Apparently,it has nice beaches as well. Anyway, we stayed in Spyglass Inn and after settling in we went down to its bar (it was called the boathouse restaurant) and it was empty. We were the only table having beer and around 9pm some people walked in. They were Robert&Tom Stu&Bobby Long&Marcus Foster & some other girls and boys whom i did not recognize. My friends told me one of the guys was Tom Stu’s little brother Arthur and that he was a stage actor in London. Anyway,they were all chatty and giggly the whole night and Kristen was not there 100% ( this was last NYE,2008-2009).Anyway they left around 11:30 pm and i haven’t seen them again.My friend who went shopping did though on Ventnor high the next day. I know that that night Rob took a lot smoke breaks. My brother smokes too and he saw him outside smoking and talking on the phone craking up. Of course he did not listen in to his conversation.:((I was too shy to take photos as they were a huge group but we took photos of ourselves and they are seen in the back. I did not want to leak any rumors last time as i wanted to respect his privacy but when his location was pinpointed by that fan girl i came forward with my story.I have posted comments in some blogs about my story right after the Somerfield photos were leaked. I guess he spends each NYE on the isle with the same friends. Have you seen the new photos where he is accompanied by Tom Stu&Marcus&Bobby ?

    • “I guess he spends each NYE on the isle with the same friends.”

      I guess this was the last NYE on that isle, it’s Isle Esme from now on.

    • Thanks for sharing.
      Where were you before NYE, why didn’t I know this in time? Jeez, i reallys shouldn’t be so superficial in my stalking, i need to get tweed serious here.

  47. Word! Who needs red carpet or a new movie with Rob when Moon can write such a masterpiece from “nothing”.

  48. Is it just me, or does Moon sound ANGRY in this post?

    • Of course she’s angry – she wasn’t invited!

    • angry that i wasnt there!!!!!!!! hahaha this is like my idea of the best nye ever

  49. I love that you guys often include some sort of pop-cultural truth in your posts, a la “This is How We Do It” and “Party in the USA” being irresistible.

    I regularly feel validated in non-Twilight ways because of this, so thank you for that!

    • pop culture is my life. for reals. and seriously those songs are loved by EVERYONE everhwere!!

  50. […] Robert Pattinson parties in the New Year and I wish I was there Dear Rob, Because there’s like absolutely NOTHING going on in the Twi/Rob world and because that Girl with the […] […]

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