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Promotin’ Smokin’ with Robert Pattinson

It’s Friday! Yay! We love to post hot pictures of Rob on Fridays to get us pumped for the weekend. I came across this great fan letter and thought it was the perfect theme for this Friday!

Dear Rob,
Because of you, I have to throw the last two years of my graduate nursing education out the window. Please let me explain.

You see, I’ve been a nurse for 12 years. Currently, I’m enrolled in graduate school finishing up my Masters Degree in Nursing (with a Nurse Educator focus I might add…..can I teach at the Rob Pattinson University when I’m through??  I’ll be honored to become your token TILF)……. ANYHOO, I’m digressing….and daydreaming  ; )

Back to the point. You see, the past two years I’ve been researching smoking cessation (I know, YAWN!) and am actually writing my thesis on the importance of quitting smoking. The problem is, I’m preaching to everyone that smoking is bad, but then you come along and add a whole new definition and dimension to the word “smoking”. It just may be easier to show you what I mean, as pictures speak a thousand words.

You see, here you smoking…..but, you are also SMOKIN’!!!!

And then there’s this one……

Can you see my dilemma? How can I possibly promote smoking cessation when that’d mean giving this up?

And let me take it one step further with this next photo:

You see, when you look at me this way, my (cough..ahem) starts smokin’.  Now we know we don’t want THAT smokin’ to go away!!

So where does this leave me? Do I throw away the last two years of my education and all of my research on smoking cessation? Or do I just add a whole new section to my thesis entitled “Smokin’: The RPattz Way” with my literature review citing sources such as LTR, LTT, and twitter? I’d of course need to theorize why this category of smoking is by all means NOT to be “cessated”.

So there you have it. You may owe me tuition reimbursement as you may have quite possibly destroyed and made null the last two years of my education. I’ll let you know as I’m SUPPOSED to graduate this spring, though I fear I may be set back now.

Promotin’ Smokin’

So smokin’ is the “cool” thing to do in my group of friends- especially with the guys. You’d think we’re all 13 or something instead of 26-35 year olds. Last night we were watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” eating brie with pears, cranberries and cinnamon and drinking champagne & downing car bombs (it was a good night) when 4-5 of the guys disappeared. They came back 10 minutes later REEKING of freshly smoked something. I literally thought…. “I wouldn’t mind so much if you looked like Rob….” But alas, while they’re cute guys, they are most definitely not Rob. So after the jump, let’s kick off our weekend with the hottest pictures of the hottest guy EVER making smoking look extremely hot! -UC

He smokes when he leaves your house in the morning...

He risks death by freezing for one little puff

He's just that neighborhood guy... sitting on your stoop..leaving butts outside your front door. You'll take his butt(s) anyday..

He even makes the awkward hairdo look semi-okay when he's smoking!

The goofy smile becomes much more badass with a cigarette in his mouth..

He smokes around a child which should concern us and cause us to report him to some child welfare board, but instead it just makes our wombs ache (and not just our wombs...)

"Excuse me? Are you an angel? I'm allowed to smoke DURING this shoot?"

What? Ignore my bushy sideburns. Focus on the hottness of my mouth...

He makes us forget he has hairy armpits just like any other man. He's not just like any other man.. He's his own BREED of man..

Even a hand-drawn version of Fat Rob smoking is kinda cute.....well... MAJOR emphasis on the "kinda"

This is the "He's standing outside a trailer dressed as Edward smoking a cigarette looking so hot" Rob that haunts my dreams....

Rob Pattinson: bringing sexy, goofy and "hot while smoking" back day after day...

So we discussed the Roblosophy of Rob’s smoking back in the summer and you all were divided. While many agreed he looks hot while smoking, not everyone was on board. I think he TOTALLY does. I am not a smoker myself although I do partake in an occasional clove from time to time (although they recently became illegal in the US- DAMMIT!), yet I find smoking Rob UBER hot! I dunno what it is…. Is it that rebellious thing? Is it the “I don’t give a shit if this little thing gives me a major disease” attitude? I dunno… all I know is that I’m fine with his smoking because he looks SO DAMN HOT doing it!

Let’s take a poll. How do YOU feel!?

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  1. I will admit, that yes I smoke…and NO I don’t think it’s cool or sexy…I just like to (grose aye?)

    But when Rob smokes is fuckin’ hot…

    Dear Rob,
    Any day, any time. Cancer stick…you and me (before and after the wild rumpus).

    omg why am I day dreaming about this?!? Bad.
    *slapping my own hand

  2. I despise smoking. It’s a nasty habit. But for some reason when Rob does it, DAMN!

    If I ever ran into him I’d definitely “flick his bic” (ifyouknowwhatimsayinandithinkyoudo)!

    • “flick his bic” LOL! 🙂

    • well said sista

    • Haha “flic his bic”
      HOW many things I’m learning…
      LTR= Rob school

  3. I don’t smoke. I despise smoking.
    But damn.

    I nearly died when I saw the walk of shame picture in Vogue. How can a man look THAT good?

    • Whoa. I just realized I echoed almost word for word imtoooldforthis’s comment. Sorry!

      • It’s good saying THAT twice…lol

      • I just think that’s everyone’s natural reaction to seeing Rob smokin’.
        DAMN!!! 🙂

      • will write you tomorrow 🙂

    • He makes everything look hot…..everything.

  4. I smoke, not cool!Not hot!
    Rob smokes, very cool and very hot!

    That’s the special “ROB-INEQUALITY”!!!!!

    the same with:
    old shirts, dirty shirts, torn clothes,dirty hair, pink sleeping backs…..going to pissing and talking about it, scratching his hear/nose etc…..ENDLESS LIST……

    It works on him…….ONLY on HIM…..and OMG

    …and HOW it’s working….
    Forget the smoke…..He puts MY SEX on FIRE!!!
    EVERY DAY! 🙂

    • ditto EVERYTHING you just said!! Total ROB-INEQUALITY going on!! the other poor men of the world have it so rough (thats what she said!)

      I’d love to experience his “dirty mouth” myself (andyouknowwhatimtalkingabout).

      • robs-dirty-mouth, oh how I love thee, let me count the ways…
        when thou haveth a ciggi hanging from thy succulent lips….when thou whispereth dirty trash-talk in my ear every night while you bangest me against the wall…when thou takest your dirty tongue and slideth it across my….

        • wow you’re really talented…
          I need a cigarette now..:-)

    • I think things are becoming a legend.
      Old vintage shirts and ripped clothes are a style.
      I also have doubts about the “dirty” hair that looks more full of chemicals (aka beauty products, but Rob would never admit to using beauty products, so let’s call them chemicals) than dirty.
      So up to now, everything’s ok for me.
      Now the frequency of showering is another story, but let’s not talk about worring subjects.

      • I see EVERY day a bunch of teen guys in my class, while lazy in the morning or lazy AT ALL, instead of washing their hair put simply some more MOUSSE/aka chemicals on it…one of the boys name is ROB…lol

      • Just hold your breath when you meet him :-). Pretend he smelled like sunshne and rainbows.

    • YES, YES and YES!

  5. How about: He looks very hot smoking and it doesn’t matter if he stinks like hale afterwards bc I’ll never meet him in real life so he can keep it up and make my day with smoke-picture since they don’t stink like the original? 🙂

  6. …please Rob…..come on…
    come on…….pleaaaseeeeee….baby…
    come on…….pleaaaseeeeee……….baby
    …..come on BABY…and light MY FIRE……omg…..
    faint *

    So That’s kinda ONE result of the today post!
    Great! Really great!
    Thank you!

    • “Splashes water on robgirl’s face*

      Wake up! LOL

      • Water don’t work, give me some ….alcohol…plz!

        • Forgot…my “dead” crush….:-(
          JIM MORRISON!

          • I’v been to Père Lachaise not long ago and passed by his grave, as always people leave beers, ciggies and… chewing-gum 🙂

        • Yeah alcohol and a lighter and POOF you go, on fire! You’re talking about light my fire here! JK

    • I love your new avatar. So glad not to see KS’s face. 😉

      • LOL! I put in K face b/c I want to look like that…but changed idea…lol after 3 days….better ROB honey!!!

  7. It’s always amazed me how much actors and musicians smoke. If my career hung on my face and/or voice I don’t think I’d be gambling it like that… Just sayin’…

    Try singing with an electronic voicebox, Britpack!

    • I know I’ve said it before, but Rob has aged SO much in the last year. Good for me because I feel less creepy, bad for him ’cause he looks older than Peter! I don’t think it’s good for the Twilight franchise to have Edward looking like a 35 year old man.

      • I don’t think he aged that much in reality. Sure he looks a lot older, but it’s a question of image. And image is what you make of it (in photoshoots…). He wants to look older so he can have access to more serious parts and get away from the teeny image. Now the fact that he looks 35 in NM is smth else. It’s just a massive make-up failure. Never seen a professional make-up that bad. Ever. And if they wanted him to look the same as in Twilight they could have done it. Starting with plugging his eyebrows ( and by the way, that was also too much for a straight guy, too much).

        • In New Moon the clothes….OMG
          I think he looks older WITH BEARD….like every other man with beard…
          But it’s ok and ….
          BETTER for me!

          • Exactly! He looked older in the Vanity Fair shoot with that bit of stubble. And I was not complaining!

  8. In Europe people have a much more permissive attitude to smoking than in the States. I don’t think the “debate” would even come up here.
    I smoke, a lot of my friends do, so I don’t think he’s hotter smoking, he’s hawt all the time, smoking or not. He’s smoking hawt.

    Dear Rob,

    On another note, having watched the videos on your night out, can I just say :
    Remember when you mentioned it was embarrassing being paped going out to lame clubs with (implicitly lame) people? Well, hanging out with Katy Perry is pretty much the same.
    But I understand she was a good friend to take you home, since you would have probably had trouble finding it by yourself considering the difficulties you had throwing yourself in the car. You looked like you were preparing to bungee-jump or smth. It was hilarious ! Also it was nice of you first announcing your friends with a difficult “ok” when you were ready to start the jump.
    What? I need to fuck off? Yes, you’re right, but can I just give you a last advice? Never get in the back of a car when you’re that drunk. Baaad things may happen.
    Thanks for coming out of the forth, it was great seeing you!

    • Hahaha..exactly my thoughts…
      the party thing…I mean..
      the others…too

      • Loved it how the others knew they should take care, so nothing can be seen. His friend opened the door for him. Guess she learned that from Edward:). KP made me laugh when she was expecting him to put his seatbelt on. And he didn’t care. It took too much effort probably. He also took that from Edward :).
        Rob see how Edward influenced you, and you didn’t even know?

        • And Rob, if I see photos of you trying to sneak out of a window so the paps can’t see you were with youknowwho, I might think that Edward is your idol and you didn’t want to admit it, that’s why you were subtlety making fun of him.

          • The best part of that video…was the KP friend asking..What’s Twilight?”wow…
            Honey that’s def..THE KEY!!!
            The second best..KP giving to Rob her GOLDEN bag to hold it…
            I think I like her….much!
            The third best Rob saying to KP…”I’m in …honey”…

            ..that video is great…
            it’s kinda inspireing me to the question:

            “Why would KP be the perfect girlfriend for Rob?”

          • I just wached the video you were talking about (before I saw another, diff. agle ,diff quality) and he actually didn’t seem that drunk as I thought. But I have no idea what you’re talking about: it’s irony, right? and I think the “honey” thing is a pap talking to the birthday girl.

          • Robgirl, what great hearing you have. You can hear him say, “I’m in Honey?” Impressive.

            KP the perfect girlfriend for Rob? I dunno know.

          • minuit…I’m like the sphinx…lol…you have to watch the NEW video..or read my mail…lol

          • mimuit…no robporn?
            Kidding? and the one you send me yesterday?
            ALL nekkid with…YOU…in ..mhmmmhmm???
            What was that plz?

          • hahaha
            someone needs to stop fantasizing.
            but I like the idea.

        • LOL well here in the US the you can get a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt so that’s probably why KP was insisting he wore one. 🙂

          • Are you working for the street police? hahaha

          • hahaha
            I see someone’s dreaming of perquisitionning Rob. Careful, your hands might come across a gun, or bomb.

          • Funny u said that. My father-in-law is an FBI agent.

          • minuit…your mind is sooooo dirty!

          • What? I don’t even have any Robporn.

          • Kmountainlion…omg I am every time typing “kmoutsaineh”…lol
            there’s another video honey
            keep yourself informed plz…lol

        • mountainlion…it’s not b/c of KP…it’s only b/c he coped….to sit! lol
          watch the video!

          • I saw it, Robgirl, but couldn’t hear what you heard.

          • To me the guy who’s saying “honey” is someone outside (a pap?) cause he’s also saying Happy Birthday and you can hear the same voice while you see Rob in the car saying smth else.
            I feel like we’re on a murder investigation here.

          • Is it just me or did it look like Rob said “Oh my God I have to pee so bad.” I’m not very good at reading lips.

          • Detective MP back on mission.

            I watched it AGAIN : and again, he wasn’t that drunk as I thought, I might have or might have not said a lot of bullshit.

            And Toooldforthis, now that you illuminated me, I also see when he says ‘I have to pee so bad’.

  9. “Or do I just add a whole new section to my thesis entitled “Smokin’: The RPattz Way” with my literature review citing sources such as LTR, LTT, and twitter?”

    I’d pay to see that!

    • Aaaaand my soap box moment:

      I do believe more people die of heart/coronary diseases … So … No hot pockets, OK?

  10. Ok, so Rob does look smokin’ when he is smoking.

    But I quit smoking two years ago. And honestly now the smell of smoking is a real turn off for me.

    Can he just quit and use candy cigs from now on?

    His lips would taste yummier that way.

    • Congradulations on being a quitter! I am going to join you on Christmas this year. 1 week from today. I’ve been planning it for a while, and I am ready.

      I hope that one day the thought and smell (and taste, for that matter) turns me off as well. After all of my health sciences courses, my nursing training that I’ve only started this year.. I have decided to quit. It kills you from the inside out!

      But I must agree with the majority-

      SMOKING ROB IS SMOKIN’. Rawrrrrrr….


      • Good Luck Athena!

        I know that you can do it! I actually did use the patch to quit, which helped. It was so easy that I still cannot believe how easy it was.

        Remember to reward yourself frequently for your progress.

        • Yes, Athena, reward yourself, but not with photos of Rob smoking, unless just the sight of him encourages you to spark one up.

          All the best,

  11. ps. walk of shame Rob rocks my world.

    Happy Friday Ladies!

  12. He looks damn hot smoking. In fact, I think he would look damn hot with anything in his mouth 🙂


    • I think you’ve hit the nail on the head Cazza. It’s not what he puts in his mouth, just that he puts something in, and those luscious lips close around and ……………………….. Oh. um. Sorry. Where was I?

    • agree. for instance with my tongue in his mouth I think he would look so hawt :-)))

  13. The pub guys are trying to make Rob look more like James Dean everyday. Now if can only act like James Dean. Where have you gone James Dean. Light my Fire Jim Morrison of the Doors. Come on baby light my fire. A UCLA grad. Classic rock. Love it.

    • “light my fire jim morrison of the Doors”


      Preach it bobbygee.

      • You stole my HEROes! But its ok!

      • not AJ…bobby!

  14. I love a man that smokes. There’s just something raw and manly about it. But then again, I’m a smoker too, so I guess it isn’t that much of a big deal to me. It might also be ’cause I’m European. 🙂

  15. Smoking Rob is just that – smokin’.
    Sure, we all know that smoking is BAD (‘mkay?), but there is just something about images of that man with a cigarette in his mouth that makes me need one.
    Maybe I have an oral fixation.
    Either way, I don’t care so much about getting Rob’s autograph, or even touching the hair (ok, ok, so I’d totally love to touch the hair) – what I really want is to have a smoke with HHH.

  16. Ooooooooooooohhhhh Kiss me!
    Lick your cigarette then KISS me
    Kiss me where your eyes wont meet me
    meet me where you mind wont kiss me…

    You know those little letters that scroll in the bottom of the TV screen: smoking is bad for your health…

    well, Hale Yes! I have a heart attack every time there’s a picture of Rob smoking…

  17. When Rob looks clean and well bedded like he does in the “Morning After” photo, it’s hot. Like it isn’t really natural to him, it’s just for the photo shoot. It’s art.

    When he looks like a hobo, not so hot. He just looks like a dude who doesn’t give a damn about not just his appearance but his health. Not art. Sad, really.

    PS. why are clove cigarettes banned in the US?

    • Love the “well-bedded comment”!

  18. So your friends came back smelling like a freshly smoked “something”, huh?

    And I had no idea about cloves being banned! Why??

  19. Rob smoking is def hot! But he should try to drop it someday soon. It’s not nearly as sexy a habit for middle-aged men. Then it just becomes a sad and pathetic habit that disgusts everyone around you and ages you even faster.

  20. He’s very James Dean-ish looking in some of those shots. Yes, they are hot, but if he smokes as much as I have read he does, the smell would bother me, for about 5 seconds. 🙂

  21. I smoke since I was 16-17 :s this year during my birthday party I felt like I didn’t want to smoke one more cigarrete in my life, I decided I wanted to quite, for 3 months I didn’t smoke even though all my friends do, everywhere I went there was someone smoking and to be honest I didn’t miss it that much, except the first 2 weeks that I felt I couldn’t get enough air (weird right?) AND THEN I had to watch this pic and I felt like if didn’t have a cigarrete I might have a heart attack, I wanted it so bad so I had my first cigarrette in more that 3 months, at first I hide the fact that I started smoking again from my friends, but eventually I got tired and when they asked me why did I started again I couldn’t tell them the truth, God I feel so pathetic xD

    • Oh darlin’… 😦

    • OMG…that’s quasi quasi MY story….but I didn’t want to admit…not even here….lol
      But now….I found some force reading your comment…YES! Rob smoking did me make smoke again..I’m GUILTY!

      Addiction is Addiction…
      valid for ciggies AND Rob!

      • It’s awful feeling guilty for something that gives you so much pleasure, i’m glad I’m not alone xD although sucks being so weak :p

    • Big hugs sweetie!

  22. Eh. Both the ‘rents smoke so I’ve kinda “grown up with it” and therefore it’s not a huge deal to me. Although I don’t get why they’re so addictive. I’ve had a few (mostly drunkenly) and had a few puffs sober and boy oh boy did I hack a lung when I inhaled properly instead if bum-puffing.
    I just wanna know what it is that makes him SO. FUCKING. HOT! when he’s dragging on a
    cancer stick? One of my favey gave pics of
    him is one I think you chicas Twittered once; he’s in a dark blue shirt, Raybans and it’s an arse shot with him looking to the side over his shoulder, puffing away. Pretty sure it’s a pap shot. Um, hi f*ckhawt. Do me.
    (kidding about the “do me” … I guess haha)

  23. Well when it comes to Rob, all my rules are pretty much broken ya know? 🙂 He’s just so hot, so irresistible.

    I don’t smoke but I came from an entire family of smokers. I don’t advocate it but yeah Rob looks so hot when he smokes. I love that picture of him walking to the SUV holding his shoes. Sigh. He reminds me a lot of James Dean. There’s a certain badass-i-dontcare-if-i-die quality about Rob. That’s very attractive to women.

    So anyway, all my rules are OUT the window when it comes to Rob.

    Here’s some examples:
    I like tan – Rob’s pale
    I like clean cut guys – Rob’s not, he’s stubbleward!
    The smoking again, hate it – Not hating it on Rob
    I like guys that are clean – Rob’s definitely not(but I heart him)
    I don’t like homeless-looking clothes – Rob wears them all the time.
    I like older guys – Rob’s younger than me
    I feel very pathetic!

    • Oh hon…don’t feel bad….ALL just normal!!!

      • Hey I got my internet partially back!

        Yeah I’m NORMALLY pathetic!

        Did you know my parents and grandparents would ask me to light up their ciggies for them and have me take a drag out of it so it would stay lit? I was like 7 or 8 yrs old. No wonder I don’t like smoking. Child protective services should have taken me away, lol.

        • When I was a child, my grandparents used to give me the half of a shot glass of red wine (it’s basically nothing, you can barely taste it, but still) because they thought I was thin and wasn’t eating a lot, and tasting wine would help my appetit :)) Hate it back then (I guess children have survival instincts) but LOVE good wine now.

          • Did it work? Did it make you eat more? Maybe I should try that w/ my daughter? Just kidding.

            Yeah my parents were kind of hippies. Yes so I was given wine(and beer) too at a very young age. I had my first beer at 9 yrs old. It was gross and I spit most of it out while they all laughed. Every holiday they would have lots of alcohol during parties and they let me have a little bit. I’m not saying this is the right way to parent(in case I offend someone), I’m just stating my experiences. I like wine but I hate beer(can’t have most of it anyway bec of gluten).

          • Oh I also love beer, champagne, tequila, gin tonic, mohito….shall I go on? : ) And when I was a teen, my grandmother would ask me when we were alone if I wanted to taste some whiskey.
            I am curious how I would have ended up if I had hippy parents cause that so wasn’t the case. My parents are serious people with careers, family values, who always do what they should, and who wouldn’t find my robsession funny at all but sad and worring.

          • My parents were both teacher = hippie= weren’t better!!!
            I know from what you are talking about…
            I have to to a lot of art-istic-things—painting and stuff+ tasting wine….so here I am!!!

    • My story is different.
      Rob is EXACTLY my type of guy. My friends are like that, I am pretty much the feminine version of Rob. Except that I love showering and taking a bath.

      • Minuit – see now I really gotta see your picture, now that you mentioned you’re a female version of Rob! I am like the complete opposite of Rob, except for the music and the artistic part.

        • I forgot to mention that I also shave : ), change my clothes twice a day (need to justify the week-end shopping), and travel with extensive luggage. So that would make some differences with the original, but you get the picture.

          • Thanks for clarifying :-). You know the last time I traveled to Europe, I was there for 3 weeks and all I had was a duffel bag and a small backpack. I stayed in Portugal for 3 weeks. My friend that came w. me had 3 large suitcases! Now you remind me of her, in a good way.

            About the shopping, I hate shopping :-). I get dizzy looking at racks of clothes! I would gladly pay someone to shop for me.

          • I (!) don’t know if I can believe you….lol
            You look so preppy!

          • I also hate shopping but I NEED the clothes.

          • So you’re a female version of Rob – and you shave? I take it you mean under your arms or perhaps your legs? Cos Rob don’t shave, babe!

      • I love you…but my name is NOT Kristen…lol

        • Nooo…just kidding…my name IS Kristen!

        • Well, my name is NOT Kristen either! I am eloquent, cultivated, have a sense of humour, am not hyserical and don’t do teeny silly things in front of the camera. But then again, there is NO camera, so….: )

          • I guess you are NOT 19??? lol
            ❤ and you know what that means….

          • no, but I just realised I’m so humble and modest : )

  24. Judging by the results of the poll I’m definitely in the minority here. Yes Rob is panty poofingly hot in all of those pictures, but really doesn’t he look that way in just about every pic? To me he’d be just as hot sucking on a lolly, carrot stick, whatever.
    As much as I fantasize about doing Rob the reality is his hair and clothes would reek, and kissing him would be like licking an ashtray. Not to mention what it’s doing to his health.
    Rob doesn’t have to smoke to be hot to me. I wish he’d find a healthier way to satisfy his oral fixation. I would even volunteer to help him with that.

    • Oh, and I almost forgot-WRINKLES! Wrinkles, Rob! I like that beautiful face just the way it is. You don’t want to end up looking like Keith Richards, do you? Ick.

      • Ditto on the wrinkles. He’s got a lot now on his forehead. It looks sexy now but what about 10 yrs from now?

        • Better!!!! he will have my age…I will be like today…lol …b/c Christmas I will quit smoking….I hope…lol

          • Yes quitting will be the best gift you can give to yourself my dear friend.

          • yes quit smoking, that’s the best Christmas gift you can give to yourself and family this Christmas.

          • SB you sound like my mum! and I love it!

          • But SB she already offered her family the pleasure of watching her happy with her new Blackberry already full of Robporn. Isn’t that wonderful? 🙂

          • minuit…it’s dark behind the dumpster…but I (!) have the light from MY bic! Thats enough for seeing the most important things!

          • I’m not sure you need your Bic. We don’t call it sparklepeen for nothing.

          • Oh yes I forgot u got your robporn back, so you might be a little coocoo right now or giddy w/ pleasure.

        • I can live with his wrinkles…
          I love the veins

          • I’m scared of the veins

          • ok, so….let me go first….

          • don’t worry for me. it’s dark behind the dumpster.

          • What veins? Where are they?

          • SB the veins …on his forehead!

    • D2D, that’s exactly what I was going to say. I smoked in my far-off youth, I remember the stinky clothes, the stinky house, the smell of guys who don’t shower much and don’t do the laundry often and who smoke. NOT sexy. The kissing-an-ashtray effect. Quitting is hard, I know, but I’m sure he would have lots of volunteers to distract him with other types of oral stimulation whenever he has a craving! In fact we could kill 2 birds with one stone–he could quit the ciggies and we volunteers could see if we can get over the Rob-addiction by actuallly trying him out and getting to know him, as he claims would happen . . . .

      • Oh, and your other comment, the wrinkles–he pretends he doesn’t like his own looks, but you know there’s gotta be some vanity there somewhere, and getting premature wrinkles, especially the old-lady vertical lip wrinkles from sucking cigarettes, should be a prime motivator for him to quit!

        • Eeeeeeeeeeeewwww, mental image I did NOT need.

          • You know it’s inevitable if he doesn’t quit . . . .

  25. Rob does look hot with the ciggie – but he would look equally hot in each of those pics with a glass in his hand instead of a cigarette.

    I’m European (well English anyway, or a half-English Scot living in London to be even more precise) and we are not cool about smoking the way some of you are saying.

    The way Rob chain smokes is ageing his skin rapidly. Also he’ll likely die young after an agonising few years of fighting cancer. And no, the corpse won’t be a pretty one.

    Ask anyone who has lost relatives and friends to lung cancer and related cancers such as mouth cancer and throat caner – as I have lost my closest people, and you’ll get the same answer.

    Also I was a smoker, although never a heavy one, and even now, I fall off the bandwagon every so often – even although I absolutely hate the smell and hate the way ciggies make my cheeks numb, my lungs hurt etc. So I know they are a hard habit to kick.

    So let’s all enjoy Rob while he’s young, hot and cancer-free and we can keep the pics in memory when he’s gone to that great ashtray in the sky.

    • Well said Emma. We’ve lost 3 people in our family due to smoking-related illnesses. I understand. My own father smoked since he was 15 yrs old and he just quit 10 yrs ago, he’s in his fifties. He’s so sick now, he’s got heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc. etc. I know some of that was from the smoking. He smoked 2-3 packs a day.

      • Yep, I lost my dad to emphysemia & a massive heart attack at age 72. he smoked from when he was around 14 as did all his brothers and his sister. they all died young from smoking diseases.

        My best friend stopped smoking at age 50 but still developed lung cancer at age 63 – she’s alive but I worry about her all the time and the chemo and radio therapy was hellish.

        my mum didnt smoke but shared a bed for all their married life and she developed leukaemia – no idea if it was related to passive smoking but she died a horrible death.

        Several other friends have recently died of lung cancer or brain tumours all smoking related. I feel lucky I got to age 50 – I stoppe smoking at age 40 after cutting down to almost none between age 30 and 40 but is it already too late for me? time will tell.

        Rob makes me sad every time I see him with a ciggie – he’s so influential right now – and I know it’s not his job to be a role model for youngsters nor to keep out of sight when he is smoking but still, it’s going to have an effect on young people isn’t it – if they find him so hot and such a cool dude?

        • I’m so sorry. You made the right choice in quitting. Sorry to hear about your family, that’s sad. Hang in there sweetie. I worry about my mom and dad all the time, both their health are declining.


          • thanks, you too, SouthernBelle

        • That’s sad and NOT funny at all!

    • Don’t get me wrong….smoking is the ticket to death!
      I want to quit every day!
      8 ciggies/day
      too much
      French are more easier and german b/c of good taxes i guess
      BUT it’s a bad thing
      …. and I love yopur english

      • Hah, the English tease me for my Scottish accent, the Scots think I sound English and everyone has a go cos I’m a redhead!

        have a good Christmas everyone, can’t wait to see Remember Me in March.

  26. I don’t love the smoking, but I do love the armpit hair!! Normal, right!!??

    Love the post today! I may not love the smoking in general, but I do love hot pics of Rob.

    • Yep normal! The armpit hair is just very natural!

      • Too natural to me. The guy needs a haircut.

        • In the armpit hair? It can be braided! LMAO.

          • I heart braided armpit hair! You are too cute SB!

          • 3hboyshouse – well thank you, thank you very much ;-).

    • Yes oh god I loove the armpit hair…any pic of Rob that shows body hair makes me die. He has just the right amount. That happy trail calls my name-and the v. Oh the v.

      • The happy trail is my favorite….OMG that scene when Felix threw him on the ground….his cloak was open and he was just wearing the low-rise tweed pants. Holy cow. Oh and yes the V….bad things could be done to that.

        • MY fav. scene…they could make 90 minutes only with repeating THAT scene
          ….sorry for aLL New Moon lovers, but ist was GOOOODDD!

          • This sounds so pervy but I saw a close up of it. Someone sent it to me. I moaned. Sorry Rob, I couldn’t help myself.

      • armpit hair and the v! I am died.

    • It’s not armpit hair – it’s fur! PETA will be on him if they catch him displaying that manfur in public.

      and yeah, I feel the same – repelled and attracted at the same time – sad old perv, me.

      • the braids+PETA throwing flour, I call it the images of the day!

    • Hahaha…the armpit hair…I want to make some braids….weird that
      BUT I love it
      moda nuova!

  27. Typically hate boys that smoke. But for some crazy reason, I love a beautiful man when he smokes…I don’t know. It’s a sexy, mysterious thing. With Rob, it’s even better b/c it draws attention to his hands and his mouth, and we all know how we at LTR feel about those two attributes of his. But really, Rob could probably have a drink straw in his mouth and just nibble on that all day and I’d be a goner…really doesn’t have to be cigarette.

  28. It’s so weird this topic came up today. I just broke down and had a ciggie last night and am still beating myself up about my lack of control. Quit almost 4 years ago. I’d be lying if that first picture above wasn’t running through my mind the whole time and also wishing I was smoking with Rob, not by myself out in the freaking cold. Cuz he makes it f*ckhawt and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t feel anything cold if I were in his presence (weird he plays a cold vampire, huh?)

    PS- is it just me or does the first picture look like an SNL picture they show before skits? Please Rob, “put yourself out there” and host SNL! You make fun of yourself more than anyone else.

    • Keisha,
      Don’t beat yourself up.

      That first photo really does look like an SNL shot.

  29. The smoking is only hot because ROB is hot. Otherwise, the smoking would be gross.

    However, the VF pics are about a decade away from this nonsense:

    • That’s just creepy.

    • OMG that’ the sweater of ROB! lol

    • And ew, that dude looks like he smokes. Wrinkled, leathery skin, what a turn on! Not!

  30. DAMMIT now I want a ciggy. FUCKERY

    • See what I mean? I want one too, and I’m not giving in! Just picture blackened lungs, wizened face and wheezing along with your oxygen bottle and the notion will go away soon enough, Janet – or did we decide it’s Jane? or Janetri? Anyway, love your name.

    • Ummmm – that can’t be all you want after seeing those pictures!

  31. Oh my…that’s so funny!

    • allryans, my above comment was meant for you!

      • Of course it was.

  32. Rob,

    If you have to do it, please try American Spirit cigs. They are made from organic tobacco and contain no chemicals.

    I love to smoke, but don’t. Seeing Rob smoke makes me want to smoke. That’s so weak.

    When I’m about 75, I’m gonna start up again. Good idea, right?

    • You make me smile :-). How are you?

    • Oh no someone gave u a thumbs down. I’ll thumbs up u to make it look better :-).

      • I’m good today. Thanks for the thumbs up, but don’t worry about the thumbs down. I fully expected it and deserve it.

        You good?

        • Yeah I’m good. TGIF to you.

    • NOOOOO thumbs down for Rob-lover-girls…are WE mad? lol

      • Thanks for the support, Robgirl. I’m not mad.
        I ❤ you.

        • I am HERE to support All Rob lover girls…we are NOT mad…we’re repeating this ALL the time…and I appreciate EVERY thought of a girl IN love!!! So hugs…and you can say everything YOU want!
          I will support YOU…LOL

          • Robgirl, you are a true friend.
            Thanks for making me laugh every day!

  33. I have the hugest fucking grin on my face right now.

    Thanks! Sexy! Hot! Smokin Hot!

    • I know right? Made my day!! When I saw todays post a bit later than normal I could have kicked myself holy smokin shit!!

      Rob = BAMF= *thud*

  34. The claw-like alien fingers in the drawing really creeped me out.

  35. Dear Rob,

    Your fuckhawtness while smoking continues to reduce me to a monitor-licking fool but I wish you would quit. I want you hottness to stay with us for a long, long (that’s what she said) time!

    You’re looking 30-ish which makes me feel less creepy for drooling over you but I don’t want you to look 45 when you’re 30 or have lung cancer! So ignore the European chimney-smoking tradition and quit, if not for own hottself, for the rest of the world so we don’t have to mourn your loss due to lung cancer. Pretty please with you on top?


    • …monitor-licking…lol…I can relate completely!

  36. I’m gonna bust out the tweed for a moment. I expect I might even get some thumbs down for the comment, which is fine.

    I hate smoking. HATE it. It’s bad for you, it’s gross, it smells, it makes me sneeze and/or wheeze if I’m around it and makes me smell too! All that makes it really difficult to find it sexy. (I think the professional pics of him with a cig in his mouth are hot, but come on, it’s Rob, of course the pic will be hot!) The idea that he really smokes, grosses me out and makes my heart ache. I try to be someone lenient though, as he is a Brit. I shall explain:

    Because of all the above mentioned things, smoking is quickly becoming taboo in US culture. You’re a literal outcast if you do smoke (sent outside in bars etc. if you want to partake). And so, I find that I have a hard time not being a judgmental prick when it comes to people from the US, under the age of, oh let’s say 30 who do smoke. By judgmental, I mean I almost find it to be a character flaw.

    Now, just so you don’t completely hate my guts, I honestly don’t feel that way about people above a certain age who do smoke. Why? Because at the time they started, it might not have been known that it is as bad for you as it is, and also it was very socially acceptable.
    And I really do feel for people who have quit or want to quit. I can only imagine the struggle.

    So Rob, when you want to quit, I want to volunteer to be your sponsor. Whenever you feel like you want to suck on a cancer stick, give me a call and together we’ll find a way to fill my* the void.

    *Did I really just say type that?

    • WORD! In Italy it’s forbidden too…EVERYWHERE! and I second that…
      as a (poor) little smoker…
      So THUMBS UP!

  37. OMG Rob looks so effin hot smoking..

    I cant believe I held out this long from commenting..but wow. good stuff ladies!

  38. The Vanity Fair walk of shame photo is my ALLTIME FAVORITE photo of him. And I’m mad at myself for thinking he looks so sexy smoking because I hate smoking. But he looks so good doing it (that’s what she said).

    Have you seen The Haunted Airman? Holyshitmotherofallthatisbeautifulthatmoviesuckedbuthelookedhotsmokingthroughout. Lots of hand porn too.

    • He enjoyed the film b/c of smoking ALL the time…
      Hello Rob????
      Quit it! Put something else in your lovely frickin MOUTH!
      some lollypops????

    • TLG, Totes agree.

      I never wanted to “be” the cigarette more than in Haunted Airman. He takes smoking and sexiness to new levels, which isn’t easy when you are in a wheel chair, right? Those hands and lips are killing me.

      VF smoking shot = my all time fav., too.

      Rob would marry me, I mean marry that.

      • YOU see? I can second that too

        • Hale yes!

      • Ooolala! Yes, he was so hot in that movie…so much emphasis on his long, agile fingers and beautiful mouth!

      • Maybe it is easy to be sexy in a wheel chair. I misspoke when I said that. What the Hale do I know?

  39. I’m just scared of him losing his adorkable laugh and getting a smoker laugh 😦

    • Ahemmm…what’s a smoker laugh???

      • A laugh that turns into coughing-up-a-lung ?

      • Listen to Lucille O’Ball on the Lucy show and you’ll get the idea. It isn’t pretty.

        • Or Selma and Patty.

    • Oh that WOULD suck, laurabee18.

    • Wow that’s creepy…mamma mia…oh better…
      MADONNA MIA!!!

      • HAHA! You didn’t like that eh?

  40. I grew up in Michigan (I think the #1 smoking state in the U.S.?) and there, for me growing up at least, smoking was always associated with fat white trash smoking in their astroturf lawns on plastic lawn chairs. Which is to say, 80% of the population of northern and West Michigan (not Detroit…they are Different). So naturally I thought everyone who smoked was gross.

    I then moved to Montreal where smoking is on a European level – every cool young beautiful hot sexy person does it and yet no one seems to die or age from it and I’ve grown used to it, and dare I say, even attracted to it. (Though I refuse to pick up a cigarette… I’m so sure I’d get addicted to it just like Montrealers got me addicted to lattes and, erm, other things. I’d personally rather not die of lung cancer and keep my money going towards Twi-paraphanelia rather than to the tobacco companies, thank you very much. Okay I’m rambling so Imma get to my point…)

    Smoking can be very gross, and very hot. So do I find it attractive when Rob does it? Hale yeah.

    • Why can’t I work HALE YES into more everyday conversation?! I love it but have never used it. *hangs head*

      • It was my first time using it and it felt GREAT! 🙂

    • OK. Michigan will soooo not be MY city to travel when having enough money to go to USA!

      • OHHH robgirl ignorant ….”state”…Michigan state!!!
        Mamma mia USA is soooo huge I’m living in a doll house…I guess

      • Robgirl, go and visit Montreal, Quebec, British Columbia (still in Canada), then come to Colorado and to Southernbelle’s state.

        • Yeah Robgirl, come to Kentucky! Yee haw! I have to warn you, we make people fat here, lots of good-old friend southern food y’all will love.


    • I know what you mean, I’ve lived in MI. LOL on the astroturf lawns and plastic white chairs!

      Come to think about it, it’s like that here too in Kentucky. So many smokers here, probably because tobacco is one of their major industries.

      • I think culturally our two states may have a few similarities!

        It’s all good of course!

  41. I think there should be a: I hate it because it`s really fucking bad for you and even though I fucking love Rob I don`t want him to smoke and if he ever smokes in front of me I`d probably just smack it out of his pretty little – or, yanno, not so little – mouth, option on that poll… it might not fit, but I think I`m in that group, hahaha. 😛

    As hot as Rob looks smoking, it really isn`t good for him. And, I`m sure that we all want what`s good for him here, and we all agree that maybe he shouldn`t be smoking. Srsly, dude.

    So, while smoking Rob is hot, is coughing between almost every word because he smokes and making that sex accent/voice not the flowy deliciousness we now know, no matter the goofy shit that he says? I don`t really think so.

    Do you guys agree with me? Hahaha. 😛

    – Cassie. 🙂

  42. […] Promotin’ Smokin’ with Robert Pattinson It’s Friday! Yay! We love to post hot pictures of Rob on Fridays to get us pumped for the weekend. I came across […] […]

  43. I don’t smoke, but my hair smells like smoke… so now, naturally, I’m thinking of Rob.

    LOTN roll call?

    • Here, bff!

      • Hey EP! (btw this message was totally sent before I read that message about not saying hi to you, which was totally an error on my part. Soooo SORRY!!)

    • Howdy Jenny!! Smoking is icky.

      • It is icky. And you don’t say hi to me anymore?

        • you aren’t as important as me, duh. let’s deal with this early on so we can accept it and move on. 😉

          • 😛

          • Oh dear….I’m glad you have a smiley instead of a frowny (new term, spread it like wildfire) because I ❤ you both!!

      • Holla! Agreed.

  44. Hey girls–YAY!!!

    • EYEC!!!!! It’s been too long!!! How are you?

      • I KNOW EO–way too long! I’ve missed you and I’m sorry I failed at emailing you more often. Do you now feel like a world traveler?

        • *EP* Seems like I’ve forgotten your name!

          • EP is less fitting these days.

          • I suppose. Moved on?

          • To one of his best friends….

          • I know. Really. Jenny says maybe in March. Such a nice guy!

        • Eh, I could have gone more places, but I was so sleepy! 4 year olds will wear you out. My Dad calls me the world traveler now. Of course, he started that after I went to Vancouver.

          • LOL! Do you love the little munchkins now enough to teach at that level? Good experience no matter what.

            Did your Mom come over? Did you not get out every weekend in November to explore? France?

          • I’m not a kinder teacher that’s for sure. I loved them, but I still want kids that are a bit older.

            Mom came over during our half-term break. She, my sister and I went to Paris. Then I went to Munich with my roommate. I liked Germany a lot, France, meh.

          • So glad you got to share with your Mom and sis. How is she doing after the move? Too bad Paris didn’t knock your socks off. I’m sure it could under the right circumstances! I suppose it’s the dream. I am glad you saw the places you did.

            I am still going to be getting some art ideas together for you–I picked up a neat book yesterday to add to the pile. It will be fun at 2nd and 3rd grades as they are farther along.

          • I was glad to see them! Sis is doing lots better now, she didn’t need to be in that crap apartment. I’m willing to give Paris another shot, it was just a day trip and sis was sick. The circumstances weren’t great.

            Yay! We did a lot of art in London, I really think that’s a good way to teach. 2nd and 3rd grade would be just about right.

          • I’ve got a fanfic for you EP. It’s one I’m loving that has Bella as a kndergarten teacher and Edward as a single father with the sweetest little boy who he just found out he had with Jessica 5 years earlier. J died in a car accident leaving this son and Edward inherited him. There’s all this new adjustment for him and he is having a difficult time. Then Bella has a run-in with him because the boy, Anthony, seems to be having his own difficulties. It’s very slow to build their friendship and at this point not too shocking. I think you might like it.


          • You know, I may check it out. AND the one you wanted me to read Jenny. Don’t get cha knickers in a bunch, if I read one fanfic, I’ll read them both.

          • which one did i want you to read again? i’ve read so many i can’t remember all the ones i’ve recommended…

            … and yes, i felt pathetic saying that.

          • Jenny, I know what you mean. I’m really hooked now. Pathetic.

          • CW&IA

          • Sorry I keep butting in here. That is a very hot read EP. One of my faves.

            The new short one we’ve been talking about is Facebook Friends–the one with the strong music theme. It’s sweet and exciting and very music-worthy:


          • Not butting in at all. 🙂

    • Hey!! How’s it going??

      • Hi FN! I’m feelin’ the Christmas push. Hard to get into it this year. Glad your classes are through?

        • I agree about Christmas. And Yes! I’m soooo glad it’s over (for now). lol

          • At least you’ll have a bit of a break. What have you been doing with your free time? I assume you’re still working? When will you go home for Christmas?

          • Nothing much. I’ve been working and TRYING to catch up on FF. I’m caught up with HL5 and almost done with CWAIA. I still have a lot to do. lol Have you been working on your jewelry anymore lately?

          • Good and good on the ff! I see I have today’s EmPr waiting for me. CW&IA has been exciting and heartbreaking too. Glad they are on their way to better days. Still so hot, that Tattward cupcake….

            No on jewelry. I decided to get through Christmas and then I’ll start at the beginning and get my site up. I’ve just been kinda broken.

        • There are lots of feelings to be felt when reading FF. Oh no! Broken is never good. Everything alright?

          • Yes I’m alright. It’s just been like a severe writer’s block. And the back room was cold when that deep freeze hit. The TV doesn’t work there anymore. Just need to do some self talk to rev myself up again.

          • EyeC, i can’t wait until your get your jewelry site up and running! i want some!

          • Someday.

          • You know the bff and I will buy!

          • I need to buckle down. lol

    • EyeC! i missed you!

      i did NOT miss this stupid scrolling – argh!

      P.S. OMG I LOVE THAT NEW FIC – FBF!!! thank you!

      • Yeah, this scrolling is messed up for me too. A big pain!

        I’m on the last chapter of FBF. I am loving it so much!

        • oh i know! i think i have 2 chapters left, myself. but i was making playlists of all the music mentioned… it’s so fun!

          • So many GREAT songs! I still have some listening. That story was like a little gem I happened upon somewhere down kikikinz list.

          • totally! i haven’t listened to all of them yet, but i did put edward’s “happy song” on repeat – love! and “everlong”, by foo fighters, because it’s when they kissed.

          • “Everlong” by the Foo Fighters is one of my most favorite songs. I just thought I’d mention that.

          • I’ll be playing some of them tonight. Got those two on the list. That happy song was a neat scene with Carlisle! The way she writes really gets you into the emotions of the story. I’m still laughing with joy at some of the scenes. lol Of course there’s the blip. Looks like it will be just a couple chapters left, so a relatively short story.

          • EP, you’ll like this one too.

          • nooo, only a few chapters left? *whimpers* that is SO unfair. i loathe short fanfic stories.

            bff, i never knew that! maybe you read THAT story… ? 😉

          • I always feel like you guys are trying to convert me into a fanfic reader.

          • No, not hardcore, just a few choice ones because they enrich your life so much. All those stories floating around in women’s heads.

            Jenny– The Uni of E Masen is written by a guy—the only one I know of.

          • crap, really?! i’ll read that one next. a dude’s perspective… interesting. then i’ll do Breaking Bella, cuz that was sofia’s favourite.

          • I think you’ll like it. It’s very sensual. And all Dante-esque.

  45. Alright gals. I can’t seem to stay awake. It was nice catching up. Miss y’all!!

    Sweet dreams.

    • Night FN. It has been fun. Sweet dreams.

    • sweet dreams Frannay!

  46. gosh, why is Christmas shopping so hard?! i’m totally dreading going out tomorrow…

    • Be afraid. Be very afraid! lol

      • i have a few ideas for people, but i really don’t want to drive around and like… actually shop. i already bought 2 things on EBAY. oh internet, i love you.

        • I have to shop this weekend too, bff. I know the fear.

  47. I missed my little brain monster.

    • It was a long time gone.

      • Too long, I missed you guys like crazy.

        • except me. you got sick of me! 😉

          • Little bit.

        • I missed us all too. There hasn’t been much activity in the past 3 months. This is Lizzie’s Saturday and I wish she were here. It’s always a picker upper to check in with everybody. Haven’t heard from Nat in months either.

          • yeah, we should do it again on a week night so Lizzie can pop in. darn her and her futuristic tendencies.

            ok ladies, i’m exhausted just thinking about all the crap i have to do tomorrow, so i better head to bed. sweet dreams!

          • I’m with my bff. Shocker, I know. I’m SO sleepy. We must do this more often though.

          • I’m with you. We’ll do this again.

            Goodnight the two of you. Sleep tight and prepare yourselves for the onslaught tomorrow. Sweet dreams.

  48. I want Rob to stop smoking for the cancer sake. However, if he doesn’t I’m OK with that, because he’s SO freakin HOT.

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Rob+my morals=dunzo.

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